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Why should the mortgagees in the form at p. 155 convey “ according to their estate as such,' and no such qualification be introduced into the form at p. 190? The use of such words has long been given up by the majority of draftsmen. Some of the trusts (pp. 149 and 191) now read “upon trust to, &c.,''

COMPANY-WINDING UP-JURISDICTION-ILLEGAL ASSOCIATION-UNRBbut the form for a settlement still retains its ancient shape " upon trust

GISTERED ASSOCIATION OF MORE THAN TWENTY MEMBERS-MUTUAL MARINE that the said trustees, or the survivors, &c., shall” (p. 131). What

INSURANCE SOCIETY-COMPANIES ACT, 1862, 88. 4, 199.-In a case of In re

The Padstow Total Loss and Collision Assurance Association, before the Court necessity is there for this, and is there any advantage to be secured by

of Appeal on the 11th inst., the question arose whether the court has jurisdic. using the old form for settlements and the new shorter form for wills ?

tion to make an order to wind up an voregistered partnership or association The advancement clause is introduced by the words, “that in addition

consisting of more than twenty members, wbioh is formed for a purpose proto the powers of maintenance, education, and accumulation given by hibited by section 4 of the Companies Act, 1862 ; and there was the further statute to trustees” (pp. 135 and 151). What advantage can accrue question whether an unregistered mutual marine insurance society, consisting from the use of these words ?

of more than twenty members, was within the prohibition of section 4. A CONVEYANCING SOLICITOR. Section 4 provides that "no company, association, or partnership consisting of

more than twenty persons, shall be formed after the commencement of this Act

for the purpose of carrying on any other business (i.e., other than banking THE MARRIED WOMENS' PROPERTY (SCOTLAND) ACT, 1881,

business) that has for its object the acquisition of gain by the company, [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.]

association, or partnership, or by the individual members thereof, unless it is

registered as a company under this Act, or is formed in pursuance of some Sir,-Allow me to correct a remark in your otherwise accurate and

other Act of Parliament, or of letters patent, or is a company engaged in important article on this Act. You say that the law of Scotland knows working mines within, and subject to the jurisdiction of the Stannaries." nothing of the term " personal estate.” This is a mistake. It is used And section 199 provides that any partnership, association, or company, very frequently as synonymous with “moveable estate.” As iustances except railway companies incorporated by Act of Parliament, consisting of of such use, see the Confirmation and Probate Act, 1858, 8. 3; the more than seven members, and not registered under the Act, may be wound Intestate Widows' and Children (Scotland) Act, 1875, s. 3; and the Small op under the Act. The company in the present case was an association of Testate Estates (Scotland) Act, 1876, s. 3.

more than twenty members (not registered under the Act, and not in It is a great pity that the Lord Advocate allowed this Act to pass last any way incorporated), formed, in 1867, for the purpose of carrying session, seeing the English Bill consolidating the Married Womens' Prop

on the business of a mutual marine insurance gociety. The rules erty Acts had to be withdrawn. There is no call for such piecemeal

(which were indorsed on the policies issued by the aosociation and

made part of them) provided that it should consist of owners and legislation. On the contrary, it is most desirable that the statute law on

part-owners of vessels ; that its affairs should be managed by a com. the subject, which only dates from 1870, should in both countries be on

mittee of the members ; that on any vessel being entered in the association the the same lines. Indeed, I cannot see why it should not be the same.

owner should immediately pay the sam of $1 per cont. on the amount The Scottish Club, Jan, 11.

John GRAHAM. insured as a deposit towards paying any loss that might happen, and five [We are much obliged by our correspondent's correction of our remark shillings per cent. towards a fand for incidental expenses, and that the as to Scotch law, and are glad to have the weight of his authority in owner, on subscribing his name to the legal document of the association, support of our view of the operation of the statute referred to. should become a member thereof, and be subject to its rules ; that no vessel ED. S. J.)

should be insured in the association in any greater sum than $1,000, which

amount should not in any case exceed three-fourths of the value of the vessel ; CATTLE LEVANT AND COUCHANT.

that in case any vessel belonging to the association should be takes, lost,

wrecked, destroyed by fire or stranded, and thereby receive so much damage [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.]

as should induce the owner to abandon her to the association, and which Sir,--Could any of your readers refer me to an authority as to the abandonment the owner might make when the aotual damage done to the meaning of cattle being “levant and couchant" in cases where there is a vessel should be satisfactorily shown to the commissioner to exceed 75 per right of common for such cattle ?

cent. of her entered value, then the members, their heirs, executors, or ad. Carr v. Lambert (34 L. J. (N. S.) Ex. 66) establishes that such cattle ministrators, generally and not jointly, each one for himself and not for each need not have eaten of any of the produce of the land drawing common;

other, should, as often as the case should happen, pay the loser of such vessel but the question arises, Must the cattle have actually been on the

the amount insured in the association rateably and proportionally by each

member according to his amount ingured; that in case any vessel insured in commonable land before being put on the common? In other words,

the association should ran down any other vessel, and the owner should be must the commoner give his cattle a night's lodging on his own common

called on to make good the value of the vessel run down, the association should able close before putting them on the common ? Such a requirement

either defend any action that might be brought against the owner of the run. would seem a farce, but is it the law ?


ning down vessel, and pay its proportion of costs and damages (such costs and | damages not to exceed the amount for which the vessel was insured in the

association), or pay to the owner two-thirds of the sum for which the Sir R. Malins is very ill, but on Thursday evening he was reported to vessel might be insured in the association ; and that, if the amount of the be somewhat better.

contribution due from any member should not be received through his

insolvenoy, the loss should be borne by the members generally. The The case of the French juryman, says the Daily News, who was acoused of

policies issued by the association were signed by the manager per manifesting an opinion in the jury-box during the progress of a murder trial

procuration of the several members. A vessel belonging to one of the at the Assize Court of the Basses Pyrénées has been finally determined upon

| members, and which had been insured ia the association, was lost. A an appeal to the Court of Cassation. It appears that Madame Barko, the witness in question, having persistently denied certain facts, suddenly

dispute arose as to his right to recover on his polioy, and an agreement admitted their correctness; upon wbich M. Sablé, one of the jurymen, being

was entered into to refer the dispute to arbitration. The arbitrators made

an award in his favour, and the agreement was made an order of the of an impulsive disposition, clapped his hands in token, as it appeared to the judge, of satisfaction. Thereupon, in pursuance of a provision of the Criminal

