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Fleming, William Rowland, Nuderbarrow, Westmorland, Farmer. Dec 6 at 11 at Swinburn, Fanny, Princes rd, Kilburn. Nov 26 at 10 at Gt Dover st, Borough, offices of Wilson, Highgate, Kendal

King Foxall, Samuel, Stourport, Worcester, Carpet Weaver. Nov 30 at 3.30 at offices of Teece, Edward, Darlaston, Stafford, Greengrocer's Manager. Nov 30 at 1l at offices of Miller and Corbet, Church st, Kidderminster

Sheldon, High st, Wednesbury George, Thomas, Prospect pl, Victoria pk, Beershop Keeper. Dec 1 at 3 at Ridler's Thomas, Edward, Craig, Yr, Eglwysilan, Glamorgan, Coal Merchant. Nov 29 at 12 at Hotel, Holborn

offices of Morgan, Mill st, Pontypridd Green, Robert. Elm grove, Lower Norwood, Lambeth, Contractor, Dec 6 at 1 at offices Thomas, Edwin, Penryn, Cornwall, Butcher. Dec 2 at 11 at offices of Powel, Broad st, of Yetts, Lincoln's inn fields

Penryn Griffiths, James, Liverpool, Book keeper. Dec 2 at 12 at offices of Paynter, Cable st, Thompson, Wadworth, York, Farmer. Dec 1 at 11 at offices of Verity and Co, French. Liverpool

gate, Doncaster Hargood, Edward William, Porchester, Hants, of no occupation. Dec 2 at 3 at Dolphin Twidale, John, Askham, Nottingham, Farmer. Dec 2 at 12 at offices of Newton and Hotel, Chichester. King, Portsea

Co, Square, East Retford Hately, David, Hoylake, Chester, Ironmonger. Dec 2 at 3 at offices of Harper, Cable Waite, Alexander, Berwick-on-Tweed, Licensed Yictualler. Nov 28 at 12 at offices of st, Liverpool

Dunlop, Quay Walls. Berwick-upon-Tweed Hathway, James, York st, Walworth, Timber Merchant. Dec 7 at 2 at Inns of Court Walker, Walter Watson, Manchester, Accountant. Nov 30 at 3 at offices of Fox, Hotel, High Holborn. Tadman, Gray's inn pl, Gray's inn

Princess st, Manchester Hawkins, Thomas, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, Baker. Noy 30 at 3 at offices of Ware, Christopher, York, Livery Stable Keeper. Dec 7 at 1 at offices of Wilkinson, St Smith, Sydenham ter, Weston-super-Mare

Helen's sq Hay, John, and Christopher William O'Brien, Leadenhall st, Ship Brokers. Dec 8 at 12 Ware,

Francis James, Highgate, Hawkhurst, Ironmonger; Noy 28 at 2 at 23, Church at New Exchange bldgs, George yd, Lombard st. Trinders and Curtis-Hayward, St rd, Tunbridge Wells. Stone and Simpson, Tunbridge Wells Helen's pl, Bishopsgate st Within

Welford, John, Roxby, York, Farmer, Noy 29 at 2.30 at Station Hotel, Loftus. Lewis, Haynes, Thomas, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. Dec 1 at 3 at officəs of Bradley, Ann st Middlesborough Birmingham

Whatmough, Doctor Josepb, Oldham, Lancaster, Hosier. Dec 5 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Headley, Frederick, and William Urbane, Leicester, Tailors. Dec 5 at 3 at offices of Cathedral steps. Manchester, Clark, Oldham Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester

Wickenden, Sarah, Wadhurst, Sussex. Nov 29 at 3 at Greyhound Inn, Wadhurst. Hewitt, Thomas Shield, Sherburn, York, Farmer, Nov 30 at 2 at New Inn, Sherburn, Aitkens, Ticehurst nr South Milford. Rhodes, Sherburn

Wilkie, Jessie, Leyton rd, Stratford. Baker. Noy 30 at 3 at offices of Brewer, City rd, Hibbert, William, Shudehill, Manchester, Stationer, Nov 29 at 3 at offices of Cobbett Finsbury sq and Co, Brown st, Manchester

Wilkins, Frederick William, Whitechapel rd, Egg Merchant. Dec 8 at 2 at offices of Hipwood, John, Aston, nr Birmingham, Silversmith. Noy 30 at 3 at offices of Solomon, Carter and Bell, Eastcheap Åon st, Birminghala

Williams, George Peace, Beckington, Somerset, Grocer. Dec 2 at 1 at Grand Hotel, Howley, George Flint, Liverpool, Tallow Chandler. Dec 7 at 3 at offices of Davies, the Broad st, Bristol. Ames, Frome Temple, Dale st, Liverpool

Wilson. John, Leeds, Commercial Traveller. Dec 3 at 12 at offices of Rooke and Irvine, William, New Cross, Clerk in the General Post Office. Dec 12 at 3 at offices of Midgley, White Horse st, Leeds Guscotte, York bldgs, Adelphi

Woodward, Ernest Arthur, Warwick, Farmer. Dec 5 at 3 at offices of Nevill and Jack, William Robert, Waltham, Hereford, Carpenter. Dec 7 at 3 at offices of Rumney, Atkins, Colehill, Tamworth Walbrook

Wright, Henry Eckersley, Lowton, Lancaster, out of business. Dec 5 at 12 at offices of Jones, Timothy, Pontybwlchog, Carmarthen, Builder. Dec 1 at 11 at Saddler's Arms, France, Churchgate, Wigan Pencader. Morris, Carmarthen

Yoxall, Thomas Henry, Salford, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of Jubb, George, Leeds, Milk Dealer. Dec 1 at 3 at offices of Simpson and Burrell, Albion Gooden, John Dalton st, Manchester st, Leeds

TUESDAY, Nov. 22, 1881. Keen, Francis, Walsall, Stafford, Tailor. Nov 30 at 3 at offices of Huggins and Mallard, Addison, Arthur Augustus, Spa rd, Bermondsey, Greengrocer. Nov 29 at 2 at offices Newhall chmbrs, Birmingham

of Hanson, King st, Cheapside. Wetherfield, Queen st, Cheapside Kennedy, Alexander Thomas, Leeds, Butcher. Nov 30 at 3 at offices of Wells, CookAllport, William, Queen Ann's gate, Westminster, Architect. Dec 8 at 11 at offices of ridge st, Leeds

