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NESHAM, CAROLINE HARRIET, Paignton, Devon. March 3. Brooking-Rowe, Plymouth
PEARSE, MARY, Queen's gate ter, Hyde Park. March 11. Richards, Warwick st,

Regent st.
PHILLIPS, JOHN, Eldham rd, Kent, Gent. March 30. Whites and Co, Budge row,

Cannon st

PRATT, CHARLES, Skellingthorpe, Lincoln. March 30. Tweed and Co, Lincoln

ROKER, JANE, Farncombe, Godalming, Surrey, March 16. Mellersh, Godalming LAST DAY OF PROOF.

SAUNDERSON, CHARLES, Kilburn, Gent. March 10. Kearsey and Co, Old Jewry

SLOAN, PETER, Liverpool, Dra per. March 1. Lynch and Teebay, Lord st. Liverpool ABMITAGE, SAMUEL, Bradford, York, Dyer. Feb 24. Armitage v Smith, Chitty, J.

TATE, JAMES HENRY, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Retired Builder. March 31, Hoyle and Learovd, Albion chmbrs, Moorgate st

Co, Newcastle-upon-Tyne BANKHEAD, WILLIAM JOHN COLDHAM, Maldon, Essex, Gent. Feb 28. Blowers v Evans, and Evans v Digby, Chitty, J. Copland, Chelmsford

Weston, JAMES, Ashford, Kent, Gent. March 1. Weston, Hastings

WHITLOCK, STEPHEN, Bournemouth, Hants, Fruiterer. March 8. Trevanion, BourneHASLAM, SUSANNAH, Bury, Lancaster, Basket Dealer. Feb 28. Dearden v Sykes, Hall,

mouth V.C. Grundy, Bury JONES, MARY, Oswestry, Salop. Feb 28. Jones v Jones, Chitty, J. Davies, Oswestry

WILSON, CHARLES, King st, Hammersmith, Builder. March 31. Surr and Co, Ab.

church lane ROWBERRY, WILLIAM, Hereford, Plumber. Mar 1. Allen v Rowberry, Fry, J. Carless,

WILSON, DAVID, Queen's gate, Hyde Park. March 25. Surr and Co, Abchurch lane Hereford WEBB, EDWARD WILLIAM, Fentiman rd, Clapham, Gent. Feb 24. Lewis v Webb,

[Gazette, Eeb.7.] Chitty, J. Carter, Eastcheap

BASKIN, ROBERT CAMPBELL, Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland, Inland Revenue Officer. WALKER, Rev Joan, Kirkwhelpington, Northumberland. Feb 24. Walker v Walker, Mar 20. Preston, Kirkby Stephen Chitty, J. Wilkinson, Newcastle-on-Tyne

BERKSHIRE, JOHN JAMES, Patcham, Sussex, Licensed Victualler. Mar 25. Warne,

(Gazette, Jan. 31.1 Middle st, Brighton ENGELBACH, LEWIS EDWARD, Strand, Esq. Mar 1. Engelbach v Engelbach, Hall,

BURGESS, SARAH, Clifton, Bristol, Mar 1. Ray and Bush, Bristol

BYLES, PIERRE BEUZEVILLE, Henley on Thames, Oxford, Brewer. April 21. Mercer, V.C. Dunster, Henrietta st, Cavendish sq

Henley on Thames Goodson, BENJAMIN, Little Coggleshall, Essex, Seed Grower. Mar 2. Goodson v

COPPIN, ELIZABETH, Water lane, Homerton. Mar 11. Imbert-Terry, Gresham st, Bank Eley, Hall, V.C. Blood, Witham

Cox, CATHERINE AMELIA, Gordon sq. Mar 13. Twist and Sons, Coventry
GREENBURY, ISAAC, Harrogate, York, Jet Manufacturer. Feb 28. Greenbury v Wilson,

EDKINS. ELIZABETH, Reading, Berks. Mar 11. Keily, Molyneux chmbrs
Hall, V.C. Wooler, John st, Bedford row
PEARSON, WILLIAN PHILLIP, St. Helier, Jersey, Gent. Mar 9. Smith v Pearson,

ELD, FREDERICK, Leamington, Warwick, a Colonel in Her Majesty's Army. Mar 6.

Hand and Co, Stafford
Chitty, J. Saunders and Co, King st, Cheapside
THOMAS, SAMUEL, Baglan, nr Neath, Glamorgan, Dockmaster. Mar 3. Llewellyn v

GILLO, Mark Íom, Winchester, Southampton, Van Proprietor. Mar 11. Bailey and

White, Winchester
Thomas, Chitty, J, Scale, Neath
WATKIN, John, Endon, Stafford, Retired Builder. Mar 1. Watkin v Guy,

GLUKMAN, LEONE, Euston rd, St Pancras, May 10. Nicol and Co. Lime st
Tomkinson and Furnival, Burslem

GODWIN, PHILIP, Pimperne, Dorset, Gent. Mar 20. Smith, Blandford Forum WALNE, ALFRED SEPTIMUS, Union Club, Trafalgar sq. Mar 25. Walne v Walne, Fry,

HAGUE, CHARLES BARNARD, Suffolk pl, Pall Mall. Feb 27. Johnsons and Co, Austin

Friars J. Rickards, Old Broad st

[Gazette, Feb. 3.]

HARRISON, JOSEPH, Handsworth, Stafford, Jeweller. Mar 25, Newey, Birmingham

HARWOOD, THOMAS, Bromley. Mar 15. Plews and Co, Mark lane CHAPMAN, WILLIAM, Sherborne, Dorset, Gent. Mar 10. Chaffin v Brand, Hall, V.C. HIRST, JOnn, Padiham, Lancaster, Sizer in a Cotton Mill. May 6. Whitaker, Duchy of Bartlett, Sherborne

Lancaster Office CROSS, HANNAH, Tollington pl, Tollington park, Mar 14. Harston v Tenison, Fry, J. HOOPER, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Oxford st, Dealer in Pictures and Works of Art. Mar 10. Billing, Lincoln's inn fields

I Anderson and Sons, Ironmonger lane
Kerr, WILLIAM WALTER RALEIGH, St. Helier, Jersey, Gent. Feb 22. De Winton v JOICEY, JOHN, Newton Hall, Northumberland, Esq. April 1. Dodds and Co, Stockton
Kerr, Bacon, V.C. Hore, Lincoln's inn fields

on Tees
(Gazette, Feb. 7.] KIRKBY, CLARA ARABELLA, Brighton. April 4. Bramley, Sheffield

LOWE, ALFRED, Ryleys, Chorley, Chester, Esq. Mar 25. Darbishire and Tatham, Man.
BULLOCK, JAMES TROWER, Parkside villas, Hounslow, Gent. Mar 7. Earle v Bullock, chester
Chitty, J. Buckler, Doughty st

LUCE, EMMA, Hampton Court. Feb 28. Paine and Brettell, Chertsey CRAPPLE, AMELIA SARAH, Weston-super-Mare. Mar 14. Newton v Chapman, Hall, NEWTON, MÁRTIN, St Helen's, Lancaster. Mar 1. Barrow and Cook, St Helen's V.O. Pritchard and Engle field, Painters Hall, Little Trinity lane

NEWMAN, WILLIAM, Porchester, Southampton, Gent. Mar 25. Hanbury and Co, New EVANS, PHILIP William, Southampton, Merchant. Mar 14. Welsh v Channell, Hall, Broad st V.C. Gole, Lime st, Leadenhall st

PARFREY, ELIZA, Buckingham Palace rd. Mar 15. Robinson and Wilkins, King's Arms HOLMES, Thomas, King's Lynn, Norfolk, Merchant. Mar 13. Sadler v Holmes, Hall, V.C. Archer, King's Lynn

PHILLIPS, JOHN, Ardington, Berks, Maltster. Mar 15. Jotcham, Wantage Lover, Mary JANE, Bournemouth. Mar 11. Schmid v Griffin, Chitty, J. Andrews, PHILLIPS, WILLIAM, Clifton, Bristol, Gent. April 29. Harwood, Bristol Weymouth

RAMSEY, WILLIAM, Bury st, St James'. Mar 8. Sutton and Ommanney, Great WinLOVER, SAMUEL, Clear View, St. Lawrence Valley, Jersey, Esq. Mar 11. Schmid v chester st Griffin, Chitty, J. Andrews, Weymouth

RUSSELL, JOIN CROSHAW THOMAS, Milton, Ship Broker. Mar 31. Munns and Longden,
MILLICAN, THOMAS, Leicester, Gent. March 3. Shouler v Millican, Hall, V.C. Old Jewry
Berridge, Leicester

SEARLE, CHARLES GRAY, Ludgate hill. Mar 25. Watson and Co, Bolverie st
PAYNE, LOUISA, Brooklyn rd, Shepherd's Bush. Mar 10. Pettit v Rumball, Fry, J. SELBY, Ana, Oxford. Mar 11. Mallam, Oxford
Parker, Bedford row

SELBY, CHARLES, Oxford, Surveyor. Mar 11. Mallam, Oxford
POTTER, JOHN, Southwark Bridge rd, Wheelwright. Mar 4. Potter v Potter, Fry, J. SEEL. THOMAS MOLYNEUX, Hayton, Lancaster, Esq. April 4. Weld. Liverpool
Large, South sg, Gray's inn