Queen's Bench Division. The member had assigned his rights under the Code, M. Sablé was desired to withdraw in the midst of the proceedings, and

policy for value, and his assignee brought an action for the amount of the another juryman was ordered to take his place. The point raised was whether

award against the association, and recovered judgment by default. He issued the action of tbe juryman constituted an “expression of opinion” within the

execution on the judgment, but without effect, and he then presented a meaning of the code. The Court of Cassation has decided this question in the

petition to wind op the association, which had ceased to carry on its business

and had closed its office. The petitioner stated that the association consisted negative.

of more than seven members, but did not state that it consisted of more The death is announced at Rome of the distinguished American jurist, than twenty members, the petitioner, 80 far as appeared, being igaorant of Richard Henry Dana. Mr. Dana, says the Times, was the son of the late this fact. The petition was served at the old office of the association, Mr. R. H. Dana, the American essayist and poet, and was born at and was advertised. When it came on for hearing on the 28th of January, Cambridge, Maesachusetts. Being obliged to leave Harvard College in

1880, the association did not appear, and Maling, V.O., made a winding-up 1834 on account of ill-healtb, he undertook a voyage to California, order. In November, 1881, a member, who had only just become aware which be described in his popalar book “Two Years before the Mast,"

of the presentation of the petition and of the making of the winding-ap republished in an enlarged form in 1869 under the title “Two Years

order, gave notice of an appeal from the order, asking also that the time for before the Mast and Twenty Years After." Returning to college, he appealing might be extended. The Court of Appeal (JESSEL, M.R., and studied law and was admitted to the Boston bar in 1840. He acquired BRETT and LINDLEY, L.JJ.) extended the time and discharged the windinga special reputation in maritime law after the publication, in 1841, | up order on the ground that there was no jurisdiction to make it. JESSEL, of his “Seaman's Friend," known in England as “The Seaman's Manual," | M.R., said that the point as to the constitution of the association had not been containing a dictionary of nautical terms. In 1853 he became a member of brought to the notice of the Vice-Chancellor, whose order was in fact, though the Massachusetts Legislature. He was one of the founders of the “ Free not in form, made ex parte. If the court had no jurisdiction to make the Soil Party," and took a prominent part in the Republican movement of order, still the proper mode of getting rid of it was by an appeal, for the court 1856. At the trial of Jefferson Davia ho represented the Government. He which made it was competent to decide whether it had jurisdiction, and the is the author of several important legal works, the best knowo of which is order must be treated as a decision that it had jurisdiction. There was, there. his copionely annotated edition of Wheaton's “International Law.” One fore, an error in the order, and an appeal from it would lie. And, under the of the potes in this work, on the neatrality laws of Great Britain and the circumstances, leave to appeal, notwithstanding the expiration of the United States, was translated into French for the use of the arbitrators at twenty-one days limited by order 58 for 80 doing, ought to be Geneva in 1872.

given. If the association was one which was unlawful under section 4, bis lordship thought that both by the authority of the

Coventry Town Council as a representative of Spon-street Ward, and he was decided cases (such as "In re The Arthur Average Association, 23 W. R.

also for a long time church warden of St. Michael's parish. At the Warwick. 939, L. R. 10 Ch. 542, and In re The South Wales and Atlantic Steamship

sbire Quarter Sessions, on the 4th inst., the deputy-chairman (Mr. Sneyd Company, L. R. 2 Ch. D. 763), and on priinciple, no winding-up order

Kynnersley) in charging the grand jury, expressed his regret at Mr. Dewes's could be made. Section 199 must apply to something which could be law.

death, and spoke of the long and valuable services of the deceased in his fully formed. If the formation of the association was prohibited by section 4,

capacity of county coroner. it was impossible that the Legislature should say that that which could not be formed under section 4 should be wound up under section 199, with all the

MR. THOMAS HUGH OLDMAN. consequences which wonld follow from a winding-up order. It was clear that

Mr. Thomas Hagh Oldman, solicitor and notary (of the firm of Oldman & this association was formed for the purpose of carrying on business—the business of marine insurance ; though the object was not the acquisition of gain for

Iveson), of Gainsborongb, died suddenly on the 11th inst. He bad been engaged the association as a whole, but the object was the acquisition of

all day in professional business, and returnod home in apparently good health, gain by the individual members. Each member paid a small sum

but soon after he had dined he fell out of his chair and died immediately. Mr. with the view of obtaining & larger sum on the happening of

Oldman was born in 1832, and was admitted a solicitor in 1857. He carried an uncertain event. Was the sum the less a gain, because there

on an extensive practice at Gainsborough, and he was solicitor for many of happened, at the same time, to be a loss to the member who obtained it ?

the leading county families in the district. He was a perpetual commissioner Because the loss of a vessel was the occasion of a claim, the payment of the

for Lincolnshire and a notary public, and also coroner for the Kirton District claim was not the less a gain to the claimanı. And, looking at the general

of Lincolnshire, clerk to the county magistrates at Gainsborough, and steward

to the Scotton Inclosure Commissioners. scope of the Act, the object of the provision was that commercial associations

He was in partnership with Mr. should be registered, and it ought to be construed so as to carry out its object

Alfred Iveson, who is deputy-coroner for the Kirton District. Mr. Oldman without too minute a criticism of the particular words. BRETT, L.J., said

was also the chief Conservative agent for North Lincolnshire, and be materially that, the order being one of a superior court, which had jurisdiction in certain

aided in the return of Mr. Lowther at the recent election. His sudden death cases to make a winding-up order, if there was any error in it, it was an

has caused a general feeling of sorrow in the neighbourhood. error in the particular case, and not an assumption of an unwarranted jurisdic. tion. The order could not, therefore, be treated as a nullity, but was the proper subject of an appeal. The ordinary rule, therefore, wbich governed the time within which an appeal must be brought, applied, but it was a case in which the court ought to exercise its power to enlarge the time. If section

LAW STUDENTS JOURNAL. 4 applied to the association the law could take no cognizance of it at all, and the absence of notice to the petitioner could make no difference. It might not

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. be necessary to decide the latter point, because the petitioner, who claimed