Evans, Bucklersbury. Smith, Charing cross Lewer, Henry Christian, Maroon st, Limehouse, Wholesale Confectioner. Dec 5 at 2 at Amos, Mark, Westbury.upon-Trym, Gloucester, Iron Hurdle Manufacturer. Dec 1 at offices of Jennings and Son, Leadenhall st

2 at offices of Miller, St Stephen's chambers, Baldwin st, Bristol Linley, Thomas, Oxford, Baker. Dec 8 at 11.30 at offices of Mallam, High st, Armstrong, John, Hulme, Manchester, Grocer. Dec 14 at 11 at offices of Thomas and Oxford

Wharton, Brasenose st, Manchester Weir, William, Birmingham, Crate Maker. Nov 29 at 3 at offices of Parry, Colmore Arnold, George, Fonthill rd, Finsbury park, Fruiterer. Dec 14 at 3 at offices of Hollo. row, Birmingham

way, Ball's Pond rd, Islington. Fenton, Kingsland green Meres, George Harry, Leicester, Grocer. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of Hincks, Bowling-green Ashby, William, Stamford hill, Builder. Dec 8 at 12 at offices of Wilkins, Cannon st st, Leicester

Ashby John, Kurton-in-Lindsey, Lincoln, Farmer. Dec 5 at 11.15 at offices of Howlett Vetcalf, Joseph, Leeds, Draper's Assistant. Dec 1 at 3 at offices of Scatcherd and and Son, Stephenson and Mountain, Great Grimsby, Hopkins, Albion st, Leeds

Ashton, Samuel, Whitwood Mere, York, Grocer. Dec 6 at 1 at offices of Phillips, Carl. Middleton, John, Brigg, Lincoln, Saddler. Dec 8 at 3 at offices of Toynbee and Co, Bank ton st, Castleford st, Lincoln

Barrass, Edward, Durham, Grocer. Dec 6 at 11 at offices of Mawson, Norih Bailey, Milner, James, Halifax, Card Maker. Dec 5 at 11 at offices of Jubb and Booth, Harrison Durham nd, Halifax

Barton, Henry, Haltwistle, Cumberland, Innkeeper. Dec 10 at 2 at Bush Hotel, CarMair, Alexander Mitchell, Thornton, Belsize Park, Gent. Nov 30 at 3 at 6, Arthur st, lisle. Carrick and Co, Brampton, Northumberland East. Churchill, Clement's inn, Strand

Beach, James, Plymouth, Bicycle Manufacturer. Dec 5 at 11 at Inns of Court Hotel, Vonckton, Henry, Blandford, St Mary, Dorset, Shoemaker. Nov 29 at 11 at offices of Holborn. Square and Co, Plymouth Atkinson, East st, Blandford Forum

Bennett, Nicholas James, Middleport, Burslem, Stafford, Builder. Dec 5 at 3 at Queen's Moulson, David, Bradford, Stone Merchant. Nov 28 at 11 at offices of Peel and Co, Hotel, Hanley. Mayer, Burslem Chapel lane, Bradford

Birmingham, William, Plymouth, Bookseller. Dec 6 at 11 at Inns of Court Hotel, HolMoule, James Gaitskell, Castleford, York, Grocer. Nov 30 at 3 at offices of Simpson born. Rooker and Co, Plymouth and Burrefl, Albion st, Leeds

Bowker, John, Lowerhead row, Huddersfield, Grocer, Nov 26 at 10.30 at offices of Ainley Seal, Thomas, St Mark's rd, Notting hill, General Dealer. Dec 5 at 3 at offices of and Hall, New st, Huddersfield Soon and Clarke, Blomfield st

Britten, Alfred Richard, Bow rd, Bow, Butcher. Dec 7 at 3 at offices of Holloway, Nelson, Charles, Pitt st, Kensington. Dec 5 at 12 at offices of Wright, Gt Portland st, Ball's Pond rd, Islington. Cooper and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Regent's park

Brook, George, Holmfirth, York, Stone Merchant. Dec 5 at 3 at offices of Booth, Lane Norton, Henry Edward, Plymouth, Boot Dealer. Dec 3 at 3 at Swan Hotel, Bridge st, end, Holmfirth Bristol. Phillips, Plymouth

Byers, William, Bellmangate, York, Innkeeper. Dec 5 at 11 at offices of Jackson and Owen, Thomas Elias, Glamorgan, Draper. Dec 2 at 12 at 145, Cheapside. Field, Swan. Jackson, Albert rd, Middlesborough

Carroll, Ellen, Hepburn Quay, Durham, Provision Dealer, Dec 5 at 2 at offices of Penson, Alfred Charles, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Water and Gas Fitter. Dec 1 at 3 at Moody, Clayton st, Newcastle on Tyne offices of Chesshyre, Regent st, Cheltenham

Chambers, Charles, Ecclesall, Sheffield, JoinerDec 5 at 3 at offices of Branson and Pirkey, William, Darlington, Durham, Sheep Doctor. Dec 5 at 11 at offices of Wilkes Co, Bank st, Sheffield and Co, Northgate, Darlington

Chilcott, Alfred Perry, Durdham Down, Bristol, Pawnbroker's Assistant. Dec 7 at 12 Porter, George, Lazonby, Cumberland, Coal Merchant. Dec 1 at 11 at offices of Dobin. at offices of Benson and Carpenter, Bank chambers, Corn st, Bristol son and Co, Bank st, Carlisle

Clews, William Hubert, Kidderminster, Book Dealer. Nov 30 at 4 at offices of Miller Powell, William, Cosely, Sedgley, Stafford, Sheet Iron Roller. Nov 30 at 11 at the and Corbett, Church st, Kidderminster Globe Hotel, Mount Pleasant. Fallows, Bilston

Clifford, Morgan, Brooksby's walk, Clapton, Provision Agent. Dec 5 at 11.30 at offices Price, Edward Thomas, Kidderminster, Worcester, Builder. Nov 29 at 3.30 at offices of of Bird, Bedford row Müler and Co, Church st, Kidderminster

Coppen, Richard, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Draper. Dec 5 at 3 at offices of Morris and Richards, George Charles, Webb Heath, Feckenham, Worcester, Solicitor, Dec 1 at Jones, Dale st, Liverpool 12.30 at offices of Eaden, Bennett's hill, Birmingham

