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license may be granted to any “local authority” (i.e., by section the Board of Trade, in case of applications conflicting with that 31 and schedule, to any municipal corporation or local board), or of a local authority, will give preference to the application of the “to any company or person.” If the applicants be not them- local authority. selves a local authority, the consent of the local authority is required to the application. Public notice of every application

ALLOTMENTS. is to be given by advertisement in every case" in such manner and including such particulars as the Board of Trade may from 45 & 46 Vict. c. 80.–An ACT FOR THE EXTENSION OF Allottime to time direct or approve.' In connection with this important requirement, which is repeated with greater precision by section 5, we observe with regret, that though section 5 requires embodied in 59 Geo. 3, c. 12, ss. 12, 13; 1 & 2 Will. 4, c. 42, and

This Act is an extension of a principle which may be found the Board of Trade rules to be laid before Parliament, if sitting,

1 & 2 Will. 4, c. 59, in addition to the better known 2 Will. 4, and also appears to fix all parties concerned with constructive notice

c. 42, referred to in the preamble. The Acts we have mentioned of them, there is no provision for any special mode of publication give power to churchwardens and overseers in any parish to hire in the Gazette or elsewhere. A set of rules has been already at the parish expense as much as fifty acres of land in any parish issued, and is, we believe, obtainable at the Stationery Office. for the purpose of letting such lands out in portions to “ poor The license, when granted, “is to be for any period not exceeding and industrious inhabitants." These Acts have probably not been seven years," but may be renewed (section 3, sub-section 2), and used much (if at all), because the consent of the inhabitants in also (section 3, sub-section 8) may be revoked, where the licensees vestry assembled is required, but they remain upon the Statutefail to perform their duties in relation to the supply of the elec- book, and are mentioned in the Poor Allotments Management Act, tricity.

1873. The Act 2 Will. 4, c. 42, has very much the same effect, The great distinction between the provisional order (section 4) but it applies only to cases where allotments have been made and the license appears to be that no consent of the local

under Inclosure Acts. The present Act applies only to authority is required, in the case of an application for an lands held by trustees for the benefit of the poor, “and whereof order, but that only notice to such authority need be given, the rents or produce are distributed in gifts of money; doles, The object of requiring the notice to be given is to enable local clothing, bread, or other articles of sustenance or necessity,” and in authorities (not being themselves applicants) to object to the cases where the lands are not “otherwise used for the enjoyment granting of the provisional order, and here again such authorities

or general benefit of the inhabitants.” Such lands are by section are completely dependent on regulations of the Board of Trade, 4 of the Act to be let by the trustees to “cottagers, labourers, and except as to the date of the notice. This, “ in the case of any others." The amount of the rent seems to be left to the discreapplication made during the present year," is to be deemed tion of the trustees, but section 13, sub-section 2, seems to point to be given in due time if giren “ within one month after

to a rack rent. If the lands are inconveniently situated, the passing of the Act,” whereas, in succeeding years, it must be the trustees may let them at a rack rent and hire others in lieu given on or before the first day of July in the year in which the thereof, for thè purposes of the Act (section 5),

It will be application is made.”

remembered that some opposition was offered to the Act by the The language in which the

control of Parliament is preserved is Charity Commissioners. This seems to have been averted by the curious. “ The Board of Trade,” it is said (section 4, sub-provision of secti 9, that the rules which may be made by the section 2), “ may submit to Parliament for confirmation any pro- trustees under the Act must be submitted to the commissioners, visional order granted by it in pursuance of this Act, but any such who have power of disallowance, but no power of making rules of order shall be of no force unless and until it is confirmed by Act their own, except upon an appeal by “any four cottagers or of Parliament.” This is copied from section 297, sub-section 3, of labourers ” (section 9). It is also provided that if the trustees the Public Health Act, 1875. We have not heard of any difficulty neglect to set the Act in motion, the cottagers or labourers “not arising out of that enactment, but we observe that no time is being less than four may, by applying to the commissioners, limited within which the order is to be submitted to Parliament, obtain an order setting them in motion (section 10), and that, on as is the case with draft certificates under the Railways Con- application of the trustees, the commissioners may grant a certifistruction Facilities Act, 1864, which must be submitted to Parlia- cate that any particular land is unsuitable for allotment, by force ment in seven days under section 12 of that Act. So much with of which certificate the trustees will be excused from proceeding regard to applications for licenses ard orders.

(section 11). The mode and terms of letting are fixed by section When the license or special Act (whether preceded or not by 13, which (inter alia) limits the holding of each cottager to one an order) is in force, the undertakers, it is said in the 6th section, acre, and forbids the erection of buildings. The Act nominally "shall be subject to such conditions as may be inserted” in the comes into operation at the date of its passing: The “notices license, order or Act in respect to (inter alia) the securing a of intention to let” are to be given “annually, in the month of regular supply, the limitation of the prices to be charged, and “ the June,” and the notices of "setting apart a field” in the month authorizing inspection and inquiry from time to time by the Board of February. In either case the trustees may fix another month of Trade and the local authority.” The expenses of the local by rule if they so please. authority, including any expenses of obtaining or opposing a license, &c., may be defrayed out of the local rates (section 7), and power to borrow money is also given (section 8). Land may be acquired for the purposes of the Act, but only by agreement (sections 10 and 12). There are considerable restrictions upon Law School, upon The Public Relations and Duties of the Legal Profes:

Mr. Eaton, says the American Law Review, in his oration before the Yale the breaking up of streets and above-ground works (sections sion," said that, “ Lawyers are the great office-holding class, who, for that 13 and 14). No special form of lamp or burner may be pre- reason, also know more than every other class combined concerning the scribed (section 18). There are elaborate provisions for the pro- grave administrative abases which now threaten and alarm the nation, tection of the telegraphic lines of the Post Office (section 26). The of their causes, and the fit means for their removal. We may jadeed local authority has power to compulsorily purchase the under- almost say that we have a government of lawyers, – 4 privileged class of

professional office-holders. Twenty.four out of the fifty-six sigaers of the taking“within six months after the expiration of a period of twenty- Declaration of Independence, and thirty out of the fifcy.five members of one years, or such shorter period as is specified in that behalf in the convention that frame the Federal Constitution, were of the legal the application for the provisional order or in the special Act”; profession. Of the nineteen presidents, all but three, who were generals, nothing in the Act is to exempt the undertakers or their have been lawyers ; and so bave a great majority—perhaps five-sixths-of

all the members of the Cabioet. At this momont every Cabinet officer is a undertaking from the provisions of any general Act relating to lawyer. The greater number of the governors and of their advisers, if not of the supply of electricity which may be passed in this or any future the mayors of cities, have at all times been of that profession. In the cases session of Parliament” (section 34). Such are the main pro- in which its members have not been in majority in Legislatures, it is pretty visions of this important statute. It will be seen that they may be certain that they have been the most influential members, with a control

. much amplified or restricted according to the discretion of the ing voice in framing the laws. What constitution, what Important statutes,

have they not drafted ? In the last Congress more than three-fourths were Board of Trade. The “ rules and regulations” of that Board, lawyers. Of the seventy-slx members of the present Senate, fifey-nine are which have been issued under section 5, prescribe (inter alia) that lawyers, and only seventeen belong to all other classes of the people.”

and 6

ever seen.