Tuesday, January 10.-Mr. E. G. Spiers in the chair.-Mr. D. Stewart throagh a member who clearly bad notice of the constitution of the association, could not stand in a better position than he did. If the association was one | Smith was elected & member. The secretary presented to the meeting his prohibited by section 4, his lordship would not call it illegal, but its

report of the proceedings of the society daring the quarter which oom. existence could not be recognized in any way by the law ; it could

menoed on the 25th of October and terminated on the 13th of December. not be said to have ever existed. It was not an association formed to

By the report it appeared that during the quarter the society had held carry on a business, the object of which was the acquisition of gain by the

eight meetings wbiob had been equally occupied with the discussion of association itself. But the object was that, in consideration of the members legal and general subjects. Twenty-eight new members had been eleoted. insuring other members' ships, their own ships should be insured in case of The average attendance was 31, the highest number at any one meeting loss. The object of each individual member was that he should be indem being 43, and the lowest 21. The average number of speakers was 9, and nified in case of the loss of his ship. Was that object the acquisition of

of voters 19. After some business had been disposed of, the society gain ? He lost his ship and got the insurance money from his brother proceeded to discuss the recommendations contained in the report of the associates. From the loss of the ship be got that which was a gain to himself, Legal Procedure Committee. (See SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, October 15, 1881). and this, his lordsbip thought, fulfilled the meaning of section 4. No associa

a meaning of section . No associa | Mr. Montagu opened the debate disapproving of the report, and in the tion, therefore, of which the law could take cognizance had existed, and no discussion which followed the recommendations were very unfavourably winding-up order could be made. His lordsbip added that in Smith y. oriticised. On a vote being taken at the conolusion of the debate, the Anderson (29 W. R. 21, L. R. 15 Ch. D. 281) he bad expressed an inclination opinion of the meetiog proved to be .ananimously against the recommendaof opinion to the contrary, but after full argument he felt that that opinion

tions. could not be sustained. LINDLEY, L.J., said that the question was whether a diversion of loss from the individual members was a gain to the within the meaning of section 4. He thought tbe words were wide enough, and were

UNIVERSITY OF LONDON. intended to be wide enough, to inclade such a case. Then what was the con.

1882. sequence of the association not being registered ? The words of the section

LL.B. EXAMINATION. were imperative, and they meant that such an association, if unregistered,

Pass List. was illegal in this sense, that the law could not recognize its existence, except in a criminal court.-SOLICITORS, Clarkson, Greenwell, 8 Wyles ; G. E.

First Division,

Bowen, Henry Storer, B.A.-Private study.
Evans, John William, B.Sc.-University College and Lincoln's-inn.

Stable, Daniel Wintringham.—Private study.

Second Division.

Desai, Dolatray Sarbhai.--Private study,

Fraser, Arthur.-Private study.

Greig, James William, B.A.-University College and Lipooln's-inn. Mr. Edward Mather, solicitor and notary (the bead of the firm of Mather, Gapta, Matilal.-Private study and University College. Cockroft, & Mather), died at Newcastle-upon-Tyne on the 31st ult. The Harland, George Brighton.-Private study and tuition. deceased was the son of Mr. John Mather, of Newcastle. He was born in Hart, Isaao John.-Private study. 1813, and he was educated at the Grange School, Sunderland. He was ad- logpen, Arthur Robert.-Private study. mitted a solicitor in 1841, and he was at the time of his death in partnership Jones, Alfred Hawkins.—Owens College and private study, with Mr. Lonsdale Maviog Cockroft (coroner for Newcastle and for the New Jones, Joseph Birdsall, B.A.-Private study. castle District of Northumberland), and with his son Mr. Philip Edward Piper, Joha Edwip.-University College. Mather, who was admitted a solicitor in 1872. Mr. Mather had a most

Soratton, Thomas Edward, M.A.— Trinity College, Cambridge, and Middle extensive private practice, and he was a uotary public, and a perpetual

Temple. commissioner for the counties of Durham and Northumberland, and for the Watson, David Jopffroy-Private study. own of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. His death has caused general regret. He was married to a daughter of the late Mr. Armstrong.


Pass LIST.

First Division.
Mr. Thomas Dewes, solicitor (the head of the firm of Dewes, Son, & Wilks), Adler, Elkan Nathan, B.A.-University College.
died at Coventry on the 3rd inst., in his seventieth year. Mr. Dewes was born in Brownson, Thomas, B.A.-Owens College and private study,
1812, and was admitted a solicitor) in 1833, and had thus practised for nearly Cheyne, Ernest, B.A.-Private study and tuition.
half a century at Coventry. He was for many years associated in partnership Clarke, Peroy.- Private study.
with his son, Mr. Thomas Hayes Dewes, who died in 1876, and with Mr. | Evans, Richard Watson, B.A.-Owops College and private study.
Montague Sargenson Wilks. He was a perpetual commissioner for Warwick Goodwin, Frederick.- Private study.
shire, and he held several important appointments. Since 1866 he had been | Hedley, Thomas.- Private stady.
coroner for the Northern Division of Warwickshire, and was also clerk to Lubbock, John Birkbeck.–Balliol College, Oxford.
the Foleshill Board of Guardians and Assessment Committee, and superinten- Maconachie, James Robert, B.A.-Private study,
dent registrar for the districts of Foleshill and Coventry. Mr. Dewes took an Morton, Alexander Edward.-Private study,
active part in political and local business. He was for many years principal Pemberton, Arthur.-Private stady.
agent for the Conservative party at Coventry, and he bad been engaged as Playne, Franois George.- Private study.
solicitor in several election petitions. From 1847 till 1853 be sat in the Robertson, Lindesay John.-Private taition.



an, stiller on it, Honey and Bowen. Moorgate st


Webb, William Fisher.-Private study.
Wilberforoe, Herbert William Wrangham.-University College.

Second Division.
Brown, Arthur Llewellyn Jenkyn, B.A.-Owens College and private stady.

Carnelley, William.- Private toition.

LAST DAY OF PROOF. Clementeon, Herbert.- Owens College and private reading.

WARRINGTON, GEORGE, Bedford, Cattle Dealer. Jan 31. Mann v Warrington, Hall,

V.C. Clare, Bedford Hatchings, Thomas William Bishop. - Private study.

WHATELY, EDWARD, Torquay, Devon, Surgeon. Jan 31. Whately v Whately, Hall Law, George.-University of Edinburgh.

