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Buchan v Turner 1882 B 1,554

Causes assigned to Mr. Justice Hesford v Thompson 1882 н


Raycraft v Low, Huckvale & Co Beedle v Bailey 1882 B 200 SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

1881 R2,446

Birt v Purkiss 1881 B 5,106

Towne v Manning 1881 T 594 Palmer v Purkiss 1881 P 2,618 ORDER OF COURT,

Finden v L. B. & S. C. Ry Co Wethered v Thompsou 1881 W Tuesday, the 19th day of September, 1882. 1880 F 1,650

712 Whereas, from the present state of the business before the Chancery Taber v Bloomer 1881 T 1,189 Needham v Johnson 1881 N Division and the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice Addington v Addivgton 1880 A 1,417 respectively, it is expedient that a portion of the causes commenced in 869

Attorney-Gen v Board of Works, the said Chancery Division, but not being causes commenced for any of Parker v Mulloney 1881 P 3,216 Strand District 1882 A 688 the purposes set forth in the 3rd sub-section of the 34th section of the Cadett v Photographic Artists, &c, R. Bell & Co v Padbury 1881 B .. Supreme Court of Judicature Act, 1873, and thereby specially assigned Supply Assu 1882 C 353

3,852 to the said Division, should be transferred to the said Queen's Bench Burnett v Tate 1881 B 6,919 Allin v Chandler 1882 A 233 Division; Now I, the Right Hunourable Roundell Baron Selborne, Lord Comite des Assureurs Maritimes & Talbot v Brereton 1882 T 499 High Chancellor of Great Britain, with the consent of the Lord Chief ors v Standard Bank of British Melander v Toye 1881 M 4,465 Justice of England, as President of the last-mentioned Division, do South Africa, ld 1881 0 5,314 Tagg v Gibbons 1882 T 20 hereby order that the several causes set forth in the schedules hereto be Parker First Avenue Hotel Co Stuart v Stuart 1882 S 1,447 transferred from the Chancery Division to tlie Queen's Bench Division 1882 P 563

Ingham ✓ Pope 1881 S 1,535 of the High Conrt of Justice, and be marked in the cause books Attorney-Gen v Mayor, &c, of

SELBORNĚ, C. accordingly. And this order is to be drawn up by the registrar and set Bristol 1881 A 2,044

COLERIDGE, L.C.J. up in the several offices of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Attorney-Gen v Maubré Saccharine Justice.

Co, ld 1882 A 450

Stanford ĭ Ilorsham Local Board Causes assigned to the Vice-Chan- (Chitty, J) 1881 S 3,751 cellor Bacon.

Worselding v Thuey (VC Hall)
Powell y Powell 1881 P 3,626 1881 W 2,401

Berry v Keen 1881 B 1,809 Trott v Bramall (V0 Hall) 1881
Ritchie v Elwyn 1882 R 311 T 797

Mr. JOHN CRICK FREEMAN, solicitor (of the firm of Crick & Freeman), of Crouch v Lumby 1881 O 5,230 Ormrod v Bolton Corporation (Fry, Maldon, has been elected Town Clerk of that borough, in succession to Mr. Fuller v Fuller and Duncan 1882 J). 1881 0 539

Arthur Evans, deceased. Mr. Freeman was admitted a solicitor in 1866. He F 377

Hilton v Bolton Corporation (Fry, is in partnership with his uncle, Mr. William Crick, coroner and clerk of the Cripps v New 1880 C 1,775 J) 1881 H 5,611

peace for the borough of Maldon, and with his brother, Mr. Alfred Crick Halphen v Lovell 1881 H 1,037 Gregson Bolton Corporation Evans, wbo is clerk to the Maldon Board of Guardians. SECOND SCHEDULE. (Fry, J) 1881 G 3,132

Mr. WILLIAM KINch, solicitor, of Deddington and Bloxham, has been Causes assigned to Mr. Justice Fry. Robson Bolton Corporation (Fry, appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Oxfordshire for taking the AcknowAncell v William Younger & Co J) 1881 R 2,782

ledgments of Deeds by Married Women. 1881 A 1,160 Walker ï Bolton Corporation (Fry,

Mr. DANIEL CHARLES EDWARDES, solicitor (of the firm of Rees, Edwardes, & Anglo-Universal Bank ✓ Eaton J) 1881 W 4,985

Wood), of Llanelly, has beon appointed Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, and 1881 À 1,205

Haynes v Bolton Corporation (Fry, Clerk to the Magistrates for the Borough of Kidwelly. Jones y Moreland 1881 J 906 J) 1881 H 5,612

Mr. WILLIAM James Smith, barrister, who has been appointed a Puisne Bossiere v Glover 1878 B 485 Orrell v Bolton Corporation (Fry, Judge for the Island of Cyprus, was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Malleron V Merigot 1881 M J) 1881 0 546

1875, and is a member of the Midland Circuir. 2,157

Hughes v Tredwell (Fry, J) 1881 Jones v The Oldham Corporation H 4,379

Mr, FREDERICK John BhIGHAM, solicitor, of Driffi-ld, bas been appointed 1881 J 1,981 Johnson v Rivers Rivers ♡ John- solicitor in 1877.

Clerk to the Great Driffield School Board. Mr. Brigham was admitted a Holden v The Oldham Corporation son (Fry, J) 1881 J 1,698 1881 H 4,338 Hartopp v Taté (Thitty, J) 1882 sioner under the Irish Land Act.

Mr. WILLIAM ROPER, of the Irish bar, has been appointed a Sab-CommisSimmonds v Carter, Paterson & Co

155 1882 S 119 Murgatroyd v Harrison (Chitty,

Mr. ALFRED TOWNSHEND COBBOLD, solicitor, of Ips wicb, bas been elected Radcliffe y United Telephone Co, J) 1881 M 2,321

Clerk to the Samford Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and Rural id 1881 R 2,155

Naylor v Surrey, &c, Dock Co Sanitary Authority. Mr. Cobbold is the son of Mr. Arthur Cobbold, solicitor. The British and Irish Telephone (Chitty, J) 1881 N 648

He was admitted in 1876.
and Electric Works Co, id v Cooper v Prichard (Chitty, J)
United Telephone Co, ld 1881 1882 C 119
B 5,331

Griffen v Kay (Chitty, J) 1881
Whitby v London and South- G 1,420

Western Ry 1882 W 113 McGill v Guitermann (Chitty, J)
Booth v Kelley 1881 B 3,893 1880 M 3,494 1880 M 3,527
Musgrave v Stevens 1881 H Smith v Cook (Ohitty, J) 1882

S 870

On Wednesday morning the debate on European jurisdiction in Oriental Hampson v Scowcroft 1881 H Jay - Midland Ry Co (Chitty, J) countries was resumed and concluded. The points giving ri-e to most dis5,764

1881 J912

cussion were the right of a consular coart to exact security for costs from a Esling v Spurgeon 1882 E 520 Gilson v Clark (Chitty, J) 1882 plaintiff, tbe contents of the notice of appeal, and the nature of the ultimate THIRD SCHEDULE. G 629

court of appeal. The draft regulations, as anended, were referred back to the Causes assigned to Mr. Justice Kår. Rossall v Walsho (Chitty, J)

committee, of wbicb M. Martens is chairman. Puckle v Walls 1881 P 709 1880 R 1,693

On Wednesday afternoon M. Bulmering, the chairman of the committee on Crossley v Brunswanger 1882 C E. Jacob & Co v Leyland (Chitty, code, consisting of 131 articles. The English representatives present, Messrs.

