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BUDD, JOHN POULTER, Blossom hill, Kilkenny, Esq. May 6. Longcroft and Myers,
Clement's inn, Strand

CAPLIN, GEORGE, Baseein Park rd, Hammersmith. May 20. Sawbridge, Milk street,


Mond, May 1 CHADWICK, ANNA, Southport, Lancaster, May 1. Welsby and Co, Southport

At Lincoln's-ion and Westminster. Tuesday ....2 General paper

Wednesday. 3) CLARK, JOHN, Harlow, Essex. April 21. Pettengill, Cannon st

Tues, April 18 S App. motns. ex pto, apps.


from orders made on interCROWTHER, JOSHUA, Newton le Willows, Lancaster. May 16. Longbottom, Halifax

4.,Mote, & gen. pa.

Wednesday 19 DANCE, ISABELLA MATILDA, Taunton, Somerset. May 29. Collyer-Bristow and Co,

locutory motns, & othr apps Friday

5.. Petns, & gen. pi. Bedford row

Thursday ..20.. Bkcy apps and othr apps Saturday

Sht. caus., adj. sums., FABRINGTON, JOSEPH, Ashton upon Ribble, Lancaster, Gent. April 28. Dodd, Preston Friday ....21

geo. pa


Monday GABARYS, WILLIAM, Repton, Derby, Surgeon. May 8. Sale and Mills, Derby

Saturday ..22 GREGOBY, WILLIAM TAYLOB, Altrincham, Chester, Gent. May 1.

9 General paper. Needham and Co, Monday ....24

Tuesday.. Manchester


Wed.,.. ...10 GROVES, JAMES, West Hartlepool, Durham, Shipowner. July 1. Jarbutt and Fawcett, Wednesday. 26

Thursday ..ll.. Mtns. & gen. pa.
Stockton on Tees

Thurs, ....27

Friday, ....12.. Pets, & gen. pa.

Snt. HARTNELL, JOHN, Blomfield st, Upper Westbourne terrace, Esq. May 2. Chamberlain, Friday ....28

Saturday ..13

caus., adj sums. & Finsbury sq

Saturday ..29

gen, på. Ismay, Tuomas, Dover, Ironmonger. May 1. Stilwell, Dover

Mond, May 1


Tuesdy ....16 General paper.
KENDALL, Tuomas, Shipley, York, Coal and Stone Merchant. June 24. Burr, Bingley Tuesday....
LEVITT, MARMADUKE, Camden rd, Holloway, Gent. May 20. Sawbridge, Milk st,

( App. mots. ex pte, apps.



Wednes,.... 3 from orders made on interCheapside

....18..Moons, & gen. pa,

Pros. & gen. pa. LOGUE, ROBERT, Liverpool, Fish Salesman. April 29. Morecroft and Winstanley,

locutory motns., &othr apps Friday ....19 Liverpool

Thursday 4..Bkoy, apps. & othr apps. Saturday

Sht. caus., adj. sums., & MAITLAND, Lient-Gen John, Bath. May 20. Gibbs, Bath


gen. pl. 6

MABCH, MARY ANN, Great Marlow, Bucks. April 23. Rawson and Awdry, Great Saturday


General paper.


Tuesday ..23

Wednesday 24 MASKARBY, GEOBGE, Whittington, Stafford, Farmer. May 6. Buller and Bickley, Bir. | Tuesday.... 9 mingham

SApp. mots. ex pte. apps. Thursday.. 25.. Mots. & gen. pa. MORGAN, DAVID, Bridgend, Glamorgan. April 22. Jacob, Cardiff

Wednday ..103 from orders made on inter- Friday

Pets., sht. caus., adj. bumas, MORGAN, JOIN, Great Marlow, Bucks, Gent.

{& gen. pa. April 23. Rawson and Awdry, Great

(locutory mots, & othr apps. Marlow

Thurady .,11..Bkcy apps and othr apps Further considerations will be taken as MORGOX, THOMAS, St Sidwell, Exeter, Gent. May 13. Huggins, Exeter

Friday ....12

part of the general paper in priority to PHILLIPS, ANN ELIZA, Newport, Monmouth. June 1. Farr and Wade, Newport Satrdy........13


original causes which have not already PHILLIPS, DANIEL, Newport, Monmouth, Mining Engineer, May 1. Farr and Wade, Monday ....15

appeared in the paper. Newport

Tuesday ....16
PRICE, HENBY, Bath, Draper. May 1. Titley, Bath
PBITCHARD, Exma, Welshpool, Montgomery. Sept 22. Jones, Welshpool

Wednsday..17 Aros orders, mene pto apps. Any cause intended to be heard as a short

cause must be so marked in the cause RAND, STEPHEN CHAMBERLAIN, Colchester, Essex, Gent. Apríl 20. Wittey, Colchester

(locutory motos & othr apps

book at least one clear day before he REES, THOMAS, Llanelly, Carmarthen. April 19. Thomas, Cross inn, Llanelly

Thursday .. 18.. Bkcy. apps. & othr apps.

same can be put in the paper to be so STANLEY, Hon MARIA MARGARET, Bacros, Hambleden, Buckingham. 'May 13. Cooper Friday


heard, and the necessary papers must be and Son, Henley on Thames


left in court with the judge's officer the Appeals.

22 STEPHENSON, WILLIAM, Stratford upon Avon, Warwick, Jeweller. April 20. Brain, Monday

day before the cause is to be put into the Reading


paper. Tovas, EDWARD, Longfleet, Poole, Master Mariner. May 1. Aldridge and Aldridge,

App. motns, ex pte apps.

Wednesday 24 from orders made on inter-
[Gazette, Mar. 31.]
(locutory morns, & othr apps

Thursday ..25.. Bkcy, apps, & othr apps.

At Lincoln's-inn.

Friday 26.. Appeals AKHURST, JAMES, Lewisham, Kent, Wine Merchant. May 1. Ingle and Co, City Bank chbrs, Threadneedle st

N.B. - Lunacy petitions will be taken Tuesday, Ap.18.. Motns, adj. sum. & gen. pa, ASSELL, FREDERICK, Cranleigh, Coal Merchant. May 1. Smallpeice and Sons, Guild.

every Saturday during the sittings at Wed,

Thursday ..20

28 } Adj. sums, & gen. pa. ford DEAX, ELIZA, Leftwich, Chester. May 13. Fletcher, Northwich



( Sht. caus., ptos. adj.sumos.

{ and gen. p). DRINKWATER, Rev. TuomAS ALEXANDER, Mount Carmel Presbytery, Battersea park rd.


HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. May 11. Arnold and Co, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

....22.. Adj. sums, & gen. pa.

Monday....21 GODWIX, HENRY MORGAN, Brighton. May 8. Hasties, East Grinstead

CHANCERY DIVISION. HEBON, CHRISTOPHER, Hillingdon rd, Uxbridge, Gent. May 20. Gardiner and Son,


Tuesday ....25 General paper. Uxbridge

At Lincoln's Ion.

Wednesday 26

Thursday ..37. Mots. adj. sumn, & gen. pa, HOWDEX, MARY, Kingston-on-Hull. May 15. Watson and Co, Hull

Taes. April 18 { Mestions, adj. sums., and HYETT, MARY ANN, Longney, Gloucester. May 6. Bretherton and Son, Gloucester

gen. pa.


Sht, caus., p318., adj.samas.,

{& gen. pa. ILLSTON, GEORGE FLUDB, Belgrave, Leicester, Gent. May 16. Stevenson and Son, Wednesday 19

General paper.

Thursday ..20

29.. Adj, sums. Leicester

gon. pa. KENT, JOSEPH, Sparrow corner, Minories, Carter. Apr 30. Haigh and Agar, Gresham

Friday ....21.. Motns, adj. su ns. &

Monday, May !

