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way of effecting greater economy of time in our arrangements of circuit business. At Bristol the assize collapsed at the end of the third day, owing to two prisoners pleading guilty whose cases were expected to last three days, while at Chester the week was not enough, owing to cases occupying longer than had been expected. These are difficulties arising from the very nature of the case; but the explanation is due in order to satisfy those who think there has been a waste of tho public time in allowing so long as a week each for Bristol and Exeter. I find that the same kind of mistake has been made bers as at Bristol, for I have allowed a week, and we shall probably find half a week ample.


LAW ASSOCIATION. At the usual monthly meeting of the directors, held at the hall of the Incorporated Law Society, Cbancery-lane, on Thursday, November 3, the following being present—viz., Mr. Sidney Smith (chairman), and Messrs. Finoh, Parkin, De*borough, jun., Luoas, Williamson, Scadding, and A. B. Carpenter (secretary)—a grant of £25 was made to a member, and grants of £5 each to five non-members ; one new member was elected, and the ordinary general business was transacted.



At a meeting held at Clement's-inn Hall on Wednesday, the 26th of October, Mr. Maclaren in the chair, Mr. Bartrum proposed, "That the franchise should be based on an educational and not on a property qualification." He was supported by Messrs. McKay and Megone, and opposed by Messrs. Brown, Whitehouse, Spence, Hamilton, Kains-Jackson, Parsons, Tillotson, and Davies. Mr. Bartrum having replied, the motion was put to the meeting and declared to be lost. Members present, seventeen j visitors, two.

At a meeting held at the Law Institution on the 31st of October, Mr. W. Shirley Shirley in the chair, the moot for discussion—" Was the case of £alon v. Basher and others (L. R. 6 Q. B. 201), rightly decided?"—was opened by Mr. Maolaren, who contended that the view taken by the Court of Appeal was incorrect. He was opposed by Messrs. Jenks, Crundwell, and Nelh am. Mr. Maclaren replied, and the chairman having summed up, the question was put to the meeting, Mr. Maclareu's motion being deolared lost. Members present, 10.

At a meeting held at Clements'-inn Hull on Wednesday, October 2, Mr. C. Kains-Jackson in the chair, Mr. Spence moved, "That as the land of the country primarily belongs to the nation, any increase in its value whioh is not attributable to the labonr or capital of the owner or occupier should be treated as the property of the community." He was supported by Mr. Hobbs, and opposed by Messrs. Harvey, Samuel, Jenks, Foy, Whitehouse, Tillotson, and Collyer, The chairman having summed up, the motion was put to the meeting and declared lost. Members present, 17; visitors, 2.

LAWiSTUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. Tuesday, November 1.—Mr. C. E. Barry in the chair.—The following gentle, men were elected members :—Messrs. R. J. T. Rhys, R. W. Thorpe, E. E. Davis, C. T. Hobbs, H. Toomer, J. G. Lemon, G. W. Churchley, S. H. Price, W. L. Langwortby, J. All ward, J. H. Behan, John Alsop, and Arthur Mills. The subject appointed for discussion was the following :—" A. having insured his premises, agrees to sell them to B., the contract containing no reference to the policy. Before completion, the premises are accidentally destroyed by fire. B. claims from A. the benefit of the policy, either by way of abatement of the purohase-money or reinstatement of the premises. Is B. so entitled f "—Rayntr v. Preston (28 W. R. 808, L. R. 14 Ch. D. 297). Mr. E. Williams opened the debate in the affirmative, and was followed on the same side by Messrs. W. Van Sommer, P. T. Rhys, Richardson, and Lemon. The negative side was supported by Messrs. Robinson, J. W. Ellis, F. J. Green, Collier, Spierr, and Kirk. The opener having replied, the chairman summed up, and the question, on being put to the meeting, was decided in the negative by a majority of three votes. At the next meeting, to be held on the 8th inst., a debate on the new Conveyancing Act will take place.


THE FOREIGN JURISDICTION ACTS. An Order in Council is published in the London Gazette of Friday week, making, under the provisions of the Foreign Jurisdiction Acts, 1843 to 1878, regulations applicable to ber Majesty's subjects in the dominions of the Emperor of China and the Mikado of Japan in relation to mortgages, prison regulations, bills of sale, anits by or against partners, suits by or against foreigners, Chinese, Japanese, or foreign tribunals, and repealing various regulations relating to the same hitherto in force. The Order ia to be cited as "The China and Japan Order in Council, 1881."


