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minster and at Trinity College, Cambridge. He was called to the bar at TYLLWYD AND DYNEVOR COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Chitty, J., has fixed Friday, the Middle Temple in Easter Term, 1877, and he is a member of the

Aug 18, at 12, at the chambers of the Vacation Judgo, for tho appointment of an |


official liquidator Oxford Circuit. Mr. Northcote has been for several years one of the staff WALA WYNAAD INDIAN GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.--By an order made by of the WEEKLY REPORTER.

Chitty, J., dated July 27, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Abrahams

and Co, Old Jewry, solicitors for the petitioner Mr. JUSTICE Mutter, of the High Court of Judicatore at Caloutta, has

[Gazette, Aug. 8.] been appointed to act as Chief Justice of Bengal during the absence of Sir


BELLE VUE FREETOLD LAND SOCIETY. -Petition for winding up, presented Aug 2, Richard Garth,

directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, at the Court of Hall, V.C., on Aug 16. Mr. HOWEL JEFFREY8 has been appointed Revising Barrister for Breck. Hickin and Graham, Serjeants' inn, Floet st, agents for Allen, Sheffield, solicitor for

the petitioner pcckghire and Radnorshire. Mr. Jeffreys was called to the bar at Lincoln's.

[Gazette, Aug. 4.) inn in Michaelmas Term, 1870.



DALTON PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY,-Petition for winding up, presented Borough of Poole, in succession to Mr. Gabriel Prior Goldney, who has been Aug 3, directed to be heard at St George's Hall, Liverpool, on Aug 14. Beaumont and appointed Remembrancer to the Corporation of London. Mr. Bompas is the Rigby, Manchester, solicitors for the petitioner son of the late Mr. Sergeant Bompas. He was educated at St. John's,

[Gazette, Aug. 4.]

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. Cambridge, where he graduated as fifth wrangler in 1858. He also graduated FEMALE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, National School, Sidmouth, Devon. Aug 1 LL.B, at the University of London in 1862. He was called to the bar at the LITTLE LONDON FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Little London Baptist Schoolrooms, Willenhall, Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1863, and be is a member of the Western Stafford. Aug 1 Circuit. Mr. Bompas became a Queen's Counsel in 1877. He is a bencber of


| Barnoldswick, York. Aug 1 the Inner Temple, and in 1880 he was a commissioner to inquire into the

(Gazette, Aug. 4.] existence of corrupt pructices in the Borough of Kparesborough.

Mr. MACKENZIE DALZELL CHALMERS has been appointed one of the Revising
Barristers for the County of Kent. Mr. Chalmers was called to the bar at the
Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1869, and he is a member of the South
Eastern Circuit.
Mr. CHARLES STUBB9, barrister, LL.D., bas been appointed Secretary to the

CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. Society for the Codification of the Law of Nations, in succession to the late

LAST DAY OF PROOF. Mr. Henry Jenoken. Mr. Stubbs was educated at St. Paul's School, and at

MOORE, ESTIER, Station Hotel, Huddersfield. Sept 1. Bottomley v Warhurst, Chitty,

J. Dyson, Huddersfield Corpus Christi Coilege, Cambridge, where he graduated in the third class of RUMBOLL, HENRY, Lawrence lano, Stuff Merchant. Sept 1. Rumboll v Ramboll, Kay, the law and history tripos in 1873, and he afterwards proceeded to the degree J. Chandler, Bishopsgate st Within of LL.D. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity Term,

TADMAN, WILLIAM, Barnet, Plumber. Sept 30. Simpson v Mould, Kay, J. Mould,

Gt James st, Bedford row 1874.

WILLIAMS, DAVID OWEN, Festiniog, Merioneth, Quarryman. Sept 20. Williams v

Williams, Kay, J. Casson, Portmadoo Mr. ARTHUR BROWNE, solicitor and deputy-coroner for the borough of

WINN, Thomas, Allesley, Coventry, Farmer. Sept 30. Winn y Winn, Kay, J. Smith Nottingham, bas been appointed & Commissioner to administer Oaths in

and Co, Bread st, Cheapside England.

WRIGIT, ARTHUR JAMES, Chichester, Auctioneer. Sept 6. Kemp v Wright, Chitty, J.
Bostock, Horsham


Birkenhead (R. B. Moore & Tuttell).

The said business will be carried on by

BAILEY, AMELIA, Moss Sido, near Manchester. Oct 1. Rylanco, Manchester the said Robert Bendle Moore on his separate account.

BARLOW, CHARLES, Manchester, Solicitor. Sept 30. Jones, Manchester
[Gazet le, August 1.) CUTI BERT, THOMAS, Kinsalo, Cork, Esq. Aug 30. Woodhouse, Gray's inn sa

DONKIN, SAMUEL, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Silk Mercer, Sept 1. Chartres and Co, New.

castle-upon-Tyno DUNBAR, JAMES, Princes st, Hanover sq. Jan 31. Poole and Co, Chancery lane GRUBBE, JAMES ANDREW HUNT, Freemantlo, Southampton, Aug 14. Buckley, Hamp

ton Wick
HERSCHELL, ESTIER, Westbourne terrace. Sept 15. Ware and Hawes, Great Win.

chester st
HOLT, HANNAH, Bradford. Sept 7. Hutchinson, Bradford

HORNER, EMILY, Addington rd, Bow. Sept I. Baddley, Leman st

HUGHES, CHARLOTTE GUNTON, Streatham, Surrey. Aug 26. Cheesman, Sorjeants' inn,

Chancery lane

JONES, RICHARD HENRY, Holford sq, Gent. Aug 31. Wansey and Bowen, Moorgato st LIMITED IN CHANCERY. AMYLINE COMPANY, LIMITED,-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 30, to send

KERSHAW, JOIN, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancaster, Gent. Aug 4. Hampson, Ashton.

under-Lyne names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to William

MANLEY, WILLIAM HEWITT, Bridport, Dorset, Solicitor. Oct 1. Loggin and Nantes, Waddell, 1, Queen Victoria st. Wednesday, Oct 25 at 11, is appointed for hearing and

Bridport adjudicating upon the debts and claims

MILLINGTON, MARY ANN, Emperor's gato, South Kensington. Sept 29. Reyroux and CAKEMORE BRICKWORKS AND COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED, -Petition for winding up,

Co, Cannon st presented Aug 2, directed to be heard before tho Vacation Judge at the Court of Hall

MORBALL, Rev CYRUS, Plas Yolyn, Salop. Aug 31. Robinson and Co, Lincoln's inn V.O., on Aug 16. Rogers and Chave, Queen Victoria st, solicitors for the petitioner

fields CARTA PARA GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Aug 4, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge at the Court of Hall, V.C., on

ORD, WILLIAM GEORGE HENRY, Bowdon, Chester, Gent. Sopt 16. Ormerod and Allen,

Manchester Aug 16. Beall and Co, Queen Victoria st, solicitors for the petitioner

Power, NICHOLAS WILFRED, Newton Hall, Monmouth, Esq. Sept 16. Lucas, Great CARTA PARA GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED, --Petition for winding up, presented Aug

Yarmouth 3, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, by special leave of Kay, J, on Aug