V.0. Hooper, Torquay Marons, Herman William.-Owens College and private reading.

[Gazette, Jan. 6.] Mairbead, Francis Lauder.-St. John's College, Cambridge. Paice, George Hayes.-Private study.

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. Ritter, Frederick. - Private tuition.

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Scaite, John Harper.- Private study.

BEWLEY, SARAH, Manchester. Jan 24. Slater and Turnbull, Manchester Symmode, Israel Alexander.--University College.

BIRD, ISAAC, Portman pl, Mile End, Gent. Feb 2. Shearman, Little Tower st

BIRD, Joux, Brook green, Hammersmith, Feb 1. Bowker and Co, Bedford row Wood, Artbor Francis.—Private tuition.

BLUNT, JOHN, Whittlesey, Isle of Ely, Cambridge, Esq. April 1. Peed, Whittlesey
CLARKE, JAMES, Lowestoft, Suffolk, Grocer. Feb 1. A. and W. Cowl, Lowestoft
OLARKE, KATHERINE, Cheltenham, Gloucester. Jan 31. Mallory, Cheltenham
CORRIE, VALENTINE BYROM, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Gent. Feb 1. Urry and Thirkell,

DANCE, CHARLES, Castle Inn, Battersea, Licensed Victualler. Feb 1. Corsellis,


Dietz. BERNARD, Coleman st. Feb 9. Wansey and Bowen, Moorgate st Mr. John ALEXANDER SHEPHARD, solicitor, of Tredegar, has been ap

Dobson, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Allerton st, Hoxton, Jan 7. Dobson, Hoxton st, Hoxton pointed Clerk to the Bedwellty Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, FYFFE, HENRY STANTON, South Australia, Storekeeper. Jan 30. Newbon and Co, and Rural Sanitary Authority, and Superintendent Registrar for the Wardrobe pl, Doctor's Commons

GREEN, HENRY LINDSELL HILTON, Piccadilly. Feb 20. Hooper and Co, Biggleswade, distriot. Mr. Shephard was admitted a solicitor in 1874. He is also olerk

Beds to the Tredegar, Rbymney, and Abertillery Looal Boards.

HARVEY, MARIANNE, Shardlow, Derby. Mar 1. Powell, Derby

HUDSWELL, WILLIAM SHILLITO, Roundhay, near Leeds, Engineer. April 11, Dunning Mr. ALBERT EDWARDS, solicitor, of Sidmouth and Ottery St. Mary, bas

and Co, Leeds been appointed Clerk to the Ottery Feeoffees' Charity and Church Corpora - LUMBY, EDWARD_CROSLAND, Halifax, York, Welded Boiler Manufacturer. Feb 1. tion. Mr. Edwards was admitted a solicitor in 1863.

Foster and Co, Halifax

MCQUINN, JOIN, Lees, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, Gent. Jan 31. Clegg, OldMr. WILLIAM STEVENS, javior, solicitor and notary (of the firm of Stevens ham & Son), of Brighton, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer

MIDDLEHURST, ISADELLA, Wigan. Jan 23. Scott and Ellis, Wigan

MIDDLEHURST, ROBERT, Wigan, Gent. Jan 23, Scott and Ellis, Wigan
Oaths in the Supreme Court of Jadicatare.

SIERLOCK, Axx, Great Durnford, Wilts. Feb 1. Wilson and Sons, Salisbury
SWABBY, VICTORIA HEXRIETTA ISABELLA, Edinburgh. Feb 28. Flavell and Bowman,

Bedford row
THACKER, THOMAS Wood, Derby, Dealer in Musical Instruments. Mar 1. Powell,

THEOBALDS, WILLIAM, St John's villas, Putney, Surrey, Gent. Jan 31. Ellis and

Ellis, Spring gardens, Westminster

VICKERS, BENJAMIN RANDALL, New Leeds, Leeds, Gent. Feb 20. Jones, Leeds
WAKE, CHARLOTTE ANNA, Brighton. Jan 31. Webb and Co, Argyll st, Regent st

[Gazette, Dec. 27.] JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.

sented Jan 3, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Jan 14. Beall and Co, Queen
Victoria st, solicitors for the petitioner

MARIXE PIERS COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Dec 19, directed
to be heard before Chitty, J, on Jan 14. Bannister, Basinghall st, solicitor for the
BOXORA COXPANY, LIVITED.--Petition for winding up, presented Dec 29, directed to be

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. heard before Chitty, J, on Jan 14. Sedgwick, New Broad st, solicitor for the peti

ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON tioner Vrox COLLIERY COMPANY, LINITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Jan 4, directed

COURT OF to be heard before Bacon, V.C., on Jan 14. Kennedy and Co, Clement's inn, Strand,


7. O. Bacon. V.C. HALL.

APPBAL. agents for Jones, Wrexham, solicitor for the petitioner WIITWORTA PARK GRAXD STAND COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, pre Monday, Jan. .......... 16 Mr. Jackson Mr. King Mr. Koo sented Jan 2, directed to be heard before Hall, V.O., on Jan 13. Harvey

Tuesday ........ sarvey and


Merivale Clowes Chancery-lane, agents for Marshall, Durham, solicitor for the petitioner



Gazette, Jan. 6.



Friday ..........

Jackson PEYHALE AND BABTON UNITED MINES, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented



Jan 3. directed to be heard before the Vice-Warden, at the Law Institution, Chancery.


Clowes lane, on Jan 19 at 3. Affidavits intended to be used at the hearing, in opposition to

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice the petition, must be filed at the Registrar's Office, Truro, on or before Jan 16, and


СнІТТҮ. notice thereof must at the same time be given to the petitioners or their solicitor Monday, Jan.......

Mr. Ward Mr. Farrer Mr. Leach Paul, Truro, solicitor for the petitioners

Tuesday ......

Pemberton Teesdale Latham
[Gazette, Jan. 10.)


Thursday .......
Pemberton Teesdale

Friday ........