SHARP, HENRY, Badingham, Suffolk, Gent. Mar 7. Child and Son, Cursitor st, ChanSMITH, HENRY, Hatfield, York, Auctioneer. Mar 10. Smith v Smith, Chitty, J.

cery lane Moore, Sheffield

THOMPSON, CHARLES WILLIAM, Sutherland pl, Bayswater. Mar 12. Leman and Co, SPARKMAN, JOHN, Little Marcle, Hereford, Farmer. Mar 10. Sparkman v Powell, Lincoln's inn fields Chitty, J. Piper, Ledbury

TOLEFREE, JOSEPH, Wheaton Aston, Stafford, Saddler. Mar 6. Hand and Co, Stafford STANNAGE, WILLIAM, Leicester, Labourer. Mar 18. Boot v Stannage, Fry, J. Chamber WHITCHURCH, JANE, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Mar 10, Sharp and Co, Southampton lain, Leicester

WILLIS, ELIZABETH, Acre lane, Brixton. Mar 31. Dalston, Piccadilly WOODALI, THOMAS DOWKER, Scarborough, Esq. Mar 18. Woodall v Woodall, Fry, J. WILLOUGHBY, EDWARD, Warwick sg, Esq. Mar 25. Willoughby and Winch, Lancaster ó Russell, Bedford row

pl, Strand

[Gazette, Feb. 10.] YOUNG, HENRY, Liverpool, Gent. Mar 30. Smith and Son, Liverpool BENNETT, CATHERINE, Rossett, Denbigh. Mar 14. Lloyd v Lloyd, Chitty, J. Bridg

"Gazette, Feb. 10 | man, Chester

AMBROSE, JOHN THOMAS, Mistley, Essex, Gent. Mar 31. Mustard, Manningtree CHAPLIN, Jonx, Cheshunt, Hertford. Mar 14. Richards v Chaplin, Hall, V.C. Morris, BARRETT, WILLIAM, Northowram, Halifax, out of business. Mar 8. Rhodes, Halifax Paternoster row

BRANDON, GILBERT, Golborne rd, Notting hill, Gent. April 11. Brandon, Essex st EDWARDS, THOMAS HENRY, East Lexham, Norfolk, Land Agent. Mar 14. Christmas y BRIDGE, THOMAS, Buttsburry, Essex, Esq. May 12. Woodard, Ingram ct, Fenc Edwards, Chitty, J. Worship and Rising. Great Yarmonth

CATHERALL, JOSEPH, Hexham, Northumberland, Newspaper Proprietor. April 1. HANCOCK, WILLIAM, Upton-on-Severn, Worcester, Solicitor's Clerk. Mar 18. Lee v' Gibson, Hexham ('rowe, Chitty, J. Redfern, Birmingham

CHORLTON, JOHN, Timperley, Chester, Gent. April 3. I and F Parker, Manchester HATTON, John Wood PERKS, Villa rd, Brixton, Hide and Skin Salesman. Mar 16. CURZON, Hon. FREDERICK, Twycross, Leicester, Captain, R.N. March 15. Parkin and Hatton v Hatton, Chitty, J. Scarlett, King st, Cheapside

Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn
[Gazette, Feb. 14.] DEAN, EDWARD, Wimbledon, Station Agent. Mar 11. Davie, New inn

DYER, HENRY, Forest Gate, Essex, Builder. Mar 9. Hulbert, Coleman st

GILL, JAMES WILLIS, Ironmonger lane, Gent. April 7. Andrews and Co, Weymouth CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25.

HART, MARY WADE, Brussels. Feb 25. Hobson, Gt Winchester st bldgs

HAYDON, JAMES, East Dulwich, Surrey, Gent. Mar 1. Hogan and Hughes, Martin's LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

lane, Cannon st

HAYES, GEORGE SAMUEL, Brighton, Esq. Mar 31. Wilson and Son, Hull BEAN, LOUISA, Guildford. April 8. Rhodes and Son, Chancery lane

HEAP, GEORGE Crump, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Esq. April 11. Haxby and BATTERTON, ANNE BARBER, Maisey Hampton, Gloucester, March 16. Wilmot, Fairford

Partridge, Leicester BOWLING, CHARLES JAMES LOVELACE, Surgeon in the Peninsular and Oriental Steam

LEWIS, JOSEPH, Blakebrook, Worcester, Gent. Mar 15. Hemingway, Bewdley Navigation Company's Service. April 30. Bowling, High st, Ramsgate

SMITH, MARY ANX, Russell sq. Mar 18. Elmslie and Co, Leadenhall st BUTSON, STRANGE GOULD, Afghanistan. April 30. Crosse and Son, Lancaster pl, Strand

STOREY, WILLIAM, Rayleigh, Essex, ont of business. Mar 5. Copland, Chelmsford CAMPBELL, GEORGIANA MARY ELIZABETI, Plymouth. March 20. Hallett, Craven st WALL, THOMAS JOHN, Aston, nr Bicmingham. Mar 10. Ansell, Birmingham CATTON, ALFRED, Bawdeswell, Norfolk, Grocer. March 10. Miller and Co, Norwich

WALKER, WILLIAM GEORGE GRIFFIN, Netherton, Worcester, Nail Manufacturer. Mar COLE, JAMES, Puddington, Devon, Gent. March 18. Huggins, Exeter

17. Collis, Stourbridge CoxwAY ELEANOR, Hendon. Feb 28. Conway, Homer st, Lambeth

WHITWORTH, ELIZABETH, Cheetham hill, Manchester. April 7. Claye and Son, ManCURTEIS, JEREMIAH, Shelton Rectory, Norfolk, Clerk in Holy Orders. March 8. Fur

chester ness, Norwich

[Gazette, Feb. 14.]
DUESBERY, WILLIAX, Hulme, Manchester, Builder. April 26. Diggles and Ogden
ELLIOTT, RICHARD, East Dulwich, Surrey, March 10. James, Quality ct, Chancery In
FAIRWRATHER, Francis, Coburn rd, Bow, Chief Engineer of the Telegraph Construction.

March 1. Stallon, Sheerness
Goosky, WILLIAM, Camden rd. March 10. Stileman and Co, Southampton st, Blooms.

At the Stock and Share Auction Company's sale held on Tuesday, at their
HARKNESS, JAMES McNair, Clewer, Berks, Engineer, March 31. Roberts, Thanet pl, sale room, Crown Court-buildings, Old Broad-street, the following were

amongst the prices obtained :-Organog Gold Mines £1 shares, fully paid, Kirg, HENRY, Rochdale, Lancaster, Gent. March 20. Bailey and Read, Bolton-le

21s. ; Gurrington Slate Quarries £20 12 per cent. Mortgage Debentures, 20s.; Moors LIGHTBOUND, THOMAS WARBURTON, Seacombe, Chester. April 30. Francis, Birken.

Rhodes Reefs £1 shares, 14s. 41d. ; Lombardy Road Rails £10 shares, head

£7 10s, ; Zoedone £1 shares, 13s. 9d.; and other miscellaneous securities MACLACILAX, ALEXANDER, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Surgeon, March 31. Hoyle and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne

fetched fair prices. MARDON, WILLIAM, Brook st, Grosvenor sq. March 10. Stileman and Co, Southamp. Why Buen Gas? ADOPT CHAPPUIS' REFLECTORS.-They supersede gas in daytime, ton st, Bloomsbury

and promote health, comfort, and economy. They are now in great use in private MCCAROGHER, JOSLPI, Chichester, Sussex, Doctor of Medicine. March 20. Hallett, houses. For prospectus, address two stamps to (S. J.) Chappuis, Patentee and Manu. Craven st

facturer, 69, Fleet-street, London.-[ADVT.]





February 20.--Bills Read a Second Time.

245 Nesbit (Pedley and B) v Tuxford (C Turner)

246 Warne (R Thomas) v Cork (Nickinson, P and N) PRIVATE Bills.-Bristol City Corporation of the Poor ; Bristol Docks and

247 Collett (JW Marsh) v Dixon (W Morley) Harbour Board ; Carnarvon (Morfa Seiont Common); Dartmouth Harbour 248 Wilson (R Hewlett) v Alcazar Cold (J Š'Ward)

249 Hull (Collins and W) V N Metropolitan Tram Oo (HC Godfray) Improvement ; Devon and Cornwall Central Railway ; Driffield and District

250 Whitmore (West, K A and Co) v Galpin and anr (R Davis) without jury Water ; East Warwickshire Water: Glyncorrwg, Rhondda, and Swansea

251 Higgins (Boardman and Co) v Inderwick (A Inderwick) Junction Railway ; Halifax Corporation ; Huddersfield Corporation ; London

252 Iles and anr (Seaton F Taylor) v Grant (HJ Sydney) (City) Court ; Mid-Cornwall Junction and Padstow Railway; Moore-street 253 Thornhill (Boardman and Oo) v LO and D Ry Co (J White)

254 Governors of St Bartholomew Hospital (Wilde, BM and W) y Willis (In Person) Market and North Dublin City Improvement; Newcastle-upon-Tyne Corpora

255 Wright (Noon and C) v Pugh and anr (Procter and A) tion (Loans, &c.); Oswestry and Llangynog Railway ; Portsoy Harbour ;

256 Clarke ( È Bevir) v Newton (In Person) Railway Working and Management Company ; Ross District Water ; St. 257 Bower (Miller and V) v Smith (In Person) Pancras Guardians of the Poor ; Skipton and Ilkley Railway (No. 1); South

258 Fishbonirne and anr (J Ellerton) v Norris (J G Hyett)

259 J and E Hall (Hughes, H and Co) v Gibbs and anr (R Miller and W) Kerry Waste Lands Reclamation ; South Staffordshire Mines Drainage ;

260 Brunetti (WJ Collens) v Clark (W Philp)
Swansea Corporation Loans ; Tynemouth Corporation ; Windsor and Eton 261 Batchelor (Crowder, A and V) v Powis and Carter (Combe and W)
Water; and Wolverhampton Corporation Loans.

