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council, on the recommendation of the committee, after every examination taken by Messrs. Riohardson and Bull. After a reply from the opener, the before Hilary and Trinity Terms respectively, to the two students of each set motion was put to the meeting, whicb, apon a division, was carried by the of competitors who shall have passed the best examination in both jurisprudence casting vote of the chairman. and Roman law. But the committee shall not be obliged to recommend any studentship to be awarded if the result of the examioation be such as in their opinion not to justify such recommendation.

No student admitted after the 31st of December, 1872, shall receive from the council the certificate of fitness for call to the bar required by the four

OBITUARY. Ions of Court unless he shall have passed a satisfactory examination in the following subjects-riz. (1) Roman law ; (2) The law of real and personal property ; (3) Coromon law ; (4) Equity.

MR. JOHN ROBERT DANIEL TYSSEN. No student admitted after the 31st of December, 1872, shall be examined Mr. John Robert Daniel Tyssen, who formerly practised as & solicitor, for call to the bar until he shall have kept nine terms ; except that students died at his residence, Lower Rock.gardens, Brighton, on the 11th ult. Mr. admitted after that day shall have the option of passing the examination Tyssen was born on November 7, 1805, and was educated at Westminster. in Roman law at any time after having kept four terms.

He praotised for many years as a solicitor at Hackney, where he was An exainination will be beld in December and January next, to which a steward of the manors and attended to the management of the estates now student of any of the Inds of Court, who is desirous of becoming a candidate belonging to Mr. Tyssen-Amherst, M.P. for West Norfolk. Mr. Tyssen for a studentship, or honours, or of obtaining a o rtificate of fitness for being retired from business in 1858, and moved to Brighton, where he has resided called to the bar, or of pissing the examination in Roman law only, will be

ever since. He was one of the original direotors of the Law Fire Ioggrance admissible.

Society, and continued to take an active part its affairs till digabled by Each student proposing to submit himself for examination will be required illness, some six months before his death. He was well known in the to enter his name, personally or by letter, at the treasurer's or steward's office arobæologioal world, both in this country and in Holland, and he acoumaof the Inn of Court to which he belongs, on or before Saturday, the 9th day lated a vast mass of information relating to his own anoestors and other of December next; and he will further be required to state in writing whether Datoh settlers in England, and the ancient history of the parish of Haokney, his objaot in offering himself for examination is to compete for a students and the history of church bells. ship, or honours, or of obtaining a certificate preliminary to a call to the bar, or whether he is merely desirous of passing the examination in Roman law under the above-stated rule.

CHIEF JUSTICE SEMPER. The examination will take place in the hall of Lincoln's-inn; and the doors Mr. Hugh Reilly Semper, Chief Justice of Gibraltar, died on the 18th ult., will be closed ten minutes after the time appointed for the commencement of after a short illness, at the age of The late Chief Justice was the the examination.

youngest son of Mr. Hugh Reilly Senper, of St. Kitt's, where he was born in The examination by printed questions will be conducted in the following | 1831. He spent the early part of his life in the West Indies, and was for order :- Thursday and Friday, December 21 and 22, 1882, at ten until one, several years a member of the Executive Council

of Montserrat. He after. uod from two until five on each day, the examination of candidates for student- wards came to England and entered at the Middle Temple, where he was called ships in jurisprudence and Roman law.

to the bar in Trinity Term, 1866. He was for some time Crown Law Officer The examination of candidates for bonours and pass certificates, and for pass for the Island of Tortola, and he was appointed Attorney-General of St. Kitt's in Roman law oply, will take place as follows :-Wednesday morning, Decem. in 1870, of the Leeward Islands in 1872, and of Barbadoes in 1874. He was ber 27, at ten, on real and personal property law; Thursday worning, Decem- a paisne judge for the colony of Britisb Guiana from 1878 until about four ber 28, at ten, on common law; Friday morning, December 29, at ten, on months ago, when he succeeded Sir George Philippo as Chief Justice of equity; Tuesday morning, January 2, 1883, at ten, on jurisprudence and Gibraltar. Roman law; Tuesday afternoon, January 2, 1883, at two, on constitutional law and legal history. The oral examination will be conducted in the same order, and on the

MR. THOMAS WOOLLETT. same subjects, as above appointed for the examination by printed questions.

Mr. Thomas Woollett, solicitor and notary, died at Newport, Monmouth. Jurisprudenco, International Law, and Roman Law.

shire, on the 20th ult., from paralysis. Mr. Woollett was born in 1807. He

was admitted a solicitor in 1833, and had practised for nearly fifty years at Candidates for the studentships will be examined in all the following Newport. He was a notary public, a perpetual commissioner for Monmouthsubjects :-(1) Institutes of Gaius and Institutes of Justinian ; (2) Digest, shire and Glamorganshire, and a commissioner for affidavits in admiralty. book 18, title ), "De contr empt" ; book 19, title 1,. “Da act empt et Mr. Woollett was elected town clerk of Newport in 1838, and held that office vend”; (3) History of Roman law; (4) Principles of jurisprudence, with till his death, although (in consequence of his feeble healtb) there has been special reference to the writings of Bentham, Austio, and Maine ; (5) for several years a deputy town clerk. He was a widower and leaves no Elements of international law; (6). Principles of private international law; family. Mr. Woollett was buried at the Newport Cemetery on the 23rd alt., Candidates for honours will be examined in subjects numbered 1, 3, 4, 5, and most of the members of the corporation beiog present at the funeral. 6. Candidates for a pass certificate will be examined in the Institutes of Justinian, books 1 and 2 ; book 3, title 13, to the end of the book ; book 4, titles 1 to 5 inclusive.

SIR PHILIP PROTHEROE SMITH, The examiner in the law of real and personal property will examine in the following subjects : -The elementary principles of the law of real and per. Truro, on the 24th ult., in his seventy-second year. Sir P. Smith was the son

Sir Philip Protheroe Smith, solicitor, died at his residenca, Premorvab, sonal property, with reference chiefly to the treatises of Mr. Joshua Williams of Mr. Thomas Smith, of Bideford, and was a younger brother of the Right on those subjects. Candidates for a pass certificate will be examined in the Hon. Montague Smith. He was bora ia 1810, and was educated at the elements of the foregoing subjects ; candidates for honours will have a higher Bideford Grammar School. He was admitted á solicitor in 1832, and for examination.

nearly fifty years bad carried on an extensive pra:tice at Truro. During the The examiner in common law will examine in the following subjects :-(1) last few years he had been associated in partnership with Mr. John Richard The law of contracts; (2) The law of torts ; (3) Criminal law; (4) The Parll (the clerk to the county magistrates and commissioners of taxes), and procedure in the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice. Can- with Mr. Robert Macleane Paull. He was a perpetual commissioner for the didates for a pass certificate will be expected to koow general and elementary principles of law. From candidates for honours the examiner will re

county of Cornwall ; and bad been for several years secretary to the Vice

Warden of the Stannaries. Sir P. P. Smith was one of the borough aldermen, quire a more advanced knowledge of the application of those principles, and

and bad been three times mayor of Traro. He filled that office in 1880 on the a knowledge of leading decisions.

