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Babbs, Richard, and Frederick Babbs, Castlemaine rd, Surbiton Hill, Builders. Mar 24 Jackson, William, Middlesborough, York, Butchor. Mar 20 at 11 at offices of Robson, at 3 at 146, Cheapside. Saunders and Co, King st, Cheapside

Linthorp rd, Middlesborough Bailey, Michael, Longton, Stafford, Linen Draper. Mar 20 at 3 at offices of Hunt, James, Isaac, Woodchester, Gloucester, Baker. Mar 22 at 11 at offices of Stephens, Nicholas st, Portland st, Manchester. Adderley and Marfleet, Longton

Lansdown, Strand Baker, John Worrall, Liverpool, Restaurant Keeper. Mar 27 at 11 at offices of Sheen, Johnson, Thomas, Erleigh, Sonning, Berks, Butcher. Mar 23 at 11 at Queen's Hotel, North John st, Livepool.' Levy, Liverpool

Friar st. Reading. Dodd, Reading Baldwin, Charles Joseph, Brighton, Tailor. Mar 23 at 3.30 at 145, Cheapside. Good- Judd, Henry Kerridge, Little New st, St. Bride st, Publishers' Bookbinder. Mar 22 at man, Brighton

3 at Law Institution, Chancery lane. Paterson, Bouverie st, Fleet st Ball, Thomas, Bedminster, Bristol, Beerhouse Keeper. Mar 20 at 2 at offices of Nurse, Laughton. Henry John, Sheffield, Wholesale Fruit Merchant. Mar 22 at 3 at offices of Corn st, Bristol

Clegg and Sons, Victoria chmbrs, Figtree lane, Sheffield
Benson, William, East Butterwick, Lincoln, Innkeeper. Mar 22 at 1.30 at Angel Hotel, Lawlan, Alexander, South Shields, Eating House Keeper. Mar 23 at 3 at offices 02
Market pl, Brigg. Rollit and Sons, Hull

Marshall, King st, South Shields
Benson, William, and Robert Otter Benson, East Butterwick, Farmers. Mar 22 at 1 at
Angel Hotel, Market pl, Brigg. Rollit and Sons, Hull

Lawrence, Joseph, Birmingham, Marble Merchant. Mar 24 at 12 at office of Jelf,

Waterloo st, Birmingham Bentley, John, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Jeweller. Mar 27 at 11 at offices of Johnson and

Littlewood, David, Hemsley, Norfolk, Farmer. Mar 23 at 3 at office of Cowl, South Stead, Church st, Llanelly

Quay, Gt Yarmouth
Binns, Arton, Leeds, Woollen Manufacturer. Mar 22 at 2 at offices of Middleton and
Sons, Calverley chmbrs, Victoria sq, Leeds

Mackie, Edward, Warrington, Lancaster, Draper. Mar 24 at 3 at offices of Davies, Booth, Joseph, Fentiman rd, Clapham rd, Schoolinaster. Mar 29 at 2 at offices of Arm.

Market pl, Warrington strong, Chancery Jane

Male, William, Cottenham, Cambridge, Farmer, Mar 23 at 3 at offices of Turner, St Bowlt. John, Bill Quay, Durham, Grocer. Mar 22 at 3 at offices of Warlow, Collingwood Marskell

, Samuel, Langford, Bedford, Market Gardener. Mar 30 at 3 at Swan Hotel, st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Boxford, William James, Wood Seaves, Stafford, Farmer. Mar 23 at 3 at offices of

Biggleswade Wade and Andrews, Hitchin Welsh and Son, Brown st, Manchester


, Hector, Bromwich, Oil and Colour Merchant. Mar 27 at 11 at offices of Peet, Bradshaw, James, Tunbridge Wells, Tailor. Mar 23 at 12 at offices of Burton, Mitre ct

Newhall chbrs, Newhall st, Birmingham chmbrs, Temple

Metcalfe, James, Scarborough, Watchmaker. Mar 22 at 3 at offices of Watts and Broughton, John Northige, Borcham, Warminster, Wilts, Schoolmaster. Mar 22 at 11.30

Kitching, Queen st, Scarborough at Townhall, Warminster. Wakeman and Bleeck, Warminster

Mitchell, Charles, Framingham Pigot, Norfolk, Merchant. Mar 22 at 12 at offices of

Coaks and Co, Bank Plain, Norwich
Campbell, George Murray, Crook, Durham, Ironmonger, Mar 27 at 11 at Three Tuns
Inn, Durham. Milburn, Crook

Mosey, Francis, Leeds, Coachbuilder. Mar 23 at 11 at offices of Maud, Albion st,

Leeds Chappell, Sam, Huddersfield, Beerhouse Keeper. Mar 22 at 3 at offices of Welsh, Queen Mounfield, William Bowson, Chester, Grocer. Mar 21 at 11 at offices of Price, Eastgate

st, Huddersfield Clark, Thomas, Watford, Grocer. Mar 22 at 2 at offices of Cogswell and Corp, Argyll Murray, Donald, Barrow in Furness, Ale, and Porter Dealer. Mar 22 at 2 at Trevelyan

st, Chester. Brassey, Chester st, Regent st

Temperance Hotel, Dalkeith st, Barrow in Furness. Sims, Barrow in Furness Coles, Henry Case, Southampton. Mar 23 at 3 at offices of Pearce, High st, Southamp- Musgrove, James, Lanchester, Durham, Innkeeper. Mar 21 at 12 at offices of Holmes ton

and Robson, Pilgrim st, Newcastle upon Tyne Comber, William, High Holborn, Carver and Gilder. Mar 30 at 12 at offices of Plunkett and Leader, St Paul's chyd

Nicholas, James, Tenby, Pembroke, Licensed Victualler. Mar 22 at 2 at office of Han. Comery, William, Holmfirth, York, Draper, Mar 29 at 3 at offices of Booth, Holm.

cock, Quay st, Bristol firth

Onyon, John, Waddington, Lincoln, Bricklayer. Mar 22 at 11 at office of Durance, Mint Cooper, Job, Bridgnorth, Salop, Licensed Victualler. Mar 22 at 2.30 at the Crown

lane, Lincoln Hotel, Bridgnorth. Phillips and Co.

Palmer, James, Bromwich, Edge Tool Maker. Mar 20 at 11 at office of Stokes, Bennetts Corbett, James Fletcher, Olton, Warwick, Coal Merchant. Mar 23 at 3 at the Great

hill, Birmingham Western Hotel, Colmore row, Birmingham. Fitter, Birmingham

Patton, John, Ightham, nr Sevenoaks, Licensed Victualler. Mar 25 at 12 at Railway Crews, John, Twerton, Somerset, Commercial Traveller. Mar 25 at 12 at No. 8 Edgar | Perrott, Alfred Rosser, Crickhowell, Brecon, Hotel Keepor. Apr 3 at 10 at Bear Hotel,

buildings, Bath. Simmons and Co, Bath Crossman, George. Dewsbury, York, Warehouseman. Mar 22 at 10.15 at offices of

Crickhowell. Browne, Abergavenny Scholes and Son, Wakefield rd, Dewsbury

Pinker, Henry, Hove, Monumental Sculptor. Mar 24 at 11 at office of Cooper and Crouch, Edward Guilder, Essex st, Mare st, Hackney, Leather Merchant. Mar 29 at 3

Williams, Middle st, Brighton at offices of Pratt and Norton, Old Jewry chmbrs. Montagu, Bucklersbury

Pye, John, Rainford, Lancaster, Grocer. Mar 24 at 3 at Wellington Hotel, New Market Dent, Henry, Cockermouth, Cumberland, Joiner. Mar 28 at 11 at offices of Benson, Rampton, Charles, Farnham, Surrey, Watchmaker. Mar 20 at 1 at Anderton's Hotel,

pl. St Helen's. Marsh, St Helens Cockermouth

Fleet st. Durbidge, Guildford Denton, Frederick Samuel, Bradford, Ironmonger. Mar 23 at 3 at offices of Killick and

