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PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS' CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-Petition for SANDERSON, WILLIAM, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincoln, Retired Joiner. Sept 23. Mason,

winding up, presented Aug 31, directed to be heard before Day, J., on Wednesday, Barton-upon-Humber Sept 13. Barnard and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, solicitors for the petitioner

SIMPSON, MARY ANN, Burslem, Stafford. Oct 20. Ellis, Burslem SURREY AND HAMPSHIRE CANAL CORPORATION, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, TENNANT, HENRY George, Stone, Stafford, Gent. Oct 20. Ellis, Burslem presented Sept 4, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, on Sept 13. Morris, TILT, THOMAS, Capel, Surrey, Baker. Oct 23. Ann Turner, 3, St Thomas st, WinWalbrook, solicitor for the petitioners


[Gazette, Sept. 5.7 WOODIN, DENNIS, Upper Park pl, Dorset sg, Gent. Sept 28. Jeff, Birmingham UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY.

[Gazette, Aug. 29.) BELLE VUE FREDHOLD LAND SOCIETY.-By an order made by North, J., dated Aug 23,

it was ordered that the society be wound up. Hickin and Graham, Serjeants' inn, | ANDREWS, WILLIAM, Carlton Colvile, Suffolk, Esq. Oct 14. Reeve, Lowestoft Fleet st, agents for Allen, Sheffield, solicitor for the petitioner

BOSTOCK, JOHN, Newton-by-Middlewich, Chester, Gent. Nov 1. Cooke and Sons, MILFORD DOCKS COMPANY.-Petition for winding up, presented Sept 1, directed to be Middlewich, Chester heard before the

Vacation Judge, on Sept 13, at il. "Chapman, London wall, solicitor BOXALL, JOHN, Dorking, Surrey, Brewer. Oct 2. Hart and Co, Dorking, for the petitioner

CONIBBRE, ELIZABETH, Promenade, Cheltenham. Oct 16. Wheeler, Cheltenham

[Gazette, Sept. 1.] DAVIES, RICHARD, Bickerton, Chester, Joiner. Nov 1. Spinks and Gawith, Liverpool STANNARIES OF Devox.

FENDELOW, GEORGE, Boston, Lincoln, Ironmonger. Nov 1. Staniland and Wigels. LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

worth, Boston SOUTH WIBAL CREBOR, LIMITED.-By an order made by the Vice-Warden, dated Aug GOULDSMITH, GBORGE, Pont st, Belgrave sq. Sept 30. Drake and Co, Rood lane 30, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. GRIFFITHS, DAVID, Pontardawe, Glamorgan, Brewery Traveller. Oct 2. Richards, Hodge and Co, Truro, agents for Gregory, Bishopsgate st Within, solicitor for the

Swansea petitioner

HANDS, SARAH, Hertford pl, Coventry. Nov 1. Twist and Sons, Coventry

[Gazette, Sept. 5.] HARDY, Joan Thomas, Plymouth, Builder. Oct 14. Derry, Plymouth FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED.

HARRIS, EDWARD, Wolverhampton. Sept 29. Manby and Son, Wolverhampton ROYAL UNION MUTUAL BENEFIT SOCIETY, Royal Union Inn, Cinderford, Gloucester.

HARWOOD, MARGARET, Bootle, Lancaster. Oct 31. Toulmin and Co, Liverpool Aug 28

HEAD, HENRY, Brighton, Market Gardener. Sept 28. Haselwood, Brighton [Gazette, Sept. 1.)

HOLLEDGE, GEORGE HOLLIDAY, Croydon, Surrey, Gent. Oct 31. Saxton and Son, CAMDEN STATION PROVIDENT SOCIETY, Camden Station. Sept 1

Queen Victoria st, City FEMALE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Duke of York Inn, Abergavenny, Monmouth. Aug 30

JACKBON, EDWARD, Brixton rd, Poultry Salesman. Oct 6. Layton and Co, Budge row,

Cannon st New FRIENDLY Society, Red Lion Inn, Liskeard, Cornwall. Sept 1 SICK AND BURIAL Society in connection with the Bradford Parish Church Sunday LOWB, MARK, Burscough, near Ormskirk, Lancaster, Farmer. Sept 20. Lynch and

KIDDLE, GEORGE, Queen Camel, Somerset, Miller. Oct 31. Bartlett, Sherborne Schools, Captain st Schools, Bradford. Aug 30

[Gazette, Sept. 5.)

Teebay, Liverpool
LYCETT, Jonx, Scarborough, Doctor of Medicine. Sept 29. Thornburn, Carlisle
LYNE, MARY, Lee, Kent. Sept 30. Bannister, Basinghall st
MCMAHON, JOHN, Brixton rd, Gent. Oct 14. Woollacott, Old Broad st
MILLER, JOHN ROBERT, Bournemouth, Hants, Esq. Sept 30. Sweet and Burroughs,


MITCHELL, DAVID, Wandsworth, Esq. Oct 12. De Jersey and Co, Gresham st
ORPWOOD, JANE, Victoria p1, Hackney rd. Oct 7. Hunters and Co, New sq, Lincoln's


PERRESS, MARY, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. Sept 30. Pittis, Newport

RATHBONE, GEORGE, Berners st, Oxford st, Gent. Oct 31. Baylis and Pearce, Church

ct, Old Jewry BAS, WILLIAM HENRY LE, Wilton crescent, Knightsbridge. Oct 2. Rudall, Watling st ROWLAND, HENRY EDWARD, Hatton garden, Merchant Perfumer. Oct 1. Rowland, Berx, MARTIN JOHANNES VAN, Griqualand West, Cape of Good Hope, Merchant. Sept Clement's inn 30. Vennings and Co, Gresham house, Old Broad st

SEARES, GEORGE, Lordship rd, Stoke Newington, Oct 29. Carritt and Son, Fen. BROWN, JOHN, Chesterfield, Derby, Esq. Oct 31. Hallewell and Co, Chesterfield

church st CALDECOTT, MARY, Birkenhead, Chester. Sept 1. Thompson, Birkenhead

SEMPLE, MARY ANN, Aubert park, Highbury. Sept 30._Carritt and Son, Fenchurch st CARLYON, CLEMENT CARPENTER, Truro, Cornwall, Solicitor. Sept 29. Carlyon, Truro SHEPPARD, JOAN GBORGX, Campsey Ashë, Suffolk, Esq. Oct 13, Field and Co, CARNIB, JAMES, Kingston-upon-Hull. Nov 1. Nicholson, Kingston-upon-Hull

Lincoln's inn fields COOPER, WILLIAM, Upper Barnsbury st, Islington, Gent. Oct 1. Badham and Williams, SHORT, SAMUEL ROBINSON, New st, Kennington, Gent. Oct 12. De Jersey and co, Salter's Hall ct, Cannon st

