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of the summons, the solicitor sball, before having his order issued, take it to The oustomary balance sheet for the half-year, as certified by the the filing office, and having indorsed on the back the words " The affidavits anditors, is appended to this report. referred to within are on the file," the boal will be affixed to certify that the The board bave the pleasure of reporting the receipt of a share of the affidavits are filed. Such certifioate will have the same effect as prodaoing residue of the personal estate of the late Miss Ellen Reardon (daughter of a the affidavits oa drawing the order.

deceased solioitor), to which bequest they alladed, for the first time, in As to county court certificate of result of trial, no fee to be charged for their report of April, 1880. The share amounted to £5,351 88. 8d., and this searcb.

sam has been iavested in £5,048 10s. 5d. Metropolitan Consolidated Three Judgment may be signed on a certificate of " No affidavits filed in answer and a Half per cent Stook. to interrogatories," or on a certificate of non-payment of money into court without affidavit.

A sum of £52 39., which followed the bequest, appears in the accounte, On entering judgments ander order xli.; rule 1, in actions in the Chancery and is a balance of dividends which had acorued after the death of the Division, when drawn up by the chancery registrars, the engrosement of the testatrix and prior to the transfer to this association, legs ded actions for judgment together with the pleading to be filed shall be brought to the writ necessary law obarges. appearance and judgment department, and the officer receiving the same shall With regard to Miss Reardon's bequest the board desire to mention that, make a note in the margin of the engrossment that the pleadings have been in accordance with the provisions of her will and a deolaration of tragt which filed, and sball authenticate such note with the small seal of the office, and has been executed, the dividends to arise from the trust fund are to be return the engrossment to the solicitor.

applied in payment of annuities bearing the names of certain members of The date of the judgment as shown by the engrossment of the order and the testatrix's family. the date of leaving the pleadings shall be entered in the cause book.

In addition, the association has received daring the past half-year The solicitor on leaving the pleadings must indorse thereon and sign å £1,678 38. 3d., inoladed in which amount was a bequest of £19 192, under certificate in the words or to the effect following

the will of the late Mr. William Coleman Gill, solioitor, of Bath, a member “I certify that these are all the pleadings required to be left for filing." of the association,

Wben judgment is signed under order xli., rules 4 and 5, on any order, certificate, or other document, such document shall be filed.

The operations of the association daring the past half-year will be found Original stamped judgment to be filed arid office copy to be delivered out at set forth in the balance-sheet, from which it will be seen that the board

have distributed in grants of assistance a som of £1,005, of which amounts 6d. a folio. The judgment need not be signed by the solicitor entering it.

If judgment removed from Lord Mayor's Court the fixed cost of removal to averaging $46 each were applied in the relief of nine recipients of the be one guinea in all cases,

primary class of members and their families, and amounts averaging £14 An allocatur for costs is to be placed on a certificate in the form settled.

each in the relief of forty recipients of the secondary class of non-members Judgmeats are to be numbered consecutivelg in each alphabetical division and their families. in the right-hand corner, and the number entered in the cause book.

The board have invested during the half-year a sum of £499 133. 9d. in In cases where the plaintiff is entitled to a final judgment as to part of his the purchase of £500 Reduced Three per Cents., and the entire capitalized ca'm, and to an interlocutory judgment as to the remainder, one judgment funds of the association are now £9,000 Consols, £6,500 Reduced Three per only is necessary, final as to part and interlocutory as to the rest, and one fee Cents., £19,000 India Four per Cents., £4,207 London and North-Western paid.

Railway Four per Cent. Debentore Stock, £250 London and St. Katharing In the case of cross judgments in the same action where after à trial there Docks Four per Cent. Debenture Stock, and £5,048 10s. 5d. Metropolitan is a direction for judgment for plaintiff against some of the defendants, and Consolidated Three and a Half per Cent. Stock, the whole producing together for some of the defendants against the plaintiff, and also for gome of the annual dividends amounting to $1,579 13:. defendants against the others, the whole direction may be embodied in one A balance of £305 18s, remained to the credit of the association, with the jadgment, and the different parties may take office copies for use.

Union Bank of London, at the date of the closing of the ball-yearly account Date of filing of pleadings bled on entering jadgment and of certificates of (February 28 last), and a sum of £15 was in the hands of the secretary, costs are to be entered in cause books and on the documents.

The board greatly regret having to record the deaths of two of their

colleagues during the past half-year, Mr. Joseph Harris, of Leices'er, and 48 to Costs on Judgments for Default of Appearance.

Mr. Charles Marsh Lee, of Salisbury; and in the room of these deceased

£ 8. d. gentlemen they have elected Mr. Samuel Harris, of Leicester, and Mr. Henry In town cases

3 14 0

William Cobb, of Salisbury. In country and agency cases and cages in which service

With much pleasure the board have to announce that Mr. Francis Thomas effected beyond five miles from General Post Office, St.

Bircham, of London, one of the members of the association, bus kindly Martin s-le-Grand

4 60 accepted their invitation to preside at the anniversary festival of the associa. And 6s. in addition for each service beyond one defendant.

tion, to be held on Wednesday, the 14th of June next, at the Star and Gart-r The above allowances include all mileage.

Hotel, Richmond, Surrey; and they earnestly hope that all their brothtr

members will give them the advantage of their kind and valuable co-operaAs to the Costs of Removing Judgments from inferior Courts for Purposes

tion in their efforts to render that festival as beneficial as possible to the of Execution.

aseociation. The order should direct that the party removing the judgment bave his the secretary will be happy to receive, as early as possible, the names

Thirty-five gentlemen have already given their names as stewards, and costs of and relating to the removal (to be taxed).

of any other gentlemen who may be willing to have them added to the

list. As to Common Pleas Judgments between November, 1875, and April, 1880.

Any office copy required may be made from the copy filed in the office and
issued as an office copy of the original judgment, unless there shall be some
special reason against doing so, in which case the parties shall be referred to a LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL.
practice master.

As to writs of attachment issued in pursuance of an order for making default in payment of a sum of money made in any case excepted by the 4th section

COUNCİL OF LEGAL EDUCATION. of the Debtors Act, 1869, from the operation of that section, these should have

EASTER AND TRINITY COURSE OF LECTURES, 1882. a note stating that the writ does not authorize an imprisonment for any longer period than one year.

Prospectus of the Lectures of the Professors,—The Professor of Roman Law

will deliver, during the ongoing edcoational term, a course of eix leatures Note.-All question of practice, sufficiency of affidavits, &c., are to be

Real rights with special reference to pledge, mortgage, and lion.” The referred to a practice master, and not to any other master.

first leoture of this course will be delivered on Monday, the 24th of April, 1882, at 3 p.m. The subsequent lectures will be delivered on Wednesdays and Mondays at the same hour.

Jurisprudence.---The Professor of Jarispradence, Constitutional Law, and SOCIETIES.

