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expenses of manageinent are just four per cent. Taking the premiom income and interest income you will find that is the amount, and if you look

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. into our office you will see ihat although we have good clerks we have few of them. Now I come to the point with reference to the loads, and I will make an appeal to our brother sharebolders that they should infloence a

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. little more certain business in the way of policier. I am going to divide

PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION. the loans into two classes, and first I will divide them in this way. The total amount of new business of 1881 is £389,991. Although the directors held on the 15:h and 16:h of February, 1882 :

The following cand dates were successful at the Preliminary Examination have brought us £12,000 the shareholders, I am sorry to say, have only brought £9,000, so I hope the shareholders in future will do a little more. Alams, William

Harper, Thomas Bishop Solicitors, not shareholdere, have brought us £88,000, the officers have sizlewood, Albert Percy

Harris, Herbert Henry brought £22,000, and I think they have done their duty fairly well. Other

Allen, Francis

Haslam, Thomas Penman offices, from wbom, of course, we get a good deal and give a good deal of

Allen, Reginald Lloyd

Hatton, Willian business, have brought us £91,000, and from other sources, publio and

Armstrong, Henry Tudor

Havelock, George Eric general, we have bad £35,000. I will divide the amount in another way

Ashton, Ernest

Havinden, Henry James into policies with loans and policies without loans, and we find the policies Astley, Henry D'Oyley Wolvey

Ashton, Henry Buxton Angier

Heath, Alfred Thomas with loads are £121,000, while the policies without loans are £268,000.

Henry, James Jocelyn Cog hill Thas the loans bring us a large amount of business, and inasmuch as Mr. Baines, Sidney Herbert

Badenoch, George

Herrtage, Alfred Robert Berridge tells me for the purposes of this calonlation you must exclude the Baker,' Joseph Jobn Vashon

Hewett, John Arthur Binford business coming from other offices, the result is that nearly one-half of oor

Heywood, G-orge William Barber, Frederick Wayne

Hindle, William Henry business is in connection with loang. A good life interest in a good estate with a policy connected with it is the best basiness we can have.

Barrat', William Percy

Hine, John

We have bitherto done this at the rate of five per cent., and probably when money gets Bate, Charles John Copeland

Barton, Claude Edward

Hogg, John Powell

Holden, Charles James tighter again we shall be able to command that amount." I may mention in

Beale, Harry Hibberd

Holmes, Frank Henry connection with this that the utmost care is given to our securities. There is a

Beaumont, Henry

Holt, William Edward standing committee, and once a year every security is gone throughin the most Besley, Ernest Wallace

Howard, John oarefol way. We bare books in wbich fall portioolars are entered, and I do Birkett, George Thomas

Howell, Stephen Nayler not think it is possible to have a more careful lending of our money on Blake, Alfred James securities, or of taking more care in their selections than we do. Apother

Hudson, Albert Edward Rose Blocksidge, William Henry

Hudson, Harry matter, and tbat is entirely a new one. We bave bad a new prospectos | Bloomer, William

Hughes, Altied Colingwood prepared during the last year, and those of you who have simply looked at Bockett, John Bradney

Irons, William the outside will not, I bope, fail to look in the inside. The number of Byce, Godfrey Hale

Jackman, Jame: Croome tables bas considerably inoreased. We have varied the manner in which Boyle, Ernest Patrick Charles

Jacobs, Lewis Dav.d Henriquez we offer terms to the public, and have introduoed ope op which my mind Bradbury, Benjamin Hall

James, Thomas William bas been for some time running. In the Law Life-in which I was iosared Bridge, llenry Sansum

Jarratt, William Otley before I became a shareholder in this offioe—wben a bonus is declared, it is Brown, Frederick

Jekyll, Arthur Joseph added to the policy, the premium is reduced, and that reduction goes Brown, Henry Harold

Jenkins, Robert Owen through the whole of the life. When the next term comes with a bonus Browne, Edwari Thomas

Jenkyn, Thomas Edward and a reduction, it operates on the reduction—and so on. But with us Brunyee, Robert Nathaniel

Judd, William Hubert hitberto, at the end of the five years—when the reduction has taken Burn, Roddam William

Kent, James George place—the premium goes on to its own old level agaio, to be reduced Byron, Christopher

Kinder, Alexander florace probably by the profit of the next five years ; but I much prefer Calvert, Tho nas Laud

King, Gerald a permanent premium redaction. We have now a table by which those Campion, Harold Gilmore

Kinsey, Pryce () ren who choose to take the profit in this way will bave the opt of doing Chapman, Frederick William

Kouzh, Edward Ernest 80. Mr. Berridge, who has to be our inspiration in such matters, tells us Churcher, Walter

Laycock, John Benjamin that our policies without profits were rather too near our policies with profits ; Clarke, James

Lear, Arthur James in other words, people were prevented from taking these because they seemed Clarke, John Bagram

Liddle, Mark Anthony 80 near the policies without profits. We bave reduced them slightly, and Clarke, Thomas

Lgbtfool, Ernest William have now a rate of premiums without profits, which we think are fuirer and Clifton, Harvey

Lister, Edwin better ones. If you look into the prospectus you will find other tables have Clinton, William James

Lister, Thomas Henry been added, and on the whole I believe there is no other office wbich gives so Cobb, Preston

Locke, Frederick Robert great a variety of modes of insuring life as we now do. I have said already Cobb, Reginald Julius

Lord, Arthur Edward something about the staff. You will remember that on a former occasion one Cohen, David

Mackpay, Alexander Jos'p'ı of son said we ought to pay our staff well. Every five years at least we have a Cole, Ralph Neville

Magoris, Henry complete revision of the whole staff, and we endeavour to do our duty by them ; | Corlett, William Ernest

Murriott, Frederick and whenever the time comes for our giving a further increase which they deserve, Cornish, John Batten

Mathews, Robert Edwin Ernest you may depend on it it will not be forgotten by the directors. There are Coulson, Harry

Middlemas, William few places in London which can compare with ours. Having made these few Cox, George

Middletrn, Frederic Sholto observations, I again repeat tbat I believe our figures can prove all that I have Cozens, Leonard John

Millar, James Percival said, and I would move the adoption of the report.

Daniel, John James Campbell

Milward, Etward Bickerton Mr. Beistowe.—I have great pleasure in seconding the adoption of the Davies, Morris Robert

Davies, Charles Frederick

Milward, Victor Grabam report, and after the full statement made by our chairman I think there is Dawson, Albert Edward

Morgan, Willium Arthur little I need add.

Mundell, Thomas Hodgeon Day, Francis Meredith

Munro, Granville Deives Jay The resolution, after some discussion, was then put and carried unani- Dodds, Charles Acton

Newby, John William mousls.

Drake, Charles Rivers

Nightingale, Frederick James Mr. Eiloart proposed the re-election of the retiring directors, the Hon. Duukerly, Charles William

Ochse, Albert Mr. Justice Denman, Mr. Staveley Hill, Mr. Bristowe, and Mr. Horace Dunn, Altert Edward

Ochse, Oscar Smith.

Duan, Cecil William

O den, Francis

Durant, Edward Cecil
Mr. BOODLE seconded the resolution which was carried.

