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goods were delivered to the defendant on June 2, when he signed the ELECTION CASES.

railway company's delivery book. On the 27th of May the defendant

telegraphed * Send truck Champions sample, forty shillings.” In reply, a Ex parte ROBSON-Q. B. Div., 14th December. MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS (CORRUPT PRACTICES) Act, 1884, ss. 20, 21— truck of 4 tons was sent and received, and signed for by the defendant

on June 8. The defendant never made any complaint that more potatoes ILLEGAL PRACTICE-REMISSION OF PENALTIES.

bad been sent than ordered, but on May 26 he had written asking for two A candidate, at the election of a town councillor, had omitted to file a or three more trucks to be sent, and promising to pay for

the two trucks declaration and statement of account in accordance with the requirements when weighed up. The value of the third truck being £8, the value of of section 21, sub-section 3, of the Municipal Corporations (Corrupt Prac- all the potatoes received by defendant was £23 14s. Ad., no portion of tices) Act, 1884. He had published no address and incurred no expenses which had been paid. The indictment charged the offence as having in connection with his candidature, having been returned without oppo- been committed on June 8. It was objected, on the defendant's behall, sition, but had omitted, as he stated on affidavit, through inadvertence, that he had not obtained credit to the larger amount within the meaning to make any declaration and statement of account as required by the Act. of the statute, inasmuch as his first order being for 4 tons at 508. or £10, Since his election he had taken his seat and voted as a town councillor. his whole order was for £18 only, but that such larger credit was forced

The Court (HUDDLESTON, B., and MANISTY, J.) held that he should be upon him. The recorder overruled the objection, and the jury found the excused from the penalties imposed by the Act. HUDDLESTON, B., said prisoner guilty. The question reserved was whether there was evidence that the Act required, not only a statement of account, but also a declara- to go to the jury. No one appeared for the prosecution, but for the tion of an extensive character as to the past and future acts of a candidate prisoner it was contended that "obtains credit" must refer to some and other persons, and that declaration must be made. However, as the antecedent act done by the prisoner, and inasmuch as at the time of the applicant in this case had given a sufficient reason for his omission, he second order, May 27, he did not know that two trucks had been sent should be held excused from the consequences, and the time would be instead of one, according to his first order, he had not obtained the extended so that he might now make the declaration required by the Act. credit knowingly. In Reg. v. Peters (34 W. R. 399, 16 Q. B. D. 646) the -COUNSEL, Graham. SOLICITORS, Aldridge, Thorno, f Morris.

defendant knew he was ordering goods above the value of £20, and the only question was whether, having entered into a cash transaction, that

could be called obtaining credit. CRIMINAL LAW CASES,


DAY, JJ.) held that the conviction was right. When the defendant REG. v. GUNNELL-C. C. R., 11th December.

received the last truck of potatoes he then knew that the value of the FRAUDULENT TRUSTEE - BANKRUPTCY-PUBLIC EXAMINATION - First Drs. potatoes he had received exceeded £20, and when he accepted those

CLOSURE OF OFFENCE-REBUTTING Evidence-HEARSAY—24 & 25 Vict, goods without any objection he obtained credit as was explained in the c. 96, s. 85.

judgment of the majority of the court in Reg. v. Peters. They held that The question in this case arose upon a prosecution under sections 75 and this case was entirely within the principle of that case, -COUNSEL, 4. T. 80 of 2 & 25 Vict. c. 96. The indictment charged the defendant with Toller, SOLICITOR, Hood Barrs for Gee, Leicester. having, while being a trustee, under the will of S. Taylor, deceased, of a sum of £250, unlawfully and wilfully converted the same to his own use with intent to defraud. By section 85 of the same statute po person is to

CASES AFFECTING SOLICITORS. be exempt from answering questions, &c., in inter alia bankruptcy proceedings by reason of anything in the ten preceding sections, and no HETTIHEWAGE SIMAN_APPU v. QUEEN'S ADVOCATE, CEYLON person is to be liable to be convicted of any misdemeanour in any of the said

-P. O., 4th December, sections if, previously to his being charged with the offence, he has first

Costs-RE-TAXATION--APPEAL TO PRIVY COUNCIL. disclosed the act on oath in any compulsory examination before any court upon the hearing of any matter in bankruptcy. The point raised was The applicants were solicitors for the plaintiffs in this case (reported as to the admissibility and value of evidence to rebut the fact that 9 App. Cas. 571). They were instructed to conduct three appeals by the bankrupt had first disclosed the offence in bankruptcy pro.

their clients, who were natives of Ceylon, and were successful in one and ceedings. The evidence at the trial shewed that the, bankrupt unsuccessful in two of these appeals. Their costs in the successful had received the £250 and had purported to

a charge appeal were taxed as between party and party against the Queen's Advo. therefor on certain property of his own, upon which there existed already cate at £317 158. 10d.; and as soon as they could they applied to their clients a prior mortgage, the amount of which exceeded by £150 the value of the for this sum, as well as their regular costs as between solicitor and client. property. The prosecution then put in the public examination of the The clients refused to pay. The solicitors, therefore, in June, 1885, defendant, who had been declared bankrapt. In that examination, on obtained an order to tax, and did tax, their costs before the registrar of November 26, 1885, the defendant had admitted facts shewing the mis- the Privy Council, and sent their taxed bill to Ceylon for their agents to appropriation of the £250. The prosecution then tendered the following evi- recover the amount. They were then met by an order, made under the dence of G. F. Marshall :-“[am a solicitor. On January 9, 1885, I at. General Rules for the Regulation of Proctor's Fees in the Supreme and tended the first meeting of creditors of Gunnell held in London. Q. After District Courts of Ceylon, which enacts that no proctor- i.e., solicitor in this meeting was there anything said to you with reference to £250, the Ceylon-shall commence or maintain any action for the recovery of any subject of this indictment?' A. “Yes.' QWbat was said ?' Ob fees, charges, or disbursements at law until the expiration of one month jected to. Objection overruled. A. 'Andrews' (defendant's solicitor) or more after he shall have delivered unto the party charged therewith,

told me that Gunnell had appropriated the sum of £250, and that or left for him, at his dwelling-house or last place of abode, a bill of such he executed a deed poll charging certain of his property with the re- fees, charges, and disbursements subscribed by such proctor. To bring payment thereof.' Q: Was Gunnell present ?' A. 'No.'" 'Lord Coleridge themselves within this rule the Englis!ı solicitors then sent notices to thereupon directed the jury that the defendant was a fraudulent trustee, their clients of their intention to apply for a re-taxation of their bill; and and the jury found him guilty of the offer ce charged. The questions about two months afterwards they applied to the Privy Council for ad reserved for the consideration of the court were whether Marshall's

evidence order for re-taxation. The registrar refused to make an appointment as was properly admitted and whether the judge's direction to the jury was he was functus officio. The solicitors thereupon applied to the Judicial correct. It was contended for the prisoner that the evidence was not committee. admissible at common law as being merely hearsay evidence.

The Court (consisting of Lord Hobhouse, Sir BARNES PBACOCK, The Court (Lord COLERIDGE, Č.J., Denman, Hawkins, Stephen, and and Sir Richard Couch) said that they did not see how a rule

made in DAY, JJ.) held that the evidence was not admissible. It rested on mere Ceylon for regulating the practice or procedure in Ceylon courts could gossip between two solicitors, and was quite insufficient to shew that the apply to solicitors practising in the Privy Council; but they declined to defendant's appropriation of this money was known prior to his disclosure decide the question until it was properly raised on appeal; and they saw of the fact on his public examination. The conviction must therefore be no reason for ordering the registrar to do that over again which he had quashed.-COUNSEL, A. G. James, 4. T. Lawrence, and Hon. A. Lyttelton. already properly done merely for the sake of saving the applicants from SOLICITORS, The Treasury ; Tree S Son, Worcester; Roberts f Barlow, a danger which might never arise.-Counsel, Cecil Chapman. SOLICITORS,

Baker g Nairne.
REG. v. JUBY-C. C. R., 11th December.

c. 52), s. 31.

