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MaDobester or any snrroonding town) of the party applying under this seotion for probate, in the absence of the party, bat will not be received from any law stationer or other agent. The distriot registry will receive and send papers by post from and to a solioitor who baa no place of business at Manohester. We apprehend that a solicitor, when instructed, is entitled to make and charge against the estate a reasonable Bam for iLstractions, preparing the notice, and for attendances at the registry; snoh sum, with the fees and stamp duty when payable, being, of coarse, lees tbaTi the anm payable upon taxation to a solicitor who prepared the papers in the nenal way. Ab no practice has yet been established nor cases decided to gnide ns upon the last-mentioned point, we should mention that we base our views upon the faot that the resort to the Probate Court or Inland Revenue under this section is merely optional, and not compulsory; and that, as the principal registry has sanctioned the acceptance from solicitors of the prescribed notioe, it must be assumed that the solicitor is entitled to reasonable remuneration for his services, especially as the estate is benefited by being charged with a less anm than might have been charged bad the ordinary practice been adopted. In oar opinion it is desirable that some moderate earn should be suggested by the Manchester Law Society to the practitioners in Manchester and the vicinity as a reasonable and proper remuneration for services in snoh a case. We beg to suggest that for attendances upon the executor, perusing and considering the will, obtaining particulars as to the estate, preparing notice, attending the probate or Inland Revenue officer therewith, and attending for the grant when made, a reasonable and proper charge would be as follows—viz., Estates where the gross value does not exoeed £100—Manchester, 13a. 4d.; surrounding towns, 16s. 8d. Estates over £100 and not exoeeding £300— Manchester, £1 Is.; surrounding towns, £1 3s. 4d."

The Conveyancing and Law of Property Act, 18S1, whioh came into operation on January 1, 1882, promises to create a revolution in the whole practice of conveyancing, and is one of the most important Aots, as affecting the legal profession, whioh has been passed for many years. The Aot is divided into eighteen parts, and contains seventy-three sections, and its provisions are very extensive and important in their character, but as the text is doubtless already in the hands of most of our members it is cot necessary to attempt any recapitulation of them. The successful working of the measure will, however, no doubt depend in a great degree on the praotioal effect of the Aot next noticed and the orders to be made thereunder.

The Solicitors' Remuneration Act, 1881, whioh was again introduced into the House of Lords by Earl Cairns early in the session, was an improvement upon the one brought in the year before in several points as to whioh representations bad been made to Lord Cairns by the Incorporated Law Society and by yonr own, in common with other provinoial societies, and to which your committee referred in their last report. Sinoe the passing of the Aot the subject has been under the careful consideration of the Incorporated Law Society and the Associated Provinoial Law Societies, in preparation for which your committee prepared a report embodying their views, as instructions to their representatives at the meetings of the Associated Provincial Societies. Your committee have also exchanged views with, and bad conferences with, the Committee of the Liverpool Law Society with a view to harmonious action. Several meetings of the provincial law societies have been held, and conferences have taken place with the Council of the Incorporated Law Society, all of which have been attended by representatives from j our society, and your committee hope tbey will eventually result in the authorization of such a scale of remuneration as will be acceptable both to the profession and the public. The Associated Provincial Law Societies have passed a resolution in favour of the selection by the Lord Chancellor of the President of the Liverpool Society (Mr. Harvey) to be one of the body empowered to make general orders under the Act, and the Lord Chancellor having intimated his willingness to receive the views and wishes of the societies, a copy of the resolution has been transmitted to his lordship.

Civil Assize Arrangements in Lancashire.—As anticipated in the last annual report, the resolutions passed at the conference of law societies, held on December 22, 1880 (fee appendix to laBt year's report), recommending the establishment in populous districts of local centres of the High Court of Justice, with continuous sittings, were considered by the Associated Provincial Law Societies, and adopted by that body, and a committee was appointed to collect information and to report as to the best mode of oarrying the scheme into effect. This committee, on which your society was represented, having applied for certain particulars showing the necessity for the proposed scheme, part of which could only be obtained from the solicitors practising within the district proposed to be attached to Manchester as a local centre, your committee issued a circular to all the offices in the Hundred of Salford and those parte of Cheshire which are contiguous thereto, including Altrincham, Bowdon, Cheadle, Dukinfield, Macclesfield, and Stockport, amounting to 430 offices, asking for the particulars required; on the answers received the best estimates the nature of the case allowed were based, and the replies, of which a copy will be found in Appendix B., were forwarded to the Associated Provincial Law Societies, who subsequently reported that a stronger case can be made out for contitiuous sittings in the two centres of Manchester and Liverpool than (or any other part of the country, and they therefore recommended that the law societies of Manchester and Liverpool be invited to draw up a scheme for continuous sittings in the districts of tho Hundreds of Salford and West Derby, with Manchester and Liverpool as centres. The matter still forma the subject of communication between your committee and the Liverpool Society.

Legal Procedure.—On the appointment by the Lord Chancellor of a committee of judges and others to consider the rules and orders and the cost of legal procedure, your committee, with a view of securing to provinoial solicitors a voice on the committee, and aho of increasing the usefulness of the district registries, co-operated, though without success, with the Incorporated

Law Society of Liverpool, in the endeavODr to obtain the addition of the name of Mr. F. D. Lowndes (one of the Judicature Commissioners) to the committee. A letter embodying the views of your committee was subsequently prepared and forwarded for the consideration of the Procedure Committee. On the publication of the report a copy was at once forwarded by the secretary to your committee, by whom it was carefully considered, and a number of suggestions were drawn up for the consideration of a meeting of the Associated Provincial Law Societies, which was called to oonsider the question. The whole subject is at present under the consideration of that body and of the Incorporated Law Society.

Chancery of Lancashire.—On the occurrence of the vacancy in the office of Vice-Chancellor of Lancashire, on the death of Vice-Chancellor Little, a conference took place between your committee and that of the Liverpool Law Society as to the greater facilities required in consequence of tbe increased business of the court, and the advisability of the weekly sittings of the court being held in Liverpool and Manchester alternately, instead of in London, and a letter to the Chanoellor of the Ducby on the subject was agreed upon. After the appointment of Mr. H. Fox Brietowe, Q.C., communications ensued with respect to the arrangements of the court, and your committee de-ire to acknowledge the courtesy with which their suggestions have uniformly been received by the Vice-Chancellor. Mr. Bristowe has recently intimated his intention of residing in the neighbourhood of the County Palatine, and of holding weekly sittings in Liverpool and Manchester on alternate Mondays, for tbe disposal of motions and petitions and pressing applications. Your committee have also recently considered, and have, together witb tbe Liverpool Society, bad an interview with the Vice-Chancellor on the subject of a proposed Bill for farther improving the administration of justice in the court, by giving to it all the powers now vested in the Chancery Division of the High Court.


The thirty-third annual report of this Society contains the following statements :—

Although tbe olaims upon the funds for the past year have been unusually heavy, it is the pleasing duty of the committee to report that not only have all auoh claims been met out of tbe year's reoeiptp, bat—as will be seen on referenoe to the accounts—a considerable accumulation is cariied to oapital account, which now exoeeds £5,000. There has been a slight falling off in the amount of extraneous donations and subscriptions, but this the committee are not surprised at, considering the long-continued depression in all branches of industry. It is hoped, however, that as business improves the subscription list may be proportionately benefited. The sooiety has, daring the past year, lost three members and one member's wife by deatb, and six members have from various causes ceased membership. Ten new members have been admitted daring the year, whioh makes the number 160. One of the members who died daring the past year had at the time of his death been in receipt of superannuation allowanoe for ten years. He and his widow have had all tbe benefits whioh the sooiety affords for sickness, superannuation, and deatb, no less a anm than £315 having been so paid to them. Notwithstanding the various efforts made by the committee to bring the society and its objects prominently before the profession and their clerk?, it is still urged that this is not effectually done. To meet this objeotion in some measure the committe have sanctioned the printing of a calendar for 1882, for distribution in the various solicitors offices of Manchester and the neighbourhood.

