Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the Year 1871

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Page 459 - ... people. In this fairest and richest of countries, men are suffering and starving by millions. There are thousands of them at this minute stretched in the sunshine at their cabin doors with no work, scarcely any food, no hope seemingly. Strong countrymen are lying in bed "for the hunger " — because a man lying on his back does not need so much food as a person a-foot.
Page 288 - An act to provide for celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of American Independence by holding an international exhibition of arts, manufactures, and products of the soil and mine, in the city of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, in the year 1876," to which he was appointed by the President of the United States under the provisions of said act.
Page 1 - That there shall be at the seat of Government a Department of Labor, the general design and duties of which shall be to acquire and diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with labor, in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word...
Page 205 - Russian camel's hair, and including all such wools of like character as have been heretofore usually imported into the United States from Turkey, Greece. Egypt. Syria, and elsewhere, excepting improved wools hereinafter provided tor.
Page 162 - A homestead to the extent of one hundred and sixty acres of land, or the half of one acre within the limits of any incorporated city or town, owned by the head of a family residing in this State, together with one thousand dollars...
Page 462 - THE great commerce of every civilized society, is that carried on between the inhabitants of the town and those of the country.
Page 188 - ... 6. But instead of crying up all things, which are either brought from beyond sea, or wrought here by the hands of strangers, let us advance the native commodities of our own kingdom, and employ our...
Page 225 - Parents or guardians failing to send their children to school in compliance with the above will be liable to a fine of not less than $5 nor more than $25, in the discretion of the court, the offense to be punishable as a falta.
Page 462 - ... is that which is carried on between the inhabitants of the town and those of the country. The inhabitants of the town draw from the country the rude produce, which constitutes both the materials of their work and the fund of their subsistence ; and they pay for this rude produce, by sending back to the country a certain portion of it manufactured and prepared for immediate use.
Page 455 - The greater the diversity of organs, the more active and superior is the life of the individual. The greater the variety of individualities and relations in a society of individuals, the greater also is the sum of life, the more universal is the development of life, the more complete, and of a more elevated order.

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