Prize Law, read bis report, and the discussion was commenced of his proposed 236

J) 1881 J 1,770

Hall and Holland, proposed that those portions of the code which relate to the Smith v Cohen 1881 S 5,990 Gollings v Bunting (Chitty, J)

procedure and to the constitution of prize courts, upon wbich there was 20 Riddle and Couchman y Dilks and 1881 G 2,036

irreconcilable difference of opinion, should be disoussed separately from, and Co 1881 R 383

Lakey Towns (Chitty, J) 1880 previously to, the articles involving changes in the substantive lew of prize, Harris v Harris 1882 H 1,382 L 1,469

which appeared to them inadmissible. Lambert v Wilson 1882 L 158 St Barbe v Edmonds (Chitty J) This motion having been negatived, they handed in a long series of amend. Fletcher v Henley 1881 F 640 1881 S 4,242

ments to the objectionable articles. The earlier portions of the proposed code, Brass v The Vestry of Paddington Doyle v Mulkern (Chitty, J) abolishing, inter alia, the right of capturing private property at sea, were, 1881 B 1,261

1880 D 39

however, adopted without any of the changes desired by the English members. Schofield y Weatherhead 1882 Ashmead v Hicks (Chitty, J)

On Thursday afternoon progress was made with the code of prize law. The S 1,787

1881 A 1,877

amendments of the English members, designed to prevent radical changes in Avery ý Newman 1882 À 401

the law of visit, contraband, and blockade, as understood in England, were London and St Katherine Docks

rejected by large majorities. Cbatteris v Isaacson 1882 C 139 Co v Bidder (Chitty, J) 1881

Friday morning's sitting was devoted to the further consideration of the new
L 2,047

scheme of maritime prize law, so much of which as relates to law, as opposed Causes assigned to Mr. Justice Kay White » Willoughby (Chitty, J) to procedure, was adopted, and ordered to be communicated to the various (for trial or hearing only). 1880 W 108

Governments as an expression of the views of the majority of the Institut.

The adverse opinion of the minority, consisting of the English members heard before the Vacation Judge on Sept 27. Torr and Co, Bedford row, agents for present, supported in writing by two of their absent colleagues, together with

Eastwoods, Todmorden, solicitors for the petitioner

SOUTH D'EREBBY MOUNTAIN LEAD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Day, J., has fixed the absence of many of the American members, must largely detract from the

Sept 27, at 12, at his chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator value of what has been done. M. Rolia-Jacquemyne, Minister of the Interior UNITED PARKEND AND NEw Fancy COLLIERIES, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, for Belgium, then read a touching address upon the character of his colleague presented Sept 18, directed to be heard before Day, J., on Sept 27. Field and Co, in the foundation of the Institut, M. Bluntecbli. On the invitation of

Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Maule, Newnham, solicitor for the petitioners

[Gazette, Sept. 19.) Professor Marquardsen, of Erlanger, it was agreed to meet next year at


LIMITED IN CHANOBRY. On Thursday afternoon the committee on jurisdiction in Oriental countries

FYLDE AERATED WATER COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Sept

12, directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor, at The Cliffe, Nantwich, on Sept presented a revised set of draft regulations, wbich, after further discussion,

28. Needham and Co, Manchester, agents for Fletcher, Blackburn, solicitor for the were adopted, and ordered to be communicated to Governments, for remark and petitioner amendment. Reports were then read upon the recent literature of inter- MERSEY, WOOD WORKING COMPANY, LIMITED.---Petition for winding up, presented national law, and the legislative and other national Acts bearing upon the sub.

Sept 14, directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor, at the Assize Courts,

Manchester, on Tuesday, Oct 24. Haigh and Co, Liverpool, solicitors for the ject. This was done by MM. Pierantoni, Norsa, and Brusa for Italy, M. petitioner Kamarowski for Russia, and M. Bulmering for Germany. M. Moynier

[Gazette, Sept. 19.] announced the adhesion of the United States of America to the Convention of

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. Geneva. M. Pierantoni mentioned that the Italian Government had resumed

BUCKDEN AMICABLE SOCIETY, Buckden, Huntingdon. Sept 14

IMPARTIAL BURIAL SOCIETY OF HER MAJESTY'S ROYAL DOCK YARD, Locture Hall, High its negotiations with a view to the assimilation of the law of different countries

st, Deptford, July 19 as to the conflict of laws.

[Gazette, Sept. 19.] On Friday the committee on the conflict of penal laws made a provisional report, the full consideration of which was adjourned till the next session, The subjects for consideration in the meantime were settled and assigned to

CREDITORS' CLAIMS. committeer,



CUTTS, JOIN, Little Bardfield Hall, Essex, Gent. Oct 24. Warren v Cutts, Kay, J.

Evans, John st, Bedford row
SMALL, ROBBET, Upperthorpe, Sheffield, Grocer. Sept 30. Wragg v Small, Kay, J.

Elliott, jun, Sheffield

[Gazette, Aug. 25.] MICHAELMAS COURSE OF LECTURES, 1882.

ALLISON, JOHN, Elstree, Herts, Pianoforte Manufacturer. Oct 2. Sharpus v Hodge,

Kay, J. Wharton, Conduit st, Bond st Prospectus of the Lectures of the Professors.—The Professor of Jurisprudence GLEW, SAMUEL, Ratcliffe-upon-Trent, Nottingham, Yeoman. Sept 30. Cooke v Don

caster, Speed, Registrar, Nottingham. Martin, Nottingham will deliver, during the ensuing educational term, a course of eight lectures on

MARFLEET, CHARLES, North Thoresby, Lincoln, Gent. Oct 2. Taplin v Flint, Chitty, J. the rules of private international law on domicil, succession to moveables, Gray, Louth bankruptcy, and foreign judgments and proceedings, to be followed by a

[Gazette, Aug. 29.] course of four lectures on the common ground and points of contact between public international law and private international law. There will be twelve

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35. lectures during the term. The first lecture of tbis course will be delivered

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. on Friday, November 3, at 3 p.a., and the subsequent lectures at the same

ABBISS, JAMES, Gracechurch st, Esq. Oct 19. Woollacott, Old Broad st bour on Tuesdays and Fridays.