Legal Ristory will, dariog the ensuing educational term, deliver six lectores

on “The law of status and family relations, regarded from the point of vierSOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION.

first, of jurisprudenoe, secondly, of the conflict of law." The first lecture of

this course will be delivered on Friday, the 9th of June, 1882, at 3 p.m., The forty-eighth ball-yearly general meeting of the members of this and the subsequent leotares at the same hoor on Mondays and Fridays. association was held at the Incorporated Law Society's Hall, Chancery.

Equity.-The Professor of Equity will, during the ensuing educational lane, London, on Wednesday, the 26th ult. The following was the report of the directors :

term, deliver a course of twelve leotures upon the principles of assigament The board of directors have the pleasure, in obedience to the provisions of April 19, 1882, at 4.15 p.m., and the subsequent lectores at the same hoor on

and charge in equity. The first lecture will be delivered on Wednesday, the sixteenth rule of the association, of presenting this their (forty-eigbub) Fridays and Wednesdays. report of the progress and operations of the association during the past half-year.

Note.—The lectores in this subject will be suspended after Friday, May 5, Since their report in Ootober last to the general meeting of members at and be resumed on Wednesday, June 7, at the usual hour. Brighton, sixty-two new members have been added to the association, and Law of Real and Personal Property.–The Professor of the Law of Real and the aggregate number enrolled is now 2,662, of whom 997 are life, and Personal Property will, during the ensuing educational term, deliver twelve 1,665 annual members. Forty-seven of the life members are, in addition, lectures on the following subject :-“ Vendors and purchasers of real estate ; annual subscribers to the association of from one to five guineas each, the conveyance and matters connected with the completion of the purchase."

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The first lecture will be delivered on Thursday, April 20, 1882, at 3.5 p.m.
The subsequent lectures on this subject will be delivered on Tuesdays at 4 p.m.,

A SCOTCH LAW REPORT. and on Thursdays at 3.5 p.m. Note.—The lectures in this subject will be suspended after Tuesday, May appeal of M'Vey v. Hennigan, heard before the Court of Fossion on January

[The Scottish Journal of Jurisprudence publishes the following report of an 9, and be reeumed on Thursday, Jane 8, at the usuul hour,

12 last.] Common Law.–The Professor of Common Law will, during the ensuing

THERE lived, as I am tould, educational term, deliver twelve lectures on Criminal Law, comprising six

Io Stirling's noble city lectures on offences agaiost the State and six lectures on offences against the

Two Irish låds so bould, person. The first lecture will be delivered on Thursday, April 20, 1882, at 4.15

The subjec' av me ditty ; p.m. The subsequent lectures on this subject will be delivered on Mondays

They both had pigs galore, and Thursdays at the same hoor,

And sties to fence and screen 'om, Note. --The lectures in this subject will be suspended after Monday, May 8,

And each possessed a boar

With only a hedge between 't 01. and be resumed on Thursday, June 8, at the usual bour.

Says M'Vey,
« Darlint Mr. Hennigan,

You must pay

If your boar comes in egain!"
The andermentioned gentlemen were on Wednesday called to the bar bý

Tony Heppigan's boar, the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, viz. :-Richard Christian,

Faix! he loved to wandher; B.A., Oxford; John Courronx, Associate of King's College, London ; Charles

Divvle a wall or door Francis Miller Mandy, B.A., Cambridge ; Robert Malcolm Napier Kerr,

Would kape him from his dandher. B.A., Oxford ; Chorobili William Coster, B.A., Cambridge ; Alfred Owen

And mostly he would hie Lyon, B.A., Cambridge ; James Henry Tsohudi Broadwood, B.A.,

To Pat M Vey's back garden, Cambridge; Francis John Hext, B.A., Oxford ; Henry Pigot Ireland

And gront about the sty Warborton; Joseph Yelverton Dawbarn, M.A., L.L.M., Cambridge ; Toomas

Where Patbrick's pigs were barred in. George Wood Reaveley ; Petrus Bargers, LL.D.; Edmund Raseborough

Says M'Vey, etc. Torton, Oxford ; Frederio William Heather, B.A., Cambridge; Charles

Åt last one day, when Pat Thomas Beresford-flope, M.A., Cambridge; Harold Ward Topham, B.A.,

Was atin' av his dinner, Oxford ; George Cawston ; Edgar Brierley (bolder of a papil soholarship

His wife cried out, “ There's t'iåt in common law awarded by the Inner Temple, February, 1882), B.Å.

Ould boar, as I'm a sinner ! Oxford; Bernard Henry Holland, B.A., Cambridge ; . George Francis

O Pat, rise ap, make haste!" Gregory : George Anson Byron, B.A., Oxford; Shirley Harris Salt,

And Pat obeyed her ordheis, B.A., Cambridge; William Philip Sobreider (bolder of a student

And swore he'd drive the basté ship, awarded by the Council of Legal Education, Hilary, 1881,

From out his garden bordhers. and of a pupil scholarship in common law, awarded by the Inner

Says M'Vey, etc.
Temple, July, 1881), B.A., LL.B., Cambridge ; Gavin Francis Hamilton,
B.A., Oxford; the Right Hon. Lord Clifford, B.A., London ; William

But Tony's boar! worse luck!

He had a heart so darin', Charles Niblett; Walter Yeates Hargreaves, B.A., Cambridge ; Arthur

Bedad ! he ran amuck
James Foord, LL.B., Cambridge ; Arthur Fanshawe Fox, M. X., Oxford;

At this bould son av Erin ;
Henry Gordon Jeaffreson, M.A., Cambridge; Abraham Hebron; Edaljee
Jamsetjee Kbory ; Lionel Crosskey, B.A., Cambridge ; William Percy Pain

8. Pat was forced to fly,

And moighty quiok he went, too, (holder of a studentship awarded by the Council of Legal Education, Hilary,

While Piggy from his thigh 1880, and of a popil scholarship in equity, awarded by the Inner Temple,

Tore out a small memento.
February, 1880). LL.B., London, with honours ; Charles Henry Fehler
Christie, B.A.. 'Oxford; John Frederick Gibson, B.A., Oxford ; and George

Says M'Vey, eto.
Johnson Marples, Esqs.

Then Pathrick to the Coort The undermentioned gentlemen were called to the bar by the Honourable

He dhragged the porker's masther,

And swore that such a hurt Society of the Middle Temple :-Philip Henry Clifford, M.A., Fellow of

Bank notes alone could plasther. Christ's College, Cambridge; Stuart Forster, Trinity College, Cambridge ;

The sty was insecure, Martin Luther Rouse, Aberdeen University ; William Mitchell ; Alfred

The boar was most fherocious, Crooke, Queen's College, Cambridge, B.A. (holder of a studentship of 100

And Tony's conduct, shure, goineas in Roman law and jurisprudence granted by the Council of Legal Education) ; Robert Donald Douglas Maclean; Reginald Cautley Saunders

Was blackgyard and athrocious. (first-class 50 guineas, Middle Temple, Real and Personal Property Scholar

Says M'Vey, etc. in Hilary Term, 1881); Joseph Sydney Merton ; Edward George Macleod ;

"Me piggy bas," says Tone, Harry Nowell Harvey Thomas Crossley Rayner, of the University of

"The swatest, best av nagtures, London; John Dyer ; Nasarpanji Framji Bhandara, Edinburgh University,

And, Pat, ye should have known Esqs.