Gresham st EASUM, MARY Ann, Ivy Cottage, Brixton. Oct 20. Sheffield, Cullum st

SPALDING, GEORGE, Great Crosby, Lancaster, Gent. Sept 30. Snowball and Co, LiverFIRBY, RICHARD, Penrith, Cumberland, Ironmonger. Sept 30. Scott, Penrith

pool FISHER, THOMAS, Hest Bank, near Lancaster, Gent. Sept 25. Maxsted and Gibson, WEARING, THOMAS, Ulverston, Lancaster, Retired Shoemaker. Sept 22. Butler, Lancaster

Broughton-in-Furness HAGEDORN, FRIEDRICH WILHELY, Osnabruck, Germany, Merchant. Oct 26. Reece WHITE, HENRY, Cheapside, Jeweller. Oct 24. May, Golden sq, St James's and Co, Birmingham

WILKINSON, Tuomas, New Durham, Grocer. Sept 18. Mawson, Durham HALL, Ann, Norwich. Sept 16. Miller and Co, Norwich

[Gazette, Sept. 1.] HALL, JAMES, Norwich, Gent. Sept 16. Miller and Co, Norwich HAMILTON, ARTHUR RICHARD, Croydon, Surrey, Esq. Oct 10. Sladen and Mackenzie,

Delahay st
HANCOCK, GEORGE, New inn, Strand, Gent. Sept 20. Marrable, New inn, Strand
HANDLEY, JOHN, sen, Middleham, York, Farmer. Oct 1. Topham and Groves, CRITICAL ALL ROUND. - It seems that Baron Haddleston has gone

HILL, WILLIAM, Aigbarth rd, near Liverpool, Plamber. Oct 25. Garnett and Tarbet, back on his promise to let the soulptor, Belt, make busta in the

presence of the jory, in his libel suit against Vanity Fair. At JENNINGS, MABTHA, King st, Hammersmith. Sept 10. Chester, Addison rd, Ken- Carnarvon, in an action for personal injuries against & railway sington KELSALL, JOHN ASTLE, Altrincham, Chester, Brewer. Nov 1. Cave, Altrincham

company, the plaintiff's counsel asked him to allow the plaintiff KERR, HENRY, Ascot, Berks, Lieut-Col 7th Royal Fusiliers. Sept 30. Surr and Co, to walk across the court before the jary, with a view to convince Abchurch lane

them that his lameness was not assumed. The learned judge declined to LAYCOCK, THOMAS, Otley, York, Butcher. Sept 20. Siddall, Otley LEVI, JACOB MORDECAI, Birmingham, Manufacturer. Oct 26. Reece and Co, Bir

allow this test, and said “ that ever since he had been reported to have said, mingham

during the hearing of the case of Belt v. Lawes, that he should allow the LLOYD, JAMES, Birmingham, Perambulator Manufacturer. Sept 22. Sargent, Bir- plaintiff to make a bust of bim (Baron Huddleston), in court, he had been mingham

pestered to allow all kinds of tests to be gone through in court before the MACLEAN, JULIA, Bristol. Oct 9. O'Donoghue and Anson, Bristol MEASDEY, HARRIETT, Broadstairs, Isle of Thanet, Kent. Oct 14. Sankey and Co, jory; and he wished it to be known that the press had entirely misrepre

sented bim in this matter, and that he bad never indioated that he should PALLETT, ROBERT HENRI CHARLES, Theydon Bois, Essox, Gentleman. Sept 30. allow such a course to be taken.” We did not understand the learned

Richards, Warwick st, Regent st
PASMORE, FRANCES, Stoke Devonport, Devon. Oct 1. Rundle, Devonport

judge to promise to let Belt make a bust of him, but simply to make a bust. SAYER, Ann, Margate, Kent. Oct 14. Sankey and Co, Margate

We guess the learned Baron is quibbling. The difference between this test SCOTT, WILLIAM, South Wimbledon, Surrey, Batter. "Sept 29. Thompson and Ward, of skill and the offer in the railway cage is manifest, for the jory could not

SHALLCROSS, ESTHER, Liverpool. Sept 30. Oliver and Co. Liverpool

tell but that the plaintiff then was ebamming lameness, while there could SIMMs, Thomas, Chipping Norton, Oxford, retired from business. Oct 1. Kilby and be no question is be made a bast. The London Law Times remarks :

“We do not trouble to inqaire how far his lordship conduced to the imTilt, Thomas, Capel, Surrey, Baker. Oct 23. Ann Turner, 3, St Thomas st, Wino pression by what he said or did ; be repadiates having bad the intention

chester TOMLIN, JOSEPH SITGRAVE, Leicester, Machinist. Sept 24. Shi Leicester

wbioh was ascribed to him. That is enough. And this is satisfaotory, WINDIBANK, HENRY, Bentworth, Hants, Butcher. Sept 29. Downie, Alton

because the extreme inconvenience of any such precedent has been brought AITKENS, PHILIP BENNETT, Aylsham, Norfolk, a Retired Lieutenant of Her Majesty's home to the learned judge by many applications which have since been

made for a like purpose and peremptorily refused.” (By the way, our ATKINSON, JAMES, Birstal, York, Maltster. Oct 2. Curry, Cleckheaton, nr Normanton contemporary's of "trouble" is entirely upwarrantable. BRAHAN, MICHAEL, Salford, Lancaster, Cabinet Maker. Oct 10. Sutton and Elliott, Manchester

“ American" would be guilty of such a solecism." Trouble," in the sense BOURNE, Sir JAMES, Wavertree, near Liverpool, Bart. Oct 5. Miller and Co, Liverpool of "trouble ourselves," or "take the trouble,” is barbarous.) – Albany Law BOURNE, PBTre, Liverpool, Esq. Oct 5. Miller and Co, Liverpool

Journal. BRANSON, KETURAH, Sheffield. Sept 12. Ibbotson, Sheffield CARPENTER, JOHN, Brook House, Brentford, Gent. 'Oct 30. Woodbridge, Clifford's inn Messrs. C. Cooper, Hall, & Co. are prepared to receive subscriptions, Coulson, JAMES, Upleatham, York. Sept 24. Bainbridge and Barnley, Middlesbrough Through the National Bank of Scotland, for £200,000 Five per Cent. Mortgage HALDANE, CAROLINE, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. HARLAND WILLIAW, Whitby, York, out of business. Oct 2." Frankland and Co. Whitby Debentures at par of the Ontario Investment Association. The debentures

are part of an issue of £400,000 series “ A," and are redeemable by a sinking Jackson, WILLIAM EDWIN, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Contractor. Sept 30. Harle, New. fund of two per cent. per annum, with which the company must purchase castle-upon-Tyne JENNINGS, EDWARD BILLETT, Burton-on-Trent, Stafford, Gent. Sept 30. Jennings and make it more advantageous to the association to invest the money temporarily

debentures in the open market, unless the premium should be so high as to Co, Burton-on-Trent JOHNSTON, JANE, Bootlo, Lancaster. Oct 1. Jones and Co, Liverpool

in the names of the trustees in Government sccurities of the United Kingdom MARTIN, HENRY Burges, East Bridgeford, Nottingham, Esq. Sept 30. Hunt and or of Canada. The association is restrained from issuing any further deben.