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. In this case an important point was raised as to the meaning of the words “obtains credit" in the 31st section of the Bankruptcy Act, 1883. The

UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. defendant was prosecuted under that section for the offence of, while being an undischarged bankrupt under that Act, having obtained credit "That the gradual increase of the Democratic principle in the Government

On the 13th inst., Mr. W. J. Bull opened the debate by moving : to the extent of £20 and upwards, without informing the person from of the State is to be deplored.” The opener was supported, amongst whom he obtained credit that he was an undischarged bankrupt. The others, by Mr. Mott Whitehouse. Messrs. Marcus and Moylo opposed. defendant, who was an undischarged bankrupt trading at Leicester, on May 21, telegraphed to a firm named Kerr & Stevenson, in Edinburgh, it was carried by five votes.

Mr. Bull briefly replied, and upon the motion being put to the meeting for price of potatoes, and on receiving a quotation from them in reply, he, on May 22, wired to them as follows:-“Send truck Magnums for sample." It was admitted in evidence that a truck meant in the trade 4 tons, but

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. Kerr & Stevenson, not having

a truck of 4 tons loaded, sent two trucks which they had then in hand, and which contained a weight of 6 tons lane, on Tuesday, the 14th inst., Mr. R. L. Devonshire in the chair

, the

At the meeting of this society, held at the Law Institution, Chancery. 5 cwt. 3qrs., which, at 50s. a 'ton, would amount to £15 14s. 4d. These motion for discussion upon the paper was “That the case of Bunch v.


Dec. 18, 1886.


signed the defendant

- 129

In repły

, 4

defendant ra potatoes ing for tao to trucks

le value of

portion of as having at's beball

le meaning

Os. cr £10, was forced

found the

is evidence ut for the I to some ime of the

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EI, 4. 1.


reported peals by

one and

i's Adre. ir clients id client

Great Western Railway Co. (17 Q. B. D. 215) was wrongly decided." Mr. Temple in Trinity Term, 1872, and he has practised on the North-Eastern
J. H. James (for Mr. T. W. Williams) opened the debate in the affirmative, Circuit, and at the Durham, Northumberland, and Newcastle Sessions.
and was supported by Messrs. Adam Fox, P. T. Rhys, J. D. Crawford, Mr. Liddell is an Examiner of the Court, and junior prosecuting counsel
C. W. L. Brewer, and W. G. Hawtin, and opposed by Messrs. G. A. to the Post Office on the North-Eastern Circuit. He was secretary to the
Riddell, H, F. Eve, J. Y. Woolcombe, A. C. Buckmaster, and G. Ingleton Trawlers' Commission.
Phillips. After Mr. Wilmot E. Elmslie had replied on the whole case (on
behalf of Mr. J, H. James, who was obliged to leave early), the chairman

Mr. Frederick Ernest Suum, solicitor, of Bath, has been appointed shortly summed up the arguments and put the motion to the society, succesion to the late Mr. Edward Turner Payne. Mr. Shum was admitted

Clerk to the Governors of King Edward's Grammar School, Bath, in sucwhen it was carried by a majority of seven votes. There were

a solicitor in 1877. gentlemen present, and the meeting terminated at 9,50.

Mr. HARRY WAINSCOTT, solicitor, of Portsmouth, Portsea, Landport, and Southsea, has been appoiuted a Commissioner to Administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.


been elected Town Clerk of the newly incorporated borough of Woodstock.

Mr. Hawkins was admitted a solicitor in 1849.
Mr. ROBERT WILLIAMS, barrister, died on the 7th inst. Mr. Williams ensuing year.

Lord HERSCHELL has been elected treasurer of Lincoln's-inn for the
was the eldest son of Mr. William White Williams, of Oxford. He was
born in 1843, and was educated at Magdalen College School. He
obtained a junior stụdentship at Christ Church, where he graduated first

in Classics in 1864, and he was afterwards elected a fellow of Merton
College. He was actively engaged for several years in private tuition, son), Skipton and Keighley. Dec. 7.

John Heels and WILLIAM THOMPSON, solicitors (John Heelis & Thompand he was called to the bar at Lincoln's.inn in Trinity Term, 1872.

[Gazette, Dec. 10.)

Mr. Williams had devoted much of his time to literary work. He was a contributor to the Examiner, and he was also a leader-writer on the staff of

GENERAL the Daily Telegraph, and subsequently of the Standard. Although he was

Mr. George Gumbleton, D.C.L., has published a dissertation not a member of any circuit he had at one time a considerable criminal

on practice, and he held briefs in several important copyright actio ns.

De Civitate Apud Romanos," being a thesis for the degree of doctor of civil law in the University of Oxford.

“An old law reporter,”' writing to the Times on the suggested restrictions APPOINTMENTS.

on the publication of evidence in certain cases, says :-“It is of the essence

of trial by jury that it should be public, and there is no precedent in the Mr. FRANCIS John RADFORD, solicitor (of the firm of Radford & Son), history of our country of any successful attempt to prevent publication of of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has been appointed a Commissioner to adininister reports of such trials. I am aware of only one instance in which it was Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

ever attempted ; and in that case it signally failed. That was in a political Mr. Philip Percival HUTCHINS, a puisne judge of the High Court of

case--a criminal trial-a trial for treason, which lasted several days. The Judicature at Madras, has been appointed a Member of the

Council of the judge desired to prevent publication of reports until the conclusion of the Governor-General of Madras. Mr. Justice Hutchins is the fourth son of

trial and prohibited it. The Observer published reports during the trial, Mr. William Hutchins, of Sydenham, and was born in 1838. He was and the publisher was fined by the judge £500. But though, on argument, educated at Merchant Taylors' School and at Hailey bury College, and he

the court upheld his order, there was such a strong feeling against it that has been for many years a member of the Madras Civil Service. He was the fine was never levied ; and though that is 60 years ago such an order called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1875, and he was has never been repeated. The question excited so much interest in the appointed a judge of the Madras High Court in 1883.

profession and the public, and there was so strong a feeling that the as. Mr. Augustus FredeRICK Godson, barrister, M.P., has been appointed 1822 published an argument against it (" Thomas's Argument Against the

sumed right to restrain reports was illegal, that

a learned gentleman in a Magistrate for Worcestershire. Mr. Godson is the eldest son of Mr. Alleged Judicial Right of Restraining the Publication of Reports of Courts Septimus Holmes Godson, barrister. He was born in 1836, and he was educated at Queen's College, Oxford. He was called to the bar at the such reports, based it npon the general principle that in this country

of Justice, 1822"). And Lord Campbell, in discussiog the privilege of Inner Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1859, and he is a member of the Oxford Circuit. In July last he was elected M.P. for Kidderminster iu

courts of justice are open, and that it is the right of the public who cannot the Conservative interest.

be present to have reports of what takes place in those courts. Sir

Cresswell Cresswell well understood that the judges had no power to reMr. CHARLES EDWARD FREEMAN, solicitor (of the firm of Brook, Free strain such reports, and therefore he appealed to the Legislature to give man, & Batley), of Huddersfield, has been appointed a Magistrate for that them the power of doing so; and Parliament refused the power. It is too borough. Mr. Freeman was admitted a solicitor in 1867.

late now to ask Parliament to reconsider its decision,” Mr. Rhodes KENNEDY CALVERT, solicitor, of Leeds, has been appointed A deputation of Poor Law Guardians from Lancashire and Cheshire Spanish Vice-Consul at Leeds. Mr. Calvert was admitted a solicitor in waited last week upon Mr. Ritchie, the president of the Local Govern, 1880.

ment Board, for the purpose of submitting resolutions passed at the last M: CHARLES Dauncey, solicitor, of Newport and Tredegar, has been meeting of the North-Western Conference held in Liverpool, to the effect : appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of

“That it is desirable to abolish the law of settlement and removal." Judicature.