VICKERS, HENRY, Sheffield, Gent. Sept 2. Vickers and Co, Sheffield 16. Kimber, Walbrook, solicitor for the petitioners CEXTRAL WYNAAD GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up, pre

WHITTON, HENRY, Sheffeld, Steel Manufacturer. Aug 29. Stacey, Shoffield sented Aug 2, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, in the Court of Hall,

s Gazette, July 28.) V.C., on Aug 16. Snell and Co, Georgo st, Mansion House, solicitors for the peti

CITY SYNDICATE, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., dated July 25, it was

ordered that the voluntary winding up of the syndicate be continued. Courtenay and
Co, Gracechurch st, solicitors for the petitioners
sented Jaly 31, directod to be heard before Chitty, J., on Nov 4. Kerly, Gt Winches.
tor st, solicitor for the petitioner

Joux BAGNALL AND Sons, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., dated July 25, it
was ordered that the voluntary winding up be continued. Tucker and Lake, Serle st,

Thursday, the 10th day of August, 1882. Lincoln's inn, agents for Wragge and Co, Birmingham, solicitors for the petitioners Whereas by the order dated the 30th day of June, 1882, making provision TEYNHAM BRICK COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Aug 1, for the hearing and determining during the absence on circuit of the Honoor

directed to be heard before Bacon, V.C., on Nov 4. Brooks, Old Jewry, agent for Ward, Maidenhead, solicitor for the petitioners

able Sir Edward Fry, one of the justices of the High Court of Justice, the VASA MURRNINA GLASS COMPANY, LIMITED,-By an order made by Bacon, V.C.. dated | causes and matters then pending before the said judge, it was ordered that all

July 15, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Snell and Co, George st, such causes and matters should be for all purposes transferred until further Mansion House, solicitors for the petitioner

order to the Honourable Sir Edward Ebenezer Kay, one of the justices of the [Gazette, Aug. 4.7

High Court. And whereas it has been represented to me that as the circuit ADERDARE RHONDDA STEAM COAL COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up.

has now terminated, it is expedient that the re-transfer hereinafter directed sented Aug 4, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, sitting for Fry, J., Aug 16. Williams and Graham, Laurence Pountney hill, agents for Brittan' and Co,

should be made, I, the Right Honourable Roundell Baron Selborne, Lord Bristol, solicitors for the petitioner

High Chancellor of Great Britain, do therefore order that the causes and BANK OF PORT ELIZABETH, LIMITED.-By an order made by Bacon, V.C., dated July 29,

matters by the said order dated the 30th day of June, 1882, transferred from it was ordered that the Bank be wound up. Carter, solicitor for the petitioner DEVALA PROVIDENT GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, p

the said Mr. Justice Fry to the said Mr. Justice Kay, be re-transferred from sented July 31, directed to be heard before Chitty. J.. on Nov 4. Kerly. Great 'Win- / the said Mr. Justice Kay to the said Mr. Justice Fry, and be marked in the chester st, solicitor for the petitioner

cause books accordingly. And this order is to be drawn up by the registrar INDIAN CO-OPERATIVE AGENCY, LIMITED.-Chitty, J., has fixed Thursday, Aug 17 at 12, at tho chambers of Hall, V.C., for the appointment of an official liquidator

and set up in the several offices of the Chancery Division of the High Court MERIONETH MINING AGENCY COMPANY, LIMITED,-Petition for winding up, presented of Justice.

SELBORNE, C. Aug 2, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, in Hall, V.C.'s Court, on Aug

16. Clarke and Co, Lincoln's inn flelds, solicitors for the petitioner SOUTI D'ERESBY MOUNTAIN LEAD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., dated July 29, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Inderwick,

It is stated that Lord Coleridge has accepted an invitation from the New Bedford row, solicitor for tho petitioner

York bar to visit their city next year.





At the Stock and Share Auction Company's sale, held on the 10 th inst., at HOUSE OF LORDS.

their sale-room, Crown-court-building, Old Broad-street, E.O., the following Aug. 3.-Bills Read a Second Time.

were among the prices obtained :-Sortridge Copper Mining Company £1 Electrio Lighting; Turnpike Acts Continuance.

shares, 3s. 6d.; Junior Army and Navy Stores £i shares, 103. ; Prince of Bills Read a Third Time.

Wales Mine, 75. 60.; West Crebor Mine, 123. ; Jerusalem (Limited) £10 A PRIVATE Bills.— Tilbury and Gravesend Tunnel Railway Junction ; South

shares, £9 10s. ; Sovereign Life Assurance Company $10 shares, £2 153, Eastern Railway (Various Powers).

paid 10s. to 15$. ; Mostyn Consols Silver Lead Company £1 shares, 12s. ; Aug. 4,-Bill in Committee.

Rhodes Reef Gold Miniog Company £1 shares, 10s. ; and other miscellaneous Turnpike Acts Continuance.

securities fet ched fair prices.
Bills Read a Third Time.
PRIVATE BILLS.-Severn-bridge and Forest of Dean Central Railway;
Church Fenton, Cawood, and Wistow Railway; Chad derton Improvement;
Derby Corporation.

Bills of Sale Act (1878) Amendment.

Aug. 15.-Messrs. CHARLES ELLIS, Son, & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Aug. 7.-Bills Read a Second Time.

and Leasehold Properties (see advertisements, July 22, p. 6, and Aug. 5, p. 4). PRIVATE Bills.-Dover Harbour; Metropolitan Street Improvements Act Aug. 16.-Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m. (1877) Amendment ; Ionian Bank.

Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisements, July 29, p. 4, and this Municipal Corporations ; Customs and Inland Revenue.

week, p. 2). Bill Read a Third Time. Wimbledon and West Metropolitan Junction Railway.

Aug. 8. -Bill Read a Second Time.
Poor Law Amendment.

Bilis Read a Third Time.

PRIVATE BILLS. - Latimer.road and Acton Railway; Hull, Barnsley, and | ANDERSON-MORSHEAD.-July 30, at 18, Westwick-gardens, West Kensington.
West Riding Junction Railway and Dock (Huddersfield, &c.); London and park, W., the wife of John Yonge Anderson-Morshead, of the Middle Temple,
South-Western and Metropolitan District Railway Companies (Kingston and barrister-at-law, of a son.
London Railway); Macclesfeld Corporation ; Bolton Improvement ; Black Jele.- Aug. 6, at Oak House, Carlton-road, Putney, the wife of Arthur Richard
burn Improvement ; Derby Corporation.

Jelf, Q.C., of a son. Turopiko Acts Continuance ; Customs and Ioland Revenue.

REYNOLDS.—July 27, at Melrose, Hornsey-lane, N., the wife of Frank Wm.

Reynolds, solicitor,' of a daughter.

SEBASTIAN.-Ang. 4, at Heathcote, Brownlow-road, Redhill, the wife of Lewis

Boyd Sebastian, barrister-at-law, of a son.
Aug. 3.-Bills Read a Second Time.

STEWART.-Aug. 1, at 12, Victoria-road, Eltham, S.E., the wife of F. F. M. Mercantile Marine Fund (Charges) ; Friendly Sucieties.