2 General paper. st

Satrdy ....22 ..Pets. sht. causes, & gen, på. KEBXOT, MARIA, Welbeck st, Cavendish sq. May 3. Plews and Co, Mark lane

Monday....24.. In Bankruptcy.

Wed aesday.. 3)

Thursday .. 4.. Mots. adj. sumns, & gen, pa.

Tuesday....25 LESTOB, MARIA, High st, Camden Town, Dyer. May 2. Vidler, Camden rd


Sht. caus, pets. adj. sumas, MALDEN, THOMAS, Radwell Bury, Hertford, Farmer. May 1. 'Veasey and Balderston, Wednesday 26 General paper.

5 Baldock


& gen. pa.

Saturday 6.. Adj. sums. & gen. pa.

Friday ....28.. Motns., adj. omg. & gen. pa. MAN, WILLIAM, sen, Reigate, Gent. June 1. Head, Reigate

Sat., MÄNNING, EDWARD, Southampton, Captain. May 15. Cobb and Smith, Salisbury

.29.. Petns, sht. causes, & gen, pa,


9 General paper.

Tuesday.. NICHOLSON, HENRY, Guildhall bldgs, Gent. May 19. Hewitt and Alexander, Ely pl

Mond, May 1., In Bankruptcy.

Wednes, ..10 NIVEN, JAMES CRAIG, Kingston-upon-Hull, Curator of the Hull Botanic Garden Co. Tuesday

Wedsdy May 1. Walker and Spink, Hull

3 General paper

Thursd ....ll.. Mots. adj. sumas & gen. pa,

Sht. caus, pets., adj. samas., PEEKS, THOMAS HOLway, Pebble Coombe, Surrey, Esq. May 1. Freshfields and Thursday.. 4

Friday, ....12 | Williams, Bank bldgs

& gen. pa. Friday 5... Motos, adj. sums & gen. pa.

Sat., ........ PUDDY, MARY, South Brent, Somerset. Apr 29. Poole and Son, Bridgwater

6.. Petns., sht. caus. & gen pa.

Saturday 13. Adj, sums & gon. pa. ROBINSON, RALPH, Durham. May 3. Hargreaves, Durham

Monday.... 8., In Bankruptcy.

Monday ....15 SOUTHGATE, CHARLES, City rd, Tobacconist. May 16. Downing, Basinghall st

Tuesday.... 9

Tuesday....16 General paper. SPARKS, Philip, St. Leonards-on-Sea. May 1. Neve, St Leonards

Wed....... 10 General paper.


Thursd ....18... Motos. adj. sum. & gen. pa. STANSTIELD, THOMAS BLEAKLEY, Atherton, Lancaster, Yarn Agent. May 13. Part and Thursday...!) Co, Atherton

Friday, ....12.. Motns, alj. sum,. & gen pa. Friday ....19

Sbt. caus., pets., adj. sumo., STOTT, JOAN, Woodhouse, nr Huddersfield. May 1. Laycock and Co, Huddersfield

Saturday ..13..Pets., sht causes, & gen. pa.

{& gen, pa.

Sat., ... 20.. Adj. sums. & gen, pa. SUTCLIFTE, FRANCES MARY, Kensington park rd. May 8. Sutcliffe and Summers, Monday .... 15..In Bankruptcy.

Tuesday....16 New Bridge st, Blackfriars

Monday....22 UDAL, WILLIAM, Edgbaston, Warwick, Esq. June 1. Lovell and Co, Gray's inn sq

Wednsdy ..17 General paper.

Tuesday....23 General paper. WHEELWRIGHT, MARY, Halifax. May 16. Symonds, Ripponden, nr Halifax

Thursday ..18

Wednesday..24 ) WRIGHT, ANNE, Atherton, Lancaster. May 13. Part and Co, Atherton

Friday ....19..Mts, adj. sums. & gen pa.

Thursday ..25.. Motas. adj. sum. & gen. pa. [Gazette, Apr. 4.) Satrdy......20..Pets. sbt. causes, & gen. pa. Friday....

Sht. caus, pots., adj. sums.
Monday, ....22. .In Bankruptcy.

& gen. pa.
Tuesday.... 23
Wednesday, 24 General paper.

Causes in which witnesses are to be

examined before Thursday

the court, will be

taken on Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday ....26 Motns., petns. sht. caus. adj.

Wednesdays; and causes without wite

sums, & gen pa. COURT PAPERS.

Further Considerations will be taken as part

nesses, and further considerations will of the General Paper in priority to

be taken on Thursdays, Fridays, and Original Causes which have not already

Saturdays. appeared in the paper.

Any cause intended to be heard as a short SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

Any cause intended to be heard as a short cause must be so marked in the cause ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCB ON

cause must be so marked in the cause-book book at least one clear day before the

at least one clear day before the same can same can be put in the paper to bo 80 COURT OF

be put in the paper to be so heard, and

heard, and the necessary papers must
V. O. Bacon.

the necessary papers must be left in court be left in court with the judge's officer

with the judge's officer the day before the the day before the cause is to be put into Monday, April 17 Mr. Latham

Mr. Carrington
Nr. Ward
cause is to be put into the paper.

the paper Tuesday

18 Merivalo


.............. 19 Latham

At Lincoln's-inn.

20 Merivale Teesdale
Jackson Tues, April 18. Motns. & gen. pa.

At Lincoln's-inn.

21 Latham

Carrington Wednesday..19)

General paper.
22 Merivale Teesdale Jackson Thursday. ,20}

Tuesday, Apr18
Friday ....21..Pets, & gen. pa.

Wed. .......19
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

Satrdy, ....12

Sht. caus., adj sums., & Tharsday ..20 > General paper.

gen. pa

Friday, ....21 Monday, April 17 Mr. Koe Mr. Pemberton Mr. King Monday....24

Saturday ..22

18 Cobby

Monday .....24
Farrer Tuesday....25 General paper



Thursday ..27.. Mots. & gen. pa.

Wednesday .26


Friday ...,28..Pets. & gen. på.

Thurs. .....07> General paper.
21 кое

Pemberton King Saturday.

22 Cobby

Farrer Saturday ..29 {Shten causea, adi sums, & Erday.....28


Saturday .. 29

.... 8




.. 25


....22 ..... 23

.... 26


Monday, May 1

Friday, 5.. Motos. & gen pa. Tuesday 2


SPets, sht. caus., adj. sums.
Wednesday. 3

(Procedure), & gen. pa.

General paper.

Fur. cons., dems. & non

Monday..... 8 Friday 5

wit causes Saturday .. 6 Tuesday ....9

The judicial business of the House of Lords will be resumed on Friday, the Monday .... 8

Wed., ....10 > General paper.
Tuesday ..
Thursday ..11

21st inst., when the appeal cases of The Earl of Zetland v. Hislop and Galloway
Wed., .....10
General paper.
Friday, ....12..Motos. & gen. pa.

V. Turner will be in the paper for hearing. Thursday ..11

Saturday ..13 {{Pro-edure), and gen. pa.

Pets, sht. caus, adj. sumne. Friday ....12

The following, says the Central Law Journal, is a verbatim copy of a Saturday ..13

Fur cons., dems., & non

Monday ....15 Monday....15

wit causes

petition recently presented to the Circuit Court in Arkansas for leave to Tuesday....16 Tuesday ....16)

practice before justices of the peace:-“ The State of Arkansas,Wednsday..17 General paper Wednsd ay..17 General paper.