AUSTEN, FRANCES PALMER, Teignmouth, Devon. Oct 6. Beale and Martin, Reading Equity.—The Professor of Equity will deliver, during the ensuing educa- BATEMAN, Rev John, West Leake Rectory, Nottingham, Clerk. Oct 17. Bateman, tional term, twelve lectures upon tbe leading principles of trusis. The first

Derby lecture will be delivered on Friday, November 3, at 4.15 p.m., and the subse- Bing, Hoa Beert, Codicote, Hertford, Gent. Oct 17. Heathfield and Son, Lincoln's · quent lectures at the same hour on Wednesdays and Fridays during the term. BURLS, EDWARD, North ter, Camberwell, Gent. Oct 4. Kerly, Great Winchester st

Law of Real and Personal Property.— The Professor of the Law of Real and COLE, JOHN, Swansea, Retired Shipwright. Novi. Jellicoe, Swansea Personal Property will deliver, during the ensuing educational term, twelve CONGHTREY, CAROLINE JANE, Golborne rd, Upper Westbourne park. Sept 22, lectures on the law of easements and title by prescription. The first lecture Edman, Louisa MARIA MABON, Greenwich. Nov 30. Bristow, John st, Adelphi on this subject will be delivered on Tuesday, November 7, at 4.15 p.m. The FLITT, WILLIAM JAMES, sen, Abbot's Langley, Hertford, Veterinary Farrier. Oct 31. subsequent lectures will be delivered on Thursdays at 3.5 p. m., and on Tues. FOUNTAIN, RICHARD FOULKS, Trafalgar rd, Greenwich, Oil and Colourman. Nov 30. days at 4.15 p.m.

Bristow, John st, Adelphi Common Law.-The Professor of Common Law will deliver, during the GILLETT, Thomas, Chorley, Lancaster, Gent. Oct 2. Morris, Chorley ensuing educational term, twelve lectures on criminal law, with special refer-GOWLAND: GEORGE, Downs rd, Clapton, Coal Owner. Oct 20. Ellis and Crossfield, ence to offences against property. The first lecture on this subject will be HRATH, JOHN JOSEPH, Handsworth, Stafford, Engraver. Oct 17. Edwards, Birmingdelivered on Monday, November 6, at 4.16 p.m. The subsequent lectures will ham be delivered on Thursdays and Mondays at the same hour.

HONE, GEORGB JOHN, Strand. Oct 19. Smallman, Queen st, Cheapside

KxOUGH, HENRIETTA, Fort rd, Bermondsey, Oct 5. Harrison, Bermondsey st, SouthNote.-In December next there will be four examinations, one in the subject LOSCOMBE, Eliza, Victoria Dock rd, Canning Town, Licensed Victualler. Nov 2. of the lectures given by each professor, open (subject as hereinafter mentioned)

Buchanan and Rogers, Basinghall st to all students who have during the year 1882 attended the lectures of any of the MILLER, ROBERT HAINES, Lewisham rd, Greenwich, Glass Merchant. Nov 30. Bristow, profesore, but no student will be admitted to the examination in the subjects of John st, Adelphi ibe lectures of any professor unless be shall have attended at least two-thirds of MOSELEY, FRANCES MABIANNE, Brighton. Sept 29. Milne and Co, Harcourt bldgs, the lectures given during the year by such professor. No student will be ad- Temple mitted to more than two examinations; and no student who shall have obtained a


Rev Thomas, Brighton. Sept 29. Milne and Co, Harcourt bldgs, Temple studentsbip will te admitted to any such examination.

Reason, WILLIAM, Brighton, Insurance Agent. Nov 15. Stevens and Son, Brighton After the examinations the following prizes will, on the recommendation of the ROBINSON GEORGE, Minories, Boarding house Keeper. Dec 1. Noon and Clarke, committee, be given (that is to say) to the students who shall bave passed the SAMMES, EDWARD, Chipping Ongar, Essex. Oct 23. Gibson, Ongar best examination in the subjects of the lectures of each professor :-First prize, Savage, WILLIAM, Wootton Bassett, Wilts, Lessee of Turnpike Tolls. Oct 12. Kinneir £50; second prize, £25; third prize, £15; fourth priza, £10. And a first and and Tombs, Swindon second prize of £70 and £30 respectively, to the students who obtain the greatest SHARP, DANIEL Thomas, Cheltenham. Sept 22. Indermaur and Clark, Devonshire aggregate number of marks in the examination in the subjects of the lectures Tons, ROBERT, Gateshead, Durham, Marine Engineer. Oct 17. Chartres and Co, given by any two of the professors.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne No student will be entitled to more than one prize, but a student will receive WagstaFF, JOHN, Marks Tey, Essex, Farmer. Oct 17. Marshall, Colchester tbe prize of the highest value to which he shall appear to be entitled.

WEDDLE, JOAN, Watford, Hertford, Inland Revenue Oficer. Oct 31. Sedgwick and The committee will not be obliged to recommend any of the above prizes to be WILTSHIRE, EDWARD, Andover, Southampton, Gent. Novl. Smith and Son, Andover Awarded, if the result of the examination be such as, in their opinion, will not WRIGHT, JOSEPH, Bridge rd, Battersea, Licensed Victualler. Oct 1. Corsellis and Co, justify such recommendation.

East hill, Wandsworth Any further information required by students may be obtained on applica- BINES, JOHN, Barlbrough, Derby, Publican. Dec 25. Alderson and Co, Eckington

[Gazette, Sept. 5.) tion to the Clerk of the Council, Lincoln's-inn Hall.

BRUCE, METHVEN, Huntley st, Tottenham court rd. Sept 30. Fox and Page, Serle st,

Lincoln's inn
BRUCE, SUSANNAH, Pratt's rd, Clapton park. Sept 30. Fox and Page, Serle st, Lin.

coln's inn

BURFORD, WILLIAM, Southport, Lancaster, Gent. Nov 30. Lawton, Manchester COMPANIES.

BUTLER, JAMES, Wimbledon park, Surrey. Oct 21. Miller, Savile row, St James',


CRUDGINGTON, MARY PUREY, Liverpool. Oct 1. Gregory, Liverpool

EYERS, Thomas, Crooklands, Westmoreland, Bobbin Manufacturer. Oct 28. Thomson

and Wilson, Kendal

HARDEN, HENBY, Withington, Lancashire, Willow Merchant. Sept 30. Farrar and LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

Hall, Manchester Cwm Avon ESTATE AND WORKS COMPANY, LIMITED.-Day, J., has fixed Sept 26, at 12

Higgs, WILLIAM, Richmond, nr Melbourne, Colony of Victoria, Gent. Nov 1. Surr at the chambers of Hall, V.C., for the appointment of an official liquidator

and Co, Abchurch lane PEOPLE'S CAFE COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for win ling up, presented Sept 13, Hobson,'JOHN, Bakewell, Derby, Esq. Nov 1. Darbishire and Tatham, Manchester directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, at the court of Hall, v.c., on Sept KIRK, JOHN CARDEN, Vauxhall st, "Kennington lane, Lambeth.