Williams, Nottingham
MEREDITH ELIZABELU JANE, Gosport, Southampton. Sept 29. Wilkinson and Drew, tures to rank with series " A" until the available assets of the association,

independent of the unpaid share capital, be equal to double the amount of the MEREDITH, Joux, Gosport, Southampton, Gent.

Sept 29.

Wilkinson and Drew, total debentures issued, including series “ A.” The association has a share Bermondsey st SAMUEL, JOSEPH, Golborne rd, Notting hill, North Kensington, Esq. Sept 30. Joseph, reserve is stated at 500,000dols. Its business consists of lending on mortgage

capital of 2,650,000dols., of which 507,788dols. has been paid up, and its Finsbury pavement BAREL, JOHN PRESLAND, Chelmsford, Essex, Hotel Keepor. Oct 2, Gapp, Chelmsford of real estate.

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No Cole, Thomas, Northampton, Beer Retailer. Sopt 15 at 3.30 at office of Becke, Derngate,


Colban, Walter, Leicester, Wine Merchant. Sept 15 at 2.30 at office of Owston and
Sept. 14.-Messrs. C. C. & T. MOORE, at the Mart, at 1 for 2 p.m., Fraehold and Dickinson, Friar lane, Leicester
Leasehold Estates (800 advertisement, this week, p. 4).

Cooper, Thomas, Castlefield

Pottery, Shelton, Hanley. Sept 14 at 2 at Bank chmbrs,
Hanley. Bishop and Topham
Cornish, Robert, and William Lawton, Wigan, Coach Builders. Sept 15 at 11 at office

of Byrom, King st, Wigan
Cowlin, Samuel, Bristol, Licensed Victualler. Sept 14 at 2 at office of Ward, Albion

chbrs, Bristol

Crews, Nicholas, St Helens, Lancaster, Seedsman. Sept 19 at 1 at office of Hitchon,

New Market place, St Helens

Dann, William Thomas, Great Grimsby , Lincoln, Draper. Sept 19 at 11 at office of

Stevenson and Mountain, Bethlehem st, Great Grimsby Dixon.-Aug. 29, at 12, Cyprus-road, Church-end, Finchley, N., the wife of

Dyson, Edwin, Huddersfield, Yarn Spinner. Sept 13 at 3 at office of Schofield, Queen Harry Dixon, solicitor, of a daughter.

st, Huddersfield. Ramsden and Co DOBBs.-Aug. 27, at 34, Westbourne-park, W., the wife of Archibald E. Dobbs, Elliot, Arthur John, Southampton row, Actor. Sept 11 atil at office of Smallman, Queen barrister-at-law, of a son.

st, Cheapside OMOND.--Aug. 29, at 32, Royal-circus, Edinburgh, the wife of George W. T.

Elliott, John, Derby, Builder. Sept 19 at 3 at offices of Briggs, Commercial Bank cham

bers, Albert st, Derby Omond, advocate, of a daughter. Pope.- Aug. 24, at South Walk House, Dorchester, Dorsetshire, the wife of Evans, Daniel, Llangannech, Carmarthen, Tailor. Sept 16 at li' at offices of Howell,

Ellis, Joseph, Chester, Butcher. Sept 13 at 2 at offices of Massey, White Friars, Chester Alfred Pope, solicitor, of a son.

Stepney st, Llanelly ROBERTS.— Sept. 2, at 21, Roland-gardens, South Kensington, S.W., the wife of Evelyn, Oretta, Hollingbourne, Kent. Sept 19 at 1.30 at offices of Kennedy, Chan. Samuel Roberts, of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at- law, of a son.

cery lane STANSFELD.-Sept. 4, at 49, St. James's-square, Notting-bill, the wife of B. R.

Everett, Joseph Patrick, Townhall bldgs, Hacnkey, Hat Manufacturer. Sept 11 at 2

at offices of Norris, Gray's inn Stansfeld, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.

Eyre, Henry, Burbage, near Buxton, Derby, Stationer. Sept 21 at 3.30 at office of Brown MARRIAGES.

and Ainsworth, Hardwicke terrace, Buxton

Gibbs, George, Porteynon, Glamorgan, Farmer. Sept 12 at 2.30 at offices of Plant, York LEES-MARTYN.-Sept. 5, at the Savoy,!James Arthur Lees, of Alkrington, Lan. .pl, Swansea

cashire, barrister-at-law, to Lucy Jane Martyn, daughter of the Rev. Charles J. Giles, Fred, Brighton, Butcher. Sept 19 at 12 at offices of Cockburn, Duke st, Brighton Martyn, B.D., Rector of Long Melford, Suffolk.

Goldstein, Bernhard, Wandsworth rd, Picture Dealer. Sept 11 at 3 at offices of Tidde

man, Finsbury sq RUSSELL-WESTMACOTT.-Aug. 26, at Clapham, Charles Alfred Russell, barrister

Gould, John, Leek, Stafford, Silk Maker, Sept 14 at 11.15 at office of Challinor and at-law, to Amy Mary, daughter of J. Sherwood Westmacott, of Clapham,

Co, Derby st, Leek
Granger, Harry George, Birmingham, Licensed Victualler. Sept 15 at 2 at office of

Buller and Co, Bennett's hill, Birmingham
Green, Thomas Wallis, Carnarvon, Licensed Victualler. Sept 22 at 1 at office of Allan.

son, Bron Seiont

Grime, James, Radcliffe, Lancaster, Weaver. Sept 15 at 3 at office of Horsfield, Church

st, Radcliffe
Grocott, John, Burslem, Stafford, Furniture Dealer. Sept 12 at 3 at office of Mayer,

Waterloo rd, Burslem

Guest, Joseph, jun., Walsall, Stafford, Iron Founder. Sept 20 at 11 at George Hotel,

Walsall. Marlow and Co
FRIDAY, Sept. 1, 1882.

Heavyside, James, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Joiner. Sept 13 at 11 at office of Hindle,
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Bolton rd, Over Darwen
Creditors must forward their proof of debts to the Registrar.

Henderson, James Maddock, and George William Moon, Liverpool, Wine and Spirit

Merchants. Sept 15 at 2 at office of Banner and Co, Cook st, Liverpool
To Surrender in the Country.

