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ment, and W., wbile attending the second meeting of creditors, was arrested who had been struck off the roll had been allowed to return to practice after at the suit of G.

an interval of some years on satisfactory affidavits from solicitors and others The proceeding under the petition having resulted in the registration as to his character and conduct in the interval. of a resolution for composition, W. applied for his release.

FIELD, J., pointed out that there was no affidavit here in support except Held, that G. was in the position of a secured creditor, and that the

from the gentleman who wished to take the applicant into partnership. Thera

was no affidavit from Mr. Waring, and no information as to the grounds the application must be refused.

Court of Common Pleas acted upon striking the applicant off the roll. Mr. This was an application by Charles Richard Watkins for an order for his Birrow had better renew his application on better materials if he could obtain release from her Majesty's prison at Holloway.

them. There would be no order on this motion, On the 7th of December last, the debtor (a non-trader) filed a petition for HUDDLESTON, B., concurred. -Times. liquidation by arrangement or composition with his creditors, and a first meeting was duly held on tbe 23rd of December, when the creditors passed a resolution accepting a composition of two shillings in the pound.

WESTERN CIRCUIT.-WINCHESTER, Jan. 18. The resolution was filed, and at the second meeting, held on the 6th of

(Before Bowen, J.) January, it was unanimously confirmed by the creditors, and on the 9th of

William Henry Newman, aged seventy-seven, a solicitor, of Southampton, January the resolution was registered. Charles Thomas Green, one of the

was chargod with having defrauded the trustees of the late Thomas Dawkins creditors, was inserted in the list presented at the meetings, and the usual

of the sum of £14,000. notices were sent to him.

Bullen prosecuted ; the Green had, previously to the liquidation petition, instituted proceedings in

Hon. Bernard Coleridge defended, the City of London Court for the recovery of the debt due to bim, and on the

The defendant, who bore a high character, was the solicitor of the late Mr. 20th of December obtained an order for payment of £4 183. 9d., the amount

Dawkins. On the death of the latter, the trustees who were appointed under actually due, or, in default, that the debtor should be committed to Holloway Gaol. On the 6th of January the debtor was arrested under the order, while

his will called on Newman with regard to the securities in which the

estate of the deceased was invested. Newman gave them a list of mortgages attending the second meeting of creditors, and he is now in Holloway

showing investments to the amount of $17,140. Sabsequently, the two Gaol.

trustees, not feeling it safe to have so large a sum out on mortgage, saw P. V. Nazer (solicitor), in support of the application.-The resolution

Newman and requested him to call in all the money except £4,000, and to having been registered, the detaining creditor is bound by the composition,

invest the proceeds in consols. He remonstrated at this, pointing out and can no longer hold the debtor in custody.

that the change of investment would cause a serious diminution of Mr. REGISTRAR MURRAY.-Why was not an injunction granted to restrain

income, bat, as the trustees persisted, he drew up notices, which proceedings in the action or under the order ?

they signed. On their subsequently calling about the money, Newman Nazer. Tbe estate was a small one, and an injunction could not bave

confessed tbat, with some comparatively small exceptions, the mortgages been obtained without the appointment of a receiver, and this would have

were non-existent, or long paid off, and he had not got the money. He Ca used annecessary expense. The detaining creditor had no right to take

offered to pay back the principal at the rate of £1,000 a year, and to pay a aby step in the action after the presentation of the petition, and he now

further annual sum of £600 by way of interest, but this the trustees declined seeks to obtain a preference over the other creditors.

to accept, saying that there was no security that he could pay such amounts. Brough, for the detaining creditor. - In the absence of any injunction the He

he absence of any injunction the He was now charged under 24 & 25 Vict. c. 96, s. 76, which enacts th+t detaining creditor had a right to seek to enforce payment of bis debt, and whosoever, being a banker, merchant, broker, attorney, or agent, and being he acquired a security before the registration of the resolution. A secured

intrusted, either solely or jointly with any other person, with the property creditor who becomes such at any time before the resolution for composi

of any other person for safe oustedy, sball, with intent to defraud, sell, tion is registered, and without notice of any restraining order, is not

negotiate, transfer, pledge, or in any manner convert or appropriate the same affected by the resolation, and may proceed to enforce his security so long

or any part thereof to or for his own use or benefit, or the use or benefit as he bas raised no equity against himself: Ex parte Jones, 23 W. R. 886, of any pereon other than the person by whom he was so intrusted, shall b: L. R. 10 Ch. 663 ; Ex parte McLaren, Re McColla, 29 W. R. 389, L. R.

guilty of a misdemeanor." 16 Ch. D. 534. Until registration has taken place, the resolation for Coleridge, at the close of the case for the prosecution, submitted that there composition is of no validity wbatover,

was no case, as it had been decided in Reg. v. Cooper (L. R. 4 C. C. R. 123) Nazer, in reply.-The cases oited are distinguishable. Here the detaining that the intrasting a solicitor with money to invest on mortgage was not creditor seeks & remedy against the person of the debtor, and not against intrusting such money for safe custody within the terms of the section. The his property,

prisoner had been indicted under that section and not under section 75, which Mr. REGISTRAR MURRAY said he did not think that made any differense, applied to cases such as the present, because section 75 required that the for tbe detaining creditor was a geogred creditor. Ex parte Jones showed person intrusted with money to invest should have been directed in writing that where, in a case of composition, a creditor obtained a judgment, and how to invest the money, and there had been no such direction bere. levied an execution before the first meeting, he became a secured creditor, Bullen, in reply, cited the case of Reg. v. Fullager (41 L. T. N. 8. 418), in and, by Ex parte McLaren, the time was extended until registration. It which, under somewhat similar circumstances, a conviction had been affirmed, appeared that Mr. Commissioner Kerr, in the exercise of his judicial | but funotions, and having regard to the man's meane, made an order for payment Coleridge, in reply, pointed out that in that case there had been express of the debt due to the creditor, and there was no injonction to restrain directious to the solicitor to retain money, the proceeds of a mortgage, in safe proceedings in the action. If a receiver had been appointed, an ipjanction custody while the client made up her mind how to re-invest it; more »rer, might have been granted, but the detaining creditor was now, in point of the case of Reg v. Cooper was not referred to, showing that the questions were faot, a deoared creditor, and the present application must be refused. different. Solicitor for the detaining creditor, T. Hulbert,

Bowen, J., said that he should reserve the point for the Court of Criminal Appeal, and as the learned counsel decided not to address the jury, he directed them that, for the purposes of the day, they must take it from him that if

Newman received money of the deceased on the terms that he was to take SOLICITORS' CASES.

care of it himself, or to invest it for him and keep it safe until that was done, High COURT OF JUSTICE.—Queen's BENCA Division.

and if he converted it to bis own use, he would be guilty. (Sittings in Bane, tofore FIELD, J., and HUDDLESTON, B.)

The jury found the defendant guilty, and the learned judge deferred

sentence, declining to accept bail. Newman had been in custody up to the January 12.--Ex parte Barrow.

trial, the magistrates having fixed his bail at £10,000, which he was unable to Bompas, Q.C., appeared in gapport of the application.

find,-Times. W. Murray appeared for the Incorporated Law Society; and Raymond, for Mr. Sears.