We may add that, aooording to the accounts, the society possesses a General Fund, nearly all of whioh is invested, amounting to £5,165 13*. 9d.f and that the scale of entranoe fees and subscriptions adopted by the societyare as follows :—

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On the death of B free member's wife who has been registered on the society's books, a sum equal to one-half the sum allowed on the death of a free member aooordiDg to the preoedlDg soale, except that in no case Bhall the allowance on the death of a free member's wife exceed the sum of £15.

There shall be paid on the death of the widow of a member who has continued good on the booke of the sooiety, to the children or other representatives of Buoh widow, the sum of £10.



Mr. Richard Bowser, lolicitor (of the firm of Bo»ser & Jennings), of Bishop Auckland, died at Redcar on the 11th alt. Mr. Bowser was born in 1812, and was admitted a solicitor in 1833, and had practised for nearly fifty years at B shop Auckland, having been for some time in partnership with Mr. George William Jennings. He had a good private practice, and he was at the time of his death clerk to the magistrates at Bishop Auckland, and under-sheriff for the county of Durham. Mr. Bowser took a very active part in local business. He was for many yours chairman of the Bishop Auokland Local Board, and he was also a memher of the Bishop Auckland Burial Board, at-d churchwarden of St. Andrew's Parish.


Mr. CI ar'ej Marsh Lee, solicitor (the head of the firm of Lee, Houseman, & Powning^, of Salisbury, died on the 19th ult., after a long illness. Mr. Lee was bam in 1S16, anal was admitted a solicitor in 1844. He was formerly in partnership with Mr. Matthias Thomas lloddinc, but more reoently he was associated with Mr. Henry Houseman and Mr. William Charles Powning. About the year 1856 he succeeded Mr. Hodding as town clerk of Salisbury, but a few weeks ago the state of his health induced him to resign the office, and he was suoceeded by Mr. Powning. Mr. Lee was a perpetual commissioner for Wiltshire, and he wss also for many years clerk to the magistrates, and to the Commissioners of Land, Assessed, and Income Taxes for the city of Salisbury. He leaves a widow and four children. ,


Mr. George Leeman, solicitor (the bead of the firm of Leeman, Wilkinson, & Leeman), of York, many years M.P. for that city, died at Scarborough on the 25th nit. Mr. Leeman was born in 1809. He was originally a clerk in the office of Mr. Robert Anders .n, of York, solicitor, to whom he was subsequently articled, but he finished t is articles with Mr. John Smith, and he was admitted a solicitor in 1838. He *as formerly associated with Mr. William Fox Clarke, but more recently he was in partnership with Mr. Joseph Wilkinson, town clerk of York, and with his son, Mr. Joseph Johnson Leemao, M.P., who was admitted in 1865, and Mr. Frank Leeman, who wss admitted in 1880. Mr. Leeman was the head of one of the largest solicitor's offices in York. Nearly forty years ago he was appointed by Lord Wenlock to the clerkship of the peace for the East Riding of Yorkshire, which office he held until his death, and his firm were joint clerks to the Lieutenancy for the East Riding. He was for some time chairman of the North.Eastern Rail way Company, ana of the Yorkshire Banking Company, and he took an active part in political and municipal business. He was elected a town councillor for Castlegate Ward in 1S35, and one of the city aldermen in 18S0. He was Lord Mayor of York in 1853, and again in 1860 and in 1870. In 1865 he was elected M.P. for the city in the Liberal interest. He retired at the general election of 1868, but he was again returned in 1874, and at the last general election he retired in consequence of ill-health, the seat being filled by his eldest son. Mr. Leeman was a magistrate for the city of York, and one of the City Charity Trustees.

MR. EDWIN JAMES. Mr. Edwin James, formerly M.T. for Marylebone, and recorder of Brighton, died on the 5th inst. Mr. James was the son of Mr. John James, solicitor, seconda'y of the City of London, and was born in 1812. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1836, when he joined the Home Circuit His father's interest gave him an early introduction to business, and for many years be had an extensive junior practioe, both civil and criminal. In 1850 be received a silk gown, and rapidly obtained a good leading business, both in London and on circuit. Without any pretension to eloquence, or any deep knowledge of law, he was a zealous and discreet advooate, and a formidable cross-examiner, and he had always great influence with a jury. There were few celebrated cases in which he was not engaged. He was associated with the late Sir Alexander Cockburn for the prosecution in the Palmer «w«, and one of his most successful achievements was bis defenoe of Dr. Bernard on the charge of being implicated in Orsini'B conspiracy to murder the Emperor Napoleon. In 1855 he was appointed the first recorder of the borough of Brighton, and in 1859 he was elected M.P. for Marylebone in the Liberal interest. He was a steady supporter of Lord Palmerston, and he is understood to have been designated for the office of Solicitor-General. Unfortunately, in 1*61, certain grave charges of dishonesty induced him to resign his recordership aod his seat in Parliament, and he went to America, and for a short time practised at the bar of New York. In the meantime he was disbarred, and his patent as a Queen's Counsel was cancelled, and this led to his exclusion from the American bar. Since hit return to England an appeal to the judges against his disbarment had been unsuccessful, and he is understood to Uye been recently in very needy circumstances.


Mr. Alfred Benjamin Carpenter, solicitor, of DeveTeux-bulldings, Devereux-court, Temple, W.C., has'been appointed a Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Married Women under the Fines anl Ricuveries Act.

Mr. William Anthony Musgbave Sheriff, barrister, has been appointed Chief Justice nf the Colony of British Honduras. Mr. Sheriff was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity Term, 1867. He has been for several years Attorney-General of the Bahamas, and bus recently acted as Chief Justice of the latter colony.

Mr. Ormond Dkimmie Malcolm, Q.C. has bten appointed AttorneyGeneral for the Bahamas, in succession to Mr. Willian Anthony Mnsgrave Sheriff, who has been appointed Chief Justice of British Honduras. Mr. Malcolm is a Queen's Counsel for the colony of the Bahamas.

Mr. William Martin Baker, solicitor (of the firm of Montagu, Scott, & Baker), of No. 10, Gray's-inn-square, London, W.C., and Hatfield, Herts, has been appointed a Perpetual Gommis'ioner for taking Acknowledgments of Married Women in and for the Couoties of Middlesex and Herts, and the Cities and Liberties of London and Westminster. Mr. Baker was admitted in Trinity Term, 1871.

Mr. Charles Edward Beal, solicitor (of the firm of Beal & de Soyres), of 30, Regent-ttreet, Westminster, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. Mr. Baal was admitted in December, 1875.

Mr. Edmjnd Whitelock Reeves, solicitor, of 11, New-court, Carey-street, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. Ivor Evans, solioitor, of Cardigan, has been appointed Clerk to the Cardigan School Board. Mr. Evans was admitted a solicitor in 1872.

Mr. George Graham White, junior, solicitor (of the firm of White, Dingley, & White), of Launceston, has been appointed Clerk to the Launceston Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, on the resignation of his partner, Mr. John DiDgley. Mr. White was admitted a solicitor in 1878. His father and partner, Mr. George Graham White, senior, is registrar of the Launceston County Court.