The ways av them dumb oraytures;

His timper's easily stirred The undermentioned gentlemen were called to the bar by the Honourable

When takin' av his airin', Society of Lincoln's-inn :-William Gurney Angus, University of London ;

Nor can be stand a worrd John Dathie, University of Aberdeen; George Smith, LL.B., Cambridge

AV cursin' or av swearin'.".
John Labouchere Beattie ; William Frederick Webster, M.A., Cambridge ;

Says M.Vey, etc.
William Lewis Comrie, B.A., Cambridge; Francis Robert Anderton, M.A.,
London ; Thomas Henry Boileau Grabam, B.A., Cambridge ; Charles Henry

Upon the case there sat
Sargant, B.A., Oxford ; Mortimer Drowe Malleson, late scholar of Corpus

Two Sheriffs, larned brothers, Christi College, Oxford ; Francis Henry Launcelot Errington, B.A., Oxford ;

One gåve his vote for Pat, And George Henry Norris, Uoiversity of London, Esqs.

And Tony got the other's ;

And so when months bad passed The undermentioned gentleman was called to the bar by the Honourable

In sthrifo and opposition,
Society of Gray's-inn :-Arthur William A'Beckett, Esq.

The case was brought at last
Before the Coort av Sission.

Says M'Vey, etc.

The Lorrds, in gownds so grand,
At a meeting of this society, held at the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, on

Were tould the dismal story Monday, April 17, Mr. B. T. Bartrum in the chair, Mr. Shirley Shirley opened

How Piggy, though so bland, the following question in the negative: "B., by his will, directs his executors

Made Pathrick's groin so góry to hand over his body to C. for cremation, and to reimburse C. the expenses of

They said 'twas not polite such cremation. The body is cremated, but the executors refuse to reimburse

For Pat to use such langwidge, C. Can C. recover the amount ?" The opener was supported in his view

Still, Piggy had no right of the question by Messrs. Elliott and Sutcliff. Mr. Collyer contended that

To eat a raw ham sandwich! C. could recover, and upon the question being put to the meeting it was decided

Says M'Vey, etc. in the negative nem. con.

Tben nivver, if you're wise, The usual weekly meeting was held at Clement's-inn Hall on Wednesday,

Permit your pigs, be jabers ! April 26, Mr. A. D. Maclaren in the chair. Mr. Spence moved, “ That any

To threspass on the thighs extension of the franchise is undesirable." The hop. opener was supported by

Ar your Milesian neighbourg Messrs. Kains.Jackson, Whitehouse, Rosher, and Ball, and opposed by

For boars whose moral sinse Colonel Malleson and Messrs. Parsons, Richardson, Dowson, and Cooybeare.

Is shocked by imprecation Mr. Kains-Jackson, in the absence of Mr. Spence, replied, and on the motion

Are apt to take offince Leing put to the meeting the voting was equal, and the chairman gave his

At all the Irish nation, Casting vote sgainst the motion.

Says M'Vey, etc.



GARIBALDI LODGE, a Branch of the Philanthropic Order of True Ivorites, St David's LEGAL APPOINTMENTS.

Unity, Lamb and Flag Inn, Aberaman, Glamorgan. April 26

(Gazette, April 28.]

BURLEY NEW FRIENDLY SOCIety, the Queen's Head, Burley, Ringwood, Hants. April Mr. CHARLES PONTIFEX, one of the judges of the High Court of Judicature 27 at Calcutta, who bas been appointed Legal Adviser to the Secretary of State OLD FRIENDLY SICK SOCIETY, the Bull's Head Inn, Winster, Derby, April 29

SHARESAILL OLD FRIENDLY SOCIETY, the White Horse Inn, Shareshill, Stafford. A pril for Indis, is the son of the late Mr. John Pontifex, solicitor, of St. Andrew's. coort, Holborn. He is a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, and he was VICTORIA LODGE OF LOYAL AND INDEPENDENT MODERN ORDER OF FORESTE28° called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1854. He formerly SOCIETY, the Crown Inn, East Hanney, Berks. April 29

[Gazette, May 2.7 practised in the Court of Chancery, and he was appointed a puisne judge of the High Court at Calcutta in 1871. Mr. FREDERICK ADOLPHUS PHILBRICK, Q.C., has been appointed an

LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK, Examiner in Common Law and the Principles of Evidence at the University of London. Mr. Philbrick is the eldest son of Mr. Frederiok Blomfield Phil. brick, solicitor, town clerk of Colchester. He was educated at University

HOUSE OF LORDS. College, London, and be graduated B.A. in 1853. He was called to the bar

April 26.—Bill Read a Second Time. at the Middle Temple in Trioity Term, 1860, having, in November, 1858, PRIVATE BILL. — Nottingham Corporation. obtained an open studentship, and he became a Queen's Counsel in 1874. Mr.

Bills Read a Third Time. Philbrick practises on the South-Eastern Circuit and at the parliamentary bar. Metropolitan Commons Supplemental; Army (Annual). He is a bencher of the Middle Temple, and recorder of the boroogh of Col.

April 28.-— Royal Commission. chester,

The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the following Bills :Mr. PERCY WILLIAM BUNTING, barrister, has been appointed an Examiner General Police and Improvement (Sootland); Army (Annual) ; Drainage and in Equity and the Law of Real Property at the University of London. Mr. Improvement of Lands (Ireland) Supplemental; Metropolitan Commons Bunting was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1862. He Supplemental ; London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway (Capital); and

Maidstone Waterworks. practises in the Chancery Division.

Bills Read a Second Time, Mr. WILLIAM DAWES, solicitor, of Rye, has been appointed Clerk of the

Private Bills.-Welshpool and Llanfair Railway (Abandonment) ; West Peace for that borough, in succession to Mr. George Slade Butler, deceased. Ham Local Board ; North-Eastern Railway (Alnwick and Cornhill Branch); Mr. Dawes was admitted a solicitor in 1863.

Birkenhead Borough ; East and West India Dock Extension ; Teign Valley Mr. FREDERICK ATKINEON, solicitor, of Hastings and Rye, bas been elected Railway. Clerk to the Rye School Board, in succession to Mr. George Slade Butler,

May 2.-Bills Read a Second Time, deceased. Mr. Atkinson was admitted a solicitor in 1877. He is in partner

PRIVATE BILLS.- London Riverside Fish Market ; Alnwick Corporation ;
ship with Mr. Theodore John Smith, the clerk to the Rye Board of Guardians. South Metropolitan Gas.
Messrs. Smith & Atkinson have also been appointed Solicitors to the Rse Payment of Wages in Public-houses Prohibition.
Building Society, in succession to Mr. Butler.


