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way of effecting greater economy of time in our arrangements of circuit | business. At Bristol the assize collapsed at the end of the third day,

LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. owing to two prisoners pleading guilty whose cases were expected to last three days, while at Chester the week was not opough, owing to cases occupying longer than had been expected. These are difficulties arising

The Hon. Sir NATHANIEL LINDLEY, knight, who has been appointed a from the very nature of the case ; but the explanation is due in order to

Judge of the Court of Appeal, in succession to Sir George Bramwell, resigned, satisfy those who think there has been a waste of the public time in allow

is the son of the late Dr. Lindley, the eminent botanist, and was born in

1828. He was educated at University College, London, and was called to the ing so long as a week each for Bristol and Exeter. I find that the same kind of mistake has been made bere as at Bristol, for I have allowed a week, and

bar at the Middle Temple in Hilary Term, 1856. He became a Queen's we shall probably find half a week ample.

Counsel and a bencher of the Middle Temple in 1872, and practised for some years in the court of Vice-Chancellors Wickens and Hall. In 1875 he was appointed a judge of the Court of Common Pleas and received the honour of knighthood.

Mr. FORD NORTH, Q.C., succeeds Sir Nathaniel Lindley as a Judge of the SOCIETIES.

Queen's Bench Division. Mr. Justice North was educated at Winchester, and was formerly scholar of University College, Oxford, where he graduated second

class in literæ humaniores in 1851. He was called to the bar at the Inner LAW ASSOCIATION.

Temple in Easter Term, 1856, and practised for many years in the Court of

Chancery and in the Lancaster Palatine Court. He became a Queen's Counsel At the usual monthly meeting of the directors, held at the hall of the

in 1877, and has since practised in the court of Mr. Justice Fry. Mr. Justice Incorporated Law Society, Chancery.lane, on Thursday, November 3, the

North was recently elected a bencher of the Inner Temple following being present-viz., Mr. Sidney Smith (chairman), and Messrs. Finch, Parkin, Desborough, jun., Lucas, Williamson, Scadding, and A. B. Mr. FREDK, T. ASTON, solicitor, of 58, Lombard-street, London, has been Carpenter (secretary)—a grant of £25 was made to a member, and grants appointed a Commissioner of the High Court of Judicatore at Madras to of £5 each to five non-members ; one new member was elected, and the take Affidavits and Declarations in the said Court, and to take the Acknow. ordinary general business was transacted.

ledgments of Married Women in respect of Property in India.

Mr. ROBERT JOHN BIRON, barrister, has been appointed one of the Prosecut. ing Counsel to the Post Office on the South-Eastern Circuit, in succession to Mr. John Hurrell, deceased. Mr. Biron was educated at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he graduated in the first class of the law tripos in 1852. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1854, and

he practises on the South-Eastern Circuit and at the Kent Sessions. Mr. Biron UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

acted in 1869 as a commissioner to inqoire into the existence of Corrupt Prac

tices in the borough of Yarmouth. He has also acted as a commissioner for At a meeting held at Clement’s-inn Hall on Wednesday, the 26th of Octo

Octo- the trial of Municipal Election Petitions, and he is recorder of the boroughs ber, Mr. Maclaren in the chair, Mr. Bartrum proposed, “That the of Hythe. Deal, and Sandwich. francbise should be based on an educational and not on a property qualification,” He was supported by Messrs. McKay and Megone, and opposed by

Mr. GEORGE EDWARD COCKRAM, solicitor, has been unanimously apMessrs. Brown, Whitehouse, Spence, Hamilton, Kaing-Jackson, Parsons, pointed by the justices of the borough of Tiverton their Clerk, in the place Tillotson, and Davies. Mr. Bartrum haviog replied, the motion was put to the of Mr. Wm. Partridge, who, after a service of thirty-five years, resigned. meeting and declared to be lost. Members present, seventeen ; visitors, two. Mr. Cookram (who is the eldest son of Mr. G. W. Cockrau, J.P., solicitor,

At a meeting held at the Law Institution on the 31st of October, Mr. W. and late mayor of Tiverton) was admitted in Easter Term, 1879, and is a
Shirley Shirley in the chair, the moot for discussion “ Was the case of member of the firm of Messrs. Partridge & Cookram.
Eaton v. Basker and others (L. R. 6 Q. B, 201), rightly decided ? "-was

Mr. WILLIAM RICHARD AUGUSTINE KIME, solicitor, of 49, Bedford-row, opened by Mr. Maclaren, who contended that the view taken by the Court of

London, W.C., and Louth, Lincolnsbire, has been appointed a Commissioner Appoal was incorrect. He was opposed by Messrs. Jenks, Crondwell, and

of the High Court of Judicaturo at Fort William, *Bengal, Allahabad, the Nelham. Mr. Maclaren replied, and the chairman having summed up, the

North-West Provinces of India, and Madras respectively, to take Affidavits, question was put to the meeting, Mr. Maclaren's motion being declared lost.

Declarations, and Affirmations, and examine Witnesses in all suits and Members present, 10.

matters pending in the said Courts, and also to take the Acknowledgments of At a meeting held at Clements'-inn Hall on Wednesday, October 2, Mr.

Married Women in England in respect of Property in India. Mr. Kime has C. Kains-Jackson in the chair, Mr. Spence moved, “ That as the land of the

also been appointed a Commissioner for Affidavits, Examination of Witnesses, country primarily belongs to the nation, any increase in its value which is not

and Acknowledgment of Deeds for all the Courts in the Province of Nova attributable to the labour or capital of the owner or occupier should be treated

Scotia. Mr. Kime was admitted in 1875. as the property of the community.” He was supported by Mr. Hobbs, and opposed by Messrs. Harvey, Samuel, Jenks, Foy, Whitehouse, Tillotson, and

Mr. THOMAS ROBERT OAKLEY, solicitor, of Monmouth, has been appointed Collyer. The chairman having summed up, the motion was put to the meet

Clerk to the Monmouth Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and ing and declared lost. Members present, 17; visitors, 2.

Rural Sanitary Authority, and Superintendent-Registrar for the district. Mr.
Oakley was admitted a solicitor in 1875. He is also registrar of the Monmouth

County Court, and clerk to the county magistrates.
Tuesday, November 1.-Mr. C. E. Barry in the chair.—The following gentle.
men were elected members :--Messrs. R. J. T. Rhys, R. W. Thorpe, E. E.
Davis, C. T. Hobbs, H. Toomer, J. G. Lemon, G. W. Churchley, s. H.

Price,' W. L. Langworthy, J. Allward, J. H. Behan, John Alsop, and Arthur
Mills. The subject appointed for discussion was the following :-" A. having
insured his premises, agrees to sell them to B., the contract containing no

WINDING-UP NOTICES. reference to the policy. Before completion, the premises are accidentally

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. destroyed by fire. B. claims from A. the benefit of the policy, either by way

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. of abatement of the purchase-money or reinstatement of the premises. Is

HAND'S AFTERNOON TEA COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Oct B. 80 entitled ?"-Rayner v. Preston (28 W. R. 808, L. R. 14 Ch. D. 297).

26, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 5. Ellis, Bedford row, solicitor for Mr. E. Williams opened the debate in the affirmative, and was followed on the petitioner the same side by Messrs. W. Van Sommer, P. T. Rbys, Richardson, and Lemon. LONDON AND PROVINCIAL SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, The negative side wus supported by Messrs. Robinson, J. W. Ellis, F. J.

presented Oct 25, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 5. Piesse and Son,

Old Jewry chambers, solicitors for the petitioners Green, Collier, Spiers, and Kirk. The opener having replied, the chairman LONDON CONSOLIDATED STORES, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Oct 14, summed up, and the question, on being put to the meeting, was decided in

directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 5. Harman, Coleman st, agent for the negative by a majority of three votes. At the next meeting, to be

Nicholas, Bristol, solicitor for the petitioner

SCOTTISI PETROLEUM COMPANY, LIMITED.-Hall, V.C., has, by an order dated July 13, held on the 8th inst., & debate on the new Conveyancing Act will take place. appointed John Macdonald Henderson, Moorgate et bldgs, to be official liquidator


for winding up, presented Oct 26, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 5.

Digby and Tabor, Blomfield st, solicitors for the petitioner

Creditors are required, on or before Nov 26, to send their names and addresses and

the particulars of their debts or claims, to William Martello Gray, Kirk gate, E
ford: Dec 5 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and



fixed Nov 9 at 12, at his charabers, for tho appointment of an official liquidator

YORKSHIRE BREWERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Oct 26, making, under the provisions of the Foreign Jurisdiction Acte, 1843 to 1878,

directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 5. Heritage and Co, Clement's lane,

solicitors for the petitioner regulations applicable to ber Majesty's subjects in the dominions of the

[Gazette, Oct. 28.] Emperor of China and the Mikado of Japan in relation to mortgages, prison GREAT WIEAL POLGOOTIT, LIMITED.-The Vacation Judge has, by an order dated Aug regulations, bills of sale, suits by or against partners, suits by or against 31, appointed James Waddell, Queen Victoria st, to be official liquidator. Creditors foreigners, Chinese, Japanese, or foreign tribunals, and repealing various are required, on or before Nov 23, to send their names and addresses, and the par

ticulars of their debts or claims to the above. Dec 1 at 12 is appointed for hearing regulations relating to tbe same hitherto in force. The Order is to be

and adjudicating upon the debts and claims oited as "The China and Japan Order in Connoil, 1881."


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the transfer of the Life Assurance business of the Colonial Assurance Corporation, SMITH, HANNAI ISABELLA, Washington, Durham, Grocer, Nov 10. Mawson, Durham Limited, to the London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Assurance Company, Limited, was, SMITH, PETER, Bury, Lancaster, Painter. Dec 3.' Grundy, Bury presented Oct 29, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 5. Wynne & Co, TOTTENHAM, JAMES HENRY LOFTUS, Sandhill Villas, Kew, Esq. Nov 30. Bailey, Great Laurence Pountney hill, Cannon st, solicitors for the petitioners

Winchester st bldgs REIXOLD's FRUIT AND Hop EVAPORATOR COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding | WAITE, JOSHUA, Stonehouse, Gloucester, Gent. Dec 22. Mayhew, Gt Marlborough st

up, presented Nov 1, directed to be heard before Fry, J, on Nov 11. Manning, West Wilson, EDWARD STEWART, Bristol, no business. Dec 1. Dawson, Hull minster chambers, Victoria st, solicitor for the petitioners

WRIGHT, Rev. JOSEPI BANKS, Nottingham. Dec 31. Pratt and Hodgkinsons, NorthSILVBE VALLEY MIXES, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 14, to send gate, Newark-upon-Trent their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to James | YOUNG, CHARLES ALFRED, Holywell lane, Shoreditch, Licensed Victualler. Nov 30. Cooper. Coleman st bldgs, Moorgate st. Nov 17 at 12 is appointed for hearing and Christmas, Walbrook adjudicating upon the debts and claims

[Gazette, Nov. 1.] TRAMWAY STARTING AND STOPPING COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R., by an order dated

July 28, appointed Richard Dawlings, Eastcheap, to be official liquidator
WEBAL ELIZABETH, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 21, to send

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to James
Cooper, Coleman st bldgs, Moorgate st. Dec 1 at 12 is appointed for hearing and
adjudicating upon the debts and claims

[Gazette, Nov, 1.]





Monday, Nov........... Mr. Farrer Mr. Koe Mr. Merivalo CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY.

Tuesday ...........






SUITE, Isaac, Ingrow, Bingley, York, Mechanic. Dec 1. Peel v Smith, V.C. Bacon.


King Clarkson, Keighley

Friday ........


Merivalo WEITHAY, 'JAMES, Withington, near Manchester, Gentleman. Dec 1. Cowdell v Saturday.........

Teesdale Clowes

King Holland, V.C. Bacon, Morley, Cheapside

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice [Gazette, Nov. 1.]



Monday, Nov........ Mr. Latham Mr. Cobby Nr. Ward CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25.

Tuesday ..........





Thursday ........


Pemberton ABRAHAY, SABAH, Bath. Dec 13. Stone and Co, Bath


Ward ATXIX, DIxan, Albert terrace, Kingston upon Hull. Nov 1. Atkinson and Co, Hull



Pemberton ATELNBOX, JOIN, Gosforth, Northumberland, Builder. Nov 30. Dees and Thompson,

Newcastle upon Tyne
BORROW, EDWARD," St Helen's Junction, Lancaster, Engineer. Nov 17. Oppenheim,
St Helen's

BRADBURY, WILLIA», the elder, Billbrooke, nr Codsall, Stafford, Gent. Nov 8. Slater

The following is a list of the causes set down for hearing in the House of Lords, and Marshall, Darlaston BUBE, GEORGE PARKER, Cheltenham, Haulier, Dec 15. Wheeler, Cheltenham

- viz., Kemp v. Falk; Godwin v. Hall; Scott and Best v. Smith; Mullens v. the CLAYTON, WILLIAM, Great Dunmow, Essex, Merchant. Nov 25.' Wade and Co, Great Treasurer of the County of Surrey; Capital and Counties Bank (Limited) v. George Dunnow

Henty & Sons; Neill and another v. Tbe Duke of Devonshire; Caledonian RailCLEATHER, Rev GEORGE PARKER, Aldbourn, Wilts, Clerk. Dec 2. Rowland, Ramsbury COOPER, WILLIAM, Yardley, Worcester, Gent, Deo 10. Cottrell and Son, Birmingham way Company v. Walker's Trustees ; Laurie v. Lees; Glyn, Mills, Currie, & CROOX, SARAI MARIA, Apsley villas, Twickenham, Dec 10. Rixon, Austin friars | Co. v. East and West India Dock Company; Shepherd v. Henderson ; Sir G. ESGLAND, MARY, Ilkley, York, Nov 29. Dunning and Co, Leeds

Elliott and another v. Lord Rokeby; Pugh and another v. Heath and another; FAIREST, MARY ANN, Pye bank, Sheffield. Nov 30. Fretson and Son, Sheffield GAIXES, JOSEPH, Hunslet, Leeds, Slubber. Dec 10. Rider, Leeds

Lovring v. Crackoall and another; Robert Jobnson & Co. V. Archibald Orr GREENWOOD, ELLEN, Coldbarbour lane, Camberwell. Nov 26. Wilkins, Chipping Ewing & Co.; Managers of the Metropolitan Asylum District v. Hill and Norton

otbers (Appeal No. 1); Pellier v. Anderson and others; Mayor, &c., of Car. HARRIS, THOMAS, Princes et, Cavendish sq, Tailor, Dec 16. McMillin, Bloomsbury sq HESS, SAYUEL YATES, Liverpool, Engraver. Jan 1. Joseph Hess, North John st, Liver.

lisle v. London and North-Western Railway Company; Earl of Zetland v.