The Hon. Sir Nathariel Lindlet, knight, who has been appointed a Judge of the Court of Appeal, in succession to Sir George Bramwell, resigned, is the son of the late Dr. Lindley, the eminent botanist, and was born in 1828. He was educated at University College, London, and was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Hilary Term, 1856. He became a Queen's Counsel and a bencher of the Middle Temple in 1872, and practised for some years in the oonrt of Vice-Chancellors Wickens and Hall. In 1875 he was appointed a judge of the Court of Common Fleas and received the honour of knighthood.

Mr. Ford North, Q.C., succeeds Sir Nathaniel Lindley as a Judge of the Queen's Bench Division. Mr. Justice North was educated at Winchester, and was formerly scholar of University College, Oxford, where he graduated second class in literee humaniores in 1851. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1856, and practised for many years in the Court of Chancery and in the Lancaster Palatine Court. He became a Queen's Counsel in 1877, and has sinee practised in the court of Mr. Justice Fry. Mr. Justice North was recently elected a bencher of the Inner Temple.

Mr. Fbedk. T. Aston, solioitor, of 58, Lombard-street, London, has been appointed a Commissioner of the High Court of Judicature at Madras to take Affidavits and Declarations in the said Court, and to take the Acknowledgments of Married Women in respeot of Property in India.

Mr. Robert John Biron, barrister, has been appointed one of the Prosecuting Counsel to the Post Offioe on the South-Eastern Circuit, in succession to Mr. John Hurrell, deceased. Mr. Biron was educated at Corpus Chriati College, Cambridge, where he graduated in the first class of the law tripos in 1852. He was called to the bar at Linooln's-lnn in Trinity Term, 1854, and he practises on the South-Eastern Cirouit and at the Kent Sessions. Mr. Biron acted in 1869 as a commissioner to inquire into the existence of Corrupt Practices in tho borough of Yarmouth. He has also acted as a commissioner for the trial of Municipal Eleotion Petitions, and he is recorder of the boroughs of Hythe, Deal, and Sandwich.

Mr. George Edward Cockram, solioitor, has been unanimously appointed by the jnstioes of the borough of Tiverton their Clerk, in the place of Mr. Wm. Partridge, who, after a servioe of thirty-five years, resigned. Mr. Cookram (who is the eldest son of Mr. G. W. Cookram, J.P., solioitor, and late mayor of Tiverton) was admitted in Easter Term, 1879, and is a member of the firm of Messrs. Partridge & Cookram.

Mr. William Richard Augustine Kime, solicitor, of 49, Bedford-row, LondoD, W.C., and Louth, Lincolnshire, has been appointed a Commissioner of the High Court of Judicature at Fort William, Bengal, Allahabad, the North-West Provinces of India, and Madras respectively, to take Affidavits, Declarations, and Affirmations, and examine Witnesses in all suits and matters pending in the said Courts, and also to take the Acknowledgments of Married Women in England in respect of Property in India. Mr. Kime has also been appointed a Commissioner for Affidavits, Examination of Witnesses, aud Acknowledgment of Deeds for all the Courts in the Province of Nova Scotia. Mr. Kime was admitted in 1875.

Mr. Thomas Robert Oaklet, solicitor, of Monmouth, has been appointed Clerk to the Monmouth Board of Guardians Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, and Superintendent-Registrar for the district. Mr. Oakley was admitted a solicitor in 1875. He is also registrar of the Monmouth County Court, and olerk to the county magistrates.



Joint Stock Companies.

Limited In Chancery.

Hand's Afternoon Tea Company, Limited.—-Petition for winding up. presented Oct 26, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 5. Ellis, Bedford row, solicitor for the petitioner

London And Provincial Supply Association, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Oct 26, directed to be heard before Chitty, Jf on Nov 6. Piesse and Son, Old Jewry chambers, solicitors for the petitioners

London Consolidated Stokes, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Oct 14, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 6. Harman, Coleman st, agent for Nicholas, Bristol, solicitor for the petitioner

Scottish Petroleum Company, Limited.—Hall, V.C., has, by an order dated July 13, appointed John Macdonald Henderson, Moorgate et bldgs, to be official liquidator

South Essex Equitable Investment And Advance Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Oct 26, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 6. Digby and Tabor, Blomfleld st, solicitors for the petitioner

St. John's Sthekt (bradford) Theatre And Concert Hall Company, Limited.— Creditors are required, on or before Nov 26, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims, to William Martello Gray, Kirk gate, Bradford. Dec 5 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Turnbull Patent Pontoon Bock And Slipway Company, Limited.—Chitty, J, has fixed Nov 9 at 12, at bis chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator

Yorkshikh Brewery Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Oct 26, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 6. Heritage and Co, Clement's lone, solicitors for the petitioner

lGazette,Oct. 28.]