Paliner, Hubert
Earle, Francis George

Parkyn, Alfred Howard
Mr. LEMON proposed the re-election of the retiring auditors, Mr. Bailey and Eddowes, Chas. Randolph B.

Paterson, William Hockin Mr. Pitcairn, which was duly seconded and carried.

Edell, John Frederick

Payo, Arthur Stransom Mr. J. H. JAMES proposed that the thanks of the meeting be presented to Edwards, George William

Pead, Charles Augustus the dir-ctors, and that the sum of £2,500, free of income tax, be voted to them Elger, Thomas John Henry

Pearce, Ernesi Johnson for their services during the past year.

Elli-, Edgar Macknay

Pearce, James Alfred
The r solution was seconded and carried.

Elmsall, Mansfeldt de Cardonnel Phillips, George Ingleton
Fardell, John

Pickering, Arthur Reginalil The Chairmax replied and said he had a pleasing duty to perform ; he bad Farman, Harold Augustus

Pierce, Henry Herbert already said wbat te thought of the staff; of Mr. Berridge it was impossible Flower, Ernest Francis Swan

Pierce, John Hamilton to speak too highly, and the board had the utmost confidence in him. Tbey Foster, Theodore

Pillers, Ernest James - had also an excellent staff. Ho had, therefore, much pleasure in proposing Fowden, John

Pilling, Charles Ernest a vote of thanks to Mr. Berridge and the staff for their services during the Fowler, Archibalj Robert

Plant, Norman past years,

French, John William

Plews, Robert Cunningham The resolutijo was seconded and cordially received.

Fry, Conrad P.

Plowman, Arthur Clement Fallalove, William Thomas

Porter, Charles Mr. BERRIDGE. - I beg to thank you for the kindness with which you have Gardiner, George Charles

Ramsden, Walter passed this resolution. It is now some years since we met with some little Germon, Richard Medland Banfill Rhodes, Abraham Robert Wint criticism, but it has always been friendly, and on behalf of myself and the Glover, Roger Richard

Richards, Frank Peet staff I beg to thank you.

Griffith, Robert Herbert

Ridley, Henry Douglas The meeting tben separated.

Gu-culte, Leonard John

Ridsdale, Jobin
Hall, Robert Michael

Rigden, William Attirood

Roberts, Charles Watkin

Thorp, Alfred Heary

moot in the negative:-—" A. administers a deadly poison to B., intending to Roberts, William Brereton Page

Tickle, Albert Etward

injure C. in B.'s estimation by making B. think that the poison was adminis. Robertson, Edgar Macdonald

Todd, Thomas Burland

tered ly C. B. is killed. Was A. righ!ly convicted of manslaughter ?" Robertson, Reginald

Tuppen, John Herbert

The opener was followed by Messrs. Cruodwell, Ruadle Levey, and Parsons, Robinson, Frederick Winder

Turner, George Holborn

who supported the negative view of the question, although upon different Robinson, John

Turner, Richard John

grounds. The affirmative was maintained by Mr. Lawson. The chairman Rockliff, George

Verley, Frank Louis

summed up, and upon the question beiog put to the meeting it was carried in Rockstro, Arthur

Vero, Harry

The negative nem. con. Rowlands, John William

Vise, Ambrose Edward

At the usual weekly meeting held at Clemeni's-inn Hall, on Wednesday, Russell, John Speke

Voysey, Herbert Annesley

March 15, Mr. A. D. Maclaren in the chair, Mr. Kains-Jackson moved, Sear, Merton Lane

Walker, Frederic Lake

“ That the belief that ghosts are seen objectively is sound." He was supSergeant, Bernard Gilpia

Walker, John Leopard

ported by Messrs. Rindle Levey, Bull, and Cook, and opposed by Messrs. Shacklock, William George

Walker, William

Edlin, Dawbaro, and Davies. The opener having replied, the chairman Sherratt, Walter

Ward, William

summed up, and, upon a division, the motion was declared carried by one Silcock, Frederick Woods

Watson, William

vote. Simpson, Francis Walter

Webb, Edward Hunter
Simpson, Harold
Welch, Winthrop Goodwin

Smallman, Henry Francis John

West, Walter Sellers Smith, Henry John

Weston, George Augustus

The Birmingham law students held their usual fornightly debate in the Smith, Reginald Ernest

Whately, Thomas Percival

Law Library, Bennett's-hill, on Tuesday, February 28, twenty-five members Smith, Thomas Henry

Widdop, John

being present. The chair was taken by J. Moore Bailey, Esq. The subject Sparrow, Henry Thomas

Widdowson, William Joseph

for the evening was, “In a contract for the bire of a specifio cbattel, is there Stabler, James William

Wilford, John Charles

any implied warranty as to its quality or condition 2 The case chiefly Stansfeld, Francis William

Wilkinson, William T.

relied upon was that of Robertson v. The Amazon Tug and lighterage Company, Stapley, Frederick Henry]

Williams, Ernest Goodnich

decided in the Court of Appeal in August last year. The speakers for the Stephens, John

Williams, Walter Charles

affirmative were Messrs. Cochrane, Clarke, and Ryland; and for the negative, Sutton, Joseph Harry

Messrs. A. L. J. Brown and Restall. The debate was decided in favour of the

Williamson, Walter Talbot, William Towers

Wood, Arthur Herbert

negative by a majority of five. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded Taylor, Charles Alfred Innes

Wright, Albert

the meeting. Taylor, Samuel White

Wright, Edgar Trafford
Terry, John Percival
Wyatt, Algernon Hugh

Thompson, Edward Mackenzie

Yarde, John Edward Whidborne Thompson, John Lord

Yewdall, Charles Edward

The ninth meeting of the session of this socieay was held on Tuo day evening, the 28th of February, at the Law Library, Cross-street, the chair being taken by Mr. J. K. Bradbury, barrister-at-law. The question

for discussion was as follows :-"For a loan of £100, a money-lender's charge LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY.

was £20 if the bill of sale was to be registered, and £40 if it was not. A Tuesday, February 28.—Mr. Bilney in the chair.—The subject for debate borrower agreed to pay the £40, and the money-lender promised not to registe., was, “ Ought capital, punishment to be abolished ?" The discussion was and a bill of sale was thereupon given for £140, the consideration stated opened by Mr. C. Bramley in the affirmative, and he was supported by being a present advance of $100. Is the consideration truly stated ?" The Messrs. Etherington, H. Mossop, T. Stevens, Bartlett, and Napier. The affirmative was opened by Mr. Gartside, and he was supported by Messrs. negative side of the question was supported by Messrs. A. Austin, Barker, Humphreys, Hargreaves, Peacock, Kayper, the hon. secretary, and Mr. Solly. Richardson, Harat, Lloyd Jones, and Pope. The

opener having replied, the For the negative there spoke Messrs. Howarth, Shaw, Wilson, and Hardman. question was put to the meeting, and decided in the negative bg twenty. The chairman summed up the arguments, and on the voting being taken, the two votes to five. There were thirty.five members present.

question was decided in the negative by a majority of fourteed. Members March 7.-Mr. Kirk in the chair. -Mr. Bilney was elected reporter in the present, 29; place of Mr. Spiers, who has been elected to the office of secretary: The whole evening, the 14th inst., at the Law Library, Cross-street, the chair being