That, pending legislation in the direction indicated in the former

resolution, it is desirable that the Local Government Board should be Mr. John Henry Sykes, solicitor, of Huddersfield, has been appointed urged to introduce a Bill to amend the settlement clauses of the Poor Law a Magistrate for that borough. Mr. Sykes was admitted a solicitor in Amendment Act of 1876.". Mr. Ritchie, in reply, agreed that the 1872.

language of section 35 of the Act of 1876 was very obscure. As to the har: ALFRED BRAY Kempe, barrister, has been appointed Chancellor of question of expenses, the cost of removal was not so large as one might the Diocese of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 'in succession

to the late Mr. Hugh have expected or as 'some supposed, in the majority of unions the cost rector of St. James's, Piccadilly, and was

born in 1849. He was educated was as much as £75, and in the case of the Chorlton Union £400. As to at St. Paul's Schoul, and he was formerly scholar of Trivity College, tha abolition of the law they

were aware that legislation of late years had Cambridge, where he graduated as a wrangler in 1872. He was called to been in the

direction of abolition, and whether a further step should

be the bar at the Middle Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1873, and he is a

taken towards the abolition was a matter for great consideration. His member of the Western Circuit. Mr. Kempe was formerly on the staff

own feeling in the matter was very much in the direction they desired. of the Weekly Reporter. He was secretary to the Ecclesiastical Courts It would enormously simplify existing things and put an end to complicaANCE , WINCE Edward Baxter, solicitor (of the firm of Wynne Baxter, action which would render the Act less obscure and put an end to the

existed in consequence of the interpretation
succession to the late Sir John Humphreys. Mr. Baxter was admitted a
elected Coroner for the Eastern Division of the county of Middlesex, in which had been put upon it,
solicitor in 1867. He is coroner for the Eastern Division of Sussex,
deputy coroner for the City of London, Southwark, and the Duchy of
Lancaster, and clerk to the Shipwrights, Farriers, 'and Gold and silver
Wyre Drawers Cora panies, and he has filled the office of under-sheriff of

London and Middlesex. Mr. Baxter has also been mayor of Lewes, and

is now an alderman for that borough.

South-EASTERN CIRCUIT (Grove, J.)-Huntingdon, Tuesday, January
WMF ADOLPHUS George Charles LIDDELL, barrister, has been appointed 11; Cambridge, Thureday, January 13 ; Norwich, Monday, January 17
Chief Clerk of the Crown Office, House of Lords. Mr. Liddell is the Ipswich, Tuesday, January 25 ; Chelmsford, Tuesday, February 1; Hert-
eldest son of the Hon. Sir Adolphus Frederick Octavius

Liddell, K.C.B., ford, Monday, February 7; Lewes, Thursday, February 10.
Q.O., many years Permanent Under Secretary of State for the Home
Department, and grandson of the first Lord Ravensworth, and was born

in Friday, January, 21.

Home (Denman, J.) - Maidstone, Tuesday, January 11; Croydon,

WESTERN (Mathew and Denman, JJ.)-Devizes, Thursday, January 13; second class in Classics in 1869. He was called to the bar at the Inner Dorchester, Monday, January 17; Taunton, Friday, January 21 ; Bodmin,

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............. 21

Wednesday, January 26 ; Exeter, Saturday, January 29; Winchester, 11, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Jan 15. Bolton & Co, Lincolo's Friday, February 4; Bristol, Saturday, February 12. One judge only . T. VAN LE CO. LIMITED. -North, I., has fixed Dec 22, nt 12, at his chambers, will go to the first four places.

for the appointment of an official liquidator MIDLAND (Huddleston, B., and Field, J.)- Aylesbury, Tuesday, January RHONDDA MERTHYR STEAM COAL COLLIERY CO, LIMITED:-- Petn for winding up,

presented Dec 11, directed to be heard before Stirling, J., at the Royal Court, 11; Bedford, Friday, January 14; Northampton, Tuesday, January 18 ;

on Saturday, Jan 15. Wooler, John st, Bedford row, agent for Jones, Cardiff, Leicester, Friday, January 21 ; Oakham, Thursday, January 27; Lincoln,

color for petner
Friday, January 28; Nottingham, Thursday, February 3; Derby, Friday,
February 11; Warwick, Thursday, February 17; Birmingham, Tuesday,
February 22. One judge only will go to the first nine places.
OXFORD (Manisty and Grantham, JJ.)- Reading, Monday, January 10;

NOTICES TO CREDITORS UNDER TRUSTEES RELIEF ACT, for insertion in the Oxford, Thursday, January 13: Worcester, Saturday, January 15; Glou

London Gasette or any newspaper, should be sent to Harrison and Sons, Pubcester, Saturday,

January 22 ; Monmouth, Saturday, January 29; Here- lishers London Gazette, 45, St. Martin's-lane, w.c. The Gazette is published every ford, Thursday, February 3 ; Shrewsbury, Saturday, February 5; Stafford, Tuesday and Friday.-(ADVT.) Saturday, February 12. One judge only will go to the first seven places.

NORTHERN (Hawkins and A. L. Šmith, JJ.)--Carlisle, Tuesday, January 11; Appleby, Saturday, January 15; Lancaster, Tuesday, January 18; Manchester, Friday, January 21; Liverpool, Thursday, February 3. One

CREDITORS NOTICES. judge only will go to the first three places. NORTH-EASTERN (Cave and Day, JJ.)- Newcastle, Tuesday, January 4;

CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. Durham, Saturday, January 22 ; York, Saturday, January 29; Leeds,

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Friday, February 4 One judge only will go to Newcastle.

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 10. NORTH WALES (Stephen, J.) Welshpool, Wednesday, January 12 ; | MANBY, CHARLES. Ranelagh house, Grosvenor place. Feb 1. Heritage v Hood, Dolgelly, Friday, January 14; Carnarvon, Monday, January 17; Beau

J. Beale & Co, Great George st

ORE JOHN HILL, Tyndalls park, Bristol, Gent. Jan 5. Hill y. Williams, maris, Thursday, January 20'; Ruthin, Saturday, January 22 ; Mola, MORGAN, Tuesday, January 25; Chester, Thursday, January 27; Cardiff, Thursday, MORRIS, ALFRED ARTHUR VENNOR. Wernoleu, Bettws. Carmartben, Chemical

North, J. Williams, Outer Temple, Strand February 3. One judge only will go to the first six places.

Manufacturer. Jan 10. Morris v. Morris, North, J. Terrell, New inn, South WALES (Wills, J.)– Haverfordwest, Friday, January 14; Car. Strand

PATMORE, RICHARD, Willingale. Doe, Essex, Farmer. Dec 31. Crouchman v. digan, Monday, January 17; Carmarthen, Wednesday, January 19;

Patmore, Kay, J. Blyth, Chelmsford Brecon, Saturday, January 22 ; Presteign, Tuesday, January 25; Chester, RILEY, JAMES, Burnley, Lancaster. Jan 1. Bartrum v. Riley, Stirling, J. Thursday, January 27; Cardiff, Thursday, February 3. One judge only Procter, Blackburn will go to the first five places.

