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county court actions for various sums. Among the items were charges for from any such station to Trowse, is for the conveyance of such traffic on the work done before the commencement of an action, such as " attending and railway, including therein tolls for the use of the railway, for the use of consulting upon a claim against G.," and also for work done after an action carriages, or for locomotive power, and how much is for other expenses, speci. had been completed by judgment, such as for letters and attendances with fying the nature and detail of such other expenses. reference to the payment of instalments, and with reference to enforcing pay. The defendants, in obedience to such order, gave, in addition to the rate ment and issuing execution.

for conveyance, a list of the various terminal services which they performed Upon the bill being sent to the master for taxation all such items were for the particular traffic, and stated what their total charge was for the whole objected to on behalf of Messrs. Isaao & Co., upon the ground that the of such services. actions being brought in a county court, the only costs that the solicitors The applicants took out a summons for the infliction of penalties on the were entitled to, in the absence of an agreement in writing with their clients defendants for not obeying the commissioners' order. to the contra:y, were those named in the county court scale (2nd November, W. A. Hunter appeared for the applicants. 1875), and that these items not appearing in the scale could not be allowed on H, Sutton, for the defendants. taxation. The master overruled the objection, and allowed the items in The COMMISSIONERS delivered the following judgment :question, holding that they were “for reasonable attendances before action We think tbe information given is not in compliance with our order. The commenced in the county court," or "for matters after judgment, and were Act of Parliament assumes that a rate consists of two parts, first, a part for the not provided for in the county court scale." Stepben, J., in chambers conveyance of the traffic, and, secondly, a part for other expenses, and es upheld ihe master's decision, and Messrp. Isaac & Co, appealed to the court. regards the second part, it requires the nature and detail of such other ex.

Harrison, Q.C., and Littleton, for Messrs. Isaac & Co., argued that the penses to be specified. The railway company have thought it sufficient in this items in question were for costs incurred “In the conduct of the suit," and case to give a list of the various terminal services which they perform, and therefore came within section 36 of the County Courts Act, 1856, and were to state merely what their total charge is for the whole of those various ser. provided for by the scale, and that, therefore, unless subject to a contract in vices, but not to say how much of that total charge is for each of those writiog, could only be recovered if permitted by the county court scale, services. We think that is not sufficient, We think they are bound and that, as they did not appear in the scale, they should have been dis- to state as regards each rate for traffic in the Trowse rate-book to which our allowed by the master.

order applier, what terminal services or other expenses they undertake to perThe Court, without calling upon counsel for the solicitors (McIntyre, form with regard to that particular traffic, and how much they charge for each Q C., and 4. McIntyre', affirmed the decision of the judge, DENMAN, J., of such terminal services, distinguishing whether the charge is for services at saying that he could not agree with the contention that the only charges both terminal statioos or only at one. The railway company will have to pay that could be made were those specified in the county court scale. That the ce-sts of this summons, scale commenced at “Letter before action" and "Instructions to sue," and Solicitors for the applicants, Flux f Leadbitter, Tor 1V. 1. Tillett & Co., ended with “ Taxing costs"; it was argued that this was intended to provide Norwich. for every charge for work done by the solicitor before the commencement or Solicitor for the defendants, C. A. Curwood. after the conclusion of the action, such as charges for advice as to whether an action lay, and for time and labour exp ded in recovering payment of an instalment after judgment. It was clear that such charges were not

COUNTY COURTS. “costs or charges in the conduct of the suit"; and that if the result of the solicitor's advice were that no action was brought, he would none the

Ross. less be entitled to recover his charges for that advice, and it could not have

(Before J. M. HERBENT, Esq., Judge.) been intended that he should recover in the one case and not in the other.

June 10.-James Preece p. Joseph Elliott. In his opinion charges euch as these were intended to be excluded from the

Th's was a case in which the plaintiff, an innkeeper, of the Harp Ion, Hoar. scale of charges, which, therefore, did not apply to them.

withy, sned the defendant, a postmaster, of Hereford, for the price of a rick POLLOCK, B., gave judgment to the same effect, saying that, though no

of hay. doubt all charges made in addition to instructions to sue should always be

The case was entered for trial by jury, having been sent down from the regarded by the master with great jealousy, still there were cases in Queen's Bench Division of the High Court, pursuant to 19 & 20 Vict. c. 103, which a solicitor had to expend much time and trouble in deciding whether 6. 26. apy, and what, proceedings should be taken ; and his lordship expressed his

Before the case was called on, and in the absence of the solicitor for the de. opinion that the present case seemed to be an instance of such ; where that

fendant, was so the question could not be made to depend upon whether pro solicitor in the case on behalf of Mr. George Bollock.

Mr. Corner made application to his Honour to be allowed to appear as ceedings were ultimately taken or not. If the result were that no pro. ceedings were taken, clearly the work would not be in the conduct of any

His HONOUR, without reference to the action which was to come before him, suit, and the solicitor might recover against his client, and it would be said if no such application bad been made, the substitution might have been moet upjust and upreasonable to say that if the result were no proceedings,

made without it. the charge for the same work would be covered by the item “Instruc.

Mr. Corner explained that as the name of the solicitor was on the record it tions to sue," so that the solicitor could not recover. As to the other items

would have come before his Honour, who must therefore have become aware of for work done after judgment, they, too, should always be regarded with

the substitution, care by the master, but if he found that the charges had been reasonably

His Honour said he bad not power to allow it; but if Mr. Corner took incurred, they would clearly not be matters to which the scale applied.

å retainer from the plaintiff, he could appear on his behalf. Solicitora for Isaac & Co., Groves & Humphreys.

Mr. Corner then drew up a document which was signed by the plaintiff, and just afterwards,

Mr. Garrold, on behalf of the defendant, took objection to the application,

which had been made during his absence. He said that Mr. Bullock bad THE RAILWAY COMMISSION. *

acted in the matter up to Thursday last. June 15.- Colman v. Great Eastern Railway Company.

His Honour said be was qnite aware that a solicitor could not appear for å Book of rates Terminal services and charges-Order specifying nature the responsibility in appearing.

solicitor, bat Mr. Corner could take a retainer from the plaintiff and accept and detail of.