Sept 30. Fox and 27. Norton, Queen st, Cheapside, solicitor for the petitioners

Page, Serle st, Lincoln's inn

[Gazette, Sept. 15.7 CAKEMORE BRICKWORKS AND COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Day, J., has fixed Sept 26,

Laws, CUTHBERT UMFREVILLE, Prudhoe, Northumberland, Gent. Oct 2. Laws and Co,

Newcastle upon Tyne at 12, at the chambers of Hall, V.C., for the appointment of an official liquidator GREAVE COMPANY, LIMITED.Petition for winding up, presented Sept 19, directed to be

MINSHALL, CHARLES, Oswestry, Salop, Solicitor. Nov 1. Minshalls and Parry-Jones,


MORGAN, EDWIN Joun, Nice, France, Esq. Oct 20. Shepheard and Sons, Finsbury Bland, Thomas, Burnley, Lancaster, Grocer. Oct 3 at 11.30 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral circus

yd, Manchester. Creeke and Sandy, Burnley, RABAD, THOMAS, Leek, Stafford, Blacksmith, Sept 12. William Rhead, Eli Doxey Borrett, Joseph Hayward, Mardale st, Shepherd's Bush, out of business. Sept 27 at 12 STEEL, ELIZABETA ALICE, Egremont, Chester. Nov 6. Kitchingman, Liverpool at office of Wells, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane SWIFT, ROBERT WILLIAM CARLINGFORD, Wellington st, Islington. Oct 19. Lee and Branson, Jonathan, Barrow in Furness, Lancaster, Grocer. Sept 28 at 3 at Trevelyan Grahame, Lincoln's inn fields

Hotel, Dalkeith st, Barrow in Furness. Taylor, Barrow in Furness WOOD, CHARLOTTE, Teignmouth House, Finchley. Oct 17. Paterson and Co, Bouverie Brown, William, Margate, Kent, Fly Proprietor. Oct 4 at 3 at office of Sparkes, Union st, Fleet st

row, Margate [Gazette, Sept. 8.] Button, Joseph William, and William Read Gleaves, Jamaica rd, Bermondsey, General

Drapers. Oct 4 at 12 at office of Ladbury and Co, Cheapside. Sole and Co, Alder.


Buzzard, Thomas Hardy, New Brompton, Kent, Physician. Oct 2 at 3 at King's Head BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

Hotel, High st, Rochester, Stepoenson, Rochester

Bygate, Edwin, Brampton Bierlow, Rotherham, York, Schoolmaster. Sept 26 at 3 at BIRTHS.

Queen's Hotel, Barnsley. Rhodes, Rotherham BBADON.-July 28, at Tokio, Japan, the wife of Robert Beadon, barrister-at-law, Casley, George French, Šieter, Butcher. Oct 2 at 11 at office of Fryer, Gandy st, of a daughter.

Exeter BEDFORD.-Sept. 11, at Horsbam, the wife of Thomas Bedford, solicitor, of a Catt, Albert, Ore, Sussex, Builder. Sept 26 at 12 at offices of Savery, Trinity street, son.


Sept 26 at 2.30 BENNETT.-Sept. 7, at Marksdanos, Braton, Somerset, the wife of William Chetwynd, Arthur, Longdon Hall, near Rugeley, Stafford, Gentleman.

at Swan Hotel, Stafford. Morgan, Stafford Bennett, solicitor, of a daughter. FRASER.- Sept. 5, at 26, Glatney Esplanade, Guernsey, the wife of H. L. Franer, Davies, James, Tonypandy, Glamorgan, Draper. Sept 28 at 12 at Queen's Hotel, Carbarrister-at-law, of a daughter.

Davies, Leonard Randal, Laurence Poutney lane, Merchant. Oct 2 at 2 at offices of GRAMMER.-Sept. 14, at 48, Walterton-road, W., the wife of G. T. Grammer, Hogan and Hughes, Martin's lane solicitor, of a son.

Deane, Charles Henry, Gloucester, Plumber. Sept 23 at 11 at offices of York, Berkeley INGPEN.-Sept. 10, at 95, Chancery-lane, the wife of Arthur Robert Iogpon, Dennis, Frank Faulkner, Newington Butts, Butcher. Sept 28 at 2 at offices of Dear, barrister-at-law, of a son.

Gresham st LOCKYER.-Sept. 12, at Reigate Ville, Wickham-road, S.E., the wife of George Dixon, Frances Ann, Kirkdale, near Liverpool, out of business. Sept 29 at 2 at offices Lockyer, of Deptford, Kent, solicitor, of a son.

of Green, Liverpool Sykes.

--Sept. 11, at Huddorsfield, the wife of John G. W. Sykes, barrister-at- Drinkwater, William Hervey, Liverpool, Grocer. Oct 6 at 3 at offices of Quilliam and law, of a daughter.

Carruthers, Elliott st, Liverpool

Ebbutt, Arthur Bance, Croydon, Surrey, Upholsterer. Sept 27 at 3 at the offices of Cory-RUNDLE.—Sept. 7, at Stoke-Damarel, Richard Wallis Cory, barrister-at

Andrews, Ironmonger lane. Carter and Bell, Eastcheap

Edwards, John, Whitford, Flint, Grocer. Sept 27 at 3 at Albion Hotel, Chester. Evans, law, to Kate Yolland, daughter of G. H. E. Randle, of Argaum Villa, Stoke, Holywell Devonport.

Everett, George Samuel, Norwich, Grocer. Sept 20 at 12 at offices of Stanley, Bank HOLYOAK-ARDRON.- Sept. 6, at Qaeniborough, Leicestershire, Edward John Plain, Norwich

Holyoak, B.A. (Cantab.), solicitor, to Henrietta Sarah, daughter of John Fenn, Thomas William, East st, Walworth, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Sept 25 at Ardron, Quoniborough Cottage.

12 at Masons' Hall Tavern, Basinghall st. Ede, Finsbury pavement LAKE-POLKINGHORNE.-Sept. 12, at St. Barnabas', Islington, William James Fisher, Samuel, Lichfield, Butcher. Sept 29 at il at offices of Barnes and Russell, so

Lake, solicitor, to Juliet Alice, daughter of the late Edwin Sherman Polking. Fuelling, Thomas, Atlantic rd, Coldharbour lane, Baker. Sept 25 at 3 at Corn Exchange horne, formerly of Cliff House, Pedzinco.

Hotel, Mark lane. Moore, Mark lane READER-GURNEY.-Sept. 7, at Slapion, Bucks, George Reader, of Elg-place, Gardner, Thomas, Birmingham, Baker. Sept 25 at 11 at offices of Walter, New st, Birsolicitor, to Alethea Maria, daughter of the lato W. Garney, of Aylesbary. mingham. Parry, Birmingham DEATHS.