SHEPHERD, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Lastingham, York. Jan 5. Wilson v. Frank,

North, J. Whitehead, Pickering
Lord Coleridge, C.J., and Pollock, B., will remain in town,

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Dec. 14.
CRISP, CHARLES EDWARD, Pipe hall, nr Lichfield, Farmer. Jan 11. Humpbries

v. Crisp, Chitty, J. Saunders, Birmingham

IANSON, JOHN MOORR, Wakefield. Jan 17. Sanderson v. Ianson, Kay, J. ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON

Warren, Leeds
APPEAL COURT APPEAL COURT Mr. Justice Mr. Justice PETTINGER, JOHN HENRY, Epworth, Lincoln, Farmer. Jan 10. Pettinger v.
No. 1.
No. 2.


Thompson, Chitty, J. Orumbie, York
Mon., Dec. 20 Mr. Beal

Mr. Pugh

Mr. Godfrey Mr. Leach TURNER, ALFRED, Netherthong, nr Holmfirth, York. Jan 7. Turner v. HinchTuesday


lift, Kay, J. Laycock & Co, Huddersfield Wednesday 22 King



YORK, JAMES NEAL, Newmarket, Suffolk, Solicitor. Jaa 19. Atkingoa v. Powell Thursday .. 23 Godfrey Lavie


Stirling, J. White, Gracechurch st
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

Monday, December 20 Mr. Koe
Mr. Jackson Mr. Ward

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.


Carrington Pemberton
............. 22



Carrington Pemberton

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 3. The Christmas Vacation will commence on Friday, the 24th day of December, BALDREY, ELIZA MARY ANNE. 4, Goldney rd, Paddington, Bookseller. Jan 12: 1886, and terminate on Thursday, the 6th day of January, 1887, both days in- Nicholls, Lincoln's inn fields clusive,

BARNE, REV. HENRY, Clifton, Bristol. Jan 21, Brittan & Co, Bristol
BERRINGTON. MARY ANN, Loughborough, Leicester. Feb 1. Toone & Bartlett,

BLAINE, HENRY, Knysna, Surbiton, Esq. Jan 15. Watney & Co, Lombard ct,

Gracechurch st

BOWMAN, EDMUND, Morpeth, Northumberland, Esq. Jan 18. Brumell, Morpeth
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 10.

BRAYSHAY, WILLIAM BOLAM, Stockton on Teos, Chemist. Dec 22. Brayshay,

Stockton on Tees

BREESE, SARAH, Old Marton, Salop. Dec 31. Talbot & Wood, Newtown sented Dec 9, directed to be heard before North, J., on Saturday, Dec 18. BUTLER, WILLIAM, Kendal, Westmorland, Gent. Jan 15. Bolton, Kendal

Ashurst & Co, Old Jewry, solors for petners
HALIFAX BUGAR REFINING CO, LIMITED.--Creditors are required, on or before

CARR, Rev EDWARD, LL.D, St Helens. Dec 31. Thomas, St Helens Jan 14, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts CHATTAWAY, ANNE, Kingsland, Hereford. Dec 30. Lloyd & Son, Leominster or claims, to John Sutherland Harmood Banner, 24, North John st, Liverpool. CLOETE, General Sir ABRAHAM Josias. KCB, Gloucester terr, Hyde pk. Feb 1. Thursday, Jan 27, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the Bartlett, Arthurst W, London Bridge debts and claims NOTTINGHAM MALLEABLE IRON CO, LIMITED. Stirling, J., has fixed Dec 21, at Dawe, Isaac, Wokingham, Berks, Gent. Dec 31. Jones, New Oxford st

DEVEY, ELIZABETH, Clifton, Bristol. Jan 21. Brittan & Co, Bristol RHONDDA MERTHYR STEAM COAL COLLIERY CO, LIMITED. - Petn for winding up, DRAKE, JULIA, Heathcote st, Gray's inn rd. Jan 10. Howard, Lawrence Pounton Saturday, Dec 18. Warmington, Walbrook, agent for Bailhache, Newport, GARSTON, MARY ANN, High Pastures, Aigburth, nr Liverpool. Dec 31. Garnett

solor for petner SCARBOROUGH AND FRUSHER, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Dec 7,

& Tarbet, Liverpool directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Dec 18 Jaques & Co, Ely pl, agents

GEISLER, KARL, Halle, Germany, Professor. Jan 10. Glanville Langdon, West for Franklin & Humphreys, Halifax, solors for petners

st, Finsbury circus SOUTH DURHAM BREWERY CO, LIMITED.-Stirling, J., has by an order, dated

GOUDIE, THOMAS, Canonbury pk North, Gent. Dec 25. Chamberlain, FinsDec 1, appointed John Thompson Hall, 44, High row, Darlington, to be official

bury sq liquidator

GREGSON, ROBERT, Ribchester, nr Blackburn, Schoolmaster. Dec 21. Needham, WYCLIFFE STEAMSHIP CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Kay, J., dated Deo 2,

Blackburn it was ordered that the company be wound up. Hogan & Hughes, Martin's

HILTON, STEPHEN MUSGRAVE, Ickham, Kent, Gent. Jan 6. Hilton, Canterbury lane, Cannon st, solors for petners

HODGKINSON, Eaton, Higher Broughton, Manchester. Jan 19. Jepson & Son,


HUDDLESTONE, JOSEPH, Peterborough, Draper. Jan 15. Percival & Son, PeterALBION BANK AND DISCOUNT CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding, up, presented

borough Dec 9, directed to be heard at St. George's Hall, Liverpool, on Monday, Dec 20.

HUMBLE, THOMAS, Gosforth, Northumberland, Builder. Mar 1. Joel & Parsons, Brabner & Court, Liverpool, solors for petner

Newcastle upon Tyne

HUTT, CHARLES, Clement's inn passage, Strand, Bookseller. Mar 25. Gordon &

Son, Lincoln's inn fields

Sanderson & Lancaster. Dec 3

Holland, Queen Victoria st

KELK, Sir JOHN, Tedworth House, Hants, Bart. Dec 31. Fladgate & Fladgato, NORLEY FEMALE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Norley, nr Winstord, Chester, Dec 8

Craven st, Strand
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Dec. 14.

MACDONALD, DAME ANNE CHARLOTTE, Eaton sq. Jan 15. Walters & Co, New sq,

Lincoln's inn

MAGUIRE, JOHN, Golborne, Lancaster, Farm Labourer.

Jan 1.

Widdows, BIRCHILLS HALL IRON CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., dated MILNER, EZRA, Rawdon, York, Gent. Jan 14. Rawson & Co, Bradford

Leigh Dec 4, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Smiles & Co, Bedford CARDIGAN SLATE QUARRIES, LIMITED. - Oreditors are required, on or before Jan MOUCHET, SOPHIA ADELBERT, Brighton. Jan 1. Grover & Humphreys 4, King's

MORLEY, SAMUEL, Leigh, Kent, Esq. Jan 31. Phelps & Co, Gresham st claims, to Milford Norsworthy, 71, Cornhill. Thursday, Jan 20, at 12, is ap- PROOM, EDWARD, New Cross, Surrey. Dec 11. Haines & Clutton, čerjeant's inn, CARLYLE ALATE AND SLAB CO, LIMITED.Petn for winding up, presented Dec ROSE,

THOMAS, Stretford, nr Manchester, Engineer. Dec 31. Fux, Manchester 13, directed to be held before Stirling, J., on Jan 15. Bolton & Co, Lincoln's ROWBERRY, JOHN, Hereford, Plumber. Dec 31. Carless, jun, Hereford FLINT, COAL, AND CANNEL CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Dec SCORE, JOHN, Kinson, Dorset, Esq. Feb 1. Fox & Whittuck, Bristol