The tentb meeting of the session of this society was held on Tuesday of the evening was employed in discussing business of the society. There by Mr.'j. M. Yates, barrister-at-law. The question for discussion was as were thirty-nine members present. The subject appointed for discussion next follows:-"A. sells 'B. 3,000 tons of coal at 10s. per ton, to be delivered in

Tuesday, the 14th inst., is “That women possessing the necessary property qualification in their own right ought to be admitted to the parliamentary fran- November, or equally over November, December, and January, at 6d. per ton

extra, A. offers

B. chise.” Mr. J. A. Neale is appointed to open the debate.

delivery of the whole in November, but Tuesday, March 14 - Mr. Kirk in the chair. - Messrs. William Austin, fails to accept any portion then, but claims delivery of 1,000 George Augustus Chichester May, and Joseph Sykes were duly elected

in December and 1,000 tops in January. Is he entitled to members of the society. The subject appointed for discussion was:

“ That

The affirmative delivery?"

was opened by Mr. Rayner, and he women possessing the necessary property qualification in their own right was supported by Messrs. C. R. Hardman and 'Rycroft

. For the negative qught to be admitted to the parliamentary franchise.” The debate was opened there spoke Messrs. Knight, Ogden, Clarke, Wilson, Coward, and Bircb. The by Mr. J. A. Neale in the affirmative, and, in the discussion which followed, chairman summed up the arguments, and, on the voting being taken, the he was supported by Messrs. R. Mossop, Sargeant, Lloyd Jones, C. E. Barry, question was decided in the negative bý a majority of sixteen. Members and Trotter. Messrs. Davies, Behan, J. Van Sommer, Strickland, G. B. Ellis, present, 38. and Graham spoke in favour of the negative. The opener having replied, a division took place which resulted in the question being negatived by a majority of four. Thirty members were present.




Mr. RICHARD GREEN MARSDEN, solicitor, of 20, Old Cavendish-street, At a meeting held at Clement’s-inn Hall, on Wednesday, February 22, Cavendish-square, W., and 15, Addison-gardens, Kensington, has been Mr. B. T. Bartrom in the chair, the Conveyancing Act, 1881, formed the appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of subject under discussion for the evening, which was opened in a very able Deeds by Married Women in and for the County of Middlesex and the manner by Mr. Robenstein, who, in the course of his speecb, drew attention Cities of London and Westminster. to some of the more prominent features of the Act. He thought the Aot Mr. John GEORGE Wilson, solicitor, of 60, Saddler-street, Durham, has was eminently calculated to fulfil the object for wbich it was intended, and been appointed by Mr. Robert Authony Burrell, of Fairthorne, near Botley, that it wonld be accepted by the profession, and universally adopted. The Hampshire, high sheriff of the county of Durban, as his Under-Sheriff. following gentlemen also spoke upon the subject :- Messrs. Jenks, Richard

Mr. EDWARD WILLIAM WORLLEDGE, solicitor, of Great Yarmouth, has BOD, Ashton Cross, Tillotson, Clarkson, and Paice. Mr. Rubenstein replied, been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of dealing with the arguments which had been brought forward in the course Judicature. of the discussion in detail. The chairman then put before the huose the following motion :-"That the Conveyancing Act, 1881, will be of material

Mr. WILLIAM HENRY TINSLEY, solicitor, of Dudley and Sedgley, has been benefit to the public and the profession,” which was carried nem. con.

A appointed a Commissioner to administer Oatbs in the Supreme Court of vote of thanks to Mr. Rubenstein was proposed by Mr. Shirley Stirley and

Judicature, seconded by Mr. Richardson. The total number of genılemen present was Mr. CHARLES Ford, solicitor, of 10, Howard-street, and Portsmouth, has forty-two.

been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of At a meeting held at Clement's-inn Hall on Wednesday, March 8, Mr. eeds by Married Women for the Counties of Middlesex, Surrey, and HampB. T. Bartrum in the chair, Mr. Rosher moved, “That the Government shire, and the Cities of London and Westminster. ought not to allow the Channel Tonnel to be made.” The bon. opener was Mr. MORRIS OWEN, solicitor, of Carnarvon, has been appointed a Notary supported by Messrs. Hutton, Shirley-Shirley, Parsons, and Blackwell, and Public for Carnarvon and district. opposed by Messrs. Spence, Bartrum, Bull, and Richardson. Mr. Rosher having replied, the chairman (Mr. Broun, in the absence of Mr. Bartrum) Mr. EDWARD LEADBITTER, solicitor (of the firm of Leadbitter, Harvey, & summed up, and the motion, having been put to the meeting, was declared Bigge), of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has been appointed, by the Duke of North. carried by a majority of two votes.

umberland, to be Steward of the Manor of Tynemouth. Mr. Leadbit:er was At a meeting held at the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, on Monday,

admitted a solicitor in 1860. March 13, Mr. D’A. B. Collyer in the chair, Mr. Shirley opened the following Mr. Tuomas HENRY Hewitt, solicitor (of the firm of Hewitt & Alexander),

of 27, Ely-, la e, has been appointed Clerk to the Commissioners of Income Tax for the Cty of Lindi n. Mr. Hewitt has been for several years solicitor

COMPANIES. to the con mis ionel 8. He was admitted in 1860. Mr. HENRY Edwin Kisbey, soliciter, of 106, Chearside, has been appointed

WINDING-UP NOTICES. Solic tor t) the Tramway and Omnibus Employés' Association. Mr. Kisbey was odaitted a solic'tor in 1876.


Mr. John Hill MUNDAY, solioitor (of the firm of Ellis & Mundey), of 19,

Swithin’s-lane, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking Excurs. MOUNT MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED: -Chitty, I has fixed Monday, the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the Counties of

LA CONCEPCION GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Kay, J, has, by an order dated Middlesex and Surrey and the Cities of London and Westminster,

Feb 4, appointed Thomas Stephen Evans, 5 and 6, Bucklersbury, to be official

liquidator Mr. JAMES CHAPMAN, solicitor, of Gresham-buildings, Basinghall-street, and LAMBERT, GRAT, & CO, LIMITED.-Kay, J, has, by an order dated Jan 23, appointed

James Waddell, 1, Queen Victoria st, to be official liquidator of Flumstead, his been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the


-By an order made by Hall, V.C., datei Mar 2, it was ordered that the voluntary

winding up of the company be continued, but subject to the supervision of the court. Mr. SYDNEY GATER WARNER, solici'or, of 6, Quality-court, Chancery-lane,

Bell and Co, Bow churchyard, agents for Woodhouse, Kingston upon Hull, solicitor has been appointed a Commi sioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court for the petitioner of Judicature.

[Gazette, Mar. 10. 1

ENGLISI AND FRENCH BANK, LIMITED.-By an order made by Hall, V.C., dated Mar 3, Mr. RICHARD WILLIAM GILLESPIE, solicitor (of the firm of Wilkinson

it was ordered that the bank be wound up; and that Norman Tronson, the provisional & Gillespie), of Walsall, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for

official liquidator, be continued until the appointment of an official liquidator of the Staffordshire for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women. company. Davis and Co, Coleman st, solicitors for the petitioner

NEW DENROSE TIN AND COPPER MINE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, Mr. WILLIAM MORGAN, solicitor, of Birmingham, has been appointed Hono

presented Mar 13, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on Mar 21. Campbell and

Co, Warwick st, Regent st, solicitors for the petitioner rary Solicitor to the Birmingham Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to

[Gazette, Mar. 14.] Animals, Mr. Morgan was admitted a solicitor in 1836.