Mr. Hcoh Vadohan Thomas, solicitor, of Rhayader, has been eleoted Coroner for the Western Division of Radnorshire. Mr. Thomas was admitted a solicitor in 1876.

Mr. Charles Dauncey, solicitor, of Newport and Tredegar, has been appointed Clerk to the Bedwellty School Board. Mr. Dauncey was admitted a solicitor in 1680.

Mr. Frank William Stone, solicitor (of the firm of Stone & Simpson), of Tunbridge Wells, has been appointed Registrar of the Tunbridge Wells County Court (Circuit No. 48), in succession to Mr. William Charles Cripps, deceased. Mr. Stone was admitted a solicitor in 1862.

Mr. Adolpuus Gboroe Charles Liddell, barrister, who has been appointed Secretary to the Royal Commission on Reformatory and Industrial Schools, is the son of the Hon. Sir Adolphus Liddell, K.O.B., Q.C, Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department. He was born in 1847, and he is a graduate of Balliol College, Oxford. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1872, and he practises on the North-Eastern Circuit, and at the Durham, Northumberland, and Newcastle Sessions. Mr. Liddell was secretary to the Royal Commission on Unreformed Municipal Corporations.

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. George Fletcher Jones and Charles Anqelo Russ, solicitors, 63, King William-street (Fletcher Jones & Russ). Feb. 27. [Qazttte, Mar. 7.]


Joint Stock Companies.
Limitsi) In Chahcbky.

Anglo-russian Iron And Tiir Plati Manufacturing Company, Limited.—By an order made by Chitty, J, dated Feb 24, it was ordered that tho voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Walker and Mewburn-Walker, Fornival'a inn, solicitors for the company

Babby'b Condensed Soups And Food Company, Limited.—Chitty, J, has flxed Mar 13, at II, at his chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator

English Mount Manufacturing Company, Limited.—By an order made by Chitty, J dated Feb 21, it was ordered that tho company be wound up. Ingle and Co, solicitors for the petitioner

Fibb Rb-inburancb Corpobation, Limited.—Petition for winding tip, presented Feb 27, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Mar 11. Kimbor, Walbrook, solicitor for the petitioners

Furxess Papbb Compajty, Limitbd.—Bacon, V.C., hue, by an order dated Feb 23, appointed John Gelderd, Ulverston, to be official liquidator

Gband Dpchrbs Siltbr, Lbad, And Barytbs MixIng Company, Limited.—Hall, V.C., has fixed Monday, Mar 13, at 12, at his chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator

Gbosvinob Stores, Limitbd.—Petition far winding up, presented Feb 27,directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on Mar 17. Harwood and Stephenson, Lombard st, solicitors for the petitioner

Vaow Colllbry Company, Limitbd.—Bacou, V.C., has, by an order dated Feb 24, appointed William Williams, Salop rd, Oswestry, to be official liquidator

Wala Wtnaad Indian Gold Mining Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Feb 28, directed to bo heard before Chitty, J, on Mar 11. Abrahams and Co, Old Jewry, solicitors for the petitioner

[Gazette, Mar. 3.1

Favkrsham Brickfields Company, Limited.—Kay, J, has, by an order dated Jan 27, appointed Horace Woodburn Kirby, 4, Coleman at, to be official liquidator

New Callao, Limited.—Potition for winding up, presented Mar 6, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Mar 18. Greenfield and Abbott, Queen Victoria st, solicitors for the petitioner

Sonoba Compact, Limited.—Chitty, J, has fixed "Wednesday, Mar 15, at 11, at his

chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator Swiss Unsweetened Pure Milk Company, Limited.—Chitty, J, has, by an ordor dated

Jan 14, appointed Mr. Edgar Ashworth Harvey, 8, Old Jewry, to bo official liquidator.

Creditors aro required, on or before April 19, to send thoir names and addresses, and

the particulars of their debts or claims, to the above

[Gazette, Mar. 7.]

Uiclimited iir Chancery. City Of Chistir Bbitepit Building Society.—Petition for winding up, presented Mar

1, directed to bo heard before Bacon, V.C., on Saturday, Mar 11. Langley and

Gibbon, Great James st, Bedford row, solicitors for the petitioner Romford Caital Company.—By an order made by Hall, V.C., dated Feb 24, it was

ordered that the company bo wound np. Haynes and Clifton, Romford, solicitors

(the petitioners in person)

[Gazette, Mar. 3.]

Friendly Societies Dissolved. Blub Sisters' Friendly Society, Royal Arms Inn, Llanerth st, Newport, Monmouth. Feb 2S

Gloucester Carlton Sick Benefit Friendly Society, East End Wine Vaults, Gloucester. Feb 24

South Hains Independent Fbisndly Society, Public Rooms, Kingsbridge, Devon. Feb 28

[Gazette, Mar. 3.J

Hope And Anchor Friendly Society, 24, St Anne st, Livorpool. Mar 2

[Gazette, Mar. 7.]



March 2.—Bills Read a Second Time. Private Bills.—Sawley, Harrington, and Shardlow (Cavendish) Bridges; Manchester and Milford Railway; Pontypridd, Caerphilly, and Newport Kul

lost Cards (Reply).

March &.—Bills Read a Second Time. Private Bill.— Rliondda and Swansea Bay Railway.

March 6.—Bills Read a Second Time. Private Bills.—Wrexham, Mold, and Connah's Quay Railway (Extensions aod Dock) ; Queenstown Water; Great Western Railway (No. 1); Alexandra (Newport) Dock; Carlisle Citadel Station; Whitland, Cronware, and Pendine Railway.

BUI Read a First Time. Slate Mines (Gunpowder).

March 7.—Bills Read a Second Time. Pbivate Bill.—Thames and Severn Canal (Railways). Settled L»nd; Conveyancing; Married Women's Property.

Bill in Committee. Post Cards (Reply) (passed turough Committee).

New BUI.

Parliamentary Oaths (Lord Redesdale).

HOUSE OF COMMONS. Marob 2.—Bills Read a Second Time. Private Bills.—Great Northern Railway; Metropolitan District Railway. Mnnioipal Corporations; Consolidated Fond (No. 1).

Bills in Committee. Boiler Explosions (passed throngh Committee); Slate Mines (Gunpowder) (passed tbrongh Committee).

New Bill.

Bill to prohibit the sale of intoxioating liquors on Sunday in Cornwall (Mr. A. Vivian).

March 3.—Bills Bead a Second Time. Private Bills.—Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway and Cheshire Li Lob; Northampton Corporation.

Bills in Committee. Consolidated Fnnd (No. 1) (passed tbrongh Committee); Boiler Explosions.

Bill Bead a Third Time. Plate Mines (Gunpowder).

March 6.—Bills Bead a Second Time. Private Bills.—Asoot, Windsor, and Aldershot J a no lion Railways; Brighton District Tramways; Didcot, Newbury, and Southampton Junotion Railway ; Gravesend Railway; Great Eastern Railway ; Hull, BarLsley, and West Riding Junotion Railway and Dock (HuddersfielJ, &o.) ; Hull, Barnsley, and West Riding Junction Railway and Dock (Interest); Ipswich TramwayB (Extensions) ; London and Soutb-Western and Metropolitan Distriot Railway Companies (Kingston and London Railway); Metropolitan and Distriot Railways (City Lines and Extensions); Metropolitan Railway; Millwall Dock; Southport and Cheshire Lines Extension Railway; Sutton

and London and Soutb-Western Junotion Railway; Swansea Tramways Extensions; Wimbledon, Mertoo, and West Metropolitan Junotion Railway; Acorington Branch Canal; Rugby Gas.