Tbig was a petition referred by the Master of the Rolls to this court to restore the applicant, Mr. Barrow, a solicitor, to the rolls of court. It

OBITUARY appeared that Mr. Barrow bad been admitted in 1843, and continued to practise until 1874, when & motion was made in the Court of Common Pleas to strike him off the roll on behalf of Mr. Charles Sears, a client, on

SIR RICHARD MALINS. the ground tbat he had misappropriated moneys amounting to sums £80 | The Right Hon. Sir Richard Valins, kuight, who was for many years a odd. Mr. Bears was indebted to Mr. Barrow in the sum of £30 or £40 for Vice-Chancellor, died at his residence in Lowndes-square on the 15th inst., in costs of deiending certain actions, bot Mr. Barrow did not claim them, not his seventy-sixth year. Sir R. Malias was th, third son of Mr. William Malins, having taken out a certificate. This role was made absolate, the applicant of Ailstone, Warwicksbire, his mother having been a daughter of Mr. Tbomas stating that he was too poor to employ counsel to show cause against it. Hunter, of Pershore, and he was born at Evesham in 1806. He was educated Mr. Barrow was fined £50 for practiging withont a certificate, and sent to at a private school, and proceeded thence to Caias College, Cambridge, where prison for six weeks in default of payment and bis furnitore he graduated as a junior optime ia 1827. He was called to the bar at the was sold andere bill of sale. Since then the applicant had been Inner Temple in 1830, but afterwards migrated to Lincolo's-inn. After employed as a solicitor's clerk, and had made full reparation devoting himself in the first instance to conveyancing, he gradually obtained a to Mr. Sears, who supported the present application. An affidavit in good junior practice in equity, and in 1849 he received a silk gown from Lord support was read by Mr. Forster, a solicitor in whose service Mr. Barrow now Cottenbam. He selected the court of Vice-Chancellors Parker and Stuart, is, which stated that the applicant had been for upwards of five years managing the leadership of which be eventually shared with the present Vice-Chancellor clark to Mr. J, H. Waring, who was Mr. Forster's predecessor, as solicitor to a Bacon, and for several years he enjoyed a very large practice. In 1852 he trade protection society. Mr. Forster was willing to take Mr. Barrow into was elected M.P. for the borough of Wallingford in the Conservative interest, partnership as joint solicitors to this society, as he had given much satisfac. and he was re-elected at the general elections of 1857 and 1859 ; but in 1865 tion to his clients. Mr. Bompas referred to several cases where a solicitor he was defeated by the late Sir Charles Dilke. He was a very frequent speaker in the House of Commons, and he may be remembered as having Such warrant should only be valid for seven days from its date unless before united with Mr. Gladstone and others in an obstipate opposition to the the expiration of that time proceedings for an inquisition bad been duly com. Livorce Bill of 1857. In October, 1866, on the resignation of the late Sir menced. It should be obligatory on the person obtaining such a warrant to R. T. Kindersley, he was appointed a Vice-Chancellor, and shortly afterwards take such proceedings within the week, and his failure to do so, or to duly received the honour of knighthood. He beld his seat on the bench for nearly prosecute them, when commenced, up to report, should be conclusive evidence fifteen years. Among the most important cases decided by him were against him in any action for false imprisonment which the alleged lunatic might Erlanger v. New Sombrero Phosphate Company, Hayman v. Trustees of Rugby be advised to bring. These provisions, if tborougbly carried out, would, he School, and the proceedings against the directors of Overend, Gurney, & Co. thought, be sufficient to secure at least as high a degree of probability that Sir R. Malins was a man of kind and amiable disposition, and was generally no sane man was kept under detention as a lunatic as there was now tbat po popular with the bar. His strength bad for some years been failing. About innocent man was condemned to penal servitude as a criminal. ibree years ago he was thrown from his horse, when he sustained injuries A long discussion ensued, in the course of which Dr. GRANVILLE defended the which incapacitated him for several months from his judicial duties and medical profession against the cbarge of malpractices which were sometimes rendered him permanently lame. In the spring of last year be had an attack imputed to them in connection with the granting of certificates of insanity, of paralysis, and shortly afterwards resigned his seat on the bench. His death and said that in all bis experience of twenty years he knew of DO was hastened by the shock occasioned to bim by the death, about a fortnight cage in which a cbarge of walpractice against a medical practitioner had been previously, of Lady Maling, who was tbe eldest daughter of the Rev. Arthur borne out by facts. Farwell, rector of St. Martin's, Cornwall. Sir R. Malins was a bencher of Dr. Wood spoke in the same direction, and strongly objected agaiost asylums Lincoln's-ion, and was treasurer of that society in 1870. He was sworn in as being referred to as places of incarceration, maintaining that they were happy a Privy Councillor upon bis retirement from the bench. He leaves no family. homes in which the patients found the protection and the treatment they

required, and such as they could obtain nowbere else. He pointed out that as

long as there were lunatics there must be places for their treatment, and it was MR. CHARLES HENRY TURNER.

therefore necessary for their own sake and that of the public that their friends Mr. Charles Henry Turner, solicitor, formerly of Exeter, died at his residence, should have the power of calling upon the assistance in such cases of the properly Highcliffe House, Dawlish, on tbe 7th inst., at the age of eighty-two. Mr. | constituted authority. Turner was born in 1799, and was admitted a solicitor about the year 1823, and

Dr. H. Hicks supported this view. had practised for over fifty years at Exeter, wbere be had a large private

Mrs. Lowe urged the propriety of lonacy commissioners residing in the practice. On the passing of the Probate Act, 1857, be was appointed registrar

district they supervised, so that there might be a proper local inspection, and of the district probate registry at Exeter, and he beld that office until his death,

that each commissioner should be beld responsible for wbat took place in his although the state of his health compelled him to relinquish bis private practice

own district. about five years ago. Mr. Turner had been for several years a magistrate

Mr. BLACKWELL was in favour of the substitution of public for private for the city of Exeter, and soon after his retirement he was made a magistrate asylums, and for Devonshire. He had been married three times, but he leaves no family. Mr. MOSELEY also urged the necessity for an amendment of the law. He was buried at Dawlish on the 12th inst.

Mr. Miller having replied, was accorded a hearty vote of thanks for his paper, and the proceedings terminated.



The ugual monthly meeting of the board of direotors of this association
was held at the Law Institution, Cbapoery-lane, London, on Wednesday,

DECEMBER EXAMINATION, 1881, January 11, the following direotors being present:~Mr. P. Rickman, in the On the subjects of the lectures of the professors of the Inns of Court, held at cbair ; Mr. Sankey (Canterbury), deputy-obairman ; Messrs. Asker (Nor.

Lincoln's-ion Hall, December 20 and 21, 1881. wich), Brook, Hedger, Jang00, Pennington, Roscoe, Rose, Smith, Styan, The Council of Legal Education have awarded the following prizes to the Walters, and Woolbert ; Mr. Eiffe (secretary). A sum of £200 was distri. I undermentioned students :-Roman law, jurisprudence and private interbuted in grants of relief to a necessitous solicitor and the necessitons national law-T. Bateman Napier, of the Inner Temple, a prize of £50 ; widows and families of ten deceased solicitors ; five gentlemen were Combhumpati Akilandaiga, of the Inner Temple, a prize of £15; and admitted members of the association, and other general business transacted. Stevenson Stewart Moore, of the Middle Temple, a prize of £10. Common

| law-George Manchester Cohen, of the Middle Temple, a prize of £50 ;

Mancherji Dadabhai Dadysett, of the Middle Temple, a prize of £25; and ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTION OF LAW REFORM.

Richard Walter Kittle, of Lincoln's-ion, and William A. G. Woods (Aeq.), AMENDMENT OF THE Lunacy Laws.

of the Middle Temple, prizes of £12 respectively. Real and personal property A meeting of the members of this association was held on Monday evening, law-Joba Lenton" Pulling, of Gray's-inn, a prize of £50; and Frederic at which Mr. A. E. Miller, Q.C., LL.D., one of the Railway Commissioners, read

| Mackenzie Maxwell, of Lincoln's-inn, & prize of £25. Equity-Reginald a paper in fatour of an amendment of the lunacy laws.

