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before the execution of the deed, its effect was explained to the grantor. whi h was by custom and statute an essential clause in every simple mort. This, however, would be adding to the Act. If the Act was not clear, it gage.-SOLICITORS, Wilkins, Blyth, f Dutton; Field, Roscoe, & Co. followed from Ex parte National Mercantile Bank that the affidavit in the present case was sufficient. Cotton, L.J., said that the first point was entirely disposed of by what was said by James, L.J.

, in Ex parte Challinor. Clark, before Kay, J., on the 31st ult., a question arose

INFANT-ReligiouS EDUCATION-WISHES OF FATHER.-In a case of In re He said, “Whether the whole of the mortgage money is actually paid by the education of an infant ward of court whose father was dead. The application

as to the religious lender into the bands of the borrower, or whether part of it is with his privity or by his direction employed in the payment of a debt due by him, it is education of the infant out of real estate to which he was entitled as bei

was made for the purpose of obtaining an allowance for the maintenance and equally in a legal sense paid to him.". In the present case the £2,000 of bis father, and also to obtain directions as to the faith in which the infant was, by the direction or with the privity of the mortgagor, applied in Batisfying what was due from him to the mortgagee. Of course, it must be

was to be brought up. The father of the infant was a Protestant. He married applied in paying a debt due at the time, independently of the mortgage in writing that bis children should be brought up in the Catholic faith. The

a German lady, who was a Roman Catholic. Before his marriage he stipulated transaction itself. The whole argument in support of the other objection first chilă of the marriage, a girl, was born in England in February, 1871. arose from an inaccurate use of language in section 10In sub-section 1 the She was baptized as a Roman Catholic. The second child was a son, the word “attestation" must mean tho words “due execution and attestation" meant that the deed had been infant now in question. He was born in Germany in November, 1873. He daly executed and attested. The thing required as to the mode of attestation Roman Catholic priest, to whom the father had written to ask bim to be the

was baptized as a Roman Catholic; his sponsor by proxy was an English was that the execution should be attested by a solicitor. The explanation was something collateral, which was to be done before the deed was executed.

godfather. There was another child of the marriage, a girl, born after the

death of ber father. The father appointed no guardian by will, be having died SOLICITORS, H. G. Field ; Chester & Co.

intestate. He was entitled in remainder, on the death of his own fatber, the

tenant for life, to the see simple of an estate in Lancashire, the income of CONTEMPT OF COURT-CHARITY COMMISSIONERS_DISOBEDIENCE TO ORDER which was about £2,600 a year. He had no other property, but received from TO ACCOUNT_MOTION TO COMMIT-CHARITABLE Thusts Act, 1853 (16 & 17 his fatber an allowance which was continued to his widow down to the time Vict. C. 137), ss. 14, 15, 16, AND CHARITABLE TRUSTS AMENDMENT ACT, 1855 of the grandfather's death. The father and mother after their marriage lived (18 & 19 Vict. c. 124), s. 6.- In the case of Re The Royal Dramatic College, in Germany. The children were brought up by the mother in her own faith before Chitty, J., on the 28th ult., a motion was made on behalf of without any interference by the father, who, although he professedly continued the Cbarity Commissioners for the committal of the respondent for contempt a Protestant, did not go to any Protestant place of worship, but often with his of court in not delivering to them, in compliance with an order made by them wife attended mass. On the other hand, in a letter to his mother previously on the 9ih of Jupe last, a detailed statement in writing, showing where, and to bis marriage, he bad expressed an intention that, if he had a son who inin whose names, and upon what security, a sum of 2334 118. 3d., being herited the estate, notwithstanding that the children were to be baptized as moneys subject to the trusts of the above charity, and paid to the respondent, Roman Catholics, such child should be brought up as a Protestant, and his was deposited, standing, or invested. It appeared that the Royal Dramatic confidence that his intended wife would be satisfied by a Roman Catholio bapCollege was dissolved in 1878, and that, on the 29th of March of that year, a tism. He had also, subsequently to the marriage, in writing to bis mother, sobeme was sanctioned by the Charity Commissioners for carrying on the expressed his desire that, if he had a son, he should be educated at an English charity. Under this scheme the late Mr. Benjamin Webster was the sur. public school. Kay, J., said that, in this kind of case, the court was placed viving trustee, and, by his direction, certain books, pictures, and costumes in much difficulty. In his opinion, the decision ought to be without the were, on the 24th of February, 1881, sold for the sum of £334 118. 3d., whicb smallest bias as to the question of faith. There was no doubt as to the bum was paid to, and still retained in the hands of, the respondent, who was ordinary rule affecting the faith in wbich a ward of court was to be brought up, the solicitor representing. Mr. Webster io the matter. The respondent had that the court, or any person who had the guardianship of a child after the given notice to the commissioners of the sale and sum realized, and bad written father's death, should have sacred regard to the religion of the father in deal. to them for advice, but declined to comply with their applications for detailed ing with the child, and, unless under very special circumstances, ought to see accounts, on the ground that the proceeds of sale of the effects that the child was brought up in the religious faith of the father, whatever were not included in the scheme (which referred to the real estate that might have been. On the other hand, the court had to consider whetber of the charity), nor subject to the trusts of the Royal Dramatic College, the father had himself indicated any particular faith in which he wished his or of any other charity, but received and held adversely to the charity child to be brought up. If the father bad not indicated expressly wbat faith he It was contended by the respondert that there could be no jurisdiotion in wished his child to be brought up in, but had acted in such a mapper is to the commissioners over property which was not being administered, and that show an abdication or abandonment of bis right to have him brought up in his as be bad stated that he claimed adversely to them, the statotory jurisdiotion own faith, as had bappened in some cases, that again was a circumstance which of the commissioners under the Cbaritable Trusta Act, 1853, was ousted the court was bound to have regard to. Other circumstances to be looked at under the 15th section of the Act, and that in ady event it was not shown were what, according to the existing state of things, it was likely that the by the commissioners that any application in writing enabling them to father, if alive, would have desired, and what, under the particular circum. interfere under the 16th section had been received by them. CHITTY, J., stances of the case, was most for the benefit of the child. The agreement as said that the sum in question was admittedly the proceeds of sale of property to the religious education of the children, had, of course, no legal validity; comprised in the charity, and that the endeavours of the respondent to On the facts his lordship came to the conclusion that the father had indicated opet the Charity Commissioners from their useful atata tory jurisdiction was a wish that his children should be brought up in the Roman Catholic faith. abeord, for it could not be contended that there was any olaim to bold Färtber, he thought it was for the advantage of the child tbat he should be the money adversely to all claims in respect of its being obaritable property, brought up in that faith; if a contrary intention were come to, some proTherefore, in the absence of any proposition on behalf of the respondent, the vision would have to be made for taking the child out of the custody of the order asked for most be made. The matter then stood over until the lat motber, except during holidays, and away from his sisters, who, as they had inst., when it appearing that the respondent bad delivered the account no property, and were not wards of court, would, in any event, be brought reqoired of him, it was arranged that upon his undertaking to, within six up in the faith of tbeir mother. Again, there seemed to be no reason why the weeks, pay to the official trustee the amount in hand, lees £56'due to bim boy could not be educated at an English publio school, if the court should for costs, and also to pay the costs of the motion, an order of committal hereafter consider tbat desirable, though he were a Roman Catholic, or even should not be drawn up anleds and until default. -SOLICITORS, Clabon; W. 8. proceed to an English university. Aod, considering that the property was Webster.