£233 at the rate of £6 per centum per annum to the 28th day of Septem. CORRESPONDENCE.

ber, 1882, being the day for payment, making altogether the sum of £267 178. 2d."

The Paymaster refused to accept such affidavit as not being in the THE REMUNERATION ORDER.

words of the order, and our client, A. B., has now to return the two sums [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.]

he received on account, and depose to the whole amount mentioned in Sir,- The Act under which this Order is made enables the three judges

the order. Or this our client complains, and we think naturally so, the named therein, and the president of the Incorporated Law Society, and amount deposed to being less than that mentioned in the order. the president of one of the provincial law societies (to be selected by

We should have thought that in these days of equity the Paythe Lord Chancellor), or any three of them, to make general orders for master would have been empowered to accept the affidavit in the above

form. regulating the remuneration of solicitors as to sales, purchases, leasca, mortgages, settlements, and other matters of conveyancing and other

We must apologize for occupying your space in this manner, but unless business not being business in any action, &c., and to revoke such the order and affidavit are set out at length, we are afraid that your

SOLICITORS, orders. And such orders are not to take effect until they have been laid

readers will not see our client's grievance. before Parliament for one month, and may be disallowed upon address

London, October 2. by either House. The Order, therefore, recently issued is, I presume, subject to disallowance or revision before the time appointed for its coming into operation. With regard to such Order I would beg leave to remark upon the

“ ACCOUNTANTS IN BANKRUPTCY." absence of the signature thereto of the president of the Incorporated

[To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] Law Society. Is the inference to be drawn therefrom that the society do not approve of the Order; it so, the public ought to

Sir,—The enclosed, if it does not call for special notice in your journal, know upon what grounds. The signature of the president of the may be of some interest. Law Society of Liverpool indicates that the Order is acceptable to

Notice the Royal Arms, and the subscription" Officer of the Court," our professional brethren in that city. Judging, however, from recent also the “N.B:". information in your columns as to their practice on sales by auction, it

Altogether it is about the most subtie circular of its class that I have appears that such practice is so much at variance with that in London that the former is no proper criterion for regulating the latter. For my

It was sent to a person who was in pecuniary difficulties. part, I should be sorry to see solicitors assuming the duties of auc

38, Old Jewry, London, E.C., Sept. 30.

EDWARD SWAIN. tioneers, whose assistance and experience in disposing of property is

[The following is the circular enclosed, which bears at the top an often very valuable. It would, I think, be derogatory to our position to impressed stamp of the Royal Arms :do this, and I doubt if the interest of the client (which is the chief

" Traders in difficulty are advised to lose no time in consulting the thing to consider) would be better served by it. Auctioneers' charges undersigned, who, from his long and varied experience in this special are sometimes complained of (and whose are not ?), but competition branch of the law, is well qualified to assist them. keeps them within reasonable bounds, and it is always open to agree promptly stayed, as likewise are police committals, while bill of sale

" Actions in the Superior, Lord Mayor's, or County Courts are upon a stipulated fee.

The Act specifies five branches of business which may be dealt with, holders are restrained from removing or selling. and the Order deals with only four of them, leaving settlements

“This office aims at effecting an arrangement with creditors, without untouched ; and the other matters, not being business in any action, are resorting to liquidation, whereby the trader continues in business un. nowhere. It appears to me that the Order does not go far enough, and injured, and there is a fund from which loans can be granted to pay that, the principle of an ad valorem fee being admitted, it ought to be the composition, or to enable the debtor to purchase his estate, in the extended to every kind of business to which it is possible of application unusual event of liquidation. Consultation free -in fact, every transaction which carries an ad valorein duty to Govern

“Mr. Thos. HANSON, ment. This would include (in addition to the subjects dealt with)

“ Accountant in Bankruptcy, and an Officer of the Court, transfers and re-conveyanccs of mortgages, and money settlements. It

City Office, 13 and 14, King-street, Cheapside. might also, I submit, be usefully extended to the winding up of money "N.B.—The new and very stringent Bankruptcy Bill now being passed trusts under settlements and wills, a percentage being allowed according through the Houses of Parliament will come into operatiou shortly."] to the amount of the fund administered ; in aid of which view it may be remarked that solicitors are allowed an ad valorem fee on probates, and that the Administrator-General in India charges a commission on the funds passivg under his control.

STAMPING DEEDS AFTER EXECUTION. It seems to me that any regulation which has for its object the abolition of the present odious practice of making up bills of costs by

[To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] length of documents, letters, and attendances is to be encouraged in the

Sir, -I shall be much obliged if any of your readers can refer me to interest of the pnblic as well as of the profession, and comes within the any authority for the proposition that the stamping of a deed after erecuspirit of the Act.. And it is to be hoped that during the forthcoming tion was equivalent before the last Stamp Act to an adjudication by the meeting at Hull the whole subject will be thoroughly ventilated, and Inland Revenue Commissioners. I have a strong impression that there some action taken with a view to prevent the present Order coming into is authority to that effect, but I cannot lay my hands upon it. operation without further consideration, since, judging from the criti

October 2.

A SOLICITOR. cisms passed upon it, it would appear very defective and objectionable in many points of detail.

S. A. Ran. 23, Red Lion-square, October 2.

In the letter of A Liverpool Solicitor at p. 718, for “the members of the profession, and the estate agent engages" read “the members of

the profession and the estate agents, engages.” THE CHANCERY PAYMASTER'S OFFICE.

[To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] Sir,--Allow us to point out what seems to be a case of “red tape" at the Paymaster's Office.