Hislop and others; Galloway v. Turper; Enraght v. Lord Penzance and KIWER, JOHN, Meyseyhampton, Gloucester, Yeoman, Nov 25. Lawrence and Haygarth, another; Evans v. Ball and others ; Goodman and another v. the Mayor, &c.,

JOXES, THOMAS, Birmingham, Whip Manufacturer. Dec 10. Cottrell and Sons, Bir.

of Saltash; Kinloch v, The Secretary of State for India in Council ; Metromingham

politan Railway Company and others v. Metropolitan Inner Circle Completion Kix, CHARLES, Shackleford, Woking, Surrey, Gent. Dec 1. Down, Dorking

Railway Company.
MACKENZIE, KEITH WILLIAM STEWART, Rowland gardens, Kensington, Esq. Nov 26.

Steavenson and Couldwell, Gracechurch st
MARTIN, ELIZABETH, Liverpool. Dec 21. Masters and Rogers, Liverpool

MEBRILL, FREDERICK, Brighton terrace, Victoria park, Gent. Dec 16. Voss, Vestry
Hall, Bethnal Green

The following days have been fixed for the holding of the sittioge during PALXER, THOMAS, Yardley, Worcester, Gent. Nov 25. Beale and Co, Birmingham the year-viz., Monday, November 21, December 12, January 9, January RICHARDS, LOUISA, King's Norton, Worcester. Deo 10. Cottrell, Birmingham

30, February 27, March 27, May 1, May 22, Jane 26, July 31, September 11, RICHARDS, MARIA, Moseley, King's Norton, Worcester, Dec 10. Cottrell, Birminghar RORINSON, MARY, Marshchapel, Lincoln, Dec 23. Allison, Louth

| and October 16. At the same time the Lord Mayor appointed the following ROPIE, CHARLES BLAYNEY TREVOR, Plas Teg, Flint, Esq. Nov 30. Kelly and Keene, Mold days for the holding of quarter sessions in the City :-January 7, April 8, ROUXDELL, WILLIAM, Gledstone, York, Esq. Dec 17. Robinson, Skipton

July 1, and Ootober 21.
SLATER, SAMURL, North Carlton, Lincoln, Gent. Dec 10. Toynbee and Co, Lincoln
SYITI. RICHARD, Liverpool, Corn Merchant. Nov 26. Smith, Tunstall
SIEBDIX. Rev NEWMAN Jorn, Ipswich, Clerk. Nov 30. Josselyn, Ipswich
TAYLOR, RICHARD, Birmingham. Dec 10. Cottrell and Son, Birmingham

THEOBALDS, RICHARD, Eltham, Kent, Builder, Dec 1. Robinson, Christchurch passage,

Newgate st
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, Edgbaston, Warwick, Gent. Dec 1. Woodward, Birmingham

WILLIAMS, JANE, Ely, nr Cardiff. Nov 30. Grover and Grover, Cardiff
Wilsox, ELIZABETH, Whitehaven, Cumberland. Dec l. Mason and Thompson, White This list contains all actions entered in the Queen's Bench Division, in which notice

of trial has been given, and also all actione in the Chancery Division, in which notice WINGHAM, HENBY, Lewes, Sussex, Innkeeper. Dec 10. Jones, Lewes

has been given of trial before a judge and jury; up to and including November 3, 1881. Wood, GEORGE LEIGHTON, Bath, Esq. Dec 31. Stone and Co, Bath

The actions which have been entered but for various reasons are at present not ready WEIGHT, Joux, Tranmere, Chester, Gent. Dec 1. Francis, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead for trial are omitted from this list. Such of them as become ready during the present

[Gazette, Oct. 28.] sitting will be inserted as nearly as possible in their original positions. ADAMSON, ALEXANDER, Addison rd, Kensington. Dec 15. Hollams and Co, Mincing

When actions are settled out of court the solicitors concerned are particularly

requested to withdraw the pleadings, as great expense and uncertainty are occasioned lane BAXKS, ROSETTA TOOver, Godalming, Surrey. Nov 5. Boyce, Teddington

to the suitors in other causes by the maintenance in the list of actions not inte nded BATEYAX, BENJAMIN, White Lion ct, Cornhill, Merchant. Dec 15. Hollams and Co,

for trial,

LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL. Mincing lane BERNUP, Joux, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Timber Merchant. Dec 31, Arnott and Swan, 1 Cambensy v (M Webb and Son) v Cassell and ors (Ashurst, M C and Co) SJ Newcastle-upon-Tyne

2 Tippins (G Crafter) v Budden (Stollard and W) DESTOX, JOHN, Dewsbury, York, Stonemason. Jan 1. Holt and Sons, Dewsbury

3 Redmond (Wontner and Sons) y Gamble (Lewis and L) GETXSHAW, FELIX WILLIAM, Waddington, York, Land Agent. Dec 31. Leach, Man. 4 Cuyas (Tilleard and Co) v MacAndrew (Kearsey, Son and H) SJ chester

5 Gregory and Co (Lambert, P and H) v The Countess of Perth (WH Smith) GZALEY, JOAX GREENWOOD, Croydon, Esq. Feb jl. Hine-Haycock and Bridgman, 6 Pope (Collins and w) v The Wanzer Sewing Machine Co limd (Lyno and H) College hill, Cannon st

7 Wiggett (R G Chipperfield) v Hodder (Whitakers and W) SJ HAXER, JABEZ, Newton Heath, Lancaster, Shopkeeper. Dec 31. Leach, Manchester 8 Langston (w Sweetland) v Trinity College, London (Turner and L) HINCHLIFFE, HENRY, Sheffield, Gent. Déc 31. Fretson and Son, Sheffield

9 Wilkin (JR Jones) v Baldock (

WC Smith) HODGSOX, HENBY, Broughton Park, Manchester, Gent. Jan 1. Cunliffe and Co, Man. 10 Cooper and anr (Saxton and Son) v Breffit (JR Tindale) SJ chester

11 Palin (Chester, M, B and G) v Thomas and ors (Brownlow and H) HOOLE, JAMES, Holland Park, Bayswater, Esq. Dec 31. Mott and Dent, Bedford row 12 Drewe (JH Lane) v Piers (O V Withall) HOPE, WILLIAM CHITTENDEN, Cardwell rd, Holloway, Gent. Dec 1. Cole and Jackson,

13 Inman (A Toovey) v Heald (WO Reader) without jury Essex st, Strand

14 De Angioli (Turner and Son) v Bowman and anr (Prior, B, C and A) KYIGITON, WILLIAM, Huntingdon, Butler, Nov 17. Hunnyban and Sons. Huntingdon 15 Willett (Wontner and Sons) v Woolloton and anr (W Maynard) without jury LEE. MATILDA, Guildford. Dec 31. Simpson and Cullingford, Gracechurch st

16 Corbet (A Cayley) v Baldock (CO Humphreys and Son) SJ LEWIS. Lucy, Hanley Castle, Worcester. Dec 16. Ticehurst and Sons, Cheltenham

J7 Coulstring (Crowder A and V) v Greville (Bloxams and E) SJ MUTTHEWS, WILLIAM, Ledbury, Hereford, Gent. Dec 31. Piper, Ledbury

18 Schussele and anr (J G Shearman) v Zoebeli and anr (Dod and L) SJ MYERS, HANXAY, Gloucester crescent, Bayswater. Nov 26. Myer, New Bridge st 19 Cook and anr (W Maynard) v Dunlop (JR Bailey) NICHOLSON, JULIA AMELIA, Lebanon House, Wandsworth. Dec 25. Saunders, Regent st | 20 Sandeman (Cand s Harrison and Co) v. Harrison and ors

20 Sandeman (Cand s Harrison and Co) v Harrison and ors (W Rawlins) NOAKES, JOHN, Brighton, Dairyman. Nov 19. Verrall, Brighton

21 De Salabery (T Sampson) v Futcher and ors (Taylor, H and T; D Aston) OSSLOW, HARINGTON CAMPBELL, Glyn Abbey, Carmarthen, Commander, R.N. Nov 26. 22 Saintsbury (Thomson and W) v Sainsbury (OJ Mander) Wordsworth and Co, Threadneedle st.