situated in Lancashire, where there were many Roman Catholics among the gentry, when he grew up he would find himself in a position that was not in

the least injured by the fact of his being a Roman Catholic. His lordship TRUSTEE—TrosT FOR SALE-POWER TO MORTGAGE-POWER OF SALE.- appointed the mother and a paternal uncle as guardians, and allowed £800 In the case of Re The Gloucestershire Banking Company, before Chitty, J., year maintenance until further order, the guardians ondertaking, when called on the 28th ult., a question arose whether the trustees of a will of real estate on to do so, to bring the infant within the jurisdiction.-SOLICITORS, Bower, with a trust to sell, with the consent therein mentioned, were an thorized to Cotton, & Bower. mortgage the estates devised. It appeared that the estates were charged by the testator wish the payment of bis debts, and that the trustees bad a discretionary power to postpone the sale for such period as should seem to them ex. DIVORCE-DECREE NISI-DECREE ABSOLUTE-POWER TO FIX A SHORTER pedient." The trustees stated that they had made various attempts to sell

, Time-MATRIMONIAL Causes Act, 1866 (29 & 30 Vict. C. 32), s. 3.- In the but were unable to do so except at a sacrifice, and that a mortgage was the Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Divisico, on the let inst., an application discreetest mode of raising the money necessary for carrying out their trust. was made on bebalf of the petitioner in the suit of Rippingall v. Rippingall and The question was also raised whether a mortgage should, under the circum. Lockhart, to shorten the time for making absolute a decree nisi for a divorce. stances, contain the usual power of sale. CHITTY, J., said that an examina- The Matrimonial Causes Act, 1866 (29 & 30 Vict. c. 32), s. 3, provides that do tion of the will showed that the case was excepted from the general rule that decree nisi for a divorce shall be made absolute till after the expiration of six a trust for sale did not authorize a mortgage. The case seemed to fall within months, “unless the court shall, under the power now vested in it, fix a the words of Lord St. Leonards in Stroughill v. Anstey (1 D. M. & G. 643), shorter time.” In the present case the decree nisi was pronounced on the 15th roling that the question was wether a mortgage was or was not authorized of February last

, and therefore could not be made absolute before the 15th of by the will, and that it was to be considered that where the trustees bad the August, when the court would have risen for the long vacation. The special legal estate, and were to perform a particular trust through the medium of a grounds relied upon in support of the motion were these, that the petition sale, although the direction for a sale did not properly authorize a mortgage, was filed on the 8th of July, 1881, and was ready for trial in the ensuing yet, if the circumstances would justify the raising

of the particular charge by November; but that in consequence of the court not sitting for the trial of a mortgage, it was in the discretion of the court whetber the particular mode special jury causes during the Michaelmas Sittings, it could not be heard until would be sanctioned, as it might be the saving of an estate and the most dis-after Cbristmas, and thus three months had been lost through no laches 0.1 creet thing that could be done. With reference to the other question, his the petitioner's part. The Queen's Proctor bad been communicated with, but lordship was of opinion that, if the trustees were authorized to mortgage, there had refused to give his assent to the present application. The

petitioner's counsel was no objection to the insertion in the mortgage of the usual power of sale, relied upon Fitzgerald v. Fitzgerald (L. R. 2 P. & D. 136) as an authority,

HANNEN, P., observed that the real ground for the application was the cir. The Lord Mayor acknowledged the compliment, and, in conclusion, cumstance that the six months for making the decree absolute expired during expressed the hope that the Law Society might flourish, for the advantage of the long vacation, but this was a matter of frequent occurrence, and to grant the public and the profession, and that he might have the bonour of being the application would open the door for an indefinite number of similar remembered for this occasion. applications. Fitzgerald v. Fitzgerald was not in point, for that case bad been for many months before the Queen's Proctor, who had become satisfiel that there was no necessity for intervention. Here the Qu'en's Proctor had in

LAW ASSOCIATION. effeot left the matter in the bands of the court, and, dealing with the case At the usual monthly meeting of the directors, held at the Hall of the opon general principles, the application must be refused. SOLICITOR, Incorporated Law Society, Chancery-lane, on Thursday, August 3, the Turner,

following being present-viz., Mr. E. Tylee (Chairman), and Messrs. Boodle, Desborough, jun., Finch, Hedgr, Styao, Sidoey Smith, H. Tylee, and A. B.

Oarpenter (Secretary), grants of £5 wera made to the widows of solicitors, SOCIETIES.

and £25 to a member, and the ordinary gineral business was transacted.

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY, As stated last week, the president, council, and members of the Incor. LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. porated Law Society were entertained by the Lord Mayor at a banquet at the Mansion House on the 27th ult. At the close of the banquet, says the City Press, after the customary toasts, the LORD MAYOR said: I have now to

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. propose a toast wbich I trust will be interesting to us all. It is “ The

PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION. Health of the President, the Vice-President, and the Council of the Incorpo. rated Law Society of the Voited Kingdom.' Gentlemen,-This hall is one in

The following candidates were successful at the Proliniairy Examination which there have been a great number and a great variety of entertainments. I held on the 12th and 13th of July, 1882 :There have been here receired almost all the institutions, and the interests Apps, Whitmore Frederick

Kerr, Francis James which have made law, religion, and commerce famous, but I think thera bas Atchley, Henry Wilmot Wickham Knowles, Edward been one oversight which I trust this evening will remedy. Baoon said that Badoock, Frederick

Lince, Cyril William religion formed the chief bond of human society. Well, no doubt it does in Banloft, Guy Cyril

Line, Horace Houlton a spiritual sense ; but I venture to think that in a physical sense the strongest Barker, Frederick Hubert

Leake, John Hasleham bond of buman society is the law. Now, I have also been attracted by an Berridge, Samuel Murpott

Ledsam, Henry Thomas Clutton Salt observation of Horace that some are razors and others are ibe hones on which Booth, Joseph Lister