Winslow, of Lincoln's-inn, a prize of £25 ; and William Baxter, of the Inner Mr. Dodds, M.P., who presided, said that the fact that the lunacy laws

Temple, and Edward Clayton, of Gray's-ion (Aeq.), of Gray's-inn, prizes of required amendment was evident from the circumstance that, during last £12 10s. respectively. The council have also awarded to the student who session of Parliament, two Bills were introduced proposing to deal with them, obtained the greatest aggregate number of marks in the subjects of the lectores and that others bave been actually prepared and would have been introduced given by two of the prosessors-viz., in equity, and real and personal property had there been any chance of their becoming law.

law–Henry Terrell, of the Middle Temple, a prize of $70. Mr. MILLER, in the course of his paper, said that he was satisfied that, if public attention were once properly directed to the subject, it would at once be seen that the law at present governing our treatment of lunatics offended

HILARY EXAMINATION, 1882. more against the fundamental principles of personal liberty than did GENERAL EXAMINATION of STUDENTS of the InN8 of Court, held at Lincoln's. any other part of our judicial system. If it could only be brought home to L ion Hall, December 28, 29, 30, and 31, 1881, and January 2 and 3, 1882. the pnblic at large that there was no man or woman in England who was not The Council of Legal Education have awarded to Frederic Mackenzie liable to be incarcerated for life without notice either to himself or anyone | Maxwell, of Lincolo's-ion, and William Baxter, of the Inner Temple, else, and without any power of securing an investigation of his case, if only studentships in jurisprudence and Roman law of one hundred guineas, to conanyone be sufficiently interested in getting bim out of the way to make tinue for a period of two years; and to Thomas Bateman Napier, of the Inner it worth his while to secure the services of two medical practitioners, and to Temple, a studentship in jorisprudence and Roman law, of one bandred guineas, pay for the confederacy of a keeper of a 80-called private asylum, the attention for one year. The council bave also awarded to the following students certifi. it deserved would speedily be given to the sabject. It was the sane and not cates that they have satisfactorily passed a public examination :-George the insane he was concerned about, and it was to guard the liberty of the Anson Byron, George Cawston, Churchill William Coster, Gerald Hardwicke sape from unjust incarceration that the present law required amendment. Cowie, Lionel Crosskey, George Latham Davis, Albert Joel Ellis, Arihur With that view he proposed that no inquiry into the sanity of an alleged | Evans, Hermann John Falk, Nanda Lal Ghosh, Charles Frederick Goss, lopatic, whether by a master in lupacy or otherwise, should be beld in Charles Gipps Hamillon, Walter Yeates Hargreaves, Abraham Hebron, private ; that, in order to authorize the detention of anyone as a lupatic, Bernard Henry Holland, Henry Gordon Jeaffreson, Lawrence John Jones, such inquiry ought to be public, to proceed exclusively upon sworn evidence, | William John Lee, John Forrester M'Ewen, Thomas Alexander Martin, given by witnesses produced for cross-examination, and ought to be conducted Henry Mellish, William James Noble, William Percy Paio, James Worsley by a competent judicial officer, assisted either by a jury or by sworn medical | Pennyman, William Radcliffe, Henry Medlicott Rumball, Thomas Henry assessors, at the option of the alleged lunatic, but in no case acting upon his | Russell, Walter Crapley Ryde, Arthur Llewellyn Saxon, Henry Edmund own judgment merely. Except where tbe inquiry had been ordered by the Simons, Koupr Shivanath Sinha, Samuel Frederick Smithson, Henry Francis Lunacy Commissioners, its cost ought to be borne in the first instance by the Herbert Thompson, Cecil Torr, Patrick Herbert White, Walter Augustus person instituting the same, but he should be recouped out of the lunatic's prop. Wigram, and Wolsienholme Murray Owen Wilson, of the Ioner Temple; Alfred erty (if any) wbenever the case was satisfactorily established. He further pro- | Victor Blumberg, Charles White Burroughs, Philip Henry Clifford, George posed that no lunatic should be liable to be forcibly detained in any asylum or Manchester Cohen, John Robert Duff, Stuart Forster, Richard Rufus Gausden, other place whatever until his lunacy had been established by inquiry, except Richard Thomas Higgins, Reginald Arthur Philip Hogan, Will'am Bold under a warrant from a magistrate which should only be grantable upon sworn Hurry, Charles William Imrie, Stampa Walter Lambert, John Lithiby, Peter depositions showing that the depoennt had reason to fear that the lunatic, if MacGregor, Frank Grove Powell, Reginald Cautley Saunders, Robert Lamb left at large, would be dangerous either to himself or some other persone. Wallace, and Thomas Arthur Wallis, of the Middle Temple ; Andrew Oswald



Ackworth, William Gurney Angus, Hugh Sandoman Budd, Walter Ivimey Consular Court for China and Japan. Mr. Hannen was called to the bar at
Cook, George Waylat Ellis, Thomas Henry Boileau Grabam, Thomas Rees the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1866.
Jones, Richard Walter Kittle, George Paul MacDonell, Mortimer Drewe

Mr. ROBERT HUNTER, solicitor (of the firm of Horne, Hunter, & Birkett), Malleson, William Robert Sheldon, George Smith, Robert Wright Taylor, 1 of 6. Lincoln's-ion-fields, has been appointed Solicitor to the Post Office, in William Frederick Webster, James Clifton Wheat, and Reginald Winslow, of succession to Mr. Horace Watson, deceased. Mr. Hunter was admitted a Lincoln's-ion; and Henry Albert Alcazar, and Henry Loader Beddy, of solicitor in 1867. He is clerk to the Conservators of Wimbledon-common. Gray's-inn, Esq8.

The following students passed a satisfactory examination in Roman law:Gerald Lindrey Appleyard, William Barton, Joba Dickson Batten, Lewis

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. Beard, Walter Henry Lynden Bell, William Bentinck Balleine Broderick,

EDWARD ST. GEORGE WOLSELEY and FREDERICK JAMES HARRIS, solicitors, William Bridgman Brown, George Montagu Brown-Westhead, Alexander

32, Titchborne-street, Edgward-road, and 5, Hill's-place, Oxford-street, Gordon Cardew, Harold Tarth Carrington, Lewis Henry Hugh Clifford,

London (Wolseley & Harris). Dec. 31. In future such business will be Francis Cochran, Peter Macintyre Evans, William Gleed, Frederick Edward Grant Haines, Gavin Francis Hamilton, Alfred Herbert Higgins, Alfred

carried on by the said Frederick James Harris alone.

[Gazette, Jan. 17, 1882.]
Arthur Hudson, Arnold Eardley Harry, Maurice Jaques, Bertram Henry
Latter, Walter Lawrence, Alfred Joseph George Lippitt, John Charles Medd,
Ernest Louis Meinertzhazen, Robert John Parker, Walter Gerald Ponsonby,
Herbert Henry Raphael, John Frederick Peel Rawlinson, Edward Josbua
Blackburn Scratton, Anandrao Sheshadri, Frederick Ernest Slee, Allan Gibson

Steel, Charles John Stewart, Chella Vencatanarasiab, and William Howell
Walters, of the Inner Temple; Charles Machin Barry, Rowland Burdon,
Thomas Dale, Thomas Hamer Dolbey, Griffith Henry Evans, John Hariog-

WINDING-UP NOTICES. ton Gubbins, Alfred Holt, Thomas Alexander Southwell Keily, Hamid Ali

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. Khan, Gerrge Edward Lamplugb, David Calder Leck, Gerard Sunderland


GENERAL MINERAL WATER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.--Chitty, J, bas, by an order Leresche, Jonathan Oakeshott, Charles Felix Palmer, Frederick Ritter, John

dated Nov 29, appoint Edward Lawrence Cleaver, 289, King's rd, Chelsea, to be official Harper Scaife, Richard Smith, Robert Wallaco, and Rowland George Allanson liquidator. Creditors are required, on or before Feb 17, to send their names and Wion, of the Middle Temple ; Thomas Henry Attwater, Richard Ridley Farrer, addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to the above. Friday, Feb 24, George Hamilton Fenner, Clifford Wyndham Holgate, William Julius Jeaffre.