Gerry, John, Teignmouth, Devon, Coal Merchant. Oct 3 at 11 at Railway Hotel, TeignBADDELEY.Sept. 1, at Newport, Salop, Thomas Bernard Baddeley, sɔlioitor, Gordon, John, Brighton, Sussex, Manufacturing Jeweller. Oct 2 at 3 at the offices of aged 67.

Harker, Queen's rd, Brighton POWBLL.- Sept. 15, James Powell, Pocklington, solicitor, aged 61.

Gravell, Jabez, Chiswell st, Finsbury, Leather Factor. Oct 2 at 2 at offices of Carter WILSON.–Sept. 18, at Clapham, James McDowell Wilson, barrister-at-law, and Bell, Eastcheap aged 63.

Harding, Robert, West Chiltington, Sussex, Builder. Sept 29 at 3 at Swan Hotel, Pul.

borough. Lamb and Evett, Brighton
Hardy, George Hunter, Newcastle upon Tyne, Timber Merchant. Sept 28 at 2 at
Queen's Head Hotel, Pilgrim st, Newcastle upon Tyne. Mather and Co, Newcastle

upon Tyne

Holmes, John, Carnforth, Lancaster, Builder. Sept 27 at 11 at office of Johnson and

Tilly, Sun st, Lancaster

Johnson, Henry, Bristol, Carpenter. Sept 29 at 12 at office of Collins, Broad st, Bristol.

Hunt and Co, Bristol
FRIDAY, Sept. 15, 1882.

Joy, Warner, Northfleet, Kent, Licensed Victualler. Sept 28 at 3 at Bull Hotel,
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Rochester.' Woods and McClellan, Chatham
Creditors must forward their proof of debts to the Registrar.

Kendall, Alfred, Doncaster, Grocer, Sept 27 at 3 at office of Palmer, St Sepulchre gate,
To Surrender in London,

Doncaster. Burdekin and Co Hopkinson, William, Peckham rye, Agent for Sewing Machines. Pet Sept 13.

Kent, Thomas, Commercial rd, Boot Manufacturer. Sept 29 at 11 at office of Mason, Brougham. Sept 27 at 12.30

Curtain rd, Finsbury Simmons, Louis, Brompton rd, Dealer in Old Silver. Pet Sept 12. Brougham. Sept Lawton, James, Longton, Stafford, Basket Dealer. Sept 23 at 3 at office of Welch, 29 at 11

Caroline st, Longton
To Surrender in the Country.

Lee, Charles, Calverley, York, Tailor. Sept 25 at 11 at Commercial Inn, Tyrrel st, BradGriffith, Joseph, Thornton Heath, Estate Agent. Pet Aug 29. Rowland. Croydon, Leonard, Robert, Bitton, Gloucester, Baker. Sept 27 at 12 at office of Young and White,

ford. Rhodes, Bradford Slater, Arthur Webster, Leeds, Woollen Merchant. Pet Sept 13. Marshall. Leeds, Lowbridge, Susannah, Middlesborough, Beerhouse Keeper. Sept 30 at 3 at office of

Oct 4 at 11
Tanser, William Jarvis, Sutton Cheny, Leicester, Publican. Pet Sept 12. Ingram. Luke, Isaac, Devonport, Boot Maker. Sept 29 at 11 at office of Graves, St Aubyn st,

Vachell, Albert rd, Middlesborough
Thomas, David, Dowlais, Glamorgan, Grocer. Pet Sept 13. Lewis. Merthyr Tydal, Mackenzie, James, Birmingham, Travelling Draper. Sept 28 at 3 at Grand Hotel, Col.
Sept 27 at 3
TUESDAY, Sept. 19, 1882.

more row, Birmingham Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Marshall, John, Wombwell, York, Shopkeeper. Sept 27 at 11 at office of Gray, East. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

gate, Barnsley To Surrender in the Country.

Miller, John Samuel, and Thomas James Wild, Denton, Hat Manufacturer, Sept 29 at Ashtell, John, jun., Folkestone, Baker. Pet Sept 16. Furley. Canterbury, Oct 6 at 2

3 at King's Arms Hotel, Manchester. Clayton, Ashton under Lyne Duncan, Archibald, Birkenhead, Baker. Pet Sept 14. Williams. Birkenhead, Oct 3

Miller, Robert, Burry Port, Carmarthen, Drapers’ Assistant. Sept 28 at 11 at office of

Hulme, Angel st, Worcester Galpin, Jacob, Florence villas, Teddington. Pet Sept 15. Bell. Kingston, Oct 20 al 4

Miller, William Hunter, Westminster Bridge rd, Lambeth, Printer. Oct 2 at 2.30 at offic Price, William, Hanley, Greengrocer. Pet Sept 15. Jackson. Hanley, Sept 30 at 11

of Boulton, King William st. Hollams and Co, Mincing lane Roe, Arthur Richard, Luton, Bedford, Grocer. Pet Sept 13. Cooke. Luton, Oct 3 at 11

Neumann, Moses, Sheffield, Dealer in Crown Plate. Sept 26 at 3 at office of Bell, Figtre Wardell, John Richard, Egmanton, Notts, Farmer. Pet Sept 13. Speed. Nottingham, Ogle, Charlotte, Melbourne, York, Farmer. Sept 28 at 10.30 at office of Robson, Market

lane, Sheffield Oct 3 at 10.30 Wedgwood, Samuel, Chester, Provision Dealer. Pet Sept 16. Williamson. Chester, Ogle, Thomas Eastwood, Melbourne, York, Farmer. Sept 28 at 11.30 at office of Robson,

st, Pocklington Sept 30 at 12

Market st, Pocklington Winstanley, Thomas, Wigan, Brass Founder. Pet Sept 7. Hope. Wigan, Sept 28 at 11

Orams, John Edward, Newbury, Berks, Watchmaker. Sept 25 at 1 at Wheatshoaf

Hotel, Friar st, Reading. Belcher, Newbury
FRIDAY, Sept. 15, 1882,

Owens, James, Lodge lane, nr Liverpool, Builder. Sept 28 at 3 at 14, Cook st, LiverWood, John William, and David Tattersall, Leeds, Tanners, Sept 6.

pool. Lupton, Liverpool TUESDAY, Sept. 19, 1882,

Pollard, James, Manchester, Plumber. Sept 26 at 3 at offices of Simpson and Hockin, Wells, Dudley, Bosmere, Upper Tulsс hill, Sept 13

Mount st, Manchester

Porter, Henry, Redwald rd, Lower Clapton, Contractor. Oct 11 at 3 at offices of Law. Liquidations by Arrangement.

rence and Co, Old Jewry chmbrs FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

Reid, Thomas Edward, Brighton, Draper. Sopt 26 at 3 at 145, Cheapside. Goodman, FRIDAY, Sept. 15, 1882.