Lewin, Thomas Ellerker the razors are sharpened." Well, there are now a great many razors in this Bootb, Sam

Lilley, George Trice world, but I venture to suggest that the ioterest which I have the honour to Bowen, Arthur Kendrick

Lloyd, Francis Horatio entertain this evening is a remarkable instance of the bone on which so many Bowen, Ignatius Edward

Logan, George Alfred razors are set. Gentlemen, I am much honoured in receiving you here this Broomhead, Thomas

Lowther, Newton Ernest evening, for there is no question whatever but that you represent the greatest Bull, William Jamas

McArthur, Allen Gordon power in this country, and I then look around and I say, how has that power Bury, Walter Wilfred

Main, Francis Ingram been exercised ? Has it been for the good of society ? Has society prospered Bush, Harrington Paul

Martin, Peroy William guided by a power which holds it in its grasp, and from which it cannot Byrne, Peter

Mead, James Ernest escape? Well, I think I am within the bounds of reason when I say that the Cadle, Clement Pearce

Mercalfe, Robert John Golborne national prosperity bas gone hand in hand with the advancement and the pro. Cartmel, George Elward

Michell, G. B. tection of the law; that the law has ever been one of the civilizing elements of Clegg, Sam

Miles, Alfred Horsfall society; and that ihe most influential portion of society have been lawyers in Cockcroft, Richard Lonsdale

Milner, Charles Dickens this country. Of course, I include the bench and the bar, but those are Cockle, Ernest

Milne, Joseph elements which have been entertained in this room from time immemorial, Coley, William

Monk-Smith, Robert Lionel but I think that at least those ruzors who have sharpened themselves so long Coode, George Jonos

Morland, Francis John upon the solicitors cannot but feel that I have justification in asking you here Cowan, Thomas Galloway

Morland, George Holbrow to-night. The Incorporated Law Society, whom we more especially greet this Cox, Henry Herbert

Mould, Samuel evening, is a special instance of the organization for good which the law and Crow, John Henry

Mumby, Frederick Hugh solicitors have effected for their country. They are incorporated by Act of Crump, Frank Charles

Nayler, Benjamin Round Parliament and by charter, and it is to them that we look, and on them that D'Arcy, Franc's Meager

Nevias, Victor Edgar Edmondson we depend, that there shall be none enter ioto practice of the law but of good Davies, Alexander Reid

Orford, Lewis Alfred reputation and of sound knowledge of the principles of law; and it is not a Davis, Hasbrouck

Parham, Maurice Crozier little to say that they have successfully established a great school of lawyers Day, Charles Gregory

Parisot, Henry W. W. J. which is now governing, with a power that few people imagine, but which Deoman, Thomas Hercey

Parker, Alan Montague thoughtful men will admit, the whole of the ordinances of tbis Drake, Arthur Herbert

Parkin, Agar Hooper country; and that service of examination, that service of domina. Druitt, Alan

Paull, Frederick Reginald tion over evil and support of good is rendered by the locor. Dubois, William Arthur

Payne, Thomas Stockwood porated Law Society without fee or endowment. I think, therefore, Dann, Henry Peuniston

Pears, Arthur Grant tbat I have made a good case, and a good reason why I, as the Chief Magis- Edwards, William George Albert Phillips, Llewellyn trate, should feel honoured in the presence of the president, the vice-president, Eley, Robert Spence Taylor

Pollard, John Empson Toplis and members of the Incorporated Law Society, and that I have also gooi E laby, Arthur James

Priobard, Riehard Henry reason to ask the representatives of the solicitors of London and England to Elliot, Michael William Harry Rangom, D'Oyloy Scott be present here to-night. I couple with this toast the name of Mr. Paine, Emsley, Robert Garside

Reckett, Charles Coleby the president of the Incorporated Law Society.

Eskrigge, Theodore Robson

Ridley, William Allder The PRESIDENT, in reply, thanked his lordship for the flattering manner in Evans, Charles Denham

Roberts, John Richard which he had spoken of the society and lawyers generally. In proposing the Faber, Frank Stanley

Robinson, Cecil Peregrine toast, the Lord Mayor had touched upon nearly everything which could be Fenwick, Joseph

Roshe, Charles Hubert said on the subject. It was not for him to dwell upon responsibilities and Ferrington, George William

Rogers, William Augustus Fydell duties of solicitors, for that his lordsbip knew all about, nor bad he anything Fielders, R.

Rotherham, Richard Alexander new to say to the company present, for all assembled there tha: evening were Fletcher, James Herbert

Round, Charles members of the society, and were well acquainted with what was being done. Floger, Sydenha'n Eroest

Salt, Walter Sutton Some might not agree with all the council sometimes did, but they might Fox, Edmund Thomas

Sanderson, Stephen Goodman rest assured tbat the intention was the best interest of all. There was one Galt, William Bruce

Sandiford, H. M. matter which had given a gord deal of trouble, but which he hoped would be Grabam, Peter

Scholefield, John soon settled. At the present time his mouth was closed on the subject, and, Green, John Walter

Scholefield, Joshua therefore, he asked the indulgence of the company to pass from it. Speaking Hall-Say, Geoffory Norman Elward Shackell, Cbarles Henry of the society itself, Mr. Paine said they had in their course generally been Harries, James Syminous

Sharpley, Philip Henry reticent, and bad not courted public notoriety. The leading journal, bow. Hart, Samuel Hopgood

Sharpley, Sydney Thomas ever, bad recently favoured them with an article, in which it was shown the Hetherington, John Bowerbank Shaw, Bernard Lefevre kiod of duties performed by the society, how they were carried out, and the Hill, Frederick Williams

Shaw, Frank great strides which the society had made in later years.