Rhodes, Thomas, and William Rhodes, Shipley, Builders. Mar 21 at 11 at Leuchter's Co, Commercial Bank bldgs, Bradford

Restaurant, Darley st, Bradford. Morgan, Bradford Dickinson, Henry, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Woollen Merchant. Mar 23 at 2 at offices of

Richards, William Glaskin, Leicester, Grocer. March 23 at 12 at office of Hincks, Aitchison, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Bowling Green st, Leicester
Dowse, Robert, Easterton, Wilts, Farm Bailiff. Mar 24 at 12 at office of Norris and
Hancock, Market pl, Devizes

Riddell, Robert, Dunsford, Devon, Physician. Mar 29 at 3 at office Fewings, Queen

st, Exeter. Friend, Exeter Dugard, Rev Thomas, King Edward st, Hackney. Mar 27 at 3 at office of Hollams and

Robertson, David, Liverpool, Shipwright. Mar 24 at 2 at offices of Davies, the Temple, Co, Mincing lane

Dale st, Liverpool
Dyson, Joseph, Kingston upon Hull, Licensed Victualler. Mar 21 at 12 at offices of
Walker and Spink, Parliament st. Kingston upon Hull

Rooms, Edward Alfred James, Portsea, Hants, Fruiterer. Mar 23 at 4 at offices of

Whitehall, Union st, Portsea Edwards, Henry John, Ryde, Surgeon. Mar 24 at 2 at Douch's Railway Hotel, Taunton. Ryan, Walter James. Imperial arcade, Ludgate circus, Washing Machine Agent. Mar Edwards, Sidmouth

21 at 3 at Cooper and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Edward, Thomas Henry, Devonport, Wine Merchant. Mar 23 at 12 at Inns of Court Sabin, William Edward, and Henry Sendell Jennings, Manchester, Innkoepers. Mar Hotel, Holborn. Gard, Devonport

22 at 3 at offices of Ellis, Clarence bldgs, Booth st, Mosley st, Manchester Ellison, Jonathan, Aspull, Lancaster, Joiner. Mar 25 at 10 at office of Lees, King st, Sayer, Charles, Liverpool, Quarry Proprietor. Mar 27 at 3 at Law Association Rooms, Wigan

Cook st, Liverpool. Parkinson, Liverpool Emerson, George, Tomlin's grove, Bow, Clerk. Apr 3 at 1 at Fenchurch House, Fen- Scrivener, William, Cambridge rd, Mile End, Corn Dealer. Mar 23 at 2 at offices of church st. Neal, Lime st

Mote, Walbrook Farlam, John, Carlisle, Grocer. Mar 22 at 11 at office of Johnson, Bank st, Carlisle Shackleton, William, Spring Wood Mill, near Todmorden, York, Cotton Spinner. Mar Feary', James, Uppingham, Rutland, Beer Dealer. Mar 24 at 10 at office of Law, St

23 at 11 at Queen Hotel, Todmorden. Craven, Todmorden Mary's pl, Stamford

Shaw, Thomas, Hanghton, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Mar 21 at 3 at offices of Foreman, Alfred Thomas, and Frederick John Foreman, Marden, Kent, Traction Smith and Brother, Hyde lane, Hyde Engine Owners. Mar 22 at 3 at the Star Hotel, High st, Maidstone. Chambers,

Shemilt, Thomas, Bucknell, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper. Mar 22 at 3 at offices of Hastings

Tennant and Co, Cheapside, Hanley Forge, Herry, Pavement, West Green rd, Tottenham. Provision Merchant. April 3 at Sheppard, James, Guildford, Surrey, Printer. Mar 23 at 12 at offices of Fraser, Moor. 2 at Masons' hall Tavern, Mason's avenue, Basinghall st. Hopkins, Walbrook

gate st Gamble, William, Liverpool, Boot and Shoe Maker. Mar 22 at 3 at office of Gibson and Sims, Andrew, Ludlow, Salop, Boot Maker. Mar 24 at 2.30 at offices of Southern and Bolland, South John st, Liverpool. Smith and Son, Liverpool

Montford, Ludlow Gausby, John Baker, Bread st, "Cheapside, Art Metal Worker. Mar 29 at 12 at the Smallacombe, Edwin, Sampford Courtenay, Devon, Licensed Victualler. Mar 25 at 3 Queen's Hotel, Stephenson pl, Birmingham. Saunders and Bradbury, Temple row,

at offices of Prickman, Okehampton Birmingham

Spashett, Alfred, Kirkley, Suffolk, Fish Merchant. Mar 22 at 1 at Suffolk Hotel, George, Joseph, Ladbrooke grove, Notting hill, Plumber. Mar 21 at 3 at office of Jour-stake, e trancis, and Alfred Drake, Bradford, Stone Merchants. Mar 20 at 11 at offices

dain, Ludgate hill
Golding, William, Bardwell, Suffolk, Farmer. Mar 25 at 1 at Angel Hotel, Bury St Ed- of Gardiner and Jeffery, Bradford
munds. Walpole, Bury St Edmunds

Starkey, Thomas Cook, Kingston-upon-Hull, Bricklayer. Mar 23 at 3 at offices of Goodwin, Edwin, East Bergholt, Suffolk, Butcher. Mar 27 at 4 at office of Jones and

Singleton, Kingston upon Hull Son, Townball chmbrs, Colchester

Stevenson, John Alfred, Brighton, Boot Maker. Mar 23 at 2 at 145, Cheapside. GoodGraham, Susanna Jane, Epsom, Stationer. Mar 27 at 3 at office of Haigh and Agar, man, Brighton Gresham st

Stratford, William Victor, Lakenbrake, Suffolk, Schoolmaster. Mar 25 at 12 at GuildGray, George, Pavilion Hotel, Notting hill, Licensed Victualler. Mar 29 at 2 at office

hall, Bury St Edmonds. Salmon and Son, Bury St Edmunds of Layton and Co, Budge row

Summers, William, Ightham, Kent, Farmer. Mar 22 at 12 at offices of Drake and Co, Griffiths, William Henry, Tipton, Stafford, Shopkeeper. Mar 22 at 11 at at office of New Bridge st, Ludgate circus. Norton and Son, Town Malling Travis, Church lane, Tipton

Terry, Thomas, South Norwood. Paper Hanger. Mar 29 at 3 at officos of Elborough Hall, Herry Edward, Minchinhampton, Gloucester, Clerk. Mar 23 at 12 at offices of and Dean, Queen Victoria st Smith and Stafford, Strond

Towers. William, and George Hodgson, Netherton, Cumberland, Builders. Mar 25 at 11 Harding William, Tisbury, Wilts, Coal Merchant. Mar 31 at 11.30 at offices of Rutier, at office of Paisley, Bridge st, Workington Shaftesbury

Travell, William Alfred, Gloucester, Shipbroker. Mar 22 at 11.30 at Henderson, BerkeHenry, James, Exeter, Grocer. Mar 23 at 11 at Craven's Hotel, Craven st, Strand. ley st, Gloucester Friend, Exeter

Trotter, William, Thornton Steward, York, Farmer. Mar 23 at 1 at Clay's Railway Hilditch, William, Liverpool, Provision Dealer. Mar 24 at 12 at Law Association Hotel, Romanby, Northallerton. Jefferson, Northallerton Rooms, Liverpool. Ashton and Jolliffe, Runcorn