Countey to all whom it may concurn We the under sigea Names Do say Thursday ...18 Thurs .....18

that Joseph g herman Has got A Wright to Practice law in the Justices of Friday ....19

Friday......19.. Motns & gen. pa. Sat., ..

the Peacess Court Without Licenes When the Person implo Wiog him is Willing 20

| Pets, sht. caus, adj., somas

Sat., .........20 Monday ....22

(Procedure), and gen. pa. to Resk him as an agent Either Asking questions or Pleading. Not as A Tuesday....23


For. cons., dems., & non laWyer But an agent and We think that He Will Be in the Limits of the Wednesday. 24 General paper.

wit causes

Law.'' Thursday


Wednesday .24 General paper
Thursd .... 25.

The Hindoo-English anthor of a “Memoir of the late Honorrable Justice
At the Rolls House.
Friday ...,26.. Motns, & gen. pa.

Onoocool Chunder Mookerjee" thus describes the merits of the subject of the Tuesday, Apr18..Ordinary Motion day.

Causes and actions in which witnesses memoir before his elevation to the bench :-"Since he joined the native bar Wed.. ......19

Motos. remaning after first are to be examined before the court will be down ad finem of his career as a pleader, he had won an uniform way of Thursday ..20 day, listed in alphabetical Friday ....21

order, and, if necessary, Thursdays, and causes and actions without pleading. He made no gairish of words, never made his sentences long, non wits. act.

witnesses will be taken on Mondays; but when be could express bis thoughts in small ones. Never he counterchanged Batardy,....22 < Pets.,8ht. causes, adj. sums, when the list of causes and actions without strong words with the pleaders or barristers of the other party. In defeating

(procedure), and gen. pa. witnesses is exhausted, causes and actions Monday

or conducting & case his temper was never incalescent and hazy. He well Fur. cons., dems., & non with witnesses will be taken on Mondays understood the ioterest

of his client, and never ceased to tussle for it until be wit causes.

also. Tuesday...,25

Further considerations will be taken as was Ausbed with succers, or until the shafts of his arguments made his Wednesday..26 General paper (wit. act.). part of the general paper in priority to quiver void. He was never seen to illude or trespass upon the time of Thursday ..27)

original causes which have not already court with fiddle-faddle arguments to prove his wits going a wool-gathering, Friday ........28.. Mtns,& gen, pa. Saturday .. 29 (Procedure), & gen. pa. Pets., sht. caus, adj. sums. Any cause intended to be heard as a short but what he said was nude truth, based upon jus civile, lex non scripta, lex

cause, must be so marked in the cause scripta, &c., and relative to bis case and in homogenity to the sabject-matter Fur. Monday, May 1 cons., dems., & non book at least one day before the same

ho discussed, and always true to the points be argued. He made no quotawit causes

can be put in the paper to be so heard, and Tuesday.... 2

the necessary papers must be left in court tion having no bearing whatever to his case, but oited sach Acta, clauses, Wedsdy..... 3 General paper.

with the judge's officer the day before the and precedents that have a direct affinity to his case, or the subject matter of Thursday .. cause is to be put in the paper.

his argument. By-the-bye, I should not here omit to mention that he had

one peculiarity in bis pleading which I have observed very minutely. Have CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES.

ing first expounded before the court the anatomy of his case, be theo launched

out on the relative position of his client with that of the other, pointing out South-Eastern (Pollock, B.)-Hertford, Tuesday, April 18; Lewes, Friday, the quid proquo or bolstering up the decision of the lower coart with his April 21 ; Cambridge, Tuesday, May 2; Ipswich, Thursday, May 4. Oxford sapience and legal acumen and cognoscence, waiting with quietude to see (Huddleston, B.)- Reading, Tuesday, April 18 ; Worcester and City, Satur- which side the court takes in favourable consideration, knackling to the day, April 22; Stafford, Friday, April 28. Western (Hawkins, J.)-Taunton, arguments of the court, and then inducing it gradually to his favour, giving Tuesday, April 18 ; Exeter and City, Monday, April 24 ; Winchester, thereby no offence to the court." Tuesday, May 16.' Midland (Stephen, J.)-Lincolo and City, Tuesday, April 18 ; Nortbampton, Monday, April 24 ; Derby, Saturday, April 29; Warwick, Friday, May 5. North-Eastern (Bowen and Williams, JJ.)-Newcastle and Town, Thürsday, April 20; Darham, Monday, April 24 ; Leeds, Monday, May 1. Nortbern (Mathew and Cave, JJ.)-Carlisle, Tuesday, April 18; Manchester, Thursday, April 20; Liverpool, Taesday, May 2.

North and South Wales (Chitty, J.)-Rutbio, Tuesday, April 18; Chester
and City, Friday, April 21 ; Swansea, Thursday, April 27.
Civil business will be taken at Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds.


FRIDAY, April 7, 1882.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London.
April 19.-Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Baker, Charles, Moscow rd, Bayswater, Clerk in Holy Orders. Pet Apr 3. Murray.
Freehold Property (888 advertisement, April 8, p. 4).

Apr 21 at 12
April 19.-Messrs. Edwin Fox & BOUSTIBLD, ac chó Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Meredith, Thomas, Kilburn Park rd, Builder. Pet Apr 8. Brougham. Apr 26 at 11

Property (see advertisement, this week, p. 4).
April 19.-Mr. WILLIAM HOUGHTON, at the Mart, Freehold Building Estate (see

To Surrender in the Country. advertisements, this week, p. 4).

Allen, Robert, and Robert Bew North, Wolverhampton, Iron Merchants. Pet Apr 5. April 21.-Mr. ROBINS, at the Mart, at 2 p.m.. Freehold and Leasehold Properties Sanders. Wolverhampton, Apr 21 at 12 (see advertisement, April 1, p. 4).

Crosier, Thomas, Hutton Cranswick, York, Farmer. Pet Apr 6. Rollit. Kingston

upon Hull, Apr 26 at 3 Gill, John, Hamsterley, Durham, Former. Pet Mar 29. Marshall. Durham, Apr 25

at 11

Gill, Joseph, West Auckland, Durham, Coal Owner. Pet Apr 4. Marshall. Durham, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

Apr 28 at 11

Goodchild, Henry, Brighton, Livery Stable Keeper. Pet Apr 4. Jones. Brighton, Apr BIRTHS. EVILL.- April 3, at 28, Craven-road, Westbourne-terrace, W., the wife of Charles Goodwin, Edwin, East Bergholt, Suffolk, Butcher. Pet Apr 4. Grimsey. Ipswich, Henry Evill, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.

Apr 25 at 3 HAMMOND-CHAMBERS.-April 1, at Colville-mansions, W., the wife of R. S. B. Lane, John, stockport, Chester, Confectioner. Pet Apr 4. Hyde. Stockport, Apr 20

Keep, Francis, Walsall, Stafford, Tailor. Pet Apr 5. Clarke. Walsall, Apr 20 at 12 Hammond-Chambers, of The Heathers, Marlow, and of the Midland Circuit, bacrister-at-law, of a son.

Reeves, John Arthur, Findern, Derby, Farmer. Pet Apr 5. Weller. Derby, Apr 18 STUBBS.- April 3, at Woodstock House, 83, Priory-road, West Hampstead, N.W.,

at 12 tha wife of William Stubbs, solicitor, of a daughter.

Roberts, A J Spalding, Lincoln, Boot Dealer. Pet Apr 3. Gaches. Peter.

borough, Apr 19 at 11 MARRIAGES.

Rogers, William Rossett, Gt Crosby, nr Liverpool, Builder, Pet Apr 4. Cooper. Clowes-EDWARDS.-April 12, at St. Peter's, Elgio-road, W., William Laird, Stern, John, Gt Grimsby, Smack Owner. Pet Apr 3. Daubney. Gt Grimsby, Apr 24

Liverpool, Apr 20 at 12 eldest son of William Clowes, Esq., Chancery Registrar, to Ethel Mar at 2.30 Louisa, second daughter of L. F. Edwards, Eeq., solicitor.