Hills, Hepry Maurice

Shaw, Walter John Mr. F. H. JANSON (vice-president) then submitted the toast of "The Lord Hod 3son, James Harvey

Simpson, Clayton Mayor," which was warmly received. Without expatiating on the subject, Huskingson, Charles Johạ

Sleigh, Myles Atkinson he would at once remark that it was very good of the Lord Mayor to ask this Jackson, Æmilius Hartman

Smith, Charles Joba Bedford society to the Mansion House, where they had been received with so much Johnson, Simuel Jo':n

Steele, Charles Deans cordiality, hospitality, and splendour. The Lord Mayor had referred to his Jones, Harry (or London)

Stephen, St. Legor Grant connection with lawyers ; and be (the speaker) would remark that he had Jones, Harry (of Wolverhampton) Stirk, James William Edward noticed what a large amount of legal knowledge his lordsbip brought to bear Jones, Lloyd Overstone

Stokóe, John Herbert in dealing with the cases bronght before him at the Mansion House, and his Jones, John Piers Lloyd

Stonebam, Reginald Charles judicial mind had so develope), if he might be allowed to put it in that way, Jones, William Edward

Swaine, William ibat he thought they ought to make him an honorary member of the society. Kelly, John Joseph

Swift, William Gilbert

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Swinhoe, Rodway Cbarles Jóba Watson, Frank
Thompsou), Justus Arthur Poole Wheldon, Thomas Edward


White, Charles Edward
Timothy, David
White, Francis Symmonds

Toms, George Chester

White, George Alfred Huelin
Towdeedd, Artbur Robert
Wbite, John

The Scottish Journal of Jurisprudence says :-A meeting of enrolled law
Varcoe, James
Wilkinson, William

agents was held in Edinburgh on the 20th olt. to receive a report from a Walker, Henry Baines Wilson, Robert Henry Bourcbier

committee appointed at a meeting held on the 19.h of December last, and to Walsh, Jobn Williams, Herbert

take such action thereon as might be considered desirable. Mr. W. M'Clure, Waltbew, James Bankes Winnall, Charles Pears

of Greenock, was in the obair ; and representatives were present from Glasgow, Ward, Harry Dacre Michael Wood, Henry Plant

Edinburgh, Dandee, Greenock, Dumfries, Perth, Hamilton, Airdrie, Elgin, Watkins, Daniel Wright, Arthur Ernest

Falkirk, &c. The report of the committee, inter alia, stated that the committee had acted upon the resolutions passed at the meeting last December.

These resolutions were: (1). “That in the opinion of the meeting it is UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

desirable to form a society similar to the Incorporated Law Society of England, At a meeting of this society, held at Clement's-inn Hall, on Wednesday, Incorporated Law Society of Scotland." (2) "That the society shall consist

which shall be open to the whole legal profession in Scotland, to be called the July 26, Mr. E. F. Spence in the chair, after the business of the orening of individuals, and shall not be confined to any branch of the profession, the bad been diepoeed of, Mr. Mott-Whitebonde brought forward the following sole qualification being that the member shall be an advocate or law agent duly motion :-"That the circuit' system sbould be abolis ed, and provincial admitted to practise before either the Supreme or Local Courts of Scotland." (3) courts of justice establiebed in its place." The opeper was supported by

" That a committee be appointed to take the necessary steps for the formation Messrs. Spence, Templer, and Bartram, and opposed by Messrs. Ball and of such a society, to draw up a constitution and rules, and when Napier. Mr. Mott-Wbiteboude replied, and the motion, on being put to the members have expressed their intention of becoming members, a meeting be vote, was carried by a majority of one.

called to consider the constitution and rules drawn up by the committee." The committee nominated had framed drafts of all documents necessary, with the view of an application being made to the Crown for a charter of incorpora

tion. They had thereafter, by issuing a circular to the profession stating the OBITUARY.

objects and scope of the proposed society, takeo means to satisfy tbemselves that the incorporation of such a society would be heartily supported. They

bad received assurances of support from 300 members of the profession, and they MR. G. W. ANSTIE.

bad re asou to believe that this number would be largely increased so soon as Mr. George Washington Anstie, solicitor, who died at his residence, Park

the society is actually formed. The committee further stated that having

ascertained that the Lord Advocate would be prepared to consider the terms Dale, Devizes, on the 17th ult., in his eighty.third year, was the sixth son of Benjamin Webb Anstie, Esq., of Devizes, by Haonab, daughter of John of, they bad prepared, and now

submitted for the consideration of the meeting,

of the constitution and bye-laws, together with any memorial in support thereOverbury, Esq., of Tetbury, and was born in the year 1800. Mr. Anstie drafts of a charter and bye-laws on the model of the charter and bye-laws of was educated at Mill Hill Grammar School. He was articled in Bristol, but the English Incorporated Society, together with a memorial and other documents spent a year or two in the office of Messrs. Swain & Co., of London, and it to be transmitted to the Lord Advocate. In laying this report before the was during bis stay there that the late Lord Beaconsfield made, in the same (ffice, his transient acquaintance with the lawyer's d esk. Mr. Anstie was

meeting, the convener mentioned that he had received from Inverness and other admitted in 1822 and went into practice at Devizes

, where for
many years he important local faculties communications to the effect that they

cordially aptook an active part in public business. He worked energetically for Parlia. proved of the whole proposals contemplated, and accordingly thought it anmentary Reform, Negro Emancipation, and Corn Law Repeal, and he was an

necessary to send special deputations to this meeting. The report baring early and zealous promoter of the Temperance movement. He retired from to them. These were generally approved of, and were ultimately remitted to

been adopted, the meeting proceeded to consider the various drafts submitted practice many years before his death. Mr. Anstie married first, Harriet, daughter of William Tomkins, Esq., of Abingdon, by whom he has left five Cameron, Elgin ; Gair, Falkirk ; Dougall, Ayr; Downie, Glasgow ; Shaw,

& committee, consisting of Messrs. Spens, Glasgow; M'Clare, Greenock; surviving children ; and, secondly, Aone, daughter of Robert Tomkins, Esq., Glasgow; and Barty, Danblane, finally to adjust. Power to take other steps of Berkeley, who survives him.

necessary towards an incorporation of the society was also conferred on the same committee.


Mr. WILLIAM COMENS CLIFTON, solicitor (of the firm of Haynes & Clifton),

NEW ORDERS, &c. of 4, Tokeu bouse-yard, and of Stratford and Romford, has been appointed A Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Jadicature.

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. Mr. HENRY LATHAM, solicitor, of Congleton, bas been appointed Registrar of the Congleton and Sandbaoh County Court (Circuit No. 9), on the

CHANCERY DIVISION. resignation of his father, Mr. John Latham, Mr. H. Latbam was admitted

LONG VACATION, 1882.-NOTICE. & solioitor in 1870. Mr. FRANCIS ROBERTSON MOORE, solicitor, of Warwiok and Leamington, quire to be immediately or promptly heard, are to be made to the judges who

During the vacation until further notice :- All applications which may rehas been eleoted Clerk to the Warwiok Sohool Board. Mr. Moore was admitted a solicitor in 1861. He is coroner and clerk to the magistrates for the time being sball act as Vacation Judges. for the borough of Warwick.