at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

HAWKSTOR CHINA CLAY COMPANY LIMITED-By an order made by Chitty, J, dated son, Arthur Henry Lyell, Peter Renner, John Prout Stainton, Horace Jan 6, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Tibbits and Son, Field court, Newbegin Watts, and Roland Joho Windus, of Lincoln's-inn; and Richard Gray's inn, solicitors for the petitioners Reader Harris, Adalbert Ebenezer Hendrickson, and William John Reynold

LAMBERT GRAY AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-Chitty, J, has fixed Monday, Jan 23, at 12, at

his chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator Pochin, of Gray's-inn, Esqs.


presented Jan 11, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Saturday, Jan 21. White,

Poultry, solicitor for the petitioner
RAUNDS IRON AND LIMESTONE QUARRIES, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented

Jan 6, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Saturday, Jan 21. Tilleard and Co,
Old Jewry, agents for Park and Mansfield, Barrow-in-Furness, solicitors for the


SANTA CRUZ SULPHUR AND COPPER COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, Mr. RICHARD FURDER. Solicitor. of 8. Gray's-inn-square. has been presented Jan 12, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Saturday, Jan 21. Ellis,

Bedford row, solicitor for the petitioner appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of I TYNE PUBLISHING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Jan 10, Judicature.

directed to be heard before Kay, J, on Jan 21. Pattison and Co, Queen Victoria st, Mr. AUGUSTINE EDWARD TOWER, solicitor, of 90, Lower Thames-street,

agents for Armstrong and Sons, Newcastle-on-Tyne, solicitors for the petitioner

í Gazette, Jan, 13.] has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court FAVERSHAM BRICKFIELDS COMPANY, LIMITED.-Kay, J., has fixed Jan 26 at 11 at his of Judicature.

chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator

FINE ARTS ALLIANCE CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, preSir FREDERICK CARTER, K.O.M.G., Chief Justice of Newfoundland, has sented Jan 16, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on Jan. 27. Fisher, Finsbury been appointed to administer the Government of that colony during the pavement, solicitor for the petitioner absence of Sir Henry Maxse, the governor.


at the chambers of Chitty, J., for the appointment of an official liquidator Mr. WALTER DAWES, solicitor, of Rye, has been appointed Town Clerk of INDUSTRIAL BANK, LIMITED.-Bacon, V.O., has fixed Jan 26 at 12 at his chambers for that borough, in succeesion to Mr. George Slade Butler, resigned. Mr. Dawes

the appointment of an official liquidator

J. WINSLOW JONES AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Jan was admitted a solicitor in 1863.

16, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on Jan 27. Webb and Co, Queen Victoria st, Mr. BENJAMIN EDGAR HODGENS, solicitor, of Abergavenny, has been

solicitors for the petitioner

[Gazette, Jan, 17.) appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of



up, presented Jan 10, directed to be heard before the V.C. at 21, Old sg, Lincoln's inn, Mr. THOMAS WILLIAM DENMAN, solicitor (of the firm of Mee. Barnaby, &

on Jan 23 at 10.30. Shippey and Field, Manchester, agents for Ballard, Accrington, Denman), of East Retford, has been appointed Clerk to the East Retford the petitioner's solicitor Boas


presented Jan 12, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Jan 21, Makinson and on the resignation of his partner, Mr. Charles Sherrard Barnaby, who is also

Carpenter, Devereux bldgs, Temple, agents for Danger, Liverpool, solicitor for the coroner for the Newark Division of Nottinghamshire and clerk to the county

petitioners magistrates. Mr. Denman was adinitted a solicitor in 1855, and is deputy. | HOLL RECHABITE SAVINGS FUND AND EQUITABLE LOAN SOCIETY.-Chitty, J., has by coroner for the division and clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes at East |

an order dated Jan 9 appointed Benjamin Pickering, jun, Kingston upon Hull, to be official liquidator

[Gazette, Jan. 13.] Retford.


quired, on or before Feb 17, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of

their debts or claims, to Benjamin Pickering, the younger, Kingston upon Hull. Ordinary of the Court of Session in Scotland, has agsumed tbe honorary title

Friday, Mar 3, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and of Lord Kinnear.

claims Mr. CHARLES WILLIAM PONELL, solicitor, of Newport Pagnell, has been


sented Jan 14, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on Jan 27. Jones and Co, Linappointed Clerk to the Newport Pagnell Board of Guardians, Assessment | coln's-inn-fields, solicitors for the petitioner Committee, and Rural Sanitary Autbority, and Superintendent Registrar for

[Gazette, Jan. 17.] the district, in succession to his father, the late Mr. William Powell. Mr.


IRON, STEEL, AND HARDWARE COMPANIES, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or C. W. Powell was admitted a solicitor in 1859, and is in partnership with

before Feb 8, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts Ms. Samuel Newman.

and claims to Higginson Robinson, Water st, Liverpool. Feb 20 at 11 is appointed

for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims Mr. ALBERT EDWARDS, solicitor, of Sidmouth and Ottery St Mary, has RHYL GARDENS, LAKE, AND LAND COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, prebeen appointed Clerk to the Ottery Local Board.

sented Jan 7, directed to be heard before Fox Bristowe, V.C., at 21, Old sq, Lincoln's

inn, on Jan 23 at 10.30. March, Manchester, solicitor for the petitioners Mr. Hugh HUGHES, junior, solicitor, of Aberystwith, has been appointed

[Gazette, Jan, 13. Clerk to the Aberystwith Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. Rural Sanitary Authority, on the resignation of his father, Mr. Hugh Hughes, RICHMOND PROVIDENT SOCIETY, Richmond, Surrey. Jan 7. [Gazette, Jan 13. senior. Mr. Hughes, junior, was admitted a solicitor in 1876. He is also

AMICABLE SOCIETY, Mitre Tavern, Mitcham rd, Lower Tooting. an 13 clerk to the county magistrates,


[Gazette, Jan. 17. ] Mr. EDWARD HARRY ADCOCK, solicitor, of Palmerston-buildings, Old Broad-street, London, E.C., and Croydon-road, Penge, Surrey, bas been appointed a Commissioner for the Province of Nova Scotia.

Mr. RICHARD TEMPLE RENNIE, barrister, has been appointed Chief Judge of the Supreme Consular Court for China and Japan, in succession to Mr. George French, deceased. Mr. Rennie was called to the bar at the Inder

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. Temple in Trinity Term, 1860, and he formerly practised on the Western

Queen's BENCH Division. Circuit. He was about three years ago appointed judge of her Majesty's about to be tried during

Any opposed motions certified by counsel moving to be urgent in cases Court for Japan.

about to be tried during the present assizes will be placed in a separate list. Mr. NICHOLAS JOHN HANNEN, Crown Advocate at Shanghae, has been appointed Judge of her Majesty's Court for Japan, in succession to Mr. WAY BURN GAS ?-Chappuis' Reflectors diffuse daylight. Factory, 69, Fleet-street.Richard Temple Rennie, who has been appointed Chief Judge of the Supreme [ADVT.7

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Jan. 25.-Mesajg. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m.,

Fre-hold Property (see advertisement, Jan. 14, p. 4).

Jan. 25.-Messrs. Godwin & BASLEY, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Ground Lease (see

advertisement, Jap. 9, p. 4). Asuby, WILLIAM, Gascoyne rd, South Hackney. Feb 1. Digby and Liddle, Circus pl,

Finsbury circus
Buss, Tuomas O'DEMPSEY LEBERT, Hatton gdn, Hydrometer Manufacturer. Feb 4.
Young and Sons, Mark lane

DAVIDSON, JAMES, Egremont, Cumberland, Mining Engineer. Jan 31. Brockbank and

Co, Whitehaven
FRANCOM, Henry, Poole's Park Tavern, Seven Sisters' rd, Licensed Victualler. Feb 2.