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SIMONNET, ANNE SHORT JUTSON, Cowbridge, Glamorgan. Dec 15. Rees & Gwyo, ROSE, JOHN BURROWS, Dachet, Buckingham, Dairyman. Jan 31. Brummell

Smith, New Windsor
STEELE, JAMES DICKSON, Blomfield frd, Maida Vale, M.D. Jan 3. Houghton & TENNANT, ROSA ANNA, York Hous, Roslyn Hill. Jan 7. Whitakers & Wola
Son, Devereux chbrs, Temple

bert, Lincoln's inn fields
STOTT, CHARLES, Southowram. Halifax, Innkeeper. Jan 16. Boocock, Halifax TOWNEND, LOULSA HARRIET, Charing, Kent. Jan 31. Cunliffes & Davenport,

Chancery lane
TAYLOR, GEORGE, Bermondsey New rd, Southwark, Harness Maker. Jan 1.
Grover & Humphreys, King's Bench walk

WADDINGTON, HANNAH, Elland, Halifax. Jan 1. Chambers & Chambers, Brige

WILDE, THOMAS, Manchester, Rag Merchant. Jan 8. Nelson, Manchester

WARD, SAMUEL, Kensington gdns sg, Esq. Jan 10. Bowlings & Co, Essex st,
WILSON, MATTHEW, Blyth, Northumberland, Watchman. Feb 1. Joel & Parsons, Strand
Newcastle upon Tyne

WHARMBY, THOMAS, Stockport, Retired Farmer. Dec 24. Brown & Ainsworth,
WOOD, SAMUEL, Taunton, Innkeeper. Jan 8. Sweet & Son, Taunton


WICKS, JOHN, Earthcott, Alveston, Gloucester, Gent. Jan 20. Crossman & London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Dec. 7.

Lloyd, Thornbury,

WILKINSON, SARAH, Holme Oultram, Cumberland. Jan 8. Rigg, Wigton
AUSTEN, JOHN THOMAS, Church row, Limehouse, Shipwright. Dec 30. Wild &
Co, Ironmonger lane

WOOD, the Rev. JOHN RYLE, Worcester. Jan 14. Peacock & Goddard, South sq,
BAGNALL, GEORGE, Hanley, Stafford, Farmer. Jan 1. Heath, Hanley

Gray's inn

YERBURGH, the Rev. RICHARD, High Bickiagton, Devon. Jan 1. Rodgers &
BRADBURN, WILLIAM, Patricroft, Lancaster, Gent. Jan 8. Taylor & Co, Mano Jessopp, Sleaford

BYNG, Hon, ROBERT LOWTHER, Southsea, Capt, R.N, Jan 3. Hallett and Spottis-

woode, Craven st, Charing Cross
COOK, KIRBY, Sunderland, Miller's Foreman, Jan 3. Trewhitt & Robson,

COOKE, ELIZA, Holland Park. Feb 1. Bartlett, Arthur st West

FEE, TWO GUINEAS, for a sanitary inspection and report on a London dwelling,

house. Country surveys by arrangement. The Sanitary Engineering and Venti. CUNDLIFFE, JOSEPH, Green Leach, dr St Helens, out of business. Jan 10° lation Company, 116, Victoria-street, Westmirster. Prospectus free.-[ADVT.

Massey, St Helens
DICKINSON, GEORGE THOMPSON, Newcastle upon Tyne, out of business. Dec 18.

FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S SYSTEM; No Deposit; 1, 2, or 3 years credit;
Dix & Warlow, Newcastle upon Tyne

60 wholesale firms. Offices, 79, Queen Victoria-st., E.U. Branches at 121, Pali DRINKALL, MARY, Winteringham, Lincoln. Jan 15. Peach, Harrogate

Mall, S.W., & 9. Liverpool-st., E.C. Goods delivered free.-TADVT.
FINNEMORE, THOMAS, Kenilworth, Warwick, Gent. Jan 9. Robinson, Birming-

FLACK, JOSEPH JARVIS, Hampton rd, Twickenham, Picture Dealer. March 1.

Bell & Co, Lincoln's inn fields
GOTT, THOMAS, Skipton, Yorkshire, Innkeeper. Jan 10. Spencer & Clarkson,

HANCOCK, CHARLES, Shej herd's Bush rd, Gent. Jan 13. Allen & Son, Carlisle
st, Soho sa

London Gazette.--FRIDAY, Dec. 10, 1885.
JACKSON, JOSEPĀ, Bolton, Lancaster, Civil Engineer. Jan 15. Watkins & Son,

JACKSON, THOMAS, Barnard Castle, Durham, Greengrocer. Dec 28. Nixon, Bar- ADAMS, HENRY, Bedford, Carpenter. Bedford. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7

nard Castle
JAMES, HANNAH JANE, West Derby, nr Liverpool. Jan 20. Quiggin & Bros, ANKERS, CHARLES, Southport, Lancashire, Watchmaker. Nantwich and Crewe.

Pet Dec 8. Ord Dec 8
MIDDLE, JOHN. Walton in Gordano, Somerset, Gent. Jan 20. Baker & Lang- BAILEY, HENRY, jun, Marwood, Devon, Gent. Barnstaple. Pet Oct 15. Ord
worthy, Bristol

Dec 6
PALEY, JAMES, Harrogate, Bootmaker. Jan 7. Richardson & Byron, Harrogate BARTLETT, EDWARD, Cheltenham, Grocer. Cheltenham. Pet Dec 6. Ord Dec 6
REEVES, WILLIAM, Clement's lane, Lombard st, Gent. Jan 28. Smith & Wilmer, BEALE, WLLLIAM, Chiddingstone, Kent, Farmer. Tunbridge Wells. Pet Dec 6.
Lincoln's inn fields

Ord Dec 7
ROE, WILLIAM HARRIOTT, Brighton, Esq. Dec Newman & Cc, Abchurch BENNETT, WILLIAM HENRY, Chatham, Grocor. Rochester. Pet Dec 8. Ord
lane, Lombard st

Dec 8
EMITO, SAMUEL, Hereford, Gardener. Jan 15. Symouds & Son, Hereford

BERRY, JOHN, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, out of busioess. Bedford. Pet Dic

8. Ord Dec g
SPACKMAN, RICHARD, Coxstalls, Wootton Bassett, Wilts, Plasterer. Jan 4. BLAMIRES, STANSFIELD, Manningham, Bradford, Draper. Bradford. Pet Dec 6.
Smith, Gloucester

Ord Dec 6
TATE, MARGARET PAINE, Mount Pleasant rd, Eaton, Norwich. Feb 1. Bailey & BRADFORD, WILLIAM, Cannock, Staffordshire, Builder. Walsall. Pet Dec 7.
Co, Norwich

Ord Dec 7
TAYLOR, JOHN, Dean st, Tooley st, Wine Merchant. Jan 14. Gush & Co, Fins- BRIERLEY, EDWIN, Nottingham, Grocer. Nottingham. Pet Iec 8. Ord Dec 8

bury circus
THOMAS, JOHN, Swansea, Congregational Minister. Jan 14. Trapnell, Bristol

CANNELL, ALBERT FRANCIS, Norwich, Tailor. Norwich, Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7

WEBB, JOHN GREGORY, Highbury New Park, Islington, Mineral Water Manu-CHATWIN, GEORGE HENRY, Congleton, Cheshire, Master Fustian
facturer. Jan 20, Boulton & Co, Northampton sq

Macclesfield. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7
WILSON, DAME CHARLOTTE MARY, Westgate on Sea. Dec 24. Mills & Co, Bed-

CHIQUIDDEN, JOHN, Buckfastleigh, Devon, Mining Agent. East Stonehouse. ford row

Pet Nov 5. Ord Dec
WILSON, HENRY, Windsor, Berks, Wine Merchant. Dec 31. Gray, Eton

COLE, JOSEPH, and ALFRED SAMUEL FRENCH, Guiloford, Grocers. Guildford and

Godalming. Pet Dec 6. Ord Dec 6
WOODWARD, CHARLES, Arkesden, Essex, Gentleman Farmer. Jan 20. Burgoyne COULTER, THOMAS W., CHARLES A. COULTER, and L. D. ENNERY, Carter lane,
Watts, Cannon st

Shippers. High Court. Pet Nov 24. Ord Dec

6 WYATT, ANN, High st, Wandsworth. Dec 18. Morley, Cheapsidle

DAINTON, ARTHUR HENRY, Wood st, Oilman. High Court. Pet Nov 4. Oid

Dec 7
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 10.