One of the Vacation Judges will sit in the court of the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Mr. JOSEPH PEARCE, solicitor, of 39, Essex-street, has been appointed a

Charles Hall, at eleven a.m. on Wednesday in every week, commencing on Commissioner for taking Affidavits in England for Use in the Supreme Wednesday, the 16th of August, un!il further posice, for the purpose of Court of the Colony of Victoria.

hearing such applications. Mr. Robert MACLEANE PAULL, solicitor, of Truro, has been appointed obtained, or a certificate of counsel that the case requires to be immediately or

No case will be placed in the court paper unless leave has been previously Secretary to the Vice-Warder of the Stapparies, in sbocession to his partner, promptly heard, and stating concisely the reasons, is left with the papers. the late Bir Philip Protheroe Smith. Mr. Paull was admitted a solioitor in 1866.

The necessary papers relating to every application made to the Vacation Mr. GEORGE SMITH, solicitor, of Salisbury, has been elected Secretary Judges are to be left with, or addressed (under cover marked outside Chancery to the Salisbory Iofirmary. Mr. Smith is coroner for the city of Salisbury. Vacation Papers) to the officer in attendance, Chancery Registrars' Chambers He was

admitted a solicitor in 1848, and is in partnership with Mr: (Room 136), Royal Courts of Justice, before one o'clock on the Monday Henry William Cobb, wbo is clerk to the oounty magistrates.

previous to the day on which the application is intended to be made. Mr. TBEOPAILUS LOTT, solicitor, of Oxford and Shipston-on-Stour, bas

In any case of great urgency the brief of counsel is to be sent to the judge by been appointed Registrar of the Shipston County Court (Circuit No. 22),, or parcel, prepaid, accompanied by office copies of the affidavits in in succession to Mr. Edward Vere Nicoll, resigned. Mr. Lott was admitted support of the application, and also by a mionte, on a separate sheet of paper, a solicitor in 1879.

signed by counsel, of the order be may consider the applicant entitled to, and Mr. GEORGE BURTON, solicitor (of the firm of Jennings, Son, & Burton),

an envelope capable of receiving the papers, and addressed as follows: of 17, Graceoburch-street, and of Burton-on-Trent, bas been happointed a

“ Chancery Official Letter: To the Registrar in Vacation, Chancery Regis. Notary Public for Burton-on-Trent and ten miles round.

trars' Chambers, Royal Courts of Justice, London, W.C.” Mr. William B. CROFT, of Mildmag-chambers, 7, Union-court, Old Broad- On applications for injunctions or writs of ne ereat regno, in addition to th street, bas been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oatbs in the Supreme above, a copy of the writ, and a certificate of writ issued, must also be Court of Judicature.


The papers sent to the judge will be returned to the registrar.

The address of the judge for the time being, acting as Vacation Judge in the

Chancery Division, can be obtained on app'ication at the Chancery Registrars' A. LESLIB and T. C. FENWICK, solioitors, 34, Conduit-street, Regent Chambers. street (Leslie & Fenwick). July 25.

The chambers of the Vice-Chancellor Hall will be open on Tuesday, Wednes. SAMUEL BRIGHT WILLIAMS and JOSEPH Howlett, solicitors, Redditoh day, Thursday, and Friday, in every week, from eleven to on eo clock. and Birmingham. June 30.

[Gazette, July 28.) Chancery Registrars' Chambers, Aug. 1


On and after Monday, the 21st of Augnat, the registrar ia attendance will,

for the purpose of facilitating vacation business, sign certificates for sale and
transfer on Tuesday and Friday in every week, but the certificates should be

CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. left for examination at least one clear day previously, and on Tuesday in

LAST DAY OF PROOF. every week the registrar will make alterations necessary in orders to be acted EARNSHAW, WILLIAM PYBURN, Bramley, near Rotherham, Farmer. Sept 1. Earnshaw on by the Chancery Paymaster.

v Frost, Kay, J. Favell, Rotherham The registrar will not attend on Saturdays and Mondays anless JONES, CHARLES, Witney, Oxford, Wine Merchant. Oct 1. Jones v Jones, Kay, J. on notice of any intended application to the judge for an order of an urgent LEB, WILLIAM, De Foe rd, Stoke Newington, Gentleman. Aug 31. Holah v Hinks, pature.

Fry, J. Bretherton, Queen st, Cannon st

MAUD, HANNAH, Thornton Heath, Surrey. Sept 14. Sutcliffe v Kipping, Chitty, J.
Vacation Registrars. Kipping, Essex st, Strand

NOYES, THOMAS HERBERT, Clifton hill, St. John's Wood. Aug 31. Arnold v Noyes, Changery Registrars' Chambers, Royal Courts of Justice ,

Fry, J. Walters, New sq, Lincoln's inn
August 1, 1882.

PARSONS, HANNAU ESTABR, Leather lane, Holborn. Sept 5. Parsons v Parsons, Chitty,

J. Wooton, Finsbury circus.

SHANN, WILLIAM, Pateley Bridge, York, Flax Spinner. Sept 5. Ryder v Shann, LONG VACATION, 1882.-JUDGE'S PAPERS.

Chitty, J. Sykes, Harrogate

SMITH, CHARLES HENRY, Barforth rd, Peckham, Gentleman. Sept 1. Smith v Bowden, The following papers for the Vacation Julge are required to be left with the

Kay, J. Bartlett, Bedford st, Covent garden officer in attendance at the Royal Courts of Justice (Room - 136), on or before

[Gazette, July 28.) the Monday previous to the day on which the application to the judge is in.

BICKERTON, WILLIAM HENRY, sen, Newton on the Hill, Salop, Yeoman. Aug 30. Cooper

v Bickerton, Chitty, J. Young and Co, St Mildred's ct, Poultry tended to be made :

BRIDGE, JAMES SOUTHBY, St Thomas's square, Hackney, Gentleman. Sept 1. Bridge 1. Counsel's certificate of urgency, or note of special leave, granted by the v Bridge, Kay, J. Mackrell and Co, Cannon st judge.

HAWKINS, GEORGE DREW ADOLPHUS, Great Yarmouth, Ironmonger. Oct 1. Hawkins

v Hawkins, Bacon, V.C. Ruddock, Great Yarmouth 2. Two copies of writ and two copies of pleadings (if any), and any other

HAWORTH, BARNES, Woodhey, Lancaster, Manufacturing Chemist. Oct 1. Nuttall v documents showing the nature of the application.

Hudson, Bacon, V.C. Watson, Bury 3. Two copies of notice of motion.

LOCK, SAMURL ROBERT, King Henry's rd, Primrose hill, Gentleman. Oct 2. Smart v 4. Office copy affidavits in support with exhibits, and also the affidavits ia Tyson, 'RUTH' HANNAH, Whitehaven, Cumberland.

Kay, J. Draper, Vincent sq, Westminster

Sept 30. Walker v Atkinson, answer, if any filed.

Bacon, V.C. Dodgson, Great Winchester st Chancery Registrars' Chambers, Royal Courts of Justice,

Gazette, Aug. 1.7 August 1, 1882.