visit of the Prince of Wales to Truro to lay the first stone of the new cathedral, The examiner in equity will examine in the following subjects :-(1) Trusts ; | And he received the honour of knighthood in commemoration of that event. (2) Administration of assets ; (3) Partnership ;, (4) Husband and wife. He was an active supporter of the Conservative party, and a few years ago Candidates for honours will be examined in all the above-mentioned sub- declined an invitation to become a candidate for the represeotation of Truro. jects. Candidates for a pass certificate in those numbered 1 and 2 only. The examiners in constitutional law and legal history will examine in Sir P. Smith was married to a daughter of the late Mr. William Paull, of

the following books and subjects :-(1) Stubb's Constitutional History of
England ; (2) Hallam's Constitutional History ; (3) Broom's Constitutional
Law; (4) The Principal State Trials of the Stuart Period; (5) The concluding
chapter of Blackstone's Commentaries, being that “On the Progress of the

Laws of England.” Candidates for honours will be examined in all the
above-mentioned books and subjects.
By order of the council,

Mr. PHILIP EDWARD LIONEL BUDGE, solicitor and notary, of Poole, (Signed) JAS. ANDERSON, Chairman, pro tem. has been appointed Clerk to the Poole Board of Guardians, As8e88Council Chamber, Lincoln's Inn Hall, June 5.

ment Committee, and Raral Sanitary Authority. Mr. Badge was admitted

a solicitor in 1874. He is clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes at Poole. UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

Mr. AUGUSTUS Fitr DRAKE, solicitor, of Lewes, has been appointed Clerk

to the Magistrates at Seaford and Town Clerk of that borough, in succe8At a mooting of this society, held at Clement's-ion Hall on the 21st ult., sion to his partner, the late Mr. Inigo Gell. Mr. Drake was admitted a Mr. E. F. Spence in the chair, Mr. Williams moved, " That places of amuse- solicitor in 1872. ment should be opened on Sundays." The motion was supported by Messrs. Parsons, Spence, and Roberts, the opinion being that the words did not

Lord BRAMWELL has been appointed a Member of the Royal Commission necessarily mean that all places of amusement should be opened. Messr 8.

on Thames Sewage. Collyer and Edlin opposed the motion, and an independent position was Mr. JOSEPH BRADBURY, solioitor, of Oldham, Ashton-under-Lyne, and Saddleworth, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in hearing in opposition to the petition must be filed at the Registrar's Office, Truro, on the Supreme Court of Judicature.

or before June 30, and zotice thereof must, at the same time, be given to the peti.

tioners, their solicitors, or agent. Cock, Truro, agent for Snell and Co, George et, Mr. GEORGE EDWARD COKAYNE, barrister, Lancaster berald, bas been

Mansion House, solicitors for the petitioners

[Gazette, June 23.) appointed Norroy King of Arms and Principal Herald of the North Parts of England. Mr. Cokayne is a graduate of Exeter College, Oxford. He was

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. called to the bar at Lincoln's.ion in Easter Term, 1853.



tion for winding up, presented June 22, directed to be heard at the sitting of the court brancer to the Corporation of London, in saocession to Mr. Charles Henry on Aug 3, at St Georgo's Hall, Liverpool. Collins and Co, Liverpool, solicitors for the Robarts, is the eldest son of Sir Gabriel Goldney, baronet, M.P. for

petitioner Chippenbam, and was born in 1843. He was educated at Harrow and at

[Gazette, June 23.] Exeter College, Oxford, and was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. Easter Term, 1867. He has practised at the Parliamentary Bar, and also on FRIENDLY SOCIETY OF MINERS, Tavistock, Devon. June 17 the Western Circuit, and at the Wiltshire, Salisbury, Batb, and Bristol

[Gazette, June 23.] Sessions. Mr. Goldney acted in 1875 as a commissioner to inquire into the TRAWSTYNYDD FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Trawsfynydd, Merioneth. June 21 existence of Corrupt Practices in the city of Norwich, and ba was recorder

[Gazette, June 27.] of Helston from 1876 till 1879, when he was appointed recorder of Poole.

Mr. FREDERICK BAILEY, Q.C., and Mr. WALTER BLACKETT TREVELYAN, Lave been elected Benchers of the Middle Temple.

Mr. BEAUMONT SHEPHEARD, solicitor, of Ealing (of the firm of Shepbeard & Sops, of 32, Finsbury-cirons, E.C.), has been appointed by Joseph

LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK, Savory, Esq., sheriff-elect for London and Middlesex, to be bis Under-Sheriff for the year ensuing.


June 22.-Bills Read a Second Time.

Cathedral Statutes Amendment; Judgments (Inserior Courts).
John G. DEARLE, and John EDGEWORTH, solicitore, Eastbourne and

Bills in Committee. Hailsham, Sassex. Jane 20. Jobn Edgeworth will alone carry on the Interments (felo-de-se); Local Government Provisional Order, Nos. 2, 6, businessee.

[Gazette, June 23.] and 10 ; Land Drainage Provisional Order ; Castoms and Ioland Revenue ;
Somersbam Rectory.

Bilis Read a Third Time.
Private Bills.- Newbaven Harbour ; Liverpool Tramways ; Liverpool

United Gaslight Company; Esmouth Gas; Metropolitan Railway; London,

Brighton, and South Coast Railway (Various Powers); East and West India
Dock Extension.

Public Health (Fruitpickers' Lodgings) ; Local Government Provisional

Order (Artizans' and Labourers' Dwellings).

June 23.-Bills Read a Second Time,

Private Bills.-Swindon, Marlborough, and Andover Railway; North ANGLO-AMERICAN CATTLE COMPANY, LIMITED.- Chitty, J., has by an order, dated March London Suburban Tramway i London Street Tramways Extension ; London 4, appointed George Augustus Cape, 8, Old Jewry, to be liquidator

and South-Western Railway. Bognor RESIDENCES AND HOTEL COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Bacon, V.C., on May 6, the company was ordered to be wound up. Cridge and Bell, Bishops

Bills in Committee. gate st, solicitors for the petitioner

Artillery Ranges ; Cathedral Statutes Amendmont,
DYNEVOR IRON AND TIN PLATE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented
June 19, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on July 1. Meredith and Co, New

Bills Read a Third Time.
sq, Lincoln's inn, agents for Brown, Bristol, solicitor for the petitioner
Cwm Avon ESTATE AND Works COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up, pre-

PRIVATE Bills.-Stroud Water; Northwich Gas. sented June 15, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on July 1. Vant, Leadenhall st,

Interments (selo-de-se). solicitor for the petitioner GLOBE ACCIDENT ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or

June 26.–Bill in Committce. before Aug 1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts Poor Rates, or claims, to Henry Newson Smith, 37, Walbrook. Oct 27 at 12 is appointed for

Bills Read a Third Time. hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims Haven GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before July

PRIVATE Bills.—Lecky and Smith's Patent ; West Lancashire Railway ; 18, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Seacombo, Hoylake, and Deeside Ruilway; Manchester, Sheffield, and LincoloHorace Woodburn Kirby, 4, Coleman 'st. July 26 at 12 is appointed for hearing and shire Railway and Cheshire Lines ; Northampton Tramways (Extensions) ; adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Padiham and Hapton Local Board.
KEIGHLEY HERALD NEWSPAPER COMPANY, LIMITED.--Chitty, J., bas by an order, dated Local Government Provisional Order, Nos. 4 and 7 ; Artillery Ridges.

