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chase should he set aside ought to he determined in a previous independent proceeding. The suggested inquiry would be entirely contrary to the praotice of the court and would be very inconvenient. The aotion was accordingly dismissed, but without prejudice 10 any action whioh might be brought by the trustees of the settlement, either alone or in conjunction with any other person, to impeach the transaction.—Solicitors, H. Windybank; Robinson, rrtston, d- Slow j J. H. Child.

Tbade-marks Registration Act, 1875, s. 6—Trade-marks Rules, Rr. 17,19—New MarkLimited Registration.—In the oase of lie F. Braby <fc Co's Applications and lie The Shropshire Iron Company's Trade-marts, before North, J., sitting for Chitty, J., on the 21st inst, an application wag made under the Trade-Marks Registration Acts, by a firm of galvanized iron merchants, for the registration of a trade-mark in respect of galvanized iron sheeting, the principal features of which mark consisted of a figure of the ran and the words "Sun Brand," It appeared that the applicants had been in the habit, for several years past, of selling sheeting under the mark sought to he registered, but the registration was now oppoted by the Shropshire Iron Company, who had long sinoe been the registered proprietors of a similar mark in respect of galvanized wire, and the grounds of objeotlon were, that the respondents were entitled to use the mark already registered for any goods of the class in which the galvanized wire had been registered, comprising, amongst such goods, galvanized iron sheeting, and also that the similarity of the design was a colourable imitation of the respondents' trade-mark. The respondents stated that they had only recently heard of the nser alleged by the appUoanti. North, J., held that a new mark might be registered for some of the goods in a class, even though a similar old mark may have been already registered for other goods in the same class, provided that the goods and the trades of the proprietors were sufficiently distinot for no confusion to take place. That no confusion in the present instance had taken place was shown by the faot that the respondents had been ignorant of the sale for several years by the applicants of artioles under this particular mark. His lordship therefore ordered the mark to be admitted to registration.—Solicitors, S, Kimber di Co.; Hare $ Co.; Fowler # Parks.

Re-investmentPermanent Improvements And Repairs Landh Clavsbs Consolidation Act, S. 69.—In the case of lie AldreaTs Estate, before North J., sitting for Obitty, J., on the 22nd inst., a petition was preaenled for re-investment of a sum of £160 paid into court under the provision* of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act. The petitioners were the sole trustee of the will of J. Aldred, deceased, and a cestui que trust taking a life interest in two-thirds of the testator's estate. Patt of the trust estate confuted of a lease of a house at Camberwell, of which ten years were unexpired. This house had been taken by the Metropolitan Board of Works under the Metropolitan Streets Improvement Aot, 1877, with which is incorporated the Lands Clauses Consolidation Aot, and the above sum of j£160 was paid into court to the'eredit of the trust estate. The petitioners prayed that a part of the £160, amounting to £50, might be expended in repairing a copyhold messuage comprised in the testator's tiust estate. North, J., after doubting whether he had jurisdiction to make the order prayed for, referred to In re Leigh's Estate (L. R. 6 Cb. 887), and being of opinion that the present application came within that case, ultimately made the order.—Solicitors, Edmund Chalk; Solicitors to the Metropolitan Board 0} Works,

Injunction—Novelty Of Design—Copyright Amendment Act (6 4 7 Vict. O. 65), s. 2.—In the oasa of Morris v. Reece, before North, J., sitting for Cbitty, J., on the 25th Inst., a motion was made for an injnnotion restraining the defendant from making or selling any tubes or holders for cigarettes made in infringement or in colourable imitation of the plaintiffs' design for similar artioles. It appeared that the plaintiffs olaimed to have invented a bolder for what are known as compressed oigarettee, and the novelty of the bolder consisted in having the oriGoe shaped into an oblong form so as to fit the flattened shape of these partioular oigarettee. This design bad been registered under the Copyright Amendment Aot (6 & 7 Viot. e. 65). The defendant had brought out a similar holder, but with the in'erior of the orifioe fluted. The question raised was whether the plaintiffs' design was a novel and nseful one capable of registration nnder the Aot, or whether its simplioity was fatal. His lordship intimated that his opinion was adverse* to the claim of the plaintiff?, bat ordered the motion to ■tend antil the hearing upon the defendant's undertaking to keep an account.—Solicitors, Hoe Arthur, Son, $ Bedford; Joel Emamiel.

Mr. Edward Swain, of 38, Old Jewry, solicitor, writes to say that he Is not the same person as, or connected with, the Mr. Swaine, solicitor, referred to in the report of the case of Warren v. Swaine.

Kemp's Mercantile Gazstte states that the number of bills of sale published in England and Wales for the week ending April 22 was 829. Tho number in the corresponding week of last year was 809, showing an increase of 20, being a nett increase in 1882, to date, of 26. The number published in Ireland for the same week was 47. The number in the correipondiDg wpck of last year was 8, shc-fiing an inorca e of 39, being 1; nett degreaso in 1882, to date, of 116.



The usual monthly meeting of the board of directors of this association was held on the 12th inst., at the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, London, Mr. P. Riokman in the chair, the other direotors present being Messrs. Asker (Norwich), Hedger, Mellersh (Godalming), Pennington, Rosooe, Styan, and Veley (Chelmsford), Mr. Eiffe, seoretary. A sum of £145 was distributed in grants of assistance ; thirty-two new members admitted to the association; Mr. Samuel Harris, of Leicester, and Mr. Henry William Cobb, of Salisbury, elected direotors; and other general business transacted.


COUNCIL OF LEGAL EDUCATION Easter Examination, 1882. General Examination of Students of the Inns of Court, held at Lincoln'sinn Hall, on the 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st of March, 1882.

The Council of Legal Education have awarded to the following students certificates that they ha ire satisfactorily passed a publio examination:—Ernest Henry Ainslie, Alfred Back, George Stayplton Barnes, Lewi. Beard, William James Bel1, Charles Thomas Beresfnrd-Hop», Robert Wallace Glen Lie Braddell, James Henry Tschudi Broadwood, Petrus Burgers, John Selwin Oalverley, Richard Christian, Charles Henry Fehler Christie, Lewis Henry Hugh Clifford, John Courroux, Joseph Yelverton Dawbarn, Francis Damesntl Dawson, E'lwin Arthur Dillon, Frederick William Dillon, John Draper, John Duncuft, Henry Miles Finch, Arthur James Foord, Arthur Fanshawe Fox, John Frederick Gibson, George Crosby Gilmore, George Francis Gregory, Robert Darley Guinness, Gavin Francis Hamilton. Sidney Barrington Robsoo Hawkins, Frederio William Heather, Franc's John Hext, Miller Hooper, Collingwood Hope, Robert Malcolm Napier Kerr, Henry George Lsfroy, John William Lodge, Heman William Loehois, Alfred Owen Lyon, George Jobson Marples, Robert Marshall MIddleton, Thomas Moore, James Mason Mulgan, Charles Francis Miller Mundy, William Charles Niblett, Glencaim Stuart Ogilvie, George Marcus Parker, Leonard Marlborough Powell, Thomas George Wood Reavely, Charles Arthur Reeve, Shirley Harris Salt. William Philip Schreiner, Thomas Vincent Sjully, John Sanders Slater, Frederick Ernest 81ee, William Arnold Stathara, Allan Gibson Steel, Martinus TVunis Steyn, James Henry Stock, Charles Giesler Thomas, John Mytton Thornycroft, Harold Ward Topbam, Edmund fiussborough Turton, Henry Pigot Ireland Warburton, Robert Stuart Auoher Warner, Frederick Samuel White-White, and Robert Blake Yardley, of the Inner Temple; Edmund Nicholas Alpe, Charles Halman Beard, William Evans Bottrill, Demosthenes Gregory Cuppa, Thomas Drever, John Dye', William Codgbrooke Gillies, Randolph Orme Gilmore, Henry Nowell Harvey, John Henry Elstnb Hunton, Robert Donald Douglas McLean, William Bernard M'gone, Wil'iam Mitchell, Stevenson Stewart Moore, Jonathan Oakesbotr, Robert Emle Partridge, Henry Elwin Peirs, Thomas Aithnr Jones JStradlyn Morgan Phillip*, Cyril Henry Prichard, Martin Luther Rouse, Sherwin Soudamore, Valentine John Hussey Walsh, Alfred Kdmnnd Wigan, and Thomas Walter Williams, of the Middle Temple; Francis Robert Anderton, John Labouohere Beattie, John Duthie, William Bates Ferguson, Arthur Freser, James William Grelg, George Peterson Francis Keogh, Lees Enowles, Paul Ogden Lawrenoe, Basil George Nevinson, George Henry Norri", and Charles Henry S trgant, of Linooln'sinn ;and Arthur William A'Beckett, of Gray's-inn, Esqs.