April 27.-Bills in Committee.
GEORGE DAVIS and NICHOLL MORGAN, solicitors, 63, Coleman-street,

Commonable Rights ; Judgments (Inferior Courts) ;-Places of Worship Sites,

New Bill. London (George Davis, Morgan, & Company). December 2, 1881.

Bill to amend the Documentary Act, 1868, and other enactments relating to [Gazette, April 28.]

the evidence of documents by means of copies printed by the Government printers (Mr. J. HOLMs).

Bill Read a Third Time.

PRIVATE BILL.-North wich Gas.

April 28.- Bill Read a Second Time.
Patents for Inventions.

Bills Read a Third Time.

PRIVATE BILLS.-Bristol Port and Channel Dock ; London (City) Court.

May 1.-Bills Read a Second Time.

PRIVATE BILLS.-Gateshead and District Tramways ; Siemens Brothers and Globe ACCIDENT ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. - Petition for winding up, presented Company (Electric Lighting).

April 25, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on May 6. Wyatt and Barrand,
Cannon st, solicitors for the petitioner

Military Maneuvres.

Bill in Committee. at 12 at his chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator

Militia Storehouses, OIL VARNISI MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or

Bills Read a Third Time. before May 24, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. Percy Head Baily, 115, Cannon st. Wednesday, May 31 at 12, is ap

PRIVATE Bills.-Cleator and Workington Junction Railway; Lambourn pointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims PERL PABE BREWERY COMPANY LIMITED.–By an order made by Hall, V.C., dated April Valley (Light) Railway; St. Philips Church (Liverpool).

New Bill. 21, it was ordered that the winding up of the company be continued. Sykes, Old Broad st, solicitor for the petitioner

Bill to amend the County Courts Act, 1867 (Mr. H. FOWLER). TYN-Y-FRON MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented April 24,

May 2.-Bill Read a Second Time, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on May 12. Jones, Falcon ct, Fleet st, agent Manicipal Corporations. for Jones and Co, Aberystwith, solicitors for the petitioner

Bills in Committee. UNITED SERVICE PROVISION MARKET, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before

May 20, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, Distress Amendment ; Metropolis Management Amendment. to Trayton Pagden Child, 42, Poultry. Friday, May 26 at 12, is appointed for hearing

Bills Read a Third Time. aud adjudicating upon the debts and claims

[Gazette, April 28.]

PRIVATE BILL.-Falwood and Whittingham Water.

Militia Storehouses ; Places of Worship (sites). CITY SYNDICATE, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented April 27, directed to be

May 3.-Bill Read a Second Time. heard before Chitty, J, on May 13. Courtenay and Croome, Gracechurch st, solicitors for the petitioners


has by an order, dated April 18, appointed John Martin Winter, 16, Market st, Newcastle on Tyne, to be official liquidator HENSMAN AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Hall, V.O., dated April 21, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. `Eardley

COURT PAPERS. and Co, solicitors for the petitioner LONDON AND PROVINCIAL TRADERS' WHOLESALE STORES, LIMITED.-Chitty, J., has, by an order, dated March 14, appointed Mr. James Waddell, of 1, Queen Victoria-street,

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE, to be official liquidator of the above-named company. New Her COTTON SPINNING AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order

ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON made by Hall, V.C., dated April 21, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of

COURT OY company be continued. Gregory and Co., Bedford-row, agents for Wright, Bacup,



Y. O. Bacox. V. C. HALL. solicitor for the petitioner.

[Gazette, May 2.) Monday, May

8 Mr. Pemberton Mr. Carrington Nr. Teesdale UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY.



Ward CITY OF CHESTER BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY.-By an order made by Chitty, J., dated Wednesday.

10 Pemberton Carriogton Teesdale April 4, it was ordered that the society be wound up. Chester and Co, Staple inn, Thursday


Waró Holborn, solicitors for the petitioner



Pemberton Carrington [Gazetto, April 28.]

Teesdalo Saturday 13 Clowes

Jackson Ward POTTERIES, SHREWSBURY, AND NORTH WALES RAILWAY.-By an order made by Fry, J.,

Mr. Justice dated April 21, it was ordered that the Potteries, Shrewsbury, and North Wales Rail.

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice FRY.

KAY. way Company be wound up. Markby And Co., Coleman-street, solicitors for the

CIITTY. petitioners.

Monday, May

8 Mr. Farrer Mr. Merivale Mr. Koe ROMFORD CANAL COMPANY.-Hall, V.C., has, by an order, dated April 25, appointed Tuesday

9 King

Latham Cobby Henry Bishop, 41, Coleman-street, to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, on Wednesday

10 Farrer

Meripala Koe or before May 31, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims to the above. Wednesday, June 7, at 112, is appointed for hearing and


Latham Cobby adjudicating upon the debts and clainas,



Hcrivalo Koe

, May




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Mr. William Henry Scott, solicitor, of Aylsban, died recently. Mr.
ARSOTT, DAVID, Grove House, Wandsworth, Esq. June 1. Shepheard, Finsbury circus
BALCHIN, JOHN, Blackfriars rd, Bookseller. May 30. Wild and Co, Ironmonger lane

Scott was admitted á solicitor in 1840, and had practised for about Boys, Rev Jamis, Biddenden, Kent. May 27. Philpott and Wood, Cranbrook forty years at Aylsban. He had a large prictice in the town and district, BUCK, WILLIAM JAMES, Shap, Westmorland, Geni. May 14. Little and Lamonby, besides holding several important appointments. He was for many years

BUCKLAND, WILLIAM, Dover, Boot and Shoe Maker. May 31. Claris, Dover

deputy.coroner for the Duchy of Norfolk, and he was also registrar of the Couen, Louis, Gloucester pl, Portman sq, Esq. June 2. Emanuel and Simmonds, Aglsham County Court (Circuit No. 32), clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes Finsbury circus

for the South Erpingham Division, clerk to the Felmingham United District CRAWSHAW, THOMAS, Kingston upon Hull, Gent. June 3. Jennings, Driffield EDWARDS, CHARLES, Smallwood, Chester, Yeoman. May 1. Latham, Sandbach

School Board, clerk to the Aylsham Board of Guardians, Assessment Com. Fixci, Hon Daniel GREVILLE, Bury st, St James's, Colonel. May 31. Bennett and mittee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, and superintendent-registrar for the Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn

district. Mr. Scott was universally respected at Aylsbam, and his death FREEMAN, WILLIAM, Denham, Bucks, Licensed Victualler. May l., Gardiner, Uxbridge bas caused a general feeling of regret. GARDNER, EDWIN, Redland, Bristol, Sadler's Ironmonger. May 11. Roberts, Bristol LOVEDAY, ROBERT, Norwich, Gent. June 1. Winter and Francis, Norwich MARSHALL, WILLIAM, Plymouth, Solicitor. Dec 25. Rooker and Co, Plymouth McKAIN, ELIZA ARABELLA, Callow st, Chelsea. May 15. Herbert and Kent, Grace

church st MORPHBT, ANN, Bebington, Chester. May 23. Laces and Co, Liverpool

RANDELL, MARTHA, Brighton, May 20. Grover and Humphreys, Ring's Bench walk,

SMITH, WILLIAM, Wolviston, Durham, Machinist. May 14. Draper, Stockton on Tees On the 27th ult., the election of a registrar of deeds for the East Riding,
SYKES, JOSEPH, Huddersfield, Woollen Manufacturer.