262 Lewsey (Sandom, K and W) v Fletcher (Stoneham and L)
263 Same (Same) y Same (Same)

264 The Queen (Gardiner, Son and w) v Mills, Bart (F Needham) SJ
February 21.-Bills Read a Second Time,

265 Blake (

GE Smith) v Blaiberg (Moresby-White, and Co) PRIVATE Bills.-Essex County Loans; Fulwood and Whittingham 266 British Mutual Investment Cola (Barnard and Co) v Hedley (E Flux and L)

267 Plum and anr (E Chester) v Salamos (W Rawlins) Water ; Rotherham Corporation; and Skipton and Ilkley Railway (No. 2).

268 Dewhurst (TD Dutton) v Alcock (W B Abboct)
209 Barnes (W T Boydell) v Wilder (Gregory and Co)
270 Blaiberg (EC Seaman) v Evans (W B Harte) Without jury
271 Palham (

GS Tinkler) v Johnson (Worthington Evans)

272 Fether (Moreton and E) v May (CE Strong)

273 Hacker (Pickett and M) v Ready (Gasquet and M) February 15. New Bills.

274 Gibbs (EM Armstrong) v Clarke (Saxton and Son) Bill to amend the law relating to the use of gunpowder in mines (Mr. 275 Hunter (Western and Sons) v Greene (Keene, M and B)

276 Verner (Lewis and L) v Fortescue (H S Russell) SJ ROBERTSON) ; Bill to consolidate and codify the law relating to bills of ex

277 MP Preston (Same) v Sharp (Learoyd and C) SJ cbange and promissory notes (Sir J. LUBBOCK); Bill to amend the law relating 278 Hon Thos Preston and wife (Same) v Same (Same) SJ to patents for inventions (Mr. ANDERSON).

279 Torr, Janeway, and Co (In Person) v Harvey and Poarson (W Eley) (Without


280 McCulloch (Aldridge, T and M) v Governors of Wymondham Grammar School February 16.-Bill Read a Sccond l'ime.

(PRT Toynbee) SJ

281 Girling (JA Girling) v Lewis (Keene, M and B) Churchwardens' Admission.

282 Maley (BJ Abbott) v Wheeler (

GA Haynes)

283 Creal and Wife (Ford and F) v Foster (Williamson, H and Co) New Bills.

284 Beckingsale (W T Elliott) v Waterhouse (Jenkinson and o) Bill to authorize use of reply postcards (Mr. FAWCETT); Bill to amend the

285 Hunt (R Little) v Thomas (Badham and w)

286 Vandivorin (Same) v Lawson (Peacock and G) law of distress (Sir H. HOLLAND).

287 Hodges (Nash and F) v Chanot (Kisch, Son and H)
288 Phillimore (In Person) Earl of Northbrook and ors (Hare and Fell) SJ

289 Welstead (Tibbitts and Son) y Ness (T R Apps)
February 20.-Bills Read a Second Time.

290 Bowles (Rivington and Son) v Pilley (H Morris) PRIVATE BILLS.–Ascot District Gas and Water ; Beaconsfield, Uxbridge, 291 Gillig (Foss and L) y Weigel (W Beck)

292 Beach (H Moxon) v Castioni (C Mossop) and Harrow Railway ; Birkenhead Borough ; Central Northumberland Rail

293 Hammond (Kingsford, D and Co) v Phipps (FR Kilvington) way ; Charing Cross and Waterloo Electric Railway ; Falmouth Borough Ex: 294 Lambert (Sandom, K and K) v Abbott, Page, and Co (Wild, B and W) tension ; Horncastle Water ; Kingsbridge and Salcombe Railway ; Lambourn 295 Martin (J S Fowler) y Morris and anr (

GBB Norman)

296 Woods (J W Marsh) v Foljambe (Mr T Holding) SJ Valley (Light) Railway; Latimer-road and Acton Railway; Llangammarch

297 Stone (Gregory, R and Co) v Sharp, Jones, and Co (W SH arp) and Neath and Brecon Junction Railway ; London Riverside Fish Market ;

298 Cato (AH Crowther) v Thompson and anr (W Easton) Lower Thames Valley Main Sewerage Board ; Melton and Hollesley Bay 299 Veal and anr (RH Veal) y Thrower and ors (Prior, Bigg, and Co) Railway ; Mersey Docks and Harbour Board ; Metropolitan Markets (Fish), 300 Emmerson (Woodbridge and Sons) v Newton, Jenkins, and Co (Newman and Co)

301 Fuld (Kidder and Son v Tannenbaum (Carr, F and C) &c., Peckham, Lewisham, and Catford-bridge-road; Radstock, Wrington,

302 Blatspiel and ors (A Poland) v Abrahams (

HW Cattlin) and Congresbury Junction Railway ; Somerton Junction Railway ; South 303 Nickels (

GS Tinkler) v Cracknell (J E Lickfold) ampton Harbour; South London Market ; South Wales and Severn Bridge 304 Terrell and Atkinson (In Person) v Carr (Barnard and Co)

host (TC Russel) v Millinery and Dress Asscn ld (R Dixon) Railway; Stratford-upon-Avon and District Water; Stroud Water (No. 2);

306 Strickland (M Scott and Baker) y Coleman (Field, R and Co) West Ham Local Board ; and Windsor and Ascot Railway.

307 Glaysher (Sheffield and Sons) v Neville (Abbott, Á and Co) Bills of Exchange (referred to Select Committee); Parochial Charities ; 308 Ivay (Jno Curtis) v Hedges (Keene, M and B)

309 Worley (T D Pettiver) v Dobbin (Blewitt and T) Rivers Conservancy and Floods Prevention.

310 De la Rue and Co (Wilson, B and C) v Holmes (É Lloyd) SJ

311 Loose (T Hulbert) v Pavier (WW Young) February 21.-Bills Read a Second Time.

312 Belville (Sanderson and H) v Wills and Wootton (

GW Barnard)

313 Willing, Jun (A Calkin Lewis) v The Marine Piers Co ld (Fowler and Co) PRIVATE Bills. — Alnwick Corporation ; Harrow and Uxbridge Railway ;

314 Methuen (E Smith and Co) v Great Eastern Ry Co (CA Curwood) SJ London Parochial Charities ; St. Helen's (Corporation) Water, Todmorden 315 Sopp (TR Apps) v Burrows (Gregory and Co)

316 Harris (Badham and W) v Ritchie (In Person) without jury Water ; Liverpool Improvement; and Metropolitan Outer Circle Railway.

317 Mace (W Ba tham) v Hall (Hollams, Son and C)

318 Wilden (AR Steele) v White (Mackeson, T and A) New Bill.

319 Willing (Piesse and Son) v Spiers (Linklater and Co) SJ

320 Hall (ÚJ Com yns) v Edwards and anr (J J Peddell) Bill to amend the law relating to Parliamentary elections.

321 Jones (M Scott and Baker) v Greenwood (Ridsdale, C and R)
322 Blundell (Same) v London Street Tram Co (Ashurst, M, C and Co)
323 Donne (Kingsford, D and Co) v Pillbrow (Woodin and W)
324 Read (TR Apps) v Anderson (J and E Scott)
325 Mears (T Hulbert) v Egan and anr (Webb and Son)
326 Williams (G M Cooke) v Cox (J B Churchill)
327 Morson (A E Copp) v Gardner (

GC Sherrard)

328 Morris (JE King) v The Midland Ry Co (Beale, MB and G) SJ

329 Vickers (FW Snell and G) v Gunn (LIB Rawlins)
330 Temple-West (Gamblen, Son and B) v Rogers (

GM Cooke)

331 Bellew (E Doyle and Sons) v London Tram Co (J O Jacobs) SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

332 Stone (T W Payne) v Rowlands (J Kempster)

333 Tilbury (Crouch, $ and E) v Kent (C O Humphreys and Son) ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON

334 Lambert (G Thompson) v Baldry (WT Ricketts)

335 Roberts, executrix, &c (Hatton and W) v Milford Docks (o (Marriott and J)

Y.C. Bacon. V.C. HALL.