Mr. Corner.-I can hardly suppose Mr. Garrold to be serious in this objecSection 14 of the Regulation of Railways Act, 1873 (36 & 37 Vict. c.

tion. 48), enacts (inter alia) “ The commissioners may, from time to time, on

Mr. Garrold.-I am generally serious when I make statements in open

court. Mr. Bullock has acted ia this matter, and another solicitor cannot the application of any person interested, make orders with respect to any

now be substituted in the action without the certificate of the master. particular description of traffic, requiring a railway company, or canel His Honour.- Was the cause sent down here on a writ or issue joined ? company, to distinguish in such book how much of each rate is for the

Mr. Garrold. It was on issue joined. You have to act as commissioner. conveyance of the trafilc on the railway or canal, including therein tolls His HONCUR.—That is so. I have no power to allow Mr. Corner to appear for the use of the railway or canal, for the nse of carriages or vessels, or for Mr. Ballook without a certificate or order from å superior court. for locomotive power, and how much is for other expenses, specifying Mr. Garrold said he made the objection on behalf of solicitors, to protect the nature and detail of such other expenses."

them from persons taking cases up to a certain point and then handing them Held, by the commissioners, that the words “specifying the nature over to another solicitor. and detail of such other expenses," require a railway company to state in

Ilis Hoxdur.-Lord Cairns thought the same as you think. That was one their rate-book, to which the order applies, what terminal services they reason why the Act was passed ; but his lordship’s intention was to protect undertake to perform with regard to the particular traffic, and how much

the far as mucb as possible. they charge for each of such terminal services, and that a railway com

Mr. Garrold remarked that Mr. Bullock was in court. pany does not sufficiently comply with the sectiou by giving a list of the

His HONOUR.-Perhaps he is prepared to go on with the case nor. various terminal services which they perform and stating what their

Mr. Bullock said he was ready to go on, but should prefer Mr. Corner taking total charge is for the whole of those scrvices.

His Honour.—

Then why not have applied for an order from the superior This was an application made to the commissioners by Messrs. Colinan court ? for an order declaring that the Great E18tero Railway Company had not Mr. Garrold.—Mr. Bullock's name appeared on the record up to today. obeyed an order made by the commissioners. The order, which was made by Mr. Bullock. I was not aware Mr. Garrold was going to make such an consent, ordered (inter alia) the Great Eastern Railway Company to distinguish objection. in their book of rates and distances kept at their station at Trowse bow much His Honour.-I can do this : I will adjourn the case to allow an application of each rate for traffic of the descriptions carried by them for the applicants to be made to the superior court. from their station at Trowse to any station on the line of the defendants, and Mr. Cornet. The result of Mr. Garrold's objection will be tô compel tle

plaintiff to appear by counsel. • Reported by W. H. MACNAMARA, Esq., Barrister-at-Law,

His HONOUR then adjourned the case on the condition stated.

it up.

Richard Mercer, John Ignatius Morris, Francis Herbert Padwick, Leicester

Morgan Reed, Francis Joseph Ridgway, Anandra. Sheshadri, William
Compton Smith, Josiah Ragland Thomas, Robert Woodfall, and Robert

Augustus Arthur Wright, of the Inner Temple; Ernest Montague Beard,

Charles William Black, Mancherji Dadabhai Dadysett, George Ennis, William The undermentioned gentlemen were on Wednesday called to the bar :

Henry Field, Robert Jones Griffith, Matilal Gupta, Alfred Holt, John Borlase, M.P., and M.A., Oxford ; Wilfred Baugh Allen, B.A., Cambridge; Wertheimer, George Whit, Thomas Mott Whiteboase, and William, Andrew By the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple :-William Cop-land Montefiore, Humo Chancellor Piosent, Robert John Price, Thomas Edward

Scrutton, Francis Elmer Speed, James Andrew Straban, Henry Terrell, John Edward Currie Borrieson ; Thomas Lowten Layton Jenkins ; Roburt John Bealey, B.A., Cambridge ; James Masun Molgan, B.A., Oxford ; Richard George Woods, of the Middle Temple ; Abraham Crompton, Theodore Hill Mercer, B.A., and LL.B., Cambridge ; Laurence John Jones, B.A., Cambridge; Lincoln's-ino ; and Robert Weir Brown, and George Lawtie Fagan, of Gray’s

Hall, Benedict Jones, James Peiris, and John Auchmedden Baird Shand, of Charles Arthur Reeve, B.A., Cambridge ; Anandrao Sheshadri ; Walter Moore Hodgkinson, B.A., Oxford ; Henry George Lefroy ; John Selwin Calverley,

inn, Esqe. B.A., Cambridge ; Frederick Samuel White-White, B.A., Cambridge; Robert

The following students passed a satisfactory examication in Ronan law :Augustus Arthur Wright, B.A., Cambridge ; James Henry Stock, M.A., William Le Vane Robert Roxby Beverley, Thomas Smart Blyth, George Oxford ; Collingwooi Hope, Oxford ; Alfred Back, M.A., Oxford ; Kounr Richard Gwavas Carlyon, Manobindra Krishna Deva, William Gerald Elliot, Shivanath Sioba ; Thomas Moore, B.A., Cambridge; Arthur Llewelyo Sixon, Mainwaring IIall, Elward Robert Pasy Moon, sholto Rawkins Pemberton,

Edmund Waterton Furnall, Howard Fowler, Allen Douail Fraser, Joba B.A., Oxford ; William James Bell, B.A., Cambridge ; Edwin, Arthur Dillon; Shaparji Kavasji' Sanjina, William

Alfred Ryam Shand, John Low Stuart, Frederick William Dillon ; James Worsley Pennyman, B.A., Cambridge; Cosmo Gordon Antrobus, B.A., Cambridge: Charles Gipps Hamilton, B.A., Cambridge: Muschamp Vickers, Arthur James Walter, and Horace White, of the Innor

Samuel Tavlor, John Walker Thompson, Arthur Hill Trevor, James Ernest Louis Meinertzhagen; Walter Augustus Wigram. B.A., Cambridge ; Temple ; Thomas Boston Bruce, Frank Damat,

John William Gordon, Slater, B.A., Cambridge ; Cecil Toor, B.A., Cambridge ; George Crosby William Graham, Syed Mobamed Habib-Uilah, Richard Handley, Riclari Gilmore, B.A., Cambridge ; William Compton-Smith, B. Å., LL.B., Cam. Leeming, Walter Maxwell

, Clement Henry Smiles Moore, George Thomas bridge ; Frederick Eroest Slee, 'Oxford ; Henry Mellish, Oxford ;'Juho M'Leavy Morice, Israel Alexander Symmons, John Francis Taylor, and William MontBrown, B.A., LL.B., Dublin ; Thomas Vincent Soulls, London ; and William gomery Fairlie Waterton, of the Middle Temple ; Amelius Francis Ward Baxter (holder of a studentship of the first class awarded by the Council of Beauclerk, Edward James Gibbons, Kighley John Hough, Charles Ashworth Legal Education, Hilary, 1882, and of a pupil scholarship in Real Property Steere, Donald Charles Stewart, and Herbert Rosa Webbe, of Lincoln’s-ion;

James, Joseph William King, Joseph Henry Warburton Lee, Francis William Law, awarded by the Inner Temple, February, 1881), LL.B. (lonours) and James Robert Verdam Marchant and John Watsın Moses, of Gray’s. University of London, Esqs.