It is stated that the Nottingham Corporation has succeeded in getting a By an order it was directed that, out of the proceeds of sales and divi. special health provision inserted in a local Act by which every house holder dends thereinbefore directed to be carried over to the credit of the said is required to notify to the health officer any case of infectious disease o use, “The account of X. Y. and her incumbrancers," £274 (s. 2d. certi. which arises under his roof. fied to be due to A. B. in respect of his mortgage, and £14 158. 10d. for

Mr. Justice Lawson, says the Pall Mall Gazette, bas for some time been costs as between solicitor and client, together with interest on the said engaging big leigare in toroing a collection of popular evangelical and other £274 0s. 20. at the rate of £6 per centum per annum from the 9th of hymns into Latia verse. Sometimes the Horatian metres are followed, bot August, 1880, until the day for payment (the day for payment, the more commonly the learned jadge has sought to gain the exact measure of amount of interest, and the total amount payable to be ascertained by the original. Sereral of the bymns are rendered with exquisite grace and affidavit), be paid, &c.

taste. The affidavit verifying the amount was made by the said A. B., and was as follows:—“There is due to me the sum of £233, being the sum of clerk, and Charles Gold were brought up, on remand, on the charge of

At the Guildhall Police Court on Wednesday, George William Bardrick, $274 08. 2d., certified to be due to me in respect of my mortgage after having stolen foreign bonds and obligations to the amount of over £12,000. deducting two sums paid by X. Y. mentioned in the said order to me Bardrick was further charged with ombezzling money to the extent of since the said sum of £274 Os. 20. was so certified, and £14 15s. 10d. for about £600, belonging to Messrs. Desborough & Sons, solicitors, of 18, costs as between solicitor and client, mentioned in the said order, and the Finsbury-pavement, the prisoners' masters. The prisoners were committed sum of £20 1s. 4d. for interest (less property tax) upon the said sum of 1 for trial.


amongst the members of the society. It will be remembered that Mr. WolstenCASES OF THE WEEK.

holme is of opinion that a purchaser from the authority will in case of eviction have no remedy whatever. Until the sanitary authority alter their practice,

and either deduce such a title as is usually furnished by other vendors or enter BEFORE THE VACATION JUDGE.

iuto absolute cuvenants for title, the council can only recommend the members CONTEMPT OF DEFENDANT-COSTS OF-DISCHARGE FROM CUSTODY. - of the society, when consulted by their olients, to inform them of the risks they In the case of Clark v. Dyson, before Day, J., on the 27th ult., the defend. run in becoming purchasers or mortgagees of the salvages. ant, who had been committed for non-payment of money into coort, but

The council, at the request of the Bristol Law Students' Society, have who had since paid in the sum ordered, moved for his discharge from subscribed £15 for the first and £10 for each of the two succeeding terms of custody. Counsel for the plaintiff opposed the motion, on the ground that 1882 towards law lectures. Mr. J. Macpherson was appointed lecturer. the defendant had not paid the costs of his contempt. Dar, J., said that he

The members of the council retiring by rotation are Mr. G. H. D. Chilton felt bound by the decision of Hall, V.C., in Jackson v. Mawby (L. R. I and Mr. R. L. G. Vassall. Mr. H. F. Lawes, whose term of office would Ch. D. 86), but added thit the practic in the coinmon law division was to

also have expired at the present meeting, retirad from the council in Novem

ber last. make the prisoner pay the costs of contempt before getting his discharge, a method of punishing bim wbich appeared reasonable.-SOLICITORS, Neal ; examination in the Library.

During the past year eighty-two candidates have attended the preliminary Gregory f Co.

- After discussion of the matters referred to in the report, the same was re

ceived and adopted. Mr. John Miller was appointed president, and Messrs. TRANSFER OF ACTION.- In the case of Waites v. Waites, before Day, J., Harwood and Parr vice-presidents, for the enuing year; and Messrs. Bigg, en the 27th ult., a motion was made for the transfer of the action Cox, and E. E. Salmon to be on the council in place of the retiring momfrom the county court to the High Court. It was an action for the bers, administration of a one-seventh sharo of the residuary estate of a testator, the share being £443, or thereabouts. DAY, J., made the order on the ground that the action really involved the administration of the whole estate.

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. MOTION TO COMMIT.- In the case of Owen v. Evans, before Day, J., on the 27th ult., counsel on behalf of the plaintiff inoved to commit

BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY, AD executor for not baviog paid £500, part of a larger sum, into court, in accordance with an order of the court, and also for not bringing into court Restall in the chair. The subject for debate was— "Does mere voluntary

A meeting of this society was held on Taesday, September 26, Mr. W. S. a box with bills of exchange of some value.. Counsel for the defendant said presence at the commission of a criminal act (e.g., a prize-fight) constitute that the £500 bad been paid in since the notice of motion, and that plaintiff at law an aiding and abetting of that act?” (R. v. Coney and oth knew, before serving the notice, that it was going to be paid in, and that L. R. 8 Q. B. D. 534.) The speakers for the affirmative were Messrs. A. defendant was unable to comply with the other part of the order, inasmuch Smith, Robinson, E. c. Rogers, and Coley, and for the negative Mr. a8 bis late solicitors claimed a lien on the box in question, and refused to part Cochrane. The moot was decided in favour of the affirmative. with it until their costs were paid. Day, J., refused to make the order. The money was paid in, and the plaintiff could bring the solicitors before the court and compel delivery up of the box.--SOLICITORS, Bloxam f Ellison ; Williamson g Co.



Mr. Charles John Palmer, F.S.A., solicitor and notary, died at Yarmouth,

on the 24th ult., from paralysis. Mr. Palmer was admitted a solicitor in BRISTOL INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY.