New Bill.

Bill to amend the Places of Worship Sites Act, 1873 (Mr. Summers).

March 7.—Bills Bead a Second Time. Private Bills.—Cleator and Workington Junction Railway; Hounslow and Metropolitan Railway (Twickenham Extension) ; Liverpool Tramways; South London Tramways; Swindon and Cheltenham Extension Railway; Swindon, Marlborough, and Andover Railway; Accrington Extension and Improvement; Blackburn Improvement; Bolton Improvement; Central Northumberland Railway; Chadderton Improvement; East and West Yorkshire Union Railways; Exmouth Gas; Manchester Corporation; NorthEastern Railway (Additional Powers) ; Padiham and Hapton Local Board; Regent's Canal, &c., Railway.

March 8.—Bills Bead a Second Time. Private Bill.—Maidstone and Ashford Railway. Criminal Law Amendment ; Criminal Procedure.

Bill Bead a Third Time. Private Bill.—Pilotage Provisional Order (Tees).

New Bill.

Bill to amend the law relating to the interment of any person found felo de se (Viscount Edrinoton).


CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. LAST DAY OF PROOF. Baldwin, John, York, General Dealer. Mar 13. Baldwin v Baldwin, Fry, J. Carr, Leeds

Barber, John, .Tewkes, Knighton-on-Teine, Worcester, EBq. Mar 31. Christie v

Sweet, Hall, VC. Norris and Miles, Tenbury Barnard, John, Springhall, 8awbridgeworth, Hertford, Esq. Mar 17. Burton v Barnard, Chitty, J. Ackland, Sawbridgeworth Blount, Sir Edward, Mawley Hall, Salop, Bart. Mar 14. Blount v Blount, Chitty, J.

Norris and Gordon, Bedford row Bradshaw, Eliza, Billington, neor Leighton Buzzard. Mar 14. Britain v Bradshaw,

Chitty, J. Newton, Leighton Buzzard Brown, Thomas Philpotts, Bridstow, Hereford, Gent. Mar 16. Bank v Brown, Fry,

J. Garrold, -Hereford Coopbr, Casbtbels, Guildford, Surrey, Wine Merchant. Mar 30. Cooper v Nealds,

Hall, V.C. Sheppird, Battle Farrar, Samuel, Halifax, York, Stone Merchant. Mar 31. Farrar v Farrar, Hall,

V.C. Wavoll, Halifax Gem, Thomas Hbnry, Birmingham and Leamington Priors, Warwick, Solicitor. Mar

7. Willcox v Gem( Bacon, V.C. Milward, Birmingham Johnson, Henry, Birmingham, Retail Brewer. Mar 13. Woolley v Patrick, Chitty, J.

Clarke, Birmingham

Herne, Edwabd Baker, Wereham, Norfolk, Grocer. Mar 17. Roberts v Mason, Hall,

V.C. Croo and Son, Gray's inn sq
Rhodes, Joshua, liarlby, York, Farmer. Mar 14. Rhodes v Rhodes, Chitty, J.

Parker, Selby

Sharp, John, Basinghall st, Merchant. July 1. Gardiner v Sharp, Fry, J. Sharp, King William st

Walnr, Alprrd Septimus, Union Club, Trafalgar sq, Charing Cross, Gent. Mar 26. Walne v Hill, Fry, J. Rickards, Old Broad st

{Gazette, Feb. 17.J

D'arct, Mart, Argyll Bt, Regent st. Mar 17. Kiddle v D'Arcy, Chitty, J. Humphreys,

King's Bench walk, Inner Temple
Johnson, George Robert, Bootham, York, Cab Proprietor. Mar 16. Johnson v

Dowell, Hall, V.C. Wood, York
Love, William, Lansdowne ter, Brixton. Mar 15. Hill v Spurgeon, Hall, V.C. Janson,

Finsbury circus

Pbiest, Mart, Hingham, Norfolk. Mar 21. Selfe v Priest, Hall, V.C. Winter and Francis, Norwich

Woodall, William Edward, Scarborough, York, Esq. April 1. Wootlall v Kendall, Fry, J. Russell, Bedford row

[Gazette, Feb. 21.]

Bratford, Elijah, Newchapel, Stafford, Gent. Mar 18. Bray ford v Brayford, Hall,

V.C. Sherratt, Kidsgrove Burridge, Elizabeth Richards, Wivcliscombe, Somerset. April 4. Cassidy v

Burridge, Hall, V.C. Hounsell, Furnival's inn, Holbom Cunnington, William, jun, Sutton St Nicholas, Lincoln, Farmer. Mar 24. Grimley

v Cunnington, Chitty, J. King, North bldgs, Finsbury circus Drake, Henry, Judge of the Kingston District Court, Jamaica. May 17. Drake v

Drake, Fry, J. Barlow, Lime st Head, Robert William, Exeter, Solicitor. Mar 30. Halse v Head, Hall, V.C. Battis

hill and Houlditcb, Exeter Marrett, Geobqe William, Bessungen, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, Esq. April IB.

Chalmers v Wingfleld, Hall, V.C. Cobbold and Woolley, Chancery lane Perkins, Mabt Ann Isabella, Darlington, York. Mar 21. Robertson v Reid, Hall,

V.C. Snow, College hill, Cannon st Setmoub, Robert, Sunderland, Draper. Mar 31. Seymour v Seymour, Hall, V.C.

Willan, Darlington

Williams, John Jackson, Tenby, Pembroke. Mar 23. Reed v Williams, and John v Williams, Bacon, V.C. Parker, Bedford row

[Gazette, Feb. 24.]

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. LAST DAY OF CLAIM. AsHwoRin, Rev Alfred, Chapel-en-le Frith, Derby. April 1. Cooper and Sons, Manchester

Bell, Robert, Westwick gardens, Shepherd's Bush, Gent. April 14. Hamlin and

Grammer, Staple inn, Holborn Bewshee, Rev Francis William, Birtley, Durham, D.D. Mar 29. Clark, Newcastle

upon Tyne

Cave, Caroline, HeathScld pk, Twickenham. June 24, Plaskitt, Lincoln's inn fields Davids, John, Kidwelly, Carmarthen, Gent. Mar 31. Keighley and Co, Philpot lane Drought, Mabt Ann, Hove. April 1. Freeman and Freeman-Gell, Brighton

Fakxcohb, Edwabd, Hastings, Sussex, Gem. Mar 31. Billiughurst and Wood, Bucklersbury

Fatlb, Elxahoba Elizabeth, Clifton, Gloucester. April 15. Bovun and Daniell,
Chancery lane

Fxasib, Johx, Headingly, York, Civil Engineer. April 15. Nelson and Co, Leeds
Hardy, Samcel, St Ives, Jeweller. Mar 10. Watts, St Ives, Hunts.
Jackson, Alfred, Blackpool, Lancaster, Gent. May 1. Allen and Co, Manchester
Jackson, Hbney, Park place, Whitton, Gent. Mar 7. Kempster, Lower Kcnuington
lane, Lamlwth

Joicky, John, Newton Hall, Northumberland, Esq. April 1. Dodds and Co, Stockton on Tees

Lex, Thomas Gardnbb, Pendleton, Lancaster, Independent Minister. April 3. Farrar and Hall, Manchester