Brighton Anderson, Charles, and John Thomas Harlow, Newington, Kent, Blacksmiths. Sept Rhodes, Osmond Yeadon, Leeds, Wine Merchant. Sept 29 at 3 at Salisbury Hotel, 27 at 4 at Bull Hotel, Sittingbourne. Acworth and Woodgate, Rochester

Salisbury sq, Fleet st. Ford and Warren, Leeds Ashton, John, Holloway rd, Hosier. Sept 25 at 12 at office of Bryce and Co, Guildhall Roberts, Robert, Mostyn, Flint, Shoemaker. Sept 27 at 3 at offices of Royle, Newgate chbrs, Basinghall st. Dunn, Guildhall chbrs, Basinghall st

st, Chester Baldry, James William, Landport, Baker. Sept 23 at 3 at office of Casey, St George's Scholfield, Fred, Weston st, Bermondsey, Licensed Victualler. Oct 6 at 3 at Wine Trade sq, Portsea. Bramsdon

Creditors' Association, Billiter st. Nash and Field, Queen st Barker, Edward Dunning, Pelton rd, East Greenwich, Engineer. Oct 2 at 3 at 1, Sears, John, Wellingborough, Northampton, Builder. Sept 28 at 2 at office of Toller, Lombard court. Masterman, New Broad st

High st, Kettering Bedford, William, Gravesend, Kent, Club House Proprietor. Sept 28 at 4 at New Shaw, Clement Cottrell, Sedgley, Stafford, Grocer. Sept 28 at 11 at office of Stokes Falcon Hotel, West st, Gravesend. Hilder, Gravesend

and Hooper, Priory st, Dudley Berry, James, Oldham, Lancaster, out of business. Sept 28 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathe- Shaw, George Alfred, Castleford, York, Grocer. Sept 29 at 1 at offices of Phillips, dral gates, Manchester. Watson, Oldham

Carlton st, Castleford Berry, Samuel, Oldham, Lancaster, out of business. Sept 28 at 3.30 at Mitre Hotel, Shaw, Samuel, Longton, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Sept 23 at 12 at office of Welsh, Cathedral gates, Manchester. Watson, Oldham

Caroline st, Longton Berry, Thomas, Liverpool, out of business. Oct 6 at 2 at ofice of Bartlott and Berry, Sofiano, John, Manchester, Bleacher, Sept 28 at 11 at offices of Addleshaw and War. Dalest, Liverpool

burton, Norfolk st, Manchester

at 12


Sugden, William, How den, York, Plumber. Oct 3 at 11.30 at offices of Groen, Milton, Joseph, Birmingham, Grocer. Sept 29 at 3 at offices of Jaques, Temple row Howden

Birmingham Summerell, James, Chippenham mews, Tarpaulin Manufacturer. Sept 26 at 12 at office Mokes, Henry, Nottingham, out of business. Sept 30 at 3.30 at office of Bird, Middle of Sampson, Marylebone rd

pavement, Nottingham Tansley, Thomas, Longton, Stafford, Fishmonger. Sept 23 at 10 at office of Welch, Mcle, Isaac, Colchester, Essex, Bootmaker. Oct 2 at 3 at offices of Prior, Head st, Caroline st, Longton

Colchester Taylor, John, Noble st, Belt Manufacturer. Oct 3 at 2 at Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons' Myers, Joseph Evans, Market Harborough, Leicester, Grocer. Oct 3 at 2 at 6, Arthur avenue, Basinghall st. Ashley and Co, Frederick's pl, Old Jewry

st East. May and Co, Adelaide pl, London Bridge Turner, Alfred, Leicester, Travelling Auctioneer. Oct 2 at 3 at office of Hincks, Newton, Thomas, Nottingham, Painter. Sept 29 at 3.30 at office of Bird, Middle Bowling Green st, Leicester

Pavement, Nottingham Ward, Emily, Buckingham Palace rd, Dealer in China. Sept 29 at 12 at offices of Noack, Albert Edward, Bark pl, Bayswater, Build Sept 27 at 3 at of of Robinson Martelli, Staple inn, Holborn

and Leslie, Coleman st. Lomax, Haymarket Wright, John, Northampton, Fruiterer. Sept 25 at 3 at office of Palmer and Co, New Nutbean, Daniel James, Devonport, Foreman Machinist. Oct 3 at 3 at office of Stan. land, Northampton. Wright, Leicester

bury, Princess sq, Plymouth Young, Frederick Mark, Birmingham, Jet Merchant. Sept 27 at 3 at offices of Bunkle Ollis, Sarah Clements, Stroud Green rd, Wool Dealer. Oct 13 at 11 at office of Briggs, and Clulee, Newhall chmbrs, Birmingham. Owen, Birmingham

Gt James st, Bedford row

Packer, Thomas Edward, Rotherhithe, Surrey, Oilman. Sept 29 at 3 at office of Cooper TUESDAY, Sept. 19, 1882.

and Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields Alexander, Benjamin Frederic, Well st, Hackney, General Dealer. Sept 29 at 13 at

Palmer, John, Bewdley, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Sept 29 at 3.30 at office of office of Anning, Cheapside

Miller and Corbett, Church st, Kidderminster Allen, William, Ledbury, Hereford, Coach Pairter. Oct 9 at 12 at office of Piper, Parker, George, Monk Frystone, York, Brewer. Oct 3 at 3 at office of Foster and Raper, Court-house, Ledbury

Ropergate, Pontefract Apsey, Joseph James, Reading, Berks, Baker. Sept 29 at 11 at office of Creed, the Parker, John, Wrexham, Denbigh, Beerhouse Keeper. Sept 23 at office of Bott, the Atkinson, Edward, Kingston-upon-Hull, Merchant. Sept 29 at 3 at office of Salmon, Pearson, Alfred William, Kingswinford, Stafford, Surgeon. Sept 29 at 3 at office of Seal lane, Kingston upon Huli

Corser and Walker, Market st, Stourbridge Beckett, William, junr, Lancaster, Draper. Oct 3 at 2 at office of Johnson and Tilly, Portbury, William, Exeter, Baker. Oct 8 at 2 at office of Reed, High st, Exeter. BrickSun st, Lancaster

man, Oakhampton Bell, Joseph, Stockton on Tees, Durham, Cabinet Maker. Sept 26 at 11 at office of Richards, John, Bristol, Newsagent. Oct 2 at 12 at offices of Mosely, Shannon ct, Corn Best, Bigh st, Stockton on Tees

st, Bristol Benjamin, Ezekiel Albert, Sydenham, Kent, no occupation. Oct 5 at 3 at office of Robinson, Henry Austin, Ventnor, Isle of Wight. Oct 2 at 2 at Inns of Court Hotel, Goldberg and Langdon, West st, Finsbury circus

High Holborn. Joyce, Newport Bullock, Joseph Augustus, Bristol, Clerk. Sept 27 at 11 at office of Andrews, Nicholas Selmes, Louis, St Leonard's-on-Sea, Sussex, Fly Proprietor. Oct 3 at 3 at the offices of st, Bristol. Essery, Bristol