336 Kendal and Dent (T Beard and Sons) y Yandell and Co (Boultons, Son, and Co)

337 Sterne and anr, extx and exor, &c (Pawle and F) v Billington (W Neal) Monday, Feb. ............ 27 Mr. Cobby Mr. Merivale Mr. Clowes

338 St Albyn (Bordman and Co) v Henderson (JS Ward) Thesday ....::.



339 The Trustees of Bedford Charity (Maples, T and Co) v Richards (W W Isaacyon) Wednesday, Mar..



340 Hale (Baker, B and H) v Taggett (Lawrence, P and B) Thursday ......


341 Griffiths (

GB B Norman) v Leith (HC Barker)
Friday ..............



312 Abrahams (Noon and C) v Eyre (Kingsford, D and Co)

313 Gibbon (Langley and G) v Baylis (À Haynes) Saturday..............



344 Betts (

GS Hare) v Pewtress (Thompson and w)
345 Waller and Sons (

GJ and P Vanderpump) v Russell (Palmer and S)
Mr. Justico Mr. Justice Mr. Justico

346 Grogan and Co (Paterson, S and B) v Carr-Gomm (Still and Son)

347 The Combined Estates Cold (Rooke and Sons) v Vincent (W II Lomax) Monday, Feb........

Mr. Pemberton Mr. Teesdale Mr. L.atham 318 Israel (Wright and Co) v Levy (W B Harte)
Tuesday ..............

349 Webb (R Metcalfe) v Lewis (R W Marsland)


| 350 Elworthy (A H Elworthy) v Maltby (A Martin) Wednesday, Mar.........

Pemberton Teesdale


351 Pritchard (S Price) y Yates (Lewis and L) SJ Thursday ........



352 The Grantham Brick Cold (Randall and A) v Gripper and Baylis (Rixon Pemberton Teesdale Latham 353 Matthews and Son (T Hulbert) v Foster and ors (Lawrance, P and B) Saturday............


Carrington 354 Bingley (Lewin and Co) v Smith (Dubois and R)


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Murphy, Miah, Croydon, Surrey, Watch Dealer. Pet Feb 17. Rowland. Croydon,

Mar 7 at 12
Ross, John, Sheffield, Iron Merchant. Pet Feb 16. Wake. Sheffield, Mar 8 at 1

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. It is stated that Mr. Henry Spencer Fairfoot, solicitor, deceased , late of

TUESDAY, Feb. 21, 1882. the firm of Fairfoot & Webb, of 13, Clement's-inn, has by his will given to Blanchard, Sidney, Porchester sq. Feb 16. his olerks legacies to the amount of £1,300; to the Law Clerk's society, £100; and to the Solicitors' Benevolent Society, £100.

Liquidations by Arrangement. The Washington Law Reporter publishes the following under the heading,

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. “How a Newspaper can Fetch Rascals up With a Round Turn" :-Six weeks

FRIDAY, Feb. 17, 1882. ago the Philadelphia Times announced that it would pay in cash a reward of

Allcorn, John Curd, Forest Hill, Kent, Master Builder. Mar 7 at 2 at offices of Arm.

strong, Chancery lane 1,000dols. for the first conviction of a “jury-fixer” of that city, 500dols. for

Armishaw, George Watson, Liverpool, General Merchant. Mar 3 at 2 at offices of the second, 250dols. for the third, and 100dols, each for the next ten. “Jury. Harmood and Co, North John st, Liverpool. Stone and Co, Liverpool fixers," if we understand the term, are men who make it a business to arrange Arrowsmith, Thomas, Walsall, Stafford, Victualler. Mar 2 at 12 at offices of Loxton,

Bridge, Walsall, Stafford for getting men on juries, or get seated in the jury-box themselves, for the

Bate, James, jun., St Helen's, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Mar 2 at 3 at offices of purpose of corrupting justice and setting criminals at liberty. Whether this Swift and Son, Hardshaw st, St Helens nefarious trade is carried on elsewbere or not to anything like the degree that Barker, Noah, Willenball, Stafford, Cowkeeper. Mar 3 at 11 at offices of Vaughan,

Walsall st, Willenhall it was practised in Philadelphia we do not know, but the result has justified

Barndin. Arthur, Walton-on-the Naze, House Decorator. Feb 24 at 3 at offices of Hepthe Times in making the generous offer. Since then three men pleaded guilty to

worth and Co, Cheapside the crimes of perjury and embracery, their detection and conviction having been Burridge, James, Poole, Dorset, Grocer. Mar 6 at 3 at Antelope Hotel, High st, brought about directly through the impulse imparted to detective talent and

Poole. Hill, Poole

Beresford, Thomas, Walsall Wood, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper. Mar 2 at 3 at offices zeal by the promise of rewards. The Times, therefore, announced on Saturday

of Cotterell, Bridge st, Walsall, Stafford that the 1,750dols. offered for the first three convictions would be paid on the Bland, John, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Auctioneer. Mar 1 at 3 at 17, Strand, presentation of certificates from the district attorney stating that the persons Barrow in Furness. Taylor, Barrow in Furness applying were the ones who furnished the information leading to the con

Brackenbury, Hubert, Horbling, Lincoln, Innkeeper. Mar 3 at 12 at Plough Inn, Hor

bling. Peake and Co viction of the criminals.

Bridle, George, Axminster, Devon, Cooper. Feb 28 at 12 at office of Forward, Ar

Borton, Richard, Charlotte st, Fitzroy sq, Bedding Manufacturer. Mar 8 at 3 at office

of Christmas, Walbrook

Botly, Richard, Burdett rd, Mile End, Painting Brush Maker. Mar 3 at 4 at office of SALES OF ENSUING WEEK.

Glyn, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane

Bradshaw, James, Hillsbro', Ecclesfield, York, Post Office Clerk, Mar 3 at 2 at offices March 2.-Messrs. BEAN, BURNETT, & ELDRIDGE, at the Mart, at 1 p.m., of Taylor, Norfolk row, Sheffield Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, Feb. 18, p. 3).

Bromley, Henry, and Alfred Bromley, Ardleigh, Essex, Millers. Feb 24 at 11 at office March 2.-Messrs. MARSH, MILNER, & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Rev ersions,

of Goody and Son, North Hill, Colchester Policies, &c. (see advertisement, Feb. 18, p. 4).

Buck, Anton Alfred, Mark lane, Commission Merchant. Mar 1 at 3 at office of Barrow

and Gates, Gresham st. Gole, Lime st
Byrom, William Ascroft, Wigan, Lancaster, Solicitor. Mar 1 at 2.20 at offices of

Ramwell and Co, Queen's bldgs, Ridgfield, Manchester
Calvert, William, Little Stonegate, York, Woollen Merchant. Feb 28 at 11 at offices of

Crumbie, Stonegate

Carter, Thomas, Sunderland, out of business. Feb 28 at 11 at offices of Storey, John

st, Sunderland FRANCI8.-Feb. 16, at St. John's-grove, Croydon, the wife of Harry Francis, Cartledge, Mary, Mortomley, Ecclesfield, York, Innkeeper. March 1 at 12 at offices of solicitor, of a daughter.

Rodgers and Co, Bank st, Sheffield

Casey, Thomas, Boleyn rd, Stoke Newington, March 3 at 2 at the Masons' Hall Tavern, POWELL-TIMBRELL.- Feb. 18, at St. Mary Abbotts, Kensington, James Powell,

Masons' avenue, Basinghall st. Hammack, Finsbury circus solicitor, to Alice Blanche, daughter of the late Captain Charles W. Timbrell.

Caton, Joseph Robert, Gamlingay, Cambridge, Coal Merchant. March 2 at 2 at the

Dolphin Inn, Gamlingay. Conquest and Clare, Bedford

Cavan, Anne, St John's Wood Park, Schoolmistress. Feb 28 at 2 at offices of SteavenLEE. Feb. 19, at Castle-street, Salisbury, Charles Marsh Lee, solicitor, aged 65, son and Couldwell, Gracechurch st who was for twenty-six years Town Clerk of the city.

Davidson, Samuel, and James Davidson, Cheetham, Builders. March 8 at 2 at offices

of Gardner, Cooper st, Manchester Dorey, Henry, Poole, Coal Merchants. March 1 at 12 at offices of Travers, Masonic

chmbrs, Market st, Poole Douglas, Henry Duncan, Chichester, Sussex, Wholesale and Retail Flour Dealer. Mar

3 at 2 at the Anchor Hotel, West st, Chichester. Gregory, Chichester Drake, Frederic, Burton crescent, Brunswick sq, Ironmonger's Assistant. Feb 27 at 2

at offices of Blelloch, Coleman st

Ellis, Thomas, Saltney, Chester, Baker. March 6 at 11 at offices of Cartwright, White
FRIDAY, Feb. 17, 1882.

Emery, 'Seth, Bedminster, Bristol, Builder. Mar 1 at 2 at offices of Ward, Albion
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

chmbrs, Bristol Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Evening, Isaac, and John Evening, Cockermonth, Cumberland, Stationers. Mar 7 at To Surrender in London.