Wadsworth, Janies Edward, Leeds, Wollen Manufacturer. Mar 22 at 3 at offices of Hill, Dudley, Oldswinford, Worcester, Horse Nail Maker. Mar 22 at 11 at offices of Middleton and Sons, Calverley chmbrs, Victoria sq Price, Stourbridge

Walker, Alfred, Sutton, Worcester,

Farmer. Mar 21 at 3 at Miller and Corbet, Church st, Hirst, John, Manchester, Builder. Mar 16 at 11 at offices of Williams, Manchester. Kidderminster Barron, Manchester

Walker, Caleb, Liverpool, Dealer in India Rubber Manufactures. Mar 29 at 2 at the Hirst, Samuel Tetley, Barnsley, Provision Merchant. Mar 27 at 2 at offices of Rideal, Law Association Rooms, Cook st, Liverpool. Forshaw and Hawkins, Harrington st, Barnsley

Liverrool Hodgson, John, Leeds, Picture Dealer. Mar 21 at 2 at offices of Pullan, Albion st, Walker, Frederick, sen, Swannington, Leicester, Farmor. Mar 24 at 3 at office of Wright, Leeds

Belvoir st, Leicester Hone, Henry, Adderbury, Oxford, General Dealer. Mar 24 at 3 at offices of Smith, Walton, Israel, Haslingden, Lancaster, Yarn Agent. Mar 24 at 3 at office of Addleshaw Banbury

and Warburton, Norfolk st, Manchester Howarth, James, Gauxholme, Lancaster, Farmer. Mar 23 at 2 at Mitre Hotel, Man- Ward, William Scott, Newtown, Montgomery, Licensed Victualler. Mar 23 at 2 at office chester. Eastwood, Todmorden

of Woosnam, the Bank, Newtown Howell, John, Bath, Úmbrella Maker. Mar 24 at 12 at office of Cowan, Henrietta st, Warne, Henry, Hunstanton, Norfolk, Grocer. Mar 22 at 12 at offices of Seppings, Hunt, George Clayton, Colcheth, Lancaster, Farmer, Mar 24 at 11 at office of Parker Weinstein, David, Birmingham, Draper, Mar 20 at 12 at offices of East, Temple st, and Stocks, Norfolk st, Manchester


White, Honry William, East Coatham, York, Grocer. Mar 16 at 12 at offices of Thomp. Hoggard, William, Barton upon Humbert, Lincoln, Shipwright. Mar 29 at 2 at office of son, High st, Redcar

Mason, Whitecross st, Barton upon Humber Witkers, Charles, Gt Ormond yd. Bloomsbury, Wheelwright. Mar 29 at 3 at offices of Holton, William, Highgate rd, Clerk. Mar 25 at 10.30 at office of Bridgford, Lincoln's Fitch, Bedford row

inn fields Wolfsbergen, Louis, Mile End rd, Butcher. Mar 20 at 12 at office of Pannell and Co, Houghton, James, Swansea, Engine Driver. Mar 27 at 12 at office of Farrington, Prin. Basinghall st. Cattlin, Wormwood st

cess st, Manchester Wood, Thomas, Ashton-under-Lyne, Hay and Straw Dealer. Mar 23 at 3 at offices of Hughes, James, and William Moore, Austy, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Mar 29 at 3 Nadin. King st, Manchester

at office of Hincks, Bowling Green st, Leicester Wright, Edward, Victoria rd, Tottenham, Builder, Mar 28 at 2 at South pl Hotel, South Hutton, Frank Bruxby, Crewe, Chester, Butcher, Mar 27 at 11 at Chetwode Arms, pl, Ficsbury. Barfield, Finsbury pavement

High Town, Crewe. Martin, Nantwich Yates, Henry, Hampton, Builder. Mar 29 at 3 at offices of Rowland, Clementis-inn, Ironmonger, Edward, Burton-upon, Trent, Commercial Traveller. Mar 28 at 2 at office Strand

of Drewry, High st, Burton-upen-Trent

Jalland, John Foster, Nottingham, out of business. Mar 29 at 3 at offices of Whitting. TUESDAY, March 14, 1882.

ham, Nottingham Armor, Richard, Llangynhafal, Denbigh, Farmer, Mar 27 at 2 at 24, Well st, Ruthin. Johnson, James, Worlaby, Lincoln, Farmer. Mar 28 at 11 at Angel Hotel, Brigg. Edwards

Mason, Barton-upon-Humber Arnell, William, Starcross, Devon, Tailor. Mar 25 at 11 at office of Southcott, Post Johnson, Samuel, Nottingham, Grocer. Mar 28 at 2 at offices of Russell and Co, Old Office st, Exeter

Jewry chmbrs. Cockayne, Nottingham Asher, Alfred, Leicester, Shopkeeper. Mar 29 at 3 at office of Bnckby, Gallowtree gate, Jones, Richard, Portmadoc, Carnarvon, Engineer. Mar 28 at 12 at offices of Alanson, Leicester

Bron Seiont Ashmore, John, Manchester, Joiner. Mar 30 at 3 at office of Gregory and Ramsdale, Jones, Thomas, Llangefni, Anglesey, out of business. Mar 29 at 1 at Bodorgan Arms, York st, Manchester, Tucker, Manchester

Bodorgan Station. Owen, Bangor Austen, Thomas, Rotherfield, Sussex, Licensed Victualler. Mar 31 at 4 at office of Russ, Jones, William, Holyhead, Anglesey, Butcher. Mar 30 at 10 at Holyhead Public Coffee Mount pleasant, Tunbridge Wells

House, Holyhead. Roberts, Holyhead Ayres, John, Princes Risborough, Bucks, Farmer. Mar 29 at 3 at office of Parrett, Jones, William, Llan, nr Llanelly, Clerk in Holy Orders. Mar 28 at 11 at 40, Thomas Aylesbury. Smeathman

st, Llanelly. Rees and Co Babbs, Richard, and Frederick Babbs, Castlemaine rd, Peckham. Builders. Mar 24 at Kent, William, Chesterton, Stafford, Grocer. Mar 28 at 3 at offices of Hollinshead and 3 at 145, Cheapside. Saunders and Co, King st, Cheapside

Moody, Tunstall Bakes, Robert, Roberttown, York, Innkeeper. Mar 27 at 11 at office of Clough, Railway Kenworthy, Charles Edward, Rochdale, Dyer. Apr 6 at 3 at offices of Molesworth, st, Cleckheaton

Rochdale Baldwin, James, Flaunden, Hert, Wheelwright. Mar 29 at 11.30 at office of Bullock Klussman, Ernest, New Swindon, Wilts, Tobacconist. Mar 23 at 12 at offices of Bradand Penny, Gt Berkhamstead

ford and Foote, New Swindon Balls, Edward Draper, Lowestoft, Suffolk, Licensed Victualler. Mar 30 at 12 at offices Lang, John Nicholas, Hoxton st, Hoxton, Boot Manufacturer. Mar 29 at 3 at Mason's of Seago and Son, High st, Lowestoft

Hall Tavern, Mason's avenue. Young, Newgate st Burgess, Robert William, Frating, Essex, Tailor. Mar 27 at 11 at offices of Goody and Little, Joseph, Carlisle, Wine Merchant. Mar 29 at 11 at office of Hodgson, the Courts, Son, North hill, Colchester

English st, Carlisle Burns, Thomas, Walsall, Stafford, Spring Bar Manufacturer. Mar 31 at 11.30 at offices Lobley, Benjamin, Morley, York, Cabinet Maker. Mar 28 at 2 at office of Butler and of Sheldon, High st, Wednesbury