SPACKMAN.--Nov. 21, at Christchurch, New Zealand, the wife of W. H. SpackClapham and Fitch, Bishopsgate Without

man, barrister-at-law, of a son. LANCEFIELD, Eliza, Canterbury. Feb 15. Jones, Bloomsbury sq

DEATHS. Purdy, Thomas EATON, Downham rd, Islington, Gent. Jan 31. Parkes, Queen Vic APPLETON.-Jan. 14, at 23, Barrington-road, Brixton, John Appleton, late of 8, toria st

Crosby-square, London, solicitor, aged 65.
SKONE, NAOMI, Egremont terrace, Crouch Hill. Mar 1. Poole, Bartholomew close
SYMONDS, EMILY, Hinton Manor, Hinton Waldrist, Berks. Feb 28. Brittan and Co,

BARTHOLOMEW, --Jan. 13, at Lansdowne House, Ladbroke-grove, W., William Bristol

Bartholomew, solicitor, aged 76. WATERS, ROBERT, Stalham, Norfolk, Builder, Feb 18. Nye and Greenwood, Serjeants'

inn, Fleet st
WATSON, JOHN, Durham, Gent. Jan 31. Watson and Smith, Durham
Wilks, Susan, Sunnyside, Wimbledon, Jan 31. Matthews and Greeth am, Bedford row

[Ga zette, Dec. 30.]
BARNS, WILLIAM, Haslemere, Surrey, Timber Merchant. Feb 11. Mellersh, Godalming
BIRKETT, SARAH Ann, Kingston upon Hull. Mar 1, Jackson, Hull
BOULTER, GEORGE BARNETT, Albany rd, Camberwell, Surrey, Licensed Victualler, Jan

Bankrupts. 30. Keene and Co, Mark lane

FRIDAY, Jan. 13, 1882. Comex, WILLIAM HORATIO, Mangalore, South Canara, Madras, India, Collector, Jan

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869, 31. Warry and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. COWARD, SARAH, Stanley. York. Feb 15. Clark, Snaith, Yorkshire

To Surrender in London. DICK, AUGUSTUS ALEXANDER, Brighton, Major. Jan 31. Dalzell, Essex st, Strand

Birtwell, Joseph, Queen Vict

oseph, Queen Victoria st, Iron Merchant. Pet Jan 10. Murray, Jan 27 at 11 HATFIELD, JOHN AYRES, Cumberland st, Fitzroy sq, Bronze and Ormulu Manufacturer, Bissett, John, Charles st, Grosvenor sq, Builder. Pet Jan 1. Murray. Jan 27 at 11 Feb 9. Taylor and Co. Field ct, Gray's inn

Flower, H .F , Clarges st, Piccadilly, no occupation. Pet Jan 11, Brougham, LILLISTONE, MARY ANN, Beccles, Suffolk. Feb 1. Cheston and Sons, Great Winches. Jan 24 at 11 ter st

To Surrender in the Country. LEES, HENRY, Manchester, Colliery Proprietor, Mar 1. Earle and Co, Brown st, Man. Bradley, Christopher, and Walter Bradley, Bradford, Machine Wool Comb Makers. chester

Pet Jan 10. Robinson. Bradford, Jan 24 at 12 MILLARD, THOMAS, St Paul's churchyard, Bookseller. Feb 28, Hamlin and Grammer, Frank, Marmaduke, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, York, Shoemaker. Pet Jan 11. Crosby. Staple inn

Stockton-on-Tees, Jan 26 at 2.30 NELSON, CHARLES RICH, Hanwell. Feb 1. Hollingsworth and Co, East India avenue Hooper, W J , Bristol, Draper. Pet Jan 10. Harley. Bristol, Jan 27 at 2 PEMBERTON, ALEXANDER HorstON, Lancaster, St Helen's, out of business. Mar 1. Kennedy, William, Manchester, Publican. Pet Jan 9. Lister. Manchester, Jan 30 at 12 Oppenheim, Hardshaw st, St Helen's, Lancashire

Morgans, Evan, Cardigan, Farmer. Pet Oct 21. Jenkins. Aberystwith, Jan 26 at 12 RAVENSCROFT, WILLIAM HITCHIN, Newton by Middlewich, Chester, Yeoman, Feb 14. Wesley, Samuel William, Sheffield, Provision Dealer. Pet Jan 1o. Wake, Sheffield, Bygott, Middlewich

Jan 25 at 1.30 Robson, BRIDGET HOLLAND, Newton rd, Paddington. Mar 1. Robinson and Hilder,

TUESDAY, Jan. 17, 1892. Jermyn st, St James

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. SMITH, Lucy, Aylesbury, Buckingham. Feb 13, Joseph and Thomas Parrott, Aylesbury

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar, STEPHENSON, EDMAN, Bardney, Lincoln, Farmer. Feb 1. Page, jun, Lincoln

To Surrender in London. WATSON, WILLIAM, Cranham, Essex, Farmer. Feb 5. Hunt and Williams, Lombard st

Gough, Robert George, Paternoster sq, Dealer in Jewellery. Pet Jan 14 Hazlitt. Jan WEIR, FRANCES, Crawley, Eglingham, Northumberland. Jan 31. Middlemas, Alnwick

31 at 12 WEIB, JAMES, Crawley, Eglingbam, Northumberland, Farmer. Jan 31, Middlemas,

Hay, John, Leadenhall st, Insurance Broker. Pet Jan 13. Brougham. Jan 31 at 11 Alnwick

Low, Maximilian, London Wall, Commission Agent Pet Jan 14. Hazlitt. Feb 1 at 11 WILLS, JOHN, Merriott, Somerset, Minister Jan 31. Alford, Crewkerne

Picard, Francis, St. James's st, Bayswater. Pet Jan 12. Hazlitt. Feb 1 at 1
Wood, Axx, Newcastle upon Tyne. Feb 14, Chartres and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne
WRIGHT, ANNETTE, Westmoreland rd, Paddington, Feb 10. Grant, Edgware rd

To Surrender in the Country.
Gazette, Jan. 3.]

Eggar, Frederick, Woking, Surrey, Brick Manufacturer Pet Jan 10. White, Guild

ford, Jan 27 at 11 Hall, Joseph, Hanley, Stafford, Carriers' Agent. Pet Jan 11. Tennant. Hanley, Jan

30 at 11 Hall, Zillah, Swansea, Beerhouse Keeper. Pet Jan 14, Jones, Swansea, Jan 27 at 11 Jarrett, William Edgar, Rye, Sussex, Licensed Victualler. Pet Jan 13. Young.

Hastings, Jan 28 at 2 A correspondent of the Times says that the late Lord Justice Lush was at

Lorimer, George, Manningham, York, Travelling Draper. Pet Jan 12. Lee. Bradford, one time of his early life clerk to Mr. Justice Bosanquet. This, he adds, was Jan 27 at 12 told me on the day Mr. Lush was sworn in as one of the justices of the Qecu's Morison, Henry, Liverpool, Paint Manufacturer. Pet Jan 13. Cooper. Liverpool, Jan Bench before Lord Chancellor Cranworth, in 1865, by Mr. W. Good body, the

30 at 12

Porter, George Markham, Scarborough, no occupation. Pet Jan 3. Woodall. ScarLord Chancellor's Purse-bearer, who was present on the occasion, and he added, borough, Jan 31 at 3 “And I was Mr. Lush's fellow-clerk.”