Corden, Joseph, Onecote, Stafford, Farmer. Dec 5 at 11 at offices of Redfern, StockRichings, Wotton under Edge, Gloucester, Grocer. Dec 1 at 12 at the Grand Hotel, well st, Leek Broad st, Bristol. Blake, Wotton under Edge

Crick, Francis Richard, Newmarket St Mary, Suffolk, Jeweller. Dec 9 at 4 at offices of Rcberts, Robert, Mold, Flint, Grocer. Dec 1 at 12 at the Green Dragon Hotel, Chester. Ford and Co, Bloomsbury sq Williams, Flint

Croucher, Joseph, Brook Green, Hammersmith, Nurseryman. Dec 12 at 2 at offices of Batherford, William, Hutton Henry, Durham, Farmer. Dec 6 at 11 at offices of Kay, Dowse, New inn, Strand Church st, West Hartlepool

Daubney, Robert Henry, Wainfleet All Saints, Lincoln, Blacksmith. Dec 3 at 12.30 at Beward, John, Holme, Cumberland, Hotel Proprietor, Dec 5 at 2 at offices of Wright, Red Lion Hotel, Boston. Bailes, Boston Bank st, Carlisle. Richardson, Carlisle

Davis, James, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucester, Solicitor's Clerk. Nov 29 at 3 at office of Sharmad, William, Willenhall, stafford, Licensed Victualler. Deç 1 at 3 at offices of Tonkin and Burford, Albion chmbrs, Bristol

Dunsford, John Robert, Willington, Durham, Grocer. Dec 8 at 11.30 at office of Edgar, She ward, William, Denby, Derby, Grocer. Dec 8 at 3 at offices of Briggs, Amen alley, Dupree, George Alfred, Kye lane, Peckham, Tailor. Dec 7 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern,

Siekiemore, Benjamin, Cleve, Isle of Thanet, Kent, Gent. Dec 5 at 3 at George and Gresham st. Shepstone, Lime st
Dragon Hotel, George st, Ramsgate. "Godden, Queen st pl, Cannon st

Holmes, Laura Euphrosini, Talbot rd, Bayswater. Dec 10 at 3 at office of Titley, Orange
Sildron, James, Dewsbury, York, Grocer. Dec 2 at 3 at offices of Stapleton, Union st, grove, Bath Kingsford and Co, Essex st, Strand

Field, William James, Hampstead rd, Draper. Dec 9 at 2 at offices of Stokes, Chancery Smith, John, St George, Gloucester, Beer Retailer. Nov 28 at 12 at offices of Essery, lane Nicholas st, Bristol

Flood. Selina, Atherstone, Warwick, Ironmonger. Dec 2 at 3 at office of Fallows, Cherry Speakman, Isaac, Runcorn, Chester, Chemist. Dec 5 at 2 at ofices of Lyon and Co, st, Birmingham 014 Castle bldgs, Preeson's row, Liverpool

Franklin, George, Windsor, Plumber. Dec 12 at 3 at offices of Cooper and Co, Lincolns Spring, Henry, Ivybridge, Devon, Grocer. Nov 28 at 11 at offices of Arliss, Westwell inn fields st, Plymouth

Garrett, Alfred, Newport, Mon, Furniture Mannfacturer. Deo 3 at 12.30 at Spread Eagle Stepbens, Edwin, Bridgend, Gloucester, Agricultural Machinist. Nov 30 at 2 at Spread Hotel, Gloucester. Evans, Newport Eagle Hotel, Gloucefter. Stochwood, jun., Bridgend

Goldsmith, Henry, Saxlingham, Nethergate, Norfolk, Travelling Draper. Dec 3 at 3 at Stevenson, John, Gloucester, Nail Maker. Dec 1 at 11 at offices of Champnep, College offices of Gaze, Bank st, Norwich ert. Gloucester

Gover, Arthur George, Watney st, Leather Seller. Dec 6 at 2 at offices of Hanson, King ftanes, John, Goldenhill, Stafford, Insurance Agent. Noy 20 at 19 at offices of Ashmall, st, Cheapside. Wetherfield, Queen st, Cheapside Albion st, Hanley

Grant, Felix, Tunstall, Stafford, Auctioneer Dec 2 at 11 at 32, Cheapside, Hanley Startford, Thomas, Laton, Bedford, Blocker. Nov 30 at 3 at John st, Luton. Miller Graham, William, and John Sharp, Bristol, Builders. Dec 7 at 3 at offices of Milne, aad Co, Broad st, bldgs

Caledonian chambers, St Stephen's avenue, Bristol. Benson and Carpenter, Bristol Etargeon, Alfred Pettitt, Stanningfield, Suffolk, Blacksmith. Nov 30 at 11 at offices of Graham, William Richard, Stockton on Tees, out of business. Nov 30 at 2.30 at offices Partridge and Greene, Crown st, Bury St Edmunds

of Best, High st

Greenwood, William, Normanton, York, Blacksmith. Dec 5 at 11 at offices of Lake and Preston, Joseph, Crewe, Chester, Milliner. Dec 9 at 10 at offices of Cooke, Temple chbrs, Lake, Southgate, Wakefield

Oak st, Crewe Grosvenor, William, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Earthenware and China Dealer. Dec Richings, Henry, Walthamstow, Essex, out of business. Dec 6 at 3 at Guildhall Tavern 6 at 3 at offices of Stratton, Queen st, Wolverhampton

Gresham st. Neave, Cheapside Gwillan, George, Bath, Somerset, Dairyman, Dec 7 at 3 at offices of Clark, Union st, Rivolta, Ann Maria Caroline, Priory rd, Kilburn, Dec 7 at 12 at Inns of Court Hotel, Bath

High Holborn. Peacock and Goddard, South sq, Gray's-inn Haigh, John, Slaithwaite, York, Coal Merchant. Dec 5 at 2 at offices of Drake, Russell, Thomas Williamson, Litlington, Cambridge, Farmer. Dec 8 at 11 at George Imperial arcade, Huddersfield