By the Honourable Society of the Midille Templa :-Archibald Francis ion, Esqs.
Woodborn, Bombay Civil Service; Henry H. Batts ; Ernest Montagu Beard ;
Edward Harper Parker, of her Majesty's Consular Service ; Pe!er Macgregor,

M.A., St. Edmund's Hill, Oxford ; Alfred Elmunt Wigan, M.A., Keble
College, Oxford ; Charles Halman Beard;, Thomas Edward Scrutton, the evening's discussion. Mr. Saxelby opened the question in the negative,

June 13.-"Should distress for rent be abolished ? " formed the subject for M.A., LL.B., London University, B.A., LL. B.,, Cambridge University, and was supported by Messrs. Bower, Graham, Strickland, Whiteliead, and Fellow of University College, London, Whewell Scholar of Cambridge Gwynne-Griffith, while Mr. Richardson led the opposition, which had for its University, Barstow Law Scholar, 1852 ; Cyril Henry Prichard, Blagdalene advocates Messrs. Napier, Bartlett, and Austin. The opener having replied College, Cambridge, M.A., Second Class Classical Tripos : Robert Lomb

to his opponents' arguments, the question was on a division negatived by a Wallace, University of Elinbargh; Thomas Hedley, B.A., University of the

majority of four votes. Cape of Good Hope ; George Ernis, of King's College, London, Associate;

June 20.—The society discussed the question, “Is a person looking on and Charles William Black; Matilal Gupta, LL.B., University of London; John Henry Elstob Hunton, LL.B., Trinity College, Cambridge; George White, offence ?" founded on the recent decision of Reg. 7. Coney (30 W. R. 678).

present at a prize-fight liable to be convicted of aiding and abetting the B.A., London University ; Sydney Constantine Tolley, B.A., Trinity Hall, Messrs. H. Mossop, Lemon, C. E. Barry, E. G. Spiers, and Mallam, spoke in Cambridge; Stevenson Stewart dioore, B.A., Keble College, Oxford, First favour of the affirmative, while Messrs. Simmons, May, Sargeant, and T. W. Claes Middle Temple 100 guineas Equity Scholar, first and fourih prizeman Williams supported the negative side. Oa a votoj being taken the negative in Roman Law and Jurisprudence ; Randolph Orme Gilmore; William side hat a majority of two yotes. Bernard Megone ; Frank Grove Powell; Reginald Arthur Philip Hogan ; John Wertheimer, University of London ; George Manchester Cohen, late Commoner, Winchester College, holder of Council of Legal Education Prizes

UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. in Roman Law (£25) and Common Law (£50); Henry Elwin Pears; Heory At a meeting of this society, held at Clement’s-inn Hall, on Wednesday, Terrell, St. John's College, Cambridge, Second Class Middle Templo Common June 14, Mr. D. A'B. Collyer in the chair, Mr. Broun moved, “That an Law Scholar, and Common Law, Equity, and Real and Personal Property English protectorate ought to be established over Egypt," and was supported Prizeman ; Richard Rufus Gausden, B.A., LL.B., Trinity Hall, Cambridge; by Messrs. Satcliffe, Kaing-Jackson, and Le Breton. The motion was opposed Eimund Nicholas Alpe ; William Henry Field ; Stampa Walter Lambert ; by Messrs. Forster, 'Tillotson, Napier, Neibam, and Parsons. Mr. William Sherwin Scudamore ; Thomas Drever, B.A., University of Londoo, E8q9.

also addressed the meeting. The debate was sustained until a late hour, and By the Honourable Society of Lincoln's-inn :-William Bates Ferguson, the opener having repliei, the chairman summed up, and upon a division being M.A., Oxford; Benedict Joaes, B.A., Cambridge ; Arthur Lee Ellis, B.A., called for, the motion was lost by a majority of two votes. Members presen", Oxford ; Basil George Nevingon, M.A., Oxford ; Abraham Crompton, twenty-four; visitors, two. University of London ; Francis Allston Channing, M.A., Oxford, late Fellow of University College ; John Auchmedden Baird Shand ; George Peterson Francis Keogh, B..., Oxford ; James Peiris, LL.B., Cambridge ; Androw

BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY, Oswald Acworth, B.A., Oxford ; James William Greig (Lincoln's-inn The last meeting of the present session was held on Tuesday, June 20, Scholarship in Real and Personal Property Law, 1882), B.A. and LL.B., C. T. Suunders, E*q., in the chair. The subject for debate was, " By section 6 London; Richard Walter Kittle, B A. and LL.B, Cambridge ; George Paul of the Conveyancing Act, 1882, Bill (H. L.), it is provided that the ack, Macdonell, M.A., Aberdeen ; Hugh Sandeman Badd, LL.M., Cambridge ; nowledgment of deeds by married women uuder any Act of Parliament, and and Robert Wright Taylor, B.A, ADD LL.B., Cambridge, Esqs.

the examination of married women in court or otherwise, prescribed by the By the Honourable Society of Gray's-inn :-Robert Weir Brown, Esq. Setiled Esta es Act, 1877, are hereby abo‘ished.' Is it advisable that this sec

tion ahould become law ?" The speakers on the affirmative were:-Messrs.

Streetly, A. Smith, Cochrane, and Restall; and on the negative, Messrs. COUNCIL OF LEGAL EDUCATION.

Coley, Barrows, A. L. J. Brown, and Gover. The chairman having given a TRINITY EXAMINATION, 1882.

careful summing up, put the qnestion to the meeting, when it was carried in

faroor of the negative. GENARAL EXAMINATION of STUDENTS of the Inns of Court held at Lincolo's.

inn Hall, May 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, and 19, 1882. The Council of Legal Edaoation have awarded to David Calder Leck, of tbe Middle Temple, and James Edward Hamilton Bepp, of the Inner Temple, studentsbips in jurispradence and Roman law of one boodred guineas, tó

LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. cootinge for a period of two years; and to Lindesay John Robertson, of the Middle Temple, a studentship in jurisprudepoe and Roman law, of one The Right Hon. Joan David FITZGERALD, LL.D., Lord of Appeal in bundred gaineas, for one year.

Ordinary, bas been created a Life Peer with the title of Baron Fitzgerald, The council bave also awarded to Thomas Edward Scratton, of the Middle of Kilmarnock. Temple, the Barstow Law Soholarsbip ; and to Thomas Bateman Napier, of the Inner Temple, a certificate of honour of the second class.