Stevenson, Ralph Alexander, Hanley, Solicitor. Pet Mar 31. Tennant. Hanley, Apr ROSE-DARLING.-Mar. 30, at St. Stephen's, South Kensington, Joha Rose, of

3, Dr. Johnson's-buildings, Temple, barrister-at-law, to Janet Susan, daughtery Whitehead, Hustler, Shipley, York, Commission Agent. Pet Apr 3. Lee. Bradford, of the late Charles Darling, Esq., of Langham Hall, Essex.

Apr 18 at 12

TUESDAY, April 11, 1882.
BUTLER.-April 11, at Rye, Sussex, George Slade Butler, solicitor, aged 61.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
DAVY.-April 9, at 'Ottery st. Mary, Devon, Henry Davy, solicitor, aged 73.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. WRIGHT.-Apríl 5, at Clayton-hill, Sussex, John Robert Wright, bárrister-at-law,

To Surrender in the Country. of the Inner and Middle Temple, aged 39.

25 at 11

at 11

17 at 11

Boothman, Thomas, jun, Skipton, York, Farmer. Pet Apr 6. Lee. Bradford Apr 24
Green, Solomon Levy, Cardiff, Clothier. Pet Apr 4. Langley, Cardiff, Apr 27 at 11.30

Perrin, Jonathan, Bristol, Solicitor. Pet Apr 6. Harley. Bristol, Apr 24 at 2 CHAPPULS' DAYLIGHT REFLECTOES FOR COUNTING-HOUSES,-60 Fleet-street,-[ADYE.]

Stewart, Edward, High st, "Battersea, Sailmaker. Pet Apr 4. WilloughbyWands.

worth, Apr 21 at 11

at 12


Liquidations by Arrangement:

Petts, John, Florence terr, Kingswood rd, Penge, Accountant. Apr 15 at 12 at Masons' FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

Hall Tavern, Masons' Avenue, Basinghall st. Ede, King st, Cheapside

Pickering, Joseph Langsdale, Eccleston sq, Pimlico, Artist. Apr 25 at 2 at offices of FRIDAY, April 7, 1882.

Armstrong, Chancery lane Anslow, William Richard, Manchester, Wholesale Warehouseman. April 21 at 3 at Pinder, William, Blackburn, China Dealer. Apr 20 at 2 at Spread Eagle Hotel, Corpor. offices of Boote ard Edgar, Booth st, Manchester

ation st, Manchester. Needham, Blackburn Archbold, Henry, Alnwick, Northumberland, Tailor. April 19 at 11 at offices of Tate Ponder, George, Nicholas st, Hoxton, Cabinet Maker. Apr 15 at 11 at Coleman st, City. and Percy, St Michael's lane, Alnwick

Biggenden, Kingsland rd Arthur, David, Wellington, Salop, Licensed Victualler. April 18 at 11 at offices of Potts, Jesse, Wyrley, Stafford, Night Fireman. Apr 21 at 11 at offices of Jackson and Carrane, Wellington

Sharpe, High st, West Bromwich Ayres, James, Gravel lane, Southwark, Licensed Victualler. April 20 at 3 at offices of Powell, Thomas, Newtown, Montgomery, Innkeeper, Apr 21 at 12.30 at office of Powell, Crafter and Burton, Blackfriars rd, Southwark

Broad st, Newtown Babbage, Blanche, Bridgwater, Somerset, Boot Dealer. April 20 at 3 at the George Prosser, James Ashman, Petersfield, Hants, Grocer. Apr 20 at 2 at office of Soames, and Railway Hotel, Bristol. Reed and Cook, Bridgwater

High st, Petersfield Backhouse, William, Dudley hill, near Bradford, out of business. April 19 at 10.30 at Redfern, Isaac, Congleton, Chester, Grocer. Apr 22 at 11 at Moody st, Congleton, offices of Peel and Co, Chapel lane, Bradford

Latham, Congleton
Bargh, George, Lancaster, Innkeeper. April 20 at 11 at offices of Fryer, Winckley sq, Riley, Joshua Armitage, and Joseph Armitage Riley,

Halifax, Estate Agents. Apr 21 Preston

at 11 at Crown Hotel, Horton st, Halifax. Rhodes, Halifax Barley, James, Spencer rd, South Hornsey, Builder. April 19 at 3 at offices of Parkes, Roberts, John, Hereford, Working Jeweller. Apr 20 at 10.30 at offices of Scobie, Offa Queen Victoria st

st, Hereford Barnaclough, Richard, Morley, York, Publican. April 21 at 3 at offices of Cottam, Roebuck, Thomas, Noble st, Mantle Manufacturer, Apr 20 at 2 at Inns of Court Hotel, Market st, Bradford

Holborn. Hores and Pattisson, Lincoln's inn fields Barritt, William, Bradford, Hosier. April 24 at 2 at Mosley Hotel, Market st, Man- Saunders, John Short, Newton Abbott, Devon, Corn Factor. Apr 20 at 1 at Jury's chester, Last and Betts, Bradford

Swan Hotel, Bridge st, Bristol. Forward, Axminster Barton, James Smethurst, and Thomas Barton, Blackburn, General Ironmongers. April

Scowby, George, Skipton, York, Draper. Apr 21 at 2.30 at offices of Robinson and 18 at 2 at the Spread Eagle Hotel, Corporation st, Manchester. Needham, Black. Shadbolt, Thomas, Pembroke rd, Hornsey, Carpenter. Apr 18 at 2 at 1, Long lane,

Robinson, Keighley burn

Aldersgate st. Harrison, St Pancras lane Bennett, Joseph, Northwood, Isle of Wight, Builder. April 17 at 3 at ofices of Hooper, Sharp, Squire Mitchell, Bishop Auckland, Clothier. Apr 21 at 11 at office of Edgar, Quay st, Newport

Silver st, Bishop Auckland Bewick, Abraham Dicker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Grocer. April 20 at 11 at offices of short, Hugh, Goodge st, Tottenham ct rd, Tailor. Apr 21 at 12 at office of King and Scott, White Horse blags, Pilgrim st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

MoMillin, Bloomsbury sq Blamires, James, Cleckheaton, York, Grocer. April 19 at 3 at offices of Carr and Cad. man, Cleckheaton

Short, John, North Shields, Bonded Store Merchant. Apr 17 at 3 at office of Duncan Bowden, Thomas, Oldham, Lancaster, Joiner. April 19 at 3 at offices of Buckley and

and Duncan, Market pl, South Shields Mattinson, Church lane, Oldham

Silvester, William, Clifford chambers, Gloucester, Farmer. Apr 18 at 11 at office of Brunn, Joseph Greenfield, Birmingham, Gun Maker. April 20 at 3 at 1, Newhall st,

Slater and Co, Warwick rd, Stratford-upon-Avon Birmingham. Buller and Bickley, Birmingham

Sorrell, Richard Henry, Saffron Walden, Essex, Grocer. Apr 24 at 12 at Guildhall Burns, Thomas, Sheffield, Provision Dealer. April 20 at 12 at offices of Bell, Figtree Sprague, Sidney Davis, Gt Castle st, Regent st, Music Printer. Apr 24 at 4 at office of

Tavern, Gresham st. Smith, Colchester lane, Sheffield Casey, Thomas, Boleyn rd, Stoke Newington, Builder. April 18 at 2 at Masons' Hall

Yorke and Wharton, Conduit st, Bond st Tavern, Masons' avenue, Basinghall st. Hammack, Finsbury circus

Stanton, William, Cheltenham, out of business. Apr 17 at 11 at office of Clark, Regent

st, Cheltenham Chapman, Charles William, Wednesbury, Stafford, Stationer. April 14 at 11.30 at offices of Sheldon, High st, Wednesbury

Stewart, Charles, Southampton, Travelling Draper. Apr 15 at 12 at offices of Killby, Chittick, Samuel, Old Kent rd, Auctioneer. April 27 at 3 at Kennan's Hotel, Crown ct, stokoe, Joseph, Dunston, Durham, Grocer. Apr 17 at 1 at offices of Hoyle and Co,

Portland st, Southampton
Cheapside. Lovett and Co, King William st
Christmas, Thomas Waldren, Penryn, Cornwall, Grocer. April 21 at 11 at offices of

Westgate rd, Newcastle upon Tyne
Powell, Broad st, Penryn

Strike, Edward, Rotherham, York, Boot Maker. Apr 18 at 3 at offices of Harrop and Collins, James, Saltney, Flint, Baker. April 20 at 12 at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester.