23 Westminster Association limd (Gedge, K M and M) y Tennant (Lewis and L) POTTOCK, JAMES WILLIAM, Marylebone, Builder. Dec 17. Wilson, Cornhill

24 O'Keefe (H Pook and Son) v Bellord (JS Lickorish) SCHOLEY, JOHN, Leeds, Innkeeper. Dec 16. Snowdon, Leeds

25 Sadler (Clutton and H) v Bennett and anr (G I Carthew; Poole, H and P)

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pe, P and Co) v Sims (R Ballard) s:, B and Co) SJ


26 Best (Letts Bros) v Jeffreys (Todd and D)
27 Bamford (R Furber) v Sanson and anr (Bowker, P B and Co) SJ
28 Lloyd (WF Stokes) v Molineaux (R Ballard) SJ
29 Smith (Sharpe, P and Co) v Sims and anr (Hopgood and Co) SJ
30 Aggio (Scott and Baker) v Reed (CJ Davis)
31 Lowe (Woodbridge and Sons) v Beresford (Horns and Mu
32 Handler (MS Rubinstein) v Allison (

GE Goldring) 33 Mayer (A G Ditton) v Robinson (PW Nazer) 34 Hussey (Gasquet and M) v Muspratt (AD Michael) 35 Gething (GJ and P Vanderpump) v Salter (Ford and Co) 36 Wyatt (C A Emmet) v South-Eastern Railway Co (W R Stevens) SJ 37 Banes (Preston and Co) v Ry (Champion and Co) without jury 38 London and S W Bank, lima (Vallance and V) v Grice (Cronin and R) SJ 39 Robinson (Prideaux and Sons) v Curry (JB Brown) SJ 40 Gange (Lewis and Lewis) v Commissioners of Works (Hare and Fell) S. 41 Addison (JS Ward) y Fairlie and anr (E Johnson; Benn Davis) SJ 42 Manger (Letts Bros) v Brown (W Maynard) 43 Fenner (Nye and G) v Smith (Burchells) 44 Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Ry Co (Cunliffe, B and D v Nunnery Col.

and the Duke of Norfolk (Geare and Son; Few and Co) SJ 45 Justice (Radford and H) y Stephens and anr (Williamson, H and Co) 46 Woolf (H Montagu) v London and South-Western Ry Co (MH Hall) SJ 47 Inge (F Needham) v Poyser (Ashurst, MO and Co) 48 Robinson (Cunliffe, B and D) v General Steam Navigation Co (W Batham) SJ 49 Pearman (H Keeble) v Arnold (W Medcalf) 50 Pell (W Elgood) v Midland Ry Co and anr (Beale, M B and G) SJ 61 Barton (J Pearman) v Walker and ors (C Rogers, Sons and Co; Duncan, Warren

and Co) 52 Same (Same) v Burgess and ors (C Rogers, Sons and Co) 53 Same (Same) v Denyer and ors (Same) 54 Athill and Wife (H Fluker) v London and South-Western Ry Co (MH Hall) SJ 55 Real and Personal Advance Co, limd (E Kinns) v Phillipson (J W Proudfoot) 56 Howard (Gowing and Co) v Stroud Water Co (R Ballard) 67 Aldin (Bolton, S and Co) v Moore (W Sweetland) 68 Macrae (H Morris) v Finch (

GH Finch) SJ 59 Richardson and anr (Wright and P) v Kennard (J Rae) SJ 60 Ahearn (H Aird) v Drew and Son (Stone M and s) SJ 61 Jordan (H H Eade) v Governor and Co of the New River (Thompson and D) SJ 62 Watkin (In Person) v Pidcock (S W Johnson and Son) SJ 63 Towers (GH Finch) v Chester (HJ and E Chester) SJ 64 Inglis (In Person) v Baxter (WH Lydall) 65 Wootton (W J Fraser) v Adams (E Smith' and Co) 66 Bridge (Fallows and B) v Buist (JA Talbot) SJ 67 Barker (Caister and S) v Midland Ry Co (Beale, M and Co) SJ 68 Levenston and Wife (H Luxton) v Rendle (JB Batten and Co) 69 Thornthwaite (Sharp, PP and S) v Skoulding (

GB Howard) 70 Kibby (WB Palmer) v Gibb (

GS Gibb) 71 Brew and anr (Taylor and J) V Allott (HA Maude) 72 Rotheroe and Co (H A Lovett and Son) v Parker and Co (J Scarlett) 73 Godfrey (In person) v Hollings (R Davies) 74 Starr and ors (Brighten, P and N) v Shoreham and District Starr Bowkett Building

Society (Nye and G) 75 Fuller (JH Hortin) v Emery (Beckett and Son) 76 Franks (Wild, B and W) v Hinds (H W Cattlin) 77 Clifford (JJ Cridland) v Attenborough (J Attenborough) 78 Swanson (J T Moss) v Prior (T Beard and Sons) 79 Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co (Milne, R and M) v Hall and ors

(Torr and Co: O W Dommett ; Bower and Co; Clarke, Woodcock and Co) SJ 80 Ross (JB Batten) v London Sulphur Co, limd (Porter and S) 81 Porter (HH Hughes) v Davenport (W R Philp) 82 Butler (Tufnell and S) y Gibbons (Brook and C) 83 Betts (J O Button and Co) v Clarke (C O Humphreys and Son) SJ 84 London and County Bank, limd (White, B and w) y Groome (JA Hales) 85 Bidder and ors (Gedge, KM and M) v West Ham Local Board (Hilleary and Co) 86 Brassington (

GO Rutter) v Farrell (T Sampson) 87 Miles (Angell, JT and P) v Mansfield (Helder, Rand 88 Clark (Langley and G) v Botten (Goldberg and L) 89 Hack (G Durbidge) v Eastwood (R Davies) 90 Fairweather (W F Holroyde) v Štorey (In person) 91 Perry (CG Grueber) v Wright (W A Downing) 92 Turnbull, Martin and Co (Druces, J and Co) v C Cooper, Hall and Co (Lowless and

Co) SJ 03 Fuller and Wise (Plews, I and H) v Learoyd and anr (T C Russel and Peace and