May 22, appointed William Mann, Keighley, to be the official liquidator
Kopf's Extract or MEAT AND COMPRESSED Food COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for

New Bill
winding up, presented June 20, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on July 7. Lewin
and Co, Southampton st, Strand, solicitors for the petitioning company.

Bill to amend the Mercbant Shipping Acts (Earl of KIMBERLEY). South-Eastern BONDED WAREHOUSES AND WHARF COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented June 19, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on July 1.

June 27.-Bill Read a Second Time. Hughes and Co, Budge row, solicitors for the petitioners

Lunacy Regulation Acts Amendment. [Gazette, June 23.]

Bill in Committee. ASSOCIATED WINE MERCHANTS, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up presented Juno 23, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on July 7. Coodo and Co, Bedford row, agents

Local Government Provisional Order (No. 8). for Daw and Son, Exeter, solicitors for the petitioners

Bills Read a Third Time. Great SOUTHERN MYSORE GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED -Chitty, J., has by an order dated June 2, appointed Arthur Cooper, 14, George st, Mansion House, to be

Private Bills. — Rugby Gas; Accrington Corporation Tramways ; Hall official liquidator

Extension and Improvement; Oswaldtwistle Local Board. INDIAN KINGSTON AND SANDURST GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for

Poor Rates. winding up presented June 26, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on July 7. Styer, Royal Exchange avenue, solicitor for the petitioners

New Bill. NORTH WALES FREEHOLD COPPER MINES AND SMELTING COMPANY, LIMITED.--Creditors Bill to amend the Supreme Court of Judicature Acts (LORD CHANCELLOR).

are required, on or before July 25, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Alfred Cotton Harper, Billiter House, Billiter st.

Aug 2 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims HALIFAX BUILDING AND QUARRYING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Chitty, J., has by an order,

HOUSE OF COMMONS. dated April 27, appointed Jonas Dearnley Taylor, Halifax, to be official liquidator STANDARD CREDIT COMPANY, LIMITED.--Creditors are required, on or before July 21,

June 22.-Bill in Committee. to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to

Partnerships. William Cornish Cooper, 20, King's Arms yd, * Coleman st. July 28 at 12 is appointed

Bills Read a Third Time. for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims STANDARD CREDIT COMPANS, LIMITED:-Kay, J, Las, by an order dated June ; ap; Bolton Improvement; Bristol City Corporation of the Poor ; Chadderton

PRIVATE BILLS. — Accrington Improvement ; Blackburn Improvement ; pointed William Cornish Cooper, 20, King's Arms yd, Coleman st, to be official liquidator

Improvement; Macclesfield Corporation ; Manchester Corporation ; NewcastleSTANDARD BANK OF LONDON, LIMITED:7-By an order made by Hall, V.C., dated May upon Tyne Improvement ; Local Government Provisional Orders (No. 5).

ordered be the petitioner

Vagrancy. VINCENT TIN MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J, dated

Juno 26.-Bills Read a Second Time. June 17, it was ordered that the above company be wound up. Romer, Warwick ct, PRIVATE Bills.-Cyfarthfa Works ; Devon and Cornwall Central Rail way. solicitor for the petitioner

[Gazette, June 27.1

Bill Read a Third Time.

PRIVATE Bill.-Liskeard and Caradon Railway.
ing up, presented June 20, directed to be heard before the Vice Warden, at the Law

June 27.- Bill Read a Second Time. Institution, Chancery lane, ou July 3 at 3.15. Affidavits intended to be used at the Public Health (Fruitpickers' Lodgings).

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Bill in Committee.
Corn Returns (No. 2).

Bill Withdrawn.
Copyhold Enfranchisement.
Bill in Committee.


LAST DAY OF PROOF. Metropolitan Board of Works (Money).

ADAMS, FRANCES, Cochrane ter, St John's Wood July 15. Porteous v Smith, Fry, J. Jane 28.-Bills Read a Second Time,

Smith, Furnival's inn, Holborn

COWDERY, WILLIAM LANSLEY, Newport, Isle of Wight, Gent. July 21. Wadham v PRIVATE BILL.–Bawtry and Trent Railway ard Dock.

Cowdery, Kay, J. Estcourt, Newport

CURTIS, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Southport, Lancaster, Drapor. July 11. Parry y Curtis, Surrey (Trial of Causes) ; Interments (felo-de-se).

Chitty, J. Threlfall, Southport

EDWARDS, FRANCIS, Bognor, Sussex. July 10. Harvie v Stanley, Bacon, V.C. Evans, Bill in Committee.

Gracechurch st

Evans, EDWIN PAUL, Cleobury Mortimer, Salop, Chemist. July 14. Evans v Evans, Baths and Washhouses Act Amendment.

Chitty, J. Trow, Cleobury Mortimer
POLLARD, DANIEL, Great Horton, Bradford, York. July 10. Wood v Bottomley, Hall,

V.C. Peel, Bradford
RAINFORD, WILLIAM, Preston, Auctioneer. July 10. Rainford v Rainford, Bacon,

V.C. Abbott, Preston

SHARP, ALEXANDER, Gore pl, Hackney. July 15. Dundas v Kerwin, Hall, V.C.

Copping, Godliman st, Doctors' commons
STONE, HENRY, Donnington-le-Heath, Ibstock, Leicester, Farmer. July 20. Thomas

v Stone, Kay, J. Deane, Loughborough

SWIRE, SAMUEL, Ashton-under-Lyne, Coal Merchant. July 11. Mellor y Swire, Bacon, HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE.

V.C. Gartside, Manchester

TEALE, WILLIAM HENRY, Stanstead Abbots, Hertford. July 15. Teale v Teale, Kay, CHANCERY DIVISION.-ORDER OF COURT.

J. Jenkins, Doctors' commons

[Gazette, June 16.) Wednesday, the 10th day of May, 1882.

BLACHFORD, ELLEN MARGARET, Oxford. July 20. , Blachford v Worsley,] Fry, J.

Millett, Old Palace yard, Westminster Whereas there are in court various sums of ordinary, preference, debentare, BRAILSFORD, Rev Ilodgson, D.D., Exbourne, Devon. July 14. Brailsford v Brails. and other stocks, shares, and securities in railway, canal, and other companies CALLAGHAN, DANIEL, Pusey Hall, Clarendon, Jamaica, Planter. Dec 1. Callaghan v and undertakings standing to the credit of certain causes, matters, and

Lambert, Hall, V.Ó. Pennington, New 81, Lincoln's inn accounts,

Fox, WILLIAM, Leverton, Lincoln, Blacksmith. July 20. Brown v Fox, Hall, V.C. And whereas from time to time such stocks, shares, and securities are con- Waite, Boston verted into other securities by resolutions of the companies or undertakings Gikur TOSEPT. Runskill, Nottingham, Yeoman. July 17. Gillott v Gillott, Kay, J. under powers in Acts of Parliament in that behalf, or by eflluxion of time, or JEFFERSON, WILLIAM, Pudsey, York, Gent, July 10. Jefferson v Jefferson, Bacon, otherwise, and new shares or sums of stock are from time to time allotted to V.C. Porrett, Sheffield bolders of such stocks, shares, and securities so in court as aforesaid, and are

JONES, ROBERT, Gronant, Anglesey, Farmor. July 17. Williams v Williams, Kay, J.