Harrop, Westgate, Rotherham Churton, Chester

Summers, Charles, Romsey, Hants, Clothier. Apr 20 at 12 at 145, Cheapside. Bannister Cook, John, Bedford, Grocer. Apr 21 at 12 at offices of Whyley and Piper, Dame Alice

Basinghall st st, Bedford

Talbot, James, Thrapston, Northampton, Draper. Apr 20 at 2.30 at King's Arms Inn,

Thrapston. Hunnybun, Huntingdon Coppen, Joseph, Framlingham, Suffolk, Farmer. Apr 19 at 12 at Golden Lion Hotel, Tedd, David, West Bromwich, Stafford, Fruiterer. Apr 20 at 10 at office of Jackson and Corn-hill, Ipswich. Gross

Sharpe, High st, West Bromwich Culverwell, Thomas, Luton, Bedford, Printer and Stationer. Apr 18 at 2 at offices of Thomas, Thomas, Swansea, Licensed Victuallor. Apr 19 at 3 at office of Thomas, Fisher Sibly and Dickinson, Exchange West, Bristol

st, Swansea Dale, William, Burnsall, York, Farmer. Apr 22 at 2 at office of Paget, Wilson's yard, Thomson, Henry Joseph, Peterborough, Hotel Keeper. Apr 17 at 12 at Golden Lion

Dry, William, Gt Driffleld, York, Joiner. Apr 24 at 2 at office of White, Exchange st, Thorn, Henry Scott, Exeter, Provision Dealer. Apr 24 at 11 at office of Southcott, Post

Hotel, Peterborough. Gaches
Gt Driffield

Office st, Bedford circus, Exeter
English, William, Newcastle-upop-Tyne, Innkeeper. Apr 19 at 3 at Cattle Market Tilley, Samuel, Brondesbury rd, Kilburn, Solicitor. Apr 24 at 12 at Cannon st Hotel,
Hotel, Forth pl, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Mabane and Graham, South Shields

Cannon st. Dubois and Reid, Pancras lane, Queen st
Ford, George, Well st, Shirt Manufacturer. Apr 26 at 2 at office of Boyes and Child,
Poultry. Kent, Bucklersbury

Tompkins, Henry, Worcester, Commission Agent. Apr 20 at 12 at Queen's Hotel,

Stephenson pl, Birmingham. Shakespeare, Oldbury Forman, Thomas, Kennington rd, Lambeth, Coal Merchant. Apr 24 at 2 at Guildhall Vaughan, William George, Aberystwith, Chemist. Apr 20 at 11 at office of Griffith and Tovern, Gresham st. Pontifex

Co, Darkgate st, Aberystwith Gleig, Henry Lockhart, Whitby, York, Retired Major. Apr 20 at 11 at office of Ander. Waite, Charles, Crofton rd, Camberwell, Private Tutor. Apr 12 at 12 at office of Morris, son and Lythe, Stonegate, York

Mitre ct, Temple Gloyer, John, Cannock, Stafford, Solicitor, Apr 19 at 12 at George Hotel, Walsall. Webb, Henry, Worcester, Land Surveyor. Apr 21 at 3 at offices of Stallard, Pierpoint Edwards, Cannock

st, Worcester Grimley, Samuel Benton, Hatton garden, Wholesale Jeweller. May 1 at 3 at offices of Wheeler, John James, Walthamstow, Builder. Apr 17 at 2 at offices of Mitchell, Lewis and Lewis, Ely pl, Holborn

Thanet pl, Strand. Harrison, Pancras lane, Queen st. Hague, Richard, Rotherham, York, Furniture Dealer. Apr 28 at 3 at office of Branson Whitehead, William, Workington, Cumberland, Butcher. Apr 22 at 12 at offices of and Co, Bank'st, Sheffield

Paisley, Castlegate, Cockermouth Heyward, Thomas Henry, Croydon, Surrey, Clerk. Apr 25 at 3 at office of Pullen, Wilkinson, John, Bradford, Yarn Salesman. Apr 19 at 3 at offices of Peel and Co, North End, Croydon

Chapel lane, Bradford Hine, Thomas, Cricklade, Wilts, Dealer. Apr 16 at 10 at Gt Western Hotel, New Swin. Young, Richard Frederick, John Robertson Cochrane, and William Fraser, Kenningdon, Wilts

ton rd, Builders. Apr 26 at 1 at Law Institution Chancery lane. Burton and Co, Holland, Charles, Hoole, Chester, Stone Mason. Apr 21 at 2.30 at office of Bridgman Lincoln's inn fields

and Co, Westminster bldgs, Newgate st, Chester
Howells, Henry, Grosmont, Monmouth, Innkeeper. Apr 21 at 10.30 at 11, Frogmore st,

TUESDAY, April 11, 1882.
Abergavenny, Monmouth. Hodgens. Abergavenny

Abbott, William Henry, Liverpool, Cabinet Maker, May 2 at 3 at 145, Cheapside. Hurst, William, Fratton, Grocer. Apr 21 at 4 at Totterdells Hotel, St Georges sq. Port- Barrell and Co, Liverpool sea, Hants. King, Portsea

Arnold, Francis Evelyn Moss, Lincoln, Grocer. Apr 26 at 1.30 at Gt Northern Hote', Jackson, James, Wistow, York, Potato Merchant. Apr 14 at 11 at Albert Hotel, Mickle. Lincoln, Jennin 8s gate, Selby. Wright, Selby

Asquith, Joseph, Chickenly, nr Dewsbury, Grocer. À pr 21 at 3 at offices of Scholefield Jones, Eliza, Westbury Leigh, Wilts, Farmer. Apr 17 at 3 at Woolpacks Hotel, Trow. and Son, Wellington rd, Dewsbury bridge. Ames, Fromo

Barnicoat, Athanasius, Reading, Builder. Apr 26 at 3 at Painters' Hall, Little Trinity Kearsley, George William, and Newton Hutchinson, Colliery Agents, Rotherham, York. lane, Pritchard and Co Apr 20 at 3 at of Nicholson and Co, High st, Rotherham


John Russel, Manchester, Silk Manufacturer. Apr 22 at 11.30 at offices of Sale Keene, William Henry, Stroud, Gloucester, Cabinet Maker. Apr 20 at 11 at office of and Co, Booth st, Manchester Stephens, Lansdowne, Stroud

Brinkworth, George Edwin, Reading, Potato Merchant. May 1 at 2 at 145, Cheapside. Kewley, Joseph, Liverpool, Baker. Apr 20 at 3 at office of Quilliam, Elliott st, Liver. Creed pool