The following students passed a satisfactory examination in Roman law :— Edmund Bronghton Barnard, Henry Ferryman Bowles, Henry Fetherstone Chance, Thomas Elger Cundy, John Williams Oanliffe, Joseph DenhamSm ith, Edward Thomas Holden Devas, Patrick Robertson Don, Peroy Francis Du Oral, William Seymour Eistwood, Gervas Selwyo Eyre, John Evelyn Gladstone, Gavin Fullarton James, John Alexander Dixie Mackey, Edgar Robert Moline, William Robert Moore, George Ebenezer Morrison, Charles Kensit Norman, Frederick William Payne, Robert Henry Pritchard, John Ross, James Shapland Sargeaunt, John George Smith, Cecil Blair Sparrow, Arthur Dudley Stallard, Ernest Stanbury, Robert Temperley, Henry Laoroix Temple, Samuel Howard Whitbread, John Barker Wilkin, and John Edward Ivor Yale, of the Inner Temple; Butler Cole Aspinall, William George Atkia<on, William Henry Bagot. Charles Sidney Brandon, Adrian Charlrs Chamier, Peter Alexander D'Kozario, Lowrenco Edye, Arthur Edward Hill Hutton, Octave Camllle Henri Laurent, Edgar Meynell, Alfred Cyril Morasso, Edward Steward Reynolds, Thomas Berry Cusac Smith, and Henry Terrell, of the Middle Temple; Robert Bruce Burnside, Arthur Alexander Cispersz, Henry Weston Devenish, John Eccles, Frank Cimpbe.ll 0\te; Arthur Perceval Keep, Henry Fricker Lawes, Kennard Golbome Metcalfe, John Adam Milne, Francis Charles Montague, Christopher Hird Morgan, George Hayes Paioe, Thomas Swift, Charles Willoughby Williams, and Herbert Reynold Williams, of Lincoln's-inn, Esqs.

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. April 4.—The whole of the evening was occupied in dismissing business of the society. The secretary, in his report for the second quarter of the session, mentioned that the society had held twelve meetings. Fifteen new members had been elected, and four members had resigned. The totil number of members on the rolls wag 872. The average attendance at the meetings had beeD thirty. The average length of meeting?, two hours and twenty minutes. Messrs. T. B. Napier and H. Mossop were elected members of the committee, in the place of Messrs. F. J. Green, resigned, and W. A. Bilney, appointed to the office of reporter. Thiity-fi7e members were present.

April 18.—The society discussed the question, "Is the Government proposal for the closuro of dobato satisfactory?" Mr. Goody opened the debate in the affirmative, and was supported by Messrs. Ifurst, Bartlett, J. Van Sommer, and Hick; while Messrs. C. E. Barry, Stetenson, Vanderpump, Iltilton, and Pope, spoke in favour of tbs negative. Mr. Goody having; replied, the question was, on a division, negatived by a majority of three votes.


At a meeting held at the Law Institution on March 27, Mr. F. 0. Edlin in the chair, the following question was opened in the affirmative by Mr. Parsons :—" Cen a cheque for a smaller amount be a full legal satisfaction for a debt of larger amount ?" The opener was supported by Messrs. Colyer, Lomas, and Cook. The negative view of the question was taken by Mr. Trotter. The opener then replied, and the question was decided in the affirmative by a majority of fonr votes.

At the usual weekly meeting held at Clement's-inn Hall, on Wednesday, March 29, Mr. Rains-Jackson in the chair, Mr. H. Richardson moved :— "That divorce ought to be granted to women upon the same grounds as to men," and was supported by Messrs. Paton and Elliott. The motion was opposed by Metsrs. Le Breton and Rundle Levey. An independent position was taken by Messrs. Dawbarn and Tillotson. The chairman then summed up, declaring bis own intention of not voting on the motion, and inviting those members who were opposed to divorce altogether to take the same course. On the motion being pnt to the meeting it was declared carried by a majority of one. Two members did not vote.

At a meeting held at Clement's-inn Hall on Wednesday, April 12, Mr. C. Kains- Jackson in thochair, Mr. Beaumont Morice moved, "That the Vivisection Act, 39 & 40 Vic. o.Tl, should be repealed." The opener was opposed by Messrs. Spence, Williams, Cooke, and Bartrum. Mr. Beaumont Morice having replied, the chairman summed up, and the motion, on being put to the meeting, was lost by three votes.

BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. A meeting of the above society was held on Tuesday evening, April 25, in the Law Library, Bennetl's-bill. Edward Biokley, Esq., occupied the chair. The eubjeot for the evening's debate was:—" If in the written acceptance of an offer reference is made to a future formal contraot, ought the acceptance to be npbeld aa a binding contract?" Many of the most important cases on the poiut were argned npon and oritioised during the debate. The speakers on the affirmative were—Messrs. Streetly, Browett, E. C. Rogers, and Ryland ; and in the negative, Messrs. Coohrane, Travis, and Lynez. The chairman summed up, and put the question to the meeting, when it was decided by tbe majority in favonr of the affirmative. A hearty vote of thanks to tbe chairman oonoluded the proceedings.


Tbe twelfth meeting of the session of this society was held on Tuesday evening, April 18, at the Law Library, Cross-street, the chair being taken by E. Robinson Walker, Esq., solioitor. A lecture was delivered by C. H. M. Wharton, Esq., barrister-at-law, on "Stoppage in Transitu," who gave a history of the subject and the law relating thereto. The lecture was afterwards discussed by Messrs. Peacock and Camper, and tbe lecturer replied. Votes of thanks to tbe lecturer and chairman closed the proceedings. Members present, twenty-five.