Stewart, solicitor, of a son.
Bills in Committee.
Allotments; Reserve Forces Acts Consolidation; Militia Acts Consolidation ;

Artizans' Dwellings; Government Annuities and Assurance ; Parcel Post.

ELLIS-MORTLOCK.-July 26, at Meldreth, Cambridge, Hubert 0. S. Ellis, Bills Read a Third Time.

B.A, LL.B , barrister-at-law, to Emily Vere, daughter of John G. Mortlock, Private Bills.-Dartmouth Harbour Improvement ; Rhonuda and Swansea

judr., of Meldreth Court.

ELLIS-SCHOLEFIELD.-Aug. 3, at St. Peter's Church, Cranley-gardens, Charles Bay Railway.

James Gregson Ellis, barrister-at-law, to Mildred Agnes, daughter of Cotterill Čustoms and Inland Revenue.

Scholefield, of 2, Cranley-gardens, South Kensington.
Bill Withdrawn.

Mills-JONES.-July 22, at St. Butolph Churcb, Bishopsgate-street, George Settlement and Removal Law Amendment.

Gordon Mills, M.Å., barrister-at-law, Toronto and Winnipeg, Canada, to Aug. 4.- Bills in Committee.

Caroline Jones, daughter of T. Oliver Jones, J P., of Olive Hill, Gawler, South Government Annuities and Assurance ; Allotments ; Merchant Shipping Australia. (Mercantile Marine Fund).

SANDERSON-COBDEN.-Aug. 5, T. J. Sanderson, of the Inner Templo, barristerBills Read a Third Time.

at-law, to Anne, daughter of the late Richard Cobden, M.P., of Dunford, PRIVATB Bills.-Great Western Railway (No. 1); Limehouse Subway ;


DEATH. Whitland, Cronmare, and Pendine Railway; Workington Dock and Harbour ;

Evang.-Aug. 4, at his residence, Cromwell House, Maldon, Arthur Evans, Reserve Forces Acts Consolidation ; Militia Acts Consolidation. Bill Withdrawn.

solicitor, town clerk and clerk to the borough justices, aged 39. Augmentation of Benefices Act Amendment.

New Bills.
Bill for the continuance of certain expiring laws (Mr. H. GLADSTONE).
Bill dealing with corrupt practices at elections (ATTORNEY-GENERAL).

Aug. 5.- Bills Read a Second Time,
Corrupt Practices (Suspension of Elections) ; Pensions Commutation,

Bill in Committee.

FRIDAY, Aug. 4, 1882.
Lunacy Regulation Amendment.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Bills Read a Third Time.

Creditors must forward their proof of debts to the Registrar,
Turnpike Roads (South Wales) ; Isle of Man Officers.

To Surrender in London,
Aug. 7.-Bills Read a Second Time,

Bovne. E s Camden rd, Holloway. Pet July 31. Murray. Aug 15 at 11 PRIVATE BILL.-Stourhead Settled Estates.

Buchman, Samuel, Goswell rd, Dealer in Watchmakers' Tools Pet Aug 1. Murray.

Aug 15 at 12.30 Prison Charities ; Pablio Works Loan; Expiring Laws Continuance. Capes, Gerald Joseph, Victoria rd, Clapham common, Retired Lieutenant, R.N. Pet Bills in Committee.

Aug 1, Murray. Aug 15 at 11.30

To Surrender in the Country.
PRIVATE BILL.-Somersham Rectory.
Revenue ; Friendly Societies ; National Debt; Pensions Commutation (also

Poyser, Thomas, Buxton, Derby, Beerhouse Keeper. Pet July 31. Dobson, Stock

port, Aug 17 at 11 read a third time) ; Merchant Shipping (Mercantile Marine Fund); County Smith, Henry, Bootle, Lancaster, Butcher. Pet Aug2. Cooper. Liverpool, Aug 15 at 12 Courts (Advocates' Costs).

Young, John Griffith, Durham, Solicitor. Pet July 31. Crosby. Stocktor on Tees,

Ang 18 at 11
Bills Read a Third Time.

TUESDAY, Aug. 8, 1882.
Artizans' Dwellings.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. PRIVATE Bills.- Devon and Cornwall Central Railway ; East Warwickshire

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London
Aug. 8.Bill in Committie.

Amor, James Barnes, Bedford st, Covent Garden, Club Proprietor. Pet July 5. Hazlitt.

Aug 22 at 11 Prison Charities (also read a third time).

Nicholson, Robert, Gaywood rd, Walthamstow, Builder. Pet Aug 3. Pepys. Aug 23 Bills Read a Third Time.

at 12.30 Government Annuities and Assurance : Mercbant Shipping (Mercantile Ramsey, William, Plumtree ct, Farringdon st, Glass Manufacturer. Pet Aug 3.

Pepys. Aug 23 at 12 Marine Fund); County Courts (Advocates' Costs); Lunacy Regulation Rolleston, Charles John, Great Castle street, Regent st, Wine Merchant. Pet Aug 2. Amendment.

Pepys. Aug 23 at 12

To Surrender in the Country,
Aug. 9.-- Bill Vithdrawn.
Surrey (Trial of Causes).

Bargate, George Pearson, Hemlington, York. Pet Aug 4. Crosby. Stockton-on-Tees,

Sept 18 at 11
Davy, James Tresilian, Ottery St. Mary, Devon, Solicitor. Pet Aug 6. Daw. Exeter,

Aug 25 at 11
At the trial of Walsh on Satarday an application was made for the

Hobday, Henry, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Provision Merchant. Pet Aug 5. Lloyd.

Carmarthen, Aug 25 at 12 defence that a copy of the indictment might be supplied to the prisoner. Nicholl, William, Halifax, York, Rug Manufacturer. Pet Aug 3. Rankin. Halifax, Mr. Justice Stephen said he was unable to grant the application. The law

Aug 24 at 11

Skinner, William Henry, Exeter, Baildor. Pot Aug 4. Daw. Exeter, Aug 25 at 11 of this country was that the accused in cases of felony was not entitled to

Smirk, John Spoor, Newcastle upon Tyne, Grocer. Pet Aug 5. Ingledew. Newcastle, a copy of the indiotment. He had a right to it in cases of treason, but not Aug 21 at 11 io felony. He bad no power to order it, but at the same time it was in the Waller, Alfred Mortimer, Greenhithe, Kont, Clerk. Pet Aug 2. Hayward. Rochester,

Aug 24 at 2 discretion of the prosecution, The defence migbt apply to them, and no Williams, Lewis, Nash, Monmouth, of no occupation, Pet Aug 5. Davis, Newport, doubt they would give it them.

Aug 21 at 11

North st,

Wright, Josiah Moggs, Ely, Cambridge, Surveyor's Assistant. Pet July 28. Eadon / Morrey, Frederick, Crewe, Chester, Joiner. Aug 21 at 11 at office of Hill, Market st, Cambridge, Aug 21 at 3


Morrell, Samuel, Manchester, Joiner. Aug 22 at 11 at office of Simpson, South Gato,

TUESDAY, Aug. 8, 1882.

Morris, Joseph Henry, Philpot lane, Fenchurch st, Stationer. Aug 17 at 3 at Guildhall

Tavern, Gresham st. Piesse, Old Jewry chbrs Broadbent, Thomas Ernest Boyd, Gosport, Hants, a Lieutenant of Submarine Miners.