11 at offices of Paisley, Workington Aberg, Alfred, Licensed Victualler, Castle st, Leicester sq. Pet Feb 13. Pepys. Mar Fenwick, Matthew, Barnsley, York, Plasterer. Mar 6 at 2 at Royal Hotel, Barnsley. 3 at 11

Fearnside, Barnsley Cotton, Edward Bottreaux Knill, Russell st, Covent garden, Solicitor. Pet Feb 14, Field, Henry, Deptford, Builder's Labourer. Feb 27 at 4 at offices of Whale, Queen Murray. Mar 3 at 11

Victoria st Dando, William Elbert, Regent st. Pet Feb 14. Murray. Mar 3 at 11.30

Field, Stephen, Anerley, Surrey, Pawnbroker. Mar at 3 at offices of Morris, PaterGriffin, Frederick John, Golborne rd, Upper Westbourne pk, Fruiterer. Pet Feb 15. noster row

Brougham. Feb 28 at 11.30
Lloyd, Jane, Gower st. Pet Feb 15. Hazlitt. Mar 1 at 12.30

Findlay, George, West Gorton, Manchester, Timber Merchant. Mar 2 at 3 at offices of Love, Frank, Knowle rd, Brixton, Carpenter. Pet Feb 14. Murray, Mar 1 at 12

Ellis, Manchester

Fox, George, Kegworth, Leicester, Tailor. Mar 3 at 2 at Assembly Rooms, Nottingham, To Surrender in the Country.

Clifford, Loughborough Byrne, Joseph, Liverpool, Poulterer. Pet Feb 13. Bellringer. Liverpool, Feb 28 at 12 | Gaskill, Mary, Liverpool, Grocer. Mar 2 at 2 at oflices of Wilson and Co, Lord st, Davies, George, Hicks, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, Auctioneer. Pet Feb 6.

Liverpool Edwards. $: Albans, Mar 1 at 3

Gill, Joseph, Anfield, nr Liverpool, Chemist. Mar 11 at 1 at offices of Moore and Spence, Griffiths, William, Camerton, Cumberland, Tin Plate Manufacturer. Pet Feb 11.

Liverpool Waugh, Cockermouth, Feb 28 atl

Goode, George, Oldbury, License Victualler. Mar 2 at 2 at offices of Wright and Co, Hardisty, Edward, Darlington, Durham, Grocer. Pet Feb 13. Crosby. Stockton on

Oldbury Tees, Mar 3 at 2.30

Guscotte, Thomas, York bldgs, Adelphi, Solicitor. Feb 28 at 2 at 1, York bldgs Master, Harcourt s., Great Yarmouth, Gentleman, Pet Feb 13. Worlledge. Great Hagart, James Conacher, Manchester, Builder. Mar 3 at 3 at offices of Farrar and Yarmouth, Mar 1 at 11

Hall, Fountain st, Manchester Nuttman, Richard Jonathan, Maple rd, Penge, Clothier. Pet Feb 11, Rowland. | Hanks, Charles, Winterbourne, Gloucester, Farmer. Feb 28 at 2 at offices of Clifton Croydon, Mar 3 at 2

and Carter, Broad st, Bristol Pankhurst, James, Newcastle under Lyme, Fish Salesman. Pet Feb 13. Tennant. Harrington, Hugh Michael, Middlesborough, York, Provision Dealer. Mar 1 at 2 at Hanley, Mar 2 at 3

Great Northern Hotel, Leeds. Simpson, West Hartlepool
Radley, George Henry, Horsforth, York, Manufacturer. Pet Feb 8. Marshall. Leeds, Harte, Thomas, Gloucester, Schoolmaster. Feb 27 at 3 at offices of Long, Westgate

Mar 8 at 11
Selby, Henry Frederick, Railway Hotel Stables, Potters Bar, Coal Merchant. Pet Feb

chmbrs, Berkeley st, Gloucester 14. Boyes. Barnet, Mar 2 at 11

Harvey, William Brough, Stoke-upon-Trent, Stafford, Egg Merchant. Feb 28 at 11 at

offices of Griffith, Lad lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme TUESDAY, Feb, 21, 1882.

Hatch, Frederick, Huntingdon st, Caledonian rd, Grocer. Mar 2 at 2 at 6, Arthur st
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

East. Carter and Bell, Eastcheap
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Harvey, William, Birmingham, Assembly Room Proprietor. Mar 2 at 3 at offices of
To Surrender in London.

Duke, Temple row, Birmingham Edwards, Thomas, Leyton, Essex, Bnilder. Pet Feb 18. Brougham. Mar 7 at 11 Hayes, Thomas, Nottingham, Grocer. Mar 1 at 3 at the George Hotel, Nottingham. Huggins, Horatio James, Hermes hill, Pentonville, Manufacturer of Bottle Washing

Cockayne, Nottingham Machines. Pet Feb 18. Brougham. Mar 7 at 11.30

Hobbs, Charles, Tottenham, Pork Butcher, Mar 2 at 2 at Grove Tavern, Snell's Park, Saville, Edmund, Gloucester st, Regent's pk, Wine Merchant's Foreman. Pet Feb Edmonton. Parke, Warwick ct, Gray's inn 17. Pepy's. Mar 3 at 12

Hobson, Joseph, Halifax, York, Coal Merchant. Mar 6 at 11 at Wards End, Halifax. To Surrender in the Country.

Holroyde and Smith Bray, William, Belgrave, Leicester, Builder. Pet Feb 16. Ingram. Leicester, Mar 7 | Hodder, William George, Berkeley, Gloucester, Butcher. Feb 28 at 3 at offices of Scott, at 12

Berkeley, Gloucester Davies, Alfred Conde, Liverpool, Auctioneer. Pet Feb 16, Cooper, Liverpool, Mar 6 Horwood, Henry, Wrington, Somerset. Boot Manufacturer, Feb 27 at 2 at offices of at 12

Sibly, Exchange West, Bristol Jones, David Erskine, and William Owen Davies, Conway, Carnarvon, Timber Mer- | Hudson, Peter, Aspatria, Cumberland. Innkeeper. Mar 6 at 11 at offices of Rigg, King chants. Pet Feb 16. Jones. Bangor, Mar 6 at 2

si, Wigton Morris, David, Tonyrefail, near Pontypridd, Grocer. Pet Feb 15. Spickett. Ponty. | Hughes, George Barnet, Llanfairisgaer, Carnarvon pridd, Mar 4 at 10

Butcher. Mar 3 at 2 at British Hotel, Bangor, Roberts, Holyhead


riars, chas, Saltoch, Cole

Johnston, Henry John, Wooler, Northumberland, General Merchant. Mar 2 at 11 at Benning, John, Banbury, Oxford, Grocer. March 14 at 12 at offices of Dudley, Oxford offices of Tate and Percy, St Michael's lane, Alnwick

Boyes, William, Baildon, Otley, York, Publican. March 3 at 11 at offices of Hailstone, Jones, David, Rhydybod, Llanuwchllyn, Merioneth, Farmer. Mar 3 at 1 at Plascoch Market st chmbrs, Bradford Hotel, Bala. Jones, Bala

Brown, Daniel, Biddulph Moor, Stafford, Stonemason. March 4 at 11 at No. 59, StockJones, Richard William, Leicester, Grocer. Mar 6 at 3 at office of Wright, Belvoir st,

well st, Leek Leicester

Buckley, William, Harborne, Stafford, Merchant's Clerk. March 6 at 3 at offices of Jowett, William, Droylsden, Lancaster, Dyer. Mar 4 at 11 at offices of Farrar and Hall, Duke, Temple row, Birmingham Fountain st, Manchester

Burford, William, sidbury, Worcester, Meat Salesman. March 7 at 11 at offices of Kiteley, William. Westbromwich, Stafford, Dairyman. Mar 3 at 11 at office of Jackson Corbett, A venue House, the Cross, Worcester and Sharpe, High st, Westbromwich

Burnett, John Joseph, Queen Victoria st, Tailor. Feb 28 at 3 at offices of Ruddle, High Legood, Charles William, Heigham, Norwich, out of business. Feb 28 at 11 at Three Holborn Kings, Upper Westwick st, Norwich

Carter, Cornelius Atkin, Friskney, Lincoln, Farmer. March 3 at 1 at the Red Lion Lewis, Frank, Nottingham, Builder. Mar 11 at 3 at offices of Stevenson, Weekday Hotel, Boston. Hyde and Brown, Upgate, Louth cross, Nottingham

Chadwick, George, Liverpool, Lath Cleaver. March 3 at 3 at offices of Banner and Co, Marriner, Matthew, Durham, Boot and Shoe Dealer. Mar 2 at 12 at Rose and Crown Cook st, Liverpool. Harper, Liverpool Hotel, Market st, Durham, Oliver, Durham

Clarke, Herbert, Castle st, Holborn, Business Agent. March 1 at 2 at offices of Mogg, Marson, Joseph, Birmingham, Machinist. Mar 2 at 11 at offices of Burton, Union New Broad st. Parke, Warwick ct, Gray's inn passage, Birmingham

Colls, Henry, Brighton, Sussex, Hotel Proprietor. March 9 at 3 at Card room, Old Ship Mäson, Edward, Shrewsbury, out of business. Feb 28 at 11 at offices of Morris and Hotel, Brighton. Warne, Brighton Sons, Swan hill, Shrewsbury