Noilet, Elizabeth, Stogumber, Somerset. April 1. Clarko and Lukin, Chard, Somerset

Potts, Jake, Newcastle upon Tyne. May 1. Brown and Son, Newcastle upon Tyno Ridge, David, Elton, Nottingham, Farmer. Mar 31. Percy und Co, Nottingham Ritchie, Jaiies, William at, Regent's pk, Engineer. Mar 24. Mould, Great James st, Bedford row

Schateb, Feiedbich, Molynenx st, Marylebone, Baker. Mar 14. Francis, Austin Friars Scott, Ann, Cromwoll terrace West, Kensington pk. April 7. Jarvis and Triscott, Chancery lane

Smith, Thomas Heckstall, Rowlands, St Mary Cray, Kent, Surgeon. Mar 21. Ponti

fex, St Andrew's st, Holborn circus TsLLijro, Chaeleb, Radnor terr, Kensington, Licensed Victualler. Mar 20. Ashwin,


Thornton, Hesry Sykks, Battersea Rise, Surrey, Banker. Mar 31. Tilleard and Co,

Old Jewry , Turner, Frederick Charles Polhill, Renhold, Bedford, Esq. April 5. Aldridge,

Montague pi

Tyson, Aaron, Eskdale, St Bees, Cumberland, Innkeeper. Mar 1G. Butler, Broughton in Fnrness

Wilms, George, Weardale villa, Downs rd, Clapton. April 3. Ellis and Crossflcld,
Mark lane

Wabbeh, Emily Thorazine, Brighton. Mar 31. Gosling, Spring gdus
Whitmabsh, Mary, Oxford. Mar 14. Smith, Dane's ir.n, Strand
Whittington, Fbawcks, Warwick. Mar 31. Fortescuo and Sons, Banbury
Williams. John, Newcastle under Lyme, Corn Miller. April 1. Knight, Nowcastle,

Wyatt, Fanny, Englefield Green, 8urrey. Mar 14. Long and Co, Windsor
Wythe, Robert, Scalford, Leicester, Clerk in Holy Orders. Mar 31. Atter, Melton
Mowbray [Gazette, Feb. 17. J

Agathidbs, Anastasius, Roehampton, Surrey, Professor of Greok Language. Mar 18.

Freshficlds and Williams, Bank bldgs Bartholomew, William, Ladbroke grove, Notting hill, Solicitor. Mar 25. Peacock

and Goddard, South sq, Gray's inn Blaichford, William, Plymouth, Gent. May 1. Whiteford and Bcnnot, Plymouth Bcthtihg, Elizabrth, Hertford. March 25. Wortham, Royston

Cahdolb, Heney Jean Vully De, Bristol. March 17. Hunters and Co, New sq,
Lincoln's Inn

Cramp, Henby, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Tailor. March 20. Neodham, Blackburn
Eliot, Edward Eliot, Walthamstow, Gent. March 25. Murray and Co, Birchin lane
Gbbstl, Rudolph, Brickwood, Esq. March 21. Wingatc, An^ol ct
Gilkes, Louisa Ellen, Fritchley, Cricb, Derby. March 21. Fox, Plymouth
Grrgory, Elizabeth, Birmingham. March 16. Wood and Son, Birmingham
Hammond, William, Scotts yd, Bush lane, Gent. March 25. Link)ater and Co,
Wal brook

Hingston, Ann, Plymouth. March 11. Pridham and Woolcombo, Princess sq
Leach, Stephen William, Turnham green, Gent. March 20. Smith and Son, Furni-
val's inn

Metcalp, John, Snainton, York, Farmer. March 31. Jackson, Malton
Morris, Richard, Birmingham, Wire Drawer. Marie. Wood and Son, Birmingham
Muncaster, John, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Gent. Mar 20. Costeker, Ovor Darwen
Nlttall, William, Tuttington, Lancaster, Clogger. May 18. Whitakcr, Duchy of
Lancaster Office

Parish, Frederick Peter, Gainsborough, Lincoln, Grocer. March 22. Dawborn and
Wise, Wisbech

Pitt, Richard, Ramsgate, Gent. April 6. Daniel, Ramsgate

Bias, Joseph, Fairfield, nr Liverpool, Lancaster, Tailor. March 18. Read, Liverpool
Roberts, Mary, Manchester. March 31. Partington and Allen, Manchester
Row, John, Topsham, Devon, Shipbuilder. April 1. Daw and Son, Exeter
Salter, Edward, Lancaster rd, Notting hill, Gent. March 20. Smith and Son,
Furnival's inn

Severs, Albert, Founders' ct, Lothbury, April 14. Bailey and Co, Berners st
8Iymoltb, Maby Ann, Great Shelford, Cambridge. March 22. Whitehead, Cambridge
SriTTLB, Thomas, Newport, Mon., Iron Founder. April 20. Greenway and Bythway,

Stanspiild, Jane, Rochdale, Lancaster. March 25. Standring and Taylor, Rochdale
Thornton. Daniel Bateman, St. Mary's rd, Wimbledon, Manufacturer. Juno 2*.
Foster, Queen st pi

Watsox, Robxbt, Swavesey, Cambridge, Gent. March 25. Greene and Mellor, Saint
Ives, Hunts

Withxrxll, James, Northampton, Esq. April 1. Dennis and Faulkner, Northampton
Wilson, Anns, Reading, Berks. March 81. Dryland, Reading
Whson, Susanna, Reading. March 31. Dryland, Reading

[Gazette, Feb. 21.]
Allen, Mary, Hove, Brighton. April 4. Syms and Son, Furnival's inn
Baxxes, William, Handsworth, Stafford, out of business. Mar 25. Williams, Bir-

Bltthe, Johx David, Scarsdale terr, Kensington, Captain in H.M.'s 45th Regiment.

Mar 31. Stones and Co, Finsbury circus Booker, Jobias, Wessington Court, Hereford, Esq. May 1. Rowo and Co, Liverpool Booth, Richard, Ramsbottom, Lancaster, Shopkeeper. Mar 18. Grundy, Bury Boulton, Martha, Swindon, Wilts. Mar 31. Kinneir and Tombs, Swindon Browx, Geobge, Lincoln, Newspaper Reporter. April 11. Harrison, Lincoln Brtaxt, Edward, Wembdon, Somerset, Gent. Apr 1. Fussell and Co, Bristol Clitb, Rev. George Aethue, Montford, Salop. Mar 25. Salt and Sons, Shrewbury Docwra, Richard, Collefre st, Barnsbury. Mar 25. Ncal, Old Broad st Dodgsox, Johx, Carlisle, Gent. Mar 31. Hough, Carlisle Flexmax, Elizabeth, Bexley, Kent. April 6. Harris, Moorgato st Fowler, George, Scarborough, Hotel Keeper. May 20. Turnbull and Co, Scarborough Geestl, Rudolph, late of the Asylum at Brickwood, Ksq. Mar 24. Wiugnte, Angel ct Head, Robert Thomas, Exeter, Solicitor. Mar 20. Halso and Co, Cheapside Heap, Thomas, Tottington Lower End, Lancaster, Drapor. Mnr 18. Grundy, Bury Helme, Jane, Daltou in Furness, Lancaster, Apr 20. Butler and Son, Dalton in


Orme, Mary, Ashton under Lyne, Lancaster. Apr 6. Jackson, Ashton under Lyne Btudd, Johx, Southsea, Southampton, Surveyor. June 1. Tompson and Co, Stone

bldgs, Lincoln's inn
Taylor, Johx, Rocks, Gloucester, Esq. Apr 10. Taylor and Co, Manchester
Ward, John, Kingston upon Hull, Gentleman. Apr 3. Walker and Spink, Hull
Wxittakrr, John, Prestwich, Lancaster, Gentleman. Mar 22. Anderton and Don-
nelly, Bury

Wilsox, Elizabeth, Banbury, Oxford. Mar 16. Looker, Banbury
Wbioht, Margaret, Francis st, Leeds. Mar 31. Dibb and Co, Leeds

^ [Gazette, Fob. 21.1

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SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. Kota Op Registrars In Attendance! On

Date. Appxal. V- °' Bacon. V. C. Hall.