June 1. Laycock and Co, to fill the vacancy caused by the deată of Mr. John Maister, took place at THORN, Jonx, Northchurch, Hertford, Yeoman. May 15. Bullock and Penny, Great

Beverley. The candidates were Mr. George Arthur Thompson, of Terrington Berkhampsted

Hall, York ; Mr. Robert Stanley Scholfield, Sand Hall, Howden ; and Mr. WILSON, JOSEPH, West Thriston, near Felton, Northumberland, Butcher. May 25. Joseph Smith, Huggate, Pocklington. The polling commenced at nine a.m., Nicholson, Morpeth

[Gazette, Apr. 18.)

and contioued until eight p.m., and from tbe first-mentioned hour onlil about ALLEN, GEORGE, St Leonard's on Sea, Gent. May 18. Norris and Carless, St Leonard's seven in the evening there was a continuous influx of voters into Beverley on Sea

from all parts of the Riding. Both candidates had quite a bost of carriages ARNOLD, BENJAMIN ALFRED, Teignmouth, Devon, Esq. June 1. Lovell and Co, Gray's engaged to convey people from the railway station, to which place they were BARNES, LEONORA HARRIOT, Thorpe Saint Andrew, Norfolk. May 25. Abbott, Lin. brought from all parts free of expense, and vehicles of all kinds were also em.

coln's inn fields BODEN, SAMUEL STANDIGE, Tavistock st, Bedford sq, Artist. June 6. Hewitt and ployed in bringing in voters from the adjacent country. A number of special

trains were also run from Hull at intervals during the day for the purpose of BUCkLs, Rev. GEORGE MANLBY, Cambridge, Clerk. May 31. Lowe, Temple gardens, conveying voters. In the usually quiet town of Beverley the greatest exciteTemple

ment prevailed, and as each of the two priocipal candidates alternately headed CARR, JAMES, High st, Deptford, Cheesemonger. May 20. Carter and Bell, Eastcheap the poll until seven in the eveniog this was kept up until the poll was COLLET, MARY ANN, Belsize rd, South Hampstear. May 29. Allen, Birmingham COTTAM, HANBY, Gloucester gardens, Hyde park, Gent. May 22. ' Paterson and Co, declared. Mr. Smith retired from the contest early in the day. The method inn

of voting was somewhat peculiar, and in accordance with what has been the GRIBBLE, MARY ANN, East Barnet, Herts. May 23. Tilleard and Co, Old Jewry usage at similar contests. Each voter, on entering the voting-room, having Hodgson, Rev. EDWARD FRANKS, Holton-cum-Beckering, Lincoln. June 14. Broughton previously given bis name and address, placed his card, which he had already

and Broughton, Gt Marlborough st HOWARD, FREDERICK, Wingham, Kent, Gent. July 19. Sankeys and Co, Canterbury

filled up, in a glass urn. The cards of Mr. Thompson's voters were white in Howsox, SARAI MARIA, Rugby, Warwick. May 25. Parkin and Co, Doncaster colour, and those of Mr. Scholfield buff, and when a sufficient number of these HURRY, CLARA ANN, Chichester, Shopkeeper. June 5. Sowton. Chichester

had been deposited they were removed, and counted by the officials, so that as Jo ON, EDWARD, Birmingham, Merchant. June 10. Milward and Co, Birmingham JUBBER, HENRY, Gipsy Hill, Surrey, Hotel Proprietor. May 31. Chapple and Co, each candidate as to the state of the poll

. Ady voter who was objected to by

the poll proceeded a pretty accurate idea could be obtained by the agents of Carter lane KILLINGTON, EDWARD, Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. May 25. Clowes and Son, Great the agents of the candidates was sworn before he was allowed to vote. Me.

KIRKHAM, JOSEPH, Liverpool, Bnilder. May 20. Evans and Co, Liverpool

Thompson's agents were Messrs. Rollit & Sons, Hull, and Mr. George MEAD, Ann SUSANNAI, Brixton, Surrey. May 20. Hyde and Co, Ely pl, Holborn England, solicitor, Howden, acted as agent for Mr. Scholteld. The doors of MILLER, MARY ANNE, Knowle, nr Bristol. May 20. Danger and Cartwright, Bristol the polling-room were closed precisely at eight o'clock, and about twenty MOGINIE, WILLIAM, Lichfield grove, Finchley, Gent. June 1. Fisher, Essex st, Strand

minutes past that hour the result was declared by Mr. Burton, in the Sessions RIDER, PHILIP, Lancaster rd, Notting hill. May 20. Rider, Lancaster rd Saxby, Joux, Rodmell, Sussex, Farmer. Aug i. Gell and Drake, Lewes

Court, as follows :-Mr. Thompson, 1,565 ; Mr. Sobolfield, 1,031 ; Mr. Smith,
SMITH, ANNIE MARIA, Newcastle st, Strand. May 16. Hicks and Arnold, Wellington st 34 ; majority for Thompson, 34.
SMITI, EDWARD, Newcastle st, Strand, Licensed Victualler, May 18. Hicks and

Arnold, Wellington st
SNITI, GEORGE FREDERICK, Winston rd, Stoke Newington, Box Maker. May 31,

Perry, Guildhall chambers
SHITI, Tuomas LITTLEHALES, Fetter lane, Surgeon. May 16. Hicks and Arnold,

Wellington st
TARTB, Joux, South Kensington, Esq. May 31. Dingwall, Tokenhouse yard

May 10.-Mesore. Edwin Fox & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold TUCKER, ROBERT, Waterloo, Lancaster, Gent. May 31. Norris and Sons, Liverpool

Property (see advertisement, April 22, p. 3). ULLATHORNE, JOUN, Bristol, Licensed Victualler. May 29. Benson and Carpenter, Bristol May 10.--Mr. F. ELLIS MORRIS, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see WHITE, Fbaxx LAILAND, Liverpool, Bookkeeper. May 9. Rogerson and Co, Liverpool advertisement, April 29, p. 4).