Connor, William Henry, Eccles, Lancaster, Solicitor. March 6 at 11 at offices of Greg. Musterman, Thomas Henry, Bedale, York, Innkeeper. Mar 1 at 2 at offices of Teale, son, Princes st, Manchester Town's hall, Northallerton

Crabb, George, Ramsgate, Kent, Builder. March 15 at 3 at offices of Cannon, Wool Maw, Thomas, jun., Flaxton, York, Boot and Shoe Dealer. Mar 3 at 11 at offices of Exchange, Coleman st Cundall, Blake st, York

Cresswell, John Pearson, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Surgeon. March 8 at 11 at offices McKno, John Samuel, Bridport, Dorset, Grocer. Mar 6 at 10 at offices of Day, West of Gatis, King st, Wolverhampton Allington, Bridport

Daybell, William, Bottesford, Leicester, Cattle Dealer. March 6 at 11 at offices of Mitchell, Benjamin Hillyard, Cambridge, Coal, Coke, and Salt Merchant. Mar 6 at 3 at Blackwell, St Peter's Church walk, Nottingham Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn, Ellison and Co, Cambridge

Duncan, Robert Newton, Newcastle upon Tyne, Publican. March 4 at 11 at offices of Morris, Owen, Tyddynmansier, Llandwrog, Carnarvon, Farmer. Mar 2 at 1 at Sports.

Forster, Newgate st, Newcastle upon Tyne. Dove, Newcastle upon Tyne man Hotel, arnarvon. Picton and Co, Pwllheli

Edwards, Thomas, Tipton, Stafford, Grocer. March 7 at 11 at offices of Shakespeare, Newbury, William John, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Gentleman. Feb 22 at 1 at 37, St Mary

Church st, Oldbury st, Cardiff, in lieu of the place originally named

Elliot, Thomas, Herrington Burn Farm, Fence Houses, Durham, Farmer. March 3 at Yewton, Arthur Edward, Salford, Fish and Poultry Dealer. Mar 3 at 11 at offices of

3 at offices of Bentham, Nile st, Sunderland Gardner, Cooper st, Manchester

Fellows. Abraham, Dudley, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. March 4 at 11 at offices of North, Edward, Brighton, Bookseller. Mar 6 at 2 at offices of Edmonds and Co, Cheap

Waldron, High st, Brierley Hill side. Upperton and Bacon, Brighton Padfield, William, Clutton, Somerset, Innkeeper. Mar 9 at 2 at offices of Pearson, Clare

Fellows, John, Smethwick, Stafford, Grocer. Mar 6 at 3 at offices of Shakespeare,

Church st, Oldbury st, Bristol

Garratt, Frank, Nottingham, Plaster Manufacturer. Mar 7 at 3 at offices of WhittingPalk, William Edward, Birmingham, Brassfounder. Mar 1 at 3 at No. 1, Newhall st,

ham, Middle pavement, Nottingham Birmingham. Rawlings, Birmingham

Gifford, James, Burslem, Stafford, Potters' Printer. Mar 8 at 12 at offices of Alcock, Pavey, Alfred, Marlborough rd, Peckham, Decorater. Mar 7 at 2 at offices of Lockyer,

Newcastle st, Burslem
Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st
Pearsall, James, Smethwick, Harhorne, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper. Mar 2 at 12 at

Gill, Francis, Wandsworth rd, Surrey, Builder. Mar 3 at 3 at Inns of Court Hotel,

Holborn. Godfrey, South sq, Gray's-inn offices of Hartill, Birmingham st, Oldbury

Godfrey, Thomas, Bulwell, Nottingham, Tailor. Mar 8 at 3 at offices of Day, Brougham Peck, Charles Heald, Leverington, Cambridge, Auctioneer. Mar 3 at 11 at the Public

chmbrs, Wheelergate, Nottingham, Fraser, Nottingham Hall, Wisbech. Fraser and Co, Wisbech

Gravdon. William Frederick, and George Player, Mile End rd, China and Glass MerPoole, Thomas Edward, Southend, Essex, Painter. Mar 7 at 2 at offices of Brighten and

chants. Mar 7 at 3 at offices of Lockyer, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st Parker, Bishopsgate st Without

Green. Edward William, Mitcham, Surrey, Florist. Feb 27 at 12 at Inns of Court Hotel Potts, Thomas William, Southsea, Portsea, Hants, Builder. Mar 1 at 3 at offices of

High Holborn, Angell, Leadenhall st
King, Portsea
Quincey, William, Beeston, Nottingham, Joiner. Mar 8 at 3 at offices of Stroud, Low

Green, Solomon Levy, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Clothier. Mar 13 at 3 at offices of Harte,

Moorgate st pavement, Nottingham Reay, William, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, Butcher. Mar 1 at 3 at office of Bell,

Greenboam, Edward, Gracechurch st, Merchant Tailor. Mar 8 at 3 at Mason's Hall

Tavern, Mason's Avenue. Young, Newgate st
Lambton st, Bishopwearmouth
Rich, James, Bridgewater, Somerset, Jeweller.

Gregory, Joseph, Derby, Thrashing Machine Proprietor, Mar 6 at 3 at Corn Market,
Mar 2 at 3 at George and Railway

Derby. Close, Derby Hotel, Bristol. Reed and Cook, Bridgewater

Griffiths, Elisha, Wednesbury, Stafford, Iron Founder. Mar 4 at 11 at offices of Shel. Poberts, Henry, London st, Greenwich, Wholesale Confectioner. Feb 28 at 2 at Guild

don, Wednesbury hall Tavern, Gresham st. Howard and Shelton, Threadneedle st

Halstead, Alfred, Outlane, nr Huddersfield, Innkeeper. Mar 7 at 3 at Plough Inn, Rowe, John, and Robert Haworth, Blackburn, Lancaster, Leather Dealers. Mar 2 at 3

Huddersfield. Garsed, Halifax at office of Riley, Astley gate, King st, Blackburn

Harris, James, Roath, Cardiff, Builder. Mar 7 at 11 at 19, Duke st, Cardiff. Morris Rule, Thomas Nicholas, Almack rd, Clapton pk, out of business. Mar 2 at 3 at office of

and Son, Cardiff Cooper and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Herridge, George, Lambeth, Stone Mason. Mar 6 at 2 at offices of Howard and Shel. Sanby, Samuel Denman, Eastbourne, Ironmonger. Mar 6 at 3 at office of Reader, Ely

ton, Threadneedle st pl, Holborn Scrose, Samuel, St Phillips, Bristol, Job Master.

Hewson, John, Birmingham, out of business. Mar 6 at 3 at offices of Fallows, Cherry Feb 28 at 12 at office of Sibly, Ex

st. Birmingham change West, Bristol Sexton, Charles, Stockton, Durham, Innkeeper. Feb 25 at 11 at office of Best, High st,

Holdsworth, Luke, Croft st, Lincoln, Grocer. Mar 1 at 11 at offices of Ward, Silver st,

Shakespeare, George, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Carriage Builder. Mar 3 at 11 at office

House, William, South st, Camberwell, Baker. Mar 6 at 4 at offices of Ycung and Sons,

Mark lane of Stratton, Queen st, Wolverhampton Shaw, David, Wavertree, Liverpool, Builder. Mar 6 at 3 at office of Ivey, Church st,

Howgate, James, Potternewton, Leeds, Chimney Sweeper. Mar 3 at 2 at offices of Liverpool. Lupton, Liverpool

Pullan, Leeds

Hussey, Thomas Alfred, and William Henry Hawkins, Old Bond st, Goldsmiths. Mar Smith, Benjamin, Killamarsh, Derby, Bricklayer. Mar 3 at 3 at offices of Binns,

10 at 2 at offices of Darling, Brewer st, Golden sq. Attenborough, St Paul's ch yd Sheffield

Jackson, James, Tillingham, Essex, Farmer. Mar 8 at 11 at offices of Crick and FreeSteele, William, Fenton, Stafford, Potter. Feb 27 at 11 at offices of Welch, Caroline st,

man, Maldon Longton Stoner, Joseph, Millom, Cumberland, Innkeeper. Mar 3 at 3 at offices of Butler,

Jennings, Frederick, Hinckley, Leicester, Grocer. Mar 7 at 11 at offices of Burgess

and Williams, Berridge st, Leicester Millom Taylor, Thompson, Botchergate, Carlisle, Grocer. Mar 2 at 3 at offices of Wannop,

Johnson, Solomon Caudle, High Wycombe, Bucks, Chair Manufacturer. Mar 4 at 2 at 25, Carlisle

High st, High Wycombe. Bliss Tebbutt, Robert, and John Kent Tebbntt, Cheetham, Manchester, Grocer. Mar 6 at 3

Johnson, Sarah, Widow, and Edward Johnson, Lichfield, Stafford, Market Gardeners.