Mr. JONES QUAIN Pigot, barrister, has been appoioted a Judge of the The connoil have also awarded to the following students certificates that High Court of Judicatare at Calcatta, on the resignation of Mr. Justice they have satisfactorily, passed a public examination :-Cambhumpati White. Mr. Justice Pigot is the son of the Right Hon. David Pigot

, Lord

He was educated at Akilandaiya, Cosmo Gordon Antrobus, William Baxter, William Francis Chief Baron of the Coort of Exobeqaer in Ireland. Becca-Jones, Herbert Montagu Broughton, John MoLeary Brown, Edward Trinity College, Dablin, and he was called to the bar at the Inner Temple Thomas Holder Devas, Patrick Robertson Don, Harold James Lee Evans, in Michaelmas Term, 1864. He was formerly a member of the Home Cir

ouit. Benedict William Ginsburg, William Ebetezer Gray, Benjamin Booth Haworth-Booth, Charles Pelham Huggins, Coldbam Cramp Knight, Egerton Mr. ALEXANDER PEARSE, solicitor (of the firm of Hobbs, Son, & Pearse), Charles Baring Lawlord, Rochfort Maguire, Ernest Lonis Meinertzhagen, of Stratford-upon-Avon, bas been appointed Assistant Registrar of the L40


caster Palatioe Court of Chancery for the Liverpool Distriot. Mr. Pearse GLOUCESTER CITY AND COUNTY LIFE ASSURANCE AND SICK BENEFIT SOCIETY, Worcester

st, Gloucester. June 13 was admitted a solicitor in 1873.

GOLDEN LION FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Golden Lion, Trelleck, Monmouth. June 13

The Chief Mr. WILLIAM SHERWOOD, solicitor, of Reading, bas been elected Clerk of LONDON UNITY OF HAMMERMEN, Crown, 38, George st, Blackfriars rd.

Registrar has cancelled the Registry. The ground for such cancelling is that the the Peace for that borongb, in succession to Mr. Joseph Osbert Whatley,

society desires to be registered under the Trades Union Act. June 13 resigned. Mr. Sherwood was admitted a solicitor in 1873.



and Partridge Inn, Glen Top, Stacksteads, Lancaster. June 12 bas been elected Clerk to the Warwiok Sohool Board. Mr. Moore is coroner Arms, Plumstead, Kent. June 12 for Warwick and clerk to the borough magistrates. He was admitted & UNITED BRETHREN SOCIETY, Royal Oak Inn, Madeley, Salop. June 12

WEST LONDON JUVENILE ODD Fellows' SOCIETY, Working Men's Club, Lillington st, Bolioitor in 1864.

Pimlico. June 12 Mr. WilliaX DORE, solicitor, proctor, and notary, of Wells, has been

[Gazette, June 10.] appointed a Magistrate for that oitg. Mr. Dore is also one of the borough BRITISA IMPERIAL SICK BENEFIT AND LIFE ASSURANCE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Westminster aldermed. He was admitted a solicitor in 1858, and is deputy-registrar SPRING LODGE, No. 1, FEMALE GARDENERS, Waterloo Hotel, Bacup, Lancaster. June 16 of the diocese of Bath and Wells.

[Gazette, June 20.) Mr. John ROLAND KETT, solicitor and notary, of Victoria, British Columbin, has been appointed Attorney-General of the Province of British Columbia.

Mr. JAMES E. WILSON, solioitor, of No, 21, Cornhill, E.C., has been Appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of


The Council of the Social Science Association have recently had under their

consideration the question of the operation of the foreign marriage laws, ander DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIPS.

which marriages, contracted in England between foreign and British subjects, GEORGE ALFRED Cooke and Hvar ParkinSON (Cooke & Parkinson), pliance on the part of the foreigner with the conditions prescribed by the

are sometimes held by foreign courts to be invalid by reason of the non-com. solicitors, 53, Chanoery-lane. May 31.

law of his country. The council,

however, having regard to the state of public JAMES JOHN CUMMINS, CAARLES ERRINGTON PEGLER, and EDWARD JAMES opinion here, and the difficulty of the subject, were not prepared to suggest BRUTTON (Cummins, Pegler, & Bratton), solicitors, Woodford, Essex. Juve any legislation, whether founded on international convention or otherwise,

But with the view of suggesting a means whereby the danger of invalidity WILLIAM ALBERT HOBBES and ALEXANDER Pearce (Hobbes, Son, & might be brought to the notice of all persons about to contract marriage in Pearce), solicitors, Stratford-upon-Avon. June 12,

England with foreigners, the council asked if the arohbishops would consider

the desirableness of communicating with the vicars-general, registrars, Juan Ricketts and JAMES ALLON TOCKER, solicitors, Coloe, Wilts. Jone 9. surrogates, and other officials, with a view to secure that, in all cases where

[Gazette, June 16.]

a licence is sought for the solemnization of marriage between parties either of JAMES RYLEY and JAMES RYLEY HASLAM (Rgley & Haslam), solicitors, whom is a foreign subject, due precautions be taken, by requiring the produc. 26, Mawdsley-street, Bolton, Lancashire. Jono 8. [Gazette, Jane 20.] tion of a certificate or otherwise, to ascertain that the foreign party is compe.

tent, according to the law of his or her own country, to contract the intended marriage. With a view also to bring the provisions of the French and Belgian law under the notice of the clergy in general, the archbishops were

asked if they would consider the propriety of causing to be circulated amongst COMPANIES.

them copies of a 6 Memorandum" on the subject specially drawn up for the

purpose by order of the executive committee of the association. Their Graces WINDING-UP NOTICES.

acknowledged, in courteous terms, the receipt of this letter, and, admitting

the importance of the matter laid before them, and the necessity for brioging JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.

it under the notice of the bishops and clergy, willingly responded to the request LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

of the council by assenting to circulate, in the way proposed, copies of the ALDBRSON'S DAIRY FARM, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented June 10,

directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on June 24. Miller and vernon, Moorgate st, document, a thousand copies of wbich have now been placed in the hands of solicitors for the petitioner

both archbishops. GROSVENOR STORES, LIMITED.- Creditors are required, on or before July 12, to send The following is the text of the Memorandum :

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to John Howard, Esq., 8, Old Jewry. Friday, July 21, at 12, is appointed for hearing and

MEMORANDUM AS TO FRENCH AND BELGIAN MARRIAGE LAW. adjudicating upon the debts and claims

This Memorandum is not intended to give a full account of the require. PENNYWELL COLLIERIES COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up, presented June ments of the French or the Belgiap law on the subject of marriage, but it has

14, directed to be heard before Bacon, V.C., on June 24. Harman, King's Arms yard, been prepared for the information of clergymen and others, in order to pat WHITEHAVEN IRON MINES, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before July 12, to them on their guard against difficulties of which they might not otherwise have