DIGHTAM, HORATIO ALBERT, Leeds, Jeweller. Leeds. Pet Dec 8. Ord Dec 8
ADAMS, ELIZABETH, Daventry, Northampton. Feb 10. Bishop, Hanley

DRUMMOND, JOHN NELSON, Kingston Hill, Artist. Kingston, Surrey. Pet Deo

4. Ord Dec 6 BAGGALEY, MARY DE GRAVE, Sheffield. Dec 31. Vickers & Co, Sheffield

FORD, WILLIAM, Heath Town, nr Wolverhampton, Bolt Manufacturer. WolverBIBCHAM, WILLIAM, Kcepham, Norfolk, Esq. Feb 1. Bircham & Co, Parliament hampton. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7 st, Westminster

FRENCH, JOHN, Benwell, Northumberland, Builder. Newcastle on Tyne. Pet BOWERS, ISABELLA, Milverton, Warwick. Jan 31. Wright & Ha ssall, Leaming

Dec 7. Ord Dec 7 ton

FUGLISTALLER, JULIUS, Beckenham, Kent, Gent. Croydon. Pet Nov 10. Ord BRIMELOW, John, Sheffield, File Manager. Dec 31. Vickers & Co, Sheffield

Dec 6

FUSSELL, THOMAS W., Plymouth, Clerk in Holy Orders. East Stonehouse. Pet
BROWN, WILLIAM, Oakfield rd, Clapton. Jan 22. Ingledew & Co, St Benet chb s.

Nov 25. Ord Dec 7
Fenchurdh st

BURROWS, ANX, Saffron Walden, Essex.

GLOVER, ANDREW, jun, Stourport, Worcester, Accountant.
Jan 8. Ackland & Son, Saffron

Pet Nov 30. Ord Nov 30
EVERINGTON, ELIZABETH, Horncastle, Lincoln. Jan 7. Walker & Co, Spilsby

GOULD, SAMUEL APPLEBY, Stapleton, Gloucester, Commercial Traveller. Bristol.

Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7
FELTON, GEORGE, Worthing, Sussex, Gent. Jan 12. Fearless & Sons, East Grin- HAWKE, W H, St Mary Axe, Telegraph Codist. High Court. Pet Nov 19. Ord

Dec 8

rey, Nurseryman. Jan 31. Paine & Brettell | HAYNE, THOMAS, Bournemouth, Draper. Poole. Pet Dec 8. Ord Dec 8 Chertsey

HILL, EDWARD THOMAS, Pendleton, Lancashire, Provision Dealer. Salford. Pet
FOORD, HENRY HOOPER, Eombay. Jan 10. Turner & Low, King st, Cheapside

Dec 3. Ord Dec 6
Fox, John, Sanddeld terr, Lewisham, Gent. Dec 23. Smith & Co, Martin's lane, HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM, Park Gate, nr Rotherham, Butcher. Sheffield. Pet Dec
Cannon st

6. Ord Dec 6
GIBBES, GEORGE DAVISON, Westbourne terr, Esq. feb 1.Curtis & Hilton, Union JELKS, WILLIAM, Holloway rd, Furniture Dealer. High Court. Pet Dec 6. Ord
ct, Old Broad st

Dec 6
GOODWIN, ELLEN, Hanley, Stafford. Feb 10. Bishop, Hanley

JENKINS, JOHN, Swansea, Stationer. Swansea. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7
Harris, Joshua, New ru, Hiliingdon Heath. Jan 25. Alberys, South sq, JONES, LEWIS, Blaina, Mon, Grocer. Tredegar. Pet Nov 27. Ord Dec 7
HOLME, REBECCA, New York, U.S.A. Jan 31. James N. Gladstone, 4, Essex ct,

KING, WALTER BURTON, Ipswich, Tar Distiller. Ipswich. Ptt Dec 6. Ord

Dec 6
HOPTON, ELIZABETH, Brislington, nr Bristol. Jan 6. Routh & Co, Scuthampton PHILLIPS, MARY, DAVID PHILLIPS, and FRANCES PHILLIPS, Blaenbowy, Cil-

OWEN, DAVID, Morriston, Glamorgan, Grocer. Swansea. Pet Dec 8. Ord Dec 8
JONES. JOHN, West Cowes, Isle of Wight. Jan 81. Damant, Cowes, Isle of

rhedyn. Farmers. Carmarthen. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dtc 7 Wight

PICKERING, RICHARD, Hawarden, Farmer. Chester. Pet Dec 7. Oid Dec 7 KEMPTON, ELIZA, Cambridge. Jan 1. Lockyer & Dinn, Gresham bldgs

POWLESLAND, ROBERT, Barnstaple, Dairyman. Barnstaple. Pet Doc 7. Ord
KEMPTON, GREEN, Cambridge. Jan 1. Lockyer & Dinn, Gresham bldgs

Dec 7
LEIGH, SAMUEL, Heaton Norris, Lancaster, Farm Labourer. Dec 24. Brown &

REEVES, WILLIAM, Shifnal, Salop, Tailor. Madeley, Shr. pshire. Pet Dec 6.

Ord Dec 7
Ainsworth, Stockport
LOMAX, JAMES, Bolton, Surveyor. Jan 15. Holden & Holden, Bolton

ROSE, CHARLES, Harrold, Bedford, Engineer. Bedford. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7
MOUNTAIN, CATHERINE ANNE PREVOST, Cambridge. Jan 31. Eaden & Knowles,

SHELDON, GEORGE, Walsall, Potato Merchant. Walsall. Pet Dec 8. Ord Dec 8 Cambridge

SHOWLER, WILLIAM EDWARD, Freemantle, Hampshire, Mineral Water ManufacPARRY, ISAAC, Bagillt, Flint, Innkeeper. Dec 17. Cope, Holywell

turer. Southampton. Pet Dec 8. Ord Dec 8 PEARCE, MARGARET, Gloucester. Jan 31. Scott, Gloucester

SOUTER, SAMUEL, Hyde, Cheshire, Hat Manufacturer. Ashton under Lyne and PLATTAJLAMES, Timperley, Chester, Lieensed Victualler. Dec 24. Nicholls & Co, SWANSEA, bralcoCharlock rd, Puerney, Builder. Wandsworth. Pet Dec 6.

Ord Dec 6

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132 WILLIAMS, HUMPHREY, Llanllyfni, Carnarvon, Tailor. Bangor. Pet Dec 6. Ord GODDARD, EDWIN GEORGE, Reading, Coal Merchant. Reading. Pet Nov 17.