At a meeting of this society, held at Gray's-inn Hal], on Monday, April 24, nnder the presidency of Mr. Serjeant Pulling, the following common law question was argued:—" A. orders and obtains hona fide from the shop of B, a jeweller, goods for approval and purchase or return; amongst others, a diamond necklace, which bad six months before been stolen from C, who, on seeing tbe necklace at A.'s house, claims tbe same and takes possession of it and refuses to give it up. Tbe thief had not been found and, therefore, had not been prosecuted, B., who had no guilty knowledge of the stealing, purchased the necklace from a diamond dealer in Paris. Can B. recover tbe necklace and damages from A. for its detention?" B.'s right to recover was upheld by Mr. T. d'Eyncourt, J. T. Banister, and Mr. Crooke, M.T. A.'s right to have verdict entered for him on C.'s title was supported by Mr. Beard, M.T., and Mr. Dyer, M.T. Mr. Serjeant Pulling having expresed his own and the benchers' present high opinion of tbe ability displayed by the speakers, reviewed the facts as admitted, and declared that C.'s title to goods had not been lost, and gave judgment for defendant. The debate closed by a cordial vote of thanks to Mr. Serjeant railing, on the motion of Mr. Wheelhonse, Q.C., seconded by Mr. Fooks, Q.C. The neit moot will be held on Thursday, May 4, under the presidency of Mr. William Barber, Q.C.

The St. Jamet'i Gazelle says it is rumoured that an additional jndge will shortly be appointed to clear off arrears in the Chancery Division.


MR. JOHN ROBERT WRIGHT. Mr. John Robert Wright, barrister, wai killed at Clayton Hill, Sussex, on the Sth inst. Tbe deceased wai spending the Easter Vacation at a house which he rented in the neighbourhood, and was driving bis wife and tome of his family in an open carriage, when the horse was frightened by a passing vehicle, and ran away. Mr. Wright was thrown out, his tkull was fractured, and he died almost immediately. He oas tbe only surviving son of the late Mr. Frederiok Wright, of Eridge-house, Fulham. He was born in 1843, and was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1865. He was for a short time on the Norfolk Circuit, but he afterwards joined the Home Circuit, and for several years be hid a considerable criminal business at the Surrey Sessions. Mr. Wright's death has caused a deep feeling of sorrow among all his professional friends, as he was a man of most lively and genial manners, and kindly and liberal disposition. He leaves a widow and four young children.

MR. WILLIAM BURR. Mr. William Burr, solicitor (of the firm of Weatherhead & Burr), of Keighley and Biogley, died about three weeks ago. Mr. Burr was admitted a solicitor in 1843, and had practised for nearly forty years at Keighley, having been for some time in partnership with Mr. Samuel Weatherhead and Mr. George Burr, the firm having a branch office at Bingley. Mr. Burr had a very extensive private practice. He was a commissioner for taking affidavits in the Supreme Court of the colony of Victoria, and he was olerk (jointly with Mr. Weatherhead) to the county magistrates at Keighley. His firm were also law clerks to tbe Keighley Local Board. His death has caused general regret in the district. The Keighley Local Board have passed a resolution expressing the regret of the members at Mr. Burr's deatb, and their sense of the value of his services 04 legal adviser to the board.

MR. GEORGE SLADE BUTLER, F.S.A. Mr. George Slade Butler, solicitor, of Rye, died on the 11th inst. Mr. Butler was the son of Mr. Ri.'hsrd Weldon Butler, surgeon, of Rye. He was admitted a solicitor in 1843, and had for many years practised at Rye. Hi bad a very extensive private practice, and had held several public appointments. He was a perpetual commissioner for the counties of Kent and Sussex, and he was town clerk of Rye from 1875 till 1881, when failing health caused him to resign the appointment. He acted for several years as chairman of the Rye Harbour Commissioners, and he was at the time of his death clerk and solicitor to that body. He was also olerk of the peace for Rye, registrar of the Rye County Court (Circuit No. 50), and olerk to the Rye School Board. Mr. Butler bad obtained some local famo as an antiquarian, and be was a member of the Sussex Archaeological Society, and a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. Although his health had long been failing, his death was rather sudden.


Mr. William Jorra Gilks, solicitor (of the firm of Morgan & Gilks), of 7, Furnival's-inn, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in tbe Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. Joseph Lazonbt, solicitor, of Wigton, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. Eugene Carder, solicitor, of Dover, has been elected Cleik to tho Dover Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority. Mr. Carder was admitted a solicitor in 1870.

Mr. Russell Louis Riccard, solicitor, of Southmoltin, has been appointed Clerk to the BishopB Nympton School Board. Mr. Riccard was admitted a solicitor in 1867. He is town clerk and cleik of the peace for the borough of SouthmoltoD, clerk to the Southmolton Board of Gnardians, and superintendent registrar.

Sir Charles Sarobnt, knight, senior puisne jndge of the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, has been appointed Chief Justice of the Bombay Presidency, in succession to Sir Michael Robert Westropp, resigned. The new Chief Justice was born in 1821, and be was formerly fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated as fifth wrangler in 1843. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Michaelmas Term, 1848, and he was for several years a judge of the Supreme Court of the Ionian Islands. He received the honour of knighthood in 1860.

Mr. Frederick WniTTAKBR, Attorney-General of New Z •aland, has been appointed Prime Minister for that colony.

Mr. Johjt Scott, barrister, succeeds Sir Charles Sargent as a Judge of the High Court of Judiea'ure at Bombay. Mr. Justice Scott was born in 1840. He was educated at Pembroke College, Oxford, where be graduated B.A. in 1863. He was called to the bar at the Inner Tonplo in Michaelmas Term, 1865, and he formerly practised for several y^ars on the Northeru Circuir. He has been vice-president of tbe International Court of Appeal in Egypt since 1879.

Mr. Walter Maskeil, solicitor (of the firm of Spencer, Gibson, & Maskell)* of 7, Great James.sireet, Bedford-row, London^ has been elected flerk to the Governors and Directors of St. Andrews, Holbora above the IWs, and St. George the Martyr, Middlesex, in the place of Mr. S. W. Hopwood, resigned.

Mr. John Freeman Norbis, Q.C., has been appointed a Judge of the High Court of Judicature at Calcutta, in succession to Mr. Justice Pontifex. Mr. Justice Norris is the son of the Von. John Pilkington Norris, Archdeaoon and Canon of Bristol. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1865, and he is a member of the Western Circuit. He formerly practised locally at Bristol, and he became a Queen's Counsel in January last. Mr. Norris was an unsuccessful candidate, in the Liberal interest, for Wilton in 1877, and for Portsmouth in 1880.

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. Oliver Bryant and Jebrold Joseph, solicitors, 25, Philpot-lane, in the City of London (Bryant & Joseph). December 31, 1881.

[Gazelle, April 25, 1882.]


WINDING-UP NOTICES. Joint Stock Companies. Limited In Chanoeby. Diamond Mining Corporation Op London And South Africa, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before May 15, to send their names and addresses and the particulara of their debts or claims, to John Henry Tilloy, 37, Queen Victoria st. June 15 at 1 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims Keiohlet Herald Newspaper Company, Limited.—Potition for winding up, presented April 20, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on April 29. Sharpe and Co, New ct, Carey st, agents for Weatherhead and Burr, Keighley, solicitors for tho petitioner

German Date Coffee Company, Limited.—Chitty, J., has by an order dated March 16 appointed Horace Woodbum Kirby, 4, Coleman st, to be official liquidator

Gbeat Southern Mysore Gold Mining Company, Limited.—Chitty, J., has fixed May 1 at 12 at his chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator

Industrial Bank, Limited,—Creditors are required, on or bofore May 6, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to James Cooper, Coleman st bldgs, Moorgate st. May 19 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Nilohrrry And South Indian Gold Mining Syndicatb, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before May 0, to send their names and addresses, and tho particulars of their debts or claims, to Edward Llewellyn Ernest, -1, Queen st pi. May 19 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Whitehaten Iron Minks, Limited.—Bacon, Y.C., has fixed May 1 at 12.30 at his chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator

{Gazette, April 21.]