Middlebrook, Park sq, Leeds Cattermoul, Henry, Albany st, Regent's Park, Fancy Salesman. Mar 26 at 12 at offices Lockwood, Thomas, Tunbridge Wells, out of business. Mar 27 at 11 at Guildhall Coffee of Sampson, Marylebone rd

house, Gresham st. Knocker, Sevenoaks Christmas, Charles Gilmore, and Sarah Jane Turner, Titchfield, Hants, Milliners and Long, Eliza, Shanklin, Boarding House keeper. Mar 27 at 12 at Bugle Hotel, Newport. Dressmakers. Mar 27 at 3 at office of Goble and Warner, Fareham

Morley, Cheapside Clarke, Joseph Frederick, Ramsgate, Gas Fitter. Mar 28 at 2 at High st, Ramsgate. Lowe, William Challand, Manchester, Greengrocer. Mar 30 at 3 at office of Stelfox, Mercer

Hilton st, Manchester. Tremewen, Manchester Clarke, Michael, Birmingham. Scrap Iron Dealer. Mar 25 at 11 at offices of Buller and Magoris, Henry, Hartlepool, Grocer. Mar 28 at 3 at office of Todd and Harrison, Town Bickley, Bennett's-hill, Birmingham

wall, Hartlepool Cobbe, Joseph Edward, Christchurch, Southampton, Photographer. Mar 28 at 1.30 at Martin, William. Tonbridge, out of business, Mar 23 at 2.30 at 2, East hill, Dartford. Anderton's Hotel, Fleet st. Sharp. Christchurch

Palmer, Tonbridge Colls, Henry, Lower Sloane st, Chelsea, Farrier. Mar 24 at 12 at offices of Harrison, Mathews, Richard, Compton, nr Newbury, Farmer. Mar 27 at 2 at Wheatsheaf Hotel, Pancras lane, Queen st

Reading. Lucas, Newbury Coxon, George, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Valuer. Mar 22 at 2 at office of Thomas and Matley, Abel, Deighton, nr Xuddersfield, Clerk. Apr 1 at 3.30 at office of Poole and Co, Co, Post Office chmbrs, St Nicholas sq. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Princess st, Manchester Crozier, Thomas, Hutton Cranswick, York, Farmer. Mar 25 at 10 at offices of Jennings Mottram, Charles, Clayton Bridge, nr Manchester, Brewer. Mar 28 at 3 at offices of and Co, Gt Driffield

Brett and Craven, Marchester Crump, William Charles, Woodford gn, Essex, Coal Dealer. Mar 23 at 3 at offices of Mulholland, William James, and William Clatworthy, Aldersgate st, Boot and Shoe Sydney, Guildhall chmbrs, Basinghall st

Factors. Mar 22 at 3 at 15, Broad st, Northampton, Betts, Southampton st, Cunningham, Edward, Leytonstone, Essex, Builder. Mar 22 at 12 at Swan Inn, Strat. Strand ford. Dewy, Mark lane

Newman, William, Landport, Hants, Baker. Mar 30 at 3 at offices of Casoy, St George's Davis, John.

Bitton, Gloucester, late Secretary to a Company. Mar 18 at 11 at offices sq, Portsea. Bramsdon, Portsea of Essery, Bristol

Nicholls, William Henry Marcellos, Piccadilly, Breeches Maker. Mar 30 at 2 at the Dean, George James, Upper Norwood, Surrey, Builder. Mar 27 at 3 at Masons' Hall offices of Bridger, Eastcheap Tavern, Basinghall st. Swain, Old Jewry

Odling, Eliza, Burwell, Lincoln, Innkeeper. Mar 29 at 12.30 at offices of Wood, New st Dewes, Henry, Nuneaton, Warwick, Solicitor. Mar 30 at 12 at offices of Hughes and chmbrs, Louth Masser, Coventry

Paget, Edward, Frisby-on-the-Wreake, Leicester, Licensed Victualler. Mar 27 at 3 at Dyer, Silas, Northampton, Grocer. Mar 24 at 3 at offices of Shoosmith, Newland, offices of Wright, Leicester Northampton

Payne, Joseph, Bedford, Plumber. Mar 28 at 12 at offices of Whyley and Piper, Dame Edmonds, Edwin, Wandsworth rd, Furniture Dealer. Mar 30 at 3 at 145, Cheapside.

Alice st, Bedford Van Sandau and Co

Pendle, George, and Charles Waite, Golden sq, Woollen Merchants. April 24 at 2 at the Emmerson, Hiram John, Hastings, Ironmonger. Mar 30 at 2 at Inns of Court Hotel, Law Institution, Chancery lane. Phelan, Lincoln's inn fields High Holborn. Letts Brothers, Bartlett's bldgs

Phillips, Lionel, Poole, Dorset, Provision Dealer. Mar 24 at 3 at Red Lion Hotel, Waro. Escott, Richard, Bridgewater, Somerset, Builder. Mar 21 at 11 at offices of Chapman, ham. Trevanion, Poole Bridgewater

Powers, Thomas, Basingstoke, Hants, Saddler. April 3 at 1 at offices of Webb and Lear, Evans, Walter, North Ormesby, York, Tailor. Mar 24 at 11 at offices of Robson, Lin. Cross st, Basingstoke thorpe rd, Middlesborough

Rath, Albert, and Emil Rath, Ely, Cambridge, Watchmakers. Mar 31 at 2 at the Bell Faux, Jane, Whittington, Norfolk, Grocer. Mar 30 at 12 at County court house, Down. Hotel, Ely. Rogers, Ely ham Market. Reed and Wayman, Downham Market

Rice, George, Portsea, cut of business. Mar 28 at 12 offices of Addison, Guildhall Fleck, Franz Philip, Elgin rd, Paddington, Baker and Confectioner. Mar 30 at 2 at chmbrs, Pembroke-road, Portsmouch Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Tilling, Bishopgate st Without

Rigby, James William, Preston, Weavers' Overlooker. Mar 30 at 3 at the Royal Oak Fountain, William Richard, High Wycombe, Bucks, out of business. Mar 24 at 2 at Hotel, Market st, Chorley, Catterall, Chorley 25, High st, High Wycombe. Rawson, Great Marlow

Roberts, Frederick George William, Milton-next-Gravesend, Grocer. Mar 27 at 3 at Foxon, John, Leicester, out of business. Mar 27 at 12 at offices of Harvey, Selborne offices of Mitchell, Windmill st, Gravesend bldgs, Millstone lane, Leicester

Rowe, George, Spennymoor, Durham, Grocer. Mar 24 at 12 at offices of Neilson and Freeman, Edward Joshua, Norwich, Commercial Traveller, Mar 27 at 12 at offices of Brown, John st, Sunderland. Brown, Sunderland Miller and Co, Bank chmbrs, Norwich

Russell, Thomas, Scarborough, Carriage Driver. Mar 25 at 11 at offices of Appleyard, Frickenhaus, Augustus, Old Broad st, Commission Agent. Mar 28 at 12 at offices of Newborough st, Scarborough James and Edwards, Coleman st. Orgill, Bedford row

Sellers, Matilda, Ashton on Ribble, Lancaster, Skip Manufacturer. Mar 27 at 3 at tho Gain, David, Seething lane, Butcher. Mar 29 at 2 at offices of Broad and Co, Queen st, County Court Offices, Winckley st, Preston. Edelston and Son, Preston Cheapside. Hepburn & Co, Bird-in-Hand ct, Cheapside

Selway, John, Ashwick, Somerset, Butcher. April 3 at 3 at offices of Nalder, High st, Garland, Elijah, and Attrobus Peter Jay, Bitton, Gloucester, Boot and Shoe Maker. Shepton Mallet Mar 21 at 12 at offices of Phillips, Small st,'Bristol. Nurse, Bristol

Smith, Walter, Gosport, Hants, Coal Merchant. Mar 27 at 11 at offices of Blake and Gembitzski, Samuel, Manchester, Tobacconist. Mar 24 at 3 at offices of Sampson, Reed, Portsea South King st, Manchester