W) SJ 94 Dunn and anr (Wontner and Son) v Underhill (Lewis and Lewis) 95 Cooling (Yarde and L) v Wray (RA Kelley) 96 Groves and ors (Thomson and W) v Tappin (JP Biggenden) 97 Heale (EF Marshall) v Bishop and ors (H White) SJ 98 Webb (Wedlake and 'L) v Tomkins (In person) 99 Tann (Plunkett and L) v Muller and Wife (T Sampson) 100 Rollings (R A Crossfield) v Stephens (G Lockyer) 101 Martin (J S Fowler) v Morris and anr (G B B Norman) 102 Court (Lewis and Sons) v Marner (E Lee) 103 Widdecombe (In Person) v Westwood (WB Croft) 104 Nichols (Plunkett and Li v Frayling (W Maynard) 105 Plowman (Saxelby and F) v London, Brighton and South Coast Ry Co (Norton

Rand Co) SJ 106 Phillips (Campbell, R and H) v Jones (Nelson, Son and H) SJ 107 Young and anr (E H Van Tromp) v Richards (Wrightson and G) 108 Gepp (Paterson, S and B) v Balls (Purkiss and P) 109 London and South-Western Bank (Vallance and V) v Johnston (Layton, Son and L) 110 Rudeforth (J Evans) v Willett and anr (Wontner and Sons) SJ 111 Allen (WH Jackson) v Johnston (Paterson, S and B) SJ 112 Pulbrook (A Pulbrook) v Melhado and Lloyd (G Mayor-Cooke and C) SJ 113 Hodgson (T J Pullen) v Anderson (H Staniland) 114 The Somersetshire Coal Co (Wright and L) v Coggan (W N Ellen) 115 Couchman (Tucker and L) v Greener (G H Holden) SJ 116 South-Western Loan and Discount Co, id (J Attenborough) v Baynton (Nutt and s) 117 Johnson and Co (Truefitt and G) v Stuart (Walls, A and M) 118 Vaughan (Noon and C) v Smith (Whittington and Son) 119 Fyfe and another (W. W. Wynne and Son) v White (CFB Birchall) 120 Corsham Bathstone Co, limd (E W Owles) v Dalton (H M Ody) 121 Pratt (Yorke and W) v Hovenden (Wild, B and W) 122 Thompson (Thompson and G) v Jackson (D Warde) without jury 123 Temple (Layton, Son, and L) v Gearns (F A Foster) 124 Maple (Lumley and L) v Blakett (Lewis and L) SJ 125 Jordan and another (Marriott and Jordan) v Poupard (A G Ditton) 126 Rogers (G H Finch) v Ward (EJ Ward) SJ 127 London and South Western Bank (Vallance and V) y Wallis (Russell, Son, and 128 Holloway, admr, &c (Same) v London and South-Western Ry Co (MH Hall) 129 Sherwell (WJ Foster) v Baker (W Hicks) 130 Pell (P Toynbee) v Tahourdin (Tahourdins and H) 131 Raven (J Raven and Co) v Duncan (WF Nokes) 132 Townsend (Digby and T) y Newman (King and P) 133 Hearson (W G Nicoll) v Brown (In Person) 134 Thomas and Son (Same) v Broad (Lowless and Co) 135 Lenglett and Co (Lyne and H) v Poulin and Co (T'O Dear) without jury 136 Hoodless (Bryant and J) v Speedy and Poole (Layton, Sons, and L) 137 Cooper (Wilkinson and H) v Roberts (L W Gregory)

138 Leeming (F Heritage and Co) v Earl Compton (Lewis and L) SJ 139 Slade (Same) v Same (Same) SJ 140 Mitchell (W A Smith) v Pankhurst (Lewin and Co) 141 Morten and Taylor (Morten and Co) v Bradley (R Chandler) SJ 142 Swinburne (CP Greenhill) v Attenborough (G HK and G A Fisher) 143 Penton (WW and R Wren) v Lacey and ors (J Evans) 144 Kinnaird and ors (Burrows and B) v Adams (E Smith and Co) 145 Avery (Rogers and C) v Kane (WC Stoker) 146 Pearce (Lyne and H) v Landore Siemen's Steel Co, limd (Phelps and W) SJ 147 Vanderbergh (CJC Pridham) v Vine (A W Mills) 148 Petty and anr (Gatliff and H) v Emmanuel (CJ Davis) SJ 149 Davis (West, Tilson, and B Jones) v Moss (In Person) 150 Arnold (L Barnett) v Madle (w Vant) 151 Frapolli (Phelps, s and B) v Mapleson (J and R Gole) 152 Birt (J Scott) v Head (Emanuel and S) 153 Coombe (G S and H Brandon) v Greenwood (Venning, R and V) 164 Vanderbyl (Tahourdins and I) v Dünki (Guillaumme and Sons) 165 Wall (J Č Hyett) v Blackpool Winter Gardens and Pavilion Co, limd (Le Riche and

Sons) 156 Bottero (Thomas Ward) v Zuccani (Pritchard, E and Co) 157 Champion (S Toppin) v Hicks Bros (Rhodes and Son) 158 Leggatt (Walter Jarvis and T v Hastie (In Person) SJ 159 Stent (E W Owles) v Harrison (Harrison, B and Co) 160 Smith and Son (N White) v Shrimpton (Crundall and Co) 161 Swan (

GW Barnard) v Bunn (CF Emmott) 1621 Sharkey (E H Brown and B) v Ilen Valley Ry Co (Randall and A) 163 Stansfield (G H Oliver) v Richens (Surridge, H and W) 164 Tyler (

WF Tilsley) v Madle (W Vant) 165 Fowler (FC Tudor) v Strathnairn (Baxters and Co) 166 Braggiotti (Wontner and Sons) v Hastie (Jas Gray) 167 Gifford (T D Dutton) y Williams (

GH Barber) 168 Armstrong and Percivall (W H Armstrong) v McNaught and Smith (J Laidman) 169 Moule (J H Grant) v D'Arcy (Langdale and T) 170 Luck (JC Scard) v Buhicrosan (G Walker) 171 Simmons (TT Chapman) v The Carlton Bank, Jimd (Berry and B) 172 Neilson (Darley and C) v James (Meredith and Co) 173 Jones (Shum, C and Có) v Ayton (Martineau and R) SJ 174 Rice (Pearpoint and B) v Hesketh (Lewis and L) SJ 175 Scaife (In Person) v Husted (J Mandale) 176 R A Mudie and Sons (Botterel and R) v Aste, Son, and Kerchwall (Plews and Co) 177 Kinnaird (E A Swan) y Farrer (Simpson and P) 178 Graham (A H Hastie) v Leggatt (Walter Jarvis and 179 Griffin (JCE Weigall) y Seelie (Stoneham and L) 180 Ashbury (AT Hewitt) v Saunders (R J Pead) 181 Luke (W Moon) y Mackie (H W Mackreth) 182 Goodchild and anr (Cummings, P and B) Viall (E J Anning) 183 Cassie (Wyatt and B) v London and South-Western Ry Co (M H Hall) SJ 184 Homburg (R Cotton) v Stephens (E Betteley) 185 Ware (

WG Morris) v Crispin (C Smith) 186 Terrell (Briggs, V and B) v Robertson (Harper, B and B) 187 Shield (Sandys and T) v Rowland (Walker and M Walker) 187a Duus, Brown and Co (Druce, Sons, and J) v Astrup and Co (Plews and Co) SJ 188 Braid and anr (