Jones, Finsbury circus 80 allotted to the Chancery Paymaster; and it is for the benefit of the persons Murray, THOMAS HUNTER, Chester-le-Street, Darham, Engineer. June 23. Woods v interested therein that such allotments should be sold, and the proceeds there- Greenwell, Hall, V.C. Maddison, Durham of dealt with in manner hereinafter mentioned.

Wallis, Jonn, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, Master Mariner. July 15. Craggs v And whereas the Chancery Paymaster is unable to deal with the securities WARNES, HEWLING Luson, Palling, Norfolk, Miller. July 21. Lacons v Warnes, Kay,

Wardropper, Kay, J. Mann, Sunderland 80 substituted for other secnrities, or with the dividends thereon, or to dispose J. Clowes, Great Yarmouth of such allotments, or realize the value thereof, without an order in that be- / Wilson, WILLIAM, Pe Caw Grange, Durham, Timber Merchant. July 22. Swinney v half, and the making of such order, if an order of court, involves some un.

Wilson, Fry, J. Indermaur, Chancery lane

[Gazette, June 20.] avoidable delay, and if orders are obtained by the parties to the causes and matters to the credit of which the securities stand upon which such allotments

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35. are made, unavoidable expense is also incurred, and it is desirable to prevent ANDERSON, MURRAY, Camden st, Camden Town, Gent, Aug 1. Billinghurst and Wood,

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. such delay and expense,

Bucklersbury Now I do order that whenever from any cause any sum of stock or any share AYRES, SABAH, New Barnet, Herts. Aug 1. Boyes, Barnet or shares, or other security standing in court to the credit of any cause, Bieca, JAMES, Liverpool, Corn Merchant. July 8. Bellringer and Cunliffe, Liverpool

Batson, SARAH, Kennington pk rd, Surrey. July 10. Platt, Robert st, Adelphi matter, or account is or are converted into any other stock, share, or other BULLIVANT, WILLIAM, Broadstairs, Kent, Gent. July 15, Dodd, Reading security, so that the description thereof will differ from the descriptiou given CarveTH, WILLIAM, St Allen, Cornwall, Yeoman. July 15. Chilcott, Truro of such original stock, share, or security in the order, fiat, report, or certifi. Day, WILLIAM, Bath, Gardener. July 25. Stone and Co, Bath cate, power of attorney, or other instrument under which the Chancery Pay. ELGED, JEREMIAI SAVAGE, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Esq. Aug 7. Asprey, Furnival's master acts respectiug the game, the Chancery Paymaster do write off from the credit of the several causes, matters, and accounts the sums of stok, Eliott, Russell, Appleby Castle, Westmoreland, Retired Admiral in Her Majesty's share or sbares, or other security 80 converted, and do place to the credit of

Navy. Aug 8. Bennett and Co, Lincoln's inn the same causes, matters, and accounts proportionate amounts or numbers of GODFREE, JOHN Bayliss, Great Rissington, Gloucester, Farmer. July 10. Brown, the stocks, shares, or other security so substituted for the same ; and that, HAMLEY, Walter RALEIGI GILBERT, Paddington. Aug 1. Longcroft and Myers, except in so far as any of such sums of stock, shares, or security may be Clement's ion, Strand

Hare and Co, Surrey affeoted by any order brought to the Chancery Pay Office in due time for Haslewoon, Frances CATHERINE, Brighton, Sussex. July 12. that purpose, the Chancery Paymaster do, as far as may be practicable, HEATH, Henry, Knowle, Warwick, Licensed Victualler. July 31. Woodward, Birgive effect to all directions contained in any order, fiat, report, or certifi- mingham cate, and to all powers of attorney and other instruments which shall rafer Johnson, CHARLES RICHARDSON, Southsea, Hants, Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy.

Aug 1. Johnsons and Co, Austin Friars to any of such sums of stook, share or sbares, or other seourity so con- JONES, CHARLES HYNDMAN, Demerara, British Guiana, Gent. Aug 31. Arnold and Co, verted as aforesaid, or the dividends thereon, as if they referred to the Carey st, Lincoln's inn Becurity substituted in lieu thereof or the dividends thereon, but no pay.

LANG, WILLIAM, Kirkdale, Upper Sydenham, Kent. July 31. Burroughs and Bisdee,

Forest Hill ments of income moneys shall be made in pursuance hereof in any case LLOYD, JANE, Llantysilio, Denbigh. Aug 5. Richards, Llangollen wbere the substituted security is in the nature of a terminable andnity. MCKERRELL, WILLIAM, Norfolk sq, Hyde Park. July 20. Baileys and Co, Berners st

And I do further order that whenever any allotment letters, scrip allot- McKERROW, GEORGE Pagan, Waterloo, Lancaster. July 8. Morecroft and Winstanley, ments, or other securities be allotted or assigned in respect of any sums of MAKINGS, SARAH, Billericay, Essex. July 17. Woodard and Hood, Ingram court, Fen. stock, or of any share or shares or other security standing in court to the credit of any cause, matter, or account, such allotment letters, scrip allot- MALLINSON, JOHN RICHARD, Almondbury, York, Woollen Cloth Manufacturer. July ments, or other securities, excepting such of them, if any, as may be affected MATTOCK, Joun, Embsay, near Skipton, York, Grocer. July 1. Heelis and Thompson, by any order brought to the Chancery Pay Office previously to the delivery Skipton of such allotment letters, scrip allotments, or other security to the Chancery Newton, ELIZABETI, The Shades, Montague Close, London Bridgo. July 20, Pope, Broker for sale, be delivered by the Chancery Paymaster to the Chancery NUTTALL, EDWArd Morgan, Liverpool, Gent. July 15. Harvey and Co, Livorpool Broker to be sold. And that the moneys to arise by the said sale be paid RUMBOLL, Henry, Lawrence lane, Stuff Merchant. July 28. Chandler, Bishopsgate (without deduction for brokerage) by the Chancery Broker to the Chancery st within Pay Office Account at the Bank of England, and be placed in the books of the SKINNER, ELIZA, Clarence p1, Clapton sq. July 18. Burkitt, London wall Chancery Pay Office to the credit of the various accounts on which the said STODDART, JOSEPH, Huddersfield, York, Jeweller. Aug 1.' Craven and Sunderland, stocks, share or sbares, or other security are standing, in respect of which such WEBB, Mary Ann, Upper Tooting, Surrey. July 1. Stoneham and Co, Philpot lane, allotment letters, scrip allotments, or other security have been received; and

Fenchurch st that such moneys, if amounting to or exceeding £10, be placed on deposit Wunte, WILLIAM, Rawlins st, Livorpool, Tailor. Aug 1. Dauncey and Co, Wotton. without any request for that purpose.

SELBORNE, C. WHITE, WILLIAMS Causton, Sandown, Isle of Wight, Gent. June 30. Carter and
We concur in this order,

Barber, Austin Friars

[Gazetto, June 9.] JAMES BACON, V.C. Ashton, MARY, Axminster, Devon, Waitress. July 3. Forward, Axminster We concur in this order,

CAMPBELL, ARTHUR EDWARD, The Albany, Piccadilly, Esq. Aug 9.