Morrison, James, junr., and Oliver Fowler, Low Moor, York, Worsted Makers. Aug 23 Aug 3.

at 11 at office of Hutchinson, Piccadilly, Bradford Farrell, Michael, Faringdon, Berks, Ironmonger. July 12

Murley, Frank, Neate st, Camberwell, Tea Merchant. Aug 17 at 3 at omice of Hilbery,

Billiter st
Liquidations by Arrangement.

Newsham, Medland, Leverington, Cambridge, Auctioneer. Aug 17 at 11 at office of

Ollard, Wisbech

Northy, Edwin Philip Beverley, Clapham rd, Surrey, Mantle Maker. Aug 14 at 3 at FRIDAY, Aug. 4, 1882.

office of Smith and Moggridge, Furnival's-inn Aldred, James, Beccles, Suffolk, Baker. Aug 16 at 3 at the White Lion Hotel, Beccles. Orpen, Arthur Herbert, Chipping Norton, Oxford, Surgeon. Aug 23 at 2 at Clarendon Kent, Norwich

Hotel, Oxford. Woodard and Hood, Ingram crt, Fenchurch st Atkinson, James Smith, Sherburn Hill, Durham, Grocer. Aug 16 at 11 at offices of Parker, Jesse, Southmore, nr Abingdon, Berks, Baker. Aug 16 at 12 at Queen's Hotel, Mawson, Exchequer Offices, Durham

Abingdon. Sedgefield and Pryce, Abingdon Attwell, William, High st, Kingsland, Butcher. Aug 14 at 10 at the Unicorn Tavern, Parsey, Joseph Samuel, Bradford, York, Schoolmaster, Aug 16 at 11 at office of Raw. Vivian rd, Roman rd, Old Ford. Hicks, Grove rd, Victoria park

son and Co, Piccadilly, Bradford Ayre, John Brough, Sunderland, Durham. Aug 18 at 11 at officos of Brown, Union Peters, Alfred, Yatton, Somerset, Coal Merchant. Aug 16 at 11 at office of Waterhcuse, chmbrs, Union st, Sunderland

Broad st, Bristol Ball, Alfred John, Darlaston, near Whitchurch, Salop, Baker. Aug 15 at 12.30 at White Plimbly, Ellison, Longport, Stafford, Grocer, Aug 22 at 11 at St John's chmbrs, Queen Horse Hotel, Wem. Edwards, Shrewsbury

st, Burslem. Tomkinson and Furnival, Burslem Banks, James, Hulme, near Manchester, stonemason. Aug 14 at 3 at offices of Far | Richardson, Henry, Brighton, Butcher Aug 16 at 3 at office of Goodma ringdon, Princes st, Manchester

Brighton Banning, Josiah, Manchester, Cabinet Maker. Aug 23 at 3 at offices of Mann, Man Ricketts, William Henry, Worcester, Currier. Aug 16 at 11 at officr of Bentley, Foro. chester

gate st, Worcester Barrett, Peter, Alsager, Chester, Farmer. Aug 22 at 11 at offices of Sword, Cheapside, Robinson, William Morley, Hucknall, Torkard, Nottingham, Boot Maker. Aug 22 at 13 Hanley

at office of Fraser Brougham chbrs, Wheelergate, Nottingham Beasley, Henry, Cardiff, Refreshment house Keeper. Aug 17 at 11 at offices of Morgan Schofield, Edwin, and John Everitt, Nottingham, Jolners. Aug 16 at 10 at office of and Scott, High st, Cardiff

Bird, Middle Pavement. Nottingham Bennett, William Edward, Kidderminster, Worcester, Builder Aug 17 at 3 at offices of Sharp, Charles Spencer, Rochester, Kent, Haberdasher. Aug 16 at 2 at office of Waldron, High st, Brierley Hill

Willoughby and Winch. Lancaster pl, Strand. Basset, Rochester Bogue, David, St Martins pl, Trafalgar sq, Publisher. Ang 31 at 3 at offices of Law Sharp, William George, Nuthurst, Sussex, Miller. Aug 24 at 2 at office of Edmonds and ronce and Co, Old Jewry chmbrs

Co, Ship st, Brighton. Bostock and Rawlison, Horsham Bottomley, Joseph, Huddersfield, York, Machine Maker, Aug 17 at 3 at offices of Rams. Short, Thomas, Noble st, Trimming Agent. Aug 21 at 12 at offico of Plunkett and den and Co, John William st, Huddersfield

Leader, St Paul's churchyard Bradbeer, George Henry, Berrow, Somerset, Baker. Aug 24 at 12 at Grand Hotel, Broad Simpkin, Francis, Whithernsea, York, Farmer. Aug 15 at 2 at office of Pickering, st, Bristol. Hobbs, jun, Wells

Parliament st, Kingston upon Hull. Todd, Hull Brown, Walter, Bristol, Provision Importer. Aug 15 at 3 at offices of Brown, Corn st, Singleton John, Ecclesfield, 'York, Grocer. Aug 18 at 3 at office of Binney and Co, Bristol

Bank st, Sheffield Challice, Richard, Lacock, Wilts, Licensed Victualler. Aug 17 at 2 at offices of Clifton Sleigh, Hamilton Norman, Bristol, Commission Agent. Aug 16 at 3 at office of Snow and Carter, Broad st, Bristol

and Co, Broad st, Bristol. Perham, Bristol Chappell, Charles, Birmingham, out of business. Aug 18 at 3 at offices of Fallows, Smith, John Brown, Olà Catton, Norfolk, no occupation, Aug 18 at 12 at Duke's Palace Cherry st, Birmingham

Inn, Norwich Cooban, Haliburton, Liverpool, Corn Broker, Aug 17 at 3 at ofices of Jackson, Dale st, Steeló, Henry Cunliffe, Bolton, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. Aug 17 at 11 at the Law Liverpool. Massey and Co, Liverpool

Association Rooms, Cook st, Liverpool. Dowling and Urry, Bolton Cooke, George, Fox, Northampton, Basket Maker. Aug 6 at 11 at offices of Jeffrey, | Thomas, Howell, Neath, Glamorgan, Solicitor. Aug 12 at 1 at office of Simons and College st, Northampton

Plews, Church st, Merthyr Tydfil Cross, Robert, Pontefract, York, Druggist. Aug 25 at 2 at offices of Foster and Raper, Tolson, Alfred James, Wakefield, York, out of business. Aug 15 at 3 at Royal Hotel, Ropergate, Pontefract

Wakefield. Lester, Wakefield Dance, Edward Henry, Warner rd, Camberwell, Corn Dealer. Aug 22 at 2 at offices of Venvell, Thomas, Milton under Wychwood, Oxford, Grocer. Aug 16 at 1 at Crown Davies, Old Jewry chmbrs, Old Jewry

Hotel, Chipping Norton Wilkins, Chipping Norton Davy, Edwin Grasmere, Ramsbottom, Lancaster, Tailor. Aug 25 at 2 at Mitre Hotel, Vernon, Isaiah, Bromwich, Stafford, Engineer, Aug 16 at 11 at offico of Stokes and Cathedral yard, Victoria st, Manchester. Sharples, Accrington