1827, and he had practised for over half a century at Yarmouth. He had a At the twelftu aonual meeting of the Bristol Incorporated Law Society, large private business, and was formerly Receiver of Wreck for the Admiralty held on the 29th of September, 1882, the followiug report of the council was at Yarmouth. He was for several years secretary to the Yarmouth Waterread :

works Company, and solicitor to the Wellington Pier Company and to the Pursuant to the articles of association, the council present their annual Victoria Building Society.. Mr. Palmer was a notary public, and a perpetual roport.

commissioner for the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. He formerly took an During the session of 1882 several Acts of Parliament affecting the adminis. active part in municipal business. He had been twice mayor of Yarmouth, tration of the law in Eogland have received the Royal assent.

and was for several years an alderman of the borough. He was also one of the The following are the more important:-An Act to render judgments trustees of the borough charities. Mr. Palmer bad a considerable local reputa. obtained in certain inferior courts in England, Scotland, and Ireland, respec- tion as an antiquarian, and a few years ago he published "A Peramubulation tively, effectual in any other part of the Únited Kingdom ; an "Act for of Great Yarmouth." He leaves a widow but no children. facilitating sales, leases, and other dispositions of settled land, and for pro. moting the exeoution of improvements thereon; an Act for further improving the practice of conveyancing, and for other purposes; an Act to amend the Bills of Sale Act, 1878; an Act to amend the law relatiog to costs and salaries in county courts; an Act to codify the law relating to bills of ex

LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. change, cheques, and promissory notes ; an Act to consolidate and amend the Acts relating to the property of married women.

Sir JOAN GORRIE, Chief Justice of Fiji, has been appointed Chief Justice of Under the authority of the Solicitors' Remuneration Act, 1881, & General the Leeward Islands, in succession to Sir Henry James Burford Hancock, who Order bas been made for prescribing and regulating the remuneration of solici- has been appoioted Chief Justice of Gibraltar. Sir J. Gorrie is the son of the tors in respect of business connected with conveyancing, and in respect of Rev. Daniel Gorrie, and was born in 1829. He was admitted a member of other non-contentious businees. The Order, which is expressed to take effect the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland in 1856, and in 1869 he was appointed from and after December 31, 1882, is published in the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL Sabstitute-Procureur and Advocate-General for the Mauritius. In the followof the 19th of August last, and also in other legal newspapers. The Order has iog year he became a puisne judge for that colony, and in 1876 he was been laid before each House of Parliament, pursuant to the 6th section of the appointed Chief Justice of Fiji.' He received the honour of knighthood a few Act. Your president has attended several meetings in London of the Com- months ago. mittee of the Associated Provincial Law Societies, held to consider and discuss the subject, and has devoted much time and trouble to the settlement of the Coroners for the County of 'Westmoreland, in succession to his partner, the

Mr. JOHN BOLTON WILSON, solicitor, of Kendal, has been elected one of the draft order. In accordance with a resolution of the last annual meeting on the subject of late Mr. Christopher Gardner Thomson. Mr. Wilson was admitted a solicitor

in 1874. solicitors' contract fees on sales by auction, a meeting of the solicitors practising in this city was held in November last, at which the resolutions were passed of Mr. SYDNEY TWENTYMAN JONES, barrister, has been appointed a Puisne which copies were forwarded to the members of the society. The result has Judge of the High Court of Justice for the Colony of Griqualand West. Mr. been that in the majority of sales now held in this city and neighbourhood, the Justice Jones was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Michaelmas practice of chargiog purchasers with fees payable to the vendors' solicitors has | Term, 1873, been abandoned. With regard to the fees payable to auctioneers, a committee

Mr. SYDNEY WILLIAM TREVENEN, solicitor (of the firm of Clutterbuck & of the council met the leading auctioneers of Bristol and agreed upon a scale of Trevenen), of Carlisle, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer payment. In many sales, however, the custom of providing for payment by the Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. purcbaser of the auctioneer's fee still prevails ; and although it would be con. venient that a uniform practice of the auctioneer being paid by the vendor Mr. EDGAR FRANCIS JENKINS, solicitor (of the firm of Brooks & Jenkins), of should be established, the question by whom the auctioneer is to be paid may 7, Godliman-street, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking perhaps be reasonably left for the decision of the vendor in each case.

the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the County of The S:reets Improvement Committee of the Bristol Sanitary Authority still Middlesex and the Cities of London and Westminster. Mr. Jenkins has also adhere to the practice of excluding the purchasers of their salvages from re- been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of quiring any title or any covenants for title. A case submitted to Mr. Wolsten. Judicature. holme, one of the chancery conveyancing counsel, on behalf of a purchaser of Mr. Alfred HENRY GARDNER, solicitor (of the firm of Wightwick & salvages, and the opinion thereon, has been printed by the council and circulated ) Gardner), of Folkestone, has been elected Clerk to the Folkestone School


Board. Mr. Gardner is treasurer for the borough of Folkestone. He was
admitted a solicitor in 1880.
Mr. JAMES BUCHANAN, recorder of Griqualand West, has been appointed

President of the High Court of Justice for the Colony of Griqualand West,

An exposure of a class of fraud believed to be very common, but which is at DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIPS.

the same time very difficult of detection, took place at the Doncaster Borongh John CHARLES CARB and Philip THORNTON, solicitors, 23, Rood-lane, Sessions, on Thursday, September 28, in a case tried before the recorder, Mr, London (Anthony Carr, Son, & Thornton, late Anthons Carr & Son). Edgar Meynell. William Haife, farmer, was indicted for baring attempted September 27.

to obtain the sum of £15 18s. 3d. by false pretences. Lawrence Gane and ROBERT T. WBAGG and A. S. B. EDWARDS, solicitors, 11, Great Saint Shirley prosecuted ; Beverley defended; and Cordeur watched the case on Helene, London, September 20.

[Gazette, September 29 ] bebalf of a witness. The defendant was the outgoing tenant of a farm, and WILLIAM WELLINGTON COOPER,, jud., and ARTHUR AUGUSTUS Rees, 4, made a clain on the incoming tenant for seeds and dissolved bones which be Broad-street-buildings, London, solicitors (Cooper & Hees). September 29. said he had put on the land. In support of bis assertion he produced a nun.