Wade and Lyall, CHARLES C. COTES,

St Helen's pl

COOPER, FRANCES CHARLOTTE, Louth, Lincoln. Sept 1. Allisons and Allison, Louth

DAVENPORT, ESTIER, Rodborough, Gloucester, June 30. Heelas and Davis, Stroud
DICKINSON, Rev HENRY, Golborne rd, Notting hill, Clerk in Holy Orders. July 10.

Sykes, oíd Broad st

FERRIS, RICHARD, Dawlish, Devon, Coal Merchant. Aug 1. Gidley, Bedford circus, According to the last bulletin, Vice-Chancellor Hall continues to improve. FLETCHER, JOAN SIEPIEED, Kersal, near Manchester, M.D. July 23. Atkinson and No further bulletin will be issued for a few days.

Co, Manchester


church street


GEE, MARY ANN, Manchester. July 31. Bond, Manchester

WALKER, JAMES SCOTT, Oxford sq, Hyde pk, Esq. July 13. Miller and Co, Salter's GILLARD, JOHN, Rectory rd, Stoke Newington, Dealer in Horse Food. July 20. Neave,

Hall ct Friday st

WHITFORD, GEORGE, Bristol, Gent. July 31. Cooke, Bristol (Gazette, June 20.1 Hanson, SAMUEL, Grevill pl, Kilburn, Merchant. July 15. Drake and Co, Rood lane Harmon, WILLIAM, Woolwich, Kent, Gent. July 21. Sutherland, Woolwich

ADKINS, JAMES, West Brighton, Gent. Aug 1. Tibbitts and Son, Field ct, Gray's inn HOWEY, JOHN, Southampton. July 15. Watts, Southampton

Asa, GEORGE SLADE, St John's Wood, Gent. Aug 4. Smith and Moggridge, Furnival's

inn KINGSTON, WILLIAM JOHN WHITE, Gateshead, Provision Dealer. Aug 13. Dixon, Gateshead

ASHLEY, JOIN, Wellington, Salop, Grocer. July 17. Bidlake, Wellington LEIGI, JOHN, New Windsor, Berks, Chemist. Aug 31. Long and Co, Windsor

BAINES, EDWARD, Yalding, Kent, Clerk. Aug 1. Ovans and Co, Potter's Fields, Tooley

st LETT, EDWARD, Brixton rd, Esq. "July 15. Cornford, Devereux bldgs, Devereux ct, Temple

BARRY, Lady SARAH, Cleveland sp, Hyde park. July 20. Cooper and Walker, Billiter st LUNN, Thomas, Newcastle upon Tyne, Barman. July 1. Robson, Gateshead

BENNETT, JAMES MACE, Barry rd, Peckham rye, Wine Merchant's Clerk. Aug 1 MCADAM, GEORGINA KEITz, Weston Park, near Bath. Aug 1. Gibbs, Bath

Blachford and Co, College hill, Cannon st MAY, James, Lansdowne crescent, Notting hill, Esq. Sept 5. Broomhead and Co,

BROOKES, Sarah, Melbourne, Derby, Licensed Vic!ualler. July 31. Salo and Mills, Sheffield

Derby MAY, JOHN, Lucretia rd, Kennington rd, Lambeth, Mat Maker. June 30. Cooper and

BUTTERWORTH, ROBERT LEACH, Russell rd, Kensington, Warehouseman, July 31. Walker, Billiter st

Heather, Paternoster row Nuxx, RogER STURLEY, Colchester, Surgeon. July 22. Turner and Co, Colchester

COLLINS, WILLIAM Davis, Leytonstone, Gent. Aug 1. Plunkett and Leader, St Paul's PRENTICE, WILLIAM, Leicester, Gent. July 17. Burgess and Williams, Leicester

churchyard PRICHARD, MATTIE, Onslow pl, South Kensington. July 20, Fussell and Co, Bristol

Easum, SARAH, Bow rd. Aug 3. Ratcliff and Son, New Broad st SHAW, JABEZ, Golcar, York, Gent. Aug 10. Bottomley, Huddersfield

FUSSELL, Maria MABY, Brighton. Sept 29. Burne and Rooke, Bath SPARHAM, JOHN JEFFES, Rock Ferry, Chester, Gent. July 4: Walker, Wolverhampton HANMER, Right Hon.'sir Joun, Bettišield park, Flint. July 31. Frere and Co, Lin

GUEST, JAMES, Leede, Plumber. July 28. Horsfall and Latimer, Leeds. SYKES, MARY, Hadfield, Derby. Aug 4. Farrar and Hail, Manchester

coln's inn fields Taylor, WILLIAM FREEMAN, Coventry, July 10. Dewes and Co, Coventry TORDIFFE, JOYCE, Bath, Somerset. July 1. "Chanter and Co, Barnstaple

HIGGINS, JAMES, Salford, Lancaster, Machine Maker. Aug 1. Ormerod and Allen, WADDINGTON, ELY WILKINSON, Blackpool, Lancaster, Gent.


uly 31. Chambers and Chambers, Brighouse

HILDYARD, CATHERINE FRANCES, East Chelborough, Dorset. July 20. Newman and WALLIS, FREDERICK POYNTz STANLEY, Sussex rd, Gent. July 3. Clapin, Green Hill

, HILDYARD, Rev. RICHARD, Lewcombe Rectory, Dorset. July 20. Newman and Co,

Co, Clement's inn Sherborne, Dorsetshire


Clement's inn ALLINGHAM, CHARLES JAMES, Esher st, Upper Kennington lane, Gent. Aug 1. Grant HOADLBY, THOMAS, Halifax, Damask Manufacturer. July 15. Jones, Halifax Kennington cross, Lambeth

HOLROYD, Hon. DOUGLAS EDWARD, Uckfield, Sussex. July 27. Bennett and Co, Now BRIDGEMAN, FREDERICK, Boscobel gdns, Regent's park, Gent. Aug 1. Tamplin and sq, Lincoln's inn Co, Fenchurch st

HUMPHREY, ELIZA SARAH, High st, Wandsworth. Suly 29. Francis, Southampton CARUAN, JOHN, Wrexham, Retired Tailor. July 29. James, Wrexham

bldgs, Chancery lane Coxon, EDWIN, Davies st, Berkeley sq, Gent. Aug 14. Mandale, Mitre ct, Fleet st IREDALE, GEORGE, Headingley, York, Chemist. June 30. Iredale, York st, Leeds CUMMING, HUGA, Bootle, Lancaster, Gent. July 12. Thornsby and Dismore, Liverpool Kay, SAMUEL, Bury, Lancaster, Hatter. July 5, Woodcock, Bury GILPIN, Sir RICHARD Thomas, Hickliffe, Beds, Bart. July 4. Hunters and Co, New KENT, Rev. FREDERIC WILLIAM, East Barsham, Norfolk. July 22. Lawson, Essex st, sq, Lincoln's inn