(Gazette, Apr. 21.] May 11.-Messrs. C. C. & T. MOORE, at the Mart, at 1 for 2 p.m., Freehold ADAMS, CHARLES HADEN, Fillongley, Warwick, Esq. June 24. Twist' and Sons, and Leasehold E-tates (898 advertisement, this week, p. 3).

ATKINS, BELINDA MARTIN, Reading. June 1. Collins, Reading

May 12.-Messrs. HORNE, EVBRSFIELD, & Co., at the Mart, at 1 for 2 p.m, BAKER, OCTAVIUS, Fawley, Southampton, Miller, June 1. Spence and Co, Hertford

Leasehold Property (see advertisement, April 29, p. 4). BLAIR, HUG: RAMAY, Bradford, York, Merchant. May 31. Taylor and Co, Bradford May 12.-Mr. MILLAR, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see advertiseBOVILL, WILLIAM JOIx, Lincoln's inn, Barrister at Law. June 30, Palmer and Co, mont, April 29, p. 4). Trafalgar sq

May 12.-Messrs. 'Nobron, TRIST, WATNEY, & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., BRAUND,

ELISE, Bromley, Kent. June 10. Shepheard, Finsbury circus BROOXES, GEORGB, High Ercall, Salop, Gent. June 10. Taylor, Stourbridge

Freehold and Leasehold Properties (800 advertisement, this week, p. 4). CRESSWELL, ANN, Marylebone rd. June 1. Smith and Mammatt, Ashby de la Zouch DAIN, CHRISTOPHER, Erdington, Warwick, Gent. June 1. Tyndall and Co, Birmingham GOULTER, GEORGE, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, Gent. June 3. Walter and Durham, Kingston on Thames

MARRIAGES. JOHNSTON, WILLIAM, Junction rd, Upper Holloway, Printer. June 1. Hughes, Bedford NAYLOR-GRANVILLE - April 27, at Biarritz, Charles Topham Naylor, of the st, Covent Garden

Inner Templo, barrister-at-law, to Eleanor Katharine, daughter of Capi. Gran. LEE, EDWARD HENRY JOAN, Leeds, Tanner. June 21. Simpson and Burrell, Leeds LEES, George WILD, Bakewell, Derby, Esq. May 31. Noble, Lendal

ville, luto 26th Regt., of Grand Pré, Biarritz. LEES, Rev. JOHN, Clifton, York. May 31. "Noble, Lendal

WALKER-BEARE. - April 27, at Savoy, Philip.F. Walker, barrister-at-law, to Malins, Right Hon. Sir RICHARD, Lowndes sq. June 1. Freshfields and Williams,

Mary Alice Beare, daughter of tho late Major Beare, 46th Regiment, of Bank bldgs

PAILLIPS, ELIZABETH, Shifnal, Salop. May 15. Phillips and Co, Shifnal
Reyroux, Rev. FREDERICK, Appleford, Berks, Clerk. June 5. Sedgefield and Pryce,

RoE, HENRY BARNARD, Liverpool, Gentleman. June 30. Rowe and Co, Liverpool
SAUNDERS, Hugu, Keymer, Sussex, Licensed Victualler.

June 24.

SKELTON, GEORGE BENNETT, Hibaldstow, Lincoln, Farmer. May 1. Hayes and Son,

STEVENS, JAMES JOHN, Clapham Common, Surrey, Esq. June 24. Keily, Molyneux

FRIDAY, April 28, 1882. chrbrs, Goswell rd

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. WAITE, JOHN, City rd, Gent. May 30. Burr, Little Britain

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. WARREN, GEGBGB, Cambridge, Grocer. July 20. Eadens and Knowles, Cambridge

To Surrender in London, WOLSTEN HOLUR, JOIN PROCTER, Bradford, Timber Merchant. June 1. Watson and Honck, John, Havenfield Lodge, Hornsey Rise. Pet March 15. Brougham. May 9

Dickons, Bradford YELD, HENRY JOHN, Bishopwearmouth, M.D. May 3. Alcock and Routledge, Sunder. Parker, George, and George Parker, jun, Wardour st, Soho, Manufacturing Chemists. land

Pet April 26. Brougham. May 10 at 12.30
[Gazette, Apr, 26.]

To Surrender in the Country:
Mitton, John, Halifax, Blacksmith. Pet April 24. Rankin. Halifax, May 13 at 11

Sorrell, Richard Henry, Saffron Walden, Essex, Grocer. Pet April 26, Eaden, Cam. DAYLIGHT IN OFFICES.-Chappuis' Reflectors. 99, Fleet-street, E.C.-[Adyr.]

bridge, May 10 at 3

at 11

TUESDAY, May 2, 1882.

Frost, Alfred, Coventry, Cabinet Maker. May 11 at 11 at offices of Goate, Little Park Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

st, Coventry Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar,

Gorse, Thomas, Orrell, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. May 10 at 11 at office of Wilson, To Surrender in London.

King st, Wigan Snow, Percy Tonkin, Mildmay road, Stoke Newington, a retired Lieutenant-Colonel of

Haines, Walter, Knighton, Radnor, Innkeeper. May 15 at 2 at Crown Inn, Knighton,

Green and Peters the Madras Army. Pet April 29. Brougham. May 17 at 12.30 Stenson, Robert Crooks, Mi an st, Bedford row. Pet April 28. Pepys. May 17 at 12

Hamer, Samuel, Chorley, Lancaster, Grocer. May 10 at 3 at office of Whitfield, Town. To Surrender in the Country.

hall, Chorley Bridgewater, John Thomas, and Francis Foster Bridgewater, Cleckheaton, York, Hammond, John Thomas,

Macclesfield, Chester, Silk Dealer. May 18 at 11 at Brunswick

st, Macclesfield. Killminster Woollen Manufacturers. Pet April 28. Orme. Bradford, May 16 at 12 Chambers, William Hoole, Barnsley, York, Mining Engineer. Pet April 26. Bury. Hammond, Nathan, Brighton, Butcher. May 16 at 3 at office of Penfold and Co,

Middle st, Brighton Cutler, Wiliam, East Sheen, Mortlake, Surrey, Brewer. Pet April 26. Willoughby. Harker, George, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Shoemaker. May 10 at 2 at offices of Fardell and Wandsworth, May 12 at 11

Dashwood, Market st, Ryde Grenfell, Annie Marjorie, Somers villa, Wandsworth. Pet Feb 21. Willoughby. Wands.

Hardaker, James, Bradford, Confectioner. May 12 at 11 at offices of Wilkinson, Kirkworth, May 12 at 11

gate, Bradford Lewis, Thomas, Abercarne, Monmouth, Farmer. Pet April 28. Davis. Newport, May Hart, James, and James Hart, jun, Coventry, Ribbon Manufacturers. May 10 at 12 at

thé Craven Arms Hotel, Coventry. Browett, Coventry Sayer, Charles, Liverpool, Quarry Proprietor. Pet April 28. Cooper, Liverpool, May Hensman, Arthur John, Goldhawk_ra, Hammersmith, Builder. May 15 at 3 at offices Worsley, Henry, Golborne, Lancaster, Surgeon. Pet April 27. Holden. Bolton, May Higgs, Edward Milward, Stourport, Worcester, Blacksmith. May 22 at 3 at office of 15 at 11

Thursfield, Swan st, Kidderminster

Hill, Frederick, Wolverhampton, Oil and Colour Merchant. May 15 at 11 at Queen st,

Wolverhampton. Riley
FRIDAY, April 28, 1882.