Hemingway, Isaac, Northowran, nr Halifax, Stone Merchant. Sept 12 at 11 at White Bunney, Luther, Bedworth, Warwick, Builder. Pet Aug 28. Kirby. Coventry, Sept Lion Hotel, Halifax. Holroyde and Smith 12 at 12

Henderson, Frederick, Brighton, Tobacconist. Sept 20 at 3 at office of Goodman, North Hussey, William, Harrow, Builder. Pet Aug 30. Edwards. St Albans, Sept 13 at 3 st, Brighton McKellar, Job William, Torquay, Builder. Pet Aug 28. Daw. Exeter, Sept 14 at 11 Hodgson, Emmanuel, Bradford, Joiner. Sept 13 at 3 at office of Peel and Co, Chapel Roxby, Thomas Maude, the Grange, Wimbledon, Gent. Pet Aug 15. Bell, Kingston, lane, Bradford

Holberton, Edmund Robert, Eastcheap, Merchant. Sept 18 at 3 at office of Cooper and Tidman, Edward, Manor park, Stoke Newington, Civil Engineer. Pet Aug 29. Pulley. Holloway, George O'Connor, Kidderminster, Carpet Manufacturer. Sept 13 at 3 at

Co, George st, Mansion House. Honams and Co, Mincing lane
Edmonton, Sept 21 at 12
TUESDAY, Sept. 5, 1882.

office of Bagster, Commercial bldgs, Kidderminster
Under the Bankruptoy Act, 1869.

Jenkins, Thomas, Cheltenham, Tailor. Sept 12 at 11 at 12, Regent st, Cheltenham,

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Jones, Mordecai, Llanelly, Bootmaker. Sopt 14 at 11 at office of Rees and Co, Thomas
To Surrender in London,

st, Llanelly

Keating, Henry, Crown rd, Fulham, Draper. Sept 20 at 3 at office of Kennedy, ChanBecker, Jacob, Pennyfields, Poplar, Baker. Pet Sept 2. Brougham. Sept 19 at 11 Ross, John Macdonald, Talhot ct, Gracechurch st, Commission Merchant. Pet Sept 1. Knight,

Henry Francis, Sheerness, Painter. Sept 14 at 12.30 at office of Copland,

cery lane Brougham, Sept 28 at 11.30

Edward st, Sheerness
To Surrender in the Country.

Lacey, Henry, Leicester, Boot Factor. Sept 14 at 3 at office of Shires, Market st,
Ashworth, John, Rochdale, Lancaster, Machinist. Pet Sept 1. Tweedale. Oldham, Leicester
Sept 18 at 11

Lee, James, Sheffield, Teapot Handle Manufacturer. Sept 12 at 10 at office of Unwin, Bell, Robert, Jarrow, Durham, Boot Dealer. Pet Aug 31. Daggett. Newcastle, Sept Lucas, Thomas James, Sturry, Kent, Builder. Sept 18 at 3 at Foresters' Hall, Canter

18 at 11
Munn, James, Kensworth, Hereford, Baker. Pet Aug 29. Cooke. Luton, Sept 23 at 11 bury. Collard, Canterbury
Sharman, Joseph Oliver, Stamford, Lincoln, out of business. Pet Sept 2. Gaches. Macklin, William John, jun, Colchester, Fish Dealer. Sept 15 at 12 at office of Prior
Peterborougħ, Sept 20 at 12

Head st, Colchester
White, George, Cottingham, York, Brickmaker. Pet Sept 2. Rollit. Kingston-upon- Marshall, John, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. Sept 12 at 3 at office of Fallows, Cherry
Huli, Sept 19 at 3

st, Birmingbam Liquidations by Arrangement.

Morris, Louis, Upper st, Islington, Watchmaker. Sept 20 at 2 at office of Webb, Trinity


Pearson, George, Castleford, nr Wakefield, Grocer. Sept 18 at 2 at North-Eastern Hotel, FRIDAY, Sept. 1, 1882.

Castleford. Bell, Liverpool

Pearson, William, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Builder. Sept 19 at 2 at office of Minshalls Ann, Frank William, Holborn Viaduct, Hardware Merchant. Sept 19 at 2 at 88 and Co, Llandudno Gracochurch st. Chandler, Bishopsgate st Within

Platts, Alfred, Sheffield, Tailor. Sept 13 at 12 at office of Bell, Figtree lane, Sheffield Appleton, Henry Morten, New Out, Engineer. Sept 15 at 3 at Law Institution, Chan.

Shearing, George, High st, Dulwich, Builder. Sept 13 at 2 at 34, Borough Highst, cery lane.. Morten and Cutler, Newgate st

Southwark, Arnold
Ascough, John, West Tanfield, York, Innkeeper. Sept 14 at 3 at office of Bateson and
Hutchinson, Queen st, Ripon

Shelbourn, George, Ipswich, out of business, Sept 19 at 12 at office of Pollard, St Law.

rence st, Ipswich Auguste, John James, Bristol, Hairdresser. Sept 14 at 2 at office of Baker and Lang. Starkey, Thomas, Idle, York, Innkeeper. Sept 11 at 11 at offices of Singleton, Booth st, worthy, Bank chmbrs, Bristol

Bradford Bacchus, Edward Henry, Dalston lane, Boot Manufacturer. Sept 12 at 3 at Guildhall Starr, Edward, Kingston-upon-Hull, Building Surveyor. Sept 14 at 3 at offices of Tavern, Gresham st. Mason, Curtain rd, Finsbury

Pickering, Parliament st, Kingston-upon-Hull. Walker and Spink, Hull Badcock, John, Exeter, Provision Dealer. Sept 14 at 12.30 at office of Southcott, Post Taylor, Alfred, Drybrook, Gloucester, Licensed Victualler. Sept 14 at 12 at Lion Hotel, Office st, Exeter. Sparkes and Pope

Cinderford. Golding, Cinderford Badham, Alfred, Abergavenny, Builder. Sept 16 at 10.5 at 11, Frogmore st, Aber. Thomas, David, Kilgetty, St Issells, Pembroke, Innkeeper. Sept 13 at 11 at offices of gavenny. Hodgens

Lascelles, Narberth
Baldwin, John Smith, Pebworth, Gloucester, Innkeeper. Sept 19 at 12 at Seven Stars Thornton, Joseph, Emanuel Thornton, and Valentine Thornton, Accrington,

Lancaster, Inn, Stratford-on-Avon. Lane, Stratford-on-Avon

Power Loom Cloth Manufacturers. Sept 15 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral gates, Man. Barltrop, John, Hornsey rd, Leather Seller. Sept 25 at 2 at office of Greenfield and

chester. Walmsley, Darwen Abbott, Queen Victoria st Barratt, Samuel, Wolverhampton, Publican, Sept 27 at 11 at office of Langman, Queen

Thorpe, Joseph, Middleham, York, Stonemason. Sept 13 at 2 at Clay's Railway Hotel,

Northallerton. Teale, Leyburn st, Wolverhampton Baynham, Henry, Kington, Hereford, Confectioner. Sept 12 at 10 at 29, High st, King.