Anglo-virginian Prxxhold Land Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up,

presented April 21, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C, on May 5. Parton, Rood

lane, Fenchurch st, solicitor for the petitioner Legal, Mrdical, And General Stores, Limited.—Petition for winding up, prcsentod

April 22, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C, on May 5. Wood, Theobald's rd,

solicitor for the petitioners Quartz Hill Consolidated Gold Mining Company, Limited.—Petition for winding

up, presented April 22, directed to lie heard before Chitty, J., on May 0. Venning

and Co, Gresham House, Old Broad st, solicitors for tho petitioner Sevrkn Valley Colliery Company, Limited.—Potition for winding np, prcsentod

April 24, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C, on May 5. Rogers and Chave,

Queen Victoria st, agents for Williams and Co, Nowpoit, solicitors for the petitioners Universal Steam Tram Car Construction Company, Limited.—Petition for winding

np, presented April 22, directed to bo heard before Chitty, J., on May 0. Bolton and

Co, Temple gardens, solicitors for the petitioner

IQazette, April 25.J

County Palatini Op Lancaster. Limited In Chancery. Rhyl Gardens, Lake, And Land Company, Limited.—By an order made by Bristowo, V.C, dated April 17, it was ordered that the company be wound up. March, Rochdale, solicitor for the petitioner

IQazette, April 26.J

Friendly Societies Dissolved.

Enoch Friendly Socirty, Mr Cavo's Temperanco Hotel, George and Dragon yard,

Briggate, Leeds. April 17
Friendly Bistres' Society, Yspytty Ifar, Denbigh. April 17

Sheffield Independent Oedrr Op Free Gardeners' Society, Brown Cow Inn,
Bridge houses, Sheffield. April 17

IQazette, April 21.]

Knights Op Malta Friendly Society, Prince of Orange, Shelf, York. April 21 Victoria Lodge Op The Female Grand Fboiisiant Confederation, Boars Head Inn, Newchurch, Lancaster. April 20

{.Gazette, April 26.]

At the Stock and Share Auction Company's sale held on Friday last, the 21st inst, the following were amongst tho prices obtained:—Marbella Iron Ore £10 f hares, 6,^; Globe Steamship shares, £60; Civil Service and General Store £1 s'lares, fully paid, 17s, 6d.;Dieu Donne Gold Jei shares, Is. 9J.; Lion Life Insurance £10 shares, £2 paid, 20s. ;Norway Copper Mines £1 shares, 12s. 6d. paid, par; La Plata Mining and Smelting 10doL shares, 2J; and other miscellaneous securities fetched fair prices. At their sale held on Tuesday, the following were amongst the prices obtained :—Nundydroog Gold Mining £1 shares, 48. 6d. ; La Plata Mining and Smelting lOdol. shares, £2 2s. 6d.; Gold Mining Trust £1 shares, 17s. 6d.; Assam Railways and Trading £10 Preference shares, £5 paid, 2tV; West Prussian Mining £10 shares, I premium; Nine Beefs Gold Mining £1 shares, 5s. 61. ; Indian Trevelyan Gold Miniug £1 shares, 10s.; Hoover Hill Gold Mining £1 shares, 7s, Cd.; and other miscellaneous securities fetched fair prices.




Turner, TnoMAS Vincent, CotUngham, York. May 8. Boynton v Tidy, Bacon, V.C. Abbott, New inn, Strand

{Gazette, April U.J

Baskin, Robert Campbell, Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland. May 23. Baskin v Bas

kin, Hall, V.C. Preston, Kirkby Stephen Cameron, George Poulett, Cheltenham, Retired Liot.-Col. May 15. Rowcliffo v

Cameron, Hall, V.C. Rawlc, Bedford row Cocxcroft, John, Leeds, Greengrocer. May 16. Broadbent v Groves, Hall, V.C.

Hopps, Leeds

{Gazette, April 18.]



Ainswortn, William Harrison, Rcigatc, Surrey, Esq. June 1. Hinde and Co, Manchester

Barton, Thomas, Deptford, Builder. April 20. Sandom and Co, Gracechurch st
Beedle, Joseph, Leeds, Chemist. June 20. Malcolm, Leeds
Hex-son, Hannah Maria, High st, Southwark. May 1. Digglos, Hibernia chmbrs
Bithray, Thomas, Westbnry rd, Harrow rd. May 10. Baker and Co, Lincoln's inn

Brancker, James Aspinall, Liverpool, Gent. May 6. Field and Woightman, Liverpool

Bulkeley, Thomas James Williams, Beaumaris, Anglesey, Lieutenant-Colonel 10th Hussars. May 18. Bloxams and Ellison, Lincoln's inn fields

Chorlton, Sarah, Heaton Norris, Lancaster. May 9. Partington and Allen, Manchester

Crookes, William Henry, Sunderland, Shipowner. May 19. Ritson, Sunderland Edminson, Georgr, Newcastle upon Tyne, Retired Merchant. Juno 1. Bren is and Co,

Newcastle upon Tyne Estall, Mary, Leadenhall st. April 22. Harris, Tichborne st, Edgwarc rd Hrnby, James, Stanhope gdns. South Kensington, Esq. May 20. Burt, Leadenhall st Houghton, Thomas, Southport, Gent. May 30. Winder, Preston. Johnson, Herbert Clayton, Chesterfield, Derby, Horse Dealer. May 26. Bunting,


Lane, John, Leicester, Bookseller. May 9. Wright, Leicester
Nutter, Robbbt, Burnloy, Contractor. May 10. Artindale and Artindalc, Burnley
Owston, Robert Henry, Lincoln, Gent. May 16. Toynbee and Co, Lincoln
Pearson, William, Haughton le Skerne, Durham, Miller. May 8. Hutchinson and

Lucas, Darlington.
Rolfe, James, Lydd, Kent, Grazier. May 1. Stringer, New Romney
Sbarlb, Eliza Ann, Church st, Camberwell. May 19. Baker and Nairno, Crosby sq
Shaw, Joseph, Kingston upon Hull, Gent. May 15. Thompson and Co, Hull
Srinner, John Edgcumde, Hollydale rd, Pcckham, Retired Paymaster, R.N. May 8.