Hotel, Luton, Beds. Times, Hitchin Hall, Henry, Prickwillow, Cambridge, Farmer. Dec 6 at 11 at Bell Hotel, Ely. Shepherd, John, Barnsley, York, Saddler. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of Dibb and Co. Regent Addison, Ely

st, Barnsley Harrison, John Donne, Lambeth sq, Printer. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of Peddell, Guildhall Sims. John, Stanton-by-Bridge, Derby, Farmer. Dec 6 at 2 at offices of Briggs, Albert chambers, Basinghall st

st, Derby Harrison, James, Harborne, Stafford, Farmer. Dec 5 at 12 at offices of Hawkes and Smedley, John, Nottingham, Dealer in Musical Instruments. Dec 5 at 12,30 at offices Weeks, Temple st, Birmingham

of Hughes and Co, Budge row, Cannon st. Wyles, Nottingham Heap, Benjamin, Ashton-on-Mersey, Analytical Chemist. Dec 7 at 3 at offices of Brett Spencer, Isaac, Bradford, Auctioneer. Nov 26 at 1 'at Commercial Hotel, Tyrrell st, and Craven, Kennedy st, Manchester

Bradford Hitchon, Edmund, Cwmrhaiadrbach, Cardigan, Farmer. Dec 7 at 2 at White Horse Stoddart, William, Sunderland, Durham, Boot and Shoe Dealer. Dec 5 at 11 at offices of Hotel, Machynlleth, Montgomery. Rowlands, Machynlleth

Robinson, West Sunniside, Sunderland Hicks, Berkley William, Coventry, Licensed Victualler. Dec 1 at 11 at office of Hughes Stones, Wareham Thomas, Estate and Insurance Agent, Stockport, Lancaster. Dec 6 at and'Masser, Little Park st, Coventry

11 at offices of Brown and Ainsworth, St Peter's gate, Stockport Bolden, George, Galgate, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Dec 8 at 11 at offices of Clark and Co, Summerfield, Samuel, Gt Walford, Chester, Farmer. 'Dec 8 at 12 at Brunswick st, Sun st, Lancaster

Macclesfield. Killminster Hollebane, Calvin, Eastbonrne, Sussex, General Draper. Dec 5 at 12.30 at Inns of Taylor, Edwin, Whitefield, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer. Dec 5 at 11 at offices of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Kirkland and Lilley, Eastbourne

Doyle, Mount st, Manchester Hudson, John Jackson, Kingston upon-Hull, Grocer. Dec 5 at 12 at offices of Nichol. Tickner, John, Harting, Sussex, Farmer. Dec 5 at 12 at Angel Hotel, Midhurst. Mant, son, Scale lane, Kingston-upon-Hull

Storrington Hughes, David, Warrington, Lancaster, Stonemason. Dec 5 at 3 at offices of Davies Thompson, Thomas, Stockton-on-Tees, Basket Maker. Dec 2 at 3 at offices of Lewis, and Co, Market pl, Warrington

Zetland rd, Middlesborough Hughes, George, Kent Green, Chester, Labourer. Dec 6 at 11 at offices of Cooper, Park Underwood, Elias, Girtford, Bedford, Market Gardener. Dec 6 at 11 at Greyhound st, Congleton

Hotel, Sandy. Conquest and Clare Ingham, Richard, Manchester, Tailor. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of Horner and Son, Clarence Underwood, Thomas, Hanley, Stafford, Potter. Dec 2 at 12 at offices of Heaton and st, Manchester

Son, Brickhouse st, Burslem Jarvis, John, Taunton, Somerset, Fishmonger. Nov 30 at 12 at offices of Foster, Cheap- | Umpleby, Thomas, Stockton-on-Tees, Slater. Dec 2 at 3 at offices of Hunton and side, Taunton

Bolsover, High st, Stockton-on-Tees Johnson, Alfred, Northampton, Boot Dealer. Dec 1 at 11 at offices of Jeffery, College Wall, Charles Robert, Bush lane, Coal Merchant. Nov 29 at 2 at offices of Haynes, st, Northampton

Martin's lane, Cannon st Jones, Edward Robert, Lambeth walk, Grocer. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of Birchall, Mark Walker, Arthur James, Halifax, York, Grocer. Dec 5 at 11 at offices of Ingram and lane

Huntriss, Hopwood lane, Halifax Jones, John, Brynaman, Glamorgan, Weaver. Dec 3 at 2 at offices of Williams, King st, Walker, Emma, Earl's Court rd, Ironmonger. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of Wells, PaterLlandilo

noster row Keel, Walter, Reading, Berks, Baker, Dec 6 at 11 at offices of Newman, Friar st, Walker, William, Chatham, Engineer. Dec 3 at 3 at ofices of Stallon, High st, Mile Reading

Town, Sheerness Kerridge, David Edwin, Blo'-Norton, Norfolk, Farmer. Dec 9 at 2 at King's Head Warren, Edward George, Cambridge, Grocer. Dec 5 at 11 at offices of Wayman, Hotel, Diss. Walpole, Bury St Edmunds

Silver st Kitchingman, Joseph Hirst, Heckmondwike, York, Plumber. Dec 7 at 3 at offices of White, Edward Henry Lane, Honiton, Devon, Innkeeper. Dec 7 at 3 at Black Lion Iveson and Macaulay, Heckmondwike

Inn, Honiton. Every, Honiton Lloyd, Charlas, Water lane, Shipping Agent. Nov 30 at 11 at offices of Dobson, Minories Whitehead, James

Morley, Low Burnham, Lincoln, Manager. Dec 3 at 12 at offices of Mace, Vincent, Gloucester, of no occupation, Nov 29 at 11 at offices of Henderson, Parkin and Co, Doncaster Berkeley st, Gloucester

Wigglesworth, Thomas, Whinmoor, Barwick-in-Elmet, York, Farmer, Dec 6 at 1 at Maddocks, Charles, Church Gresley, Derby, Sawyer. Nov 29 at 11 at 137, Station st, offices of Gray, Albion st, Leeds Burton on Trent. Smith, Swadlincote

Wilson, John William, Netherton, Huddersfield, Plumber, Dec 2 at 3 at offices of Main, William, Loughborough, Leicester, Joiner. Dec 6 at 12 at offices of Deane and Booth, John William st, Huddersfield Hands, Townhall passage, Loughborough

Wilson, Richard, Hyde, Wilts, Farmer, Dec 6 at 11 at offices of Kinneir and Tombs, Mannings, Alfred Austin, New Shoreham, Sussex, Watchmaker. Dec 1 at 11 at offices High st, Swindon

of Flowers, Steyning
Masterman, William, Marlborough terrace, Upper Holloway, Costume Manufacturer.