Hooper, Priory st, Dudley Dawson, Richard, Wakerley, Northampton, Farmer. Aug 18 at 11 at offices of Stapleton, Waddington, William, and John Hargreaves, Padiham, Lancaster, Cotton Manufac. St Paul's st, Stamford

turers. Aug 22 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral yard, Manchester. Polding, Blackburn Dowie, Jane, Farnworth, Lancaster, Grocer. Aug 17 at 3 at office of Horsfield, Church Walker, James Leslie, Grosvenor mansions, Westminster, Financial Agent. Aug 19 at st, Radcliffe

12 at Inns of Court Hotel, Lincoln's inn fields. Goldring, White Lion st, Norton Edmonds, Waster John Rastall, Stock Exchange, Dealer in Stocks and Sharos. Aug Folgate 17 at 2 at 22, King st, Cheapside. Tyler, Gracechurch st

W all, Alfred, Oldbory, Worcester, Licensed Victualler, Aug 14 at 3 at of office of Plant, Edwards, James, Llanfyllin, Montgomery, Butcher. Aug 18 at 1 at office of Roberts, Cannon st, Birmingham Llanfyllin

Warren, Charles, Liverpool, Restaurant Propricior. Aug 18 at 2.30 at office of Lumb, Ellacott, William, and Edwis Ellacott, Denmark rd, Kilburn, Builders. Aug 11 at 12 at Imperial chbrs, Dale st, Liverpool 12 at office of Sampson, Marylebone rd

Warwick, Arthur, Bourne, Lincoln, Corn Merchant. Aug 15 at 12 at Angel Hotel, Ellis, James, City rd, Cork Manufacturer. August 21 at 2 at office of Naunton, Cheap Peterborough. Hough and Tuck, Oakham sido

Webster, George John, Pocklington, York, Saddler. Aug 17 at 12 at offico of Mann, Ewins, George, Whittington, Worcester, Boot and Shoo Maker. Aug 16 at 12 at office of New st, York Knott, Foregate st, Worcester

Webster, James, Chilvers Coton, Warwick, Confectioner. Aug 17 at 12 at office of Gale, Samuel, Marlborough, Wilts, Hay and Corn Dealer. Aug 16 at 11 at Gt Western

Bland, Bridg st, Nuneaton Hotel, Swindon. Belcher, Newbory

Whitworth, William, Liverpool, Cork Cutter. Aug 18 at 4 at office of Lowe, Mount Garside, James, Newton Heath, nr Manchester, Draper. Aug 18 at 3 at office of Pleasant, Liverpool Knowles, Tib lane, Manchester

Williams, Robert Saunders, Highworth, Wilts, Butchor. Aug 15 at 11 at omice of Goodier, John, Burnage, Lancaster, Gardener. Aug 16 at 3 at office of Vaughan, Tiviot Kinneir and Tombs, High st, Swindon Dale, Heaton Norris

Williams, William, Bishopsgaté st, Marine Surveyor. Aug 18 at 12 at office of Bannister Groocock, Thomas Samuel, Northampton, Builder. Aug 16 at 3 at office of Walker, Basinghall st Market sq, Northampton

Wcod, Thomas Alfred, Chapel st, Clerkenwell, Cheosemonger. Aug 28 at 2 at omco of Hammond, Joshua, Caynham, Salop, out of business. Aug 22 at 3 at office of Thurs Robinson and Leslie, Coleman st. Scott, Basinghall st

fleld, Swan st, Kidderminster
Harland, Joseph, Knayton, nr Thirsk, York, Grocer. Aug 17 at 11.30 at office of Cass,

TUESDAY, Aug. 8, 1882.
Hebden, George, Huddersfield, York, Brower. Aug 19 at 11 at office of Varley, New st, and

| Anderson, John Broadbent, Bradford, York, Teacher of Music. Aug 18 at 10 at oflice of Huddersfield. Grisdale, Leeds

Neill and Broadbent, Kirkgate, Bradford Hine, Buckley, and Richard Hine, Ludlow, Salop, Brick and Pipo Makers. Aug 15 at

Allerston, Thomas, Malton, York, Spirit Merchant. Aug 22 at 11 at Talbot Hotel, 10.30 at office of Weyman, Mill st, Ludlow

Queen st, Scarborough. Jennings and Co, Gt Dritfield

Arthur, Edward, and William Henry Arthur, Bristol, Oil Merchants. Aug 17 at 12 at Holtby, William Sowerby, Gateshead, Durham, Gent. Aug 15 at 3 at office of Stanford, Newcastle upon Tyne

office of Tribe and Co, Albion chmbrs, Broad st, Bristol. Beckingham, Bristol Jenkins, Thomas William, Aberkenfig, nr Bridgend, Glamorgan, Grocer. Aug 17 at 3 Bayly, Alfred James, Bournemouth, Wine Merchant. Aug 21

Bayly, Alfred James, Bournemouth, Wine Merchant. Aug 21 at 10.30 at offices of at office of Jenkins and Co, Philharmonic chambers, St Mary st, Cardiff, Jones,

Howard, East st, Melcombe Regis Cardiff

Beesley, William, Liverpool, Implement Manufacturer. Aug 28 at 3 at office of MadJevons, John William, Shirley Byron Jevons, and Sarah Ann Jevons, Brighton, Hotel den, Lord st, Liverpool and Boarding house Keepers. Aug 17 at 12 at office of Stuckey and Co, North st,

| Bennett, Phillip, and Charles Bennett, Bodmin, Cornwell, Tailors. Aug 21 at 12 at Brighton

office of Wallis, Market st, Bodmin Johnson, John, South Stockton, York, out of business. Aug 14 at 11 at office of Best, Berry, Joseph, oldham, Cotton Spinner. Aug 23 at 3 at Grosvenor Hotel, Deansgate, High st, Stockton

Manchester, Whitaker, Oldham Johnstone, John, Tranmere, Chester, Quarry Owner. Aug 16 at 11 at office of Bleakly Bishop, William, Brixton, Licensed Victualler. Aug 18 at 12 at office of Allen, South. and Co, Hamilton sg, Birkenhead

ampton bldgs, Chancery lano Jones, Edward. Aberdovey, Merioneth. Draper. Aug 23 at 11 at office of Davies. Dol- Bolt, James, Bradford, York, Restaurant Proprietor. Aug 16 at 11 at office of Beverley

and Freeman, Hustlergate, Bradford Lamb, Henry, Lewisham, Kent, Butcher. August 22 at 3 at office of Hughes, East- | Bradley, Thomas, Ebberston, York, Grocer. Aug 18 at 3 at office of Drawbridgo and cheap

Rowptree, Newborough st, Scarborough Lecra, John, Car.terbury, Bookseller. Aug 17 at 12 at office of Speechly and Co, New

Brown, Edward, St Mary Cray, Kent, Greengrocer. Aug 21 at 2 at Black Boy Hotel, St inn, Strand. Collard, Canterbury

Mary Cray. May and Co, Adelaide pl, London bridge Miller, Joseph, Leeds, Plasterer. Aug 16 at 3 at office of Dibb and Co, Butt's ct, Albion Bullen, John, Melling, Lancaster, Farmer. Aug 23 at 3 at office of Bartlett, Dale st, st, Leeds