Spencer, Robert, Batley, York, Rag Merchant. Mar 27 at 10 30 at offices of Law, Goldstone, George, Chelmsford, Essex, Painter. Mar 28 at 12 at offices of Whites and Batley Co, Budge row, Cannon st. Meggy, Chelmsford

Stratton, John Locke, and Philip Julian Curtis, Fenchurch st, Merchants. Apr 5 at 3 Goode, George Gower, Bedminster, Somerset, out of business. Mar 27 at 2 at offices of at offices of Cooper Brothers and Co, George st, Mansion House. Hollams and Co, Hobbs, Clare st, Bristol

Mincing lane Graham, William, Mundeville, Durham, Innkeeper. April 4 at 11 at offices of Wilkes Sumner, William, Harpur st, Theobald's rd, Estate Agent. Mar 27 at 3 at offices of and Wilkes, Northgate, Darlington

Child and Son, South sq, Gray's inn Groves, Elizabeth Alice, Manchester, Dealer in Smallwares. Mar 24 at 3 at offices of Sutcliffe, John, Oxenhope, nr Keighley, Fellmonger. Mar 28 at 2 at offices of Wright Grundy and Co, Booth st, Manchester

and Waterworth, Keighley Guiliani, Henry, Langham Hotel, Portland pl, no occupation. March 27 at 2 at offices Sutton, Julia Ellen, Dover, Licensed Vietualler. Apr 3 at 3 at Royal Oak Hotal, Dover. of Lindo and Co, Coleman st

Payn, Dover Hall, Benjamin, Huddersfield, Woollen Manufacturer. Mar 29 at 3 at offices of Fenton Tait, James, South Shields, Coffee Merchant. Mar 23 at 1 at offices of Hoyle and Co, and Co, Station st, Huddersfield

Newcastle upon Tyne Hall, Samuel, Oldham, Grocer. Mar 27 at 3 at offices of Buckley and Mattinson, Church Taylor, Augustine, Low Valley, nr Barnsley, Shop Keeper. Mar 28 at 11 at offices of lane, Oldham

Gray, Barnsley Hammond, John, Byfield, Northampton, Farmer. Mar 30 at 11 at the White Lion Hotel, Thompson, Joseph Ambrose, Middlesborough, Merchants. Mar 21 at 12 at offices of Banbury. Davies, Southam

offices of Green, Sunderland Hampson, Alfred, Fairfield, nr Manchester, out of business. Mar 27 at 3 at the King's Todd, George, Birmingham, out of business. Mar 26 at 10.30 at offices of O'Connor Arms Hotel, Spring gdns, Manchester. Garforth, Dukinfield

Bennett's hill, Birmingham Herris, Moses, Leeds, Slipper and Boot Manufacturer. Mar 27 at 11 at offices of Lodge Waddington, George, Leeds, Game Dealer. Mar 28 at 3 at offices of Granger and and Rhodes, Park row, Leeds

Raper, Bank st, Leeds Hayles, Henry, West Cowes, Isle of Wight, Oilman. Mar 30 at 11 at 35, Lugley st Wade, John, Westmeon, Hants, Postmaster. Mar 25 at 3 at offices of Adams and Co, Newport. Bittis, Newport

Jewry st, Winchester Hicks, Louisa, Bow rd, Hatter. Mar 23 at 3 at office of Mitchell, Thanet pl, Strand. Walker, Joseph, King's Norton, Worcester, Gardener. Mar 27 at 3 at offices of Jaques Harrison, Pancras lane

Temple row, Birmingham
Hirst, John Horsfall, Gildersome, York, Grocer. Mar 28 at 2 at office of Horner and Walsh, Joseph, Leverton st, Kentish Town, out of business. Mar 22 at 1 at Anderton's

Edmondson, Wood st, Wakefield
Hedges, Edwin Mortimer, Bristol, Carpenter. Mar 22 al 2 at office of Hobbs, Clare st, Welshman, Robert

Soden, and John Harris Welshman, Christchurch, Southampton,
Iroumongers, Mar 29 at 12,30 at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet st

.... 313

White, Henry Freshwater, Romford, Essex, Builder. Mar 27 at 11 at office of Haynes and Clifton, South st, Romford

CONTENTS. White, William Alfred, Gt Winchester st, Stock Broker. Mar 23 at 3 at office of Wether.

field and Son, Gresbam bldgs, Guildhall Willett, Abraham, Austy, Leicester, Boot Manufacturer. Mar 27 at 3 at office of Hincks Bowling Green st, Leicester


307 The Attorney-General y Gaskill Williams, John Lowther, Bristol, Draper. Mar 27 at 11 at office of Evans, Exchange The LIMIT TO THE DOCTRINE OF "TULK Ex parte Ward .................... 313 bldgs East, Bristol

303 In re Angove

314 Williams, William Francis, Birkenhead, Block Maker. Mar 27 at 2 at office of Knowles, THE BILLS OF SALE ACT AMENDMENT Marshall v. Schofield....

314 Cook st, Liverpool



............ 314 Wilson, Alfred, Calverley, York, Tailor. Mar 28 at 11 at office of Tunnicliffe, Market st, REVIEWS .........

........ 310 LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL ............ 315 Bradford


.... 310 LEGAL APPOINTMENTS ................ 316 Wilson, Richard Henry, Andover, Southampton, Coal Merchant. Mar 27 at 3 at Star CASES OF THE WEEK


317 and Garter Hotel, Andover

Mathias y. Yetts .....

311 | LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK .......... 317 Wren, John Charles, Rollo lane, Turnham Green, Grocer. Mar 29 at 11 at Lea's, The Ex parte Solomon


313 Lindens Oxford rd South, Gunnersbury

Wilkinson v. The Hull and Barnsley LEGAL NEWS

319 Wright, John, Crutched Friars, Licensed Victualler. Mar 25 at 12 at office of Rose-Innes Railway Company


319 and Co, Billiter House, Billiter st

Berry v. Keen

312 London GAZETTES, &C., &c..... 319

0 0

per week




Freehola, Copyhold, and Leasehold Investments in

Dwelling Houses of a moderate class, all situated in Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality,

thickly-populated localities where the demand is always

greatly in excess of the supply. with the excess of fat extracted. The Faculty pronounce “the most nutritious, per

MANUFACTURERS AND HOUSE FURNISHERS, fectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or

AUCTION, at the MART, Tokenhouse-yard, Bank, 200, 203, and 204, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, W. Supper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children."

E.C., on THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1892, at TWO o'clock Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. Estimates and Designs submitted free for entirely Fur.

precisely, in Fourteen Lots, as follows:Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits nishing Residences, Chambers, Offices, &c.

BERMONDSEY.-Five Freehold Houses, Nos. all palates, keeps beter in all climates, and is four times -PAINTING, DECORATING, & HOUSE REPAIRS.- 55 to 59, Salisbury-street, Jamaica-road, let


at per annum the strength of cocoas THICKENED yet WEAKRNED with starch. &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER than snch Mixtures. Carved Oak Furniture, Reproductions from Ancient The Colchester Arms Beer House (adjoin. Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful Designs, &c. Bedroom Furniture, including Bedstead and

ing), let on lease at

30 00 to a Breakfast Jup, costing less than a halfpenny. Bedding, from £7 10s. per set.

The Freehold Corner House, No 64, Mari. COCOATINA A LA VANILle is the most delicate, digestible,


gold-street, Jamaica-road, let at 12s. 6d.

32 10 0 cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is prohibited.

ROTHERHITHE.-Two Freehold Houses and

HEWETSON, THEXTON, & PEART, In tin packets at Is. Cd., 3s., 5s, 6d., &c., by Chemists

corner Plot of Building Land at the junction and Grocers.