Neve, London rd, St Leonard's-on-Sea Campbell, James Rogers, and William Telford Campbell, Southampton, Fly Proprietor. Slater, Abraham, Carnforth, Lancaster, Coal Merchant. Oct 2 at 2 at offices of Johnson

and Tilly, Sun st, Lancaster Cartwright, Thomas Henry, Burslem, Stafford, Hairdresser. Sept 26 at 10 at office of Smith, Henry Vincent, Birmingham, Carver. Oct 2 at 3 at offices of Baller and Co, Ashmall, Albion st, Hanley

Bennett's hill, Birmingham Chambers, William Johu, and William Thompson, Kirkdale, Provision Dealers. Oct 3 Snook, George Frederick, Manufacturer of Druggist's Sundries. Oct 3 at 12 at Guild. at 3 at office of Pemberton and Co, Harrington st, Liverpool

hall tavern, Gresham st. Plunkett and Leader, St Paul's Churchyard Chetwynd, Arthur, Longdon Hall, Rugeley, Stafford, Gentleman. Sept 28 at 2.30 at Stafford, Robert, Leicester, Watchmaker. Sept 29 at 12 at offices of Harvey, Selborne Swan Hotel, Stafford. Morgan, Stafford

bldgs, Millstone lane, Leicester Cockshoot, William, Manchester, Leather Dresser. Oct 2 at 3 at office of Heath, Swan

Staniforth, Samuel Henry, Ilfracombe, Devon, Accountant Oct 4 at 12 at offices of st, Manchester

Thorne, Castle

st, Barnstaple Cox, Charles, Woodford, Essex, Builder. Oct 2 at 12 at offices of Martin, Fenchurch Stanton, Isaac, Walsall, Stafford, Builder. Sept 28 at 11 at offices of Marlow and Co, Crawcour, William Henry, Leicester Forest East, Cordial Manufacturer. Oct 4 at 3 at Stokes, William, Bristol, out of business. Sept 27 at 12 at offices of Andrews, Nicholas office of Freer and Co, New st, Leicester

st, Bristol Danziger, Jacob, Hanley, Stafford, Travelling Jeweller. Sept 28 at 11 at office of Ash Stone, Thomas, Bradpole, Dorset, Carpenter. Oct 2 at 12.30 at Greyhound Hotel, Bridmall, Albion st, Hanley

port. Howard, Melcombe Regis Davy, Alfred, Old Catton, Norfolk, Builder. Oct 2 at 12 at office of Bavin and Daynes, Suttle, Arnold, Stowmarket, Innkeeper. Oct 4 at 11 at King's Head Hotel, Ipswich st,

Stowmarket Exchange st, Norwich Duff, Samuel, and Samuel Hugh Duff, Dudley, Worcester, Earthenware Merchants. Thornley, Joseph Highfield, Warrington, Lancaster, Provision Dealer's Manager. Oct Oct 2 at 11 at Swan Hotel, Dudley. Gould and Elcock, Stourbridge

4 at 2 at office of Cowl, South John st, Liverpool Eaton, Francis Thomas, Bollington, Macclesfield, Chester, Grocer. Oet 4 at 3 at Tildesley, David, Irongate Wharf, Paddington, Ironmonger. Oct 2 at 2 at Guildhall office of Barclay and Henstock, Exchange chbrs, Macclesfield

Tavern, Gresham st. Yeo and Warner, Finsbury pavement Glydon, William, Birmingham, Metal Roller. Oct 2 at 3 at Newhall st, Birmingham.

Turner, William Gill, Fewston, York, Gent. Oct 2 at 3 at office of Harrison, East Johnson and Co, Birmingham

parade, Leeds Gordon, James, Duston, Northampton, Bootmaker. Oct 3 at 3.30 at office of Becke, Williamson, Thomas, Hereford, Sewing Machine Factor. Oct 3 at 4 at office of CorDerngate, Northampton

ner, High Town,

Hereford Gough, Frank Robinson, and Ernest Willis Bickle, Birmingham, Auctioneers. Oct 2 at

Willcocks, Frank William, Kingsland rd, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Oct 4 at 2 at 12 at office of Pointon, Temple row West, Birmingham

Guildhall tavern, Gresham st. Hughes, Eastcheap Graham, Walter, Victoria Oil Mills, West Drayton, Seed Crasher. Oct 4 at 11 at Guild.

Wilkinson, James, Cheetham, nr Manchester, out of employment. Oct 4 at 3 at office hall Tavern, Gresham st. Piesse, Old Jewry cbmbrs

of Farrar and Hall, Fountain st. Manchester Greenslade, Philip Elmore, Stoke Canon, Devon, Butcher. Sept 28 at 3 at office of Burch, Wilman, George, Dewsbury, York, Grocer. Sept 30 at 11 at office of Stapleton, Palace gate, Exeter

Union st, Dewsbury Greenwood, James, Blackburn, Grocer. Oct 5 at 3 at White Ball Hotel, Church st, Wittich, Adolph, Charlotte st, Caledonian rd, Baker. Sept 27 at 3 at office of Marchant Blackburn. Scott, Blackburn

and Co, George yd, Lombard st Hailey, Alfred, Irongate Wharf, Paddington, Ironmonger. Oct 2 at 3 at Guildhall

Tavern, Gresham st. Yeo and Warner, Finsbury pavement
Harris, Peter Henry, Sloane st, Knightsbridge, Fishmonger. Sept 28 at 12 at office of

Bailey, Brompton rd
Hentall, Henry Turner, Croydon, Bootmaker. Oct 4 at 12 at office of Haynes, Grecian

chbrs, Devereux ct, Temple
Holloway, Harry, Brighton, Butcher. Sept 28 at 3 at King's Head Hotel, Horsham. CURRENT TOPICS ..........


709 Lamb and Evett, Brighton

THE NEW CONVEYANCING ACT ........ 706 LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL Holmes, James, Upton, Notts. Farmer. Oct 5 at 3 at office of Kirkland, Southwell


707 COMPANIES Horn, James William, Hutton, Essex, Builder's Clerk. Sept 25 at 4 'at White Hart

CORRESPONDENCE .................... 708 | CREDITORS' CLAIMS

710 Hotel, Brentwood. Brown, Basinghall st

New ORDERS, &c. ........


709 | London GAZETTES, &c., &o. ......... Horrell, William, Hazelville rd, Hornsey rise, Grocer. Oct 12 at 2 at offices of LEGAL APPOINTMENTS

709 | PUBLIC GENERAL STATUTES. Buchanan and Rogers, Rasinghall st Howard, Samuel, Luton, Bonnet Manufacturer. Oct 2 at 3 at Midland Hotel, Man.

chester st, Luton. Neve, Luton Hathwaite, Charles, Nottingham, Surgeon. Oct 2 at 11 at Masonic Hall, Goldsmith st,

Notices TO CORRESPONDENTS.- All communications intended for publication Nottingham. Parsons and Co, Nottingham

in the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL must be authenticated by the name and address of Johnson, Sidney, Lordship ter, Dulwich, Beer Retailer. Sept 30 at 11 at offices of the writer.