Tongue, Alfred, Rugby, Warwick, Bootmaker. Sept 13 at 3 at the office of Gledhill,

North st, Rugby ton, Payter Beaumont, William Edwin, Bolster Moor, Huddersfield, Builder, Sept 11 at 10.30 at

Trittan, Robert, Hart st, Wood st, Importer of Fancy Goods. Sept 18 at 12 at Andertons

Hotel, Fleet st. Wells, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane office of Ainley, New st, Huddersfield

Tuck, Frederick, Norwich, Draper, Sept 13 at 12 at offices of Taylor and Sons, Old Bank Bessant, Thomas, Birmingham, Electro Plater. Sept 11 at 3 at office of Thomas, Water- bldgs, King st, Norwich

loo st, Birmingham Bildt, Axel Theodor, Newcastle upon Tyne, Timber Merchant. Sept 21 at 3 at office of

Veitch, Adam, Roberts mews, Hampstead rd, Carpenter. Sept 13 at 12 at office of

Daniel, Bedford row Gibson and Co, Exchange bldgs, Newcastle upon Tyne

Villanueva, Fernando Lorenzo Pedro, Birmingham, Artist. Sept 13 at 3 at offices of Boulton, Joseph Oakwell, Nottingham, Commercial Traveller. Sept 16 at 4 at office of

Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham
Barlow, St Peter's Church walk, Nottingham
Brooks, Walter Edwin, Birmingham, Ironmonger. Sept 9 at 10.15 at office of East,

Waites, Arthur, Barrow in Furness, Hatter. Sept 15 at 3 at Trevelyan Hotel, Dalkeith Temple st, Birmingham

st, Barrow in Furness. Taylor, Barrow in Furness Burnett, Thomas Henry, West Marsh, Gt Grimsby, Furniture Dealer. Sept 13 at 3 at

Walton, James, Stockton on Tees, Coal Merchant. Sept 16 at 11 at office of Dodds and

Co, Finkle st, Stockton on Tees offices of Grange and Wintringham, St Mary's chbrs, West St Mary's gate, Gt White, William Charles, Salisbury, Wilts, Cabinet Maker. Sept 16 at 12 at office of Grimsby

Nodder and Gater, City chbrs, High st, Salisbury Chamberlain, John, Worcester, Tailor. Sept 15 at 11 at office of Williams, Worcester Wiffin, Montague Woolley, Coleman st, show Card Mounter. Sept 14 at 1 at office of chbrs, Pierpoint st Worcester

Willis, Charles sq., Hoxton

Wilcox, James Balance, Licensed Victualler: Sept 19 at 3 at Mullin's Hotel, Iron Knight, William Richard Irwin, Bath, Boot Dealer. Sept 18 at 12 at office of Milno, monger lane. Hare, Pinners ct, Old Broad st

Caledonian chbrs, St Stephen's avenue, Bristol. Fussell and Co Winch, Charles, High st, Kensington, Oil and Italian Warehouseman. Sopt 19 at 2 at Laking, Charles, Ripon, York, Grocer. Sept 18 at 3 at office of Bateson and Hutchint

office of Hindson and Co, Moorgate st Wootton, John, Wisbech, Cambridge, Timber Merchant. Sept 14 at 11 at officos of

son, Queen st, Ripon 'Ollard, York row, Wisbech

Linn, William, Croydon, Surroy, Carpenter. Sept 18 at 12 at office of Berry and Co, Yardley, John, Buxton, Derby, Carpenter. Sept 16 at 11 at office of Brown and Ainsa Litchfield, Edward, Birmingham, Hotel Proprietor. Sept 20 at 11 at Royal Hotel,

Chancery-lane worth, Hardwicke ter, Buxton

Temple row, Birmingham; Blewitt, Birmingham

McDougal, William, Liverpool, Tug owner. Sept 18 at 2 at office of Gibson and Bolland, TUESDAY, Sept. 5, 1882.

South John st, Liverpool. Cotton, Liverpool

Mortimer, Samuel, Southampton, Baker. Sept 18 at 3 at Abovo Bar st, Southampton. Abraham, William, Wakefield, York, Blacksmith. Sept 16 at 11 at office of Kemp, Bell and Taylor, Southampton Barstow sq, Wakefield

Moss, William Frederick, High st, Bromley by Bow, Provision Dealer. Sept 13 at 3 at Allport, Robert Leete, Fenchurch bldgs, Commission Merchant. Sept 13 at 3 at office office of Hope and Co, Mark lano of Willis, St Martins ct, Leicester sq Ashton, Charles, Dowlais, nr Merthyr Tydfl, Draper. Sept 15 at 12 at office of Beddoo, Neville, Alfred, and William Charles

Mossman, Shillington, Bedford, Grocers. Sept

26 at 3 at office of Miller and Co, George st, Luton Atkinson, George, Coleford, Gloucester, Coal Proprietor. Sept 15 at 12 at office of Par. Nicholson, George Nimmo, Salford, Lancaster, Hat and Cap Manufacturer. Sept 19 sons and Balding, Tredegar pl, Newport. Parkor, Newham

at office of Heath and Sons, Swan st, Manchester Baum, William, Watling st, Commission Agent. Sept 21 at 2 at Guildhall Coffee-house Oddy, John, and James Oddy, Heckmondwike, York, Joiners. Sept 18 at 3 at office of Gresham st. Rook

Sykes, Hockmon dwike Beer, William, Bristol, Boot Manufacturer. Sept 13 at 12 at office of Essery, Nicholas Owen, Catherine, Llandovery, Widow. Sept 18 at 12 at office of Jones, Market st, 8t, Bristol

Llandovery Bell, James Postlethwaite, Barrow in Furness, Grocer. Sept 12 at 12 at Station Hotel, Pearse, Carol ine Sarah, Plymouth, Devon, Milliner, Sept 16 at 11 at Inns of Court Carnforth, Hudson, Barrow in Furness

Hotel, Holborn. Square and Co, Plymouth Bell; William, Oxford st, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Sept 25 at 2 at office of Routh Penny, Tom Angel, Middlesborough, Ironmonger. Sept 18 at 10 at office of Robson, and Co, Southampton st, Bloomsbury

Linthorp rd, Middlesborough Booth, William, Manchester, Joiner. Sept 19 at at office of Knowlos, Tib lane, Phipps, Samuel, George Phipps, and Alfred Phipps, Soundwell, Gloucester, Iron. Manchester

founders. Sept 20 at 12 at Merchants' Association, Broad st, Bristol. Salmon Boulton, Elijah, Newcastle under Lymë, Fishmonger. Sept 15 at 11 at office of Griffith, Pimlot, Eli,, Manchester, Beerseller. Sept 15 at 3 at office of Heath and Sons, Swan st, Ironmarket, Newcastle under Lyme

Brooks, Robert, jun, Little Bentloy, Essex, Farmer. Sept 19 at 3 at Townhall chmbrs, Powell, Samuel, Hov e, Sussex, China Dealer. Sept 18 at 2 at office of Ingoldby and

Colchester. Jones and Son
Buston, John Fordy, Gateshead, Durham, Grocer. Sept 14 at 1 at office of Hoyle and Rhodes, Frederick Parker, Whiston, York, Solicitor. Sept 15 at 3 at office of Badgers