Straker, Green lanes, Finsbury park Smith, Anne, Worsley, Lancaster. May 1. Weston and Co, Manchester Storby, James, Sheffield, Tailor. May 1. Spyer and Son, Old Broad st Symons,Christopher Jrllingkb, Barrington rd, Brixton, Lieut.-Gol. Aug 1. Travel's

and Co, Throgmorton st Tartt, William Macdowal, Cheltenham, Esq. June 3. Griffiths, Cheltenham Underbill, Henry, Wolverhampton, Solicitor. June 1. Underhill and Lawrence,


Whitfield, Mary, Ashford, Kent. May 1. Stringor, Now Romney

{Gazette, April 7.1

Billingham, William, York st, Baker St. May 10. Clarkson and Co, Doctors' commons

Dearden, JoBEPn, Bury, Lancaster, Grocer. May 8. Grundy, Bury
Lioutbound, John Waeino, Liverpool, Baker. May 13. Bellringer and Cunliffe,

Lindsey, Henet, Burton st, Burton crescent, Gent. May 10. Dale, Furnival's inn
Longbotham, Jonathan, Darlington, Durham, Gent. May 13. Dunn and Watson,

Parkin, Lucy, Louth, Lincoln. May 23. Allisons and Allison, Louth

Taylor, Samuel, Prcscot, Lancaster, Esq. May 15. Taylor and Co, Manchester

{Gazette, April 11.]

Baker, Julia Ann, Birmingham. Aug 31. Coleman and Co, Birmingham

Blackie, Alexander, Nelson st, Cnmbcrwoll, Coal Merchant. May 31. Williamson

and Co, Sherborne lane, King William st Brown, William James, Neal st. Long Acre, Oil and Colourman. May 13. Meynell,

Castlo st, Holborn

Clerkk, Sir William Hxnry, Mcrtyn, Flint, Bart. May 21. Tathams and Procter, Lincoln's inn fields

Eley, William Thomas, Adelaido rd, South Hampstead, Esq. May 21. White, Bedford row

Estridgb, Aretas William, Trowbridge, Wilts, Civil Engineer. June 10. Jones, Trowbridge

Finch, Hon Daniel Geevllle, Bury st, St James's. May 31. Bennett and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn

Gbiliffe, Charles, Piccadilly, Steward to the Baroness Rothschild. May 11. Wilkins, Cannon st

Glyn, Emma Alice, Sutton Montis, Somerset. June 1. Grant, Kcnnington cross Hills, James, Brixton, Isle of Wight-Retired Farmer. May 31. Eldridgo, Newport Holmes, Richard, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, out of business. June 15. Colcmanand Co, Birmingham

Hopxins, Martha, Henley in Ardcn. June 5. Coleman and Co, Birmingham Hopkins, William Freeman, Henley in Arden, Warwick, Chemist. Juuc 5. Coleman

and Co, Birmingham Johnson, Charles Walter, Walthamstow, Essex. May 11. Russell, Coleman st Levy, Lewis (otherwise Louis), Martlett's ct, Bow st, Carman and Fruit Salesman.

May 18. Button and Co, Henrietta st, Covent Garden Lister, John, Birstal, York, Retired Worsted Spinner. Juno SO. Thompson, Bradford Palmer, Joseph Bbevitt, Handsworth, Stafford, Gent. Juuo 1. Wright and Marshall,


Parkin, William, Louth, Lincoln, Gent. May 23. Allisons and Allison, Louth Rolland, Stewart Erskinb, Iiythc, Southampton, Esq. May 17. I'uterson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Thorne, Josspn George, Brownswoodrd, South Hornscy, Gent. Junel. Whites and

Co, Budge row, Cannon st Wilson, Georgr, Oldham, Lancaster, Millwright. May 29. Simpson and Hockin,


Wolfe, Thomas Birch, Arkesden, Essex, Esq. May 9. Fladgate and Co, Craven st, Strand

Wzaxt, Emma Mosiaqu, Tuo Brook, nr Liverpool. May 1. Hill, Monmouth

{Gazette, Apr 14,]


April 20.—Bill Read a Sicond Time.
Pbivatb Bill.—London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway (Capital).

Bill in Committee.
Dnke of Albany (Establishment).

April 21.—Royal Assent. The Eoyal Assent was given by Commission to the Duke of Albany (Establishment Act, and the London and St. Katharine Docks Act.

Bill Head a Third Time. Duke of Albany (E-.Ublisument).

New Bill.

Bill to amend the Law reapectiog the Recovery of Stolen Articles (the Lord
Army Bill.

April 24.—Bills Mead a Second Time.
Private Bills.—Golden Valley Railway.
Army (Annual).

Bill Bead a Third Time.
Private Bill —Carnarvou (Morfa Seiont Common).

Bill Read a Second Time.

Stolen Good'.

Bills in Committee.
Metropolitan Commons Supplemental.
Army (Annual).

Bill Bead a Third Time.
Private Bill.—London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway (Capital).

April 20.—BilU Bead a Third Time.
Private Bills.—Great Western Railway (No. 2); Merionethshire Railway;
North-Eastern Railway (Additional Powers) ; Taff Vale Railway.

April 17.—Bills Bead a Second Time.
Private Bill.—Walton Vicarage.
Artillery Ranges.

Bills Read a Third Time.
Private Bills.—Horncastle Water; London, Brighton, and South Coast
(Various Powers); Northampton Corporation.

April 24.—Bills Read a Second Time.

Private Bills—Anglo-American Bru?h Electric Light Corporation; British Electrio Light Company; Central Metropolitan Railway) Coventry and District Tramway*.

Parliamentary Elections (Corrupt Practices) j Bankruptcy Law Amendment.

Bills Bead a Third Time. Private Bills.—Metropolitan Board of Works (Various Powers) ; Millwall Dock ; Windsor and Ascot Railway.

April 25.—Bill Bead a Second Time. Private Bill.—Maidstone Water.

Bills Read a Third Time. Private Bills.—Driffield and District Water ; West Lancashire Railway.

April 26.—Bills Bead a Second Time. Bankruptcy (Mr. Dixon-hartland) ; Metropolis Management and Building Acts Amendment j Interments (felo-de-se) ; Militia Storehouses.

Bill Bead a Third Time. rmvATB Bill.—Peckham, Lewes, and Catfcrd Bridge-road.

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. May 1.—MessTF. Fletcher & Co., at 171, Strand, Rare Etchings, Engravings,

&c. (see advertisement, this week, p. 4). May 2.—Messrs. Prickbtt, Vbnablbs, & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold

Gronnd Ken's (see advertisement, April Id, p. 41. May 3.—Messrs. Farebrother, Ellis, Clark, & Co., at the Matt, Freehold

and Leasehold Properties, and Reversions (see advertisement, this wet k, p. 4,

and April 15, p. 4).

May 8.—Messrs. Edwin Fox & Bousfield, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see advertisement, April 22, p. 3).


Hancock.. - April 14, at 31, Blandford-square, N.W., Ottilie, the wife of Chailes
Hancock, baiiuter-ar-law, of a daughter.

Hbathfield —April 24, at The Poplars, St. George's-tquare, Rpgent'e-park, the wife of W. H. Heatbfleld, solicitor, of a son.

Woodhou8b.—April 19, at 16, Brunswiok-terraoe, Hull, the wife of J. T. Woodhouse, solicitor, of a daughter.


Baker—Hughes —April 19, at Rhodes, Lancashire, Henry Baker, of Bi»hop'e

Stortford, Herts, solicitor, to Elizabeth Louisa, daughtrr of the late Rev. Freik.

G. Hughes, Vicar of Holy Trinity. Bishop's Stortford. Hill—Barnard.—April 13, at St. Gaorge's, Hanover-square, Lionel Furneiui

Hill, M.A., barrister-at-law, Temple, to Helen, daughter of John Baroa-d,

The Hollies, Epsom.