Pemberton Teesdale




Tuesday, the 10th day of January, 1882

For Judgment.
Whereas, tbe Hon. Sir Joseph William Chilty, one of the justices of the In re The Goods of Baroness Buseck ex parte app from Probate Division-heard
High Court of Justice attached to the Chancery Division of the said court, is Nov 3 at Lincolo's inn by Master of Rolls and Lords Justices Baggallay, Brett,
about to proceed on circuit, and whereas it has been represented to me that the

and Li state of the business now pending before the said judge is such that provision

In re Cross, decd Harston v Tenison app of plt from Mr Justice Fry-heard should be made for hearing and determining during his absence causes and

Dec 19 by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Justice Baggallay, and Sir James matters which have been assigned to and are now pendiog in his court, I, the


For Hearing. Right Hon. Roundell Baron Selborne, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain,

1880. do therefore order, that all causes and matters which have been assigned to and Samuel v Samuel app of plt MR-Jane 7 are now pending before the said judge be for all purposes transferred until

all purposes transferred until | Emma Silver Mining Co limd v Grant app of deft MR-Aug 21 " further order, to the Hon. Sir Edward Ebenezer Kay, one of the justices of the

1881. High Court attached to the Cbancery Division of the High Court of Justice, Gt Eastern Ry Co v Norwich & Spalding Ry Co app of Midland & Eastern Ry to be heard and disposed of by him so far and to such extent as he sball con | Cos v 2 BJFeb 11 sider pecessary or expedient. And tbis order is to be drawn up by the regis

Brown v Smart app of plt Fry, J-May 27 (abated by Bankruptoy) trar, and get op in the several offices of the Chancery Division of the High

Turner v Turner app of E. G. Turner Kay, J--May 28 (Security ordered Court of Justice.


July 16)
Great Eastern Ry Co v Norwich & Spalding Ry Co app of plts VC B-May 30
Bennett v Hay app of deft Fry, J-June 3 (abated by Bankruptcy)

Otto v Linford app of plt VCB-June 13
During the past year the number of applications for letters patent has been

Giles y Williams app of plt M R -June 14 (part heard Dec 10 by Lords 6,751, being an increase of 234 upon those of the year 1880. The records of Dan

Justices Baggallay, Lush, and Lindley) (S. O. generally by order) the office show a steady and tolerably regular increase in the number of

Denoon v Northway app of deft VCB-June 25 (S. O. Mar 11)

Tucker v Barker app of deft V CB-Juge 28 applications from the year 1862, when the Patent Law Amendment Act came Jourdan v Bacon app of E Bacon & anr from order on fur conson VCHinto operation, down to the present time.

July 16


Pp of petaro Chitty, of plts | Hill a San Westminster der Bros and preta

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Bell v Stenteford app of plts Kay, J- July 30 (Security ordered Nov 9) Hallett & Co v Lumsden app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew at trial
Budd v Hitching app of plts viB-Aug 1 (part heard Dec 3 by Master of June 13
Rolls and Lords Justices Baggallay and Lush)

Wilkinson and anr v Coulson app of deft Coulson from judgt of Baron Pollock at
Brewer v Yorke app of deft C F Yorke and cross notice of plt Fry, J-Aug 5 trial at Newcastle June 16
Festing v Ellery app of deft from order on fur con_MR-Aug 5

The Earl of Dartmouth v Mundy app of deft from judgt of Justices Field and W Slack & Son. Id y Midland Ry Co Ann of dafta Frv. I-A

Stephen on special Case June 23 Snow v Bolton app of plts Fry, J-Aug 9 (Security ordered Nov 16)

The Board of Works of the Hackney Distriot v The Great Eastern Ry Co Sanders v Fox app of deft A Fox Kay, J- Aug 9

(Q B Crown side) app of Hackney Board from judgt of Lord Coleridge, LCJ, In re Morewood, decd Errington v Morewood app of Morewood and ors VCM and Mr Justice Manisty on app from Inferior Court June 25 -Aug 10

Worsley Bros v London, Brighton, and South Coast Ry Co app of plts from In re Leathes, deod Leathes v Leathes app of plt Fry J-Aug 10

judgt of Mr Justice Field at time and Life Insurance Co, limd app of plu Wheeler v Le Marchant app of plt V C'B-Aug 19

MacGillivray v West of England Fire and Life Insurance In re Wilkinson, decd Wilkinson v Baird app of plt Fry, J-Aug 30

from judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial at Westminster July 1 Moir v Oppenheimer Oppenheimer v Moir app of R M Mir v Č B-Sept 28 York Trams Co, limd, v Willows app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew (abated by Bankruptcy) .

at trial at Westminster July 7 Thomas v Goudsell app of deft Fry, J-Sept 30

Ide and anr v Crichton app of deft from judgt of Baron Pollook at trial in London Turper v Hancock app of defts V Č'B-Oct 21 (Security ordered Dec 14)

-July 7 Briggs v Massey app of plt Fry, J-Oct 24

Suffell ŕ Governor and Co of the Bank of England app of defts from judgt Harlock v Ashberry app of deft" Fry, J-Oct 27 (Security ordered Nov 23) of Lord Coleridge, LC J, at trial in London July 16 In re Middleton, deod Thompson v Harris app of Henry Corson and anr Fry,

Whitecross Wire and Iron Co limd v Savill and ors app of defts from judgt J-Oot 29

of Baron Pollock at trial in London July 12 Johnson v Gillam app of plt Fry, J-Oct 31

Newton and Co v Sanders Bros app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes at Tanqueray Willaume v Landau app of vendors Chitty, J-Nov 16

trial at Westminster July 12 Commissioners for Exhibition of 1851 v Roval Horticultural Society app of plts Hill v Sansom and anr app of plt from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial at WestFry, J-Nov 24

minster July 15 In re City of Chester Benefit Building Society app of petnrs Chitty, J-Nov 24 Berlin Phosphate Sewage and Manure Co limd v Combe and anr app of defts Harris v Fleming app of plt V CH-Dec 8

from judgt of Mr Justice Denman at trial in London July 21 Harris v Fleming app of Mathew Morton VCH-Dec 8

Harris v Truman, Hanbury and Co app of pltf from Justices Field, Manisty and Biecoe v Jackson app of Attorney-Gen VCH-Deo 15

Bowen, directing entry of judgt for doft with costs July 22 Browne v Fryer app of plt + C B-Dec 17

Reffell v 'Fowell app of pitf from judgt of Lord Coleridge, LCJ, at trial at In re The Haven Gold Mining Cold app of French and anr V C B-Deo 20 Kingston July 25 (to be in the Paper on first day of Interlocutory Appeals in Hilary Sittings by