Great "wheal Polgooth, Limited,—Tho Vacation Judge has, by an order dated Aug 31, appointed James Waddell, Queen Victoria st, to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, on or before Nov 23, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims to the above. Dec 1 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

In The Maiiee Qe t&s Coloeial Assurance Gobfobaxiok, Limited.—Petition for the transfer of the Life Assurance business of the Colonial Assurance Corporation, Limited, to the London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Assurance Company, Limited, was, presented Oct 29, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 6. Wynne & Co, Laurence Pountney hill. Cannon 8t, solicitors for thejJetitioners

Reybold's Fbuit Abd Hop Kvapobatob Compahy, Limited—Petition for winding up, presented Nov 1, directed to be heard before Fry, J, on Nov 11, Manning, Westminster chambers, Victoria st, solicitor for the petitioners

Siltbb Vallet Mibbs, Limitrd.—Creditors ore required, on or before Nov 14, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Jamos Cooper, Coleman st bldgs, Moorgate st. Nov 17 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Tbamwat Startles Abd Stoppibo Compact, Limited.—The M.R., by an order dated July 28, appointed Richard Dawlings, Eastcheap, to be official liquidator

Wheal Elizabeth, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before Nov 21, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their dobts or claims, to James Cooper, Coleman st bldgs, Moorgate st. Dec 1 at 13 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

[<7a«e««,Nov. l.J




Skits, Isaac, Ingrow, Bingloy, York, Mechanic. Deo 1. Peel v Smith, V.C. Bacon. Clarkson, Keighlcy

Wbithabt, Jakes, Withington, near Manchester, Gentleman. Deo 1. Cowdell v Holland, V.C. Bacon. Morley, Cheapside

[Qamtte, Nov. 1.]

Abbahau, Sabab, Bath. Dec 13. Stone and Co, Bath

Ateu, Dibab, Albert terrace, Kingston upon Hull. Nov 1. Atkinson and Co, Hull
Atbibbob, Johb, Gosforth, Northumberland, Builder. Nov 30. Dees and Thompson,

Newcastle upon Tyne Bobbows, Edward, St Helen's Junction, Lancaster, Engineer. Nov 17. Oppenheim,

Et He:en's

Beadbubh, Willi Am, the elder, Billbrooke, nr Codsall, Stafford, Gent. Nov 8. Slater

and Marshall, Darlaston Bubb, Geobgb Pabeeb, Cheltenham, Haulier. Dec 15. Wheeler, Cheltenham Clattoh, William, Great Dunmow, Essex, Merchant. Nov 25. Wade and Co, Great


Cl Bath IE, Rev Gxoboe Fabeeb, Aldboum, Wilts, Clerk. Dec 2. Rowland, Ramsbury
Coopeb, William, Yardley, Worcester, Gent. Deo 10. Cottrell and Son, Birmingham
Cboom, Sabah Mabia, Apsley villas, Twickenham. Dec 10. Rixon, Austin friars
Esslaed, Mabt, llkley, York. Nov 29. Dunning and Co, Leeds
Faibest, Mabt Abb, Pye bank, Sheffield. Nov 30. Fretson and Son, Sheffield
Gaibbs, Joseph, Hunslet, Leeds, Slubber. Dec 10. Rider, Leeds

Gbebewood, Ellxb, Coldbarbour lane, Camberwell. Nov 26. Wilkins, Chipping

Huxis, Thomas, Princes st. Cavendish sq. Tailor. Dec 10. McMillin, Bloomsbury sq Hem, Samuel Yates, Liverpool, Engraver. Jan 1. Joseph Hess, North John st, Liverpool

Be Wee, JoBB.Meyseyhampton, Gloucester, Yeoman. Nov 25. Lawrence and Haygarth, Cirencester

Jobbs, Thomas, Birmingham, Whip Manufacturer. Dec 10. Cottrell and Sons, Birmingham

Kibg, Chaeles, Shackleford, Woking, Surroy, Gent. Doc 1. Down, Dorking Kacexhzie, Keith William Stewabt, Rowland gardens, Kensington, Esq. Nov 26.