Layard—Julius.—April IS, at St. Paul's Church, Kandy, Ceylon, Charles Peter Lajard, M A., Cantab, barrister-at-law, of Coh.mbo, to Ada Alexandrine, daughter of tbe late Alfred Alexander Julius, of Stanley Lodge, Mortlake.

Robbrtbon—Dickinson.—April 10, at the British Consulate, Gene a, and the day after at St. John's Churoh, Alassio, John Robertson, barrister-at-law, to Caroline Claiiera, daughter of Edward Dickinson, M.R.C S., of Alasei >, and late of Rugby.

Watkinb—Rickards.—April 18, at Dartmouth, Francis William Watkins, of tbe Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, to Ada McCausland, daughter of the late

Richard Rickards, of L'antrissant, Glamorganshire.


Davis.—April 13, at Sydney, N.8.W., Gate ward Coleridge Davis, barris'er, of the

Inner Temple, aged 48. Woodfobde.—April 23, at Ansford-villa, Clevedon, Henry Woodforde, aged 74.



Fbtdit, April 21,1882.
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.
To Surrender in London.
Bagot, Fitzroy, Cbcniston gardens, Kensington. Pet Apr 17. Brougham. May i at 11
Maunder, William John, Little Moorflelds, Licensed Victualler. Pet Apr 18. Murray.
May 3at 12.30

Rumney, Walter, Balham, Mercer. Pet Apr 19. Brougham. May 3 at 1
To Surrender in the Country.

Hutchings, Arthur, Helc, nr Budc, Cornwall, Yeoman. Pet Apr 18. Bencraft. East
Stonehouse, May 9 at 12

Murray, Alexander Brown, and James Murray, South Stockton, York, Farmers, ret Apr 19. Crosby. Stockton-on-Tees, May 5 at 11

Nind, Bonjamin, Crumpsall, nr Manchester, Builder. Pet Apr 17. Lister. Manchester, May 8 at 12

Tinn, John William, Jarrow, Durham, Foreman Boiler Maker. Pet Apr 18. Daggett. Newcastle, May 0 at 11

Tuesday, April 26,1882. Vniet tbe Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Entecott, Henry, Latimer rd, Notting Hill, Provision Merchant. Pot April 21. Pcpys. May 9 at 11.30

Gabbott, Edward Ridyard, Gresham House, Old Broad st, Stock and Share Jobber.

Pet April 20. Brongham. May 9 at 11 Leitb, James, Lower Adam st, Adelphi, Brewers' Agent, Pet April 21. Hazlitt. Mar

10 at 11

McConnal, George, Abchnrch lane, Solicitor. Pgt April 20. Hazlitt. May 10 at 11 Willock, Henry Davis, King st, St James', Lieutenant 11th Hussars, Pet April |21. Pepys. May 10 at 11.30

To Surrender in the Country. Baker, Frank, Cardiff, Accountant. Pot April 20. Langley. Cardiff, May 9 at 11 Garrett, Wyndham, Bradfoid Abbas, Dorset, Innkeeper. Pet April 22. Batten. Yeovil,

May Oat 11

Hughes, Thomas, Shrewsbury, Innkeeper. Pet April 21. Peele. Shrewsbury, May 8 at 11

Simpkin, William, Crewe, Chester, Architect. Pet April 20. Speakmaji. Crewe, May

9 at 10.30

Willock, Henry Davis, Ashford, Kent, Captain 11th Hussars. Pet April 21. Furley.

Canterbury, May 12 at 2

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. Fsibat, April 21,1882. Adams, Annie Mnria Caroline Plaistow, Essex, out of business. Apr 28 at 4 at offices

of Staniland, Queon st, Choapside Adcock, Robert, sen, Syston, Leicester, Builder. May 8 at 3 at offices of Hincks,

Bowliug Green st, Leicester Archer, Smith, Dcwsbury, York, Beerhouse Keeper. May 1 at 3 at offices of Shaw, Bond st, Dowshury

Ashton, William Henry, Forest rd, Dalston, Builder. Apr 29 at 11 at office* of Langdale and Turner, Bedford row Ashwell, Thomas Payne, Huntingdon, Maohinist. May & at 11 at George Hotel,

Huntingdon. Jessopp, Bedford Averillo, John Charles, Queen Victoria st, Tea Merchant. May 4 at 3 at High Holborn.


Barritt, John Linton, and William Stork Barritt, Kingston npoa Hull, Bricklayers. May S at 11 at offices of Martinson, Exchange bldgs, Bowlalley tee, Kingston upou


Bd , Thomas, Greenwich. Baker. Apr 29 at 12 at offices of Haydonand Stoley, Bishop* gate st Within

Bell, Thomas Finch, Leeds, Watchmaker, May 4 at 2 at offices of Pidlan, Albion at.

Bennett, Edwnrd, Southampton, no occupation. May 2 at 3 at ofBco of Kilby, Portland stf Southampton

Bctts, William, Norwich, Marine Store Dealer. May 4 at 12 at office of Tillett, Opie st Norwich

Blackshaw, Frederick, Barnsloy, York, Boot and Shoo Merchant. May 9 at 10 at Qneen's

Hotel, Barnsley. Gray, Barnaley Blanshnrd, John Fearby, Easingwold, York, Auctioneer. May G at 11.30 at office of

Waddington, York

Bradbury, Charles Henry, Croydon, Surrey, Baker. May 4 at 3 at office of Pullan, North End, Croydon

Brookes, Isabella, West Bromwich, Stafford, Beersellcr. Mar 5 at 11 at office of Travis, Church lne. Tipton

Brown, Alfred, East Lydford, Somerset, Innkeeper. May 3 at 3 at Mermaid Hotel, Yeovil. Davies, Sherborne

Brown, Trneman, Leathlcy, near Osley, York, Farmer. May 2 at 12 at office of Bateaon and Hutchinson, Harrogate

Bull, Frederick William, East India rd, Hosier. May 4 at 3 at office of Wells, Paternoster row

Bundock, Edward, Green st, Bcthnal Green, Oil and Colourroan. May 10 at 3 at office

of Vant, Leadenhall st Cadby, George, Tipton, Stafford, Baker. May 4 at 2 at office of Travis, Church lane,


Cameron, Hugh, jon. Bristol, Engineer. May 1 at 2 at office of Sibley and Dickinson, Exchange West

Corlin, William, St. Albans, Hertford, Builder. May 1 at 3 at Masons' Tavern, Masons'

Avenue, Coleman st. Wells, St. Albans Chapman, William Henry, West Croydon, Surrey, Plumber. May 0 at 3 at office of

Streeter, High st, Croydon Child, John, Arundel st, Strand, Licensed Victualler. May 2 at 2 at office of Ford,

Cheapside. Bennett, Gresham bldgs, Baslnghall st Chisnall, Robert, Ipswich, Suffolk, Baker. May 2 at 11 at office of Jennings, Princess

st, Ipswich

Clayton, Richard, Leominster, Hereford, Innkeeper. May 1 at 4 at offico of Corner,

High Town, Hereford Cobdon, Halstead Sayer, Bruton, Somerset, no business. May 3 at 12 at offico of Hiloy,

Nicholas atf Bristol. Wade, Bumham Colboum, William, Withernsea, York, Hotel Proprietor. May 8 at 2 at office of Nettle,

ton, Chancery bids, Manor st, Hull Cooper, William, and Joseph Eldridge, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Houcc Furnisher.