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. Mr. BERNARD WAKE, solicitor, of Sheffield, has been elected President of ROMFORD, CANAL COMPANY.-Hall, v.c., has fixed Friday, Mar 24, at 12, at his

chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator the Sheffield Law Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Wake was admitted a

[Gazette, Mar. 14.] solicitor in 1845.


UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. Mr. WILLIAM ASCROFT, solicitor, of Preston, has been appointed a BOROUGT PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. Petition for winding up, Magistrate for that borough. Mr. Ascroft was admitted a solicitor in presented Mar 7, directed to be heard before Bristowe, V.O., at 11, Old sq, Lincoln's 1855.

inn, on Mar 20. W. and A. Ascroft, Preston, solicitors for the petitioner

[Gazette, Mar, 10.] Mr. THOMAS PRIESTMAN, solicitor, of Hull, bas been appointed Solicitor to

STANNARIES OF CORNWALL. the Hull School Board, in succession to Mr. Briggs Carlil), resigned. Mr.

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Priestman was admitted a solicitor in 1868.


Vice-Warden, dated Mar 9, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Hodge Mr. WILLIAM BREWIS Elsdon, solicitor (of the firm of Brewis, Elsdon, & and Co, Truro, agents for Paige and Co, Redruth, solicitors for the petitioner Dransfield), of Newcastle-upon-Týne, has been appointed Deputy Coroner for

[Gazette, Mar. 14.] the Southern Division of the county of Northumberland. Mr. Elsdon was

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. almitted a solicitor in 1869.

DENBIGI UXION SOCIETY, Cross Keys Inn, Denbigh. Mar 7

KYO AND ANNFIELD PLAIN PROVIDENT SOCIETY, Kyo, nr Annfield Plain, Durham, Mr. JOHN GEORGE Wilson, solicitor (of the firm of Wilson & Langley), Mar 8 of Durhamn, has been appointed by the high sheriff of Durham (Mr. Robert

[Gazette, Mar. 10.) Anthony Burrell) to be Under-Sheriff of that county for the ensuing year. WIDOW AND ORPIIAN INSTITUTION OR AUXILIARY FUND OF THE NATIONAL INDEPENMr. Wilson is an M.A. of Worcester College, Oxford. He was admitted &

DENT ORDER or ODDFELLOWs (Birmingham District), Red Lion Inn, Smallbrook st,

Birmingham, Mar 10 solicitor in 1876, and he is also clerk to the Brandon Local Board.

[Gazette, Mar. 14.] Mr. ALEXANDER Milne, solicitor, of Kendal, has been appointed by the high sheriff of Wescmorland (Mr. William Thompson) to be Under-Sheriff of that county for the ensuing year. Mr. Milne was admitted a solicitor in 1877.

LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK. Mr. EDWARD HOLME WOODCOCK, solicitor (of the firm of Part, Woodcock, Walmesley, & Hope), of Wigan, Southport, and Atherton, has been appointed

HOUSE OF LORDS. by the high sheriff of Lancashire (Mr. George McCorquodale) to be Under

March 9.-Bills Read a Second Time. Sheriff of that county for the ensuing year. Mr. Woodcock was admitted a solicitor in 1868. He is clerk to the county magistrates at Wigan, and

Brimstone Saltings Reclamacion ; Consolidated Fund (NJ. 1). registrar of the Wigan County Court.

Bill Read a Third Time, Mr. JOHN STUCK BARNES, solicitor, of Colchester, bas been appointed by

Postcards (Reply). the high sheriff of Essex (Mr. Hentor John Gurdon Rebow) to be Under

March 10.-Bill Read a Second Time. Sheriff of that county for the ensuing year. Mr. Barnes was admitted a

Slato Mines (Gunpowder). solicitor in 1834. He is clerk of the peace for Colchester, and registrar to

Bill Read a Third Time. the Colchester County Court.

Consolidated Fund (No. 1). Mr. EDWARD MORGAN UNDERWOOD (of the firm of Knight & Underwood),

March 13.-Royal Assent. of Hereford, bas been appointed by the bigh sheriff of Herefordshire (Mr. Theophilus Wm. Lane) to be Under-Sheriff of that county for the ensuing (No. 1) Bill, and to the Postcards (Reply) Bill.

The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the Consolidatel Fund year. Mr. Underwood was admitted a solicitor in 1862,

March 14.-Bills in Committee. Mr. BRISCOE Hooper, solicitor and notary (of the firm of Hooper & Settlel Land ; Conveyancing (both passed through Committee). Wollen), of Torquay, has been appointed by the high sheriff of Devonshire Slate Miues (passed through Committee). (Mr. William Halliday) to be Under-Sheriff of that county for the ensuing year. Mr. Hooper was admitted a solicitor in 1851,

HOUSE OF COMMONS. Mr. ALPHEUS HENRY ROBOTHAM, solicitor, of Derby, has been appointed by the high sheriff of Derbysbire (Mr. Charles Edward Newton) to be

Bills Read a Second Time. Under-Sheriff of that county for the ensuing year.

Mr. Robotham was

Private Bills.--Easton Neston Mineral ; Towcester, Roade, and Oluey admitted a solicitor in 1857.

Junction Railway; Mersey Railway. Mr. NANABHAI Haridas, Government Pleader at Bombay, has been ap

Bill in Committee. pointed to act as a Judge of the High Court of Judicature at Bombay.

Boiler Explosions (passed through Committee). Mr. JOSEPH WILKINSON, solicitor (of the firm of Leeman, Wilkinson, &

New Bill. Leeman), of York, has been appointed Deputy Clerk of the Peacs for the East

Bill to declare and enact the law as to the rights of parishioners in respect Riding of Yorkshire. Mr. Wilkinson was admitted a solicitor in 1848. He

of their parish churches (Mr. A. GREY). is in partnership with Mr. Joseph Johnson Leeman, M.P. for York, and with

March 10.-Bills Read a Second Time. Mr. Frank eeman, and he is also towo clerk and clerk of the peace for PRIVATE Bills. -North London Suburban Tramway; London and South. the city of York.

Western Spring Water ; London Southern Tramways ; Metropolitan Commons Mr. Henry S. COLDICOTT, solicitor (of the firm of Coldicott & Son), of Supplemental; Metropolis Management, Building, and Floods Prevention Dudley, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the

Acts (Amendment). Supreme Court of Judicature. Mr. Coldicott was admitted in 1875.

New Bill.

Bill to amend the laws relating to turnpike roads in South Wales (Mr. Mr. John TALIESIN Davies, solicitor, of Neath, has been appointed a Dodson). Perpetual Commissioner for taking Acknowledgments of Married Women in

March 13.-Bills Read a Second Time. and for the counties of Brecknock and Glamorgan. Mr. Davies was admitted PRIVATE Bills.—Bromsgrove Gas ; Cranbrook and Paddock-wood Railway in 1870.