Buckley, Finsbury sq. Nye, Brighton
Co, Burdon bldgs, Westgato rd, Newcastle upon Tyne
Chandler, John, Garstang, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Sept 21 at 2 at Pack Horse Inn,

and Co, Moorgat o st, Rotherham. "Broomhead and Co, Sheffield Garstang. Blackhurst, Preston

Rouse, Frederick, Redcross st, Car pet Warehouseman. Sept 13 at 3 at Guildhal Clark, William, New Alresford, Hants, Farmer. Sept 19 at 3.30 at office of Blackmoro

Tavern, Gresham st. Stewart, Foro st and Shield, Broad st, New Alresford

Schofield, Edwin, and John Everitt, Nottingham, Joiners. Sept 18 at 3 at offices of Colns, Joseph William Henry, Chichester, Builder. Sept 23 at 2 at office of Gregory, Sherrell, Albert Edmund'Ernest Seymour, Lichfield rd, Bow; House Carpenter. Sept

East st, Chichester
Cooper, Thomas, Bolton, Lancaster, Innkeeper, Sept 14 at 3 at office of Rutter, slater, Seth, Leeds,

Cloth Merchant. Sept 18 at 3 at offices of Velson and Co, South
Mawdsley st, Bolton
Crossley, William Thweat, William Hibbert, and Frederick William Dawson,

parade, Leeds Salford, Bleachers. Sept 19 at 3 at Spread Eaglo Hotel, Corporation st, Manchester.

Smith, Frederick William, Bedford pl, Dealor in Works of Art. Sept 19 at 3 at offices Cole, Manchester

of Barnard, Westminster bridge rd Cullen, Edward, St Lawrence, Isle of Thanet, Builder. Sept 23 at 11 at Bull and Smith, John, Uxbridge, Stock and Share Broker. Sept 26 at 12 at offices of Hudson, George Hotel, Ramsgate. Edwards, Ramsgate

Furnival's inn Calley, William, Bulwell, Nottingham, Beerhouse keeper. Sept 18 at 3 at office of Stierlin, Arnold, Manchester, Machinery Agent. Sopt 20 at 3 at offices of Shippey and Buckley, Gresham chmbrs, Beastmarket Hill, Nottingham

Field, Manchester De Martelloy, Alphonse Alfred Ambroso, Stonenest st, Finsbury park, Wine Merchant. | Thompson, Frederick, Eastbourne, Fruiterer. Sept 20 at 3 at New Inn Hotel, South st; Sept 25 at 2 at office of Hindson and Co, Moorgate st

Eastbourne. Hillman, Lewes Derrington, Thomas, Dresden, Stafford, Grocer. Sept 16 at 11 at office of Clarke and Towlson, Thomas, Huddersfield, Cabinet Maker, Sept 15 at 11 at office of Ainley, New Hawley, Church st, Longton

st, Huddersfi eld Entwisle, 'Joseph, Congleton, Chester, Silk Dresser. Sept 18 at 3 at office of Haslam, Ullett, Edward Matthew, Stamford, Lincoln, Commission Agent. Sept 19 at 3 at office of Evelyn, Henry John Bennett, Clothfair, Woollen Draper. Sept 20 at 2 at office of Trew. Vickers, Richard,

Bolton, Spinner. Sept 22 at 12 at Bollon Arms Coffee Tavern, Brad

Stapleton, St Paul's st, Stamford ren and Southcott, King st, Cheapside Farrar, Joseph Porritt, Leeds, Joiner. Sept 14 at 1 at office of Rooke and Midgley,

shawgate, Bolton. Bintliff, Salford White Horse st, Leeds

Ward, George Sturton, Oxford, Clerk in Holy Orders. Sept 18 at 3 at 34, Cornmarket Favell, Thomas Vickers, Moorlands, Rotherham, Solicitor. Sept 16 at 3 at Law Society, st, Oxford. Mallam, Oxford Hoole's chmbrs, Bank'st, Sheffield. Badgers and Co, Rotherham

Weake, James, Sparkbrook, Warwick, Plasterer. Sopt 20 at 11 at office of Price and Findley, George Meeks, Birmingham, Jewellor. Sept 15 at 12 at office of Goodrick and Co, Paradise st, Birmingham Co, Colmore row, Birmingham

Weeks, Thomas, Bedminster, Bristol, Builder. Sept 15 at 11 at office of Weare, John Fisher, William, Manchester, Licensed Victualler. Sept 19 at 3 at office of Boote and st, Bristol Edgar, Booth 'st, Manchester

Wright, James, Blowick, nr Southport, Farmer. Sept 18 at 3 at office of Threlfall, Foxley, Ben, Croydon, Surrey, Baker: Sept 19 at 3 at offices of Pullen, Basinghall st London st, Southport Garforth, Frederick, Bradford, York, Tobacconist. Sept 18 at 3 at offices of Berry and

Robinson, Charles st, Bradford Gilbertson, John Horner, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Potato Merchant. Sept 13 at 2 at office of Jcel, Newgate st, Newcastle-upon-Tyno

Griffin, Charles Mailes, Colchester terrace, Stratford, Shop Front Builder. Sept 14 at 2

at offices of Butterfield, Ironmonger lane
Griggs, Frederick, Brighton, Oyster Merchant. Sept 21 at 3 at offices of Buckwell, New CURRENT TOPICS

685 | OBITUARY ............................ 693 rd, Brighton

THE REMUNERATION ORDER ...... 686 New ORDERS, &c. .................... 693 Hales, William, Normacott, near Longton, Stafford, Grocer. Sept 14 at 11 at offices of EXECUTORY CONTRACTS AND THE RULE

LEGAL APPOINTMENTS ................ 693 Clarke and Hawley, Church st, Longton


688 COMPANIES .......................... 693 Hayward, Archer Samuel, Rose st, Covent Garden, Licensed Victualler. Sept 20 at 3 ASSEMBLY WHEN UNLAWFUL

689 | CREDITORS' CLAIMS .................. 691 at offices of Guscotte, York bldgs, Adelphi



695 Hellawell, Alfred, Rastrick, York, Grocer. Sept 18 at 11 at offices of Whitley and Whit- REVIEWS

690 PUBLIC GENERAL STATUTES. ley, New st, Huddersfield

CORRESPONDENCE ....... Heybyrne, James Henry. Newport, Monmouth, Aerated Water Manufacturer. Sept 18

at 3 at offices of Parker, Commercial st, Newport Hines, Thomas, Rochdale, Lancaster, Coal Dealer. Sept 18 at 4.30 at office of Standing, Baillio st, Rochdale

Notices to CORRESPONDENTS.- All communications intended for publication Hildyard, Duncan, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Jeweller. Sept 22 at 12 at 145, Cheapside. In the SOLICITORS' Journal must be authenticated by the name and address of Welton

the writer. Hodkinson, Wilson, Blackley, nr Manchester, Commercial Traveller. Sept 19 at 12 at office of Preston and Young, Townhall bldgs, King st, Manchester

The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the return of rejected com:nuai. James, John Charles, Highbury New Park, Horse Repository Keeper. Sept 25 at 12cations.

at office of Hudson, Furnival's-inn Jones, John, Abergwelly, Carmarthen, Weaver. Sept 16 at 3.30 at office of Morris, Red st, Carmarthen

The Publisher requests that early application should be made by persons Juby, Lemon, Whatfield, Suffolk, Farmer. Sept 19 at 2 at office of Pollard, Lawrence

desirous of obtaining back numbers of the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, as only a small st, Ipswich

number of copies remain on hand.