Liverpool Milnes, James, Manchester, Plumber. Aug 17 at 3 at office of Davies and Co, Brown Burkill, Thomas, Crowle, Lincoln, Commission Agent. Aug 21 at 2 at Darby and Joan st, Manchester. Gaunt and Grainger, Manchester

Hotel, Crowle. Burtonshaw, Doncaster Mitchell, Ernest, Lewes, Sussex, Butcher. Aug 14 at 3 at Bear Hotel, Lewes. Hill. Chadwell, Edwin John Spencer, Hassock's Gato, Sussex, Builder. Aug 21 at 3 at offices man, Lewes

of Buckwell, New rd, Brighton Mitchell, George Royce, Leicester, Elastic Webb Factor. Aug 17 at 3 at office of Chadwick, Samuel, Stockport Chester, Tea Dealer. Aug 22 at 3 at ofico of Addleshaw Hincks, Bowling Green st, Leicester

and Warburton, Norfolk st, Manchester. Newton, Stockport Mltchell, William Cornelius, Grange st, Hoxton, Brush Maker. Aug 11 at 2 at Mason's Clayton, John, Dorset rd, Clapham ru, Engineer. Aug 18 at 2 at ofices of Bradley, Hall Tavern, Basinghall st. lIopkins, Walbrook

Mark lane Mobbs, Joseph Hammersley, Pakefield, Suffolk. Miller, Aug 16 at 11 at office of Cooper, Esther, Harbutt st, New Wandsworth, out of business. Ang 21 at 3 at offices Nicholson, Old Nelson st, Lowestoft

of Lamb, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lano Moore, John, Packington st, Islington, Cheesemonger. Aug 21 at 3 at office of Good- | Cope, Edward, Old Hill, Stafford, Coal Merchant. Aug 17 at 3 at office of Stokes and win and Co, Coleman st. Kisbey, Cheapside

Hooper, Priory st, Dudley Morgan, James Rumsey, Bristol, Licensed Victualles. Aug 16 at 2 at office of Clifton and Carter, Broad st, Bristol

| Worcester ch POIN: Worcester: Plumber. Aug 22 at 2 at office of Williams.

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t t. Aug 21 at 3 at the Inne

Taülbson, Union crescan Lenham, Margate

Davidson, Zara, Blackheath, Schoolmistress. Aug 24 at 4 at office of Hanson, King st, Ruckert, George, Market buildings, Mincing lane, East India Merchant. Sept 4 at 3 at Cheapside. Biggenden, King st, Cheapsido

offices of Cooper and Co, George st, Mansion House. Hollams and Co, Mincing lano Daw-Kerrell, Albert, Argyle sq, Painter. Aug 23 at 3 at office of Foreman and Co,

1 Co, Scruby, Thomas Harris, St. Albans, Herts, Fancy Basket Manufacturer. Aug 17 at 3 Gresham st. Curtis, Old Jewry chmbrs

at offices of Neave, Friday st, Cheapside Dickinson, John William, Wigan, Beerseller. Aug 19 at 11 at offico of Wilson, King st, Sendey, Charles, Plympton St Mary, Devon, Aug 21 at 11 at offices of Clark, Courtenay Wigan

st, Plymouth Dowling, Isaac, Cardiff, Grocor. Aug 21 at 12 at office of Batchelor and Belcher, St. Sims, Thomas Henry, Lorn rd, Brixton, Surrey, Tailor. Aug 19 at 12 al offices of RoseMary st, Cardiff

Innes and Co, Billiter House, Billiter st Drinkwater, George, Gloucester, Grocer. Aug 23 at 3 at office of Green, Westgate Smith, Thomas, Wootton Bourne End, Bedford, Farmer. Aug 24 at 3 at the George chbrs, Berkeley st, Gloucester

Hotel, Beford. Howes and Percival, Northampton Eccles, Samuel, Preston, Lancaster, Plumber. Aug 21 at 3 at office of Cooper, Lune st, Smith, William, Twerton-on-Avon, Somerset, Currier. Aug 22 at 12 at offices of Clifton Preston

and Carter, Broad st, Bristol. Clark, Bath Farden, Thomas, Wellingborough, Northampton, Carpenter. Aug 24 at 11 at office of Southall, Mary, Wellington, Salop, Fruiterer. Aug 21 at 11 at offices of Carrane, Sharman and Jackson, Oxford st, Wellingborough

Walker st, Wellington Field, John, Luton, Bonnet Manufacturer. Aug 18 at 3 at Red Lion, Castle st, Luton. Sowrey, Joseph, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Aug 21 at 11 at offices Miller and Co, Chancery lane

of Rhodes, Queen st, Wolverhampton Foster, Joseph, Cleckheaton, York, Grease Extractor. Aug 18 at ll at office of Clough, Spry, James Wilson, Devonport, Devon, Coach Builder. Aug 21 at 12 at offices of Railway st, Cleckheaton

Hutchings, St Aubyn st, Devonport Funge, John James, Cheadle, Stafford, Grocer, Aug 17 at 11 at office of Kent, Chancery Stables, Walter, Morley, York, Plumber, Aug 18 at 10.30 at offices of Ridgway and lane, Longton

Ridgway, Union st, Dewsbury Gwynne, David, Abergavenny, Clothior. Aug 21 at 3 at office of Gabb and Walford, Stevenson, Richard, Aston-upon-Trent, Derby, Farmer. Aug 22 at 3 at offices of Briggs, Monk st, Abergavenny

Amen alley, Derby Hallwell, Herbert Henry, Worcester, out of business. 'Aug 22 at 12 at office of Williams, Sutherland, Gilbert Daniel, Richmond, Surrey, Schoolmaster. Aug 21 at 3 at the Inns Worcester chbrs, Pierpoint st, Worcester

of Court Hotel, Holborn. Cox, Red Lion sq Hammond, Christopher, Eecles, Lancaster, Grocor, Aug 2 at 3 at office of Boddington Tackett, Frederick John Lenham, Margate, Kent, Baker, Aug 19 at 3 at offices of

and Ball, Princess st, Manchester Hardisty, William Hobson, Huddersfield, out of business. Aug 25 at 3 at office of Barker Taylor, William Cowley, Jarrow-upon-Tyne, Durham, Grocer. Aug 18 at 2.80 at offices and Co, Yorkshire Bank chbrs, Huddersfield

of Newlands, Ellison st, Jarrow-upon Tyne Harris, Albert King, Poole, Dorset, Draper. Aug 24 at 3 at office of Budgo, High st, Thomas, John, Truro, Painter. Aug 19 at 11 at officos of Paull and Adams, Quay st, Poolo

Truro Hayes, Anne Bronetta, Brighton, Dressmaker. Ang 23 at 4 at office of Freeman and Thomas, Thomas, Newport, Monmouth, Grocer. Aug 21 at 12 at offices of Gibbs and Freeman-Gell, Ship st, Brighton

_Co, Bridge st, Newport Herbert, William, Leicester, Boot Manufacturer. Aug 24 at 3 at office of Shires, Market Thompson, Thomas, Sheffield, Glass Decorator. Aug 18 at 11 at offices of Binney and st, Leicester