(Extension to Hawkhurst); Great Western Railway (No. 2); Northwich Gas ; South Eastern Railway (Various Powers) ; Welshpool and Llanfair Rilway | RURELE, John, Southend, Esses, Gentleman. Apr 18. Allen v Patmore, Bacon, V.C. (Abandopment) ; Wimbledon, Merion, and West Metropolitan Junction Rail.

Rooke, Lincoln's inn fields

SUNDERLAND, HENRY, Corringham, Lincoln, Farmer. Apr 15. Williams v Sunderland, way.

Hall, V.C. Ward, Lincoln
March 14.-Bills Read a Second Time.

TAYLOR, WILLIAM, Misterton, Nottingham, Farmer. Apr 22. Danby v Taylor, Fry, J.

Taylor, Epworth, Lincolnshire Private Bills.- Newcastle-upon-Tyne Improvement ; Oxford Gas ; TAYLOR, WILLIAM, St Leonards, Exeter, Esq. Apr 15. Taylor v Ley, Hall, V.C. Du Sution and London and South-Western Juuction Railway; Tilbury and

Cane, Gray's inn sq

TRASK, WILLIAM, jun, Swarraton Farm, Northington, Southampton, Farmer. Apr 15. Gravesend Tunnel Junction Railway ; Worcester and Broom Railway.

Trask v Trask, Hall, V.C. Stocken and Jupp, Lime st

WARD, Tuomas HENRY, Newcastle upon Tyne. Apr 5. Ward v Cummings, Bacon, V.C. March 15.- Bills Read a Second Time.

Hoyle, Newcastle upon Tyne PRIVATE BILL.-Newhaven Harbour.

[Gazette, Mar, 14.] Judgments (Inferior Courts). New Bills.

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. Bill to amend the law relating to parents (Sir J. LUBBOCK); Bill to alter


BACK, William, Great Bucksteep, Sussex, Esq. Mar 31. Harries and Co, Coleman si the incidence of the exp nors of School Boards and the period for the election

BAKER, RICHARD, Undy, Monmouth, Gent. April 8. Gustard, Usk of School Boards (Mr. RegiNALD YORKE).

Bowen, Rev WILLIAM WHEELER WEBB, Camrose Vicarage, Pembroke, Clerk. Mar 31.

Eaton-Evans and Williams, Haverfordwest
Brown, MARY, Spring Bank, Kingston upon Hull. April 11. Thorney, Hull
BURGESS, JOHN, Gloucester, Gent. Mar 31. Bretherton and Son, Gloucester
CARDELL, John, St Erth, Cornwall, Yeoman. April 15. Cornish, Penzance

CLARK, CHARLES, Stanford Rivers, Esses, Farmer. Aprill, Ingle and Co, Threadneedle

street Clive, GEORGE ARTHUR, Montford, Salop, Clerk in Holy Orders. Dlar 25. Salt and


COMPTON, WILLIAM, Hastings, Provision Merchant. April 6.

Parker and Ponsford,
Finsbury pavement

COOTE, MICHAEL, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, M.D. May 1. Smith, Ashby-dela-Zouch Culluu, WILLIAM, Camberwell rd, Builder. Mar 27. Guyatt v Cullum, Fry, J. Easton, CCBitt, BENJAMIN GOOCH, Epsom, Surrey, Gent. Mar 30. Keith and Co, Norwich Walworth rd

CUMMING, GEORGE, Stonefield st, Islington, Stock Jobber. April 3. Warburton and De DEAN, SAMUEL, Chester, Saddler. April 3. Deau v Wright, Hall, V.C. Bridgman and Paula, Finsbury circus Co, Chester

Dobson, SPAWFORTH, Scarborough, Gent. April 5. Kitching, Scarborough DELANOYDE, RICHARD, Aberystwith, Cardigan. Mar 25. Davies v Delahoyde, Hall, ELMS, HANNAH, Marshfield, Gloucester, April 6. Inman and Inman, Bath V.C. Hughes, Aberystwith

DENISON, John, Lincoln rd, Finchley, Gent. May l. Mote, Walbrook MARSHALL, THOMAS ALEXANDER, Parkhurst rd, Holloway, Gent. Mar 25. Marshall v GOVAN, ANDREW, Burton on Trent, Gent. April 1. Jennings and Co, Burton on Trent Maclaren, Fry, J. Hopwood, Chancery lane

JACKSON, William PABRY, Woolwich, Stationer. Mar 31. Chapman, Gresham bldgs, ORWIN, WILLIAM, New Whittington, near Chesterfield, Grocer. Mar 21. Goundry v Basinghall st Crwin, Bacon, V.C. Bunting, Chesterfield

Lawson, RICHARD, Falsgrave, Scarborough, Gent. April 5. Kitching, Scarborough PRICE, WILLIAM, and Henry PRICK, Drovers' Arms Inn, Builth, Brecon. Mar 25, OPENSHAW, JONATHAN, Bury, Gent. April 9. Woodcock, Bury Price v Price, Fry, J. Price, Builth

SAYEK, Frances, Scarsdale villas, Kensington. March 31. Barnes, Colchester PRYER, GEORGE, Old Broad st, Naval Architect. Mar 31. Pryer v Pryer, Hall, V.C. SMETHURST, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Preston. Mar 21. Dodd, Preston Wittey, Colchester

SPEAR, MALACHI, Wadebridge, Cornwall, Gent. April 12. Symons, Wadebridge RIHELL, Rev EdgCOUBE, Plymouth. April 10. Rimell v Rimell, Hall, V.C. Gidley, TURNER, CHARLES HENRY, Dawlish, Devon, Esq. April 22. Whidborne, Dawlish Plymouth

VEAL, HARRIET, Keynsham, Somerset. Mar 25. Burne and Rooke, Bath SAUNDERS, GEORGE, Wallingford, Berks, Auctioneer. Mar 24. Sevell v Fastnedge, WALKER, HENRY TORRENS, Weston super Mare, Colonel in the 25th King's Own Chitty, J. Field, Reading

Borderers. April 13. Dunster, Henrietta st, Cavendish sq [Gazette, Feb. 28.] WARE, JOSEPI, Preston, Innkeeper. April 15. Houghton and Myres, Preston

(Gazette, Feb, 28.] DAVIDGE, ROBERT, Hants, Farm Bailiff. April 8. Arnold v Arnold, Hall, V.C. Moore, Lymington

Booty, JAMES, Rochdale, Gent. May 1. Stott and Wallis, Rochdale HORSFORD, FREDERICK, Rotherham, York, Furnace Builder. April 17. Horsford v

CLARK, JAMES, Cambridge, Gardener. Mar 31. Wood and Co, Raymond bldgs, Gray's

inn Horsford, Hall, V.C. Bell, Sheffield Hudson, GEORGE SHERWOOD, Greenwich, Gent. May 4. Hudson v Hudson, Hall, V.C.