200, 203, and 204, Tottenham Court-rood, London, W. of Swan-lane and Adam-street, estimated Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors,

40 00 N.B.-Household Furniture Warehoused or Removed

value per annum H. SCHWEITZER & CO 10, Adam-strect, London, W.C. on reasonable terms.

ALDGATE. -- Two Freehold Houses, Little


WAPPING.-Two Copyhold Tenements and


small Plot of Land, Hilliard's-court, Old An important Freehold Residential and Sporting Property,


36 80 with valuable beds of ironstone and other minerals, A detached Freehold Residence for occupation, and a

ST. GEORGE'S EAST. - Leasehold House, now being worked. With possession.

corner plot of Freehold Building Ground adjoining.

No. 4, Grove-street, Commercial-road, lease

21 years, ground-rent £3 3s. per annum, let CLARK, & CO., will SELL by AUCTION, at the

at 10s. per week

26 0 0 the Trustee under the will of the late G. E. Miller, MART, E.C., on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 1882, at TWO precisely, the WOODFORD HOUSE ESTATE, a Valuable Esq., to SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, on MONDAY,

STEPNEY.--11 long Leasehold Cottages, Nos.
FREEHOLD PROPERTY, comprising 712 acres of highly vionsly disposed of by private contract', the Detached
APRIL 3, at TWO precisely, in Two Lots (unless pre-

1 to 11, Ball's-buildings, White Horse-street,

lease 61 years, ground-rent £55, producing . 211 16 0 productive land, situate in the parishes of Woodford, FREEHOLD RESIDENCE known

PECKHAM.--Compact block of 17 long Lease. Twywell, and Cranford, five miles from Kettering, seven

hold Houses, Nos. 1 to 17, Clarkson's place, from Wellingborough, and within one mile of two stations delightfully situate in a retired spot in the Stanhope.

Carlton.grove, lease about 49 years, ground. on the Midland system, with a comfortable, stone-built road, within a few minutes' walk of the Hoe-street Station

rent £8t, producing per annum ..

412 0 0 mansion, containing three spacious reception rooms on the Great Eastern Railway. It contains five good bed

GREENWICH.-11 Leasehold Honses, No. 5, and 16 bed and dressing rooms, with adequate offices, hall, dining and drawing rooms, each about 17ft. by rooms, dressing room, two waterclosets, good entrance

Chester-street, Nos. 3 to 10, Carradock-street, stabling, outbuildings, and gardener's cottage, conserva12ft. 6in., one opening to a small greenhouse ; usual

and Nos. 1 and 2, Thornley-place, Marl. tory and pleasure grounds, good gardens, and a small offices and outhouses, a coach-house and stable, and

borough-street. Also a Leasehold Ground nndulating park surrounded by ornamental plantations. Three packs of hounds meet in the locality, and there are pretty garden of about one-third of an acre, planted with

Rent, of £3 per annum arising out of No. 8, well-grown trees; with immediate possession. And,

Chester-street, with the reversion to the last several noblemen's and gentlemen's seats in the imme: adjoining, a very eligible corner plot of Freehold Build

10 years of term, lease 40 years, ground-rent diate neighbourhood. Also three excellent farms, with ing Ground, having a return frontage to the Stanbope

£18 10s. per annum on the whole, let and two good homesteads and numerous buildings and cot

203 producing per annum ......

80 road of about 157ft. ; also with possession, tages. The estate posse-ses great mineral importance, the principal portion being underlaid by some of the To be viewed by orders only, to be had of Messrs. Ellis

£1,211 40 richest beds of iron ore and limestone in the county, which & Son. Printed particulars and conditions of sale to be are fully open to view, and are being vigorously worked had of Messrs. Fladgate, Smith, & Fladgate, Solicitors, May be viewed, and particnlars, &c., obtained on the under a lease granted at adequate royalties. The estate

40, Craven-street, Strand; at the Mart; and of Messrs. premises; of J. Harvou, Es1., Solicitor, 91, Cannoa. produces an income of about £2,800 per annum, including

Ellis & Son, Auctioneers and Estate Agents, 49, Fen. street, E.C.; H. J. Golden, Esq., Solicitor, Lime-street. the estimated value of the mansion." Also, in three sepa. church-street.

chambers, Lime-street, E.C.; the Auction Mart; and of rate lois, valuable accommodation lands, cottages, and

the Auctioneers, 81, Mile-end-road, E. outruildings, close to the village of Woodford.

LIMEHOUSE. Particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Walters, Deve.

SHOREDITCH. Yell, & Walters, Solicitors, 9, New-square, Lincoln's-inn,

Re Whitehead & Co. (Limited): In liquidation.-Import: To Trustees and others.--Valuable Freehold Ground-rents, W.C. ; Messrs. Hemsley & Hemsley, Solicitors, 5, Albany- ant Waterside Manufacturing Premises, with vacant conrtyard, Piccadilly, w.; Messrs. Green & Cheese, possession.

amounting to £300 6s. per annum. Solicitors, 2, Warwick-court, Chariug-cross, s.W.; T. H. Mart; and of Messrs. Farebrother, Ellis, Clark, & Co.,

SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, on MONDAY, house-yard, E.C., on MONDAY, APRIL 3, at TWO o clock

will SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, Token. 5 and 6, Lancaster-place, Strand, W.C., and 18, Old Broad

APRIL 3, at Two precisely (unless previously disposed precisely, in Thirteen Lots, Valuable FREEHOLD street, E.C. of by private contract), the capital PREMISES known as

GROUND-RENTS, amounting to £300 68. per annum,
Broadwater Wharf, most eligibly situate in the Limehouse fnlly secured upon property in the parish of St. Leonarl,
Cut and Thomas-street, Burdett-road, midway between

Shoreditch, with early reversion to the rack rentals,
TO Trustees and others.--Two-eighths of an Adventurer's
Limehouse and Burdett-road Railway Stations.

estimated at upwards of £2,200 per annum. Share, in 26 Lots, in this highly-important and lucrative 100ft., occupies nearly half an acre of ground, and comsesses frontages to both the canal and the street of over

Particulars and conditions of sale may be had of Messrs. trading corporation, producing a safe and constantly prises boiler house, workshop3, kiln house, a modern two

Masterman, Hughes, Masterman, & Rew, Solicitors, 59,

New Broad-street, E.C. ; at the Mart; and of the Auc. ench lot forming a valuable Freehold Estate, conferring bunt cottages, the whole forming most complete premises, tioneers, 37, Walbrook, E.J. votes for the counties of Hertford and Middlesex, and

standing in a situation the approaches to which, by road, affording to purchasers improving investments, unsurrail, and water, are unexceptionally convenient. Held on

passed by any other class of security.

ELLIS, ground-rent.
lease for an unexpired term of about 77 years at a low Specially for the sale of Literary Property, Murie, and


May be viewed by orders, to be had of Messrs. Ellis & W.C. MART, London, E.O., on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, Son. Particulars, plans, and conditions of sale to be had 1882, at Two o'clock precisely, TWO-EIGHTHS of an of T. Theobald, Esq., Chartered Accountant, 23, St.

ESSRS. PUTTICK & SIMPSON beg to ADVENTURER'S SHARE in the FREEHOLD ESTATES Swithin's-lane, E.C.; of Messrs. Ashurst, Morris, Crisp, and interest of the New River Company with its main & Co., Solicitors, 6, old Jewry; at the Mart; and of Messrs. the reception of all kinds of Literary and Art Property, watercourses, extensive reservoirs in and near the metro. Ellis & Son, Auctioneers and Surveyors, 49, Fenchurch.

Musical Collections, &c., intended for Sale by Auction. polis, landed and house property, ground-rents, buildings, strect.