Smith, Leadenhall st
Kempe, William, and Edward Kempe, Leeds, Machine Makers. Oct 2 at 3 at offices of

The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the return of rejected connuziBurrell and Pickard, Albion st, Leeds. Bowling, Leeds

cations. Lynde, Ernest Albert, Sheffield, Architect. Oct 2 at 3 at office of Tasker and Shuttleworth, Wharncliffe chmbrs, Sheffield

The Publisher requests that early application should be made by persons Martin, Henry Alfred, Berwick st, Oxford st, Wholesale Stationer. Oct 2 at 3.30 at

desirous of obtaining back numbers of the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, as only a small office of Boulton, King William st. Hollams and Co, Mircing lane

number of copies remain on hand.






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Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, N.B. - Household Furniture Warehoused or Removed
H, SCHWEITZER & CO 10, Adam-street, London, W.c. on reasonable terms


The Solicitors' Journal.


The characteristic difference, the reason for absolutely rejecting CURRENT TOPICS.

privateering, is, that it is without military organization, and that it does not carry on a contest of State against State, but one of individual against individual.” It seems clear that no rule of

international law forbids the temporary conversion of merchant MR. Justice Day had over seventy cases in his paper on vessels into war ships, provided the crews and officers are, for the Wednesday, and although, as usual, a number went off, he was time being, part of the regular navy; and we must be prepared occupied until balf-past six o'clock in disposing of his list. He for considerable changes in naval warfare on the occurrence of the sat again on Friday to hear a list of seventeen motions and next war between two maritime nations. petitions.

his query:

THE LORD CHANCELLOR in his graceful speech at Exeter last A CORRESPONDENT, whose knowledge of the subject week rather went out of his way to set forth the necessity for a cannot be questioned, sends us an interesting letter explaining cordial understanding between the holder of his office and the very fully those relations between solicitors and auctioneers at judicial bench. He is reported to have said that, Liverpool, to which rule 11 in Schedule I. of the Remuneration

“ Between the Executive Government and the independent judicature there Order owes its origin. It appears that the functions of the

are many relations. There is much necessity for mutual understanding and auctioneer in that city usually begin and end with putting up the constant communication, and I think it very doubtful whether, if you entirely property for sale. He attends at the auction-room and reads the excluded from the office of the Minister of State everyone who had judicial particulars and special conditions (the common form conditions fonctions, you would not find the barmony and the easy action of those relaof; the local law society are not read) and then takes the bids stands the judicial system, has at heart the maintenance of its authority, and

tions considerably impeded. One who is a judge associates with judges, under, and knocks down the lots. Everything else is done by the solici- its independence, and as the Executive must be assisted by legal counsel for tor who has charge of the sale. He prepares the advertisements; most necessary purposes, I doubt greatly whether there is not a considerable inserts them in newspapers; gets the printers to post the placards; advantage from a judicial point of view in having the Minister of Justice also distributes the particulars and conditions, and engages the auction conversant with the duties of the bench." room. Why, asks our correspondent, when the solicitor has done There is, of course, a great deal of truth in these observations. No so much, should he not do what little remains by taking out the one doubts that a Chancellor gets on better with the judges because necessary license and offering the property for sale ? We confess he belongs to them, understands their ways, and is likely to share that, with regard to the class of auctioneers and the established their views. But we should venture to suggest that there is another practice described by our correspondent, we are disposed to indorse aspect of the matter; and that it is not necessarily for the public

It is probable that the effect of the Remuneration benefit that this exceedingly good understanding shouldexist between Order will be ultimately to make it a very general practice for the head of the legal system and the bench. The function of solicitors to conduct the whole sale ; but in London, it may be watching over the development and reform of legal procedure is some time before they will be inclined to undertake all the dŭties no doubt safe enough in the hands of the present and the late performed by the Liverpool solicitors, or before clients will con- Chancellor, the joint authors of the Judicature Act, judges sent to give up the advantages which they suppose they gain from though they be. But would it always be equally safe in the hands the “ connection” and experience of auctioneers. These advan- of one who has been a judge, who “associates with judges," and tages, however, we imagine, are greatly overrated, and, if rumour “ has at heart the maintenance” of the authority and independspeaks correctly, an attempt will be made early in the new year ence of the judicial system? It has seemed to some observers to see whether a system of sales by solicitors at the Law Institu- that since the Judicature Acts, and especially since the annual tion cannot be established.

Council of Judges has been made a reality, there has been a considerable disposition on the part of the bench, or a part of the bench, to push their class interests, not always,

perhaps, with a due regard to the public advantage. Did IT IS STATED that a number of merchant ships have been re- Lord SELBORNE find his association with the judges helpful cently surveyed by the Admiralty officials with a view to their or beneficial when he received from the late Lord Chief Justice use as auxiliary war vessels, and that guns have been ordered the letter in which he stated that he was “ wholly at a loss to see for their armament. The scheme is not a novel one. It will be what would be gained by merging the three common law divisions remembered that in 1878, when war between this country and into one court”; that he was “ satisfied that a court of fifteen Russia seemed imminent, rumours came of the intention of the judges under a nominal president would not and could not work," Russian Government to arm as cruisers vessels which were not and that “ hopeless confusion would be the result”; or when Mr. part of their regular navy. And during the Franco-German War Justice WATKIN Williams issued his memorandum or when Mr. ihe Prussian Government invited shipowners to lend their ships Justice STEPHEN published his magazine article on the same subfor war purposes, receiving as remuneration ten per cent. of their ject; or when six of the judges of the common law divisions voted value; the crews to be hired by the owners, but to enter the in the Council of Judges against the proposal to consolidate the German navy during the war, to wear its uniform, and take oath divisions ? Or was there any great sympathy or cordial underto the articles of war. The French Government complained to standing between Lord SELBORNE and the judges with regard to Lord GRANVILLE, the English Foreign Secretary, that this was the judicial diatribes on the Winter Assizes, or with regard to the practically a re-establishment of privateering, and a breach of defeat by the judges of the very mild proposal for shortening the Article 1 of the Declaration of Paris, by which privateering was Long Vacation ? The truth would rather seem to be that on any abolished. The matter was submitted to the English law officers, matter which touches the personal interests of the judges, the less who advised that the scheme was unobjectionable. This view was sympathy the Lord Chancellor has with the views prevalent subsequently sanctioned by the high authority of the late Professor among them, the better for the public and the profession. BLUNTSCHLI, who remarked that “it is inaccurate to say that the prohibition of privateering would for the future hinder a maritime Power which has a great merchant fleet and a small war fleet WHEN THE MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS BILL, which has now from reinforcing and completing the latter by means of the former. become "The Municipal Corporations Act, 1882," was introduced

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