Dec 5 at 4 at Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Godfrey, Highgate rd
Matthews, Frank, Manchester, Plumber. Dec 8 at 11 at offices of Sutton, Cooper st,
Manchester. Sims, Manchester

Matthews, Henry William, Wollaston, nr Stourbridge, Worcester, Journeyman Glass
Cutter. Dec 2 at 3 at offices of Stokes and Hooper,

Priory st, Dudley
McDiarmid, William James, London st, Tailor. Dec 7 at 3 at 145, Cheapside. Nicholls


61 In re The Frank Mills Mining Co... 59 and Grant, Gresham st Merris, Richard William, Oldbury, Worcester, Licensed Victualler.


59 Dec 2 at 11 at

In re Chatterton 53 Marshall v. Berridge ..............

59 offices of Forrest, Church st, Oldbury


Willis v. Watney

59 Middleton, Edward, jun, Yeadon, York, Cloth Manufacturer. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of


54 North and Sons, East parade, Leeds

Anderson v. Liebig's Extract of

CORRESPONDENCE Millett, Charles, Brighton, Builder. Dec 8 at 12 at offices of Stuckey and Co, North st,

Meat Company (Limited)



Huntley v. Link Morrow, Charles, Halifax, York, Gun Maker, Dec 5 at 3 at Queen Hotel, New st, Bir

57 Ex parte Banks..........

Baynton v. Green .............. Ex parte Glegg

57 SOCIETIES.... mingham. Boocock, Halifax

Ex parte The West Riding Union Mould, Thomas, Winkhil, Stafford, Farmer. Dec 2 at 11 at Roebuck Hotel, Leek.


62 Banking Company


63 Redfern, Leek

Harpham v. Shacklock

COMPANIES .......................... Nicklin, Benjamin, Smethwick, Stafford, Sheet Iron Worker. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of

Johnstone v. Cox ..................

CREDITORS' CLAIMS .................. Perry. Ann st, Birmingham

Llanover v. Homfray ..............


64 Noble, Richard, Fenchurch st, Hosier. Dec 9 at 3 at Jamaica Coffee house, Cornhill.

Harlock v. Ashberry

58 LONDON GAZETTES, &C., &o........... Warburton Parfitt, James, Bristol, Oil and Colour Merchant. Dec 5 at 2 at offices of Anstey, John

st, Bristol
Parkes, Isaiah, Brierley Hill, Stafford, Greengrocer. Dec 2 at 3.30 at office of Addison,

High st, Brierley hili
Pipe, John, Bramfield, Suffolk, Farmer, Dec 14 at [2 at Angel Hotel, Halesworth.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENT8.- All communications intended for publication Pollard, Ipswich

in the SOLIC ITORS' JOURNAL must be authenticated by the name and address of Pettit, David, Cambridge, Builder. Dec 5 at 12 at offices of Ellison and Co, Alexandra the writer.

st, Petty Cury, Cambridge Pitcher, William Morgan, Keynsham, Somerset, Grocer. Dec 2 at 12 at office of Collins,

The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the return of rejected communi. Broad st, Bristol. Clifton and Carter, Bristol

cations. Prentis, Walter, Sittingbourne, Corn Merchant. Dec 7 at 12 at offices of Gibson, West The Publisher requests that early application should be made by persons

st, Sittingbourne Prockter, Bryan John, Gateshead, Glue Manufacturer. Dec 5 at 2 at offices of Robson, desirous of obtaining back numbers of the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, as only a small Townhall, Gateshead-on-Tyne

number of copies remain on hand.



59 59 60

58 58 58 58

63 63

.... 64


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Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder,
Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality'


HEDOZONE. with the excess of fat extracted. The Faculty pronounce it "the most nutritious, per.

BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT, fectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the A PURE, SPARKLING, REFRESHING BEVESupper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children.”

Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c.


RECOMMENDED BY THE HIGHEST MEDICAL AUTHORITY. Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits CORPORATION ROBES, UNIVERSITY & CLERGY GOWNS, N.B.-Where any difficulty arises in obtaining the all palates, keeps better in all climates, and is four times


ORIGINAL HEDOZONE, a sample case containing Six the strength of cocoas THICKENED yet WEAKENED with

Dozen half-bottles will be sent, carriage paid, on receipt starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER than such Mixtures. 94 CHANCERY LANE, LONDON. of 36s. Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful AMPTON & SONS make NO CHARGE

PACKHAM & CO. (LIMITED), CROYDON. to a Breakfast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny.

for inserting particulars in their FREE MONTHLY COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, REGISTER of ESTATES, TOWN and COUNTRY THURCH PREFERMENT WANTED, cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when HOUSES, Furnished or Unfurnished, or for Sale, to be Private patrons, interested in the legitimate sale, by richer chocolate is prohibited.

hed GRATIS at their Offices, or post-free for two stamps. private treaty, of advowsons, presentations, &c., in favour In tin packets at 1s. 6d., 3s., 58. 6d., &c., by Chemists Published on the 1st of the month, and particulars for of well-recommended clergymen, should refer to the and Grocers.

insertion should be sent not later than five days previous PRIVATE PATRONS' GAZETTE, edited by Mr. W. Charities on Special Terms by the Solo Proprietors, to end of preceding month.

EMERY STARK, Associate Institute of Actuaries, Valuations for Probate and Transfer. Surveys.