CROWLEY, JOIN LEATHAM, Wolverhampton, Gent. April 18. Thorne and Co, Wolver. Hine-Haycock and Bridgman. College hill

hampton HEGUES, HENRY NELSON, Rhosddu, Wrexham, Builder. Mar 31. Griffiths v Griffiths, DAVY, JOHN HENRY THOMAS, Walbrook, Merchant. April 15. Drake and Co, Rood Lewis, WALTER, Blaenavon, Monmouth, Relieving Officer. April 14. Ody v Harris, ETCHES,'EDWARD, Litchurch, Derby, Esq. April 1. Paddock and Son, Hanley

DENNEY, MATTHEW, Dalton-in-Furness, Gent. April 15. Remington, Ulverston Chitty, J. Browne, Abergavenny McLEEN, SAMUEL, Camden st, Islington green. Mar 20. McLeen v Pycke, Bacon, V.C.

FREEMAN, JOSEPH, Tollerton, York, Yeoman. April 15. Phillips, York Lickorish, Queen Victoria st

GIBBS, JOAN, Evesham, Worcester, Esq. May 1. New and Co, Evesham Norris, ARTHCE SNELLING, Little Gaddesden, Hertford, Farmer. Mar 25. Bunker v

HAINES, WILLIAM, Campden, Gloucester, Gent. Mar 29. Hancock and Heron, Shipston Rodwell, Bacon, V C. Grover, Hemel llempsted

on Stour READ, Joun, Woodlands, Isleworth, Gent. İlar 31. Galloway v Harris, Chitty, J.

HAMMOND, HARRIETT, Freshford, Somerset. April 19. Gill and Bush, Bath Briggs, Isleworth

HARTOPP, JANE MARY CRADOCK, Warwick sq, Pimlico. April 20. Harding, WestREDGROVE, GEORGE, Long Acre, Licensed Victualer. April 15. Redgrove v Redgrove,

minster chbre, Victoria st Fry, J. King, Martin's lane, Cannon st

HAWKINS, MATTHEW LAVERS, H.J.S. Hercules, Seaman. April 3. Poole and Co, REED, William, Mallison rd, Clapham. Var 21. Reed v Hobson, Bacon, V.C. Ballard, | HEAD, John, Ipswich, Engineer. April 21. Notcutt and Son, Ipswich

Chancery lane
Clifforil's inn, Fleet st
SAELDON, EDWARD PATTISON, Carlisle, Ironfounder. April 1. Nixon v Sheldon, Fry,

HEDGER, MARY ANN BUTT, Twickenham. April 10. Judge, Lincoln's inn fields J. Hough, Carlisle

HENRY, Emerson Wilson, Whitehaven, M.D. Mar 31. Atter, Whitehaven WARD, WILLIAM, The Lawn, Brixton hill, Esq. Mar 31. Ward v Kennedy, Chitty, J.

HAWORTU, ELLEN, St Helen's, Lancaster. May 1. Andsell and Son, St Helen's Neal, Old Jewry

JACKSON, JOHN, Padiham, Lancaster, Retired Wheelwright. April 1. Eastham, WILLIAMS, Rev Robert, Rhydycroseau, Salop. Mar 23.


Williams v Williams, Bacon, V.C. Longueville and Co, Oswestry

KEELING, SAMUEL, Rochester, Stafford, Esq. April 4. Paddock and Sons, Hanley

LAITY, THOMAS, Trerose, Mawnan, Cornwall, Farmer. April 8. Rogers, Falmouth [Gazette, Var. 3.]

LEWIS, HENRY, Green Meadow, Glamorgan, Esq. May 1. Williams, Cardiff CLARK, SARAH, Downham, Essex, April 12. Clark v Foster, Hall, V.C. Rooke and LIVING, JOHN HENRY, Croydon, Gent. June 1. Waller and Sons, Coleman st Sons, Lincoln's inn fields

MCNEILL, THEODOSIA, Exeter. Mar 31. Tweedie, Lincoln's ind fields CLARK, SIRAI, jun, Stock, Essex, April 12. Clark v Foster, Hall, V.C. Rooke and Notley, ELIZABETH, Stogumber, Somerset. April 1. Clarke and Lukin, Chard Sons, Lincoln's ina fields

PARKER, MARY AMIE CATHERINE, Lansdowne terr, Ealing. May 1. Johnsons and Co, MANNING, GEORGE, Melbourne, in the Colony of Victoria, Gold Digger. July 31, Austin Friars Manning v Stone, Chitty, J. Lewis, Ely pl, Holborn

POTTER, JAMES, Melksham, Wilts, Gent. Mar 31. Orford and Milne, Manchester MILLWARD, William, Dudley, Worcester, Builder. April 4. Napier v Millward, PRIDHAM, GEORGE, Plymouth, Gent. April 12. Hutchings, Devonport (hitty, J. Warmington, Dudley

PRIESTLEY, GEORGE, North Ferriby, York, Gent. May 1. Hill and Des Forges, Hull Robinson, WILLIAM, Old Swan, near Liverpool, Basketmaker. April 5. Barlow v Ralpy, MARY Anx, Redland, Bristol. Mar 22. Jefferies, Bristol Lewis, Chitty, J. Killey, Liverpool

RIDDLE, Sopria, Clifton, Bristol. April 30. Wise, Bristol Tut Y, Henry, East Barkwith, Lincoln, Farmer. Mar 30. Kent v Hibbitt, Hall, V.C. RILEY, WILLIAM, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Manager of a Print Works. Mar 22. Toynbee and Co. Lincoln

Hindle, Darwen WEATHERHEAD, GEORGE, Newcastle upon Tyne, Paper Stainer. April 12. Allison v SOWIER, HARRIETT, King's sq, St Luke's. April 5. Boulton and Co, Clerkenwell Moody, Chitty, J. Johnston, Newcastle upon Tyno

SPENCER, WILLIAM, Uttoxeter, Stafford, Gent. April 8. Morgan, Stafford

[Gazette, Mar. 7.1 STAINES, SARATI, Lower Haliford. April 13. Davies and Hunter, Sherborne lane Brown, John HolladAY, Bournemouth, Southampton, Gentleman. Apr 3. Brown v

THRUPP, HENRY WILLIAM, Tooley st, Merchant's Clerk. April 5. Watney and Co, Secbohm, Hall, V.C. Wootton and Son, Finsbury circus

Clement's lane CREW, Thomas, Christian Malford, Wilts, Cattle Dealer. Apr 12. Crew v Sla’e, Ilall, WALKEB, WILLIAM, Rochdale, Cotton Waste Dealer. May 1. Stott and Wallis, Rochdale.

TINKLER, GEORGE, Sileby, Leicester, Butcher. April 10. Stevenson and Son, Leicester. V.c. Pinniger and ('o, Chippenham GILBERT, Joachim, Beaminster, George Gentleman. Apr 17. Daniel v Mattlicws,

[Gazette, Mar. 3.] Hall, V.C. Leigh, Beaminster

ALLISON, HENRIETTA, Retford, Nottingham. April 4, Ranson and Nelson, Sunderland GILBERT SARAH, Baminster, Dorset. Apr 17. Daniel v Matthews, Hall, V.C. Leigh,

BOARDMAN, JAMES, Stamford, Lincoln, Retired Farmer. April 20. Sturton, Holbeach Beaminster

BRITTAIN, ELIZABETH CATHERINE, Clifton, Bristol. April 3. Brittans and Co, Bristol MANSEL, ROBERT STANLEY, Devonshire pl, Esq. Apr 5. Mansel v Preston, Bacon, V.C.