RICHARD EDMUNDS and GEORGE PENFOLD HOLMES, 10, Bedford-row, ber of receipted bills from various tradesmen for seeds, &c., supplied in the Worthing, Suseex, solicitors (Edmunds & Holmes). September 29. last year of his occupancy. The valuers in the matter not being able to agree,

[Gazette, October 3.]

an urpire was appoioted, and the receipted bills came before him in due course. The valder for the incomiug tenant, however, 8118pected the genuine

ness of these documents, and, on inquiry, it turned out ihat the tradesman COMPANIES.

wbo bad given them had not really supplied the goods specified thereio ; or, at all events, had not supplied them in 1881, as stated. For the defence it was

objeoted that the false pretences were ton remotely connected with the WINDING-UP NOTICES.

attempting to obtain the money, which would only have become payable if Joint STOCK COMPANIBB.


umpire had decided in favour of the outgoing tenant's claim; and tbe cases

of Reg. v. Gardner (7 Cox C. C. 136) and Reg. v. Larner (14 Cox, 497) were AGRICULTURAL AND GENERAL ENGINEERING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by cited in aid of the obj-ction : but it was answered by the prosecution, and

Day, J., dated Sept 20, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Tibbitts and hold by the learned recorder, that these ca es most be treated as overruled by c. W. MEITER AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Daniel, dated Sept 20 In going to the jury, Beverley contended that, though the dates on the receipts

Reg. v. Martin, so that the intervention of the umpire's award made no difference. it was ordered that the company be wound up. Drake and Co, Rood lane, solicitors for the petitioner

were wrong, tbere bad been no intentional fraod, the seeds and manure simply MILLINBEY AND Dress ASSOCIATION, LIMITED:--By an order made by Day, J., dated having been held over for one or two years, and having been actually put on

Sept 20, it was ordered that the association be wound up. Rooks and Co, King st, the farm in 1881. The jury, however, convicted the prisoner, at the same NORTHGATE BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED.—By an order made time recommending him to mercy on the ground of his age and previous good

by Day, J., dated Sept 20, it was ordered that the winding up of the company be character; and he was sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment with hard

continued." Wright, Fenchurch bldgs, solicitor for the petitioner Simon's REEF CONSOLIDATED GOLD MINING CORPORATION, LIMITED.-Petition for

labour. Doncaster being the centre of an important agricultural district, the winding up, presented Sept 28, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on Friday, Nov.

case excited considerable local interest. 3. Gush and Phillips, Finsbury circus, solicitors for the petitioner

[Gazette, Sept. 29.]

At the commencement of the business at the Manchester City Police

Coort on Monday, strong testimony was borne to the worth of Mr. T. Higaon, CAPITAL FIRE INSURANCE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up, presented

Sept 18, directed to be heard before the Vaçațion Judge, at the court of Hall, v.c., late clerk to the justices, wbo died a few days ago. Mr. H. J. Leppoo, wbo, on Oct 11, Nokes, Queen Victoria st, solicitor for the petitioners

with Mr. T. Dale, ocoopied tbe beoob in No. 1 Coort, asid that Mr. Higeon


was the first clerk appointed, and on his appointment he had to teach the No: 2 PERMANENT Money Society.--Petition for winding up, presented Sept 27, justices their work. He (Mr. Leppoo) could not fiod words to desoribe the directed to be heard before North, J., in the court of Hall, V.C, on Wednesday, Oct way in wbioh Mr. Higson performed his task, and he could not too highly 11. White and Sons, Bedford row, agents for Burton, Birmingham, solicitor for the praise the honesty and integrity, as well as the ability, with which Mr. petitioners

[Gazette, Sept. 29.7

Higson bad always performed his duties. Mr. W. Cobbelt, addressing the FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED.

coort, said that as Mr. Leppoo had alloded to the death of Mr. Higson be EBENEZER BENEFIT SOCIETY, DEBBY, Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Barrow Hill Staveley might, perhaps, be allowed to say a word or two upon the matter. No one Rock Or' HOPE LODGE, No. 9, INDEPENDENT ORDER Odd Fellows, Prince of Wales Inn, opportunity of seeing Mr. Bigson in the discharge of bis duties as head of

wbo bad praotised for any length of time in that court, who had had the Allerton, York. Sept 26 WALLABATH FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Wallheath, Stafford. Sept 23

the large official staff there, could doubt that as head of that staff he was

[Gazette, Sept. 29.) the right man in i be right place. He most undoubtedly possessed a mind of BREWERS, CHESTERS, AND GALLEY QUAYS PROVIDENT SOCIETY, Brewers' Quay. Sept 30 TRUE BRITON FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Poyers' Arms, Templeton, Pembroke. Sept 27

the shrewdest and keepest character, and he employed it with the greatest (Gazette, Oct. 3.) discretion and temper in the performance of his duties. Alderman Bennett,

who presided in the Second Court, said that tbe advice Mr. Higson gave was

always safe to follow, add po appeal against the decisions of the magistrates CREDITORS' CLAIMS.

was successful when his advice was acted upon. The loss of Mr. Higson was very moob regretted. The justices wonld never have a olerk in wbom

more confidence could be placed. Mr. C. H. Rickards, who entered the CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

coart at noon, after having specially travelled some distance, said that, as LAST DAY OF CLAIM. BANNISTER, ALPRED JAMES, Addison terrace, Notting Hill, M.D. Nov 16. Chester and Higson for nearly thirty years, and

he should have been very glad if be bad

the senior magistrate on that bench, be had been associated with Mr. Co, Staple inn BRUGES, WILLIAM, Beechingstoke, Wilts, Gent. Nov 1. Le Riche, Rood lane

been able to join his brother magistrates in expressing their very deep CURLEY, TIMOTHY, Hereford, Civil Engineer. Oct 16. Owen, Builth

regard for Mr. Higaon. He bad had ample opportunity of jadging of Mr. FOBTER, JAMES, Lee, Kent, Gent. Nov 30. Burchett, Bennet's bill, Doctors' commons GARDNER, URBAN, Bankside, Southwark, Iron Merchant. Nov 1.' Diggles, Hibernia Higson's integrity. The services that he had conferred apon this town and chambers, London Bridge

commodity during the long period of forty.three years were of the very GODDARD, WILLIAM, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset, Bootmaker. Oct 25. Brennand, greatest value. In times of civil commotion, by bis legal diplomacy, bis

GRAHAM, ROBERT IBTING, Broadmoor Rosley, Cumberland, Draper. Nov 18. Bolton, good sense and good feeling, he stopped almost in its birth one of the great

political convulsions, at the time of the Chartiet riote, in, be believed, the HAYWARD, MARTHA, Bath, Oct 31. Clark and Collins, Trowbridge

With great calmness and careful judgment, which did not allow HUGHES, WILLIAM, Kington, Hereford, Retired Grocer. Nov 1. Bodenham and Co, him hastily to form a conolusion, be advised the court in such a mapper as

IVE, CHARLES, Ruislip, Farmer. Nov 1. Woodbridge, Uxbridge

to protect the honour and interests of tbe community. LILLEY, JAMES, Royston, Cambridge, Gent. Oct 31. Wortham and Dalton-Nash,