Steavcnson and Couldwcll, Gracecburch st Mabtib, Elizabeth, Liverpool. Dec 21. Masters and Rogers, Liverpool Mbbbill, Fbedebick, Brighton terrace, Victoria park, Gent. Deo 16. Voss, Vestry

Hall, Bethnal Green

Palmes, Thomab, Yardlcy, Worcester, Gent. Nov 25. Bealo and Co, Birmingham
Ricbabds, Louisa, King s Norton, Worcester. Deo 10. Cottrell, Birmingham
Richabds, Mabia, Moseley, King's Norton, Worcester. Dec 10. Cottrell, Birmingham
Kobihsoh, Mabt, MarsbchapeL Lincoln. Dec 23. Allison, Lonth
Rons, Chaeleb Blaybettectob, Plas Teg, Flint, Esq. Nov 30. Kelly and Keene, Mold
Rouhdell, William, Gledstone, York, Esq. Dec 17. Robinson, Skipton
Slates, Samubl, North Carlton, Lincoln, Gent. Dec 10. Toynbee and Co, Lincoln
Sbtats, Bichabd, Liverpool, Com Merchant. Nov 26. Smith, Tunstall
Stcbbib, Rev Newblab Johb, Ipswich, Clerk. Nov 30. Jossolyn, Ipswich
Tatlob, Bichabd, Birmingham. Dec 10. Cottrell and Son, Birmingham
Theobalds, Richabd, Eltham,Kent,Builder. Dec 1. Robinson, Christchurchpassage,
Newgate st

Thompson, Besjamih, Edgbaston, Warwick, Gent. Dec 1. Woodward, Birmingham
Williams, Jabe, Ely, nr Cardiff. Nov 30. Grover and Grover, Cardiff
Wiuom, Elizabeth, Whitehaven, Cumberland. Dec 1. Mason and Thompson, White-

Wisoham, Hebbt, Lewes, Sussex, Innkoeper. Dec 10. Jones, Lewes
Wood, Geobse Leiohtob, Bath, Esq. Dec 31. Stone and Co, Bath
Wsisht, Johb, Tranmere, Chester, Gent. Dec 1. Francis, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead

{.Gazette, Oct. 23.]

Adameob, Aliiabdie, Addison rd, Kensington. Dec 15. Hollams and Co, Mincing lane

Babbb, Bosetta Toovet, Godalming, Surrey. Nov 5. Boyce, Teddington
Batxmab, Behjamib, White Lion ct, Cornhill, Merchant. Dec 15. Hollams and Co,
Mincing lane

Bcbbcp. Johb, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Timber Merchant. Dec 31. Arnott and Swan,

Newcaatle-upon-Tyne Debtob, Johb, Dowsbury, York, Stonemason. Jan 1. Holt and Sons, Devvsbury Giimshaw, Felix William, Waddington, York, Land Agent. Dec 31. Leach, Manchester

Gkalkb, Johb Gbeebwood, Croydon, Esq. Feb |1. Hlno-Haycock and Bridgman,

College hill. Cannon st Itamsb, Jabbz, Newton Heath, Lancaster, Shopkoopcr. Doc 31. Leach, Manchester HnrcBLtETS, Hebbt, Sheffield, Gent. Dec 31. Fretson and Son, Sheffield Hodoeos, Hebbt, Broughton Park, Manchester, Gent. Jan 1. Cunliffe and Co, Man


HooLX, Jambs, Holland Park, Bayswatcr, Esq. Dec 31. Mott and Dent, Bodford row
Hope, William Chittebdeb, Cardwell rd, Holloway, Gent. Doc 1. Cole and Jackson,
Essex st. Strand

Kbishyoh, William, Huntingdon, Bntlor. Nov 17. Hunnybun and Sons, Huntingdon
Lxb, Matilda, Goildford. Dec 31. Simpson and Cullingforu, Gracechurch st
Lewis, Lcct, Hanloy Castle, Worcester. Dec 10. Ticehurst and Sons, Cheltenham
Matthews, William, Ledbury, Hereford, Gont. Dec 31. Piper, Ledbury
Mibbs, Kabbah, Gloucester crescent, Bayswater. Nov 26. Myer, New Bridge st
Nicholsob, Julia Amelia, Lebanon House, Wandsworth. )Doc 25. Saunders, Regent Bt
Noakbs, Johb, Brighton, Dairyman. Nov 19. Verrall, Brighton
Obelow, Blabisstob Campbell, Glyn Abbey, Carmarthen, Commander, R.N. Nov 26.