Messrs. P. & S. feel assured that the necessary knowlerige wharves, privileges, commodities, and appurtenances (in

(gained only by long experience) and the extensive con. possession and expectant) of this historic corporation.

nection enjoyed by their firm will be a sufficient guarantee The income of the Company for the year 1881 was


to solicitors and others that such property entrusteil to £461,570, or about £20,000 in excess of that of 1880, and the

Desirable small Leasehold Investment.

their care will be arranged for sale in the most advantdividend on the 2-8ths Share now to be sold amounted to

tageous manner. £629 10s. for the year ending Christmas, 1881, showing a

ted by

Valuations for Probate or Legacy Duty, or for Public progressive increase of about 5 per cent. per annum.

the Trustee under the will of Mrs. Hellis, de. or Private Sale. Such revenue must still further increase, not only from ceased, to SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, on MON.

ESTABLISHED (IX PICCADILLY) 1791. the many building operations now being carried on in the DAY, APRIL 3, at TWO precisely, the commodious district supplied by the New River, but from the termina. tion of the ground and other teases of the Myddelton- cipal squares in the neighbourhood, standing in a bright HAMPTON & SONS make NO CHARGE

for inserting particulars in their FREE MONTHLY square Estate in about 23 years, when the rental value and healthy position, and very handy both for the ('ity

REGISTER of ESTATES, TOWN and COUNTRY will be greatly augmentrd. For the investment of trust and West.end; let to Mr. J. Thompson, an old tenant, at moneys and safe employment of capital this is infinitely the very moderate rent of £55 per annum, and held of the

HOUSES, Furnished or Unfurnished, or for Sale, to be

hed GRATIS at their Offices, or post-free for two stamps. superior to any other class of property. New River Company for an unexpired term of about 37

Published on the 1st of the month, and particulars for Particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Few & Co., years, at the low ground-rent of 65 per annum.

insertion should be sent not later than five days previous Solicitors. 19, Surry-street, Strand, W.C.; at the Mart, Printed particulars may be had of Messrs. Sedgefield &

to end of preceding month. E.C.,; and of Messrs. Farebrother, Ellis, Clark, & Co., Price, Solicitors, Abingdon, Berks; at the Mart; and of 5 and 6. Lancaster-place, Strand, W.C., and 18, Old Broad. Messrs. Ellis & son, Auctioneers and Estate Agents, 49,

Valuations for Probate and Transfer. Surveys. Fenchurch-street,

Estate and Auction Ofces, 8, Pall Mall East, S,W,

Barroushas Esger 30, Lincoln'ssimu-fields,"w.C. :'nt the VIESSRS, ELLIS & SON are directed to MESSRS: MASTERMAN, GIBBS, & CO.

It pos.

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street, E.C.

LONDON, MARCH 25, 1882.

causes :

to the Bill was the insertion, after clause 6, of the following CURRENT TOPICS.

clause :

“ A bill of sale by way of mortgage shall be void if the mortgagee is thereby

empowered to seize the goods assigned for any otber than the following THE STATEMENTS which have appeared with reference to the "(1.) If the mortgagor shall make default in payment of the sum or provisional approval by the Rule Committee of Judges of most of the sums of money thereby received at the time therein provided for payrecommendations of the Procedure Committee are, we believe, in

ment; the main correct, but until the new rules have been drafted and

(2.) If the mortgagor shall suffer the said goods or any of them to be

distrained for rent, rates, or taxes ; considered by the Rule Committee, it will be impossible to predicate “ (3.) If the mortgagor shall fraudulently remove or suffer the said goods, with any accuracy the result of their labours.

or any of them, to be removed from the premises ; “(4.) If the mortgagor shall not, without reasonable excuse, upon demand

in writing by the mortgagee, deliver to him his last receipts for rent,

rates, and taxes." IT IS IMPROBABLE that any of the Lords Justices of Appeal We presume that “ money thereby received" means the money will leave town for the spring circuits, the whole strength of the actually advanced by the mortgagor. It is to be hoped that the court being required to cope with the appeals, the Westminster very slipshod language of the clause will be amended, and that list of which is very lengthy.

“ produce” will be substituted for “deliver” in sub-clause (4); bút, with these amendments, we rather approve the object of

the clause; always, of course, taking for granted the advisaIT IS UNDERSTOOD that Mr. Justice CHITTY will again leave bility of protecting persons not under disability from the con

The bills of sale which it has his court to go circuit during a portion of the next Easter sequences of their own acts. Sittings, and that by a similar arrangement to that which took been the practice to make distressed farmers execute often place in January, the whole of the business of his court and give the money-lender power to enter and seize in case any part chambers will be transferred to Mr. Justice Kay, whose work of the stock is sold off or removed from the premises without will be undertaken by one of the judges of the Queen's Bench the written consent of the money-lender. Division.

A FIRM OF SOLICITORS write to the Times to complain that no

AN URBAN SANITARY AUTHORITY is not liable upon any connotice has been given of the removal to the Branch Bank of tract, executed or executory, involving an expenditure exceeding England at the Royal Courts of Justice of the suitors' boxes £50, unless the contract be under seal and subject to other which were formerly kept at the Bank of England. Our readers requisites, and this rule holds good although the urban authority should note that a strong room was prepared before the Branch is the effect of section 174 of the Public Health Act, 1875 (39

in question has had the whole benefit of such contract. Such Bank of England was established in the new building, and that all boxes of securities and other valuables in court are now to be & 39 Vict. c. 55), as expounded in the considered judgment found there, where the whole banking business of the Chancery in Young & Co. v. Corporation of Leamington on Saturday


of the Court of Appeal (BRETT, COTTON, and LINDLEY, L.JJ.) Division is now carried on.

last-a judgment which, whether it does or does not work injustice in the particular case which gave rise to it, we think

will be satisfactory in its general results. The facts were very THE BILLS OF SALE Act Amendment Bill has passed through complicated, but may be put shortly as follows:-In the year Committee in the House of Commons without any extensive 1876 the defendants had contracted by deed under seal for the alteration. Clause 8 has, we believe, been amended in the manner construction of waterworks for the town of Leamington, one of suggested by Mr. MELLOR, so as to impose a direct obligation on the stipulations of this contract being that in case the contractor the attesting solicitor to “ carefully explain to the grantor the should not push the works on, the engineer of the defendants nature and effect of the bill of sale, instead of merely requiring might employ other persons to finish his work. In 1878 the the solicitor to state in the attestation that this has been done. borough surveyor (who was appointed under seal) employed the The result of this alteration, which makes the validity of the bill plaintiffs by contract in writing to complete the waterworks, of sale depend on the sufficiency of the explanation given, will be and the plaintiffs having executed this contract, sued the that every solicitor who attests a bill of sale will be liable to be defendants for the agreed price. The defendants, however summoned to give evidence as to the nature of the explanation (who also, it should be stated, disputed their liability given by him to the grantor, and to undergo a somewhat similar to a considerable extent as a matter of fact), raised a defence in ordeal to that which the solicitor who attested the bill of sale in law upon section 174 of the Public Health Act, which enacts that Hill v. Kirkwood underwent at the hands of Vice-Chancellor every contract made by an urban authority, whereof the value or Malins. Mr. LEWIS Fry had an amendment on the paper to amount exceeds £50, shall be in writing, and sealed with the insert after clause 8 a provision that “no prosecution for any common seal of such authority.” A special case being stated by dereliction of duty by a solicitor under section 8 shall be instituted an arbitrator, a divisional court gave judgment for the defendants without the fiat of her Majesty's