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to John been aware.
Henry Tilly, 37, Queen Victoria st. Wednesday, July 19, at 12, is appointed for hear.
ing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

(1) Any person intermarrying in England with a French subject, although [Gazette, June 16.]

all the solemnities have been observed which are required by the law of Eng.

land, is liable bave his or her marriage declared invalid in a French court, ANYLINE COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., on June 10, the company was ordered to be wound up. Foss and Legg, Abchurch lane, solicitors for the

unless the requirements of the French law as to the age of the French subject, petitioner

the consent of parents or relatives, and the publication of notices, have been ANGLO-VIRGINIAN FREEHOLD LAND COMPANY, LIMITED.--By an order made by Kay, complied with. It is therefore recommended to every British subject pro

J., dated June 9, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Parton, Rood lane, posing to intermarry with a French subject that the assistance of the nearest solicitor for the petitioner EAST LONDON AND SUBURBAN DAIRY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, French diplomatic agent or consul should be obtained, with a view to astertain

presented June 16, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on June 30. Whyte and co, that the requirements of the French law bave been duly complied with, and to GLYNN NRATH COLLIERIES, LIMITED.-By an order made by Kay, J., dated June 9, it procure doly legalized evidence of such compliance.

was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the said company be continued. (2) No Frenchman can intermarry under eighteen years of age, and no Munton and Morris, Queen Victoria st, agents for Parker and Brailsford, Sheffield, Frenchwoman under fifteen, without a dispensation. solicitors for the petitioners

(3) No Frenobman under twenty-five, nor Frenchwoman under twenty. GREAT WESTERN (FOREST OF DEAN) COAL CONSUMERS' COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented June 19, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on June 30.

one, can lawfully contract marriage withoot the consent of his or her parents, Clarke and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, solicitors for the petitioners

or parent if only one is alive. In case of difference between father and JOHN BAG NALL AND Sons, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented June 16, mother, the consent of the father is sufficient. If both parents are dead or

directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on July 1. Tucker and Lake, Serle st, Lincoln's incapable, the consent of the grand-parents is required, sabject to the like TYN-T-FRON MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Hall, V.C., dated May provision in case of their disagreement. If there be no parents or grand12, it was ordered that the company be wound up: Jones, Falcon ct, Fleet st, agent parents alive or capable, the coasent of a family council is required. for Jones and Co, Aberystwyth, solicitors for the petitioners. Kay, J., has fixed Monday, June 26, at 12, at the chambers of Hall, V.C., Royal Courts of Justice, for

(4) Where a French subject has attained his or her age of twenty-five or the appointment of an official liquidator

twenty-one years, the French law still requires a respectful communicaWYNAAD DISTRICT GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order dated June 10, it tion of the intention to contract a marriage to be made to the relatives,

was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Lawrance and Co, Old Jewry chmbrs, solicitors for the petitioner

whose consent would be required if the party were still under the age

[Gazette, June 20.) respeotively of twenty-five or twenty-ope years, and the French law does UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY.

not authorize any such intended marriage to be solemoized, if objected to by CITY OF CHESTER BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY.-Chitty, J., has by an order, dated May / those relatives, antil after a certain delay.

16, appointed John Ellis Edwards, Chester, to be official liquidator. Creditors are re. quired, on or before July 14, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars French law to be twice published at the town hall of the place which is

(5) A notice of an intended marriage of a French subject is required by the of their debts

or claims, to the above. Friday, July 25, at 11, is appointed' for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts or claims

deemed by the French law to be the principal place of residence of such sub

[Gazette, June 16.] ject in his or her own country. The publications must take place at an FIRST CHESHIRE PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY.-Petition for winding up, interval of eight days between them, and the marriage cannot (without a

June 19, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on June 30. Burton and Co, Lincoln's dispensation] lawfully take place until the third day after the second inn fields, agents for Tyrer and Co, Liverpool, solicitors for the petitioners


[Gazette, June 20.] (6) The provisions of the Belgian law are identical with those of the French FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED.

law in the matters specified in paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Dog and Crook Inn, Braishfield, Hants. June 14

The requirements as to age and the consent of relatives are enforced with FRIENDLY SOCISTY, Monkleigh, Devon, June 12

great strictness in the Frenoh and Belgian courts. Those as to the publice.

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tion of notices (though the absence of them may under circumstances be

HOUSE OF COMMONS. excused) cannot be disregarded without the risk of a marriage being disputed in a French or a Belgian court, and declared invalid by reason of

June 15.—Bills Read a Second Time, clandestinity.

Metropolitan Board of Works (Money).

Bill in Committee,


Bills Read a Third Time.

PRIVATE Bills.-North London Suburban Tramway ; Swindon, Marl. HOUSE OF LORDS.

borough, and Andover Railway. June 15.-Bills Read a Second Time,

New Bills. PRIVATE BILLS.-Metropolitan Outer Cirole Railway ; Great Western Rail. Bill to provide for the trial of causes in the county of Sorrey (Mr. way (No. 2); Beaconsfield, Uxbridge, and Harrow Railway; Sutton Bridge WARTON). Dock ; Radstock, Wrington, and Congresbury Junction Railway; Northwich Bill to amend the Acts for the prevention of cruelty to animals (Mr. Gas ; South-Eastern Railway (New Lines and Widenings) ; Accrington Cor. ANDERSON). poration Tramways; Ascot District Gas; Cranbrook and Paddock Wood Bill to amend the laws relating to the accumulation of real and personal Railway (Extension to Hawkhurst) ; Forcett Railway (Extension); Glasgow estate (Mr. Daver). Corporation Gas (Railways, &c.); Glasgow Court-houses ; Lancashire and Bill for the better protection of ancient monuments (Mr. Shaw-LEFEVRE). Yorkshire Railway ; Lecky and Smyth's Patent; Liverpool United Gaslight

June 17.-Bills Read a Third Time. Company; London and North-Western Railway (Ordsall-lage) ; Metropolitan

Private BILL.-London and North-Western Railway. District Railway ; Plymouth and District Tramways ; Saint Helens (Corporation) Water ; Tottenham and Edmonton Gas; London and South-Western

June 19.-Bill in Committce.
and Metropolitan District Railway Companies (Kingston and London Rail. Copyright (Musical Compositions).
way); Great Eastern Railway Company; Mersey Docks and Harbour Board ;

June 20.-Bill in Committee.
Ramsgate and Margate Tramways; Solway Junction Railway ; Forth-bridge
Railway ; Great Northern Railway; Tilbury and Gravesend Tuonel Junction Vagranoy.
Railway ; Eastern and Midlands Railway; Midland Railway ; South-Eastern

June 21.-Bill Read a Second Time.
Railway (Various Powers) ; Southampton Harbour ; Westgate and Birching.
ton Gas; Kingsbridge and Salcombe Railway ; Swindon and Cheltenham

Baths and Wash-houses Acts Amendment.
Extension Railway, Melton and Hollesley Bay Railway ; Regent's
Canal, City, apd Docks Railway ;

East London Railway ; Northampton Tramways (Extensions) ; Wimbledon and West Metropolitan Junction Railway ; Alford and Sutton Tramways ; Cheadle Railway;

Dundee Gas ; Gateshead and District Tramwnys; Lydd Railway (Extension);
Milford Docks; Plymouth and Dartmoor Railway; Hull, Barnsley, and
West Riding Junction Railway and Dock (Huddersfield, &c.), and London

Southern Tramways.