Wordsworth and Co, Threadneedfe st
Pcttocx, Jambs William, Marylebone, Builder. Dec 17. Wilson, Cornaill
Schout, Johb, Leeds, Innkeeper. Dec IS, Snowdon, Leeds

Smith, Habbah Isabella, Washington, Durham, Grocer. Nov 10. Mawson, Durham
Smith, Petxk, Bury, Lancaster, Painter. Deo 3. Grundy, Bury
Tottbbham, Jambs Hxsxr Loftus, Sandhill Villas, Kew, Esq. Nov 30. Bailey, Great
Winchester st bldgs

White, Joshua, Stonehouse, Gloucester, Gent. Dec 22. Mayhew, Gt Marlborough st
Wilsob, Edward Stxwart, Bristol, no business. Dec 1. Dawson, Hull
WRionT, Rev. Josrph Babes, Nottingham. Deo 31. Pratt and Hodgkinsons, North-
gate, Newark-upon-Trent
Young, Charles Alfred, Holywell lane, Shoreditch, Licensed Victualler. Nov 30.
Christmas, Walbrook

f Gazette, Nov. 1.]


Bota Of Registrars In Attkndanch On

Date. ca?pbal* V. 0. Bacon. V. C. Haix.

Monday, Nov 7 Mr. Farrer Mr. Koe Mr. Merivale

Tuesday 8 Teesdale Clowes King

Wednesday 9 Farrer Koe Merivale

Thursday 10 Teesdale Clowes King

Friday 11 Farrer Koe Merivale

Saturday 12 Teesdale Clowes King

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

Far. Bat. Chittt.

Monday, Nov 7 Mr. Lai ham Mr. Cobby Mr. Ward

Tuesday „ 8 Leach Jackson Pemterton

Wednesday 9 Latham Cobby Ward

Thursday 10 Leach Jackson Pemberton

Friday 11 Latham Cobby Ward

Saturday 12 Leach Jackson Pemberton

HOUSE OF LORDS APPEALS. The following is a list of the causes set down for hearing in the House of Lords, —viz., Kemp v. Falk; Godwin v. Hall; Scott and Best v. Smith; Mullens v. the Treasurer of the County of Surrey; Capital and Counties Bank (Limited) v.George Henty & Sons; Neill and another v. The Duke of Devonshire; Caledonian Railway Company v. Walker's Trustees; Laurie v. Lees; Glyn, Mills, Currie, & Co. v. East and West India Dock Company; Shepherd v. Henderson ; Sir G. Elliott and another v. Lord Rokeby; Pugh and another v. Heath and another; Lovring v. Cracknall and another; Robert Johnson & Co. v. Archibald Orr Ewing & Co.; Managers of the Metropolitan Asylum District v. Hill and others (Appeal No. 1); Pellier v. Anderson and others; Mayor, tea., of Carlisle v. London and North-Western Railway Company; Earl of Zetland v. Hislop and others; Galloway v. Turner; Enraght v. Lord Penzance and another; Evans v. Bali and others; Goodman aud another v. the Mayor, Sc., ofSaliash; Kinloch r. The Secretary of State for India in Council; Metropolitan Railway Company and others v. Metropolitan Iuner Circle Completion Railway Company.

CENTRAL CRIMINAL COURT SITTINGS. The following days have been fixed for the holding of the sittings during the year—viz., Mondays, November 21, December 12, January 9, January 30, February 27, March 27, May 1, May 22, Jnne 26, July 81, September 11, and Ootober 16. At the same time the Lord Mayor appointed the following days for the holding of quarter sessions in the City :—-January 7, April 8, July 1, and October 21.

Qtjben's Bench Division.

This list contains all actions entered in the Queen's Bench Division, in which notice of trial has been given, and also all actions in the Chancery Division, in which notice has been given of trial beforo a judge and jury; up to and including November 3, 1881.