[blocks in formation]



July 27.--Bills Read a Third Time.

PRIVATE BILLS.-Ramsgate and Margate Tramways ; South London Tram. JOINT STOCK COMPANIES,

ways ; Swindon, Marlborough, and Andover Railway; Great Northern Rail. LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

way ; North London Suburban Tramways. AYYLINE COMPANY, LIMITED.--Chitty, J., has, by an order dated July 10, appointed William Waddell, 1, Queen Victoria st, to be official liquidator

July 28.Bill in Committee. LIBERIA LAND AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or Ancient Monuments, before Sept 14, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts

Bills Read a Third Time, or claims, to Edwin Banks Harding, 38, Old Jewry. Saturday, Oct 28, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Private BILLS.—Llangammarch and Neath and Brecon Junction Railway; STANDARD BANK OF LONDON, LIMITED. --Creditors are required, on or before Sept 30, Mersey Docks and Harbour Board ; Manchester Corporation; West Metro

Henry John Leslie, Coleman st. Monday, Oct 30, at 1, is appointed for hearing and politan Tramways. adjudicating upon the debts and claims

July 31.-Bills Read a Second Time, STANDARD UNION INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 31, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts

Poor Law Amendment ; Artisans' Dwellings. or claims, to Charles Cross Holmes, 25, Abchurch lane

Bills Read a Third Time.
STRAHAN AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-Chitty, J., has, by an order dated May 31, appointed
Arthur James Hill, 1, Finsbury circus, to be official liquidator

PRIVATE BILLS.-Alford and Sutton Tramways ; Easton Neston Mineral, TYLLWYD AND DYNEVOR COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED. -By an order made by Chitty, and Towcoster, Roade, and Olney Junction Railway; Northampton Corpora

J., dated July 19, it was ordered that the company be wound up: : Walker and Co, tion ; London and South-Western Railway.
Gresham bldgs, agents for Smith, Wednesbury, solicitor for the petitioner
WHITB OAK COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Sept 23,

New Bill. to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Frederick Augustus Jenkins, Bristol. Friday, Oct 27, at 12, is appointed for Bill to amend the law with respect to the charges on and payment to the hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Mercantile Marine Fund (Mr. CHAMBERLAIN). [Gazette, July 28.)


PRIVATE BILL.-Nottingham Corporation. winding up, presented July 31, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Nov 4, at the Rolls court, Rolls yard. Wilkins and Fanshawe, Founders' Hall, St. Swithin's lane, Bills of Sale Act (1878) Amendment ; Local Government (Gas) Provi. solicitors for the petitioner

sional Order.
BOGNOR BRICK AND TILE COMPANY, LIMITBD. – By an order made by Chitty, J., dated
July 22, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Harlow, Southampton bldgs,

Bills Read a Third Time.
Chancery lane, agent for Gregory, Chichester, solicitor for the petitioner
DYNBVOB İRON AND TIN PLATE COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., and Crystal Palace Tramways ; Busby Water.

PRIVATE BILLS.-Rotheram and Bawtry Railway; Peok bam, East Dulwiob, dated July 22, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Meredith and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn, agents for Brown, Bristol, solicitor for the petitioner

Aocient Monuments,
INDIAN CO-OPERATIVE AGENCY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., dated July
22, it was ordered that the agency be wound up. Mote, Walbrook, solicitor for the

NATIONAL FUNDS ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED:-Chitty, J., has, by an order dated
June 13, appointed Herman Joseph Lescher, 1, Princes st, Bank, to be official liquidator

July 27.- Bill Read a Second Time.
PURE BEVERAGE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented July 27, Parcels Post.
directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, at the court of Hall, V.C., on Aug 16.
Norton, Queen st, Cheapide, solicitor for the petitioner

Bill in Committee.
presented July 29, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, on Wednesday,

Conveyancing (Re-committed). Aug 16. Goldring and Mitchell, Southampton st, Bloomsbury, agents for Ramweli

Bilis Read a Third Time. and Co, Bolton, solicitors for the petitioner

(Gazette, Aug. 1.]

PRIVATE BILL8.—Glamorganshire Canal (Railway); Railway Working and

Management Company ; Tredegar Water and Gas.

July 28.-Bill Read a Third Time.
SNYDALB HALL COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented July
27, directed to be heard at St George's Hall, Liverpool, on Monday, Aug 7. Mather,

Electric Lighting. Liverpool, solicitor for the petitioners

Bill Withdrawn. (Gazette, July 28.]

Parliamentary Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Practices). GIDLOW IRON AND COAL COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented July 31, directed to be heard before Bristowe, V.O., on Aug 12, at 10, at St. George's Hall,

Aug. 1.--Bills Read a Third Time. Liverpool. Boote and Edgar, Manchester, solicitors for the petitioners

PRIVATE BILLs. -Earl of Aylesford's Estates ; Mabarajah Duloop Singh's UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY.

Estates ; Oswestry and Llangynog Railway; Pontypridd, Caerphilly and LIVERPOOL IMPERIAL LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY.-Petition for winding up, Newport Railway ; St. Pancras Guardians of the Poor.

presented July 29, directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor, at St. George's Hall, Liverpool, on Wednesday, Aug 9. Mather, Liverpool, solicitor for the petitioner

Aug. 2.--Bill Read a Second Time. (Gazette, Aug. 1.7 FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED.

PRIVATE BILL.-Somersbam Rectory. MODERN DRUIDS' BXBFIT SOCIBTY, Bury St. Edmunds. July 28

Bill in Committee, [Gazette, Aug, 1.)

Parcels Post.





Blaker, James Dyer, Southwick, Sussex, Timber Merchant. Aug 15 at 12 at office of

Cockburn, Duke st, Brighton
Boyce, Arthur, Leytonstone, Essex, Looking Glass Salesman. Aug 14 at 3 at office of

Palmer and Smith, Charles sg, Hoxton

Brady, Edwin, Norfolk ter, Westbourne grovo, Licensed Victualler. Aug 17 at 3 at

Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Tilsley, St Benet's pl, Gracehurch st

Brady, Patrick, Bradford, York, Cutler. Aug 10 at 12 at Bell Hotel, Norfolk st, Shef. COURT OY ý. c. BÀcom. V. C. HALL

field. Last and Betts, Bradford APPBAL.

Brettell, Margaret, Newport, Monmouth, Licensed Victualler. Aug 9 at 12 at office of Monday, Aug. 7 Mr. Koe Mr. Latham Mr. Pemberton

Lloyd, Bank chmbrs, Newport

Bromley, Thomas Benson, Rusholme, Lancaster, Lodging house Keeper. Aug 17 at 3 Tuesday



at office of Grundy and Co, Booth st, Manchester Wednesday.