May 8 at 2 at Painters Hall, Little Trinity lane. Pritchard and Co Crane, William, Gisleham, Suffolk, Farmer. May 4 at 12.30 at office of Dowsett, Hall

Quay chmbrs, Gt Yarmouth

Cranfield, George Henry, Minster, Sheppey, Kent, Veterinary Surgeon. May 8 at 3 at

office of 8tallon, High st, Mile Town, Sheoraess Cunningham, Edward, Leytonstone, Builder. May 3 at 12 at offices of Dewy, Mark


Davis, William, Bristol, Licensed Victualler. May 2 at 12 at offico of Benson and Carpenter, Bank chmbrs, Corn st, Bristol

Dodd, Joseph, Llanolly, Brecknock, Farmer. Apr 29 at 1 unices of Tydfil, Glebcland st, ilerthyr Tydfil

Edmonds, John Crudge, Sutton. Surrey, Cliina Dealer. May 10 at t at Cannon st

Hotel, Cannon st. Pettiver, College st, College Hill Edwards, John, Northwich, Chester, Ironmonger. May 10 at 12 at Royal Hotel, Crewe.

Ashton and Jollie, Runcorn Elgic. William Ralph, Harrogate, York, Grocer. May 4 at 1! at office of Hirst

and Capey, Jamos st, Harrogate Ellis, James, Wombwell, York, Butcher. May 10 at 3 at office of Rideal, Chronicle

chmbrs, Barnsloy

Evans, Mary, Eckington, Derby, Grocer. May S at 3 at office of Geo, Uigh st, Chesterfield

Fairweather, Henry, Westbcurne Park mews, Westbonnie Park, Jobmaster, May 1 at

3 at office of Cooper and Bake, Portman st, Portman sq Foster, William, Lincoln, Coach Builder. May 4 at 11 at office of Pago, Flaiengate,

Franks, Joseph, Manchester, Optican. May 4 at 3 at offices of Haukinson, Manchester

Froomberg, Samuel, Bow rd. Mile End, General Agent. May 5 at 2 at office of Lockyer,

Gresham bldgs, Basinghall Bt Fryer, WilUam, Birmingnam, Painter. May 3 at 3 at offico of Wright and Marshall,

New st, Birmingham

Giles, Alexander. Malpas rd, New Cross, Salesman. Maylatl at Long lane, Aldersgate st. Sydney, Guildhall chmbrs

Gittoes, Thomas, West Bromwich, out of business. May 4 at 12 at offico of Topham, High st West Bromwich

Gould, William, Grindon, nr Leek, Stafford, Farmer. May 3 at 11 at Angel Hotel Hanley. Redfern, Leek

Grant, Alfred Charles, Watford, no occupation. May 9 at 4 at Masonic Hall, High st, Watford. Sedgwick and Turner, Watford

Graut, M«ry Ann, Watford, no occupation. May 9 at 4.15 at Masonic Hall, High st, Watford. Sedgwick and Turner, Watford

Gronow, John, Longhor, Glamorgan, Carpenter. May 0 at 1 at office of Thomas, Fisher st, Swansea

Hall, George, Mare st, Hackney, Fishmonger. May 4 at 2 at office of Sydney, Leadenhall st

Harding, Samuel Heniy, Woodville, nr Bnrton-upon-Trent, Grocer. May 2 at 2 at Midland Hotel. Burton-upon-Trent. East, Birmingham

of Tribe and Co,

Hayler, William, Rochester, Draper. May 8 at 3 at Bull Hotel, Rochester. M'Lellan, Rochester

Holmes, James, Walworth rd, House Agent. May !> at :i at office of Cannon, Wool Exchange, Coleman Bt

Hoylc, Edward, Birkenhead, Clothier. May 10 at 3 at office of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead

Howie, Joseph, Birkenhead, Tailor. May 4 at 2 at offico of Bleakley and Downhtim,

Hamilton aq, Birkenhead Hnghos, John, Llanrug, Carnarvon, Farmer. May 5 at 3 at office of Roberta, Church st,


Harrey, Benjamin Rosa, Swansea, Corn Dealer. May 5 at 2 at Temple st, Swansea. Jones, Cardiff

Jones, William, Cardiff, Builder. Apr 28 at 3 at office of Lewis, Glebcland st, Merthyr Tydfil

Jones, William Henry, Teesdale st. Hackney rd, Cabinet Maker. Apr J9 at 12 at offico

of Martin, London Wail Jones, William John, Bankside, Southwark, Iron Merchant. May 11 at 3 at office of

Waddell, Queen Victoria st Keates, Worthy, Westbury, Wilts, Licensed Victualler. May 4 at 12 at office of Rodwav,

Fore st, Trowbridge

Knott, Robert, Leytonstone, Ironmonger. Mav 8 at 3 at office of Lovcring and Co,

Gresham st. NicholU and Grant, Gresham it Koesick, Samuel, South Shields, Durham, Clothier. May 4 at 4 at offico of Scott, King

st. Sooth Shields

Leach, Frank, Harrow rd, Poddington. Cabinot Maker. May 1 at 3 at office of Boydcll,

Warwick et, Gray's inn Lee, Henry, Birmingham, Corn Factor. May 2 at 2.30 at office of Dalo and Vachcll,

Bennett K hill, Birmingham Leech, William, Wigan, Lancaster, Beerseller. May 4 at 11 at offico of Wilson, King et,


Littlchales, Tom, Pontypool, Grocor. May 0 at 1 at offico of Tribe and Co, High st, Newport, Watkins, Pontypool

Longworth, Archibald, Croetham, Lancaster, Plumber. May 5 at 3 at offices of Boardman, Booth st, Manchester

Morgan. James, Osborne tor, Finsbury pk. Jobmaster. May 4 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern,

Gresham st. Lockyer, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st Newell, George, Mitcham, Corn Dealer. May 10 at 3 at offices of Cannon, Wool Ex.

change, Coieman st

Newham, William Snnday, Nottingham, Baker. May 3 at 3 at offices of Norman,

Middle pavement, Nottingham Orme, Charles, Birmingham, out of business. May 5 at 3 at offices of Tyler, Colmoro

row, Birmingham

Paley, John, Barrow-in-Furness, Furniture Dealer. May 8 at 10 at Trevelyon Temperance Hotel, Dalkieth st, Barrow-in-Furness. Sims, Barrow-in-Furness

Palmer, William, Norwich, Tobacconist. Apr 28 at U at Duke's Palace Inn, Duke st, Norwioh

Fatchitt, Henry, Leeds, Ironmonger. May 5 at 1.30 at offices of Patchitt, Derby st,

Nottingham. Hopps and Bedford, Leeds Pearson, William, Kensington pi, Pago st, Whoolwrlght, May 4 at 3 at offices of

Barnard, Westminster bridge rd Phillips, Edward, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Commission Agent, May 8 at 12 at offices of

Sayce and Baker, Lion st, Abergavenny Pocock, Thomas Windebank, Reading, Butcher. May 3 at 11 at 31, Battle st, Reading,