GF Hudson, M and Co) v Phillips (Baker and N) 189 Kingsburg (Deane, C and Co) v Lavery (T M Cridge) without jury 190 Abrahams (Noon and C) v Newmarks (Green and W) 191 Berkeley (W and J Gibson) v Snell (Hopgood and Co) 192 Webb and Wife (Chappell and G) v London Steamboat Co, ld (Newman, S and Co) 193 Brown (W Maynard) Eardensohn (H Morris) 194 Cooke (Milne, R and M) v Winby (Goldring and M) 195 Allnutt (J Rae) v Wright (H Tyrell) 196 Groom and anr (S F Weall) v Rathbone (Wo'ferstan, А and J) 197 Byrne (Carier and B) v Cooper (Heath, Pand B) 198 Holmes (CJ Davis) v Chittick (TR Richardson) 199 Whaites (G H Jeram) v Burton (Stevenson and C) 200 Semple (G B B Norman) v Hellewell (E Smith and Co) 201 Branson (W Eley) v Jones (W Crook) 202 Horne (Angell and Co) v Finlay (Morgan and G) SJ 203 Nolf (W Eley) v Parker (WS Winnett) 201 Lawton (H W H Lea) v Spooner and Wife (TD Lever) 205 Richardson (WF Stokes) v Aston Hall Coal and Brick Co, limd (Griffin and Q) 206 Macgregor (Vallance and v) v Villiers Spelter Co, limd (R White) 207 Marks (J Rae) v Davenport (Jas Robinson) 208 Arundell and anr (Horns and M) v Bignell (Curtis and B) SJ 209 Same (Same) v Same (Same) SJ 210 Clifton (TJ Pullen) v Hollingsworth (JP Poncione, jun) 211 Putland (GM Wet' erfield) v Leach (Š F Langham) 212 Chappell (Houlders) v Pilley (H Morris) 213 Kemp (Emmett, Son, and s) v Hollman (

GH K and G A Fisher) 214 Gray (F W Dolman) v Mossop (In Person) 215 Cripps (E W Owles) v Haymon (J Tucker) SJ 216 Wurth (HB Wedlake) v Biggs (T W Palmer) 217 Ritchie (RH Ward) v Martin (Baker and N) 218 Wilson (C and S Harrison and Co) v Great Eastern Ry Co (G A Curwood) SJ 219 Garrud (E C Rawlings) v Sheffield (W Eley) 220 Jarvis (T Hulbert) v Osborne (Rooke and Son) 221 Norton (C Etherington) v Price (H Levy) 222 Sir G Chetwynd, Bart (G and W Webb) v Earl of Aylesford (Horns and M) 223 Howard (KR Fletcher) v Maitland (Druces, J and A) without jury 224 Campbell (H F and E Chester) v Vallet (D Blelloch) 225 March (Randall and A) v Quin and Co, limd (FW and HB 226 Braham (J Andrews) v Michael (

WH Smith and Son) Goddard (Woodbridge and Sons) y Stead (Sorrell and Son) 228 Bolding (J Goren) v Bigsby (Paterson, Sons, and G) 229 Molenkamp (Wyatt and B) v Ramm (J Curtis) 230 Crane (Harley, Jones and 'J) v Larchin (H A Édgar) 231 Robertson (W Sweetland) v Cuff (

GO Lea) 232 Saunders (RM Cooper) v Chattell (F G Gorton) 233 Thompson (

GC Sherrard) v Goodman (Laundy and Son) 234 Clements (H W Christmas) v Weil (Beaumont and W) 235 Corben and ors (Kays and Jones) y Passmore (WF Watson) 236 Dettmar and Hughes (Eldred and B) v O'Bryen (J Hands) 237 Jacquemin and ors (A Fleet) v Morris (Wynne and Son) 238 Deverson and Wife Shaw and T) v London, Tilbury, and Southend Ry Co (Hollings.

worth and Co) 239 Rutter (Yorke and W) v Procter (A Diggles) 240 Tietz (Noon and C) v Great Western Ry Co (R R Nelson) 211 Rutter (Yorke and W) v Day (E W Owles) 242 Wingrove (A Willis) v F Cumbers and Co (F Eastwood) 243 Nordon (J Hands) v Nordon (A Abrahams and Co) SF 244 Raven (Grover and H) v Met District Ry Co (Baxters and Co 245 Chapman and anr (Turner and L) v Kaye and Co (Eardley, Holt and R) 246 Thompson (J Davis) v South Western Loan and Discount Cć (J Attenborougb) 247 Hooper (W T Harvey) v Day (N White) 248 Bower (Ì Kimber and Co) v The London Provident Bank (J D Peard) 249 Learoy (Learoyd and Co) v McConnal (In Person) 250 Calcina (Todd and D) v Campoverde (Lowless and Co) 251 Brovand and Co (Lindo and Co) v Dobson (Peace and Scott 3rd parties) (Pritchard.

E and Co; GW Worthington) SJ 252 Kerridge (T R Apps) v Fraser (Taylor and W)

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Lors (A J'Harman

and N) v Benjap Willins)

235 Taylor (HW Mackreth) v Fraser and anr (Lowless and Co)

365 Ftnch (Nye and G) v Mc Adam (Dabois and R) 251 Middleton (JA Bartrum) v Swaine (T Hulbert)

366 Beamish and Wife (Ridsdale, C and R) v Till and anr (Kearsey, Son and H) 955 Danford (Remnant and Co) v McAnulty (Johnson and Son) without jury

367 Harmer, Pearson and Sons (Janson, Cand P) v Monk and Wife (H May) 256 Anderson (J O Charlton) v Whalles (T Cave)

368 Samuda Bros (Johnsons, U, B and A) v Gadban and anr (CA Bannister SJ 257 Campbell (Yorke and W) v Holmes (R Furber)

369 Rymer-Jones (FW Mount) v North London Ry Co (Paines, L and P) SJ 258 Armstrong (Robinson, Son and E) v May (J Robinson) SJ

370 Jones (

GB Howard) v Schumacher (TD Pettiver) 259 Streeton J Fulcher) v East London Water Works Co and ors (Wragg and E) SJ 371 Bull (J R Chidley) v Esquilant (F G Cordwell) SJ lalahan (In person) v Clarke and ors (Robinson, Son and E)

372 Markham (Sandon, K and K) v Ricketts and anr (W Justice) 281 Simpson (JF and (Isaacson) v Smith (H H Poole)

373 Pope (R Chandler) v Ryan and anr (T W Rogers) 282 Field (Hicks and A) v Cain and anr (Nash and F)

374 Croke (Lewis and L) v Lacy and anr (WT Ricketts) 283 Cooper (TC Russel) v Hawthorne (Keene, M and B)

375 Ernst (Same) v Milton and anr (Same) 261 Petter (À W Maud) v Mackenzie and anr (Campbell, R and H) SJ

376 Tomkins (Same) v Blundell (Palmer and Co) 265 Home (AR Steele) v Banks (RW Cooper)

377 Benjamin (J Mote) v Fox (CH Murr) 266 Shaw (JC Button and Co) v Talbot and anr (H A Graham) SJ

378 Bull (SR Glyn) v Cook (Bell, B and G) without j 267 The S Metropolitan Gas Co (Young, J and Co) v Dunstan & anr (Bolton, S and Co; 379 Watkins and Co (D Blellock) v Manders (Preston and Co) , JT Trengrouse SJ