...... 691




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H, SCHWEITZER & CO 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. on reasonable terms



Act now in force, the licensing justices shall be at liberty, in their

free and absolute discretion, either to refuse a certificate for any
or to grant the same

as they, in the execution of their statutory powers and in the exercise of their

discretion, deem fit and proper.” This is unmistakeable as far as A CORRESPONDENT furnishes us this week with what he thinks it goes, but the reference to “any other Act now in force” is is the key to the meaning and object of the strange rule in curious. Is it mere abundans cautela, or was it inserted ex animo Schedule 1. of the Remuneration Order, which provides that in order to deprive the beer dealer when he applies for a renewal the scale for conducting a sale by auction “shall apply only of a protection supposed to be afforded to all applicants for in cases where no commission is paid by the client to an renewal by section 42 of the Licensing Act, 1872, and section 26 auctioneer.In London and the greater part of the country of the Licensing Act, 1874 ? This is a difficult and important the vendor pays the auctioneer's commission, but a practice question ; but, on the whole, we are rather inclined to the opinion prevails in a few counties in the West of England and in some that the present statute applies to renewals as well as to new parts of Wales of charging auctioneer's fees to purchasers. grants.

This practice has quite recently been condemned by the solicitors practising in the cities of Gloucester and Bristol; and in 1878 the Council of the Incorporated Law Society passed a resolution An Act passed during the recent session (45 & 46 Vict. “ placing on record the great objection which they entertain to c. 37) to amend the law respecting the obtaining of corn returnsany conditions of sale under which a purchaser is obliged to which is, mainly, a consolidation, with amendments of no very employ or pay, by commission or otherwise, the vendor's solicitor, great importance, of the Acts 5 & 6 Vict. c. 14, and 27 & 28 Vict. auctioneer, or agent. Yet, according to our correspondent, c. 87, which are repealed-provides that “ weekly returns of the this is the practice which is to be encouraged by rule 11, in purchases of British corn shall be made

from such Schedule I. of the new Order. If the vendor's solicitor can only towns, not less than one hundred and fifty and not more than two introduce a condition of sale throwing the auctioneer's commis- hundred in number, as may be, from time to time, fixed by her sion on the purchaser, he will be entitled to the scale for conduct- Majesty in Council.” This alteration deserves notice, for the old ing the sale, but not otherwise. There can be no doubt that law, by grouping in a schedule to 5 & 6 Vict. c. 14, the towns under the wording of the rule this will be the result; but we from which returns were to be gathered, was far less elastic, nor, confess it never occurred to us that, for the sake of encouraging it may be observed, were the scheduled towns nearly as many as a practice prevailing only in a limited and diminishing area, a 150 in number. We count seventy-six only in the schedule as printed practice condemned both by solicitors in the country and by the by the Statute Law Revisers. It is now left to the absolute discreCouncil of the Incorporated Law Society, the great mass of tion of a Government office to fix the towns, and that too “from solicitors have been deprived of remuneration for attending at or time to time.” We have searched the Act carefully for pr visions conducting a sale by auction. If our correspondent's explanation for publication of the fixtures, when made, in the Gazette or elseis correct, we are not surprised that the Order should appear where, or for power to make the fixtures before the commencewithout the signature of the president of the Incorporated Law ment of the Act (which does not come into operation until the 1st Society. A further question may arise under rule 11, as to what of January, 1883), but can find no such provisions. There would is meant by “conducting a sale by auction.” Does a solicitor seem, therefore, to be some little difficulty forthcoming in the "conduct a sale” when an auctioneer is employed, whether such starting of the Act, unless ample provision should be made auctioneer is paid by vendor or purchaser ? 'We confess it seems by the Board of Trade by “regulations under section 14, to us to be doubtful whether he can be properly said to do so. which, however, are not legally issuable until after the commence

ment of the Act. However this may be, when the towns are "fixed,” every“ buyer of corn,” which term includes every corn

dealer, cornfactor, miller, brewer, or distiller therein, "every perTHE SEVERE LICENSING Act of 1872 was quickly followed by son who is the owner or part owner of any carriages conveying the mitigating statute of 1874, but the last three sessions goods or passengers for hire” thereto, therefrom, or therein, and have each given birth to a slight movement of the statutory every person who, as a merchant, clerk, agent, or otherwise, pendulum in the direction of severity. In 1880 we had the Beer purchases ” therein, any British corn for sale, or for the sale of Dealers' Retail Licenses Act; in 1881 the Welsh Sunday Closing meal, flour, malt, or bread made or to be made thereof,” will Act, and now we have an Act to amend the Beer Dealers' Retail become bound to make the “returns” required by the Act of the Licenses Act, 1880,” which metes out to all holders of licenses amount dealt in, the prices paid, the names of the parties, and for the sale of beer by retail to be consumed off the premises (or, other particulars. A failure to make a return is punishable on as it is, with a pardonable incorrectness, put in the preamble, summary conviction by a fine not exceeding £20—the former "sale of beer by retail off the premises") exactly the same penalty, of £20 for every month of default, not re-appearing in measure as was meted out in 1880 to the beer-dealing holders of the present Act. The returns to be made to such licenses, which are shortly called “off” licenses or “out. inspectors ” — the number of whom, it would seem, will door" licenses. This simple effect is produced by much circum- have to be increased-and published in the towns, “exclusive of locution and in sweeping phraseology, the words “any other Act names.” Then, by virtue of the 7th section, the inspectors are now in force” occurring twice over, as if the draftsman was to forward weekly summaries to the Board of Trade, which Board determined to crush the beer-dealer at any expense of words. is to publish weekly, quarterly, and annually, certain “average For the benefit of those who do not know the purport and effect prices

" in the London Gazette. A certain “ statement of the of the Beer Dealers' Licenses Act, 1880, it should be septennial average price” is to be substituted for the January explained that the amendment effected is as follows. By the advertisement referred to in the 56th section of the Tithe Wine and Beerhouse Act, 1869, s. 8, no off-licence may Commutation Act, 1836 (6 & 7 Will. 4, c. 71), of “what has be refused except on one of four special grounds—such as that been, during seven years ending on the Thursday next before the applicant or his house has been proved to be of bad character. Christmas-day then next preceding, the average price of an imThe present Act provides that, "notwithstanding anything in perial bushel of British wheat, barley, and oats, computed from section 8 of the Wine and Beerhouse Act, 1869, or in any other the weekly averages of the corn returns.”