Bilis Read a Third Time,

V. O. Baoox. V.O. HALL. PRIVATE BILL.-Cyfarthfa Works.

26 Mr. Cobby Monday, June

Mr. Merivale
Metropolis Management and Building Acts (Amendment); Boiler Explo, Tuesday

Mr. Clowes

Pemberton sions; Local Government Provisional Orders ; Local Government Provisional Wednesday


Clowes Orders (Poor Law).

Thursday ..............
29 Koe


30 Cobby

Juce 16.–Bills Read a Second Time,

Saturday, July

1 Koe


Pemberton Poor Rates ; Artillery Ranges.

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justico

CHITTY. Bill Read a Third Time.

Monday, June

26 Nr. Teesdale Mr. King Mr. Carrington Mynicipal Corporations (Unreformed).


27 Ward


Jackson Wednesday 28 Teesdale


Royal Assent.

29 Ward


Jackson The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the following Bills :- Friday

30 Teesdale


Carrington Documentary Evidence Act; Military Mancuvres Act ; Public Health Saturday, July

1 Ward


Jackson Scotland Act (1867) Amendment Act ; Militia Storehouses Act; Commonablo Rights Compensation Act; Arklow Harbour Act; Metropolis Management and Building Acts Amendment Act ; Irish Reproductive Loan Fund

CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES. Amendment Act; Glasgow and South-Western Railway Act; Millwall Dock Western (Lindley, L.J., and Lopes, J.)-Winchester, Saturday, July 8; Act; West Ham Local Board Extension of Powers Act ; South Metropolitan Salisbury, Friday, July 14; Dorchester, Tuesday, July 18; Exeter and City, Gas Act; Portsoy Harbour Act ; Bromsgrove Gas Act ; Welshpool and Llan- Friday, July 21; Bodmin, Thursday, July 27; Wolls, Monday, July 31; fair Railway Abandooment Act; William Harris Endowment and Dundee Bristol, Friday, August 4. Oxford (Bowen, L.J., and Williams, J.) --RoadEducation Act ; Dundee Water Act; Callander and Oban Railway Act; ing, Wednesday, June 28 ; Oxford, Saturday, July 1; Worcester and City, South Essex Waterworks Act ; Lower Thames Valley Main Sewerage Board Wednesday, July 5; Stafford, Monday, July 10; Shrewsbury, Thursday, Act; Dublin, Wicklow, and Wexford Railway Act; Moffat Railway Act; July 20; Hereford, Thursday, July 27; Monmouth, Monday, July 31; Golden Valley Railway Act; North-Eastern Railway (Additional Powers) Act; Gloucester and City, Thursday, August 3. Midland (Grove and Fry, JJ.)Ipswich Tramways Act; North British and Mercantile Insurance Companies Aylesbury, Saturday, July 1; Bedford, Wednesday, July 5; Northampton, Act; Caledonian Railway (Further Powers) Act; Blyth Harbour Act; Saturday, July 8; Leicester and Borough, Wednesday, July 12; Oakham, Liverpool Improvement Act, Metropolitan Board of Works (Various Powers) Tuesday, July 18, Lincoln and City, Wednesday, July 19 ; Nottingham and Act; Walton-on-the-Hill Vicarage Act; and several Provisional Orders Con- Town, Monday, July 24; Derby, Friday, July 28 ; Warwick, Wednesday, firmation Acte.

August 2. South-Eastern (Pollock, B., and Hawkins, J.)-Hertford, ThursBills Read a Second Time,

day, July 6 ; Lewes, Monday, July 10; Maidstone, Monday, July 17;

Chelmsford, Monday, July 21; Huntingdom, Thursday, July 27; Cambridge, Public Health (Fruit Pickers' Lodgings); Local Government Provisional Saturday, July 29, Bury, Wedoesday, August 2; Norwich and City, SaturOrders (No. 3); Local Government Provisional Order (Artisans, and day, August 5. North Wales (Huddleston, B.)-Newtown, Monday, July Labourers' Dwellings); Tramways Provisional Orders ; Tramways Provisional | 3; Dolgelly, Thursday, July 6; Carnarvon, Saturday, July 8; Beaumaris, Orders (No. 2) ; Pier and Harbour Provisional Orders (No. 2).

Thursday, July 13; Ruthin, Monday, July 17; Mold, Thursday, July 20; Bill in Committee.

Chester and City, Saturday, July 22 ; Swansea, Saturday, July 29. South Elementary Education Provisional Orders Confirmation (Finchley, &c.).

Wales (Huddleston, B., and Manisty, J.)-Haver fordwest and Town, Thurs

day, July 6 ; Cardigan, Saturday, July 8; Carmarthen_and Borougb, Bills Read a Third Time.

Thursday, July 13; Brecon, Monday, July 17 ; Presteign, Thursday, July PRIVATE BILL.-Tredegar Water and Gas.

20; Chester and City, Saturday, July 22 ; Swansea, Saturday, July 29. Pluralities Acts Amendment; Places of Worship Sites Amendment.

North-Eastern (Mathew and Cave, JJ.)

Newcastle and Town, Wednesday,

July 5 ; Durham, Wednesday, July 12 ; York (North and East Riding) and June 20.—Bills Read a Second Time.

City, Wednesday, July 19; Leeds (West Riding), Tuesday, July 25. Interments (felo de se).

Northern (North and Day, JJ.)- Appleby, Monday, July 3 ; Carlisle,

Wednesday, July 5; Lancaster, Saturday, July 8; Manchester, Wednesday, Bill in Committee.

July 12 ; Liverpool, Wednesday, July 26. Public Health (Fruit Pickers' Lodgiogs).

The Lord Chief Justice and one of the election judges will open the com.

mission at Guildford, on Thursday, July 27, for the trial of prisoners and Bills Read a Third Time.

causes only in which the cause of action arose in the county of Surrey. PRIVATE BILLS.--Whitland, Cronware, and Pendine Railway ; London and Lord Coleridge, C.J., and Denman, Field, and Stephen, JJ., will remain North-Western Railway (Ordsall-lane).

in town.