Strand GRANT, Lady ISABELLA ELIZABETH, St George's sq, Pimlico. July 18. Tatnams and LITCHFIELD, ELIJAH, Masbro rd, Brook green, Gent. Aug 3. Lucas and Son, FenPym, Frederick's pl, Old Jewry

church st HOLROYD, Hon. Douglas EDWARD, Netsfield, Sussex. July 27. Bennett and Co, New LLEWELLYN, EDWARD, St Hilary, Glamorgan. July 25. Rees, Cowbridge sq, Lincoln's inn

MARTIN, PÉTER, Charlton Musgrove, Somerset, out of business. Aug 1. Cooper, Hopson, MARY ANN, Fores Gate, Essex. July 17. Baker and Nairne

Wincanton HOWARD, Hon. CHARLES, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. July 27. Bennett and Co, New sq, MITCHBLMORE, WILLIAM HENRY, Dartmouth, Butcher. July 14. Smith, Dartmouth Lincoln's inn

Mocarta, David, Prince's gate, Esq. Aug 1. Lousada and Emanuel, Austinfriars HUNSLEY, JOHN, Sheffield, out of business. July 4. Rodgers and Co, Bank st, Sheffield OLLIVIER, EMILY JANE, Old Bond st, Music Publisher. July 17. Lambe, Hereford HUNTON, WILLIAM, Abbey rd, St John's Wood. July 14. Hatton and Westcott, Strand PENSAM, PHILIP, Emperor's gate, South Kensington, Gent. July 17. Śmiles and Co, INGHAM, JOAN, Wiswell, Lancaster, Corn Miller. "July 21. Ingham, Barrow Bridge, Bedford row nr Whalley

POOLE, DAVID CHARLES, Dover, Barrister-at-Law. July 31. White and Sons, Bedford l'Ox, CAROLINE, Chester villas, Teddington. July 26. Thompson and Groom, Raymond bldgs, Gray's inn

ROBERTS, FREDERICK BOYD, Manchester st, Manchester sq, Major, Royal Artillery, LORAINE, EDWARD, Riding, Northumberland, Esq. Aug 1. Stanton and Atkinson, Sept 1. Mackerson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Newcastle on Tyne

ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Shipston on Stour, Worcester, Gent. July 22. Hancock and Hiron, MITCHELMORE, WILLIAM HENRY, Dartmouth, Butcher. July 14. Smith, Dartmouth Shipston on Stour NESLEN, SELINA ANNE, Howland st. July 1. Harrison, Chancery lane

RUDING, JOHN CLEMENT, Sisters' avenue, Wandsworth rd, Gent. Sept 1. Cox, Salters' NOTTIDGE, ELIZABETH SARAH, Tonbridge, Kent. July 25. Howard and Co, Colchester hall ct, Cannon st OBORN, MARY JANE, Swansea. July 1. Collins and Woods, Swansea

Salmon, Thomas DEERE, Lincoln's inu, Esq. Aug 1. Smith and Wilmer, Lincoln's inn PERKES, WILLIAM, Uttoxeter, Stafford, Builder. July 19. Dunnett, Uttoxeter

fields POINTER, JANE, Brighton. Aug 24. Haselwood, Brighton

STORM, OLIVER, Robin Hood's Bay, York, Fisherman, Aug 1. Frankland and Co, REEVE, Thomas WIGGINS, Richmond rd, Barnsbury. June 30. Lane and Andrews, Whitby Essex st, Strand

Storu, ŘEUBEN, Robin Hood's Bay, York, Fisherman, Aug 1. Frankland and Co, RILEY, JOSEPH, Ashton under Lyne, Yeoman. July 20. Brooks and Co, Ashton under Whitby Lyne

THACKER, WILLIAM, Brownhills, Stafford, Publican. July 31. Barnes and Russell, TENNANT, MARY EARNSIAW, Heath, nr Wakefield, York. July 24. Marsden and Co, Lichfield Wakefield

WHITWORTI, ROBERT, Rochdale, Relieving Officer. Aug 1. Standring and Taylor. TREVANION, ADA, Brixton hill terr, Brixton. July 25. Booty and Bayliffe, Raymond Rochdale

[Gazette, June 23.) bldgs, Gray's inn

ABLITT, MATILDA, Colchester, Essex. Aug. 16. Howard & Co., Colchester
WINFIELD, JOHN, Mansfield, Notts, Licensed Victualler. July 31. Maltby, Mansfield

[Gazette, June 16.
ARGYLE, MATTHEW, Southwark Bridge-road, Coach and Harness Currier.

Aug, 1.

Lea, Old Jewry-chambers ALDERSON, GEORGIANA, Cheltenham. Aug 1. Stenton and Co, Southwell

ARMITAGE, WILLIAM, Huddersfield, York, Cloth Finisher. Aug 5. Johnson and BLATIERWICK, Tuomas, Redcar, York, Farmer. July 31. Trevor, Guisborough

Crook, Huddersfield ULENKIN, CHRISTIANA, Kingston upon Hull. Aug 1. Leak and Co, Hull

ATKINSON, MARY ELIZABETH, Bedford-gardens, Kensington. June 21. Pickett & Chatto, WILLIAM JOHN POTTS, St Mary Church, near Torquay, Esq. Aug 10. Hyde Mytton, King's-bench-walk, Temple and Co, Ely pl, Holborn

Ball, WILLIAM WELLINGTOŃ, Bristol, Hop Merchant. July 31. Chilton & GreenCLARK, HENRY EDWARD, Beaumont Arms, Shepherd's Bush. July 22. Button and Co, Armytage, Bristol Henrietta st, Covent garden

BORES, WILLIAM, Kingston-upon-Hull, Gentleman. Aug 19. Middlemiss & Pearce, CLEWETT, FELIX Jorn, Duncannon st, Strand, Licensed Victualler. Aug 10. McMillin,

Hull Bloomsbury sq

BOSWORTH, EDWIN, Birmingham, Tarpaulin Maker. Aug. 7. Fallows, Birmingham CRIPPS, WILLIAN CHARLES, Tunbridge Wells, Gent. Aug 16. Cripps, Tunbridge Wells Brice, DANIEL, Chislett, Kent, Farmer. Aug. 31. Sankeys and Co., Canterbury CROKAM, FRANCIS, Starcross, Devon, Contractor. July 31. Battishíll and Houlditch, CARRUTHERS, FRANCIS JOHN, Minto-villa, Staines, Lieutenant-Colonel. Aug. 1. Turnar Exeter

and Low, King-st, Cheapside. Dawson, ANDREW, Kendal, Westmorland, Cattle Dealer. Aug 5. Thomson and CHAPMAN, Ann, Compton sq, Islington. Aug. 1. Combs and Co, Bucklersbury Wilson, Kendal

CHETHAM, JOHN CLARK, Lancaster, Common Brewer. Aug 31. Smith, Stockport EDGEWORTH, MICHAEL PAKENIAM, Lexham gardens, South Kensington, Esq. July 31, CLEMENT, JOHN VILLIERS, Brighton, Sussex, Esq. Aug 1. Mount, Gracechurch st Young and Co, St Mildred's ct, Poultry

CURTIS, CATHERINE, Ampthill, Bedford. July 31. Tanqueray, Woburn EGDELL, ANN, Alnwick, Northumberland. July 18. Middlemas, Alnwick