Rees, Letitia, Bronllys, Brecon. Pet Jan 9, Carless, jun. Hereford, Feb 8 at 12.45

Sheard, William, Leeds, Commercial Traveller, Pet Jan 12, Wake. Sheffield, Feb 1 A meeting of the United Law Students' Society was held at Clement's-inn at 1 Hall on Wednesday evening for the purpose of considering a paper read by Willcocks, John, Sileby, Leicester, Beerhouse Keeper. Pet Jan 13. Moore. Leicester, Mr. W. J. Fraser, solicitor, a member of the society, upon “The difficulties

Jan 31 at 12

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. experienced ly judgment creditors in obtaining from sheriffs' officers and

FRIDAY, Jan. 13, 1882. county court bailiffs the j roceeds of executions. The suggestions made by Roseby, William John, Tinsley, York, Ironmaster. Jan 12 the hon, member were attentively considered and fully discussed by the

Liquidations by Arrangement. meeting, a resolution being eventually adopted referring it to the commitee of the society to investigate the matter and to place the views of the society before

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. various public functionaries and bodies,

FRIDAY, Jan. 13, 1882. At the Stock and Share Auction Company's gale, beld on the 13th inst. at Baxter, Richard, Mersey rd, Widnes, Lancaster, Butcher. Jan 26 at 11 at offices of

Peters, Victoria rd, Widnes their sale-room, Crown-court-buildings, Old Broad-street, the following were Bettlestone, Charles, Bath, Somerset, Draper, Jan 30 at 3.30 at office of Stibbard, Leadamongst the prices obtained :--Surrey and Hampshire Canal Corporation £10 enhall st. Clark, Bath shares, fully paid, £3 58. ; Horpachos Silver Lead Mining £10 shares, Belden, William, Great Dover st, Southwark, Boot Tree and Last Manufacturer. Jan £5 10s. ; London Road Car £10 shares, £9 12s. 6d. ; Ooregum Gold

25 at 3 at Mason's hall Tavern, Masons' avenue. Young, Newgate st

Birrell, William, High Holborn, Licensed Victualler. Jan 21 at 1 at offices of Smith, Mining Company of India £1 shares, 7s. ; Capital Fire Insurance Association Leadenhall st £10 shares, £l paid, 6s.; Northampton Street Tramways £10 shares, fully Blandford, William, Leeds, York, Commission Agent. Jan 34 at 1 at offices of Wooler, paid, £7 78. ; Old Owlacombe Mines £1 shares, 55. ; Oriental Telephone £1

Exchange bldgs, Batley shares, 10.3. paid, par ; and other miscellaneous securities fetched fair prices.

Blanksby, John Samuel, Chesterfield, Derby, Furniture Dealer. Jan 25 at 11 at office of

Clark, Cavendish st, Chesterfield And on the 17th inst. the following were amongst the prices obtained :--La Blunden, Henry, Mason st, Cornwall rd, Lambeth, out of business. Jan 26 at 3 at office Plata Mines, 24 ; North Wales Freehold Copper Mines bi sbares, 158. ; United

of Peddell. Guildhall chmbrs. Basinghall st Parkend and New Fancy Collieries £100 debentures, par ; Pure Beverage £1

Brisker, Anthony, Marlborough rd, Dalston, Match Manufacturer. Jan 24 at 3 at office

of Taylor and Jacquet, South st, Finsbury sa sbares, 93.; Indian Glenrock Gold Mines £1 shares, 15 ; Indian Consolidated Brook, George, Ossett, York, Rag Dealer. Jan 26 at 3 at Scarborough Hotel, Market pl, Gold Company £1 shares, 103. 6d.; and other miscellaneous securities fetched Dewsbury. Stringer, Osset fair prices.

Brown, George Thomas, Pontypridd, Grocer. Jan 26 at 11 at Queen's Hotel, St Mary

st, Cardiff, Davies, Pontypridd The directors of the Cbarnwood Forest Railway Company invit esubscrip Buffery, Edwin, Keighley, York, Painter. Jan 27 at 3 at offices of Spencer and Clark. tions for 4,138 ebares of £10 eacb, being the balance of the sbare capital of

son, North st, Keighley

Carter, Jowett, Morley, York, Builder. Jan 26 at 3 at offices of Robinson, Charles st, £159,000.' The London and North-Western Railway Company have agreed Bradford to work the line at fifty per cent. of the groas receipts, and to subsoribe

Chapman, Moses, East Greenwich, Cab Proprietor. Feb 1 at 2 at offices of Dyte and £50,000 towards the share capital. Income at the rate of £5 per cent. per

Stead, Chancery lane. Venn and Woodcock, New inn

Christmas, Arthur, Bath, Tailor and Outfitter. Jan 25 at 3 at offices of Titley, Orange appam will be paid balf-yearly apon the amount paid up in advance until the grove, Bath 1st of January, 1883, wben it is expected that the line will be completed, and Ingram, David Christopher, Bourn and Holbeach, Lincoln, Watchmaker. Jan 27 at as a security for the due and punctual payment of the same the necessary

2.30 at offices of Deacon and Wilkin, Cross st, Peterborough

Clue, George May, Portsea, Landport, Chemist. Jan 30 at 2 at 145, Cheapside. Patersum will be invested in the names of two of the directors of the company. son, Portsea

Coleman, William, Hastings, Builder, Jan 26 at 12 at Bridge House Hotel, London Selby, Henry Frederick, Messinia cottage, Potters Bar, Coal Merchant. Jan 31 at 3 at bridge

offices of Philp, Walbrook Crawte, George, Fulham, Coffee house Proprietor, Jan 19 at 3 at offices of Charlton Slade, Tom, Southampton, Baker. Jan 27 at 12 at offices of Pearce and Co, Lansdowne and Co, Sise lane, Queen Victoria st

House, Southampton Davis, William, Notting hill, Coal Merchant. Feb 6 at 3 at offices of Noon and Clarke, Slinger, Thomas, Bawdlands, Olitheroe, Coach Builder, Jan 26 at 11 at offices of Wheeler Blomfield st

and Fletcher, Preston New rd, Blackburn Delevante, Frederick, Ealing, Professor of Music. Jan 30 at 2 at offices of Armstrong, Sly, John Randall, Salisbury, Tobacconist. Jan 25 at 2 at the Three Swans Hotel, Chancery lane

Winchester st, Salisbury. Balsh, Bruton Dixon, Joshua, Sherfin Side, Henheads, nr Accrington, Farmer. Jan 25 at 11 at Derby Stevens, Cornelius, Guildford rd, Brighton, Carpenter. Feb 2 at 3 at offices of Schom. Hotel, Accrington

berg, Middle st, Brighton Dowdeswell, Thomas Cuthbert, Broadway, Worcester, Saddler. Jan 20 at 12 at Bulli. | Stott, Benjamin, Rochdale. Lancaster, Cabinet Maker. Jan 27 at 10 at offices of vant's Hotel, High st, Birmingham, Harris, Birmingham

Brierley, Butts, Rochdale Earle, Thomas, Lambeth walk, Corn Dealer. Jan 31 at 2 at Edmonds and Co, Cheap. Sutcliffe, Anthony, and Rufus Woodhead, Halifax, Machine and Window Blind Makers. side. Webb and Son, Barbican.