Holdsworth, Robert Maskill, Wakefield, York, Grocer. May 10 at 3 at Royal Hotel, Buckland, Stephen, Clapham rd. April 20

Wakefield. Dryden, Wakefield Mann, James, Hartlepool, Durham, Innkeeper. March 16.

Hollis, Henry, Bury st, Edmonton, Licensed Victualler. May 12 at 3 at office of Rum.

ney, Walbrook TUESDAY, May 2, 1882.

Hollway, James, Houghton le Spring, Durham, Grocer. May 11 at 11 at ofices of Eggar, Frederick, Woking, Surrey, Brick and Tile Manufacturer. A pril 20

Graham and Shepherd, John st, Sunderland Hallowes, Thomas Arthur Tooke, Tavistock şq, Architect, April 25

Howard, Robert. Birmingham, Glass and Colour Merchant. May 12 at 3 at offices of

Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham
Liquidations by Arrangement.

Hudson, Peter, Liverpool, Brass Founder. May 15 at 2 at office of Dickson and Syers

Lord st, Liverpool

Hughes, John, Llanaberis, Carnarvon, Joiner. May 12 at 12.30 at Castle Hotel, Bangor.
FRIDAY, April 28, 1882.

Lewis and Edwards, Ruthin
Adams, David, Middlesborough, Earthenware Dealer.' May 10 at 11 at office of Ward, Hurley, Abraham, Williton, Somerset, Miller. May 10 at 11 at office of Foster, East st,

Albert rd, Middlesborough
Allen, George Alfred Smith, Walthamstow, Builder. May 23 at 12 at offices of Dubois, Jacobs, George Maurice, Aldersgate st. Fancy Goods Dealer. May 12 at 2 at the
Serjeants' inn, Char ery lane. Toulmin-Smith and Fuller, Chancery lane

Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons' avenue. Myers, Gresham bldgs, Guildhall
Allen. Robert, Waltham Cross, Herts, Hairdresser. May 10 at 3 at office of Rumney, Jacobs, Israel, Sunderland, Draper. May 10 at 3 at offices of Asher, Manor pl, $under.

land Aram, Eugene (not Oram, as erroneously printed in last Gazette), Greyhound rd, Ful. | Jacobs, Joseph, Leicester, Fishmonger. May 15 at 3 at office of Buckby, Gallowtree ham Fields, Oilman. May 5 at 12 at office of Shearman, Gresham st

gate, Leicester Ashmead, Joseph, Rotherham, out of buşiness. May 11 at 4 at Law Society, Hoole's Jones, William, Hampstead rd, Builder. May 10 at 3 at Martin's ct, Leicester square. chbrs, Bank st, Sheffield. Hickmott

Willis Ashworth, Herbert, Beswick, nr Manchester, Grocer. May 12 at 3 at office of Chew, Jones, William Garratt, Wrexham, Denbigh, Bookseller. May 12 at 12 at office of Swan st, Manchester

Pierce, Regent st, Wrexham Attwell, Walter, Chiswell st, Wholesale Milliner, May 10 at 3.30 at office of Boyes and Kahn, Aaron, Hydé rd, Hoxton, Boot Maker. May 15 at 2 at office of Sydney, Finsbury Child, Poultry. Morris, Walbrook

circus Baker, George William Sanzen, Gateshead, Grocer, May 9 at 3 at office of Pybus, Post Kelly, Florence, Halifax, Milliner. May 18 at 3 at Pack Horse Hotel, Huddersfield. Office chbrs, St Nicholas sq, Newcastle on Tyne

Freeman, Huddersfield Bell, John, and Henry Bell, Wedmore st, Carriers. May 10 at 3 at Inns of Court Hotel, Kirby, Joel, Mexborough, York, Stone Merchant. May 9 at 2 at office of Nicholson Holborn. Godfrey, Highgate rd

and Co, East Parade, Sheffield Bennett, Samuel, Stourbridge, Worcester, Shopkeeper. May 8 at 11 at office of Roşkell | Knight, Robert Hipwell, and Evan Jenkins, Friday st, Mantle Makers. May 11 at 12 Worcester st, Stourbridge

at office of Plunkett and Leader, St Paul's Churchyard Binge, John, Rampton, Nottingham, Farmer. May 16 at 11.30 at office of Marshall, Langford, Robert, Colyford, Devon, Builder. May 16 at 4 at Colcombe Castle Hotel, Chapelgate, East Retford

Colyton. Wilton, Colyton Bowes, William, Kirby Misperton, nr Pickering, Tailor. May 15 at 2 at Bay Horse Inn, Laurent, William Angelo, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, Confectioner. May 11 at 11.30 Pickering. Harrison, Kirby Moorside

at office of Thomas, Market Cross chmbrs, Stockton-on-Tees Brand, Edward, and John Brand, Gore rd, Victoria pk, Hatters. May 6 at 10.30 at office Levite, Louis, Trinity st, Borough, Solicitors Clerk. May 6 at 12 at office of Thompson of Hicks, Virtoria pk rd

and Co, Gt Dover st, Borcugh Brennan, Amelia, Blackley, nr Manchester, Match Manufacturer. May 18 at 4 at Mitre Mason, Christopher Bottomley, Bradford. Waste Dealer. May 11 at 11 at office of Hotel, Cathedral yd, Manchester. Leigh, Manchester

Beverley and Freeman, Hustlergate, Bradford Broadhurst, James, Brighton, Wine Dealer. May 15 at 3 at office of Helmore, Bishops. May, Frederick Francis. Harp lane, Gt Tower st, Printer. May 11 at 3 at office of gate st Within

Martin and Banks, Qveen st. Cheapside Brooks, William, West Bromwich, Stafford, Horse Dealer. May 11 at 11 at office of Mayne, Thomas Smith, Hackney rd, Boot Maker. May 15 at 3 at office of Rudall, Jackson and Sharpe, High st, West Bromwich

Watling st Buckler, William, Blatchington, Sussex, Builder. May 24 at 3 at office of Edmonds Mills, Edward Thomas, Battlefield, nr Shrewsbury, Salop, Innkeeper. May 12 at 3 at and Co, Cheapside. Schomberg, Brighton

office of Morris, Swan Hill, Shrewsbury Budworth, Samuel, Frodlingham, Lincoln, General Dealer. May 17 at 11 at Angel Hotel, Morrison, Edward, Liverpool, Shipwright. May 11 at 3 at office of Gibson and Brigg. Stephenson and Mountain, Gt Grimsby