Monday, March 13 Mr. King Mr. Ward Mr. Latham

Tuesday 14 Merivale Pemberton Carrington

Wednesday 15 King Ward Latham

Thursday 16 Merivale Pemberton Carrington

Friday 17 King Ward Latham

Saturday 18 Menvale Pemberton Catringtoa

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

Fhy. Kay. Chitty.

Monday, March 13 Mr. Jackson Mr. Koe Mr. Teeadale

Tuesday , 14 Cobby Clowes Farrer

Wednesday 15 Jackson Koe Teesdale

Thursday IB Cobby Clowes Farrer

Friday 17 Jackson Koe Teesdale

Saturday 18 Cob^y Clowes Farrer

The oourts will sit at Guildhall on Monday, the 20th inst.

On the 6th inst., in tbe House of Commons, Sir R. Cross asked the First Commissioner of Works whether he was able to inform tbe House when the Royal Courts of Justice wonld be fully opened. Mr. Shaw-Lefevre said that the builders would complete their work by Easter, bat after that there wonld still be a good deal of work to do. He thought the courts would be fully opened about Midsummer, before the Summer Circuit.


Match 14.—Me sirs. W. A. C'jrnock & Jones, at the Marl, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, this weak, p 4).

March 14.—Messrs. Dbbenham, Tewson. Farmer, & Bridgwater, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see advertisement, March 4, p. 4).

March 15.—Messrs. Peto & Co., at the Mait, at 12 for 1 p.m., Reversions (see advertisement, Feb. 18, p. 4).

March 16.—Mr. A. Booth, at the Marl, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see adveitisement, this week, p. 4).

March 17.—Mr Edmund Robins, at tbe Mart, at 1 far 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, Ftb. 25, p. 4).

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Fbidat, March 3,1882. Under tbe Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Bedford, James R., Burton crescent, Euston rd. Pet Feb 28 Murray. Mar 17 at 12 Burnett, J. M. R , Bristol ifdns, Warwick rd. Pet Feb 28. Murray. Mar 17 at 12 Farrer, W. D. M. C. P., Wellington Barracks, Officer in hor Majesty's Army. Pot Mar

1, Brougham. Mar 14 at 1 Gill, Francis, Wandsworth rd. Builder. Pet Mar 1. Brougham. Mar 14 at 2

To Surrondor in the Country. Dowse, Richard, Burtoft, Lincoln, Farmer. Pot Feb 25. Staniland. Boston, Mar 14 at 12

Fnrrell, George, Gloucester. Pet Feb 2S. Riddiford. Gloucester, Mar 20 at 11 Fletcher, Thomas, Carrington, Lincoln, Agricultural Implement Maker. Pet Feb 27.

Staniland, Boston, Mar 14 at 12.34 Follett, William, Bcaurepaire Farm, Hants. Pet Feb 15. Godwin. Winchester, Mar

14 at 12

Maclean, Robert, Beverley, York, Draper. Pet Feb 24. Rollitt. Kingston upon Hull, Mar 14 at 2.30

Palethorpe, William, Hundleby, near Spilsby, Lincoln, Farmer. Pet Feb 27. Staniland. Boston, Mar 14 at 11

Parsons, Albert, Brighton, Builder. Pet Feb 27. Jones. Brighton, Mar 21 at 11 Reeve, John Phillips, Hastings, li ulder. Pet Fob 25. Young. Hastings, Mar 18 at 12 Robson, Mattliew, South Shields, Block anil Mast Maker. Pot Feb 29. Daggett.

Newcastle, Mar 13 at 11 Scott, William, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Innkeeper's Manager. Pet Mar 1. Lewis.

Merthyr Tydfil, Mar 16 at 12 Taylor, David, Langton, Kent, Innkeeper. Pet Feb 24. Cripps. Tunbridge Wells,

Mar 16 at 11

Wilkinson, John, Wibsey, Bradford, York, Paper Maker. Pet Feb 27. Lee. Bradford, Mar 14 at 12

Tuesday, March 7, 1882. Under thH Bankruptcy Ai t, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Josephi, Henry, Hatton gimlen, Diamond Broker. Pet Mar 2. Hazlitt. Mar 21 at 12 Pilbrow, John'Smith, Bow rd, Builder, Mar 2. Haslitt. Mar 22 at 12

Preist, Douglas Stewart, Goldhawk rd, Shepherd's Bush, Auctioneer. Pet Mar 2,

Hnzlitt. Mar 22 at 12
Scotto, A., Euston rd, Builder, Pet Mar 3. Pepys. Mar 22 at 12.30

To Surrender in the Country.
Alderson, William, Heigham, Norwich, Carpenter. Pet Mar 2. Cooke. Norwich,

Mar 18 at 12

Butcher, John, Heme, Kent, Farmer. Pet Mar 3. Furley. Canterbury, Mar 21 at 12 Filder, Herbert Wall, Bexhill, nr Hastings, Gentleman. Pet Mar 4. Young. Hastings, Mar 25 at 1

Lightfoot, Martin, Barrow in Furness, Shoemaker. Pet Mar 1. Postlethwaite. Barrow

in Furness, Mar 17 at 2 Marks, Simon, Newcastle upon Tyne, Auctioneer. Pet Mar 4. Ingledew, Nowcostlo,

Mar 20 a*, 11

Pitehford, John, Wakefield, York. Pet Mar 2. Mason. Wakefield, Mar 20 at 11 Bichardson, John, Manchester, Solicitor. Pet Mar 3. Kay. Manchester, Mar 23 at 12 Wilkinson, John Chisaell Cuthbert, Anerley, Surrey, Grocer. Pet Mar 3. Rowland. Croydon, Mar 21 at 12

Wilton, John, Plymouth, Fruiterer. Pet Mar 4. Edmonds. East Stonehouse, Mar 15 at 13

Friday, March 3, 1892.
Birks, Charles, Wesbnry pi, Wood Green, Commission Agent. July 12
Low, Maximilian, London wall. Merchant. Feb 28
Piper, Elizabeth, Gloucester rd, South Kensington. Feb 28

Tuesday, March 7, 1882.
Johnson, Edward, Hurworth on Tees, Durham, Plumber.