Tho actions which havo boon entered but for various reasons are at present not ready for trial are omitted from this list. Such of them as become ready during the present sitting will be inserted as nearly as possible in their original positions.

When actions are settled out of court the solicitors concerned arc requested to withdraw the pleadings, as great expense and uncertainty are* c to the suitors in other causes by the maintenance in the list of actions not into nded for trial.


1 Cambonsv v (M Webb and Son) v Cassell and ore (Ashurst, M C and Co) SJ

2 Tippins (G Crafter) v Buddon (Stollard and W)

3 Redmond (Wontner and Sons) v Gamble (Lewis and L)

4 Cuyas (Tilleard and Co) v MaoAndrew (Kearsey, Son and H) S J

6 Gregory and Co (Lambert, P and H) v The Countess of Perth (W H Smith) 0 Pope (Collins and W) v The Wanzer Sewing Machino Co limd (Lyne and H)

7 Wiggett (R G Chipperfleld) v Hodder (Whitakere and W) SJ

8 Langston (W Sweetland) v Trinity College, London (Turner and L)

9 Wilkin (J R Jones) v Baldock (W C Smith)

10 Cooper and anr (Saxton and Son) v Brefflt (J R Tindale) 8 J

11 Palm (Chester, M, B and G) v Thomas and ors (Brownlow and H)

12 Drcwe (J II Lane) v Piers (O V Withall)

13 Inman (A Toovey) v Heald (W O Reader) without jury

14 De Angioli (Turner and Son) v Bowman and anr (Prior, B, C and A)

15 Willett (Wontner and Sons) v Woolloton and anr (W Maynanl) without jury
10 Corbet (A Cayley) v Baldock (C O Humphreys and Son) S J
J7 Coulstring (Urowdor A and V) v Groville (Bloxams and E) SJ

18 Schussele and anr (J G Shearman) v Zoeboli and anr (Dod and L) SJ

19 Cook and anr (W Maynard) v Dunlop (J R Bailey)

20 Sandeman (C and S Harrison and Co) v Harrison and nrs (W Rawlins)

21 De Salabory (T Sampson) v Futcher and ors (Taylor, H and T; D Aston)

22 Saintsbury (Thomson and W) v Bainsbury (O J Mander)

23 Westminster Association limd (Gedge. K M and M) v Tennant (Lowis and L)

24 O'Keefe (H Pook and Son) v Bellord (J 8 Lickorish)

25 Sadler (Clutton and H) v Bennott aud anr (G H Carthow; Toole, H and P)

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It is stated that the health of Sir James Hannen, the President of the Probate and Divorce Court, is improving, and it is expected that he will he able to resume his judicial duties much sooner than was expected.

Mr. Justice Lindley and Mr. Ford North, Q.C., were on Tuesday sworn in before the Lord Chancellor at his country residence, Blackmoor, Petersfield, Hants, the former as a Lord Justice of Appeal and the latter as a j udge qf the High Court of Justioe.

The City Press reports a case in the Lord Mayor's Court, before Mr Woodthorpe Brandon, assistant judge, in which a defendant objected to the case being proceeded with, on the ground that plaintiffs solicitor in the action for which the costs were incurred was not upon the rolls of the court. The costs could not therefore be recovered. His lordship: Where do you find that laid down? Defendant: In your lordship's own work.

Several of the best-known firms of Birmingham solicitors have, says the Globe, just been made the victims of an ingenious swindle. A man having every appearance of being a gentleman has called upon them, and asked for assistance in filing a liquidation petition, representing that he lived some distance off. His custom was to enter into the minutest details as to his affairs, and subsequently induce his victims to lend him several pounds, on the plea that he had been suddenly called upon to go home to meet his auctioneer, and that he bad run rather short of money. The swindler, having obtained a considerable sum in this way, has decamped, and is now supposed to be pursuing similar practices in other towns.

Mr. Justice Chitty, on taking his seat on Wednesday, stated, for the guidance of the bar and the public, that all actions with witnesses pending for trial and where briefs had been delivered to him had been transferred for trial only to Mr. Justice Kay. As to non-witness actions, he proposed to adopt the same course where he had read the briefs; but he should be happy to listen to any application made to him by the parties. In reference to any motions whloh had stood over from before nntil after the long vacation, and in whioh he had been engaged as counsel and had read the briefs, the actions ought also be transferred. Where he had not read the briefs, he thought those actions ought also to be transferred if either party desired it. Where he had been engaged ns counsel in a motion and the action was now set down for trial, he should be happy to accede to any similar application for transfer. Actions where judgment had been already delivered would remain in his court. As to the conduct of business, his lordship stated that he proposed to continue Friday as his motion day, and that he intended to devote next week to non-witness actions. He should adopt the rule of the Master of the Bolls as to Bitt'ng at ten, and rising so far as possible at three.