F.R.G.S., &c. Post-free for six stamps. — Address, H. SCHWEITZER & CO, 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. Estate and Auction Offices, 8, Pall Mall East, s.w. Messrs W. EMERY STARK, 23, Bedford-street, Strand,


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The Solicitors' Journal



depth and subtlety with which he tracked the fundamental CURRENT TOPICS.

principles, the practical results, and the legal analogies involved in the matters brought before him for decision; the frankness with

which he admitted ignorance and accepted information on LORD CAIRNS will preside at the judicial sittings of the House points where a mind less sure of itself might be tempted of Lords next week.

to affect knowledge; the penetration with which he reached the heart and substance of a case; the moral vigour and broad

good sense with which he brushed aside all fringe, subterfuge, VICE-CHANCELLOR Hall announced on Wednesday that he and evasion ; and, perhaps above all, the mingled strength and will not before the Christmas Vacation hear any witness causes kindliness with which he administered the difficult and anxious beyond those already in his paper.

duties of a criminal judge. A judicial career of five and twenty years, in which these qualities, always exhibited, seemed eventually

to gain in fulness and maturity, will explain the ardour and THE LORD CHANCELLOR returned to town on Monday last, enthusiasm with which all—from his contemporaries down to those and on Tuesday heard three Chancery applications at his resi- who, as he humorously said, had been not only professionally dence in Portland-place. We are glad to learn that his lord- but naturally born since he first took his seat on the bench ship's health has apparently been completely re-established. united in celebrating his retirement with their affectionate fare


A NOTICE has been issued, which will be found in another

WE WERE PREMATURE in stating some weeks ago, on the column, on the subject of entering chancery causes and marking authority of the speeches of the promoters, that the Manchester them "short,” and by the same notice it is directed that no cause Tribunal of Arbitration was in full working order as regarded which has been in the paper of the day, or is within twelve of the arbitrators, rules, and scale of fees. It now appears that last cause in the paper, is to be marked to stand over by consent. the only portion of the tribunal which was then in full working The occasion for this notice is the common practice of allowing order was the solitary suitor. We trust he will not be so uncauses to get into the paper before the parties are ready for the reasonable as to blame the Organization Committee for delay, or trial, and then, the day before the cause is in the paper, or even require his money to be returned on the ground that no performon the very day, bringing a consent to the cause standing over; ance has taken place. Independently of the consideration that a the result being that the judge's cause paper breaks down. The few weeks' delay might result in the appearance of another suitor, effect of the new direction will be that a cause in the paper not there are many questions requiring prolonged and renewed inready for hearing will be struck out, and the plaintiff will have vestigation before the new system of judicature can be launched. to pay a new fee for entering it for hearing. Solicitors will For instance, although the scale of fees was stated weeks ago to require in future to keep a careful eye on the cause books.

have been “arranged,” the Organization Committee have been "fully discussing " the subject, some of the volunteer judges pre

ferring “not to have any fee at all,” while others rather preA VERY UNUSUAL ACT OF LARCENY is supposed to have been ferred to have a fee. Again, the question of the presence of the committed at the Royal Courts of Justice; one of the Chancery registrar at the sittings of the court gave rise to “diversity of Cause Books being missing. It has bitherto been the practice to opinion,” some apprehension being felt (as we gather from the allow these books to lie on the table of room 136, in order to proceedings at the meeting on Monday last) lest the registrar enable persons to search them and discover how causes stand with should become “the master of the situation,” the arbitrators reference to the probable time of their being tried, and it would occupying “a subsidiary position”; while, on the other hand, cause great inconvenience if it should become necessary to make one of the volunteer judges emphatically declared that “ he should more stringent regulations. It is difficult to see what reason any not defer in any respect to the opinion of the registrar.” We one could have for covering such a book, for the contents are cannot help thinking that the latter is the more consistent view. not of a fascinating character, and the value of the parchment on The registrar is a solicitor, and therefore more or less hampered wbich they are written can hardly be supposed to afford a sufficient with antiquated notions relating to what is and what is not evidmotive for theft. These books being the principal records of ence, and what is and what is not justice. His presence will have a causes set down for hearing, it is very troublesome to collect the tendency to shut out to some extent that light of nature by which materials from which they have been compiled from day to day, the arbitrators are to decide the case of the solitary suitor and his and transcribe them afresh in a new book. This has already been possible successors. We therefore think that the decision in done in the case of the missing book, but of course it is open to favour of admitting the registrar to all the sittings of the court doubt whether the new record contains everything which was in should be remitted for further incubation by the Organization the missing one.

Committee. Another important question which engaged the attention of the meeting on Monday was that of luncheon. Mr.

Dodds stated that * from what he knew, he believed that luncheon TIL BANQUET given by the bar to Sir G. W. BRAMWELL on

was a principal part of legal arbitrations," and this statement is his retirement from the bench was a fitting termination for a reported to have been received with a sympathetic “ hear, hear.” Kreat career. The expressions used with reference to him by the The matter, however, had not been overlooked by the Organization Attorney-General on the part of the bar may be adopted by the Committee, and the chairman stated that, “ in the case of arbitrawhole profession and by the public. No doubt those who knew tions conducted in connection with the chamber, no charge would him most can best appreciate the ascendency of his personal be made for luncheon.” With a fee of two guineas per day and qualities, but no one acquainted with the business of the courts a gratuitous lunch provided, all difficulty in obtaining the services can have failed to notice the unvarying candour with which he of Manchester merchants as judges will, doubtless, be removed, more than appreciated every argument raised before him which but the anxious question of how to attract the suitor remains had even the semblance of reason in it, and rejected it only after unsolved. Could not he also be offered a gratuitous and sumphaving set it in a more persuasive form than the advocate ; the tuous lunch?


In a

THE EXTRAORDINARY RUSH CASES bearing upon points connected with the disclaimer of a lease by a trustee in bank- THE LEGAL ASPECT OF THE PROPOSED ruptcy, which was headed by the rather recent case of Smalley v.