9 Koe


Pemberton Burton, Joseph Saunders, High st, Aldgate, Hawker. Aug 10 at : at office f Bradley, Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mark lane

CHITTY. Cazes, Isaac, Quadrant rd, Canonbury, Merchant. Aug 21 at 3 at office of Cooper, Monday, Aug.

7 Nr. Ward Mr. Farrer Mr. Jackson George st, Mansion house. Hollams and Co, Mincing lane Tuesday 8 Tees dale

Cwrington | Chandler, Jonatban, Bedford, Coal Merchant. Aug 10 at 12 at offices of Conquest and Wednesday.



Clare, Duke st, Bedford The Long Vacation will commence on Thursday, the 10th day of August, and Chapman, Robert, Wild's rents, Long lane, Bermondsey, Beer Retailer. Aug 5 at 11 at

6, Wild's rents, Long lane, Bermondsey. Biggenden, Kingsland rd terminate on Tu sday, the 24th day of October, 1882, both days inclusive.

Chase, James, Titchfield, Hants Builder. Aug 9 at 3 at offices of Goble and Warner,


Chesterton, John, Wrexham, Denbigh, Toy Dealer. Aug 12 at 3 at Bull's Head Inn, RECENT SALES.

Market pl, Manchester. Sherratt, Wrexham At the Stock and Share Auction Company's sale, lield on the 3rd inst., at Codling, Stephen, Walbrook, Woollen Warehouseman. Aug 11 at 3 at offices of Lover. their Bole-room, Crown.court, Old Broad-street, the following were among Cooke, Isaac William Henry,]Lancaster rd, Notting hill, Upholsterer's Salesman. Aug the prices obtained :-West Deron Consols 10s. , Homackos Silver Lead 17 at 3 at offices of Crook and Carlill, Fenchurch st Mining Sbares, £5 109. ; Angle-Continental Telephone Company (Limited) Coppard, George, Monk well st, Manufacturer's Agent. Aug 8 at 12 at offices of Plunkett £1 shores, 178. 68. ; Indian Zoedope Corspany £l sbires, 108. paid, 19. ; Crofts, Isaac, Bramcote, Nottingham, Market Gardener. Aug 16 at 3 at office of Elliott, Lordon Fish Market and National Fishery Company (Limited), £l sharer, Cauldon pl, Long row, Nottingham 16. jaid, 108.;, Junior Army and Navy Stores (Limited) £1 shares, 10s. ; Daniell, Claude Melville, Woolston, Southampton, Cabinet Maker. Aug 6 at 11 at and other securities fetched fair prices.

office of Guy, Albion ter, Southampton Davies, David, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Grocer. Aug 10 at 12 at offices of Vaughan,

High st, Merthyr Tydfil

Dawson, Walter William, Brotherton, Market Gardener. Aug 11 at 11 at offices of SALES OF ENSUING WEEK.

Kaberry, Pontefract Avg. 8.- Mr. WALTER KNIGHT, at iho Marons' Hall at Is.m., L-asehold Dealtry, Hugh Thornton Cuningham, Southampton row, Bloomsbury, Tea Mercha pt. Wine Establishment (see advertisement, Jaly 29, p. 4).

Aug 11 at 3 at Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn, Godfrey, South sq, Gruy's-inn Avg. 8.-Merbre. THURGOOD & Co, at ihe Mart, at 2 p.m., Leasehold Chambers Drinkwaker, John, Maindee, nr Newport, Monmouth, Lime Merchant. Aug 10 at 11 at

office of Parker, Commercial st, Newport (see advertisement, July 29, p. 4). aug. 9. -Mesra. Edwin Fox & Bousfield, at the Mart, at 2 p.m.,

Easton, Robert, Bristol, Photographer. Aug 8 at 2 at office of Clifton and Carter, Reversion

Broad st, Bristol Policy (see advertisement, July 29, p. 4).

Evans, John, Pembroke, Grocer. Aug 24 at 11.30 at Water st, Pembroke Dock. Avg. 9:- Messrs. BAXTER, PAYNE, & LEPPER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Gilbertson, Pembroke and Leasehold Properties (sre advertisement. This week, p. 4).

Everard, Thomas, Brownsover Mill, nr Rugby, Warwick, Miller. Aug 7 at 3 at office Avg. 10.- Mergre. WAGSTAFF & WakMAN; at the Mart, at 12, Freetold Prop- Fieldhouse, Aquilla, Middlesborough, York, Joiner. Aug 9 at 2 at office of Lewis, ety (see advertisement, this week, p. 3).

Zetland st, Middlesborough
Aug. 10 - Messrs. C. C. & T. Mooke, at the Mart, at 1 for 2 p.m., Freehold and Groves, Christopher, Southwark, Durham, Builder. Aug 12 at 11 at office of Parr and
Lease bola Estates (see advertisement, this week, p. 4).

Co, Bridge st, Sunderland. Edgar, Bishop Auckland
Haddon, William, Grantham, Lincoln, Coal Dealer. Aug 11 at 12 at office of Malim,


Haigh, George, Elland, York, Innkeeper, Aug 9 at 11 at office of Stansfeld, Halifax.
Hall, Charles, Bristol, General Ironmonger. Aug 9 at 2.30 at Gt Western Hotel, Bir.

mingham, Murly and Co

Hallwood, Henry, Warrington, Lancaster, Baker. Aug 9 at 3 at office of Davies and

Co, Market pl, Warrington
FRIDAY, July 28, 1882.

Halse, Charles Smith, New Bridge st, Blackfriars, Surgeon. Aug 16 at 3 at office of
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Godden, Lime st
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Hamden, Francis, Clee, Lincoln, Lobster Merchant. Aug 9 at 3 at Law Society, Bowl.
To Surrender in London.

alley lane, Kingston upon Hull. Woodhouse, Kingston upon Hull Ashdown, W Forbes F Gresham House, Old Broad st, Architect. Pet July 25. Hankey, Edward Haynes, Shrewsbury, Salop, Station Master. Aug 11 at 12 at Talbot Murray, Aug 10 at 1

chmbrs, Shrewsbury. Chandler Barton, Allen James, and John Henry Clay Spencer, Upper Thames st, Tavern Hardman, Alfred, Gloucester, Rent Collector. Aug 5 at 11 office of Jackson, Broad Keepers. Pet July 25. Murray. Aug 10 at 12.30

st, Gloucester Foulkes, Richard, Liverpool, General Broker. Pet July 24. Murray. Aug 10 at 12 Harris, William, Leyton, Essex, Timber Merchant. Aug 24 at 3 Masons' Hall Tavern, Gale, w

Brook green, Hammersmith. Pet July 21. Murray. Aug 10 at 11 Masons' avenue, Basinghall st. Lewis, Stratford Harrison, William B

Change alley, Cornhill, Commission Merchant. Pet July 12. Harrison, Henry Palmer, West Bromwich, Stafford, Stud Manufacturer. Aug 10 at Brougham. Aug 15 at 12

11 at office of Topham, High st, West Bromwich Taylor, William, Whitecross st, Draper. Pet July 26. Pepys. Aug 9 at 1

Heney, Robert Farrington, Strand, Electrical Novelty Depot. Aug 22 at 3 at office of To Surrender in the Country.