Co, Hoole's chambers, Sheffield Hill, Allen Livingstone, Birmingham, Bricklayer. Aug 17 at 3 at office of Owen, Great Tomlinson, Richard, Sheffield, York, Silver Polisher. Aug 21 at 11 at office of Clayton, Western Arcade, Birmingham

1 Norfolk st, Sheffield Hobson, Nehemiah, Beswick, nr Manchester, Monumental Mason. Aug 16 at 3 at office Wagner, Joseph, West Hill terr, Wandsworth, Hair Dresser. Aug 28 at 2 at 390, City of Connor, King st, Manchester

rd. Moore, Duncan st, Islington Holloway, William, Beaminster, Dorset, Licensed Victualler. Aug 23 at 12 at Grey. Walker, Charles, Congleton, Chester, Grocer. Aug 25 at 2 at omces of Sampsun, South bound Hotel, Bridport. Howard, Melcombo Regis

| King st, Manchester Holt, William Sephton, St Helen's, Lancaster, Butchor. Aug 21 at 3 at office of Riley, Ward, Richard, Loughborough, Leicester, Licensed Victualler. Aug 23 at 12 at offices Hardshaw st, St Helen's

of Goode, Baxter gate, Loughborough Humphrey, Charles Thomas, Tottenham rd, Southgate rd, Builder. Aug 23 at 3 at Watson, Archer, Margate, Kent, Coach Builder. Aug 24 at 3 at 78, High st, Margato. office of Parkes, Queen Victoria st

Jourdain, Ludgato hill Jardine, Edward, York, Shoeing Smith. Aug 19 at 10.30 at office of Crumbio, Stone Weitzel, Thomas Henry, Caxton rd, Shepherd's Bush, Builder, Aug 24 at 12 at offices gate, York

of Moss, Gracechurch st Jeffery, George, Plymouth, Butcher. Aug 19 at 11 at office of Weeks, Frankfort st, Whitehead, Ebenezer, Church st, Twickenham, Grocer. Aug 22 at 12 at 6, Arthur st Plymouth

East. Wood and Wootton, Fish st hill Jevons, Sarah Ann, Brighton, Hotel Keeper. Aug 17 at 2 at office of Stuckey and Co, Wild, Thomas, Blackburn, Lancaster, Fancy Goods Dealer. Aug 25 at 3 at the Spread North st, Brighton

Eagle Hotel, Corporation st, Manchester. Constantino, Blackburn Lowton, Charles Whittard, Staple hill, Gloucestor, Baker. Aug 18 at 12 at offices of Wilkie, Ebenezer, Liverpool, Manager of a Tobacco Factory. Aug 23 at 3 at offices of Brittan and Co, Small st, Bristol

Rogerson and Co, Cook st, Liverpool Lockwood, Robert, Beccles, Suffolk, General-shop Keeper. Ang 30 at 3 at offices of Woodward, Benjamin, Kidderminster, Worcester, Carpet and Rug Manufacturer. Ang Diver, King st, Gt Yarmouth

23 at 3 at the Black Horse Hotel, Mill st, Kidderminster. Corbet, Kidderminster Lord, Henry, Cheetham, Lancaster, Wine and Beer Retailer. Aug 21 at 3 at offices of

Blakeway, Deansgate, Manchester
Malpas, Samuel, Trinity Cross, Worcester, Bailiff. Aug 21 at 11 at offices of Griffiths,

Sansome pl, Worcester
Mann, Albert, Brighton, Sussex, Fishmonger. Aug 22 at 3 at offices of Nye, North st,

Marks, Aaron, Sheffield, Merchant. Aug 21 at 3 at the Law Society, Bank st, Sheffield.

Broomhead and Co, Sheffield
Mandsley, William, Óver Darwen, Lancaster, Boot Maker. Ang 25 at 3 at offices of

Walmsley, Knott st, Over Darwen
Molyneux, Joseph, St Helen's, Lancaster, Grocer. Aug 18 at 3 at offices of Riley, I CURRENT TOPICS ....................... 641, In re Marsball...
Hardshaw st, St Helen's


In tho Matter of the New Callao Moore, Thomas, Bradford, Merchant. Aug 18 at 3 at offices of Neill and Broadbent, CASES OF THE WEEK

Company (Limited)

.......... 615 Kirkgate, Bradford

Es parto Reynolds ...,

Morris, John, West Dean, Gloucester, Grocer. Aug 18 at 2 at offices of Parsons, Queen In re The Quartz Hill Consolidated SOCIETIES .....
Victoria bldge, High st, Bristol. Parker, Newnham-on-Severn

Gold Mining Company ............ 613 OBITUARY ......

OB Morton, John William, and Joshua Morton, Batley, York, Plasterers. Aug 18 at 3 at The Manchester Val de Travers LEGAL APPOINTMENTS ..

.618 the Black Bull Hotel, Mirfield. Clough, Cleckheaton

Paving Company v Slagg and The COMPANIES .............. Munson, Harry Staines, Nottingham, of no occupation. Aug 18 at 3.30 at omlces of Val de Travers Asphalte Paving CREDITORS' CLAIMS .......

619 Webster, Brougham chambers, Wheeler gate, Nottingham

Company ....................
........... 613 | NEW ORDERS, &c. ...............

619 Norris, Charles, the younger, Great Berkhamsted, Hertford, Builder. Aug 21 at 11.30 Es parte Amor

.. 614 LEGISLATION OF TIE WEEK .......... at offices of Bullock and Penny, Great Berkhamsted

Tempest v Camoys ........

.. 015! London GAZETTES, &C., &0........... 650 Parsons, George, the elder, Manor pl, Walworth rd, Surrey, Engineer. Aug 28 at 10 at

the Iorns Tavern, Kennington Park rd. Abbott, Blackfriars rd
Pawley, George, Leicester, Framework Knitter. Aug 22 at 3 at offices of Wright,

Bolvoir st, Leicester
Pitt, Henry, Birmingham, Tailor. Aug 22 at 11 at officos of Shakespeare, Church st,

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS.-All communications intended for publication
Price, Thomas Henry, Birmingham, Oil Can Manufacturer. Aug 18 at 3 at office of l in the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL must be authenticated by the name and address of
Wright and Marshall, New st, Birmingham

the writer. Price, Thomas William, Liverpool, Cab Driver. Aug 22 at 3 at offices of Neale, Dalo

st. Liverpool Puttnam, Thomas, Northampton, Fishmonger. Aug 21 at 12 at offices of Jeffery and

The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the return of rejected communi. Haviland, Newland, Northampton

cations, Richards, William Henry, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Hotel Keeper. Aug 18 at 3 at offices of

Jenkins and Co, Philharmonic chambers, St Mary st, Cardiff. Jones, Cardiff
Robinson, Christopher Charles, Sheffield, York, Law Clerk. Aug 21 at 3 at the Law ** The Publisher requests that early application should be made by persons
Society, Hoole's chambers, Bank st, Sheffield. Clegg and Sons

desirous of obtaining back numbers of the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, as only a small Rogers, William, Loveridge rd, Kilburn, Builder. Aug 23 at 3 at 145, Cheapside. Martin and Banks, Queen st, Cheapside

115, Cheapside. number of copies remain on hand.