Feb 6

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. Friday, March 3,1882. Bacon, George, Kingston-upon-Hull, Hatter. Mar 16 at 12.30 at offices of Firth, BiBhop

lane, Low Gate, Kingston-upon-Hull Baker, Thomas, Minshull Vernon, Chester, Farmer, Mar 17 at 3 at offices of Chew and

Sons, Swan st, Manchester Barton, William, Whitby, York, Builder. Mar 21 at 11 at offices of Gray and Pannett, Flowergate, Whitby

Beach, John, jun, Wellington yard, "Oxbridge, Steam Circus Proprietor. Mar 16 at 11 at Old Queen's Head, High st. Borough. Rashleigh, Three Crown aq. Borough

Beavis. William, Okchampton, Devon, Draper. Mar 16 at 3 at offices of Southcott, Post Offico st, Bedford circus, Exeter. Prickman, Okehampton

Bell, Isaac, Old Leake, Lincoln, Butcher. Mar 11 at 11 at office* of Thomas, Emery lane, Boston

Betteny, Jesse, Leeds, Schoolmaster. Mar 16 at 2 at offices of Butler and Middlebrook, Pnrk sq, Leeds

Bingham, William Henry Knight, Heigham, Norwich, Tailor. Mar 14 at 12 at Duke's

Palace Inn, Duke st, Norwich Bincis, Arton, James Edward Wadsworth, and John William Wadsworth, Leeds,

Woollen Manufacturers. Mar 15 at 2 at offices of Middleton and Sons, Calverley

chmbrs, Victoria sq, Leeds Bird, Emma, and Annie Bird, Nantwich, Chester, Milliners and Drapers. Mar 22 at 3

nt offices of Martin, Welsh row, Nantwich Boxall, Henry, Bristol, Grocer and Provision Merchant. Mar Hat 1 at offices of Miller,

St Stephens chmbrs, Baldwin st, Bristol
Brentnall, Henry, Bristol, Boot Maker. Mar 13 at 2 at offices of Parsons, High st,

Bristol. Beckingham, Bristol
Burgess, Henry Martyn, Isle of Walney, Lancaster, Clerk in Holy Orders. Mar 17 at

11 at Gould's Temperance Hotel, Church st, Barrow-in-Furness. Pearson, Barrow in


Carr, Thomas, Longton, Fish and Tripe Dealer. Mar 14 at 10 at office of Welob, Caroline st. Longton

Cartwright, Frances Ellen, Salford, Draper. Mar 10 at 11 at offices of Barron, Booth at,


Cartwright, Thomas, jun., Hay, Brecon, Clothier. Mar 15 at 12 at offices of Griffiths,

Brond st, Hay

Cflswfll, Robert, Cotmanhay, Derby, Miner. Mar 21 at 11 at offices of Heath, Amen

Alloy, Derby

Catcheside, Thomas Hector, Lee, Northumberland, Corn and Flour Factor. Mar 22 at 1 at offices of Wrav, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lockhart, Hexham

Child, William, Longton, Stafford, Cabinet Maker. Mar Hat 11 at offices of Welch, Caroline st, Longton

Clarke, John, Liverpool, Grocer. Mar 16 at 3 at offices of Quin, South John st, Liverpool

Cockelt, Frederick Edgar, sen, Ambers' rd, Surgeon. Mar 20 at 12 at Peele's Coffee

house. Fleet st

Colley, John, Tilston, Chester, Farmer. Mar 20at 11 at office of Cartwright, Whitefriars


Coopei, James, Wolverhampton, Baker. Mar 16 at 3 at offices of Stirk and Brewer, North st, Wolverhampton

Cooper, Walter Samuel. Liverpool st, Timber Merchant. Mar 20 at 3 at Law Institution, Chancery lane. Thomson and Ward, Bedford row

Coupe, Daniel Honry, Geerge Addy, and James Arthur Hall, Sheffield, Wire Manufacturers. Mar 15 at 2 at Law Society's Rooms, Hoolo's chbrs, Bank st, Sheffield. Rodgcrs and Co

Craig, William, Barrow-in-Furness, Draper. Mar 17 at 11 at Imperial Hotel, Cornwallis

st, Barrow-in-Furnoss. Nalder and Jones, Barrow-in-Furness Crawshaw, Albert, Clcckheaton, Boot Manufacturer. Mar 16 at 11 at office of Douth

waite, Northgatc, Clcckheaton Cromack, Moses, Huddersfield, Cab Proprietor. Mar 15 at 3 at office of Sykes and Son,

Market st, Huddersfield Cullwick, Gcorgo, Birmingham, Butcher. Mar 14 at 11 at office of Muggins and Mallard,

Newhall chbrs, Newhall st, Birmingham Cupper, Henry, Kenton, Suffolk, Farmer. March 22 at 1 at the White Lion Hotel, Eye.

Gudgeon, Stowmarket. Davis, James, Weymouth st. Portland pi, Solicitor, March SO at 2 at the Inns of Court

Hotel, Holborn. Sydney, Finsbury circus Dawes, William Tibbita, Nottingham, out of business. March H at 3 at offices of

Norman, Middle pavement. Nottingham Drnnsfield, Richard, Dsrfield, York, Grocer. March 22 at 4 at offices of Rideal,

Chronicle climbers, Barnsley Duerden, John, Accrington, Auctioneer. March 16 at 3 at Mechanics' Institute, Willow

st, Accrington. Haworth and Broughton, Accrington Ellis, John, Seacombo, Chester, Builder. March 17 at 3 at offices of Pen nock and Guest,

Sweeting 6t, Liverpool Fallows, William Longstaff, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nail Manufacturer. March 17 at 11

at ('flices of Keenlysido and Co, St John's climbers, Grainger st West, Newcastle-uponTyne

Finfd, William Rideford, Catherine st, Strand, Licensed Victualler. March 27 at 4 at offices of Hicks and Arnold, Wellington st, Strand

Foote, Stephen, Beech st, Barbican, Hosier. March 16 at 3 at offices of Morris, Paternoster row

Foremnn, Alfred Thomas, and Frederick John Foreman, Marden, Kent, Traction Engine Owners. March 21 at 3 at Star Hotel, High Bt, Maidstone. Chambers,


Gill, John, Hamsterley, Durham, Farmer. Mar 17 at 3 at office of Parker, North Bondgate, Bishop Auckland

Harris, Morris Hart, Houndsditch, Dealer in Fancy Goods. Mar 13 at 3 at office of Barnett, Palmerston bldgs, Old Broad st

Hebden, Joseph, Bt. Hugh's rd, Anerley. Mar 13 at 1 at offices of Behrend, Bucklers.


Hickling, Samuel Leonard, Chippenham. Wilts, Hotel Keeper. Mar 17 at 12 at Bear

Hotel, Chippenham. Keary and Co, Chippenham Hubbard, Robert Christopher, North Petherton, Somerset. Builder. Mar 10 at 12 at

office of Roed and Cook, King's sq, Bridgewater Humphries, Henry, William Henry Sleeman, and Samuel Druce Clinch, Bristol, <' rn

and Oil Cake|Merchants. Mar 16 at 11 at office of Tribe and Co, Albion chmbrs, Bristol. Osborne and Co, Bristol Humphrios, John, Brosely, Salop, Grocer and Farmer. Mar 17 at 2 at Law Society's

Room, Talbot chmbrs, Shrewsbury. Phillips and Co, Shifnal Jackson, William, Dewsbury, York, Oarver and Gildor. Mar 16 at 3 at office of Carter,

Bond st, Dewsbury. Stapleton Jaqnes, William, Alfreton, Derby, Accountant. Mar 21 at 3 at Castle Inn, High st,

Alfreton. Bird, Nottingham Jolly, David, Bradford, Oil Merchant. Mar 17 at 11 at office of Ray, Aldermanbury,


Jones, David, Llanboidy, Carmarthen, Miller. Mar 16 at 1 at Rutsen Arms Hotel,

Narberth. Griffiths, Carmarthen Jones, Evan, Skewen, Glamorgan, Collier, Mar 11 at 11 at offices of Davis, Alma pi,

Neath 0 Jones, James, Nottingham, Licensed Victualler. Mar 22 at 3 at offices of Whittfng

ham, Middle-pavement, Nottingham -*\ .