Jan 25 at 3.30 at offices of Jubband Booth, Harrison rd, Halifax Fairbairn, Thomas, Angel lane, Stratford, Bootmaker. Jan 26 at 12 at offices of Mey- Sumner, James, King's Norton, Worcester, Coal Dealer, Jan 24 at 11 at offices of nell, Castle st, Holborn

Huggins and Mallard, Newhall chmbrs, Newhall st, Birmingham Fear, Abraham, Hereford, Cooper. Jan 24 at 10.30 at offices of Corner, High Town, Taylor, Edward, Sheffield, Joiner. Jan 23 at 12 at offices of the Incorporated Law Hereford

Society, Sheffield Finn, Frederick George, Preston, Sussex, Grocer. Jan 25 at 3 at offices of Goodman, Walton, William, Black Bull Inn, Sedgefield, Durham, Innkeeper. Jan 26 at 3 at offices North st, Brighton

of Hunton and Bolsover, High st, Stockton-on-Tees Fossey, William, Arlsey, Bedford, Straw Factor, Jan 31 at 4 at Crown Inn, Hitchin, Weaver, Edward, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Baker. Jan 25 at 11 at offices of Burton, Hertford

Dyott ter, Tunbridge Wells Freeman, John, Langthorpe, nr Boroughbridge, of no occupation. Jan 27 at 12.30 at Weir, James Thomas, Portsea, Hants, Dealer in Toys. Jan 31 at 3 at 145, Cheapside. Grantham Arms, Boroughbridge. West, Thirsk

King, Portsea Gawler, Thomas Abraham, Fivehead, Somerset, Grocer. Jan 28 at 11 at offices of Reed Welton, Howard John, Ingatestone, Essex, Saddler. Jan 30 at 11 at offices of Trewren and Cook, Paul st, Taunton

and Southcott, King st, Cheapside Gillson, Thomas, North Fen, Bourn, Lincoln, Farmer, Jan 26 at 2.30 at the Nag's Head, Whincup, Thomas Thompson, Geeston, Rutland, Common Brewer, Feb 1 at 3 at offices Bourn. Deacon and Wilkins, Peterborough

of Stapleton, St Paul's st, Stamford Gobey, Arthur, Herbert terr, Nunhead Green, Camberwell, Surrey, Grocer, Feb 6 at 3 Whitehead, Edmund, Manchester, Silk Manufacturer. Feb 2 at 3 at offices of Cobbott at 53, Gresham st, McMillin, Amen corner

and Co, Brown st, Manchester Goy, Thomas, Kingston, Surrey, Butcher. Jan 30 at 3 at offices of Rowland, Clement's Whitehead, Frederick George John, Park village West, Gent. Jan 25 at 3 at Inns of inn, Strand

Court Hotel, Holborn, Lamb, Bedford row Griffin, Frederick John, Golborne rd, Westbourne pk, Paddington, Fruiterer. Jan 26 at Whitehouse, John, Oldbury, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Jan 28 at 2 at offices of 3 at offices of Aird, Eastcheap

Forrest, Church st, Oldbury Grist, William Henry, Frome, Somerset, Provision Dealer. Jan 28 at 10,5 at the Grand Whitnall, Samuel Fairey, Doddinghurst, Brentwood, Grocer. Jan 30 at 12 at offices of Hotel, Broad st, Bristol. Ames, Frome

Trewren and Southcott, King st, Chea pside. Lewis, Mincing lane Grove, George, Birmingham, Warwick, Licensed Victualler. Jan 30 at 11 at offices of Whittingham, William, Darlington, Durham, Grocer. Jan 27 at 10.30 at offices of Blewitt, Waterloo st, Birmingham

Barron, 20, High row, Darlington Haigh, Fred, Leeds, York, Grocer. Jan 21 at 3 at oflice of Dale, Albion st, Leeds Whitworth, Édwin, Ranby, Babworth, Notts, Potato Dealer. Jan 26 at 11 at offices of Handforth, Thomas, the younger, Manchester, Baker. Jan 30 at 3 at offices of Oram

Bescoby, Grove st, East Retford and Co, Peter st, Manchester

Williams, Ann, Llangollen, Denbigh. Jan 24 at 12 at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel Harrison, George, Birmingham, Grocer, Jan 26 at 3 at offices of Johnson and Co, Water

Ruabon. Minshalls and Jones, Oswestry lo: st, Birmingham

Williams, Ellis, Portmadoc, Carnarvon, Coal Mercbant, Jan 24 at 1 at the Grosvenor Hassfield, Maxmilian Stanislaus Hassfield, Newgate st, Manufacturer's Agent. Feb 14

Hotel, Chester. Jones and Jones, Portmadoo at 3 at City Terminus Hotel, Cannon st. Montagu, Bucklersbury

Williams. George Thomas, Commercial rd East, Nautical Instrument Manufacturer. Hodis, James, Gt Yarmouth, Sugar Boiler. Jan 26 at 11 at offices of Cowl, South

Jan 23 at 3 at 11, Ironmonger lane, Cheapside. Kisbey, Cheapside Quay, Gt Yarmouth

Williams, Lydia Elizabeth, Newcastle-npon Tyne, Wine Dealer. Jan 25 at 2 at offices of Howe, Martha, Robert st, Infirmary rd, Sheffield, Jan 25 at 12 at Cutlers' Hall,

Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Church st. Sheffield. Rodgers and Co

Winder, George, Bolton rd, Blackburn, Bootmaker. Jan 26 at 3 at offices of Malam and Hunter, Joseph, Sunderland, Durham, Provision Dealer. Jan 25 at 1l at offices of

Co, Exchange Flags, Blackburn Haswell and Marshall, John st, Sunderland

Wreford, Silvanus, Hardingstone, Northampton, Grazier, Jan 25 at 3 at offices of James, Emily, Monmouth, Milliner. Jan 27 at 2 at King's Head Hotel, Monmouth.

Andrew, Market sq, Northampton Williams, Ross

TUESDAY, Jan. 17, 1882. Jordan, Edward, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Boot Manufacturer. Jan 26 at 12 at offices

Abbott, George, and George Aylett, Little Britain, Aldersgate st, Warehousemen. Jan 31 of Dauncey, Albion chmbrs, Newport

at 2 at offices of Sps er and Son, Old Broad st Kinsey, William Steggles, Stanton, Suffolk, Innkeeper. Jan 25 at 12 at Guildhall,

Alliss, Maria, Midville, Lincoln, Farmer. Jan 26 at 12.30 at Red Lion Hotel, Boston. Bury St Edmunds. Salmon and Son, Bury St Edmunds

Thimbleby and Son, Spilsby Lazarus, Moss, King st, West Hammersmith, Tailor. Jan 23 at 3 at offices of Barnett,

Atkin, James, Sheffield, York, Builder. Jan 28 at 11 at offices of Mellor, Queen st, Palmerston bldgs, Old Broad st

Sheffield. Mellor, Sheffield Littley, William, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. Jan 26 at 3 at officesof Plant, Cannon

Bailey, George, Guisborough, York, Grocer. Jan 26 at 2 at offices of Teale, Albert rd, st. Birmingham

Middlesborough Littlewood, Charles, Rotherham, Beerhouse Keeper. Jan 27 at 11 at Ship Hotel, West

Barnaby, John, Kingston-upon-Hull, Tinplate Worker. Jan 30 at 2 at office of Summers gate, Rotherham, Barras

Manor st, Kingston-upon-Hull Maitland, Andrew, jun, Eccleston villas, Prescot, Corn Miller. Jan 27 at 3 at 53, Dale

Barlow, James William, Radcliffe, Lancaster, Bleacher. Jan 30 at 8 at Public Sale st, Liverpool. Massey, St Helens

Rooms, Bowker's row, Bolton. Dutton, Bolton Makepeace, Robert, Billingsgate st, Greenwich, Licensed Victualler. Jan 31 at 3 at

Bartlett, William, Sandown, Isle of Wight, Milliper, Jan 27 at 2 at Inns of Court Hotel, 26. Plumstead rd, Plumstead. Cooper, Lincoln's inn fields

High Holborn. Joyce, Newport, Isle of Wight Mattick, William Craddock, North sub Hamdon, Somerset, Farm Bailiff. Jan 25 at 10.30