MOFARLANE, JOSEPH, Wilkin House, near Ashover, Derby. Oct 20. Ansell, Birming-
MARSHALL, JOAN Andrew, Clee, Lincoln, of no occupation. Oct 31. Mason, Great

At the Stock and Share Auction Company's sale, held on the 5th inst., at Grimsby

their sale-room, Crown.court-buildings, Old Broad-street. E.C., the following MILNBB, Francis DUDLEY, Brompton sq, Esq. Oet 26. Ingram and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

were among the prices obtained :-F. Braby & Co. (Limited) £10 shares, £9 NIGHTINGALE, Ann, Faceby Lodge, near Northallerton, York. Oct 31, Newby and paid, 91; Chalet Company $5 sbares, £7 3s. 6d. ; New Orleans and Mobile

Railway 1,000dols. bond, 201 per cent. ; Moucts Bay Consols, 154. ; African OAKDEN, George, Musden Grange, Stafford, Farmer. Oct 20. Holland and Rigby, Gold Coast Syndicate, 303. ; Madras Gold Mioing, 58. ; Port Pbillip and OASTLER, JONAH, Bridge House Hotel, London Bridge. Nov 10. Ford ånd Co, Blooms. Colonial Gold Mining, 4. ; Maxim Weston Electric Light®, 158. ; and other bury square

miscellaneous securities fetched fair prices, OLIVER, JAMES, Beresford st, Walworth, Gent. Nov 30. Blewitt and Tyler, Grace.

church buildings, Gracechurch st
PERRY, JAxis, Birmingham, out of business, Oct 11. Ansell, Birmingham
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM, Snaith, York, Gent. Nov 1. Clark, Snaith
ROWBOTHAM, JOHN, Hyde, Chester, Innkeeper. Oct 30. Hibbert, Hyde

SHORT, CHARLES TEERT, sen., Iwérne Minster, Doreet, Baker.' Oct 25. Brennand, Evans.-Sept. 17, at Ty Issa, near Aberystwyth, the wife of G. H. P. Evans, of

SOLLY, CATHERINE BARBARINA TERESA, Blomfield rd, Maida Vale. Oct 24. Meynell, Lovesgrove, Cardigaosbire,, of a daughter.

Castle st, Holbora
SYDDALL, SUSANNAH, Southport, Lancaster. Oct 21. Vandrey, Manchester

FRYER.Sept. 30, at Hall Place, Bexley, Kent, the wife of G. E. S. Fryer, tarSYKES, JOEX, Slaithwaite, York, Gent. Nov 1. Laycock and Co, Huddersfield

rister-at-law, of A Bon. Tew, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Gent. Oct 32. Parr and Hayes, Birmingham

GORDON.- Sept. 27, at 10, Gledbow.gardens, South Kensington, the house of her WUNFIELD, JOHx, Millom, Oumberland, Gent. Oct 20. Butler, Broughton in Furness mother, the wife of W. H. Lockhart Gordón, barristor-at-law, prematurels, of

[Gazette, Sept. 26.]

year 1848,


& BOD.

LOCK.-Sept. 26, at 30, Quren-square, W.C., the wife of B. Fossett Lock, bar- Fleck, Frederick Matthew, Waterloo rd, Lambeth, Hotel Proprietor. Oct 12 at 3 at ris'er-at-law, of a 800.

office of Carr and Co, Vigo st, Regent st RATCLIFF.-Oct. 2. at 11, Stad luy-gardens, Belsize-park, the wifs of Thog. Wm. Forbes, James, and John Thomas Burn Greening, Stockton on Tees, Travelling

Drapers. Oct 11 at 3 at office of Chesny, Leeds rd, Bradford. Hinton and Bolsover, Ratcliff, barrister-at-law, of a son.

Stockton-on-Tees TAYLOR.- Sept. 24, at Curzon-park, Chester, the wife of Henry Taylor, solicitor, Goucher, Levi Tom, Sheffield, Chemist. Oct 13 at 12 at Law Society, Hoole's chbrs, of a daughter.

Bank st, Sheffield. Rhodes, Rotherham
Wilson. – Sept. 21, at Felic House, Brixton-rise, s W., the wife of David Greenhalgh, Frederick Handel, Scarborough, out of business. Oct 16 at 10 at office of
Henry Wilson, M'A., LL.M , barrister-at-law, of a son.

Williamson, Queen st, Scarborough
Griffiths, John, Ruthin, Fish Dealer. Oct 13 at 11.30 at Queen Hotel, Chester. Louis

and Edwards, Ruthin
Grigg, Reuben William, Lympstone, Butcher. Oct 13 at 1 at office of Southcott, Post

Office st, Bedford circus, Exeter. Vine, Exmouth

Haynes, George Barrow, Fenchurch st, East India Merchant. Oct 18 at 3 at office of

Bradley, Mark lane
Hearn, Charles, Ilfracombe, Innkeeper. Oct 16 at 2 at office of Chanter and Co, Bridge

Hall chbrs, Barnstaple

Heming, James, and Robert Heming, Birmingham, Grocers. Oct 12 at 11 at office of
FRIDAY, Sept. 29, 1882.

Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Henshaw, Thomas, Buxton, Grocer. Oct 12 at 3.30 at office of Brown and Ainsworth,
Creditors must forward their proof of debts to the Registrar.

Hardwick ter, Buxton
To Surrender in London.

Heron, William, Egremont, Cumberland, Engineer. Oct 12 at 2 at office of Mason and
Bensilum, Nino, Torrington sg, Gent.
Pet Sept 26., Hazlitt. Oct 10 at 11.30

Thompson, Duke st, Whitehaven Francis, 8

Horseferry rd, Westminster, Oil and Colour Man. Pet Sept 27. Heyes, Henry, Upholland, nr Wigan, Lancaster, Farmer. Oct 13 at 3 at office of Healy, Hazlitt. Oct 17 at 12.30

King st, Wigan
Snelling, Arthur, Boyle st, Burlington gardens, Money Scrivener. Pet Sept 26. Holloway, Henry, Willenhall, Tobacconist, Oct 12 at 11 at Globe Hotel, Mount Pleasant,
Hazlitt. Oct 11 at 12

Bilston. Bowen, Bilston
To Surrender in the Country.