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Arti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.
Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality,
with the excess of fat extracted.

The Faculty pronounce it " the most nutritious, per-
fectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or 200, 203, and 204, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, W.
Supper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children."

Estimates and Designs submitted free for entirely Far.
Highly commended by the entire Medical Press.
Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits
nishing Residences, Chambers, Offices, &c.

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the all palates, keeps better in all climates, and is fuur times -PAINTING, DECORATING, & HOUSE REPAIRS.

Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c. the strength of cocoas THICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IX REALITY CHEAPER than such Mixtures. Carved Oak Furniture, Reproductions from Ancient SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GO'NNS.

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful Designs, &c. Bedroom Furniture, including Boulstead and
to a Breakfast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny.
Bedding, from £7 10s. per set.


THIRTY LARGE SIIOW ROOMS. cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is prohibited.

CORPORATION ROBES. UNIVERSITY & CLERGY 60*85, In tin packets at 1s. 60., 38., 6s. 6d., &c., by Chemists

and Grocers.
200, 203, and 201, Tottenham Court-rood, London, W.

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, I N.B.-Houschold Furniture Warehouscd or Removed
H, SCHWEITZER & CO 10. Adam-strvet. London, W.C.' on reasonable terus


LONDON, AUGUST 19, 1882.


CROMPTON. Sir J. SMALE is also one of the many instances of high position being obtained by a lawyer whose professional career was commenced in the other branch of the profession. It may be

remembered that Lords HARDWICK, KENYON, and TRURO were THE PROFESSION will do well to take note that a large number originally solicitors, and among the present judges Justices of actions set down in the Chancery Cause-books will most Field and MANISTY have also practised in the same capacity. probably be transferred to the Queen's Bench Division before the Mr. Justice HAWKINS served his term as an articled clerk, as did commencement of the next sittings. Should such a transfer take also Sir John MELLOR and the late Sir John HOLKER and Sir place, notice will, no doubt, be given at the earliest possible John KARSLAKE. date, but it will be well to remember the possibility of this transfer before briefs are delivered.

THE ANNUAL RETURN of the particulars of receipts and expen

diture of the High Court of Justice and Court of Appeal (issued THE POSITION of the two junior judges of the High Court is,

pursuant to the Judicature Act, 1875), and of the Court of at the present time of the year, by no means an enviable one,

Bankruptcy and of the Land Registry, has only recently been since it generally involves the business, not only of the Long

issued." The return is for the year ending the 31st of March, 1882. Vacation, but also of the Northern Summer Circuit, where the

In the Chancery Division the principal receipts consist of the business is always longer than elsewhere. Mr. Justice NORTH

usual fictitious item of “Dividends and interest which would has left Liverpool to undertake the vacation business in London, I have arisen from the stock transferred to the National Debt leaving the whole of the business of the circuit to be concluded

Commissioners under the provisions of the Courts of Justice by Mr. Justice Day, who will in turn be called upon to sit as

(Salaries and Funds) Act, 1869, if such stock had not been Vacation Judge during the latter half of the vacation.

cancelled," and of £11,248 for brokerage, £14,458 for fees of taxation, £10,435 for lunacy percentages, and £66,305 for stamps in lieu of fees. The total of these receipts is £207,175,

and the total decrease of receipts on the year is £15,788. The MR. JUSTICE NORTu had before him on Wednesday last a payments include £60,921 for salaries of judges, £14,482 retiring heavy paper, consisting of upwards of eighty petitions and

annuities of judges, £157,925 for salaries of officers, &c., £4,666 motions. He sat at half-past ten to hear a batch of summonses, for scrivenery and printing, and £31,754 for compensations, &C., and, continuing on until seven o'clock, disposed of the greater

to officers. The total expenditure of the Chancery Division portion of this unprecedently heavy paper, but many applications

| is £290,305, and the net increase of expenditure in this must have remained unheard on Wednesday evening if the appli

division over that of the previous year is £2,682. In the cation for a sequestration against the Channel Company had given

Queen's Bench Division the total receipts were £119,611, and rise to any protracted argument.

the expenditure £201,043. In this division there is an increase of £3,196 in receipts, and a decrease of £8,721 in expenditure. In Probate and Divorce business the total receipts amount to

£136,259, and the expenditure to £166,057. The Admiralty THE EXCITING INCIDENT of a sentence of fine and imprison- | accounts given separately, and show receipts amounting ment inflicted by Mr. Justice Lawson on the High Sheriff and to £7,478, and expenditure to £17,968. The district regisex-Lord Mayor of the City of Dublin for contempt of court, does trars received £25,235, and expended £20,922. For all divinot seem likely to give rise to any legal difficulty. There can be sions of the High Court the receipts amounted to a total of no doubt that the articles in the Freeman's Journal, as to the £495,759 17s. 10d., and the expenditure to £696,297 5s., showing alleged packing of the jury, and the misconduct of the jurors at a net cost to the country for this part of the administration of the recent trial, fell strictly within the definition of contempt of civil justice of upwards of £200,000. The receipts of the Court court, as directly tending to bring the administration of justice of Bankruptcy were £112,718, and the expenditure was into contempt, while the fact that the person responsible for those | £107,521. A heavy balance on the wrong side appears in the articles filled the office of high sheriff could not but aggravate the return as to the Land Registry, where the fees received amounted gravity of the offence. Collisions between judges and sheriffs are to £840 3s. 10d., and the expenditure to £6,050 12s. 11d. fortunately of rare occurrence, it being just twenty-two years since the late Lord Chief Justice of England fined the High Sheriff of Surrey £500 for publishing a placard, in which he had charged the other judge of assize (the present Lord BLACKBURN) THE LONG-EXPECTED General Order under the Solicitors with illegal conduct in excluding the public from the Assize Remuneration Act, 1881, has now been published, and is given Court at Guildford.

at length in another column. It is to take effect from and after the 31st of December next, and it is not to apply to transactions affecting real property where the title has been registered under

the 25 & 26 Vict. c. 53, 25 & 26 Vict. c. 67, or 38. & 39 Vict. C. SIR John SMALE, who died on Sunday last, at the age of 87. Part 1 of schedule 1 relates to sales, purchases, and mortseventy-seven, within twelve months from his resignation of the gages, and part 2 to leases, or agreements for leases, at rack-rent post of Chief Justice of Hong Kong, was one of the old genera- (other than mining or building leases), various rules being specially tion of Law Reporters, a body which is fast dying out. The applicable to each scale. Schedule 2 relates to the drawing and only representatives of the original “ authorized ” reporters now perusing of deeds, wills, and to other business not provided for by on the bench are Lord BLACKBURN,' Mr. Justice KĀy, and Mr. schedule 1, and to business which is thereby provided for but Justice Cave, although in former times such law reporting has which is not, in fact, completed. Other important provisions are frequently proved to be a stepping-stone to the bench, as illus-contained in the order. Thus all drafts and copies made in the trated by such names as BLACKSTONE, CAMPBELL, BOSANQUET, I course of business, the remuneration for them being provided for

he'ength in anoist, 1881, General Orda

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