DANIEL, SAMUEL, Nether Knutsford, Chester, Innkeeper. Aug 10. Davis, Glossop ELPHICK, GEORGE, Cliffe, nr Lewes, Sussex, Gent. July 24. Hillman, Lewes

ELLA, MARY, Birmingham. August 1. Wright and Marshall, Birmingham GRAHAM, JANE, Liverpool. July 21. Bremner and Co, Liverpool

FEARON, CHARLES AUGUSTUS, Sible Hedingham, Essex, Merchant. July 25. Harwood Grist, ELIZABETH, Wandsworth rd, Surrey. July 20. Jerwood, Furnival's ian

and Stephenson, Lombard st GBIST, JAMES, Ealing, Gent. July 20. Jerwood, Furnival's inn

FITZ-GEORGE, Emma, Regent sq. Gray's-inn-rd. August 7. Pope, Gray's-inn-sq Hacking, Thomas, sen., Walton-le-Dale, Lancaster, Retired Farmer. July 22. Cot- FRY, WILLIAM, Stoke Trister, Somerset, Manure Manufacturer. July 22. Messiters man, Preston

and Bennet, Wincanton HALL, Saraw, Elton, nr Bury, Lancaster, Grocer. July 17. Grundy, Bury

GURNEY, SAMUEL, Hanover ter, Regent's pk, Esq. July 31. Young and Co, St. Mil. HEATHCOTE, CATHERINE, Southwell, Notts. Aug 1. Stenton and Co, Southwell

dred's ct, Poultry. INGLE, WILLIAM, Guildford, Esq. July 22. Potter, Farnham

GWILLIAM, JAMES, Birmingham, Pump-maker. August 15. Wright and Marshall, LAKE, WILLIAM, Folkestone. July 31, Lake and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn

Birmingham. MADDISON, HENRY, Bristol, Engineer. July 15. Bedell, Bristol

GWILLIAM, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Pump-maker. August 15. Wright and Marshall, May, SAMOEL, Long Sutton, Southampton, Yeoman. July 22. Potter, Farnham

Birmingham, NEAL, JOHN ARTHUR, Willmelow, Chester, Tallow Chandler. Aug 3. Vaughan, HALE, ALFRED Thomas, Handsworth, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Aug 1. Price and Cheadle

Co, Birmingham OLIVO, Marco, Manchester, Merchant. Aug 13. Cunliffe and Co, Manchester

HARROW, HENRY, Lymington, Hants, Commander R. N. Aug 22. Ryde, Fontenoy rd, PACKMAN, WILLIAM EDWARD, Campsbourne villas, Hornsey, Salesman. July 11. Balham Brown, Basinghall st

HOLMES, DANIEL, Leeds, Paper Stainer. July 31. Harland, Leeds PARSONS, ELIZABETH, Midsomer Norton, Somerset. July 31. Clark and Collins, HORSFALL, ELLEN, Barnsley, York. Aug 1. Maddison, Barnsley Trowbridge

Hunt, JOIN, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Farmer. 'July 24. Pearson, Barrow-in. PARSONS, WILLIAM LANSDOWN, Midsomer Norton, Somerset, Gent. July 31. Clark Furness and Collins, Trowbridge

INGLIS, JANE, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. Aug 31, Paterson, Fallows rd, Haverstock Power, Rev. HENRY BOLTON, Bramley, nr Guildford. July 10. Hunters and Co, hill New sq, Lincoln's inn

KELLY, SAMUEL WILLIAM, Llandaff, Glamorgan, Esq. Aug 10. Davies, Pontypridd PROCTER, JANE, Darlington, Durham. July 10. Steavenson, Darlington

LEEDHAM, MARY, Bristol. Aug 10. Perham, Bristol SLATTERY, MICHAEL, Elton, Lancaster, July 17. Grundy, Bury

Norton, SAMUEL, High-street, Wapping, Licensed Victualler. Aug 1. Lea, Old SMITH, FARNHAM, Midsomer Norton, Somerset, Gent. July 31. Clark and Collins, Jewry-chambers Trowbridge

PHIPPS, SAMUEL, Cainscross, Gloucester, Gentleman. Sept 1. Witchell, Stroud SPARROW, GEORGE, Wolverhampton, Ironmaster's Clerk. Aug 1. Flewker and Page, RYLAND, CHARLES, Birmingham, Metal Broker. Aug 7. Fallows, Birmingham Wolverhampton

TROTTER, MARGARET, Pecq, near Versailles, France. July 13. Williams & Co., Lin. SPEAKMAN, HENRY, Tyldesley, Lancaster, Retired Farmer. Lancaster pl, Strand

Sept 19, Whitaker, coln's-inn-fields

WILSON, JOSEPH, Handsworth, Stafford. Aug 1. Price & Co., Birmingham
TILNEY, EDWARD, Brown's lane, Spitalfields, Licensed Victualler, July 30. Randall,
Copthall bldgs

WRIGLEY, Isaac, Morton-rd, New North-road, Islington, Retired Wine Merchant. Ang
1. Emanuel & Simmons, Finsbury circus

(Gazette, June 27.)

at 12

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CLARK.-June 28, at his residence, 10, Albert-road, Regent's-park, Charles Clark,


MOURILYAN.-June 24, at 188, Boulevard Hausmann, Paris, Edmund John

Thomas Judge Mourilyan, solicitor, aged 40.

SEMPER.- June 18, at Gibraltar, the Hon. Hugh Reilly Somper, Chief Justice of

that colony.

V. O. Bacon. V. C. HALL.

APPBAL. Monday, July

3 Mr. Carrington Mr. Farrer Mr. Cobby Tuesday


Carrington Farrer



7 Carrington Farrer

Jackson King

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice


Monday, July

FRIDAY, June 23, 1882.
3 Mr. Pemberton Nr. Teesdale Mr. Latham


Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
5 Pemberton Teesdale


Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.


To Surrender in London.
7 Pemberton Teesdale




Butler, George Ernest, Pall Mall. Pet June 20. Murray. July 7 at 11
Hanrott, Philip Augustus, Theobald's rd, Solicitor. Pet June 14. Brougham. July 4

Mann, William, Exmouth st, Clerkenwell, Fancy Draper. Pet June 21. Brougham.

July 5 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. The commissions for holding these assizes will be opened at Appleby, on Barnard, Edward, Epsom. Pet June 20. Rowland. Croydon, July 7 at 2 Monday, July 3 ; at Carlisle, on Wednesday, July 5; at Lancaster, on Satur. Dunlop, Robert, St Helen's, Lancaster, Scotch Draper. Pet June 19. Cooper. Liver. day, July 8; at Manchester, on Wednesday, July 12; and at Liverpool, on pool, July 5 at 12 Wednesday, July 26. In porsuance of the Rules of the Supreme Court, De Downs, Endon, George Fenton, Samuel Willett Fenton, Joseph Brough, Longton,

Stafford, Earthenware Manufacturers. Pet June 20. Keary. Stoke upon Trent, cember, 1879, causes may at any time tefore the day dext before the commis. July 4 at 2.30 sion day, after notice of trial has been given, be entered for trial in the dis. Fenwick, W A F Harrogate, York, Gent. Pet May 3. Perkins. York, July trict registry of the city or town where the trial is to be had, or with the Hulme, Thomas, Longton, Stafford, Earthenware Manufacturer. Pet June 20. Keary. Associate at the assize town as heretofore. The general entry of causes at each Stoke upon Trent, July 4 at 2.30 assize town will commence immediately after the opening of the respective Walsh, Yates, Church, Lancashire, Cotton Manufacturer. Pet June 20. Bolton, commissions, and will close at nine o'clock the same evening. On entering a