Barker, Robert Thompson, Middlesborough, York, Grocer. Jan 28 at 12 at Vane Arms at Railway Inn, Durston. Peren and McMillan, South Petherton

Hotel, High st, Stockton-on-Tees Matthews, Henry, Kettering rd, Northampton, Shoe Manufacturer. Jan 24 at 3 at office

Barton, James, Aldingbourne, Walberton, Sussex, Miller. Feb 1 at 2 at Dolphin Hotel, of Becke, Derngate, Northampton

West st, Chichester. Gregory, Chichester Matthews, Robert, and Henry Matthews, King's Cross rd, Wheelwrights. Jan 23 at 3 at

Barry. David. Lady Lake's grove, Mile End Old Town, Timber Merchant. Feb 6 at 2 a office of Cooper, Lincoln's inn fields

12, Bishopsgate st Without. Truefitt and Gane, Bishopsgate st Within Mayhew, Frederick Henry, St Osyth, Farmer. Jan 28 at 12 at office of Turner, East

Baynes, Thomas, Lamb st, Spitalfields, Fruit, Tea, and Potato Salesman, Feb 6 at 3 hill, Colchester

at 7, Wilmington sq, Clerkenwell. Lewis Norris, Alfred John, Maltby st, Lard and Oil Refiner. Jan 27 at 11.30 at Masons' hall

Beach, John, jun, Uxbridge, Steam Circus Proprietor. Feb 9 at 12 at offices of Moss, Tavern, Basinghall st. Bartrum, Bath

Gracechurch st Morris, Samuel Wareing, Earl's Barton, Northampton, Shoe Mannfacturer. Jan 21 at

Bedford, Edward, Leeds, York, Grocer, Jan 27 at 3 at offices of Turner and Hewson, 11 at office of Becke, Derngate, Northampton

Park sq, Leeds Nicboison, Jeramiah, Spittle Dene, Northumberland, Builders. Jan 25 at 2 at office of

Bosworth, William, Newcastle under Lyme, Fruiterer. Jan 28 at 11 at offices of Jolitie, Collingwood st, Newcastle upon Tyne

Griffith, Lad lane, Newcastle under Lyme Cates, Alfred, Scarborough, York, no occupation, Jan 23 at 3 at offices of Wellburn,

Bottomley, William Rothwell, Manchester, Engine Packing Dealer, Feb 3 at 3 at Huntriss row, Scarborough

offices of Shaw, Deansgate, Manchester. Tremewen, Manchester Oubridge, Robert, Church walk Nursery, Albion rd, Stoke Newington, Nurseryman.

Braine, George Theobald, St John's Wood rd, Commercial Traveller. Jan 26 at 2 at Jan 25 at 1 at offices of Medcalf, Union ct, Old Broad st

Masons' Hall Tavern, Mascns' Hall ct, Basinghall st. Sydney, Queen st, Cheapside Parker, George, Aldermanbury, Wholesale Fancy Stationer. Feb 3 at 12 at offices of Bray, William, Belgrave, Leicester, Builder. Jan 30 at 3 at offices of Buckby, GallowSmith, Great James st, Bedford row

tree gate, Leicester Peet, George, Leicester, Licensed Victualler. Jan 30 at 3 at offices of Hollier and Bridger, Archibald, Leamington, Warwick, Wine Merchant. Feb 1 at 2 at offices of Battiscombe, Market pl, Leicester

Hughes and Co, Budge row Penfold, William, Coombe rd, New Maldon, Surrey, Baker. Feb 2 at 2 at offices of Bridger, Charles, Belvedere, Kent, Furniture Dealer. Jan 31 at 1 at 26, Plumstead rd, Bridger, Botolph lane, Eastcheap

Plumstead. Cooper, Lincoln's inn fields Pepper, Benjamin, North Frodingham, Coal Dealer, Jan 31 at 2.30 at Paragon Hotel, Byrne, Edward Joseph, Liverpool, Poulterer. Jan 30 at 2 at offices of Paynter, Cable Kingston-upon-Hull. Dunn, Great Driffield

st, Liverpool Percy, John James, Larkhall lane, Clapham, Tailor. Jan 24 at 2 at offices of Mandale, Buli, Charles, North Woolwich, Clerk in Holy Orders. Feb 6 at 11 at offices of Haydon Mitre ct, Fleet st

and Sloley, Bishopsgate st Within, Kelly and Son, Fenchurch st Preston, Benjamin, East parade, Harrogate, York, Coal Merchant. Jan 24 at 12 at Burford, Walter Giles, Stroud, Gloucester, Farmer. Jan 26 at 11 at offices of Stephens, otfies o Hardcastle and Barnfather, Victoria eg, Leeds

Lansdown, Stroud Popplewell, Robert James, jun, Colchester, Tailor. Jan 30 at 3 at Mullen's Hotel, Iron. Cogan, John Honogan, Silverdale, Stafford, Medical Practitioner. Jan 29 at 11 at monger lane, Cheapside. Wild and Co, Ironmonger lane, Cheapside

offices of James, Nelson sq, Newcastle-under-Lyme Pretty, John Thomas. Leicester, Joiner. Jan 30 at 3 at offices of Hincks, Bowling | Cornbill, Robert, Balham, Surrey, Oilman. Jan 30 at 3 at offices of Beard and Sons, Green st, Leicester

Basinghall st Radford, Joseph, Stonnall, Stafford, Victualler. Jan 26 at 12 at offices of Abraham Cox, James Harrison, Birmingham, Baker. Jan 28 at 11 at offices of Hodgson and Baker, Walsall

Price, Waterloo st, Birmingham Ratcliff, John, Fleetwood, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Jan 27 at 11 at offices of Barker, Cranshaw, Eli, Southport, Bread Baker. Jan 30 at 3 at offices of Stead and Co, Dale Victoria st, Fleetwood

st, Liverpool. Buck and Co, Southport Raylor, Thomas, Great Driffield, York, Grocer, Feb 1 at 2 at offices of White, Great Death, William, Wormingford, Essex, Dealer. Jan 28 at 10.30 at offices of Goody and Driffield

Son, Colchester Raynor, James, Leicester, Commission Agent. Jan 26 at 3 at offices of Hollier and Bat Derry, John, Lir.coln, Wine Merchant. Feb 1 at 2.30 at offices of Toynbee and Co, tiscombe, Market pl, Leicester

Lincoln Richards, Herbert, freorky, Glamorgan, Colliery Clerk. Jan 26 at 12.30 at Treorky Dickinson, William, Utkinton, Chester, Farmer. Feb at 11 at Alvanley Arms Inn, Hotel, Treorky. Morgan

Cote Brook, nr Tarporley Fletcher, Northwich Richards, William, Holland st, Blackfriars, Licensed Victualler. Jan 31 at 3 at office of Davies, Thomas Roger, Festiniog, Merioneth, Grocer, Jan 30 at 2 at Albion Hotel, Nevett, Warwick ct, Gray's inn

Chester. Ellis Richardson, William, Myton gate, Kingston-upon-Hull, Baker. Jan 26 at 3 at offices of Davis, William, Hersham, Walton on Thames, Surrey, Butcher, Feb 2 at 3 at office Stead and Sibree, Bishop lane, Kingston-upon-Hull

of Noton, Lombard et Rodgers, William, Sheffield, Boot Dealer. Jan 30 at 3 at 4, New st, Leicester. Clegg

Edwards, John Inman Fidal, and Thomas Alderson, Spennymoor, Durham, Ale, Porter and Sons

and Spirit Merchants. Jan 30 at 12 at office of Patrick, Silver st Durham Searle, Charles, Glengall rd, Peckham, Baker Jan 24 at 3 at 23, Borough High st, Eaton, Thomas, Derby, Brazier. Feb 2 at 3 at office of Greaves, Old Bank chmbrs, Southwark, Fowler and Co

Irongate, Derby

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