Nov. 8.—Messrs. Chinnock, Galsworthy, & Chinnock, at the Msrt, at 2 p.m ,

Shares (see advertisement, Oct 22, p. 3). Nov. 8.—Mr. William Hocghton, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Building

Estate (see advertisement, Oct. 29, p. 957).


Bobtns.—Nov. 1, at 17, Alexandra-road, South Hampstead, N.W., the wife of

Julian Robins, barrister-at-law, of a son. Smyth.—Oct. 27, at Alexandra Park, Oldham, the wife of T. H. Smyth, solicitor,

of a sen.

Terrell.—Oct 31, at Thames Bank, Staines, the wife of Gilbert Terrell, solicitor, of a son.


McnbtbrMacdermott.—Oot. 26, at Adoration Chapel, Merrion-square South, John Philip Munster, barrister-at-law, Middle Temple, to Mary Frances, daughter of the late Robert Macdermott, M.D., of Dublin.


Weight.—Nov. 1. at The Cedars, Ealing, Edward Wright, LL.D., barrister-atlaw, of Flora Villa, Donnybrook, Dublin, aged 71.



Friday, Oct 28, 1881.
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.
To Surrender in London.

Sonac, Louisa, Phillimore terrace, Kensington. Pet Oot 25. Popys. Nov 16 at 12
Upton, Lewis, Loadenhall Bt, Jeweller. Pet Oct 26. Pepys. Nov 16 at 12
Williams, Robert Thomas, Jewin orescent, Brace Manufacturer. Pet Oot 25. Popys.
Nov 9 at 1

To Surrender fa the Country.
Brombilla, Leono, and Henry Bradley, Lower Sydenham, Kent, Builders. Pet Sopt 20.

Bristow. Greenwich, Nov 11 at 1 Elsworth, Benjamin, Low Wortley, York, Cab Proprietor. Pet Oct 25. Marshall. Leeds,

Nov 9 at 11

Kave, John, Honley, Almondbury, York, Saddler. Pet Oct 25. Jones. Huddersfleld, Nov lfi at 11

Scott, Thomas, Eccleshill, York, Woolstapler. Pet Oct 2». Lee. Bradford, Nov 8 at 12 Thompson, William, Horsforth, York, Butcher. Pet Oct 26. Marshall. Leeds, Nov B at 11

Tuesday, Nov. 1,1831. Under the bankruptcy Act, 1869. To Surrender in London. Brown, Ravner, Tailerie Bt, Hackney rd, Wholesale Boot Manufacturer. Pet Oct 27.

PepvB. Nov 11 at 12.30 Cortesi, Joseph, Whitechapol rd, Restaurant Keeper. Pet Oct 29. Hazlitt. Nov 11 at 1 Currio, Cecilia Cndogan, Barclay rd, Walham Green. Pet Oct 27. Pepys. Nov 11 at 12.80 Cuthbert, Richard, Langham st. Pot Oct 27. Pepys. Nov 11 at 1 Middleton, Peter, Old Bond st, Tailor. Pet Oct 21. Hazlitt. Nov 16 at 1 Pook, William James, Walbrook, Solicitor. Pet Oct 28. Hazlitt. Nov 16 at 12.30 Smith, William Gregory, Walton pi, Knightsbridgo, of no occupation. Pet Oct 27. Popys. Nov 16 at 12.30

To Surrender in the Country.

Appleton, Cornelius Lydc, Shopton Mallett, Somerset, Ironmonger. Pet Oct 29. Foster. Wells, Nov 17 at 12

Ashman, Elijah Thomas, Twerton, Somerset, Boerhouse Keeper. Pot Oct 29. Robertson. Bath, Nov 12 at 11.30

Bedford, John, Hamsgate, Kent, Restaurant Keeper. Pet Oct 28. Farley. Canterbury, Nov 18 at 2

Brangwin, George Thomas, and John Arthur Brangwin, Bray, Borks, Grocers. Pot Oct

29. Dnrvill. Windsor, Nov 19 at 12 Jarvis, Willinm, Margate, Kent. Pet Oct 28. Furley. Canterbury, Nov 18 at 12 Lowe, Peter Walker, Ballard, Lancaster, Paintor. Pet Oct 27. Hulton. Salford, Nov

16 at 2

Morgans, Evan, Cilccnnin, Cardigan, Farmer. Pot Oct 21. Jenkins. Aberystwith,

Nov 18 at 12

Price, Richard, Oldham, Lancaster, Joiner, ret Oct 27. Tweedalo, Oldham, Nov 16 at 3

Tuesday, Nov. 1,1881.