The Prison Commissioners v Clerk of the Peace for Middlesex app of deft from order)

judgment of Lord Coleridge, L CJ, at trial at Westminster July 26 Eades v Starbuck Car and Wagon Co, limd app of plç Kay, J-Deo 21

Saxby and anr v Gloucester Wagon Co, limd app of plts from judgt of Lord ColeSnow v Bolton app of deft Yeatman Fry, J—Dec 21

ridge L CJ, and Justices Manisty, Field, and Bowen upon findings and report Errington v Met District Ry Co app of doft V CH-Dec 22

of official referee July 30 In re Ringer and Thompson's Contract app of Thompson Fry, J-Dec 22 Negus v Forster app of plt from judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial at WestIn re Little, docd Mather v Roddy app of plt V OH-Deo 22

minster Aug 6 In re The United Shepherd's Wheal Rose, limd app of petitioner Speller Chitty,

Turner and anr v Furness Ry Co app of plts from judgt of L J Bramwell at J-Dec 23

trial at Liverpool Aug 10 London and South-Western Ry Co v Gomm app of deft Kay, J-Dec 23 Ashdown v Ingamells app of deft from judgt of Sir H Hawkins at trial Aug 12

Johnson v Wilson app of plt from Justices Williams and Cave dismissing app from From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Chancery Division. Mr Justice Cave setting aside order for judgment Sept 19 1881.

Gantes Bros. & Co v Leyland & Co and ors app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice In re Liberia Coffee Co, limd app of Co MR-Aug 9 (S O Nov 16)

Field, directing non-suit with costs Oct 12 Winbush v Stephens app of deft V CB-Aug 25 (S O Jan 21)

Quilter v Mapleson app of dft from judgt of Lord Coleridge, LCJ, at WestIn re Horner's Petition of Right app of C P Slage Chitty, J-Dec 8 (to be in minster without a jury Oct 24 the paper as an appeal from the Master of Rolls by order)

Silcock v Farmer app of aft from judgt of Lord Justice Bramwell at trial Oot 25 In re Padstow Total Loss and Collision Assurance Association app of C Bryant Shaw v Earl of Jersey app of plt from ord of Justices Lopes and Stephen on sp VCM-Dec 16

June 23 (Transferred from Interlocutory List to this place by order) In re Crowdy, decd Burges v Crowdy app of Sir G S P Lawrence V CH Jones v Gt Western Ry Co app of plt from judgt of Sir H Hawkins at trial at Dec 17

Westminster Oct 31 The General Share and Trust Co, limd v The Witley Brick and Pottery Co, limd Burke v Rooney app of dft from judgt of Justices Field and North on spo app of VCH-Dec 19

Nov 9 Fox v Bearblock app of deft E Bearblock Fry, J—Dec 20

North Staffordshire Ry Co v Peake app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew Truscott v Diamond Rock Boring Co, limd app of plt Chitty, J-Dec 20

at trial Nov 11 Biggs v Bree app of Harper and anr VCB-Dec 20

Zuccani v Sinclair app of plt from judgt of Mr Justioe Stephen on for con at The Vasa Murrhina Glass Co, limd v Hill app of plts VCH-Dec 22

Westminster Nov 29 Mitchell v Walker app of deft Chitty, J-Dec 24

Jenkins v Jones app of plt from judgt of Baron Pollook on fur con Nov 29 Bustros v Butros app of deft S. Butros V CH-Dec 27

Thomas v Connell app of plt from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial-Nov 30 The Credit Lyonnais London Agency v Jacobs, Marcus and Co app of defts Tyrell v Henville, clerk app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes at trl-Dec 1 Chitty, J-Dec 28

Davenport v Kendrick app of deft from judgt of Justicos Field and Cave upon 1882.

report of official refereo-Dec 1 De Martano v Mann app of defts Attwater and anr from order dated Dec 16 Neilson v James app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen-Doo 2 V CB-Jan 3

Thompson v Swann app of plt from judgt of Justioes Field and Cave-Deo 7
In re The Working Men's Mutual Society, limd app of official liquidator London and County Banking Co v Wilkinson app of deft from judgt of Mr.
VCH-Jan 4

Justice Williams at trial at Westminster-Dec 9
Original Motions.

Brown v Great Western Ry Co app of defts from judgt of Justices Field and Horris v Fleming applon of all defts other than Mathew Morton, for security North-Dec 14 for conta of plts app from VCH

Stimson v Moon app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Denman, Baron HuddlesHarris v Fleming applen of all defts other than Mathew Morton, for security for ton and Sir H Hawkins-Dec 17 costs of deft Morton's app from VCH

Boby v Davenport app of defts from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial-Deo 17 De Martada v Mann applcn of defts Attwater and apr for leave to appeal, from Watson & Co. v Moss Bay Hematite Iron and Steel Co, limd app of plts from order of V C B, dated July 5

judgt of non-suit by LCJ at trial-Dec 22

Cory & Sons v Burr“ app of plts from judgt of Justices Field and Cave on special FROM THE QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION.

case-Dec 24 For Judgment.

Clack v Wood app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice North at trial-Dec 31 H Young and Co v The Mayor and Corporation of Royal Leamington Spa app

1882. of plts from judgt of Justices Williams and Mathew on special case (hd Nov Merry v Clay app of plt from Mr Justice Denman and Baron Huddleston setting 21-present LJJ Brett, Cotton and Lindley)

aside judgt-Jan 3 Pitman & apr v Universal Marine Insurance Co app of plts from Mr. Justice Pope v The Wanzer Sewing Machine Co, limd app of plts from judgt of Mr

Lindley referring to arbitrator to ascertain damages (hd Dec 10–present M R Justice Stephen at trial - Jan 3
and LJ J Brett and Cotton)
For Hearing

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Queen's Bench Division. 1880.