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Ashworth, George, Rochdale, Lancaster, Music Seller. June 29 at 11 at office of Worth, SALES OF ENSUING WEEK.

Lower gates, Rochdale Jure 26.-Mr. HENRY VULLIAMY, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Baxter, William, Trowbridge, Wilts, Glass and China Dealer. July 6 at 12 at the Castle

Hotel, Bath. Clark and Collins Properties (see advertisement, June 10, p. 17).

Bell, Rees, Llandilo, Carmarthen, Tailor. July 1 at 11.30 at office of Williams, King st, June 27.-Meesrs. DEBENHAM, Tewson, FARMER, & BRIDGEWATER, at the Mart, Llandilo

at 2 p.m., Freehold ard Leasehold Properties, Advowson, &c. (see advertisement, Birtles, Henry, Burslem, Stafford, Hay and Straw Dealer. June 26 at 11 at office of June 10, pp. 8 and 9).

Stevenson, Cheapside, Hanley, Jude 27-Messrs. Lomax, Sons, & MILLs, at Manchester, Freehold Estate (808 Blagden, Thomas, and Joseph Blagden, Fenchurch avenue, Lime st, Merchants. July

advertisement, June 10, p. 15). June 28. -Mr. James Pousty, at the Mart, at 1 p.m., Freehold Property (see Blondelle Cormeins, Halliwell, or Bolton, Joiner. June 29 at 3 at office of Briscoe,

Boulton, Walter George, and James Berry Baker, Hoole, nr Chester, Brush ManufacJane 28. — Mesere. DANIRL SMITH, Son, & OAKLEY, at the Mart, at 1 for 2 p.m., Bransome, Emil, Chis well st, Finsbury, Chemist.

turers. July 3 at 11 at office of Brassey, Eastgate row North, Chester Freehold Estate (see advertisement, June 10, p. 18).

June 28 at 3 at offices of Mitchell,
Thanet pl, Strand. Harrison, Pancras lane
Brazenor, Robert, Brighton, Sussex, Taxidermist. June 29 at 3 at office of Nye, North

st, Brighton
Bristow, William, Openshaw, Lancaster, Grocer. July 5 at 3 at 35, Cannon st, Man-

chester. Alderson, Manchester

Brooks, George Henry, St Mary Church, Devon, Grocer. June 20 at 12 at office of Car.

ter, Cary bldgs, Abbey rd, Torquay BIRTHS.

Brookes, Alfred George, Olney, Buckingham, Farmer. June 30 at 3 at Ball Hotel, Olney. BEAL.-June 15, at Turnham-green, W., the wife of Charles Edward Beal, colici.

Shoosmith, Northampton tor, of a son.

Bruckshaw, George, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Grocer, July 4 at 3 at offices of Will.

cock, North st, Wolverhampton FRBÉMAN.—June 19, at 60, Cornwall-road, W., the wife of G. Broke Freeman, Bushali, Henry Knapp, Reading, Berks, Hardwareman. June 30 at 3 at offices of Beale barrister-at-law, of a son.

and Martin, London st, Reading KINGSPORD.-June 19, at Bedford-park, Chiswick, the wife of Douglas Kings. Butterfield, James, Mirfield, York, Bootmaker. June 30 at 3 at offices of Wilson, ford, barrister-at-law, of a son.

Exchange bldgs, Mirfield MIDDLETON.-June 11, at Brookfield, Headingley, Lear Leeds, the wife of Percy Charrington, Harry William, Hove, Susses, Beer Merchant. June 28 at 3 at offices of Middleton, barrister-at-law, of a son.

Nye, North st, Brighton

Chinn, Louis, Kynaston rd, Stoke Newington, Monumental Mason, June 26 at 4 at 62, DEATHS.

Chancery lane. Marshall CARLYON.-June 16, at Truro, Clement Carpenter Carlson, solicitor, aged Clark, Thomas, Birmingham, Gasfitter. June 26 at 3 at ofices of Southall, Waterloo 33.

Clark, William Webb Rowland, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, Licensed Brewer. July GRUNDY. - June 20, at Westleigh, Lymm, Cheshire, Thomas Grundy, solicitor, of 10 at 3 at offices of Browne, and Co., Queen st, Cheapside. Watts and Burton, New Manchester, aged 45.

inn, Strand
Coombes, John Henry, Essex rd, Islington, Grocer. June 27 at 11 at offices of Tilsley,

Benet pl, Gracechurch st
Croot, Henry, Saint George, Gloucester, Boot Manufacturer. June 28 at 2 at offices of

Sibly and Dickinson, Exchange West, Bristol

Cubitt, William Robert, Little Cadogan pl, Chelsea, Builder. June 29 at 3 at 145,

Cheapside. Mason, Gresham st
Cunliffe, Samuel, Burnley, Lancaster, Joiner, July 3 at 3 at Rawlinson's Temporance

Hotel, St James's row, Burnley. Sutcliffe, Burnley

Daly, Michael, Nottingham, Plasterer. June 29 at 3 at offices of Marriot, St Peter's gate,

FRIDAY, June 16, 1882.

Daniels, Edward, Margate, Kent, Blacksmith. June 29 at 10 at offices of Hills, Gros-
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

venor ter, Margate Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Davis, Benjamin, Stourbridge, Worcester, Wheelwright. June 28 at 11 at offices of To Surrender in London.

Wall, High st, Stourbridge Cavaliero, Victor, Golborne rd, Notting hill. Pet June 13. Murray. June 30 at 11

Davis, Isaac, Saint George, Gloucester, Butcher. June 26 at 12 at offices of Evans, Curtice, Edward Richard, Salisbury st, Strand, Publishers. Pet June 12. Murray,

Exchange bldgs East, Bristol June 30 at 11

Dobson, Christopher, Leeds, Sawyer. June 29 at 2 at offices of Pullan, Albion st, Leeds Etheridge, Lewis, Lower rd, Deptford, Stonemason. Motn June 15. Brougham. Duncan, Francis John, Birkenhead, Chester, Licensed Victualler.” June 30 at 3 at June 27 at 11

office of Danger, Orange crt, Castle st, Liverpool Sheppard, James, Shakespeare terr, Upper Holloway, Boot Dealer. Pet March 20. Eddington, William, and Sylvanus Eddington, Queen Victoria st, Engineers. June 30 Murray, July 5 at 12

at 1 at Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Leaver and Maskell, Lincoln's-inn-fields To Surrender in the Country,

Farbrother, John, Derby, Licensed Victualler. June 29 at 3 at office of Hextall, Full st Boyce, William, Cardiff, Butter Merchant. Pet June 13. Langley. Cardiff, June 28 Derby