CHANNEL TUNNEL. Hardinge (29 W. R. 555), might almost suggest a doubt whether their previous rarity may be due to the omissions of the We observe that a Bill is being promoted for the purpose of reporters. In commenting upon the case of Ex parte Walton acquiring powers with a view to the construction of a tunnel (L. R. 17 Ch. D. 746), we lately pointed out that the decision in under the Channel. It seems to us that if this enterprize is ever that case does not conflict with the decision in Smalley v. Har- carried to a successful termination, nice questions of law may dinge. But it is equally true that there is nevertheless something arise with regard thereto. In the case of inland streams or waters, discordant between their respective rationes decidendi. Smalley there is, except with regard to tidal estuaries, a presumption that v. Hardinge went upon the principle of giving its strict legal the bed of the stream or water belongs to the riparian proprietors meaning to the word “ surrender" in section 23 of the Act. But usque ad medium filum; but then such streams and waters form Ex parte Walton, where the Court of Appeal held that such a part of the realm, and it is, of course, common knowledge that no constructive surrender operates only to relieve the estate of the such presumption applies to any part of the bed of the sea, which bankrupt from liability, and does not prevent the bankrupt's is not part of any realm. The Franconia case led to a very full lessor from enforcing against the bankrupt's underlessee cer- discussion of the jurisdiction of the Queen over the adjacent sea, tain rights in rem arising upon the bankrupt's lease, which and although, for certain purposes, a belt of sea surrounding the is “deemed to have been surrendered," manifestly departs land for a certain distance is considered as within the jurisdiction, from the strict meaning of the word. case (Ex parte this is only for certain purposes of a limited nature. Is the Glegg) reported by us last week (p. 57) the Court of Appeal has tunnel to be considered as belonging usque ad medium filum to the made a return to the stricter interpretation. In this case the lease two countries of France and England, and if so, why? The soil which had been disclaimed contained a stipulation that the lessee through which it is being constructed certainly does not so belong might remove his trade fixtures at any time “ within twelve at present. Then why should the tunnel do so? We have here months from the expiration or other sooner determination of the a question that really involves points of great interest to those term." Before the disclaimer, but after the adjudication, the ingenious persons who speculate on the original theoretical basis trustee had sold the fixtures. The Court of Appeal held, reversing of all rights of property or other rights. It may be suggested the decision of Bacon, V.C., that, since a surrender, if made at the that, so far as the private property in the tunnel is concerned, time of adjudication, to which the disclaimer is referred back by the tunnel, being something reclaimed or occupied out of that the Bankruptcy Act, would have terminated not only the demise which was originally waste and occupied by none in particular, itself but every stipulation therein contained, the disclaimer had a proprietary right arises by reason of first occupancy. But operated as from that date to destroy the lessee's right to remove this, again, leaves the chief difficulty unsolved. It might be that the fixtures, and that the lessor was entitled to the proceeds of their the property in the tunnel would be that of the constructors, but sale. The decision is manifestly right, for it would be absurd to that would not determine in what proportion it was to be conhold that, while the bankrupt and his estate and his trustee are sidered as forming part of the two realms. It would only be as relieved from liability uuder the onerous provisions, they may if an English company had purchased so much land in France for enforce the beneficial provisions of a lease.

the purposes of some enterprize. It might be suggested that upon the construction of the tunnel the soil of it, usque ad medium filum, became part of the territory of each realm ex necessitate rei. To

employ an analogy : suppose, for instance, an earthquake suddenly AN IMPORTANT QUESTION of registration law, which we have throws up an isthmus connecting England and France, we suppose on more than one occasion discussed, has been recently decided by international lawyers must have a theory applicable to such an the Queen's Bench Division. It appears to have been decided in inconvenient occurrence. conformity with the opinion we have expressed, and to have turned on the considerations indicated by us as those which would arise that must have a solution, and it seems to us that nothing

But, apart from jesting, if the tunnel ever exists questions will govern the case.

We allude to the question as to the right of an short of an Act of Parliament and a treaty can solve them. occupier of one or more rooms in a house not structurally severed Suppose, for instance, a German murders an Italian in the middle to the franchise as the occupier of a dwelling-house. The court of the tunnel, or a French policeman arrests an Englishman, were clearly of opinion that where such an occupier had an wanted for an offence in France, on the English side of the independent occupation of the room or rooms, providing his own medium filum ? This latter case is conceivable, though not very furniture, and not being provided with any attendance by the land, likely. The Englishman might be on his way to France, and the lord, his occupation was that of an inhabitant householder, and French detective, watching him in the same carriage, might, not that of a lodger ; and that consequently he was entitled to the fearing his escape or something of the sort, seize him too soon. franchise, independently of any question of the annual value of The case of a criminal offence committed in the tunnel might easily his occupation. The effect of this decision is in many places to happen. A collision, through criminal negligence, causing death enfranchise thousands of persons. discussing the provisions of the Parliamentary and Municipal might occur. Very nice questions of fact, too, might arise as to the

in Registration Act, that it was really a most improper thing that a

so whether in England or France. Take a case like that of the provision substantially affecting the qualification should be intro- murder of Gold by Lefroy. The process of murder apparently duced in an omnibus Bill principally dealing with matters of continued some time. No other person being present, how would mere machinery. We believe that this provision, in consequence, it be possible to say at what time the death-stroke was given or passed practically without discussion, and that its important the death occurred ? This kind of difficulty is, of course, character was not at the time realized. It has, after the recent provided for by legislation in the case of different parts of the decision, dawned upon some of our contemporaries that such a United Kingdom, but such legislation would not apply to the provision ought not to have been introduced in the manner in

tunnel. The inside of the tunnel being dark, and there being which it was; and the mode in which it became law is therefore nothing to mark the distance traversed, it would depend on the now severely criticised.

vaguest impressions of a person offended against, or of others present, if any, at what point the offence was committed. One can well imagine how a defending counsel would revel in the

All these difficulties Wednesday was the last day for depositing plans appended to private Bille possibilities of defence thus suggested. to be introduced into Parliament next session. The number of plans so might be to some extent got rid of by concerted legislation on the deposited at the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons was, “ays the part of the two countries concerned, though it seems quite likely Times, 310, a larger number than has been received there for fourteen or that delicate questions might arise that would require careful fiftecn years.

of the total, 127 were for railways, 35 for tramways, handling to prevent mutual soreness and ill-feeling. These miscellaneous, and 60 for provisional orders. Last session (1881) there were deposited 87 railway, 17 tramway, 52 miscellaneous Bille, and 88 provisional things may appear trifles at a period when our relations with orders.