Ord Dec 7 Dec 6 WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Merthyr Tydfil, Collier. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet Dec 6. Ord GRIFFITHS, DAVID JAMES, Newport, Mon., Bookseller. Newport, Mon. Pet

Nov 29. Ord Dec 6 Dec 6 WILLMOTT, JEREMIAH, Ashwell, Hertford, Builder. Cambridge. Pet Dec 7. GUEST, ROSANNAH, West Bromwich, Staffs, Beerhouse Keeper. Oldbury, Pet Ord Dec 7

Nov 23. Ord Dec 6 WILSON, WILLIAM, Leadenhall st, Insurance Broker. High Court. Pet Dec 6. HANDLEY, HENRY, Towton, Yorks, Farmer. York. Pet Dec 1. Ord Dac 8 Ord Dec 6

HEALEY, JAMES, Tewkesbury, out of business. Cheltenham. Pet Dec 3. Ord WOOD, JOHN, Nottingham, Music Seller. Nottingham. Pet Nov 24. Ord Dec 7

Dec 6

HERON, THOMAS, Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester, Draper. Manchester. FIRST MEETINGS.

Pet Nov 18. Ord Dec 6 ALDRED, ABRAHAM, Malpas, Cheshire, Timber Merchant. Dec. 17 at 2.30. Off HILL, EDWARD THOMAS, Pendleton, Lancashire, Provision Dealer. Salford. Pet

Dec 3. Ord Dec 6 Rec, Chester ALLSEP, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Confectioner. Dec. 21 at 2. Off Rec, Birming- JONES, LEWIS, Blaina, Mon., Grocer. Tredegar. Pet Nov 27. Ord Dec 8

ham BAILEY, HENRY, the younger, Marwood, Devon, Gent. Dec. 20 at 11. King's LISNEY, WILLIAM HENRY, West End lane, Kilburn, Ruilding Material Dealer,

High Court. Pet Nov 26. Ord Dec 4 Arms Hotel, Barnstaple

McMEEKIN, MALCOLM, Featherstone bldgs, Holborn, Printer. High Court. Pet BARTLETT, EDWARD, Cheltenham, Grocer. Dec. 18 at 3.15. Off Rec, Albion chbrs,

Oct 23. Ord Dec 8 King st, Gloucester

MILLINGTON, JOHN, Stoke Newington rd, Draper. High Court. Pet Dec 1. Ord BARTLETT, JAMES MURRAY, Folkestone, Boarding-house Keeper. Dec. 17 at

Dec 4 2. 73, Sandgate rd, Folkestone

MUSGRAVE, ANDREW, Batley, Yorks, out of business. Dewsbury. Pet Nov 27. BENNETT, WILLIAM HENRY, New rd, Chatham, Grocer. Dec 22 at 11.30. Off

Ord Dec 4 Rec, High st, Rochester

PETERS, WILLIAM HENRY, Cheddar, Somerset, Coal Merchant. Wells. Pet Nov BLAMIRES, STANSFIELD, Manningham, Bradford, Draper. Dec 17 at 11. Off Rec,

24. Ord Dec 6 31, Manor row, Bradford

POWLESLAND, ROBERT, Barnstaple, Dairyman. Barnstaple. Pet Dec 7. Ord BUXTON, WILLIAM, Chesterfield, Glass Dealer. Dec 18 at 11.30. Off Rec. St

Dec 8 James's chbrs, Derby DAVAGE, FREDERICK BYLES, High Rolborn, Tobacconist. Dec 17 at 11. 83, Carey REEVES, WILLIAM, Shifnal, Salop, Tailor. Madeley. Pet Dec 6. Ord Dec 7 st, Lincoln's ion

Rose, CHARLES, Harrold, Bedfordshire, Engineer. Bedford. Pet Dec 7. Ord FRENCH, JOHN, Benwell, Northumberland, Builder. Dec 21 at 2. Off Rec, Pink

Dec 7 lane, Newcastle on Tyne

SHELDON, GEORGE, Walsall, Potato Merchant. Walsall. Pet Dec 8. Ord Dec 8 GLOVER, ANDREW, jun, Stourport, Worcester, Accountant. Dec 21 at 2.30. A G Hooper, Solicitor, Kidderminster

SHEW, JAMES JEAN, Camberwell road, Picture Frame Maker. High Court. Pet HERON, THOMAS, Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester, Travelling Draper. Dec Dec 1. Ord Dec 4 17 at 2.30. Off Rec, Ogden's chbrs, Bridge st, Manchester

STATTER, THOMAS, Egremont, Cheshire, Ironmonger. Liverpool. Pet Dec 2. HILL, EDWARD THOMAS, Pendleton, Lancashire, Provision Dealer. Dec 17 at 3. Ord Dec 6 Off Rec, Ogden's chbrs, Bridge st, Manchester

TAPLEY, SAMUEL, Audlem, Cheshire, Thrashing Machine Owner. Nantwich and HUTCHINGS, ROBERT COLEMAN, Wareham, Dorset, Solicitor. Dec 17 at 1. Red Crewe. Pet Dec 2. Or 1 Dec 7 Lion Hotel, Warebam

TAYLOR, JOHN RICHARD, Vanbrugh Park rd West, Blackheath, late Manager of JENKINS, JOHN, Swansea, Stationer. Dec 18 at 10. Off Rec, 6, Rutland st, a Newspaper. Greenwich. Pet Oct 26. Ord Dec 7 Swansea

TEMPLE, JOHN, Teignmouth, Devon, Ship Owner. Exeter. Pet Nov 2. Ord KING, WALTER BURTON, Ipswich, Tar Distiller. Dec 17 at 12.15, Off Rec, 2, Dec 8 Westgate st, Ipswich

TYLER, ROBERT EMERIC, 16, Caroline st, Bedford sq, Middlesex, Architect. High MARSH, WILLIAM HARRISSON, Folkestone, Fish Salesman. Dec 17 at 2.30. 73, Court. Pet Oct 8. Ord Dec 7 Sandgate rd, Folkestone

WILLIAMS, MARGARET, Pontlottyn, Glamorganshire, Grocer. Merthyr Tydfil. Moss, WILLIAM THOMAS, Stafford, Builder. Dec 18 at 11.30. Vine Hotel, Staf- Pet Dec 4. Ord Dec 6 ford

WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Merthyr Tydfil, Collier. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet Dec 6. Ord NEY, EDWARD FREDERICK, Westfield, Sussex, Farmer. Dec 17 at 2. 40, Robert- Dec 6 son st, Hastings

WILLMOTT, JEREMIAH, Ashwell, Hertfordshire, Builder. Cambridge. Pet De OWEN, DAVID, Morriston, Glamorgan, Grocer. Dec 18 at 12. Off Rec, 6, Rutland 7. Ord Dec 8 st, Swansea

WILSON, WILLIAM, Leadenhall st, Insurance Broker. High Court. Pet Dec 6. PARKER, GEORGE, Whitfield, Kent, Farmer. Dec 17 at 9.45.32, St George's st, Ord Dec 6 Canterbury

WOODS, WILLIAM, Great Bealings, Suffolk, Dealer. Ipswich. Pet Nov 9. Ord POWLESLAND, ROBERT, Barnstaple, Dairy man. Dec 20 at 12. King's Arms Hotel, Dec 7

RICHARDSON, THOMAS ROBERT, not now resident in England, Solicitor. Dec 17 at

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Dec, 14. 12. 88. Carey st, Lincoln's inn

RECEIVING ORDERS. SHOWLER, WILLIAM EDWARD, Freemantle, Hants, Mineral Water Maker. Dec 22 at 11. Off Rec, 4, East st, Southampton

ANIDJAH, LEWIS, Harrow rd, Paddington, Fruit Salesman. Iugh Court, Pet SOUTER, SAMUEL, Hyde, Cheshire, Hat Maker. Dec 20 at 2, Off Rec, Townhall Dec 10. Ord Dec 10 chbrs, Ashton under Lyne

ARMSTRONG, CHARRES, Kingstown, nr Carlisle, Brick Manufacturer. Carlisle. TAPLEY, SAMUEL, Audlem, Cheshire, Thrasing Machine Owner. Dec 20 at 2.30 Pet Dec 11. Ord Dec 11

Off Rec, Newcastle under Lyme
THOMAS, LEVÍ, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Innkeeper. Dec 18 at 3. Off Rec, 11.