Jordan, James, Birmingham, Lentber Goods Manufacturer. Mar 10 at 3 at offices of

Horton and Redfern, Imperial chmbrs, Colmoro row, Birmingham Kellett, Joseph, Leeds, Bricklayer. Mar 10 at 3 at offices of Lodge and Rhodes, Park

row, Leeds

Kent, Samuel Scott, Warcham, Dorset, Coal Merchant. Mar 11 at 2 at Red Lion Hotel,

Wareham. Trevanion, Toole Laborde, Augustus, White st, Bethnal Green, Tin and Iron Worker. Mar 15 at 3 nt

offices of Harte, Moorgate st Limes, Henry, King's Norton, Worcester, Provision Dealer. Mar 15 at 3 at offices of

Parr and Hayes, Colraore row, Birmingham Longden, Robert, Sheffield, Baker. Mar 10 at 3 at offices of Webster and Styring,

Hartshead, Sheffield

Mack ay, Robert, Bournemouth, no occupation. Mar 18 at 3 at George Hotel, Hunting.

don. Trevanion, Poole Meadows, William, Mettingham, Suffolk, Wheelwright. Mar 10 at 12 at Hall Quay

chmbrs, Gt Yarmouth. Dowsott Mitchell, Edward, Warminster, Wilts, Grocer. Mar 17 at 11.30 at offices of Wakeman

and Bleeck, Warminster Moon, John, Crediton, Devon, Land Agent. Mar 17 at 11 at offices of Fewings, Queen

st, Exeter. 8earle, Crediton Morgan, Matthew, Bishop Auckland, Durham, Ale and Porter Merchant. Mar 15 at 11

at offices of Proud, Market pi, Bishop Auckland Muskett, Frederick Thomas, Doptford, Kent, General Doaler. Mar 13 at 3 at offices of

Laidman, Serjeant's inn, Temple Nicholas, George, Claines, Worcester, Grocer and Provision Dealer. Mar 13 at II at

offices of Griffiths, San some pi, Worcester Owen, Benjamin Phillips, Chester, Butcher. Mar 18 at 3 at offices of Mason and Cable

cutt, Pepper Bt, Chester Parker, George, and George Parker, jun, Wardour at, Soho, Manufacturing Chemists.

Mar 20 at 2 at offices of Noon and Clarke, Blomfleld st Patterson, Henry, Hebburn, New Town, Durham, Grocer. Mar 20 at 11 at offices of

Waun and Smith, King st, South Shields Pearee, Henry John, Worksop, Nottingham, Saddler. Mar 17 at 1 at Law Society's

Booms, Hoole's chmbrs, Bank st, Sheffield. Whall Perhara, William, Northway rd, Brixton, Builder. Mar 14 at 3 at offices of Preston and

Co, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane PiggoU, Joseph, Torquay, Tailor. Mar 21 at 12 at Haxell's Hotel, Strand. Mackenaie

and Hext, Torqusy

Prescott, Edgar Grote, Warnford ct, Stock and Share Broker. Mar 20 at 3 at offices of Dawes and Son, Angel ct, Thrograorton st

Price, Alfred, Harbourne, Stafford, Stone Mason. Mar 13 at 3 at offices of Burton, Union passage, Birmingham

Probst, Carl Hermann, Liverpool, General Commission Merchant. Mar 21 at 3 at offices of Morris, Dale st, Liverpool

Reed, James John, Bromley, Mechanical Engineer. Mar 24 nt 3 at Mullen's Hotel, Ironmonger lane. Hare, Pinner's ct, Old Broad st

Ridge, Henry, Truro, Cornwall, Tailor. Mar 14 at 11 at offices of Paull and Adam*, Quay st, Truro

Robbins, Alfrod, Twickenham, Dealer in Works of Art. Mar 15 at 12 at offices of Matthews and Wells, Southampton bldgs. Chancery lane

Robson, Joshua Duncan, Sunderland, Boot and Shoe Dealer. Mar 14 at 2 at Trade Protection Society's offices, New st, Leicester. Stanford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Rodgers, James, Birkdale, Lancaster, Fruiterer. Mar 15 at 11 at offices of Sergeant And Son, Devonshire bldgs, Kastbank, Southport. Buck and Co, Southport

Rolfe, George Samuel Richard, Margate, Builder. Mar 23 at 12 at Cannon st Hotel. Parry, Ramsgate

Rook, Alfred, Coppenhall, Chester, Licensed Victualler. Mar 10 at 11 at offices of Hill, Market st, Crewe

Rnndell, Samuel, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tailor. Mar 10 at 3 at offices of Btroud and

Ryland, Clarence parade, Cheltenham Russell, John, Sloane st, Chelsea, Lodging House Keeper. Mar 22 at 3 at offices o

Jones, Mansion house chmbrs. Queen Victoria st Russell, Walter Alexander, Old Kent rd. Boot and Shoo Manufacturer. March 21 at 3

at Masons' Hall Tavcin, Masons' avenue. Young, Newgate st Siddle, James, Wakefield, out of business. Mar 15 at 3 at offices of Lodge, Townhall

chambers, King st, Wakefield Simon, Isaac, Great Winchester st bldngs, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Mar 21 at 2 at

Inns of Court Hotel. Peacock and Goddard, South sq, Gray's inn Simpson, Jeremiah, Burnley, Lancaster, Builder and Contractor. Mar 17 at 3 at offices

of Artingdale and Artingdale, Horgreavo st, Burnley Smith, Joseph Rushworth, Huddersnold, Joiner. Mar 15 at 11 at offices of Barker and

Co, Estate bldgs, Huddersfield Smith, Thomas, Middlesborough, York, Tailor. Mar 10 at 12 at Harkor's Hotel, St

Helen's sq, York. Peacock, Middlesborough Spencer, George, Upper Basildon, Berks, Baker. Mar 21 at 2 at Queen's Hotel, Friar

st, Reading. Morris, Paternoster row Steele, Benson, Broughton-iu-Furness, Innkeeper. Mar 15 at 1 at Old King's Head

Hotel, Broughton-in-Furness. Butler, Broughton-in Furness Stone, Joseph Richard Tucker, Sbipton Gorge, B rid port, Dorset, Farm Bailiff. Mar 20

at 12 at Greyhound Hotel, Bridport, Howard, Mclcombe Regis Taylor, James Henry, Lancing st, Euston sq, Cab Proprietor. Mar 10 at 3 at office of

Lamb, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane Taylor, John, Higham, Kent, Grr>cer. Mar 20 at 3 at King's Head Hotel, High st,

Rochester. Shakespear, Chatham Taylor, Richard, Lambeth walk, Butcher. Mar 28 at 2 at office of Thompson, Great

Dover st, Borough

Taylor, William, Buckingham, Baker. Mar 18 at 12 at White Hart Hotel, Buckingham

Temblett, Frederick Charles, Bridgewater, Somerset, Pawnbroker. Mar H at 12 at Inna

of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Chapman, Bridgewater Thomas, Robert Edwin, Birmingham, Plasterer. Mar 10 at 12 at office of Higjgs, Ben.

nett's hill, Birmingham Thorpe, William Elliott, and Frederick Thorpe, Hastings, Builders. Mar 21 at 3 nt

office of Miller, Sherborne lane Tnrner, James Bressy, Newton Abbot, Commission Agent. Mar 15 at 11 at Craven Hotel,

Craven st, Strand. Francis and Co, Newton Abbot

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