1881. In re Charles M Roche, gentn. one &o app of Mr Roche from order of Lord May v Head and ors app of plt from Baron Pollock and Mr Justice Stephen disColeridge, LC J, and Mr. Justice Grove-April 27

missing motn to set aside judgt-June 13

Logan v The Gt Northern and London and North-Western Committee app of 1881. The Law Society of the United Kingdom v Shaw and apr app of defts from

plts from interlocutory judgt of Justices Field and Cave on special case stated

under ord 34, r1-Nov 23 judgt of Mr Justice Grove at trial in Middlesex

Thompson v Farrer argument of rule nisi for new trial granted by Court of Hutley v Marshall app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew at trial in

Appeal- Nov 24 0 Middlesex-May 25

The London and County Banking Co, limd v Card app of plts from rulo nisi disFleming v The Mayor &c of Manchester argument of rule nisi for new trial charged by Mr Justice Denman, Baron Huddleston and Sir H Hawking-Nov 24

granted by Court of Appeal on application of deft (set down with final appls by Wyatt v Partridge app of deft from rule nisi discharged by Mr Justice Denman, order)

Baron Huddleston and Sir H Hawking-Nov 25 Fleming v The Mayor &c of Manchester app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice The Queen v Wimbledon Local Board (QB-Crown Side) app of prosecutor from Stephen at trial - May 26

rule for mandamus discharged by Mr Justice Denman and Sir H Hawkins, with West of England and South Wales District Bank v Gidley app of deft from costs-Nov 28 judgt of Justices Mathew and Cave on special case-May 31

The Railway Regulation Acts, 1873 In ro An Application of TN Foster & RG The Law Society v Waterlow and ors app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Grove at trial in Middlesex June 11

Foster against the Gt Western Ry Co app of Gt Western Ry Co from refusal of Justices Field, Manisty, and Bowen to stay taxstion of costs - Deo 1

act, wits

Mayor, &c, of Portsmouth v Smith and ors app of deft from order of Mr Justice Bannister v Tomkins act, wits

| In re Woodhead, Cadman v Carr fo Fielá allowing demr to statement of defence Mayor, &c, of Portsmouth v Matthias v Yette act, wits

In re Ramsay, Shepherd v Ramsay act Moody app of deft from order of Mr Justice Field allowing demr to statement In re Benton Smith'v Smith epo & (short) of defence-Deo 1


Willan y Gt Northern Ry Co aot wits Sargant v Lovick app of deft from judgt of Justices Field and Cave on special In re Wilkinson Moore - Wilkinson fc In re Langlois, Webb v Baker act case-Dec 3

Schilizzi v Webster act, wits Clarke v Bradlaugh app of plt from order of Mr Justice Denmag and Sir Ionides y Webster act, wits

Before Vice-Chancellor HALL. Hawkins for new trial-action tried by Mr Justice Grove-Dec 13

In re Shaw's Estate Heath v Figgins Causes for Trial (with Witnesses). Eaton v Higginson app of defts from rule nisi discharged by Mr. Justice Den fur con

Bulteel v Grepe act & mfj man, Baron Huddleston and Sir H Hawkins-action tried at Liverpool by Lord Transferred from Chitty, J., pursuant to Waite v Bingley act Chief Justice-- Dec 16

Order dated November 10, 1881. Kirk y Todd Bot Leage v Higgias app of deft from rule nisi discharged by Mr Justice Denman In re Werderman's Electric Light Leigh v Rathbone act & mf judgt and Sir H Hawkins-Dec 16

Patent act, wito, pt hd

In ro Anglo-Franch Co-operative So. Hughes v Jones (Thomas, claimant) app of deft from Mr Justice Denman and Gt Western Ry Co v The Met Ry Co ciety Expte Liquidator adjd sumos Baroa Huddleston refusing trial of inter pleader issue-Dec 20

In re the Western District Bank, ld, & Parker v Greaves' act Hicks v Faulkner app of plt from role nisi discharged by Baron Huddleston and Co.'s Acts act, wits

Jones v Ellis act Sir H Hawkins-Dec 21

Carroway v Briscomb act & mfj wits The Credit Co v Association of Land Hamlyn Meux Meux v Hamlyn app of plt in 1st act from refusal of Justices Snowdon v Richardson act wits

Finances act Field and Cave to restrain delivery of grains to ors than plt-Dee 23

Taylor v Peel act, wits

Ball v Bertram act Kitchen « Mycock app of plts from judgt of Justices Field and Cave on special Gray v Dixon issue for trial, wits Ball v Dawson act case stated in action-Deo 23

Corbett v Bowers act, wits

Young v White act Fergusson v Davison app of plt from Justicos Field and Cave dismissing app In re Hall, deod Watmough v Snaith Motion v King act from Baron Pollock-Deo 24"

Butcher v Stephenson act Brown v North app of plt from Justices Field and Cave reversing order for stay Monarch Investment Bldg Soo v Peace Schofield v Clegg Hot of proceedings until security given-Dec 24

sot, wits

Collios v Forman act Matthew8 v Weddell app of pit from fioding of LC J upon igane as to balance Whitfield v Newquay Local Board, Coleman v Kircaldy act of proceeds of shares-Dec 24

Cornwall act, wita

The Devon &o Ry v Jewell act wits Fev and anr v Hodges app of deft from Justice Denman, Baron Huddleston and Smith v North Staffordshire Ry Co Marley y Stephenson act Sir H Hawkins, refusing leave to defend-Dec 30

Carpenter v Stevens act, wits

R088 v Semple act

Griffiths v The Silicate Paint Co act, Semple v Ross act

Marley v Jacques act
Percival v Hughes app of deft from rule nisi discharged by L CJ and Justices
Manisty and Bowen-Jan 2

In re Featherstonbaugh, decd Bailey v National Provincial Bank, limd, v Jobnson v Menzies app of plt from order of Justices Field and Cave--Jan 4

Featherstonbaugh mij

Evans m for j

In_re Harrowsmith, deod Clayton v Rollings p London Scottish &c Society Original Motioa.

Brogden mfj

act Christopher & apr v United Kingdom Electric Telegraph Co, limd app (from Crawebay v Crawebay act &mfj Watson v Harward act and mij rule nisi for new trial discharged by Justices Lopes and Stephen) dismissed | Parker v Turner act

Robinson v Robinson act Nov 23, by Lords Justices Brett, Cotton, and Lindley applon of plts for rehear. In re Glen, deod Cook v Doncaster act la re Pryer Pryer v Pryer act ing of appeal

In re Medoalf, deod Clifford v Morrison / Window v Abbott act FROM PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND ADMIRALTY DIVISION.


In re Mutton Mutton v Mutton act For Hearing.

Lever v Bath set wits

Jones v Ball act

Bradley v Tindal act wits

Jones v Jeffreyes act 1881.