Bedingfleld, Charles Henry, Leicester, Tobacconist. Oct 27.

Rumble, Walter, Snodland, Kent, Manufacturer of School Sationery. Oct 28

Liquidations by Arrangement.

Fkiday, Oot. 28, 1881.

Abrahams, William Benjamin, Burdott rd. Bow, Ironmonger. Nov 8 at 3 at offices of

Finch, Borough High st Armstrong, Edward, Wheatley hill, Durham, Colliery Engineer. Nov 11 at 11 at offices

of Brignal, Sadler st, Durham Attwood, Edwin, Guildford, Surrey, Blacksmith. Nov 14 at 2 at Borough Halls, North

st, Guildford. White

Ball, James, Manchester, Drysalter. Nov 9 at 3 at offices of Sontham, Cross st, Manchester

Barlow, James, Chester, Provision Dealer. Nov 9 at 2 at offices of Cartwright, Whitefriars, Chester

Beard, Samuel, Drakes Broughton, Worcestor, Market Gardener. Nov 11 at 3 at officoa

of Allen and Beauchamp, Sansome pi, Worcester Bensusan, David Levy, Finsbury pavement. Contractor for Fire Brigade Requirements.

Nov 9 at 3 at offices of Wells, Paternoster row Bentley, Alfred, Bingloy, York, Grocer. Nov 9 at 11 at offices of Lancaster and Co,

Manor row, Bradford

Boucher, George Henry, Cheltenham, Carpenter. Nov 7 at 12 at Northflold House,

Cheltenham. Potter, Cheltenham Bowes, James William, Stockton-on-Tees, Greengrocer. Nov 7 at 11 at offices of

Fowler, Bridge rd, Stockton-on-Tees Boyes, William, Birmingham, Coach Spring Manufacturer. Nov 10 at 3 at offices of

Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham Bramhall, John. Shoffleld, Schoolmaster. Nov 10 at 12 at offices of Auty and Sons,

Queen st, Sheffield , Britton, Isaac, Sheffield, Merchant's Clerk. Nov 10 at 2 at offices of Ehronf eldt, nigh at

Sheffield. Binney

Brown, William, Manchester, Soap Manufacturer. Nov 9 at 11 at offloos of Parker and

Stocks, Norfolk st, Manchester Oallow, Edward, jun, Lowisliam, Kent, Grocer. Nov 4 at 4 at 262, High Holborn.

Staniland, King st, Cheapsido Camden, Alfred, Long lane, Bermondsoy, Undertaker. Nov 16 at 3 at offices of Fowler

and Co, Borough High st, Southwark Chadwick, Henry Frank, Manchester, Auctioneer. Nov 10 at 3 at offices of Farrington,

Princess 8t, Manchester Childs, George, Potters Bar, Hay Dealer. Nov 16 at 11 at officoa of Rnssel, Coleman at Clark, George, Stafford, Greongrocer. Nov 15 at 12 at offices of Twynam, Crabbery at,


Clough, William, South Shields, Draper. Nov 8 at 2 at offlcos of Aitchison, Collingf.

wood st, Nowca-stlo-upon-Tyne Cockcroft, Thomas, Todmorden, York, Cotton Manufacturer. Nov 10 at 3.30 at Queen

Hotel, Todmordon. Eastwood, Todmorden Colley, Thomas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bccrhoaso Keeper, Nov 10 at 2 at offlcos of

Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle-npon-Tyno Cooke, Alfred, Evesham, Worcester, Cabinet Maker. Nov 10 at 11 at Cross Keys Inn,

Evesham. Tree and Son, Worcester Cracknell, Henry, Queen st, Worcester, Licensed Tictualler. Nov 9 at U at Miners'

Inn, Queen st, Dudley. Tree and Son, Worcester

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