March 3 at 3 at otlioes of East, Temple st, Birmingham at offices of Horner and Son, Manchester Temple, Solomon, Leman st, Whitechapel, Publican. Feb 28 at 130 at Garrick Tavern,

Jones, Frederick, Wolverhamptun, Cattle Dealer. Mar 7 at 12 at offices of Clark, New

rd, Willenhall' laman st, Whitechapel Thomlinson, John Ashbridge, Carlisle, Woollen Manufacturer. Mar 2 at 3 at offices of

Jones, Thomas, Salford, Lancaster, Engineer. Mar 7 at 3 at offices of Harwood, Cross

st, Manchester Wright and Brown, Carlisle Tootel, Charles, Manchester, Box Maker. Mar 3 at 3 at offices of Sumner, Marsden st,

Latham, Richard, Wigan, Lancaster, Beerseller. Mar 4 at 11 at offices of Stuart, King

st, Wigan Manchester Theobald, Edwin Togarmal, Greenwich, Optician. Feb 27 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern,

Lee, Amelia Emily, Stamford st, Grocer. Mar 15 at 2 at 6, Arthur st East. Watkins

and Co, Sackville st Gresham st. Howard and Shelton, Threadneedle st

Lee, Thomas Wilton, and Charles Bouts, Pancras lane, Queen st, Importers of Dutch Tranter, Thomas, Wombournc, Stafford, Builder. Mar 2 at 11 at offices of Stokes and

Produce. Mar 3 at 2 at offices of Toppin, Cloak lane, Cannon st
Hooper, Dudley
Vaughan, William, Almeley, Hereford, Grocer. Mar 3 at 10.15 at Tram Inn, Eardisley

Leeder, Edward, North Creake, Norfolk, Grocer, Mar 9 at 11.30 at the Norfolk Hotel,

St Giles, Norwich. Wilkin, King's Lynn Hereford. Corner, Hereford

Levy, David, Mansell st, Aldgate, Butcher. Mar 2 at 11 at offices of Dobson, Minories Waite, Benjamin, Farsley, York, Woollen Cloth Manufacturer. Mar 2 at 2.30 at Law

Lewin, George, Southwick, Sussex, Coal Merchant. Mar 7 at 12 at offices of Deane and Institution, Albion pl, Leeds. Harrison, East parade, Leeds

Hands, Loughborough, Leicester all, William, Sittingbourne, Kent, Mariner. Mar 8 at 11 at offices of Gibson, Sitting

Lintine, Morrice, Birmingham, Boot Manufacturer. Mar 3 at 3 at office of Robinson anii bourne

Son, Cherry st, Birmingham Tells, George, Norton Folgate, Spitalfields, Potato Salesman. Mar 8 at 3 at offices of

Marshall, James, Nottingham, Miller. Mar 7 at 3 at office of Cockayne, Fletcher gate, Wood and Wootton, Fish st hill

Nottingham Wenden, Christopher John, Travers rd, Holloway, Cattle Dealer, Mar 7 at 12 at

Mitchell, John, Clement Taylor Mitchell, Louis Greenhalth Mitchell, and Frederick Guildhall Coffee house, Gresham st. French, Crutched Friars

Shaw Mitchell, Clitheroe, Lancaster, Paper Manufacturers Mar 10 at 11 at the "B" Wallians, Griffith, Penygroes, Llanllyfni, Carnarvon, Joiner. Feb 29 at 1 at Sportsman

Committee Room, Old Townhall, King sq, Manchester Sale ani ('o, Manchester Hotel, Carnarvon. Picton and Co, Pwllheli

Moore, James, Church st, Leeds, Greengrocer. Mar 6 at 3 at otlice of Brooke, East Parale, Wood, James, Congleton, Chester, Ribbon and Trimming Manufacturer. Mar 2 at 11

Leeds a' Borough Arms Inn, ('ongleton. Garside and Spencer, Congleton W*, William Henry, Shrewsbury, Salor, Liceused Victualler. Mar 2 at 11 at offices

Monkley, George, Cardiff, Greengrocer. Mar 7 at 12 at office of Morgan and Scott, Higir of (larke and Sons, Swan hill, Shrewsbury

ot, Cardiff Wer ward, William, Warrington, Lancaster, Contractor. Mar 6 at 3 at offices of

Morgan, David, ('ocdpenmaen, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Grocer. Mar 2 at 12 at office of

Collins, Broad st, Bristol Davies and Co, Bewsey chmbrs, Bewsey st, Warrington

Morgan, Lewis, Oxford, Baker. if, Sidnoy, Upper st, Islington, Silversmith. Mar 8 at 3 at offices of Montagu,

March 13 at 11 at offices of Hallam, High strett, W

T.: , Edwin, Bedminster, Bristol, of no occupation. Feb 27 at 2 at offices of Benson

Morgan, Richard Warton, Addison ril, North. Mar 10 at tat office of Harte, Moorgate

st sa Carpenter, Bank chmbrs, Corn st, Bristol

Newton, Thomas George, London rd, ('royilon, Surrey. Mar 7 at 3 at office of Wrightson TUESDAY, Feb. 21, 1992.

and Green, Gt St Helen's, Bishopsgate st 1. imp. William. Stratford St Mary, Suffolk, Builder. March 10 at 3 at the Red Lion Oliver, Nannel, Wow! Bromwich, Statoril, Grocer. Mar 8 at 3 at Queen's Hotel, SteDatei, ('olchester. Gely, ('olchester

phenson pl, Birmiyin. Shakespenre, Church at, Oldhairy Bartlett. Noah Gay, the vower, Eacter, General Smith, March 6 at 11 at offices of Ormandy, Joseph, Preton, Lancaster, Commercial Traveller'. Mar 3 at et offices of Southcott, Post Office st, Bedford circus, Exeter

Clarke, Lune st, Preston

Overton, Charles, Walsall, Commission Agent. Mar 2 at 11 at offices of Evans, Bank Weiss, Adolphus Herman, Sunderland, Clothier. March 7 at 1 at offices of Asher, chm brs, the Bridge, Walsall

Manor pl, Sunderland Palmer, James, Cambridge, Farmer. Mar 7 at 12.30 at the Rutland Arms Hotel, New. Whaites, Hannah, St Leonard's-on-Sea, Sussex, Boarding house Keeper. Feb 25 at 12 market. Read, Mildenhall, Suffolk

at offices of Meadows and Elliott, Havelock rd, Hastings Pascoe, William John, Camborne, Cornwall, Baker. Mar 3 at 3.30 at Tyack's Hotel, Wilcock, Henry, Seacombe, Chester, Boot Maker. March 8 at 3 at offices of Danger, Market pl, Camborne. Elworthy and Co, Plymouth

Orange ct, Castle st, Liverpool Percy. John, Mayor rd, Stratford, Butcher. Mar 1 at 3 at offices of Hopkins, Walbrook Willis, Marmaduke, Tamworth rd, Croydon, Pork Butcher. Mar 3 at 11 at Green Perkins, Henry Esban, Hamilton rd, East End, Finchley, Builder. Mar 2 at 3 at offices Dragon Hotel, High st, Croydon. Dennis, St John's grove, Croydon of Morris, Paternoster row

Wilson, James, Bradford, York, Cigar Merchant. Mar 4 at 11 at offices of Browning, Perrott, Alfred Rosser, Crickhowell, Hotel Keeper. Mar 6 at 12 at the Bear Hotel, Queensgate, Bradford Crickhowell. Davies

Wyse, Thomas John Stevenson, Newcastle upon Tyne, Solicitor's Managing Clerk. Pinkney, John, Middlesborough, York, Greengrocer. Mar 3 at 12 at offices of Catch Mar 2 at 11 at offices of Forster, Newgate st, Newcastle upon Tyne. Dove, Newcastle pole, Argyle bldgs, Wilson st, Middlesborough

upon Tyne Roberts, Elijah, Gloucester, Beer Retailer, Mar 6 at 2 at offices of Anstey, John st, Yates, John, Lees, near Manchester, Cotton Spinner. Mar 9 at 3 at offices of Hankin. Bristol. Salisbury

son, Queen's chmbrs, John Dalton st, Manchester Roberts, William, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Innkeeper. Mar 8 at 11 at offices of Young, Hugh James Gilbert, Ellenborough, Maryport, Cumberland, Coal Miner. Mar Straker, Lion st, Abergavenny. Browne, Abergavenny

11 at 10 at 27A, Kirby st, Maryport. Collin, Maryport Roe, John, Alfreton, Derby, Builder. Mar 14 at 12 at the George Hotel, Alfreton.

Wilson and Bone, Alfreton
Senior, Elizabeth, Barnsley, York, Shopkeeper, Mar 6 at 12 at offices of Gray, Eastgate,

Smith, Francis, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Merchant. Mar 8 at 2 at offices of Winter, Market | CURRENT Topics .....

255 Cotton's Trustees to the School Board st, Newcastle upon Tyne. Gibson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

THE FORM OF MORTGAGE ......... 256 for London ... ............ 261 Smith, George, Silvertown, Essex, Grocer. Mar 6 at 3 at Mason's Hall Tavern, Mason's

MEASURE OF DAMAGES .............. 257 CASES BEFORE THE BANKRUPTCY avenue. Young, Newgate st

258 REGISTRARS ..............

261 Smith, John, Darlington, Durham, Joiner. Mar 4 at 11 at offices of Wooler, Priestgate,

CORRESPONDENCE .................

QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION ........ Darlington



262 Smith, Sarah, Congleton, Chester, Grocer. Mar 6 at 11 at offices of Cooper, Park st,

Fordham y. Clagett ....
259 SOCIETIES ........

264 Congleton

Heiron v. The Metropolitan Bank .. 259 LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL ..

268 Stott, Thomas, Huddersfield, York, Bill Poster. Mar 3 at 11 at offices of Dransfield,

Ex parte Leslie .................... 259 OBITUARY .........................

268 Ramsden st, Huddersfield

Ex parte Lloyd ................... 259 LEGAL APPOINTMENTS ............... 269 Stothard, William Hardy, South Shields, Grocer. Mar 3 at 3 at offices of Newlands, Jarmain v. Chatterton .............. 259 COMPANIES ........... South Shields

Errington v The Metropolitan District NEW ORDERS, &c. .....

269 Swinnerton, Joseph, Stoke-upon-Trent, Stafford, Linen, Woollen, and General Dealer.

Railway Company .....

259 CREDITORS' CLAIMS .............. 270 Mar 4 at 11 at offices of Ashwell, Glebe st, Stoke upon-Trent

In re The Great Britain Mutual Life LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK ...

271 Thomson, Charles, Felling-on-Tyne, Durham, Machinist. Mar 6 at 3 at offices of Wan

Assurance Society ................ 259 COURT PAPERS .....

271 nor, Scotch st, Carlisle

By. Y

260 LEGAL NEWS ......... .............. 272 Twitchen, Henry, High Wycombe, Bucks, Chair Manufacturer. March 3 at 3 offices of

Barber v. Blaiberg ................ 261 LONDON GAZETTES, &c., &C........ 272 Reynolds, High st, High Wycombe Vaux, James, Bean Shea, nr Pickering, York, Shoe Maker. March 6 at 2 at offices of Estill, Saville st, Malton, York

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS.- All communications intended for publication Waddington, John William, James William Hocker, and John Savage, Bartholomew in the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL must be authenticated by the name and address of

Close, Curriers. March y at 3 at the Guildhall Coffee house, Gresham st. Sole and the writer.

Co, Aldermanbury
Walden, Thomas William Toop, West Stafford, Dorset, Dairyman. March 6 at 11.30 at

The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the return of rejected communi. the Junction Hotel, Dorchester. Hanne, Weymouth

catiions. Warren, William, Nottingham, Provision Dealer. March 7 at 12 at offices of Stevenson,

** The Publisher requests that early application should be made by pers0148 Weekday cross, Nottingham Watson, John, William Watson, Huddersfield, Contractory. March 9 at 3 at offices of desirous of obtaining back numbers of the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, as only a small Johnson and Booth, John William st, Huddersfield

number of copies remain on hand.








INLERICAL, MEDICAL, AND GENERAL Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.

LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Qualit

13, ST. JAMES'S SQUARE, LONDON, S.W. with the excess of fat extracted. The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, per

MANUFACTURERS AND HOUSE FURNISHERS, CITY BRANCH : MANSION HOUSE BUILDINGS, E.C. fectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or 200, 203, and 204, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, W. Supper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children.”

ChairmanHighly commended by the entire Medical Press.

Estimates and Designs submitted free for entirely Fur. | Rt. Hon. Sir John ROBERT MOWBRAY, Bart., M.P., D.C.L. Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits nishing Residences, Chambers, Offices, &c. all palates, keeps better in all climates, and is four times -PAINTING, DECORATING, & HOUSE REPAIRS.

ELEVENTH BONUS MEETING, 1882. the strength of cocoas THICKENED yet WEAKENED with

The Report presented at a Meeting, held on the 5th starch, &c., and IX REALITY CHEAPER than such Mixtures, Carved Oak Furniture, Reproductions from Ancient

January last, showed that on the rigorous basis of the Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful Designs, &c. Bedroom Furniture, including Bedstead and

Institute of Actuaries' HX Table of Mortality, with 3 per to a Breakfast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny. Bedding, from £7 10s. per set.

cent, interest and net premiums, CoCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible,


The calculated liability was

... £1,970,019 cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when

To which further Reserves were added of 116,684 richer chocolate is prohibited. In tin packets at Is. 6d., 38., 5s, 6d., &c., by Chemists


Making the Total Reserves ... ... 2,086,703 and Grocers. | 200, 203, and 204, Tottenham Court-road, London, W.

And the Assurance Fund being
N.B.--Household Furniture Warehoused or Removed

. 2,433,397 (harities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, H. SCHWEITZER & CO 10, Adam-street, London. W.C. | on reasonable terms.

The Net Surplus was ... ... ... £346,694 o be DISPOSED OF, an ADVOWSON

of this sum, £345,000 was divided-an amount larger within about 12 miles from Ipswich. Net income

by £45,000 than any previously distributed, and producing £300 per annum. Excellent house and beautiful church.

the highest ratio of profit ever declared by the Society The living will in all probability be vacant shortly. There

viz., a ROBE TAKERS is a small living of £100 a year and house in the gift of

the Vicar. Principals or their solicitors only.-Apply, for

on the Premiums of the Five Years.
further particulars, to Messrs. FLADGATE, SMITI, & F'LAD.
GATE, 10, Craven-street, Strand, London, W.C.

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the

The NEXT DIVISION OF PROFITS will be in January, Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c. T -- £128 per annum, to pay 13 per cent. ; £12, 263,

1897. NEW POLICIES EFFECTED BEFORE THE END OF SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GOWNS £220, at 22 years' purchase; £59, .£145, £1,330, at 22);

JUNE NEXT will then rank for Five full Years' Bonus, L 10, at 24; £200, at £26). Explanatory paper gratis.

and so obtain one year's additional share of Profits. BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNSEL'S DITTO, Messrs. BEKEN, 50, London-wall.

The Report above-mentioned, a detailed account of the CORPORATION ROBES, UNIVERSITY & CLERGY GOWNS, L O SOLICITORS.---The Freeholder of an proceedinte

proceedings of the Bonus meeting, the returns made to ESTABLISHED 1689.

X unencumbered Building Estate, in active develop the Board of Trade, and every information can be

ment, wishes to arrange for Advances to Builders. All obtained at either of the Society's Offices, or from any 94, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON. Legal Business and a Bonus given to Solicitor arranging of its Agents the matter. --Mr. GRAHAM, Architect, 5, Air-street, Picca

GEO. CUTCLIFFE, Actuary and Secretary. TAW UNION FIRE and LIFE INSU dilly.

B. NEW BATT, Assistant Actuary. URANCE COMPANY. Chief Office-120, Chancerylane, London, W.C.

SHORTHAND (Pitman's).--Private In (YOMMERCIAL UNION ASSURANCE The Funds in hand and Capital subscribed amount to up

D straction, ensuring success, given by M. WIL U COMPANY.--FIRE, LIFE, MARINE.

LIAMS, upon special terms, any evening from 7 till 10,
wards of £1,600,000 sterling.
Lessons also by correspondence.-Address or apply, 2,

Capital fully subscribed .................. £2,500,000 Chairman-JAMES CUDDON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law,

Capital paid-up .....
Sidmouth-street, W.C.

....... 250,000 Goldsmith-building, Temple.

Life Funds in Special Trust for Life Folicy.

holders exceed. ... .............. 660,000 Deputy-Chairman-(. PEMBERTON, Esq. (Lee & Pember.

NATIONAL DISCOUNT COMPANY Total Annual Premium Income exceeds .. 1,000,000 tons), Solicitor, H, Lincoln's-inn-ficlds.

(LIMITED). Every description of Fire and Life Insurance business

CHEF OFFICES : 10 AND 20, CORNHILL, LONDON, E.C. transilcted.

Nominal Capital, £1,250,000.

West End OFFICES: 8, PALL MALL, LONDON, s.w. Whole World and Unconditional Life Policies granted at

Subscribed Capital, £1,233,325. Paid-lip Capital, £810,665. a slightly increased rate of Premium.

Reserve Fund, £10,000.

THE MORTGAGE COMPANY of ENG. Politics of Insurance granted against the contingency Notice is hereby given that the present Rates of Interest

LAND (LIMITED). of Issie at moderate rates of Premium. allowed for Money on Deposit are as followe, viz. :

The Directors are prepared to receive applications for Advances made on Mortgage of Life Interest and Rever- | Four per Cent. per annum at Call

the appointment of Manager to the Company. sons, whether absolute or contingent.

Four and a Quarter per Cent. at Seven and Fourteen

Applications, with references, to be addressed to tho Prospectus, Copies of the Accounts as deposited with | Days' notice.

Secretary before the 11th March, 1882.--By order, the Board of Trade, and every information sent on appliWILLIAM LINCOCK, Manager.

C. C. BOWLBY, Secretary, cation to

('HARLES H. HUTCHINS, Sub-Manager, No. 15, Great George-street, Westminster, FRANK MCGEDY, Actuary and Secretary. No. 35, Cornhill, E.C., February 23, 1882.

21th February, 1882.

meeting, the returresuntadero

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