Brookes, George, Bishops Tachbrook, Warwick, Builder. Apr 21 at 12 at offices of Lazon, Andrew Charles, Monier rd, Wick lane, Old Ford, Oilman. Apr 26 at 2 at office Browne, Frank Comyn Denis, Churchdown, Gloucester, Gent. Apr 19 at 3 at Grey

Overell and Son, Warwick st, Leamington of Barrett, John st, Bodford row Mather, Frederick, Charles st, Stepney, Baker. Apr 18 at 11 at office of Dobson, 104

hound Hotel, Gloucester. Clark, Cheltenham Minories

Butlin, Richard, land Alfred Winters, Leicester, Boot Manufacturers. Apr 27 at 12 at McLaren, John, and Henry McLaren, Leeds, Engineers. Apr 28 at 2 at Law Institute,, Carpenter, Benjamin, jun, Eastchurch, Kent, Wheelwright. Apr 24 at 3 at offices of

offices of Harvey, Selborne bldgs, Leicester Albion pl, Leeds. Simpson and Burrell, Leeds Meyer, Wilhelm Daniel Johannes, Mincing lane, Merchant. Apr 26 at 3 at offices of

Stallon, High st, Sheerness Lawrence and Co, Old Jewry chm brs

Cavalier, Alfred, Arthur st, Hackney, Dalryman. Apr 18 at 1 at offices of Hopkins, Mills, Henry Samuel, and Charles Edward Hibbs, Melcombe Regis, Dorset, Fish.

Walbrook mongers. Apr 25 at 2 at offices of Burnett, South st, Dorchester

Clarke, Isabella, and William Joshua Clarke, Aston, Warwick, Photographic Frame Murray, Alexander Brown, and James Murray, South Stockton, York, Farmers. Apr 18 Makers. Apr 27 at 11 at Grand Hotel, Colmore row, Birmingham. Ansell, Birat 11 at offices of Wooler, Priestgate, Darlington

mingham Noble, William, Hunmanby, York, Cowkeeper. Apr 28 at 3 at offices of Richardson, Coombe, William, Plymouth, Baker. Apr 21 at 3 at at offices of Curteis and Pearse, Church st, Filey, York

Princess sq, Plymouth Oliver, John, Fishlake, York, Farmer. Apr 22 at 2.30 at offices of Shirley and Co, St Court, Elisha, and George Court, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, Builders. Apr 20 at George's Gate, Doncaster

12 at Falcon Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon. Lano Osborne, George Alexander, Wrotham, Kent, Carpenter. Apr 20 at 3 at Hands, the Cowland,

John Walter, Portland rd, Notting hill, Builder. Apr 27 at 2 at 68, Chancery Victoria, Week st, Maidstone. Fenton, Kingsland green

lane. Seagrove and Woods, Chancery lane Paskin, Samuel, Tividale, Stafford, Sheet Iron Roller. Apr 21 at 11 at offices of Shake. Cuff, Jonathan Frank, Birmingham, Draper. Apr 24 at 3 at offices of Horton and Co, speare, Church st, Oldbury

Newhall st, Birmingham Pearson Elizabeth, Rugeley, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Apr 20 at 1 at Midland Davies, Thomas, Treorky, Glamorgan, General Dealer. Apr 18 at 12 at offices of Lewis, Hotel, Burton on Trent. Kent, Longton

Glebeland st, Merthyr Tydfil Pendle, George, and Charles Waite, Golden sq, Woollen Merchants. Apr 24 at 2 at Dendy, John, Manchester, Silk Manufacturer, Apr 22 at 11 at offices of Sale and Co, George Hotel, Huddersfield, Phelan, Lincoln's inn fields

Booth st, Manchester

Downing, Thomas, John Thomas, Edward Thomas, William Thomas, David Thomas, Price, Jabez, Calcot, nr Holywell, Lead Miner. Apr 28 at 2 at offices of Copo, Brynford

Charles Thomas, Robert Thomas, and Edward Thomas, jun, Dyserth, Flint, Lime st, Holywell
Burners. Apr 28 at 10.30 at Bee Hotel, Bodfor st, Rhyl, Roberts, Rhyl

Pritchard, Henry, Bristol, Draper. Apr 24 at 12 at offices of Collins, Broad st, Bristol,
Dronsfield, Samuel, Stalybridge, Chester, Cotton Mill Manager. May 2 at 3 at offices of Osborne and Co
Bradbury, Booth st, Ashton-under-Lyne

Puddephatt, Daniel, Boxmoor, Hertford, Butcher. Apr 27 at 3 at Goat Inn, Great Berk, Dugdell, Thomas William, Sudbury, Suffolk, Currier. Apr 19 at 2 at Cannon st Hotel, hampstead. Annesley, St Albans Capnon st. Mumford, Sudbury

Read, Henry Yeates, Leicester, Timber Merchant. Apr 22 at 2 at Yarborough Hotel, Edwards, David, Stockport, Drysalter. Apr 21 at 3 at offices of Phillips, Marsden st, Bethlehem st, Gt Grimsby. Wright, Leicester Manchester

Reed, Philip, Rochester, Kent, Poulterer. Apr 27 at 3 at King's Head Inn, High st, Ellis, John, Lordship lane, East Dulwich, Builder. Apr 26 at 2 at Law Institution, Rochester, Shakespeare, Chatham Chancery lane. Thomson and Ward, Bedford row

Reeves, Thomas, Stoke-upon-Trent, Builder. Apr 20 at 1 at offices of Welch, Caroline Everard, Charles Frederick, Birmingham, Painter. Apr 21 at 12 at offices of Parry, st, Longton Colmore row, Birmingham

Richardson, Adam, South Shields, Commission Agent. Apr 20 at 3 at offices of Dove, Ezard, William, and Arthur Ezard, Hoylake, Chester, Joiners. Apr 21 at 3 at offices of Post Office chmbrs, Newcastle-upon-Tyno Jones and Kitchingman, Harrington st, Liverpool

Rigby, John, Chorley, Lancaster, Grocer, Apr 20 at 11 at Royal Oak Hotel, Market st, Fernyhough, Frederick John, Cheadle, Stafford, Innkeeper. Apr 20 at 10 at offices of Chorley. Jackson, Chorley

Welch, Caroline st. Longton
Finnigan, Thomas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Boot Dealer. Apr 21 at 11 at offices of Hoyle Roberson James, Carnforth, Lancaster, Boot and Shoe Maker. Apr 27 at 11 at Com.

Rowlands, William, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Butcher. Apr 25 at 11 at offices of Johnson
Fitzgerald, Richard, Liverpool, Window Blind Manufacturer. Apr 27 at 3 at offices of and Stead, Church st, Llanelly
Murphy, Crosshall st, Liverpool

Sage, Charlotte Annie, Bristol, Licensed Victoaller, Apr 24 at 2 at offices of Hobbs, Gillard, William, and Lewis Gillard, Sandford, Devon, Farmers. Apr 22 at 11 at office Clare st, Bristol of Searle, Crediton, Devon

Saunders, John Short, Newton Abbot, Devon, Grocer. Ap at N w London Hotel, Glasstone, David, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Picture Frame Maker. Apr 19 at 3 at offices Exeter, in lieu of the place originally named of Warlow, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Sherratt, David, Fenton, Stafford, Brick Manufacturer. Apr 22 at 3 at offices of Welch, Goodrich, John, Caledonian rd, Harness Manufacturer, Apr 19 at 3 at office of Wenn, Caroline st, Longton King Edward st, Newgate st

Siddall, James, Oldham, Lancaster, Stone Merchant. Apr 22 at 11 at 79, Mosley st, Graham, Timothy Trueman Waller, Sunderland, Solicitor. Apr 26 at 3 at office of Bell, Manchester. Grundy and Co, Manchester Lambton st, Sunderland