Hextall v Harvey act vits

Williams v Brisco act Ship Marina (Liverpool District Registry) C F Cregreen VR Alexander and anr

In re Walker, deod Anderson v Pickard In re Luckie, Dixon v Lackie agt act

Uppleby v Horberry aot &mfi app of defts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore--April 25 Ships Odessa and Marton (cons actns) Owners of the Murton v Owners of the

In re Russell, deod Russell v Chell Hills v Roevos ach Odessa Norwood and ors v Owners of the Murton app of Owners of the

question of law

Williams v Price act Murton from jadgt of Sir R J Phillimore with assessors—May 3

May v Thompson act wits

Hawkes v Holland act
Clarke v Fox act wits

La Fargue y Miles act
Ships Gertrude and Carbon (cons actas) Owners of Carbon v Van Ommeren and
ors Dawson and ora v Owaers of Carbon and freight app of Owners of Ger-

Butler v Butler act wits

Gregory v Seaton act trade from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore with assessors–June 8

Indemnity Fire Office lim d y Cousins Roche y Roche act Ship Farnley Hall (salvage) Laws, Surtees and Co v Owners of Farnley Hall

aot wits

Grover v Robinson act app of plts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore with assessorg-Aug 9

Bowen v Fraser aot &m for judgt wits Kuliger v Bailey aot Sbip Gaetano and Maria MoAndrew and Co v Owners of Gaetano and Maria

Buss v Richardson act & m for judgt Williams v Williams act her cargo and freight app of plts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore-Nov 23


Hodges v Newport act
Wilson v Lavington act wita

Adams v Madox act

Prowse v Marks aot wits

Hickman y Say act &mfj Selios McAlpin (petny) v John McAlpin (resp) app of petnr from trial decreo

In re Trobridge, decd Cooper v Pethick Warren v Le Marchant act of the President for Judicial Separation and AllowanceOct 19


Koowles v Clark act

Wooler y North Eastern Ry Co act wits Davies v Davies act Ship Vandyck Owners of Storm Cock and örs v Owners of Vandyck and Cargo

Macon y Kimber act wits

la re Rewcastle, Nicholson y Thompson app of defts from jadgt of Sir R J Phillimore with assessors - Dec 7

New London & Brazilian Bank v Brock act
lebank act

In re Turner Turner v Barwell act

James y James fo

Io re Buxton, Farmer v Buxton act In re the Goods of Mary Gunstan, dood Blake v Blake (W Gunstan and ors inter

Press v Reeve act wits

Hunt v Thomas act vening) app of W W Gunstan one of interveners from judgt of the President Grey v Burn act wits

In re Hours, Hours v Farndall act refusing probate-Doo 19

Marsh v Chambers mfj

In re Walcott, Henderson v Liddell aot Admiralty.

In re Taylor, deod. Jones y Edwards In re Bennett, Icke v Podmore act Ship Vandalia Owners of the Cimbria and org y Owners of The Vandalia her

act wits

Floyd v Ioglefield not jargo and freight app of defts from interlocutory order of Sir R J Phillimore

Thomas v Foster act wits

Widdop v Pearson act -Dec 22

Bird v Johas act wits

Stead v Moss act

Watts v Millburn not wits

Clement v Hanson act 1882.

Jennings v Mason act & gums

Woodgate v Thomson act Agnes C Stigand v William Stigand app of Agnes C Stigand from interlocutory

Shirley v Fisher act wits

Carter v White act order of the President as to custody of children-Jan 2

Ransome v Graham act wits

In re Sterry, Sterry v Paddon aot N.B.-The Admiralty appea)s will be taken with the Queen's Bench Appeals at

In re Smith, Bennion v Brindley fo Tebb v Edwards act Westminster. The Assessor cases on special days to be appointed by the court.

Brown v Sanders act

Jackson v Clark act The non-assessor cases will come into the list for hearing in the order of date of

In re Wallace, Wallace v Wallace fo Foster v Legge act (aot before Feb 15) setting down. The Probate and Divorce Appeals will be taken with the Chancery In re Maynard, Maynard v Maynard fc

Hett v Collier act Appeals at Lincoln's Inn.

and 2 suas

Learoyd , Mayor, &o, of Halifax act FROM THE LONDON BANKRUPTCY COURT.

In re Milne, Milne v Gandy fo

Nickels v Rooves sot
In re Heard

Joliffe v Eden act
Ex parte Heard (SO)

In re Rainford, Rainford v Rainford

In ro Denton, Banting v Denton act
In re Reardon
Ex parte Barrow (SO)

Baylies v Hewkley act la re Dale

Batler v Butler fo & sums
Ex parte Maston
In re Fussell

Foster v Gates act
Ex parte Harding

In re Phillips, Ellerton v Hughes act

? In re Wood


Andrew v Aitken act
Ex parte Horrocks
In re Palmer

Green v Clayton act
Ex parte Richdale

In re Nowill, Buckley v Nowill fe

In re Williams, Williams v Stratton Brower v Broad mood In re Cowburn

Ex parte Frith In re Pooley

In re Beaumont, Hanson v Beaumont Ex parte Holt

act In re Ottaway

act Ex parte Child

Harrison v Skidmore fo
In re Planque

Garry v Dumpace aot
Ex parte Foulkes

In re Oliver, Jarman v Salkeld fo
Wilson v Turner act

France v Clark act
N.B.-The above list contains final and interlocutory appeals set down to

In re Wroath, Wroath v Pascoe act & Cwilt v Brisco act Thursday, January 5th, inclusive,

m for i

Ancell v Younger & Co act

In re Tickner, Mudd v Tickner act The Anglo-Universal Bank v Eaton HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. Oliver v Watkins act, wits

In re Stutters, Clark v Forsey fo

act CHANCERY DIVISION. Transferred from the M.R., by Order of Samuel v Bluok act

Clark v Evans act

March 14, 1881.
Serrao v Noel act wits

Smetzer v Charles act
Warner v Mosses aot, oross examn Finch v Goutiere fo

Before Vice-Chancellor Bacon. Starkey v Blank act wits

Hirst v Orme m for j (short)

The Scottish Widowe Fund v Craig
Causes for Trial.
Kirkman v Prescott act wits

In re Whittaker, Whittaker v Whit dem
Rolls v Isaacs act
In Rawlings Rawlings v Phillips act taker act wité

Ffrench y Painter dem


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