Parnell, Fenchurch st Reuter, Charles, Silk st, Cripplegate, Engineer. May 11 at 3 at offices of Smith and

and Eldridge, Gt James st, Bedford row Ricketts, Edward, Plumstead, Builder. May 12 at 2 at Law Institution, Chancery lane,

Thomson and Ward, Bedford row Robbins, Henry, Westbourne grove, Bayswater, Bookseller. May 0 at 3 at offices of

Brown, Lower James st, Golden sq. Norman, Gt Marlborough st, Regent st Rogers, James Crescent, Stratfleldsayo, Southampton, Farmer. May 4 at 11 at Red

Lion Hotel, Basingstoke. Cave, Bracknell Salomos, Mark, Commercial rd, Peckham, Commission Agent. May 1 at 10 at Now

Exchange bldgs, Georgo yd, Lombard st. Rawlius, Queen Victoria Bt Sarson, James, Tranmere, Chester, Greengrocer, May 8 at 3 at offices of Thompson,

Hamilton st, Birkenhead Saunders, William John, Swansea. Weigher and Sampler. May 4 at 3 at offices of

Evans and Davies, Wind st, Swansea Scott, George, and George Scott, jun, Sponnymoor, Bakers. May 3 at 3.80 at offices of

Proud, Market pi, Bishop Auckland Scantlelmry, Alfred, Exeter, Tailor. May 6 at 12.30 at Swan Hotel, Bridge st, Bristol,

Hartnoll, Exeter

Sivel, Dominick, Workington, Cumberland, Watchmaker. May 6 at 11 at offices of Paisley, Bridge st, Workington

Smith, Edwin, Sheffield, Warehouseman. May 5 at 12 at offices of Mercer and Alder, son, Bank Bt, Sheffield

Smith, Esau, Llantrissant, Glamorgan, Grocer. May 4 at 12 at office of Morgan, Pontypridd

Spencer, Jabez, HudderBfield, York, Beerhouse Keeper. May 5 at 8 at office of Learoyd and Co Buxton rd, Huddersfield

Stark, John, Nowcastlo upon Tyne, Tobacconist May 4 at 2 at office of Aitchison, Collingwood st, Newcastle upon Tyne

Steed, Edward George, Devon-port, Devon, Licensed Victualler. May 4 at 12 at ofile 0 Solo and Gill, St Aubyn Ht, Dovonport

Stratton, James, sen, Whittlesey, Cambridge, Farmer, May 5 at 12 at office of Reave, High Causeway, Whittlesey

Sykes, Moses, Southampton, Wholesale Potato Merchant. May 2 at 12 at office of Pegam, Bar Gate, Southampton

Taylor, James, Rochdale, Grocer. May S at 2.30 at offico of Brierly, the Butts, Rochdale

Taylor, James, Bristol, Publican's Ccllarman. May 8 at 12 at office of Benson and Car.

penter, Bank chmbrs, Corn Bt, Bristol Thomas, William, jun, South Molton, Devon, Builder. May 8 at 2 at office Finoh and

Chanter, Bridge Hall chmbrs, Barnstaple Turnbull, John Cuthill, Windmill Bt, Finsbury sq, Upholsterer. May o at 3 at office of

Nye and Greenwood, Serjeants' inn, Fleet st Upton, John Winkles, and John Elliott, Banbury, Oxford, Grocers. May 8 at 11 at the ..... .... , ... ,ubu

May 1 at 12 at 1 Mitre court,

White Lion Hotel, Banbury. Whitehorn, Banbury Waite, Charles, Crofton rd, Camberwell, Frivate Tutor. Temple. Morris

Walker, Thomas, Sutton within Macclesfield, Chester, Pawnbroker, May 3 at 11 at Church side, Macclesfield. Morgan

Watson, Thomas, Hartlepool, Durham, Draper. May 5 at 3 at office of Todd and Harrison, Town wall, Hartlepool

Wauer, Gerhard William, Wool Exchange, Basinghall st, General Agent. May 8 at 11 at office of Godfrey, Chancery lane

Webb, Snmuel, Gt Shelford, Cambridge, Farmer. May 3 at 3.39 at office of Turner, St Andrew's st, Cambridge

Whiteley, Richard Hamer, Molksham, Wilts, Surgeou. May 3 at 11 at office of Titley, Orange grove, Bath

Wood, William Joseph, Droitwich, Worcester, Builder. May S at 2 at Raven Hotel,

Droitwich. Parr and Hayes, Birmingham Woodward, John, Temple Balsall, Warwick, Grocer. May 4 at 2 at offico of Woodward,

Church st, Colmoro row, Birmingham

Tuesday, April 25, 1882. Ainley, Cameron, Mlddlesborough, York, Stationer. May 8 at 11 at offices of Dobson,

Gosford st, Middlesborough Allen, Joseph, Durham, Saddler. May 11 at 11 at offices of Marshall, Market pi, Durham Attwell, Walter, and Robert Savage, Chiswell st. Wholesale Milliners. May 10 at 3 at

offices of Boyes and Child, Poultry Morris, Walbrook Backctt, Isaac, Angcll rd, Brixton, Accountant. May 8 at 2 at offices of Norris and

Norris, Bedford row

Bailey, Charles, Walsall, Stafford, Fancy Goods Dealer. May 10 at 3 at offices of Horton

and Co, Newhall st, Birmingham Bailey, George, Guisborough, York, Grocer. May 4 at 12 at offices of Teals, Albert rd,


Bawdon, Loomnu, Newton Abbot, Devon, Draper. May 12 at 11 at Craven Hotel, Craven Bt, Strand. Baker and Watts, Newton Abbot

Benson, Robert, Ulverston, Lancaster, Tailor. May 8 at 11 at the Temperance Hall, Ulverston. Pearson, Ulverston

Birch, John, Balsall Heath, near Birmingham, Fruiterer. May 4 at 11 at offices of East, Temple Bt, Birmingham

Bosley, William, Bath, Painter. May 8 at 11 at offices of Titley, Orange grove, Bath

Bowen, John, Lladdeiniolen, Carnarvon, Grocer. May 10 at 11 at ofneos of Williams and Hughes, Carnarvon I Bowring, George. Edgwaro rd, Dyer's Agent, May 15 at 11 at offices of Boulton, Gresham st, Guildhall

Brook, Samuel, Huddersfield, York, Woollen Cloth Manufacturer. May 10 at 3 at offices of Ramsden and Co, John William st, Huddersfield

Brown, William, Suuderlon-1, Fruiterer. May 8 at 11 at offices of Green, John st, Sunderland

Bryan, James, and Walter Bryan, Dacre st, Army Contractors. May 8 at 2 at Cannon

st Hotel. Benson, Clement's inn, Strand Buckley, William, Oldham, Lancaster, Commission Agent. May 10 at 3 at offices of

Shaw, Clegg st, Oldham Burch, George Percy, Kidsgrove, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. May 4 at 2 at offices

of Sherrat, Market st, Kidsgrove Butler, William, Walsall, Stafford, Harness Maker. May 6 at 11 ut offices of Evuna,

Bank chmbrs, the Bridge, Walsall Campling, Robert Henry, Leeds, Schoolmaster. May 8 at 3 at offices of Lodge and

Rhodes, Park row, Leeds Catling, Charles Edward, Seething lane, Corn and Seed Merchant, May o at 3 at the

Guildhall Tavern, Crresham st

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