Bolland, South John st, Liverpool. Gregory, Liverpool Capstick, Felix, Bristol, Beerhouse Keeper. May 10 at 12 at office Benson and Car. Morrison, Robert, Swansea, Commission Agent. May 10 at 2 at Royal Talbot Hotel, penter, Bank chbrs, Corn st, Brtstol

Victoria st, Bristol Collins, William Henry, High Wycombe, Buckingham, Chair Manufacturer. May 13 Moyle, Joseph, Broadway, Hammersmith, Chemist. May 16 at 12 at office of Bockett,

at l 'at the Coffee Tavern, Frogmore gardens, High Wycombe. Clarke, High Murrelis, George, Sudbury, Suflolk, Grocer. May 17 at 11 at Canon st Hotel, Canon sr. Cook, Charles, Swansea, Trunk Maker. May 12 at 3 at offices of Evans and Davies, mer, med vara, Liverpool

. Auctioneer. May 10 at 11 at office of Horner, Stafford st, Wind st, Swansea Cook, Joseph, Oldbury, Worcester, Plumber, May 16 at 11 at offices of Jackson and Liverpool Sharpe, High st, West Bromwich

Nobbs, James John, and William Blake, Park crescent Mews, Crescent rd, Clapham, Corbett, Benjohn, Grimsbury, Northampton, Cattle Salesman. May 11 at 2.30 at office Nolan, Aloysius Patrick, Levenshulme, nr Manchester, Commercial Traveller. May 18

Carman. May 15 at 3 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Keene and Co, Mark lane Cottrell, James, Bristol, Saddler. May 10 at 12 at offices of Hare and Co, High st, Parker, William Henry, Walsall, Stafford, Commercial Traveller. "May 10 at 11 at

Cowper, Henry, Spennymoor, Durham, Clothier. May 10 at 11.30 at offices of Edgar, office of Stanley, Bridge st, Walsall
Silver st, Bishop Auckland

Patmore, Thomas Abraham, Hatffeld Brond Oak, Essex, Farmer. May 10 at 12 at office
Cox, James, Leicester, Corn Dealer. May 11 at 12 at offices of Harris, Friar lane, of Baker and Thornycroft, Bishop Stortford, Hertford

Patrick, Archibald Peter, Newcastle-upon

Tyne, Grocer. May 16 at 11 at office of Scott Cruwys, George, Ball's Pond rd, Grocer. May 12 at 2 at offices of Coram, Lincoln's White House bldgs, Pilgrim st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne inn fields

Percy, Thomas, Castleford, York, School Attendance Officer. May 15 at 11 at North. Cullingford, Robert, West Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hotel Keeper. May 15 at 11 at offices

Eastern Hotel, Castleford. Bradley, Castleford of Edmonds and Co, Cheapside. Pittis, Newport

Perkins, George Brett, Nottingham, Provision Merchant. May 10 at 4 at office of Cock. Darwin, Henry John, Birmingham, Tailor. May 9 at 11 at offices of Fowke, Colmore ayne, Fletcher gate, Nottingham row, Birmingham

Phillips, Robert, Bristol, Coach Builder. May 10 at 2 at office of Clifton and Carter, Davies, David, Llandebie, Carmarthen, Grocer. May 18 at 12.30 at Dynevor Arms Broad st, Bristol Hotel, Pantyffynon, Llandebie. Bishop and Childs, Llandilo

Rice, John, Bagshot, Surrey, Miller. May 17 at 12 at George Hotel, Reading. Cave, Diamond, Zyman, Huntingdon bldgs, Bethnal green, out of business. May 11 at 2 at

Bracknell offices of Brighten and Parker, Bishopsgate st Without

Richards, David, Rhandirmwyn, Carmarthen, Grocer. May 15 at 10.30 at King's Head Druiff, Sidney, Wood st, Cheapside, "Millinery Warehouseman. May 15 at 2 at Inn, Llardovey. Phillips, Llandovery

Masons Hall Tavern, Masons' avenue, Basinghall st. Myers, Gresham buildings, Ritson, Henry, Cockermouth, Cumberland, Painter. May 16 at 1 at office of Jennings, Guildhall

Main st, Cockermouth Edmund, Henry, Dafen, nr Llanelly, Publican. May 11 at 2 at offices of Jellicoe, Robertson, John, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tailor. May 12 at 3 at office of Clark, Regent Prospect place, Swansea

st, Cheltenham Evans, Henry Page, Denbigh pl, Pimlico, Grocer. May 11 at 2 at offices of Broad and Rosser, Jenkin, Resolven, nr Neath, Glamorgan, Postmaster. May 8 at 11 at office of Wiltshire, Queen st, Cheapside. Mote, South sg, Gray's inn

Sims, Queen st, Neath Fairbrother, Frederick Marshall, Manchester, Baker. May 12 at 3 at office of Leyland, Rosser, William, Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Colliery Manager. May 13 at 2.30 at office of Moseley st, Manchester

Morgan, Mill st, Pontypridd Fane, Henry John, Bury st, St James's, of no occupation. May 19 at 3 at Inns of Court Sainsbury, Francis Samuel, Wellingborough, Northampton, Draper. May 19 at 3 at Hotel, Holborn. Davis, Weymouth st, Portland pl

office of Hollier and Battiscombe, Market pl, Leicester Feast, John, and Joseph Feast, George yd, Wardour st, Builders. May 18 at 3 at 1, Saltonstall, Gilbert, and Arthur Mortimer Brown, Friday st, Silk Importers, May 11 Second Floor, Lonsdale bldgs, Chancery lane. Harston, Throgmorton et

at 12 at Guildhall Coffee House, Gresham st. Bannister, Basinghall st Flood, John, King's rd, Chelsea, Medical Practitioner. May 6 at 11 at offices of Stol. Savage, Robert, Chiswell st, Wholesale Milliner. May 10 at 4 at office of Boyes and lard, South Molton st, Oxford st

Child, Poultry. Morris, Walbrook Fogg, James, Wigan, Lancaster, Boot Maker. May 11 at 11 at offices of Byrom, King Selby, Arthur, Sevenoaks, Kent, Steam Plough Proprietor. May 15 at 12 at the Crown st, Wigan

Hotel, Sevenoaks. Lepper and Blaxland, Mark lane Francis, Susannah, Stalbridge, Dorset. May 5 at 11 at Red Lion Inn, Stalbridge. Sharpin, William John, Norwich, Tobaconist. May 11 at 3.30 at office of Storey and

Cowland, Theobald's ro, Gray's inn. Tilett, Norwich Freegard, Alfred,

Holloway End, nr Stourbridge, Commission Agent. May 10 at 3 at Shea, Francis James, Eveleigh st, Tollington pk, Manufacturers' Agent. May 8 at 3 at offices of Waldron, High st, Brierley Hill

office of Preston and Co, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane

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