BALDOCK, WILLIAM, Hurst green, Sussex, Builder. Tonbridge Wells. Pet Dec

8. Ord Dec 9 Quay st, Carmarthen


BATSON, EDWARD, Kingskerswell, Devon, Gent. Exeter. Pet Nov 24. THORN, ALEXANDER, Chelsea, Builder, Dec 21 at 12. Bankruptcy bloga, Portugal Dec 9 st, Lincoln's inn

BAYNHAM, JAMES, Hereford, Seedsman. Hereford. Pet Dec 11. Ord Dec 11 TREVILLION, CH, Lewisham rd, Kent, Glass Dealer. Dec 17 at 12. 109, Victoria st, Westminster

BEAUMONT, FREDERICK EDWARD, Lound, Suffolk, Farmer. Gt Yarmouth. Pet WHITE, JANE, Tonbridge Wells, Boarding House Keeper. Dec 17 at 2.30.

Dec 11. Ord Dec 11 Spencer & Reeves, Mount Pleasant, Tonbridge Wells

BEEBEC, ARTHUR, Walsall, Beer Retailer. Walsall. Pet-Dec 8. Ord Dec 8 WHITE, WILLIAM GEORGE, Anerley, Surrey, Engineer. Dec 17 at 11,

109, Victoria st, Westminster

BLAKE. JOB, St Helen's, Glass Dealer. Liverpool. Pet Dec 9. Ord Dec 9 WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Merthyr Tydfil, Collier. Dec 20 at 12. Of Rec, Merthyr BOTTLE, HENRY ALEXANDER, Loughton, Essex, Farmer. Edmonton. Pet Deo WILLIAMS, MARGARET, Pontlottyn, Glamorganehire, Grocer. Dec 18 at 12. Of CASTREY, WILLIAM. Wollaston, nr Stourbridge, Glass Cutter. Stourbridge. Pet WILLMOT, JEREMIAH, Ashwell, Herts, Builder. Dec 21 at 12. Off Rec, 6, Petly CLARK, WILLIAM Boulron, Sheffield, Printer. Sheffield. Pet Dec 9. Ord Dec 9 Cury, Cambridge

CORDINGLEY, CHARLES WILLIAM, Tadcaster, Yorks, Ironmonger. York. Pet

Dec 9. Ord Dec 9 The following amended notice is substituted

for that published in the COSSEY, JAMES, Gt Yarmouth, Fishing Boat Owner. Gt Yarmouth. Pet Dec 11. London .

Ord Dec 11 HARDY, CHARLES, Nottingham, Lacemaker. Dec 13 at 3.30. Off Rec, 1, High FORD, HENRY, Tisbury, Wilts, Builder. Salisbury. Pet Dec 11. Ord Dec 11 pavement, Nottingham

FOUNTAIN, JOSEPH, and ISAAC FOUNTAIN, Leeds, Printers. Leeds. Pet Nov 30.

Ord Dec 10

FRANKLIN, CHARLES, Barton upon Humber, Tailor. Gt Grimsby. Pet Dec 10. ADAMS, HENRY, Bedford, Carpenter. Bedford. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7

Ord Dec 10 ANKERS, CHARLES, Southport, Lancs, Watchmaker. Nantwich and Crewe. Pet

HILL, JOHN THOMAS, Stourbridge, Worcester, Farmer. Kidderminster. Pet Dec 8. Ord Dec 8

Dec 3. Ord Dec 3 BARNES, ARTHUR WELLINGTON, residence unknown, Bootmaker. High Court.

HUGHES, JOHN, Woodchurch, Kent, Grocer. Hastings. Pet Dec 9. Ord Dec 9 Pet Nov 6. Ora Dec 7

HUXTABLE, ARTHUR, Ilfracombe, Wine Merchant. Barnstaple. Pet Dec 11. BERRY, JOHN, Shefford, Beds, out of business. Bedford. Pet Dec 8. Ord Dec 8 BLAMIRES, STANSFIELD, Manningham, Braford, Draper. Bradford. Pet Dec 6.

ILLINGWORTH, CHRISTOPHER, Thornley, nr Longbridge, Lancashire, Farmer. Ord Dec 6 BRADFORD, WILLIAM, Staffs, Builder. Walsall, Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7

JACOBSON, LIONEL, Marylebone rd, Business Transfer Agent. High Court. Pet

Dec 9. Ord Dec 9 CHATWIN, GEORGE HENRY, Congleton, Cheshire, Master Fustian Cutter. Mac

JAGGAR, JOSEPII, Kingston upon llull, Butchers' Manager. Kingston upon Hull. clesfield. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 7

Pet Dec 10. Ord Dec 10
CHICK, CHARLES, and GEORGE THOMAS PAPE, Melboine grove, East Dulwich, JONES, GRIFFITH, Pontycymmer, nr Bridgend, Builder. Cardiff. Pet Dec 10.

Builders. High Court. Pet Nov 12 Ord Dec 4
CLARK, ALFRED, Bishop's Stortford, Herts, Corn Merchant. Hertford. Pet

KING, THOMAS, and WILLIAM KING, West Hartlepool, Smackowners. SúnderNov 12. Ord Dec 2

land. Pet Dec 11. Ord Dec 11 COWLEY, HENRY, Allington, nr Chippenham, Wilts, Agricultural Machine Pro

KING, THOMAS, Tisbury, Wilts, Late Farmer. Salisbury. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 8 prietor. Bath. Pet Nov 22. Ord Dec 6 CUE, WILLIAM TAYLOR, address unknown, Draper. High Court. Pet Sept 18.

LOCK, HENRY, Bournemouth, Traveller. Poole. Pet Dec 11. Ord Dec 11 Ord Dec 6

MASON, HENRY, Jamaica rd, Bermondsey, Confectioner. High Court. Pet Oct DAINTON, ARTHUR HENRY, Wood st, Westminster, Oilman. High Court. Pet

25. Ord Dec 10 Nov 4. Ord Dec 8 EDWARDS, JOHN, Morriston, nr Swansea, Innkeeper. Swansea. Pet Dec 3. Ord

MAYALL, FRANCIS FREDERICK, Lowestoft, Fish Merchant. Gt Yarmouth. Pet

Dec 10, Ord Dec 10
Dec 6
FORD, WILLIAM, Heath Town, nr Wolverhampton, Bolt Manufacturer. Wolver-

OCKLEFORD, JAMES, Mare st, Hackney, Fishmonger. High Court. Pet Nov 20.

Ord Dec 10 hampton. Pet Dec 7. Ord Dec 8 GIBBS, THOMAS JAMES, and ALFRED IMBER, North hill, Highgate, Builders.

PAPE, GEORGE, Leeds, out of business. Leeds. Pet Deo 10. Ord Dec 10 High Court. Pet Oct 15. Ord Dec 4

PINOLI, CHARLES, Wardour st, Restaurant Keeper. High Court. Pet Dec 11. GLOVER, ANDREW, jun., Stourport, Worcestershire, Acoountant. Kidderminster.. Pet Nov 30. Ord Nov 30

PROSSER, MARY ANN, Abergavenny, Innkeeper. Tredegar. Pet Dec 10. Ord.

Dec 11

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