France are very friendly, but supposing, as unfortunately it is


not absurd to suppose, that a period of very strained relations issuing of process is effectual, and brings the defendant to subwas to arise at any time, matters of this sort are not so easily mission, or perhaps to bankruptcy; and this effect depends little, or handled.

not at all, on the form of the writ. The second and third-the With the military objections to the construction of the tunnel, judgments by default (of appearance) and judgments under order and the possibility of obviating them, it is not within our province 14-may be taken to represent the effect of the specially-indorsed to deal, but speaking generally, both with regard to them and to writ, which was taken over from the Common Law Procedure Act, the legal difficulties referred to above, it does appear to us an 1852. The second and third classes make up 35.44 per cent. of anomaly that it should be open to mere private speculators, with actions commenced ; and the three classes together account for the help of a private Act of Parliament, to effect a change in the 61:12 per cent. of the whole. natural geographical condition of things of such a large extent But it must be pointed out that the remaining heads disclose as may conceivably be of moment to the realm of England as a two remarkable facts; (1) that 35·10 per cent. of actions comSovereign State. Whether a tunnel should be made, thereby menced are in some way settled in the course of litigation ; (2) largely modifying the effect of the silver streak, is a question of that of the remainder, amounting to no more than 3.78 per cent. great national importance, and one which ought to be discussed of the whole, those decided in court for the plaintiffs bear to those by the Imperial Legislature as a public question. We pronounce so decided for the defendants a proportion of less than five to two, no opinion on its desirability or otherwise; all we say is that it is while as to those decided before masters and official referees, and no mere question for private speculators to deal with. things which are not distinguished here according to their event, it may are now going on, we shall some day find the tunnel half way to be fairly assumed that the same proportion exists. Both facts completion before the public aspect of the question has been con- point in the same direction. The number of practically undefended sidered. As lawyers, we conceive that this matter is very cognate actions which are brought to trial has vastly diminished since the to our special science. As a matter of public law, it does not seem days when it used to be assumed that in nine out of every ten to us to be right that the matter should be dealt with—or rather actions tried the plaintiff must win, and when of those in which not dealt with—in this happy-go-lucky fashion. Surely before a he failed his failure was in numerous instances due not to merits scheme of this sort is practically accomplished by irresponsible but to technicality. But what has become of the 35:10 per cent. speculators some consideration ought to take place of the legal of settled actions? As to their results we have no statistics, but relations and difficulties that may arise between two Sovereign their large proportion gives us at least a fair reason for thinking States in consequence. When a quantity of capital has been that the interlocutory proceedings in the action are effectual to sunk in the tunnel it will be difficult, and hardly fair to the share- show to one side or the other what must be the inevitable result of holders, to interfere with the realization of the project.

carrying the case to trial. We do not then gather from these statistics any reason for starting with a mistrust and suspicion of the existing system; but rather the reverse.

It is, however, with some astonishment that we read the inferTHE PROCEDURE COMMITTEE'S REPORT.ence (is it to be so called ?) drawn by the committee from the

class of settled cases. V.

In the 20,804 cases which, as appeared from the statistics of 1879, were In perusing that part of the report which deals with the conduct either settled or abandoned without being taken into court, it may reasonably of an action in its course through the court of first instance, and be supposed that pleadings were of little use.” examining the sweeping alterations in procedure which the com- Why may it be reasonably so supposed ? We should rather mittee propose, it is impossible to banish altogether from our reasonably suppose the contrary. If pleadings are, as is commonly minds the thought that the present system has been in operation understood, the statements by the parties of their respective cases, for a period of very little more than six years; that the change they furnish the very ground-work of the settlement; and the effected by its introduction was very great; and that such a assumption made by the committee amounts to saying that litichange, enforcing on judges, officials and practitioners alike the gants are as likely to settle in the dark as in the light, without or adoption of new methods, and inviting, during the early stages of with the knowledge of one another's cases, and without or with its history, new experiments, was certain to make the conduct of being put to state in black and white what they will respectively litigation in some respects more difficult and uncertain, and as a have to prove if they go to trial. And if we were to extend the necessary consequence more costly. And, therefore, although a inference to be drawn from these settled cases to other parts of the clearly-proved defect calls for the application of a clearly-proved legal machinery, we should be justified in adding as more than a remedy, if such there be, it is with a reasonable reluctance that reasonable supposition ” that discovery (which it may, perhaps, we contemplate the remodelling of a structure so lately erected, be desirable to draw within stricter limits) has been frequently the prospect of a new era of trying and learning, and the necessity effectual in producing the settlement, by making the parties of a new adjustment of methods, and it is with a somewhat acquainted, before incurring the expense of a trial, with matters critical scepticism that we must regard the proofs offered of the which, without it, they would have learned for the first time when failure of the lately-established system.

they were before the court. Turning then, in the first place, to the statistics by which the The question, however, still remains whether this result has success and failure of the existing system is to be tested, we find not been attained at too great a cost; and this question is the that for the year 1879—that is, the fourth year after the Acts and key-note of the whole of this part of the report. Nor will Rules came into operation—the results stated by the committee are anyone doubt either that the question is of the utmost importance, as follow :

or that the existing state of things raises it. Those recommenda"In the year 1879 there were issued in the divisions of the High Court in tions, therefore, ought first to be considered which go most London-writs, 59,659. Of the actions thus commenced, there were settled

directly to this point. Of these the chief in importance is as without appearance, 15,372—i.€., 25.68 per cent. ; by judgment by default,

follows:16, 967—i.e., 28-34 per cent.; by judgment under order 14, 4,251-i.e., 7.10 “ 20. When the amount recovered in an action for a more money demand, per cent. ; total of practically undefended causes, 36,590—i.e., 61:12 per cent. ; or for damages only, is less than £200, the plaintiff's costs shall be toxed on Cases unaccounted for, and therefore presumably settled or abandoned after some a lower scale, to be fixed by rules and orders; and the same scale shall be litigation, 20,804–1.e., 35:10 per cent. The remaining cases were thus applied to the defendant's costs, where the plaintiff's claim is under £200. accounted for:-Decided in court-for plaintiffs, 1,232; for defendante, 521 ; Where the subject-matter of the appeal is less than £200, there shall be no before masters and official referees, 512—total, 2,265 ;-that is, 3.78 of the appeal from any final judgment of the judge without leave.

Neither party actions brought.”

shall be entitled to have such actions tried by special jury ; but a judge shall

have power, either before or after trial, to order that any or all of those pro. Upon these figures, the committee found the satisfactory con- visions shall not be applicable to any action in which a larger amount is inclusion that “the writ in its present form was effective in bring-directly involved, or to which, for good cause shown, he shall consider that ing defendants to a settlement at a small cost,” and needs no they, or any of them, ought not to apply.” amendment or addition. Now, it is to be observed that it is only Confining our attention to the question of scale, we may observe on the first three heads, or more properly on the second and third that the fact that this recommendation has apparently been in only, that this conclusion is founded. The first class-actions substance accepted by the Council of the Incorporated Law settled without appearance--represents the cases in which the mere Society is, considering its subject matter, a fact of much signi

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