CHILD, HENRY, Paul's Bakehouse ct, Doctors' commons, Solicitor. April 4. Child,

Paul's Bakehouse ct, Doctors' commons
Steward, Lincoln's inn fields
WEBBER, Joun, Combe Florey, Somerset, Yeoman. Apr 12. Woolcott v Webber,

DAVENPORT, JOHN MARRIOTT, Oxford, Clerk of the Peace. May 1. Davenport, Oxford Chitty, J. Webber, jun, Furnival's inn

FITTON, Thomas, Halifax, Gent. April 8. Welsh, Huddersfield. WILKINSOY, JOHN, Chesterfield, Derby, Innkeeper. Apr 12. Chesterfield and North

FLETCHER, Thomas, Long Eaton, Derby, Lace Manufacturer. May 1. Burton and Co, Derbyshire Banking Company v Rollinson, Chilty, J. Marsden, Chesterfield

Nottingham WROATI, Mary, Truro, Cornwall. Apr 13. Wroath v Pascoe, Bacon, V.C. Cock,

Gerrar), Joux, Romford, Esses, Veterinary Surgeon, April 4. Lea, Furnival's inn, Truro

Holborn [Gazette, Mar. 10.)

GREENHILL, BENJAMIN CUFF, Knowle Hall, Bridgewater, Est. May l. Lovibond ancı

Son, Bridgewater
BALLS, Henry, Scarning, Norfolk, Gentleman. Apr 6. Larner y Girling, Chitty, J. IxGHAM, HENRY, Batley, York, Rag Dealer. April 6. Ibberson, Dewsbury
Belfrage, John st, Bedford row

JACKSON, EDWARD, Bowdon, Chester, Gent. May 15. Allen and Co, Manchester
Frere, HENRY TOBAs, Westboume, Sussex, Esq. Apr 4. Frere v Allen, Chitty, J. JAY, GEORGE HARVEY, Westbourne st, Hyde pk, Ës. April 3. Galsworthy, Old Jewry
Allen and Son, Carlisle st, Soho si

chambers Gooney, Joux, Frest Gate, Essex, Builder. Apr 12. Goodey v Goodey, Chitty, J. JONES, HESTER SUSANNAH, Fishguard, Pembroke. April 15. Price, Haverfordwest Sadgrove, Mark lane

JONES, THOMAS PHILIP, Liverpool, Cigar Maker, March 31. Levy, Liverpool MACDONALD, WILLIAM FERGUSON, Nesvmarket Cambridgeshire, Professional Jockey. LIGHTFOOT, Rev Nicholas Francis, Islip, Northampton, C'lerk, "May 15. Barnham Apr 8. Lane v Macdonald, Bacon, V.C. Barlow, Nottingham

and Henry, Wellingborough


[ocr errors]

MILLER, ANNE, Mansfield, Nottingham. April 15. Burton and Co, Nottingham
MONK, THOMAS, Garrick st, Govent Garden, Stock Jobber. May io. Macarthur and

Co, John st, Bedford row
RexdalL, WILLIAM, High st, Stoke Newington, Wheelwright. April 12. Sturt, Iron.

monger lane
SMITH, JOIN SAMUEL, Kingsford st, Kentish Town, Carpet Beater. April 11. Langley

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. and Gibbon, Great James st, Bedford row

ROTA O REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON SUVUERHAYS, ROBERT, Misterton, Somerset, Mason. April 10, Sparks and Blake,

COURT OF Crewkerne


Y, O. Bacon. V. C. HALL.

Thomas, CATHERINE, Swansea, Draper. March 24. Thomas, Taibach
WALSHAM, Rev Charles, Canon of York. June 1. Tidd-Pratt and Davies, Kington Monday, March.

20 Mr. Tee-dale Mr. Clowes Mr. King [Gazette, Mar. 7.] Tuesday

21 Farrer


Merivale Wednesday. 22 Teesdale


King ADDISON, Rev Canon BERKELEY, Newcastle upon Tyne, Clerk in Holy Orders. May 1. | Thursday

23 Farrer

Merivalo Mather and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne

24 Teesdale


King CHRISTIAN, JOHN ROBERT, Sway, nr Lymington, Southampton, Esq. April 15. Thom

25 Saturday.


Koe son and Edwards, Moorgate st

Merivale CLARK, MARY ESTIER, Piccadilly. April 8. Clark, St. Swithin's lane

Mr. Justico Mr. Justice Mr. Justice FOLKARD, FREDERICK, Blackfriars rd, Pawnbroker. April 29. Freemans and Dicker,


CHITTY. Gutter lane, Cheapside

Monday, March......... 20 Mr. Carriogion Mr. Jackson Nr. Pernburton FOXCROFT, MARGARET ANNE, Wilmslow, Chester, Drysalter. April 18. Doyle, Jan. Tuesday

21 Latham


Ward chester

22 Currington Jackson

Pemberton HADDOCK, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Potato Salesman. April 25. Makepeace, Birmingham Thursday

23 Latham


HabveY, JOHN FAGG, Wincheap, Canterbury. Aug 1. Downe, New im, Strand
KERSHAW, THOMAS BENTLEY, Camden rd, Coal Merchant. May 6. Chorley and Co,

24 Carrington


Pemberton Moorgate st

25 Lattam


Warà LEWIS, THOMAS, Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Boot and Shoe Maker. April 1. Williams,

MORTIMER, GEORGE, Edensor, Derby, Farmer. May 11. Taylor, Bakewell
MOSELEY, MARY, Mount pleasant, Islington. April 16. Debenham, I incoln's inn fields

PuGH-Johnson, MARGARET Ann, Llanerchydol, Montgomery. May 1. Harrison, March 22 - Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co, at the Mart, at 2,

Freehold and Leasehold Properties (se advertisements, Feb. 25, p. 4, Mr. 4, p. RBAD, JOAN SANDS, Fyning, Rogate, Sussex, Gent. April 29. Johnson and Son, Mid

4, Mar. 11, p. 4.) hurst REES, RICHARD, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Esc. April 1. Gabb and Walford, Aber

Mirch 22 – Messrn. EDWIN Fox & BOYSFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold

and L asebold Properties (see adverti-ement, Mar. 11, p. 4) gavenny ROBERTS, EMMA CHAMPION, Kensington gore. April 30. Webb Jand Co, Argyll street, March 23.-Mes-rs. Dale & Sox, at the Mart, at 2 , Freehold, Copyhold, Regent st

and Leaseholu Properties (s-e advertisement, this week, p. 322). SHARPE, GEORGE, Llanelly, Breconshire, Ironmaster, April 1. Gabb and Walford,

SHELLEY, ANNE, Withington, Lancaster. June 1. Jeans and Morgan, Manchester
SMITH, JAMES Hicks, Brewood, Stafford, Barrister at Law. April 24. Waterhouse,


TOMKINS, MARY ANN, North Malvern, Worcester. May 1. Humfrys, Hereford
WABD, THOMAS, Leeds, Builder. April 15. Middleton and Sons, Leeds

Jones.-Mar. 13, at Bryn-y-mor, Hastings, the wife of C. Davenport Jon's, WOLLASTON, CHARLES, Bury St Edmunds, Esq. June 7. Stevens, Queen Victoria st

solicitor, of a daughter. [Gazette, Mar, 10.1

Pearson'—Mar. 14, at Barrow-in-Furness, the wife of Henry Guencières Pear-
800, solicitor, of a sin.