Hooton, Henry, Southport, Lancaster, Builder. Oct 11 at 3 at office of Threlfall,
Bildt, Axel Theodor, Newcastle upon Tyne, Timber Merchant. Pet Sept 25. Daggett. London st, Southport
Newcastle, Oct 12 at 11

Hother, Thomas, Aldershot, Army Contractor. Oct 13 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern, Gros. Booth, John, Audley, Stafford, Farmer. Pet Sept 27. Tennant. Hanley, Oct 12 at 11 ham st. Carter and Bell, Eastcheap Bunting, Thomas Henry, Barton under Needwood, Stafford, Painter. Pet Sept 27. Howard, James, Southport, Lancaster, Brewer's agent. Oct 19 at 3 at office of Parr Goodger. Burton on Trent, Oct 18 at 1.30

and Sadler, Lord st, Southport Hyatt, Charles Edward, Freemantle, Southampton, Grocer. Pet Sept 21. Daw, jun. Hughes, John, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Bootmaker. Oct 12 at 12 at Grand Hotel, Southampton, Oct 12 at 12

Broad st, Bristol. Morgan, Pontypridd Leonard, Hugh, Torquay, Devon, Travelling Draper. Pet Sept 27. Daw. Exeter, Oct Jeffs, James, Bishop's Cleeve, nr Cheltenham, Clerk. Oct 12 at 11 office of Clark, 12 at 3

Regent st, Cheltenham Lewton, Thomas, Stapleton, Gloucester, Commission Agent. Pet Sept 26. Harley. Jewell, Edward, and James Gregory Tapson, Chelsea, Firewood Merchants. Oct 16 at Bristol, Oct 13 at 2

2 at office of Dutton, Churton st, Pimlico Mills, James Green, Bradford, Stuff Merchant. Pet Sept 28. Lee. Bradford, Oct 17 Johnson, James, Alstonfield, Stafford, Farmer. Oct 17 at 11 at 10, Derby st, Leek. at 12

Challinor and Co, Leek
Monck, George Dawes, Landport, Hants, Farmer. Pet Sept 28. Renny. Portsmoutb, Johnson, William, Croydon, Dealer in Berlin Wools." Oct 11 at 3 at Green Dragon
Oct 12 at 12

Hotel, High st, Croydon, Young, Croydon
TUESDAY, Oct. 3, 1882.

Kent, Thomas Smart, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Bootmaker. Oct 16 at 2 at offices of
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Minor, Brown st, Manchester
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Kilby, William, Old st, St Luke's, Stove Manufacturer. Oct 7 at 4 at the Hope, Banner
To Surrender in London.

st, St Luke's. Plater, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane Bengaude, Isaac, Maud rd, Camberwell. Pet Sept 30. Brougham. Oct 24 at 11 Kitchen, Thomas Henry, Wallingford, Saddler. Oct 12 at 3.30 at office of Slade, St Canningham, Edward, Victoria ter, Leytonstone, Builder. Mot Sept 26. Hazlitt. Oct Marten's st, Wallingford 17 at 12

Knight, James, Kinson, Dorset, Builder. Oct 14 at 11 at office of Aldridge and Ald. To Surrender in the Country.

ridge, King st, Poole Clay, Thomas, Coventry, Ribbon Manufacturer. Pet Sept 28. Kirby. Coventry, Oct Leno, William Clark, Rickmansworth, Hertford, Butcher. Oct 19 at 3 at Town hall, 18 at 3

Rickmansworth. Fellows, Rickmansworth Coates, George, Bradford, York, Butter Factor, Pet Sept 28. Lee. Bradford, Oct 17 Letton, Sidney George, King st West, Hammersmith, Grocer. Oct 18 at 3 at office of at 12

Parkes, Queen Victoria st Davis, Robert, Newton Abbot, Devon, Builder. Pet Sept 28. Daw. Exeter, Oct 16 Levy, Alexander, Bancroft rd, Omnibus Proprietor. Oct 20 at 2 at office of Mason, Curat 11

tain rd Harris, W J

Highfield, Rock Ferry, Chester, Joiner. Pet Sept 29. Williams. | Lister, Thomas Craven, Leeds, Brushmaker. Oct 11 at 11 at office of Grisdale, Great Birkenhead, Oct 16 at 10

George st, Leeds
Liquidations by Arrangement.

Loaring, John James, Ramsgate, Kent, Fisherman. Oct 14 at 2 at Camden rd, Rams.

Friday, Sept. 29, 1882.

Longland, Arthur Robinson, Gravesend, Kent, Butcher. Oct 12 at 3 at Nelson Hotel,

Windmill st, Gravesend. Prall, Roches'er Andrew, Richard, and James Gott, Manchester, Cotton Goods Manufacturers. Oct 12

Lyon, William, Boston, Lincoln, Grocer. Oct 9 at 12.30 at Red Lion Hotel, Boston: 12 at 2.30 at office of Makinson and Co, Blackfriars rd, Manchester

Bailes, Boston Bagnall, George, Derby, Butcher. Oct 11 at 11 at office of Greaves, Old Bank chmbrs, Mash, William Waterfield, Forest Hill, Kent, Fruiterer. Oct 19 at 2 at office of Parker Irongate, Derby

and Ponsford, Finsbury-pavement Bayliss, George, New Inn, nr Cheltenham, Innkeeper. Oct 11 at 11 at office of Clark, Mason, William, Milnthorpe, Westmorland, Butcher. Oct 13 at 11 at office of Arnola Regent st, Cheltenham

and Greenwood, Exchange chbrs, Kendal Beer, Joseph, Cerne Abbass, Dorset, Currier. Oct 16 at 11 at Royal Oak Inn, Dor- McGowan, Edward, Ruthin. Denbigh, Grocer. Oct 13 at 3 at Grosvenor Hotel, Chester. chester. Weston, Dorchester

Louis and Edwards, Ruthin Bell, John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cartman. Oct 11 at 2 at office of Joel, Newgate st, Molyneux, David, Northwich, Chester, Timber Merchant. Oct 12 at 11 at office of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Fletcher, Winnington, Northwich Bennett, William Thomas, Birmingham, Builder. Oct 12 at 3 at Grand Hotel, Colmore Naylor, Isaac, and Charles William Naylor, Newlay, York, Top Makers. Oct 12 at 3 at row, Birmingham. Tyndall and Co, Birmingham

Office of Taylor and Co, Piccadilly, Bradford Benson, Robert, Lancaster, Painter. Oct 12 at 2 at office of Johnson and Tilly, Sun st, Orchard, Francis, Birmingham, Grocer. Oct 12 at 11 at office of Foster, Bennett's-hill, Lancaster