380 May (In Person) v Schott (J A Rose) BS Botwright (O Vernède) v Trant (Houghton and B)

381 Beard (E Doyle and Sons) v Kennion (Peacock and G) 269 Batchelor IG A Hall) v Price (Pyke and M)

382 The Queen (Cann and Son) v Inhabitants of the County of Surrey (F F Smallpiece) 270 Austin (JH Waring) v Banks (HJ and T Child

383 Stoffell (W Crook) v Billups (Cunliffe, B and D) 271 Smith (S J Debenham) v Tims (JP Godfrey)

384 Hart (ET Tadman) v Cabbell (Clarkson, G and W) 272 Ratcliffe (Bird and M) v Cobb and anr (Lewis and L) SJ

385 Thynne (TJ Robinson) v Neave and anr (Alsop, M and c 273 Fry (FA Foster) v Powell (In person)

386 Hurmel and anr (TAG Powell) v Honywood (

GE Kayo and Co) 274 Bird (Bowker, P, B and Co) v Wadey (R Jones and Co)

387 Thomas (W W Wynne and Son) v Connell (Mercer and M) SJ 275 Henderson (RJ Macarthur) v Heritage (F Heritage and Co)

388 Leach (EA Swan) v The South-Western Loan and Discount Co limd (J Attenborough) 278 Harris (Honiders) v Birkett (J and R Gole)

389 O'Connor (Rooks and Co) v Singer Manufacturing Co (JN Mason) 277 Verheyden (A G Ditton) v Watkin (In person)

390 Tonge and ors (Dunn and P) v Bennett Bros (Sheppard and R) 278 Wallerstein (AJ Murray) v Haynemonn (JA Bartrum)

391 Hogan (Hogan and H) v Devon Manganese Mining Co limd (Porter and S) 279 Mercer (Paterson, S and B) v Baily (Thomson and G)

392 Vague (Nye and G) v Bruce (H Sowton) 250 Letts Bros (In person) v Griffiths (Cooper and Co)

393 Clark (F Heritage and Co) y Williams (Hicks and A) 291 Clapson (Withall and C) v Andrews (Crundall and Co)

301 Derby and anr (WC Stoker) v Pentony and anr (J F Evans, In person) without 282 Emery (Ě Johnson) v Phillips and anr (J M Maddox; JST

jury 273 Dearlove (H Aird) v Lennard and Son (Ingledew and J)

395 Standard Bank of London, limd (Gasquet and M) v Chatfield (Denton, Hall, and 284 Cramer, Bender and Co (M Hawkins) v Lee and anr (Greenfield and A)

Co) 365 Davids (H A Patience) v Burdett, Bart (Abbott, J and Co)

396 Dowsett (JE Wilson) v Rackstraw (Micklethwait and Co) 296 Maxted (Hughes, H B and T) v Pemberton (Meynell and P)

397 Municipal Permanent Building Society (Fletcher, J and R) v Edwards and anr 29 Frost and anr (Prockter and A) v Brown (Venn and Son)

(Saunders, H and B) 289 Smith and ors (Learoyd and Co) v Pertwee (Vallance and

398 Same (Same) v Curris (Sheffield and Sons) 2x9 Smith (R Wastell) v Ferrier (Walters, D and W)

399 Cobden (J Neale) v Hudson and org (Chester, M B and G), SJ 290 Robertson (WB Abbott) v Baynton (Nutt and s)

400 Emery (D Warde) v Portch (D Aston) 291 Higgins and Co (JN Mason) v Sutton and Co (Armstrong and L)

401 Retallack (Same) v Lonsdale (H E Moojen) 292 The Consolidated Credit and Mortgage Corporation limd (G J and P Vanderpump) 402 Lonsdale (H E Moojen) v Retallack (B Warde Bradbury (RG Chipperfield)

403 Box (AJ Harman) v Nicoll (

WG Nicholl) 203 The Union Bank of London (Lyne and H) v Sonnenberg (Lewis and L)

404 Stephens (Tatham,'O and N) v Benjamin (T Halbert) 294 Nixey and anr (HH Hughes) v Cook (T Sismey)

405 Moir (J B Churchill) v Newman (

WP Willins) 295 Gibbens ( SR Glynn) v Bates (JH Jonas)

406 Bare (Same) v Bare (WR Philp) 296 Wade and anr (Brownlow and H) v Peele and anr (Chester, M, B and G) SJ 407 Ward (W H'Nicholls) v Evans (Gregory, Rand Co) 297 Brooks (F A Rudall) v Mosely (GE Carpenter)

408 Alexander (C Turner) v English and Foreign Botsle Co, limd (J and R Gibson) 298 Allnutt and ors (Denton, H and F) v Luck (JC Scard)

409 Sangster (0 Vernede) v Freeman (Hicklin and W) 299 Liquidators of the Carlisle Horse Clothing and Saddlery Co limd (J R Tindale) v 410 Johnson (Batham) v Lond and St Katharine Docks Co (W M Hacon) SJ Rymill (Keene, M and B)

411 The Anglo-Maltese Hydraulic Dock Co limd (Gedge, K M and M) V Cope and ors 300 Brocas (Mullens and B) v Priddy ( GT Woodrooffe) SJ

and the East Coast Iron Steamship Insurance Association (Shum and Co; Ingle301 Carter (Barton and P) y Ward (R and A Russell)

dew and I) SJ 302 Durnford and Co (TB Lodge) v Brightman (

GLP Eyre and Co)

412 Smith (Church and Co) v Smith (H Haynes) 313 Massey and anr (F'oord and E) v Corthorn (Flux and Co) SJ

413 Chappell (W Eley) v Cunningham (G A Haynes) 304 May (J Curtis) v Sweet Bros (Hughes and Sons)

414 Preston (Morton and C) v Ashley (À H Banyard) 305 Hempsted and anr (Randall and A) v Hurst (G'R Harrison)

415 Backhouse (Learoyd and Co) y Nicholson (W May) 306 Garrett (Laundy and Son) v Emery (Maples, T and Co)

416 Mosely (

GE Carpenter) v Roberts (R Jones and Co) 3097 Watson (Nelson, Son and H) v Knowles (G MCA Low) SJ

417 Sanderson (Lambert, Pand S) v Hemming (Matthews and w) 309 Greenaway (Brighten, Pani N) v Sologuerin (J Andrews)

418 Powell, an infant (Bordman and Co) v Rider (JS Fowler) 309 Verity and anr (W Moon) v Smith and anr (Mayhew, S and W)

419 Lambert and ors (S A Beck) v Skotowe (Johnston and H) 310 Hankins (Tatham and Sons) v Butler (McDiarmid and T)

420 Swinden (H B Forbes) v Reeves (T Sampson) 311 Pierce (Harris and G) v Ashby and Co (Trinders and Co)

421 Bradley (Pritchard, E and Co) v Porter (Munns and L) 312 Paterson and anr (Paterson, sons and Co) v Oldaker (W Hudson)

422 Tattershall (Rooke and Sons) v Earnshaw (Ridsdale, C and R) 313 Ward (Flegg and Son) v Pole-Carew (Lewis and L)

423 Downs, Kennedy and Co (Trollope and W) v Evans (Saunders Hand B) 314 Rackham (Nye and G) v Lyons ( GE Carpenter)

424 Dicker (O E Freeman) v Howlett (Lewis and L) 315 Ladbury and ors (J N Mason) v Foat (J $ Fowler)

425 Miller (Indermaur and Co) v North Metropolitan Tram Co (HC Godfray) SJ 316 De l'Arbre Vautrinpont and Co (Lyne and H) v Kuös and Co (Nicol, Son and J) 426 Cousins and anr (T R Apps) y Whittome (Mott and D) 317 Evans (Clarke, W and R) v Sea (R Davies)