Singleton, Edwin, Kingston upon Hull, (Solicitor. Apr 21 at 10.30 at Law Society, Gregory, Benjamin Haycock, Birmingham, Cook. Apr 24 at 3 at office of Freeman, Lincoln's inn bldgs, Bowlalley lane, Hull. Leak and Co, Kingston upon Hull Colmore row, Birmingham

Smallwood, Samuel Sugden, Clapham Park rd, Milliner. Apr 19 at 3 at offices of Grimwade, Charles, Ipswich, Suffolk, Baker Apr 25 at 11 at office of Mills, Elm st, Tiddeman, 50, Finsbury sq Ipswich

Smith, John, Workington, "Cumberland, Grocer. Apr 21 at 11 at offices of Fidler' Hartshorne, Richard, Birmingbam, Farcy Draper. Apr 26 at 2 at Grand Hotel, Col. Bridge st, Workington

more row, Birmingham. Saunders and Co, Birmingham Hemingway, John, Dewsbury, York, Grocer. Apr 20 at 10.15 at office of Scholes, Wake Smith Thomas,

Southampton, Fishmonger. Apr 21 at 12 at offices of Davis (and

Stranks, Alfred, Oxford, Cabinet Maker. May 2 at 11.30 at 64, Cornmarket at, Oxford. Hill, William Thomas, Drury lane, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Apr 20 at 3 at the Law Mallam, Oxford Institution, Chancery lane. Knight, Long Acre

Swindells, Andrew, Ramsbottom, Lancaster, ont of business. Apr 21 at 11 at offices of Hopkinson, John, Markfield, Leicester, Innkeeper. Apr 25 at 1 at Town Arms Hotel, Addleshow and Warburton, Norfolk st, Manchester Pocklington's walk, Leicester. Loseby, Coalville

"aylor, John, Birmingham, Warwick, Baker. Apr 21 at 3 at office of Parr and Hayes, Howard, George, York, Auctioneer. April 28 at 11 at offices of Smith, Petergate, Colmore row, Birmingham York

Thornton, Joseph, Calverley, York, Auctioneer. Apr 21 at 11 at offices of Cross, Jacobs, Israel, Sunderland, Draper. Apr 22 at 3 at office of Asher, Manor pl, Sunder. Parkinson's chmbrs, Market st, Bradford lapa

Tippetts, Robert, and Charles Edwin Tippetts, Bristol, Boot Makers. Apr 21 at 12 at Jacques, Jervis, Heywood, Lancaster, Joiner. Apr 20 at 11 at office of Standring and office of Denning and Co, Shannon crt, Corn et, Bristol Co, King st, Rochdale

Tucker, Charles, Birmingham, Commission Agent. Apr 21 at 3 at Stork Hotel, Old sq. Jennings, James, North Malvern, Worcester, Boot and Shoe Maker. Apr 21 at 12 at Birmingham.' Parry, Birmingham 12 at office of Bowyer-Bowers, Great Malvern

Ward, Daniel, Balham, Surrey, Grocer. Apr 19 at 2 at office of Hogan and Hughes Jutson, James, Whitstable, Kent, Grocer. Apr 22 at 12 at offic of Sankeys and Co, Martins lane, Cannon st Castle st, Canterbury

Wear, George, Utley, Somerset, Licensed Victualler. Apr 20 at 12 at office of Marly and Kirby, Edmund Thomas, Halton, nr Leeds, Fa mer. Apr 24 at 2 at olice of Pullan, Co, Old Post Office cbmbrs, Corn st, Bristol Albion st, Leeds

West, George Phipps, and Robert William Robertson, Watford, Hertford, Tailors. Latter, Owen, Asylum rd, Old Kent rd, Builder. Apr 20 at 2 at office of Fowler, Dow- Apr 21 at 3 at office of Boydell, Warwick crt, Grays-inn gate hill

Whiston, James, Fenton, stafford, Brass and Iron Founder. Apr 20 at 11 at office of Lattimer, Thomas William, Grange rd, Bermondsey, Tobacconist. Apr 19 at 3 at office Welch, Caroline st, Longton of Ody, Blackfriars rd

White, Henry, Portobello rd, Notting

Hill, Builder. Apr 18 at 3 at Mullens Hotel, Iron. Law, John, Batley, York, Architect. Apr 27 at 3 at Wellington Hotel, Dewsbury. monger lane, Cheapside. Kisbey, Cheapside Shaw, Dewsbury

Wilbert, Robert, Newland, York, out of business. Apr 24 at 2 at office of Hind, Quay Lee, Thomas, and John Leo, Hoylake, Chester, Builders. Apr 21 at 3 at office of Harper, st, Kingston-upon-Hull Cable st, Liverpool

Williams, Elias Lloyd, South Marston, Wilts Joiner, Apr 28 at 11 at offices of Kinneir Lindenan, Frederick August, Shellwood rd, Battersea, Baker. Apr 21 at 11 at office of and Tombs, High st, Swindon Dobson, Minories

Williams, William Henry, Meyrick st, Clapham Junction, Builder. Apr 27 at 3.30 at Lockwood, Charles, Little Royd, nr Penistone, York, Traction Engine Proprietor. Apr Guildhall Coffee house. Chapman, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st 26 at 3 at office of Rideal, Chronicle chmbrs, Barnsley

Wilson, John Allen, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Schoolmaster. Apr 20 at 1.30 at Hop Lyons, Bernard, Wolverhampton, Cowkeeper. Apr 21 at 11 at office of Stratton, Queen Market Hotel, Worcester. Abel, Gloucester st, Wolverhampton

Wright, John, Wisbech St Mary, Isle of Ely, Cambridge, Farmer. Apr 24 at 11.30 at Mabey, John Thomas, James Short, and Charles Edmund Power, Addle st, Wood st, 11.30 et offices of Vergette and Buckle, Market st, Peterborough

Warehousemen. Apr 24 at 12 at office of Shearman, Gresham st
McFarlane, Robert, Birmingham, out of business. Apr 21 at 10.15 at office of East,
Temple st, Birmingham

Maltby, Thomas Flower, Millwall Dock, Millwall, Contractor. Apr 27 at 3 at office of

Bohm, Old Jewry
Matty, Georgo William, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. Apr 21 at 3 at offices of Fallows, CURRENT TOPICS .............

......*. 367

SOLICITORS' CASES .................... 372 Cherry st, Birmingham



972 Newbould, Francis, Clifton, York, Labourer. Apr 29 at 11 at the White Horse Hotel

BETTING ? ...................... ... 368

SOCIETIES ............................ 373 Otley. Hutchinson, Bradford


LEGAL APPOINTMENTS ................

873 Nicholson, Richard Alfred, Manchester, Merchant. May 1 at 3 at the A Committee Room, CORRESPONDENCE .................... 371


873 Old Townhall, King st, Manchester. Ritson and Grundy, Manchester



874 North, Levi, Halifax, Accountant. Apr 28 at 3 at offices of Moore, Crown st, Halifax

In re Myers' Patent ................ 371 CREDITORS' CLAIMS Ormiston, George, Newcastle upon Tyne, Builder. Apr 21 at 2 at offices of Dove, Post

.................. 374 In re Hall Dare's Contract .......... 371 COURT PAPERS ........................