corn same

IT IS STATED that at a special meeting of the Manchester City Council, on Wednesday last, it was decided to memorialize the

THE NEW CONVEYANCING ACT. Government, “praying that, by means of an Act or some other

1. parliamentary, municipal, or other elections." The memorialists That this Act should have become law, notwithstanding the presare probably not aware that, as regards parliamentary elections, anything except the Arrears Bill, reflects the highest credit

sure of business which hardly left the Government time to carry

The passage of last year's provisions which would probably practically accomplish the upon the generalship of Lord Cairns. object they have in view. Clause 37 provides that any holder of Conveyancing Act was a surprise to the profession; but it was a license for the sale by retail of any intoxicating liquor (whether generally known that opposition had been silenced by omitting

That an Act for consumption on or off the premises) who permits any bribery, composed only of things to which nobody had any great dislike

everything which encountered serious objection. , premises, shall be guilty of bribery, treating, or undue influence, should have passed did not necessarily presage the like success for as the case may be ; that any holder of such license shall not be

a measure composed almost solely of opposed clauses. under any obligation on the day of the poll at an election to little in the present Act which seems calculated to arouse hosti


We confess that, with the exception of sections 8 and 9, we see supply meat, drink, entertainment, or provision to any person; lity, while some of its provisions seem to be clearly beneficial. There and that if such holder knowingly supplies any. meat, drink, are some parts of the former Act which are unquestionably much entertainment, or provision for the purpose of treating or of any more pernicious than anything to be found in the new Act;

and corrupt or illegal practice, he shall be guilty of treating ; and which, if they had been understood, would never have been suffered that any holder of such a license who knowingly supplies any to become law; as sufficiently appears by the well-meant, but meat, drink, entertainment, or provision to any persons, whether somewhat lame, attempt made in section 11 of the present Act to electors or not, for the purpose of promoting or procuring the election of a candidate at an election, and supplies the same

mend one of the worst of them. without receiving payment for the same at the time when language of the new Act shows considerable improvement. The

We gladly acknowledge that, in neatness and clearness, the the

is so supplied, shall be guilty of treating definition of property” given in section 1, sub-section (4), (i.), And clause 38 provides for the forfeiture of his license by any is much superior to its elder brother of last year. holder of such a license who is found guilty of any corrupt practice, either on conviction or by the report of any election

The following brief account of the Act's principal provisions court, in addition to any other punishment or incapacity; and it may be found useful to our

readers. in the case of a report by an election court he has obtained a

Section 2 deals with searches for judgments, &c., in the certificate of indemnity, notwithstanding such certificate," he is

Central Office of the Supreme Court. Its operation does not to “ be liable to forfeit his license and to be disqualified for a period Recoveries Act, or under any other Act. And since it relates

extend (sub-section 11) to deeds inrolled under the Fines and not exceeding three years from holding, a license for the sale of only to the Central Office, it has, of course, no reference 10 the intoxicating liquors on those premises." these provisions come into force, how a prudent publican can fail registries of the register counties. In future, any person needing to discern that his only safe course will be to close his house on

to search for any of the things specified as being within the the day of polling.

section, may deliver a requisition in that behalf (sub-section 1); and thereupon, if the proper officer is satisfied (sub-section 4) that the search is required "for the purposes of this section," diligent

search will be made (sub-section 2); and a certificate of the AN ODD LITTLE SLIP appears to have occurred in the first issue result will be made and filed, and copies issued “on requisition” of the Queen's printer's copies of the Bills of Exchange Act. (ibid.); which certificate is conclusive in a purchaser's favour Section 1, sub-section 2 (a), provides that “where the drawee (sub-section 3). Any solicitor or trustee obtaining an office copy of a bill is dead or bankrupt” presentment of the bill is excused is protected from liability for damage arising from error therein and the bill may be treated as dishonoured by non-acceptance? (sub-sections 7 and 8). But this new facility for getting a search

In the first official issue of the Act,” says År. Chalmers, in made does not interfere with any existing right to search in perhis edition of it recently issued, “ the words or bankrupt” had son (sub-section 7); slipped out." "The omission,” he continues, " has been rectified

The arrangement of this section is very confused ; and it speaks in subsequent issues." Upon referring to the Bill, we find the of “the purposes of this section,” without giving any informawords“ or bankrupt” duly printed, so that there is little doubt tion as to the nature of those purposes ; and it says that “office that the court, if the two conflicting" issues” were presented to


shall be issued on requisition," without saying it, would treat the omission as a clerical error. But we know of upon whose requisition. There is about it a certain flavour of only one case (Taylor v. Oram, 31 L. J. M. C. 252) in which an

having been meant to apply only when a search is made in conargument from the contents of a Bill has been so much as listened nection with a bonâ fide purchase or mortgage transaction. But to, and it is material to point out that the Queen's printer's copies this is no more than a guess, which is perhaps a mistake. The of public Acts of Parliament have no legal authority whatever.

purposes” may possibly be dealt with in the General Orders to Where any doubt arises as to what the Legislature really said in be made for the purposes of this section” (sub-section 5). But such Acts, the only legal course is for the court to refer to the these orders seem to have been meant to deal only with formal • Parliament Roll,” the most recent instance of which can be found practice. On the whole, though the machinery has not been very in Reg. v. Haslingfield Overseers (L. R. 9 Q. B. 209). In neatly put together, we think that its effect will be to promote the the case of " local and personal Acts” this rather troublesome convenience of solicitors, without injury to their clients. operation, which occupies about twenty minutes, appears to be

We do not observe that section 3 materially varies the existing dispensed with by 8 & 9 Vict. c. 113, s. 3, which makes copies law relating to constructive notice to purchasers, which it seems of such Acts, if purporting to be printed by the Queen's printers designed to codify: (the Stationery Office is made an equally good authority by the

Section 4 provides that where a lease is made under a power, Documentary Evidence Act of the present session), admissible in any preliminary contract relating thereto shall not form part of evidence.

the title to the lease. The special need for this enactment is not very clear, and its intention is made no clearer by a discrepancy which exists between the section and its marginal note, the former

speaking only of leases made under a power, while the latter speaks It is stated that the Lord Chancellor has written to the Mayor of Exeter of leases generally, expressing the pleasure it would giro bis lordship to dine with the Town It will be remembered that section 31 of the Conveyancing Act, Council on Thursday, the 21st inst. An address of welcome will be presented 1881, contained a general power (subject to any restrictions the guests invited are the Earl of Devon, Sir Stafford Nortbcote, Sir J. D. imposed by the settlement) to appoint new trustees. This enactAcland, Sir... Kendaway, Colonel Walrond, M.P., Mr. Edward Johnson, ment, which takes the place of section 27 of Lord St. Leonards' M.P., and Mr. H. S. Northcote, M.P.

Act, is supplemented by section 5 of the new Conveyancing Act,

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