Birmingham Berry, Joseph, Nottingham, Boot Manufacturer, Oct 13 at 3 at office of Buckley, Gres. Parsons, James, Cumberland Market, Regent's Park, Harness Maker. Oct 18 at 12 at ham chmbrs, Nottingham

office of Daniel, Bedford row Birch, Thomas John, Margate, Fly Proprietor. Oct 16 at 3 at office of Gibson, Union Peel, Thomas, Thomas Robert Peel, and John Watson, Manchester, Manufacturers,

cres, Margate
Birtles, Abel, Tittensor, Stafford, Canvasser for Sewing Machines, Oct 7 at 11 at office

Oct 11 at 11 at Committee Room, Townhall, Manchester. Boote and Edgar, Man.

chester of Hollinshead and Moody, Tunstall

Penu, Alfred, West Croydon, Boot Dealer. Oct 18 at 3 at office of Wood and Wootton, Bleasdale, Charles, Barrow in Furness, Lancaster, out of business. Oct 5 at 11 at Tre- Fish st Hilí

velyan, Temperánce Hotel, Dalkieth st, Barrow in Furness. Hudson, Barrow in Furness

Pinder, Charlotte Caroline, and Mary Ann Pinder, Clapham rd, Dealers in Fancy Goods. Bound, George Grey, Chislehurst, Kent, Butcher. Oct 16 at 2 at office of Rae, Mincing Prowse, Reginald Heber, Liverpool, General Produce Broker. Oct 12 at 2 at office of

Oct 19 at 2 at office of Gray, Ludgate hill lane Braddock, Samuel, Sutton within Macclesfield, Chester, Watch and Clock Maker. Oct

Harris and Gorst, Lord st, Liverpool 11 at 3 at office of Bullock, Park Green, Macclesfield

Rawson, Charles, Grove ter, Grove Park, Chiswick, Gent. Oct 10 at 2 at office of Lea, Cayard, Julius, and Herbert Alston Whitaker, Bradford, York, Silk Spinners. Oct 11

Old Jewry chbrs at 11 at White Lion Hotel, Halifax. Brook and Co, Huddersfield

Rose, John Chase, Reading, Berks, Pawnbroker's Assistant. Oct 16 at 12 at office of Cheetham, Thomas, Wrexham, Denbigh, Innkeeper. Oct 13 at 12 at office of Jones,

Newman, Friar st, Reading Bank st bldgs, Wrexham

Scholfield, Fred, Weston st, "Bermondsey, Licensed Victualler. Oct 20 at 3, in lien of Clark, James, Leicester, out of business. Oct 12 at 13 at office of Harvey, Selborne

meeting called for Oct 6, at Wine Trade Creditors' Association, Billiter st. Nash and bldgs, Millstone lane, Leicestor

Field, Queen st, Cheapside Clarke, John, Liverpool, Grocer. Oct 11 at 3 at office of Brabner and Court, Cook st,

Scruby, James, jun, Harlow, Essex, Corn Merchant. Oct 16 at 3.30 at office of ClapLiverpool

bam and Fitch, Bishopsgate st Without Clarke, John, Membury, Devon, Carpenter. Oct 14 at 12 at Longbridge Inn, Membury. Shepherd, Henry, and Robert Shepherd, Wateringbury, Kent, Smiths. Oct 11 at 12 at Clayton, Arthur, Bouverie st, Fleet st, Printer. Oct 12 at 3 at Inns of Court Hotel, High Sleigh, Samuel, Walsall, Grocer. Oct 13 at 11 at Midland Hotel, Birmingham, Wilkin. Holborn. Hubbard, London Joint Stock Bank chbrs, West Smithfield

son and Co, Walsall Collis, Reuben, Longton, Stafford, Smallware Dealer. Oct 16 at 12.30 at office of

Smith, George Ball, Southampton, Coachmaker. Oct 13 at 3 at office of Lamport, Sherdatt, Market st, Kidsgrove

Portland st, Southampton Cook, John Francis, Carlton, York, Farmer. Oct 11 at 3 at office of Unwin, Queen st,

Smith, Stephen, Skegness, Lincoln, Fancy Bazaar Keepor. Oct 10 at 2.30 at Lumley Sheffield

Hotel, Skegness. Walker and Co Crossley, James, Rochdale, Lancaster, Fuller. Oct 13 at 3 at office of Jacksons and Somers, Lewis John, Hounsditch, Wholesale Stationer. Oct 10 at 2 at office of Sydney, Godby, Lower Gates, Rochdale

Leadenhall st Cunnington, Laura Ann, Woodford, Essex, Schoolmistress. Oct 20 at 4 at the office of Storey, Frederic E, South Norwood, Surrey, Baker. Oct 10 at 3 at Green Dragon Inn, Martin, Fenchurch st

High st, Croydon. Young, Croydon Carling, Edward Henry, Whitstable, Kent, Farmer. Oct 13 at 12.30 at East Kent Hotel, Strickland, Christopher, Melling, Lancaster, Shipwright. Oct 18 at 3 at offices of Whitstable. Gibson, Sittingbourne

Roose and Price, North Juhnst, Liverpool. Clara and McMaster, Liverpool Curran, Peter, Atlantic rd, Brixton, Provision Dealer. Oct 11 at 2 at office of Emmott, Surridge, William, Elstree, Hertford, Licensed Victualler. Oct 10 at 3 at Maldon Hotel, Jermyn st, Regent st

Watford. Allingham, Old Broad st Ellis, Edward, Rhyl, Flint, Innkeeper, Oct 11 at 11.30 at Birmingham Arms, Rhyl. | Swinnerton, Rachael, Sheffield, Coke Merchant. Oct 13 at 3 at office of Burdekin and Owen, Bangor

Co, Norfolk st, Sheffield Evans, David, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Grocer. Oct 13 at 12 at office of Collins, Broad st, Whatmore, Crispin, and Edward Brown, Sebastopol, nr, Pontypool, Monmouth, Bristol. Phillips, Aberdare

Builders. Oct 11 at 12 at office of Danncey, Commercial st, Newport Fassnidge, John Frederick, Coventry, Warwick, Innkeeper, Oct 16 at 2 at 17, Little White, Susannah, Isleham, Cambridge, Grocer, Oct 13 at 3 at White Hart Hotel, Soham. Park st, Coventry. Horner, Coventry

Bendall, Soham

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