375 Office chmbre, Śt Nicholas sq, Newcastle upon Tyne

Tucker v. Linger .................. 872 LEGAL NEWS Palmer, Alexander Douglas Greenlaw, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Solicitor. Apr 26 at 11

........................ 376

Ricketts v, Lewis .................. 372 LONDON GAZETTES, &C., &0........... 376 at the Star Hotel, Regent st, Cheltenham. Chesshyre, Cheltenham Petty, Jane Matilda, Hornsey Park rd, out of business. 'Apr 24 at 8 at offices of Hicks,

Chancery lane
Petty, Mary Ann, and Alfred Martin Petty, Manchester, Printers. May 1 at 3 at the

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS.- All communications intended for publication Grosvenor Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester. Diggles and Ogden, Manchester

in the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL must be authentioated by the name and address of Phillips, Frederick, Chatham, Watchmaker. Apr 29 at 12 at Dolly's Hotel, Newgate st. the writer.

Norman, Chatham
Portch, Arthur Woodroffe, Glouoester, Bakor. Apr 18 at 4 at offices of Jackson, George cations.

The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the return of reje ed communic
Bt, Gloucester
Potter, Richard, Nottingham, Builder. Apr 21 at 4 at offices of Cockayno, Fletcher The Publisher requests that early application should be made by persons

gate, Nottingham
Prewett, Alfred, Weston, nr Bath, Cabinet Maker. Apr 17 at 3 at offices of Dyer, number of copies remain on hand.

desirous of obtaining back numbers of the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, as only a small Quoen sq, Bath


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EDE AND SON, Arti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.

Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the excess of fat extracted.


& MAKERS The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, per.

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Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. Estimates and Designs submitted free for entirely Fur.
Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits nishing Residences, Chambers, Offices, &c.

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BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNSBL'S DITTO, cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when

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and Grocers.
200, 203, and 204, Tottenham Court-rood, London, W.

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, N.B.-Household Furniture Warehoused or Removed
H, SCHWEITZER & CO 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. on reasonable terms,


LONDON, APRIL 22, 1882.

habits and disposition could fairly be considered a domestic CURRENT TOPICS.

animal' within the meaning of the statutes 12 & 13 Vict. c. 92, and 17 & 18 Vict. c. 60." This is a very singular proposition.

If all “creatures” of “tractable habits and disposition ” are THE CAUSE LIST of the Court of Appeal contains 48 appeals domestic, then the cobras in the Zoological Gardens, which from the Chancery Division and 120 from the Queen's Bench everyone who knows anything of snake-charming will admit to be Division, also 10 from the Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty of “tractable habits and disposition,” are domestic. According to Division, and 10 Bankruptcy appeals—making, in all, 188 the same standard, the sea-lion is singularly domestic, and appeals. Last sittings there were only 155 appeals in the list, probably the domesticity of the deceased whale at the Aquarium and a year ago 151.

could also be satisfactorily established. We forbear to discuss the question of JUMBO's tractable habits and disposition, as developed

during his attacks of “must,” because as the lamented animal THE CAUSE LIST of the Chancery Division for the Easter Sittings, has passed out of the region in which English statutes are operawhich will be found in another column, contains 65 causes before tive, it is perhaps a little late in the day to vex ourselves with Vice-Chancellor Bacon; 139 before Vice-Chancellor HALL, 60 of the question whether they apply to him. which are witnesses causes ; 122 before Mr. Justice Fry, 84 of which are with witnesses ; 114 before Mr. Justice Kay, and 178 before Mr. Justice CHITTY, 66 of which are with witnesses.

AN APPLICATION in an action made this week to Vice-Chancellor These numbers make a total of 618. A year ago there were only Hall to restrain the employment by the defendants of a solicitor 429, and at the commencement of the last sittings only 524.

who had been employed by the plaintiff to conduct a previous action against the defendants resulted in a rather important

declaration of the rule on this subject. The doctrine that a A RETURN made pursuant to certain Acts confirms what we solicitor who has acted for one party in an action will, in certain have always maintained--that the administration of civil justice cases, be restrained from acting for the opposite party is as old as in this country is self-supporting. It appears that in the year Earl Cholmondeley. y. Lord Clinton (19 Ves. 261). In that ending the 31st of March, 1881, the total receipts under the case, a firm of solicitors who had acted for Lord Clinton heads of the High Court of Justice, the Court of Appeal, the dissolved partnership, one of the terms of dissolution being that Court of Bankruptcy, and the Land Registry, were £619,393 185. 8d. one of them, S., should, and the other, M., should not, continue to The total payments during that period were £626,470 2s. 3d.; be Lord CLINTON's legal adviser. M. became solicitor for Earl but as these payments include, not only the salaries of the exist- CHOLMONDELEY for conducting certain suits against Lord CLINTON, ing judges, which are legitimate charges, but the pensions of and a motion was made for an injunction to restrain Earl Cholretired judges and Lord Chancellors (which far exceeded the defi- MONDELEY from employing him for that purpose. Lord Eldon, ciency), it will be seen that the fees paid by litigants cover the as the point was new, consulted all the judges, and subsequently cost of the actual judicial and administrative power required to

“declared the unanimous opinion of all the judges and the Barons determine their causes.

of the Exchequer, the Master of the Rolls, and the Vice-Chancellor, agreeing with his own, that a solicitor is not at liberty to

act in the manner proposed by M., and that, having thus left the AN AMERICAN LEGAL CONTEMPORARY recently took occasion cause, he is not in the situation of a solicitor discharged by the to remark that MACLEAN's trial would show whether such matters client, and, therefore, cannot become the solicitor for the other could be managed better in England than they are in the United party in the cause." These observations have led to the innStates. The result, we think, will not be unfavourable to our pression that the rule does not apply to a solicitor who is disinstitutions. A comparison with GUITEAU's case would be charged by his client, except for misconduct; and in Parratt v. obviously unfair, for neither prisoner nor counsel in the recent Parratt (2 De G. & Sm. 262) Vice-Chancellor Knight Bruce trial resembled the abnormal specimens brought to light in the lent some sanction to this notion by saying that in Davies v. American case; but we apprehend that the proceedings at Reading Clough the solicitor had virtually discharged himself, while in will bear comparison with the best conducted trial across the the case before him the client had discharged the solicitor. Atlantic. And, what is more important, they contrast very In the case before Vice-Chancellor Hall this contention was favourably with too many of our recent criminal investigations. raised, but the learned judge said that the principle was that a Ever since the trial of the Claimant there has been a tendency to solicitor should not act contrary to his duty, "and it was essential relax the limits within which cases of public importance should be to the interests of mankind that the jurisdiction should be extried. We refuse to believe that in any case it can be tended to a case such as the present.” We think no one will be necessary or expedient to multiply words and lengthen speeches found to contend that this decision is wrong; and the rule it lays and summings-up over many days and weeks, and we rejoice that down is simple and easily applied. It is that whenever a solicitor in the trial of MACLEAN every one concerned seems to have set his who has either discharged himself or been discharged by a client face against this practice. The trial was fair, dignified, short, and un- in any proceeding, is in possession of knowledge the communicasensational. Higher praise can hardly be given, and let us hope that tion of which to the other parties to such proceeding or to in the next great criminal investigation, where the circumstances proceedings connected with it may unfairly prejudice his former may be less favourable to their manifestation, these characteristics client, he is debarred from acting for such other parties. And will equally appear.

to this we may add Lord Eldon's suggestion“ in doubtful cases abstain ” is a good rule for the regulation of conduct.

A WORTHY CONTEMPORARY, whose compassionate soul was recently afflicted by the sad fate of the Shanghai Bar, about to LORD CAIRNS' CONVEYANCING Bill has been re-issued with be “ removed” by the operations of that dreadful “ double-hopper an explanatory memorandum attached, in which we find the dredge,” last week turned his attention to the departed JUMBO, and following remarks on clause 2, which proposes to protect solicitors placed on record his opinion that “a creature of JUMBO's tractable and trustees dispensing partially with the investigation of title :

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