Foreman and Co, Gresham st. Curtis, Old Jewry chmbrs Campbell, Colin, Gateshead, Durham, Cowkeeper. Pet July 26. Ingledew. Newcastle, Hill, John Ebenezer, Old Swinford, Worcester, Iron Plate Worker. Aug 9 åt 3 at office Aug 21 at 11

of Addison, High st, Brierley hill Farrington, Christopher, Wolverhampton, Builder. Pet July 24. Sanders. Wolver. Hiscox, John Henry Thomas, Woolston, Southampton, Grocer. Aug 8 at 3 at office of hampton, Aug 16 at 12

Watts, Albion place, Southampton Harry, William Marshall Dyer, New Cross, Kent, Clerk. Pet July 25. Pitt-Taylor. Humphreys, Eliza Ann, Seymour pl, Bryanstone sq, Oil and Colour Dealer. Aug io at Greenwich, Aug 22 at 1

2 at office of Carter and Bell, Eastcheap Hinchcliffe, William, and Benjamin Hinchcliffe, Bradford, Builders. Pet July 26. Huskisson, Charles Frederick, Birmingham, Letter Catter. Aug 10 at 3 åt office of Lee. Bradford, Aug 9 at 12

Higgs, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Lovegrove, William Henry, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, Hay and Straw Dealer. Pet July Jackson, William Knowles, Bury St Edmunds, Bookseller. Aug 21 at i at office of Hens26. Spence. Hertford, Aug 12 at il

man and Nicholson, College hill, Cannon st TUESDAY, Aug. 1, 1882.

Jacob, Robert, Wolverhampton, Lóck Maker. Auğ il at 11 at office of Rhodes, Queen Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

st, Wolverhampton Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Joel, Jacob, Bristol, Boot Manufacturer. Aug 8 at 2 at office of Benson and Carpenter To Surrender in London, Kiel, Adam, Church st, Bethnal Green, Cabinet Maker. Pet July 27. Pepys. Aug 16 Kearton, Frank, Richmond, York, Butcher. Aug 10 at 3 at office of Robinson, Great

Channel, Richmond Luscombe, William Richard, Marlborough rd, Chelsea, Boot Maker. Pet July 29. Kett, Arthur William, Heigham, Norwich, Tobacconist. Aug 11 at 12 at office of Brock, Pepys. Aug 16 at 12

Briggs st, Norwich Pook, Charles Oliver, Chancery lane, Law Clerk. Pet July 27. Pepys. Aug 16 at 12 Kirkland, Job, Derby, Provision Dealer. Aug 10 åt 3 at Bell Hotel, Sadler Gate, Derby. Pryce, Thomas, Essex rd, Islington, Ironmonger. Pet July 27. Pepys. Aug 16 at Hextals, Derby 12.30

Laurence, Joshua, Birmingham, China Dealer. Aug if at 3 at office of Rowlands and , Pepys. at Thorogood, Thomas, Blackstock rd,' south Hornsey, Baker. Pet Jul, 29. Pepys. Aug Lawtora, Yohn "Avered, Fenchurch st, Asphalte Contractor. Ảug 8 at in lieu of time

originally pamed To Surrender in the Country. Greeenwell, Thomas, Newcastle upon Tyne, Baker. Pet July 25. Ingledew. New. Legg, Thomas Rowland, and Sidney Archer Legg, Bermondsey st, Woolstaplers. Ång

16 at 12 at office of Turquand and Co, Coleman st. Hawks and Co, Borough High st, Hancock, John, jun, North rd, Clapham, Fishmonger. Pet June 20. Willoughby. Levy, Mark, Comeragh rd, West Kensington, Builder. Aug 11 at 12 at office of Lane Lewis, James, Bucknell, Salop, Farmer. Pet July 24. Robinson, Leominster, Aug 18 Lavy, Michael Charles, and Joseph Vann Lester, Duke st, Aldgate, Tobacconist. Aug

14 at 2 at office of Helmore, Bishopsgate st Within Masters, George, Stileway, Meare, Somerset. Pet July 28. Foster. Wells, Aug 15 Maris, William, Norwich, Fruit Merchant. Aug 10 at 1 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham Stichland, Samuel, Yetminster, Dorset, Grocer. Pet Julý 26. Batten. Yeovil, Aug McNulty, James, Wigan, Lancaster, Bootmaker. Aug 10 at 2 at offices of Kenney, 18 at 3 BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

King st, Wigan

Masters, Stephen, Lyndhurst, Southampton, Grocer. Aug 9 at 3 at offices of Bell and
FRIDAY, July 28, 1882.

Tayler, Portland st, Southampton
Cadogan, Hon Arthur Charles Lewin, Cadogan pl, Chelsea. July 21.
Church Frederick, Brighton, Licensed Victualler. June 14

Mawhood, William Erskine, Sheffeld, Merchant. Aug 11 at 3 at offices of Branson and

Co, Bank bldgs, Sheffield Rawley, E J, High st, Borough, Hop Merchant. July 26.

Maycock, Charles, and John Brightley, Fulham fields, Builders. Aug 11 at 2 at Guild. TUESDAY, Aug. 1, 1882. Ferrell, Campbell, South Petherton, Ilminster, Esq. July 6

hall Tavern, Gresham st. Andrews, Fenchurch st

Mead, Edwin' Samuel, Chester, Tallow Chandler. Aug 15 at 11 at offices of Brassey
Liquidations by Arrangement.

Eastgate row North, Chester

Middleton, Albert, Melcombe Regisg Dorsety Livery Stable Keeper. Ang 21 at 12
FRIDAY, July 28,

1882. Biddulph, Thomas, Openshaw, nr Manchester, Coal Merchant. Aug 16 åt 3 at Falstaff Miller, William Carver, 'Gt Yarmouth, Hairdresser. Aug 10 at 12.30 at office of Dow Hotel, Market pl, Manchester

sett, Hall Quay chmbrs, Gt Yarmouth


at 12

16 at 1

at 2.30

at 12

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