Attorney-General,” but this does thereon, and this is the judgment which has now been unanimously not seem to have been moved. There were three different amend- affirmed. Looking to Hunt v Wimbledon Local Board (27 W. R. ments on the paper for reducing the limit below which bills of 123, L. R. 4C. P. D. 48), it is hard to see how the decision could have sale are to be prohibited from £50 to £20, but the Attorney- been otherwise, unless the Court of Appeal was prepared to disGeneral resisted the change, and the proposal was negatived regard its own very recent decision. But the decision, though no without a division. We are inclined to think that if this

pro- doubt a

strong one," seems to us to be correct in principle. As vision is to be made, it is better to insert the larger sum, otherwise was pointed out by LINDLEY, L.J., the section is advisedly inserted the practice, to which wereferred last week, of money-lenders advanc- in the statute for the benefit of the ratepayers, in order that the ing larger sums just over the statutory limit at increased rates of corporation may not vote away public money without due coninterest would be fostered. The most important addition made sideration, and without, by the publicity of their acts, affording

or of


an opportunity for their constituents to turn them out if they vote quent Act, however (17 & 18 Vict. c. 60, s. 3), extends the interaway public money improperly. Any other construction of the pretation clause of the first Act to mean “any domestic animal, section would lead to jobs without end, and if surveyors and whether of the kind or species particularly enumerated in clause engineers (who are generally not the most ignorant of men) choose 29” of that Act or not ; any other kind or species whatto do work for corporations without contracts “under seal,” so ever, and whether a quadruped or not.” Upon a careful conmuch the worse for them. It is worth while to point out that sideration of this enactment, we cannot think that it covers the Lord Justice BRETT said that his decision would have been the case of JUMBO ; for an elephant is not a domestic animal in this same even if the defendants had been a corporation pure and country, and could not become so; though it might, perhaps, be simple, not acting under statutory powers. This dictum conflicts otherwise in India. to some little extent with that of Lord HATHERLEY (when Lord Justice) in Crompton v. Varna Railway Company (L. R. 7 Ch. 562), who said that the arm of the court would be strong enough IN CONNECTION with Lord REDESDALE's Bill it may be to reach such cases when they should occur, but is in the main noticed that a Bill of a similar scope was brought into the House consistent with it. The question is one which will have to be con- of Commons by Sir EARDLEY Wilmor in a previous session of sidered by the House of Lords sooner or later, and perhaps an Parliament, but that all discussion upon it was stopped by Mr. appeal in Young v. Leamington Corporation may lead to the con- BRADLAUGH (who was then a sitting member) pointing out that sideration of it.

there had been an omission to comply with the Standing Order of the 30th of April, 1772," that no Bill relating to religion or the

alteration of the laws concerning religion be brought into the IN THE

NUMBER of the Law Reports will be House until the proposition shall have been first considered in a found a case of Harpham v. Shacklock, about which the committee of the whole House, and agreed unto by the House." intelligent reader cannot fail at first sight to discern some- There is no similar Standing Order of the House of Lords. thing mysterious. The defendant was

a solicitor, who in 1876 received £550 from the plaintiff, to be invested in a mortgage over certain copyhold lands, which had been legally mortgaged in 1850. The defendant spent the money

COPYHOLD ENFRANCHISEMENT. otherwise. Later in the year the lands were mortgaged for £150 A BILL has been introduced into the House of Commons by gage for £700, which, with other title deeds, he deposited with Mr. Waugh having for its object the ultimate extinction of cusgage for £700, which, with other title deeds, he deposited with tomary tenures. It is understood that the measure has received his bankers to secure an account. When this mortgage for £700 the sanction of the Copyhold Commissioners, and it is believed was negotiated the original mortgage of 1850 was paid off; but that the Government are disposed to support it. We assume the old conditional surrender in favour of the mortgagee that the object is one with which everyone, who is not either the remained unaffected. Disputes arising as to priority, the bankers lord or the steward of a manor, must sympathize, and the only persuaded the heir of the original mortgagee to be admitted matter we propose to discuss is the mode in which the Bill seeks under the old surrender, and then to surrender to them; hoping to carry out this object. to tack their charge to the legal estate thus obtained. The

It is proposed to enact that every lord admitting

or enrolling any curious point to wbich we desire to draw attention is the order in which these

person as tenant to any land after the 31st of December, 1883 incumbrancers

ranged. There is

(except where the admittance or enrolment takes place in conwonder that the bankers derived no advantage from their traffic with the legal estate, or that they were last on admittance or enrolment, or within twelve months afterwards,

sequence of the death of a lord), shall, either at the time of such the list. But there appears to be something odd in the fact that deliver to the person admitted or enrolled, or his attorney, if the defendant's mortgage- of which the benefit

, of course, passed he be admitted by attorney, a notice in writing that such land to the plaintiff, for whom the defendant was, in effect, a trustee shall be enfranchised. If the lord fails to deliver such notice, or, should have been placed before the mortgage of PriTCHARD & Co. having delivered it, fails to proceed with the enfranchisement, he It is expressly stated that when they took their mortgage they is debarred from claiming any fine, relief, or heriot on any subhad no notice of the dealings between the defendant and the plaintiff, by virtue of which the former became a trustee for the time afterwards enfranchise the lands on the same footing as

sequent admittance, and either he or the tenant may at any latter. And as they had done nothing to forfeit the priority in gards compensation, as if the enfranchisement had been effected time which they had actually obtained, it seems strange that they immediately after the admittance of the tenant first admitted after submitted so quietly to be postponed, and took no part in the December 31, 1883. But in this case, all the expenses of the enappeal by which the bankers vainly strove to mend their position. franchisement, " including the cost of the stamp and parchment It may be worth while to mention that the property was sufficient to satisfy the first two mortgages in full

, so that it made no fee or compensation, or other payment” (such costs being certified

or paper for the instrument of enfranchisement, and the steward's difference to PRITCHARD & Co. where they stood on the list so

by the Copyhold Commissioners to have been properly incurred), long as their place was not lower than second. It was upon these

are to be borne by the lord of the manor. grounds of indifference that they declined to appeal, not upon

Every notice of enfranchisement, either under this Act, or under the ground that they felt no doubt about the judgment which the Copyhold Acts, and whether given by the lord or by the gave them only the second place. We think this fact worth a tenant, is to be accompanied by a written offer to accept or public notice; because very curious consequences might be deduced from that part of the judgment in the absence of this give a sum of money for the enfranchisement of the land specified

in the notice, “and any offer so made shall not be capable of explanation.

retractation, and the person to whom such offer is addressed shall,

notwithstanding that his estate in the land or in the manor may IT HAS BEEN STATED that the secretary of the Society for the be only a limited estate, have power to accept such offer." If Prevention of Cruelty to Animals witnessed the caging of JUMBO, the offeree delivers to the offeror a written acceptance of the offer and expressed himself perfectly satisfied with the humane mode in within one month, the sum so offered and accepted is to be the which that operation was effected. We are pleased to learn that consideration to be paid for the enfranchisement. The penalty this is so, but must point out that under any circumstances it is for omitting to accompany the notice of enfranchisement with the very doubtful whether the worthy secretary would have had written offer is, that the party in default shall pay all costs incurred power to interfere. An elephant is not an “animal” within the by both parties in ascertaining the consideration; the penalty for interpretation clause of the Act 12 & 13 Vict. c. 92, “ for the refusing a reasonable offer is the liability to be ordered by the commore effectnal prevention of cruelty to animals," in which the missioners to pay all such costs, the amount of costs to be fixed in word animal (section 29) “ shall be taken to mean any horse, mare, each case by the commissioners. If, on any notice of enfranchisegelding, bull, ox, cow, heifer, steer, calf, mule, ass, sheep, lamb, ment, such offer is not made, or if the offer which is made is not hog, pig, sow, goat

, dog, cat, or any other domestic animal." accepted, the lord and tenant may, within three calendar months Nor is cruelty to animals any offence at common law. A subse- after delivery of notice of enfranchisement, agree in writing upon



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