Blackburn, July 11 at 11 cause two copies of the pleadings must be lodged, one for the use of the judge

TUESDAY, June 27, 1882. and the other for the associate. Solicitors are requested to indorse very

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. shortly on the pleadings the nature of the action—"Slander,” “Breach of

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Contract,” &c.—and to omit the usual indoreement of notice of trial. The court will sit for the despatch of business on the day after the commission day Lamb, Louisa Mary, Euston st, Euston sq. Pet June 22,

To Surrender in London, of each place (omitting Sunday), at eleven o'clock. The trial of special jary Oppert, Emil, Palmerston blags, Old Broad st, Agent. Pet May 11. Hazlitt. July 12 at 1

Hazlitt. July 12 at 12 causes will commence at Manchester, on Monday, July 17, at the sitting of Oxley, Frederick, and Francis Rashleigh Burnside, Gt Winchester st, Merchants. Pet the court ; and at Liverpool, on Monday, the 31st of July, at the same hour, June 22. Hazlitt. July 12 at 12 unless the court shall otherwise order. A list of causes for trial each day Rawley, , High st, Borough, Hop Merchant. Pet June 22. Hazlitt. July (except the first) at Manchester and Liverpool will be exhibited in the serff, Charles, Arnold terr, Fulham New Town, Baker. Pet June 24. Brougham. corridor of the court and in the library. The associate's fees must be paid in July 12 at 12 Judicature stamps. Where a cause in the list has been settled, immediate

To Surrender in the Country. notice thereof must be given to the deputy.associate by the party who entered Bligh, Martin Joseph, Bradford, Grocer. Pet Jane 22. Lee. Bradford, July 11 at 12. it.

Buxton, Thomas, Radcliffe on Trent, Notts, Builder. Pet June 23. Patchitt. Notting.

ham, July 13 at 3
Eagle, Frederick, Bank bldgs, Wandsworth, Cheesemɔnger. Pet May 23. Willoughby.

Wandsworth, July 7 at 11
Farris, Elizabeth, and

Thomas Farris, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Agricultural Implement On Tuesday evening Lord Justice Lindley, in replying to the toast of the Makers. Pet June 22. Wilson. Salisbury, July 10 at 2.30 health of the judges at the Mansion House banquet, said that they were just Owen, Thomas, jun, Ashford, Kent, Cattle Dealer. Pet June 23. Furley. Canterbury, now in a state of transition. The old judges said that the good old times had White, Helen, The Chase, Clapham common. Pet June 20. Willoughby. Wandsworth, gone. There was, however, still to be found in the City occasionally some July 14 at 11 rare specimen of a creature with which all were once familiar-he meant the

learned serjeant. Of that race, it so happened, he was the last created

FRIDAY, June 23, 1882.
Purchase, J

Moorgate st, Secretary to a Public Company. June 20

TUESDAY, June 27, 1882.

Rappard, William, Great Tower st, Export Merchant. June 22
July 1.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, Txwson, FARMEX, & BRIDGEWATER, at Wey Weinthal, Asher, Cannon st, Warehouseman. June 16

bridge, at 11 for 12 p.m., Furniture, Works of Art, &o. (88e advertisement, June 10, p. 9).

Liquidations by Arrangement. July 3.-Mr. CHEFFINS, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Estate (see advertise

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. ment, June 24, p. 4).

FRIDAY, June 23, 1882, July 4.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, TEWSON, FARMER, & BRIDGEWATBR, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freebold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisements, June 10, Alexander, Isaac Henry, Commercial rd East, Hosier. July 3 at 2 at Guildhall Coffee

House. Smith, Leadenhall st pp. 9 and 10).

Allport, Daniel, South Stockton, York, Contractor. July 1 at 3 at offices of Vachell, July 4.-Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at Hendon, Freehold Albert rd, Middlesborough Building Land (800 advertisement, May 27, p. 4, and June 10, p. 13).

Andrew, Walter, Wakefield, York, Picture Frame Maker. July 5 at 3 at offices of July 6.-Messrs. FAREBROTHBR, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at the Mart, Freehold Horner and Edmondson, Wood st, Wakefield Properties (see advertisement, June 10, p. 13).

Barker, Joseph, Bolton, Lancaster, Coal Dealer, July 7 at 11 at offices of Cooper, Mawds. July 5.-Messrs. EDWIN Fox & BousField, at the Mart, at 2 p.m, Freehold Barton, George, and Charles Wolferry Whaites, Coleman st, Woollen Warehousemen. Properties (see advertisement, this week, p. 4).

July 6 at 2 at offices of Cann, Fenchurch st July 6.-Mr. ARTHUR Jackson, at Enfield Highway, at 7 p.m., Freehold and Bennett, George Thomas, Nottingham, Bookseller. July 5 at 12 at at Ram Hotel, Long Leasehold Properties (r00 advertisement, this week. p. 3).

row, the Market, Nottingham. Bennet, Bristol Jaly 6.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, Tewson, FARMER, & BRIDGEWATER, at 2 p.m, Binne, John Philip, Churchfield rd; Acton, Butcher. July 11 at 3 at offices of Proctor

Freehold Properties (see advertisement, June 10, p. 10). Jaly 6... Mesers. GLASIER & Sons, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see Bladon, Alfred, Sparkhill, noar Birmingham, out of business. July 6 at 3 at offices of adverticemente, June 10, p. 15).

Blakeborough, Joseph, Scarborough, York, Ironmonger. July 4 at 3 at North Eastern

Hotel, York. Watts and Kitching, Scarborough
Bowler, William, Warwick, Licensed Victualler. July 10 at 2 at 17, Little Park st,

Coventry. Homer, Coventry

Bune, William, Stockcross, near Newbury, Berks, Baker. July 5 at 11 at Queen's Hotel, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

Newbury, Lucas, Newbury

Burnett, Isaac, jun, Workington, Cumberland, Postmaster. July 4 at 12 at offices of BIRTHS.

Thompson, Workington. Hayton and Simpson, Cockermouth Boyes. - Juno 23, at Barnet, Herte, the wife of William Osborn Boyes, Butler, Frederick, Norwich, Upholsterer. July 11 at 11 at offices of Winter and Francis, solicitor, of a daughter.

St Giles st, Norwich GIBBON8. Jane 23, at Palace-equare, Upper Norwood, the wife of A. W. Gibbons, Calvert, Samuel, Halifax, York, Plumber. July 5 at 3 at 5, Southgate, Halifax solicitor, of a son.

Chinnyah, David Lazarus, Anerley, Surrey, Grocer, July 17 at 12 at offices of Moss,

Gracechurch st WRIGHT.-June 24, at 29, Dawson-place, Bayswater, the wife of Richard T. Cleasby, Thomas Michael, Wilton, York, Farmer. July 5 at 2.30 at offices of Garbut Wright, barrister-at-law, of a daughter,

and Fawcett, Finkle st, Stockton-on-Tees


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