Ferguson, Robert Alexander, Worthing, Sussex. July 5 att at office of Ledger, West Eyre, Mary, Salford, Lancaster, General Dealer. 'Pet June 14. Hulton. Salford, st, Brighton. Ruddle, High Holborn June 28 at 11

Fisher, Thomas, Upland rd, East Dulwich, Gasfitter, June 29 at 4 at offico of Kilby, Farmer, Henry, Hitchin, Herts, Corn Merchant. Pet June 13. Cooke. Luton, July 11 Crystal Palace rd, East Dulwich

Gadd, John, Hill st, Peckham, Clerk. June 30 at 2 at office of Valentine, Queen Anno's Horne, Charles, Bradford, Innkeeper. Pet June 12. Lee. Bradford, June 30 at 12

gate, Westminster Jones, Alfred, Madeley, Salop, Grocer. Pet June 12. Potts. Madeley, June 28 at 11.30 Gardner, William, Portobello rd, Notting-hill, Butcher. June 28 at 3 at office of Lee, Taylor, Thomas, Derby, Elastio Web Manufacturer. Pet June 13. Weller. Derby, July 6 at 12

Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st

Goetzger, Frederick, Gt Bath st, Clerkenwell, Boot Makor. July 3 at 2 at office of
TUESDAY, June 20, 1882.

Miller and Miller, Sherborne lane
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Gray, John, Gowrie ter, Scotland Green, Tottenham, Builder. June 26 at 2 at office of
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Emerson, Fenchurch bldgs

Gray, John Charles, Birmingham, Ironmonger. June 28 at 1 at Midland Hotel, New st To Surrender in London. Green, Daniel, Cold Harbour lane, Brixton, Linen Draper. Pet June 17. Hazlitt.

Birmingham. Burman and Shipley, Temple row, Birmingham July 4 at 11

Griffiths, Annie, Kington, Hereford, out of business. June 28 at 2 at office of Cheese

and Delfosse, Bridge st, Kington Kniep, John, Green terr, Clerkenwell, Travelling Bag Manufacturer. Pet June 15. Hazlitt. July 5 at 12

Grimshaw, James, Manchester, Grocer. June 29 at 3 at office of Lawson, Mount st,

Manchester McDonnell, Thomas, and James McDonnell, Sloane sq, Chelsea, Undertakers. Motn

Guest, Thomas, Kidderminster, Worcester, Car Proprietor, June 30 at 3.30 at office of June 16. Hazlitt. July 5 at 12.30 To Surrender in the Country.

Miller and Corbet, Church st, Kidderminster Allen, Charles Burton, Hamilton pl, New Wandsworth, Baker. Pet June 13. Wil

Hallett, Henry, Yeovil, Somerset, Butcher. June 26 at 11 at Red Lion Inn, Yeovil. loughby. Wandsworth, July 7 at 11

Watts, Yeovil Brittan, George, jun, Balham, Builder. June 13. Willoughby. Wandsworth, July 7 Harrap, George, and George Henry Harrap, Manchester, Timber Merchants. July 1 Fearnley, Alfred, Heywood, Lancaster, Grocer. Pot June 16. Holdea. Bolton, July 5

Hewitt, John, Manchester, Tailor. June 27 at 3 at 87, Mosloy st, Manchoster. Watis,

Manchester Goozee, Robert Thomas, Richmond, Hosier, Pet June 13. Willoughby. Wandsworth,

Hitchin, Arthur Samuel, Leicester, Aerated Water Maker. June 30 at 12 at office of

Curtis, Halford rd, Leicester
July 7 at 11
Kirby, Henry Roddock, Liverpool, Oil Importer. June 16. Cooper. Liverpool, July 3

Horan, John Joseph, Bath, General Dealer. June 28 at 3 at Orange grove, Bath.

Titley at 12 Lambell, George, South Tawton, Devon, Farmer. Pet June 17. Gidley. East Stone

Horsfield, Richard, Keighley, York, Stonemason. June 29 at 2 at Fountain Inn, Kirby house, July 1 at 12

Stephen, Westmoreland. Cooke, Keighley Lockey, James Thomas, Winnington, Chester, Salt Manufacturer.

Jenner, Norman, Brighton, Sussex, Butcher. June 28 at 3 at New rd, Brighton.
Pet June 13.

Speakman. Nantwich, July 4 at 11
Tyson, George, Langley, Bucks, Gent. Pet June 17. Darvill. Windsor, July 8 at 12

Kay, Richard William, Leicester, Lessee and Manager of a Thcatre Royal. July 5 at Vultchoff, Jordan Marco, Manchester, Merchant. Pet June 16. Kay. Manchester, Law, Frank Wedding, Lutterworth, Leicester, Licensed Victualler. June 30 at 3 at

3 at office of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester July 10 at 12.30

office of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED,

Lee, James, senior, Ditton, Lancaster, Contractor. June 29 at 2 at office of Beasley, FRIDAY, June 16, 1882.

Victoria rd, Widnes Pauley, G W Beak st, Regent st, Coffee house Keeper. June 7

Lisamer, Charles, North Aston, Birmingham, Baker, June 27 at 3 at office of Fallows, TUESDAY, June 20, 1882.

Cherry st, Birmingham Bennett, Joseph, Liverpool, out of business. June 16

Lucas, Lawrence, and William Nelson, Oswaldtwistle, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturers. Sadler, Reginald Hayes, Richmond, York, Lieutenant, 19th Regt. June 17

June 29 at 3 at office of Haworth, Lord st West, Blackburn

Marsh, Henry, Highworth, Swindon, Wilts, Commercial Traveller. June 28 at 2 at
Liquidations by Arrangement.

Great Western Hotel, New Swindon, Evans, Bristol

May, Thomas, Perranzabuloe, Mason. June 29 at 1 at offices of Peter, Church town,

St Agnes
Friday, June 16, 1882.

McBride, William John, City rd, Juvenile Clothing Manufacturer. July 1 at 10 at ColdAkehurst, Francis James, Radcliffe, Lancaster, Tailor. July 3 at 3 at office of Sims, Merritt, Charles Manchester, Boot and Shoe Maker. June 28 at 3 at Cannon st, ManAllen, Philip Samuel,

and Samuel Richardson, Bristol, Drapers. June 23 at 12 at office Mitchell William Cornelius, Grange st, Hoston, Brush Maker. June 22 at 2 at Masons' Appleyard, Frederick John, Haslemere, Surrey, Groçer. June 27 at 3 at County and Mitton, Twilson William,

Shemeid, Book and Shoe

Dealer. June 20 at 2 at Law Society's Borough Halls, Guildford, Geach, Guildford

Rooms, Hoole's chbrs, Bank st, Sheffield. Rodgers and Co

at 11

at 11

at 11

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