BAIRD.-Mar. 15, at St. Aidan's, Fitzjuhu's-avenue, Hampstead, John Forster

Baird, of Bowmont-bill, Northumberland, harrister-2-14w, "ged 59.

Bushby.-- Jan. 19, at Hórshamn, V.ctoria, Wilfred Busaby, sol cttur, fi rmerly of

Liverpool, -ged 38.

Charles.- Mar. 3, at 17, Orsett-terraco, Hyde park, G orge Charles, barris erAt the Mansion House Police Court on Monday, Mr. William Warwick HOARE.-Mar. 11, at 80, Caversbam-road, N.W., Elward II oare, s licitor, ag d51.

ar-law, #ged 48. King attended before the Lord Mayor upon four summonses at the instance of the Incorporated Law Society, charging him with an infringement of the 12th section of the Attorneys and Solicitors Act, 1874, which providus that any person who willully and falsely pretended to be, or took or used

LONDON GAZETTES. any name, title, description, or addition implying that he was duly qualified to act as an altorney or solicitor, should be liable to a penalty not exceeding £10 for each offence. He pleaded “Guilty." Mr. C. 0.

Bankrupts. Humphreys, solicitor, who appeared for the society, stated that the defendant

FRIDAY, March 10, 1882.

Under the Bankruptcy set, 1869. had been practising as a solicitor at 68, Cheapside, and in the matter of a

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. bankruptoy proceeding against a Mr. Crresali he had signed and atteeted a

To Surrender in London. petition of the bankrupt, and made an affidavit and issuei notiope from his Bowden, John, Mark lane, Corn Factor. Pet Mar 7. Murray. Mar 21 at 11 offices in the capacity of a solicitor. The formal proof of qualification as a

Coulter, William Henry, Cambridge pl, Hyde pk, Builder. Pet Mar 6. Murray. Mar

24 at 11 solicitor was the production of a duly stamped certificate, which cos £9 a

To Surrender in the Country. year to London solicitors and less to those in the country. The defendant Allen, William Henry, Birmingham, Ironfounder. Pet Mar 6. Cole. Birmingham, had not taken out a certificate since 1878. The Incorporated Law Sociely Bartley, watace, Rainhill, Lancaster, Commercial Traveller. Pet Mar 8. Bellringer. had no animus whatever in the matter, but they had taken the case up as a

Liverpool, Mar 23 at 12 public duty. The Act was passed for the protection of the profession and Barton, Bethia, Werter rd, Putney. Pet Jan 17. Willoughby. Wandsworth, Mar 24 the public alike. He did not wish the court to impose a penalty of £10 for each of the four offences, but if Mr. King would undertake publiely to Beevor; Thomas William, Little Yarmouth, Suffolk, Miller. Pet Mar 7. Worlle:Ige. ceas9 practising until he obtained a certificate only one penalty would be Benns, Samuel Hewitt, Great Yarmouth, Farmer. Pet Mar 8. Worlledge. Great a ked for. Mr. King, the defendant, said he was willing to give that under- Yarmouth, Mar 24 at 12 taking, but, as his circumstances had been very bad of late, he asked the Hayes, Thomas, Nottingham, Grocer. Pet Mar 8. Patchitt. Nottingham, Mar 21 court to allow him time even to pay a fine of £10. He promised to pay that Hughes, William, Liverpool, Engineer. Pet Mar 0 Cooper. Liverpool, Mar 22 at 12 amount within two inonths. The Lord Mayor said it was quite clear that Isaac, George, Great Yarmoutli, Printer. Pet Mar 8. Worlledge. Great Yarmouth, the Act bad been infringed, not only in one instance, but continuously and systematically, and he was sure that the prosecution would not bave been

McFall, George, New Brighton, Chester, Slater. Pet Mar 7. Williams. Birkenhead, instituted without good cause. He fined ihe defendant £10 and 83. cos!s, Spendlove, Robert, and Joseph Spendlove, Nottingham, Tea Merchants. Pet Mar 6. with the alternative of six weeks' imprisonment. The fine was paid.

Patchitt. Nottingham, Mar 21 a: 3

TUESDAY, March 14, 1882.

Under ine Bankrupicy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London.

Castro, Richard, Fann st, Aldersgate st, Printer. Pet Mar 1. Murray. Mar 31 at 11 At the Stock and Share Auction Company's sale held on the 10th inst. at Kingham, George F., Bull and Mouth st. Pet Mar 9. Hazıitt. their sale-room, Crown-court.buildings, Old Broad-street, the following were

Stevenson, H. J., King's Arms yd, Moorgate st, Agent. Pet Mar 10. Pepys. Mar 29 amongst the prices obtained:-Ooregum Gold Mining $1 shares, 78.; North Trendell, A. J. R., Science and Art Department, South Kensington. Pet Mar 10, Pepy's. D'Eresby Mountain Lead £1 shares, 59. ; West Mostyn Coal and Iron shares,

Mar 29 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. 43.; Grogwinion Lead Mining shares, 10s. ; Organog Gold Mines shures, par ;

Gardner, Albert, Clifton ter, South Norwood, Builder. Pet Mar 10. Rowland, Croydon, Dieu Donne Gold Company shares, 1s. 6d.; Grey's Brewery £5 shares, £3 103. ; Mar 28 at 2 Kapanga Gold Mining Company of New Zealand, 5s. ; Indian Trevelyan Joseph, Michael, Birmingham, Merchant. Pet Mar 10. Cole. Birmingham, Mar 30 Gold Mining shares, 123. 60.; and other miscellaneous securities fetched fair

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. prices. At their sale held on the 14th inst. the following were amongst tha

TUESDAY, March 11, 1832. prices obtained :-Nundydroog Gold Mining £1 shares, 7s. 6d. ; Indian Orrom, George Edward, and Jabez Bunting Quilter, Brixton rd, Boot and Shoe Dealers. Trevelyan Gold Mining £1 shares, 12s. 6d.; British Electric Light £10 abarrs, £9 158. ; Rhodes Reef Gold Mining £1 shares, fully paid, 165. 31. ; Great

Liquidations by Arrangement. Northern Rails Ordinary Stock 125%; New Z-aland Kapanga Mines, 5s. ;


Friday, March 10, 1882. Woslwich Trams, £4 ; Aylesbury Dairies, £1 12s. 6d., and other miscellaneous Angrave, Henry Alfred, Forest Side, Nottingham, Şenoolmaster. Mar 22 at 1 at offices Becurities fetched fair pric-8.

of Dowson and Wright, Week-day Cross, Nottingham

Ashcroft, James, Preston, Hotel Keeper, Mar 23 at 11 at office of Fryer, Winckley sq, ÇKAPPTIS' DAYLIGHT REFLECTORS.- Manufactory, 69, Fleet-street.-[Adyr.]


at 11

Mar 21 at 3

Mar 22 at 10

Mar 29 at 11

at 12.30

at 2

Mar 11

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