427 Angus (CO Humphreys and Son) v Bannister and Son (Hamlin and G) 319 Wells and Wife (E A Swan) v Osborne (T R Apps)

428 Williams and anr (A Ë Williams) v Simon (E Maniere) 319 Pitney (Fitch and F) v Thistlethwave (Lake, B and i

429 Forder (F C James) v Lowther (J Davis) 220 Cremer (Willoughby and W) v Hatton (J H Shakespeare)

430 Good, Flodman and Co (Parkers) y Robertson (Pitchard and sons) 21 Prentis (Same) v Stacey (Farlow and J)

431 Flower and ors (W and J Flower, and N) v Sadler (C Harcourt) 22 Suckling (A Cope) v City Permanent Benefit Building Society (Parker and P)

432 Dilke and ors (W J Titley) v Dilke (S Whitehead) 323 Griffiths and Wife (Smith, S and C) v Great Western Ry Co (RR Nelson)

433 Cockburn (W and A R Ford) v Cockburn (Brown and W) 324 Brooks (F R Smith and Son) v Tebb (Lewis and Son)

434 Hughes (White, Borrett and Co) v Scott (Crump and W) 335 Worthington and Co (W H Armstrong) v Webb (E Johnson)

455 Knight and anr (Stones, Mand's) v Duff (CPGreenhill) 536 Hagiinont Freres and Co (Phelps. S and B) v Eazenberger (Tilley and s)

436 Beauclerk (Haynes and Co) v Houldsworth (Field, R and Co). 27 Walker (Roscoe, H and S) v Gill (G Crafter)

437 Morgan (Farnfields) v North Metropolitan Tram Co (HC Godfray) SJ 329 De Landfort (Fowler and P) v Fuller, Banbury and Co (Wordsworth, B H and

438 Diggins (R Voss) v Crowdon and anr (Robinson, P and S) 329 Powis and Co (Uombe and W) v Lake and Co (W H Bennett)

439 Willing and anr (A O Lewis) v Stechelbach (Jas Goren) 300 Fieber (AJ Monday) v Louvet et Cie (JB Batten and Co)

440 Bailey (Same) v Salomons (Lewis and L) 331 Daikers (Rivington & Son) v Criddle (JM Chamberlain)

441 Fuller (H Keeble) v Detmold (Saffery and H) 32 Holloway (W T Boydell) v Allen and anr (JTF Collins)

412 Hussey (Gasquet and M) v Dobbins (

GBB Norman) 333 Stabbs (Cooke and J) v Stubbs (F Venn and Co)

443 Crane (Harley, Jones and J) v Lapworth (W R Philp) 34 How (J Scarlttt) v Wolkar (Bloxams and E)

414 Cramer and Co (G S and H Brandon) v Philips and anr (E Johnson; Benn Davis) 335 Peace ( GS and H Brandon) v Learoyd (Learoyd and Co)

415 Tilden (T Southgate) v Wallis (JS Fowler and Co) 238 Lezard (W J Guy) v Blaiberg (Moresby, White and Co)

416 Reid (Dubois and R) v Runtz (Debenham 337 Baumgard (F Stanley) v Wood (GS and H Brandon)

417 Harris and Wife (Johnston and H) v Macartney and Wife (A C Spaull) 338 Hill and Wife (P J Burr) v Haslock (A Kerly)

418 Leggatt (Walter, Jarvis and T) v Webster (Hastie and Son) SJ 339 Calcutt (Pallows and B) v Rose and ors (Lewis and L)

419 Chase and ors (J and M Pontifex) v Young (A Young) 390 Chittenden and anr (J Raven and Co) v Graham (Goodhart and M)

450 Bannister (E Johnson) v Bannister (

HW Christmas) 341 Hay (Fowler and Co) v Freeman (Hicklin and W)

451 Pago (W H Lane) v Wright and anr (Boyce and R) 342 Janes (EF Marshall) v Newdick (Barton, Y and H)

452 Millar (Seaton and T) v Foulkes (Swann & Co) 313 Kohn (J Champion) v The Imperial Insurance Co (Oliver and Sons)

453 Griffiths (Robins and C) v Fletcher and ors (Parkers) SJ 34 Jackson (Same) v Spence (Ellis, Munday and Co)

45. Rendell (WW Nicholson) v Bird (Shepheard and Sons) 345 West (Tilson and B J) v Dunlop (W w Wynne and Son)

455 W Levett and Co limd, by J Worley, ligdr (G Blagden) y Courtney (Willoughby and d V Philpott) v Unwin and anr (F J and G J

W) Braíkenridge)

456 Gibbs and anr (G F Hudson, Matthews and Co) v Thomas (Lewis and L) 347 Metropolitan Ry Co (Burchells) v Cotton (Plunkett and L) without jury

457 Chambers (G Blagden) v Lowther (In Person) 346 Bader (Morten and C) v Chappell (Wilkinson and H) Sj

459 Bostelmann (F J Day) v Rawlings (Drake, Son an 319 Titterton (W A Downing) v Cooper (Keen and R)

459 Fraser (Stones, M&S) v Cardew (Lumley and L) 350 Dorman and anr (Wilson, B and C) v The Patent Dry Air Refrigerating Co limd 460 Young (Batty and w) v Watts (N White) (Ashurst, M, C and Co) SJ

461 Gye and ors, executors, &c. (J. P. Sweetland) v Maurel (G S and H Brandon) SJ 31 The Attorney-General (ÚJ Follett) v Spencer.and ors (N White; Wontner and 462 Bromley (HC Beauchamp) v Peach (CJC Lewis) Sons) SJ

463 Paternoster (W Hicks) v 'l'he London Tramways Co (Limd) (J O Jacobs) SJ 352 Same (Same) v Roland and ors (Wontner and Sons) SJ

461 Hussey (W Maynard) v Martin (CRS Hooper) 333 Humphreys (Cooper and Co) v Worth (Marchant, P and H)

465 Wehrfritz (R Chapman) v Green (Peckham and 354 Scott (Lewis & L) v Sampson (Watson, Sons and R) SJ

166 Day (Kenne, M and B) v Day (N White) 355 Blaiberg (Moresby, White and Co) v The London and Westminster Loan and 167 Damon (Brighten, P and N) v Usher (RC Chapman) Discount Co limd ( GJ and P Vanderpump) without jury

109 Nathan and Co (WH Roberts) v Dupen (Rogers and C) 354 Chaplin (Boxall and B) v Dean (HG Smallman) without jury

469 Lindsey and Wife (Stones, Mand S) v Elliott C F B Birchall) 57 Allen (G Reader) v Groves (T Allingham)

470 Groom and anr (SF Weall) v Gibbs (Brook and Co) 58 Bostock and anr (Robinson, P and S) v Lucking (Whites, R and Co)

471 Davis (Carr, Son, and T) v Davis (GM Wetherfield) 359 Lindop (Paterson, s and B) v Furber (Prior, B and Co)

472 Shephard and anr (M Shephard) v Foakes (L Drew) 90 Blake and anr (Lake, B and L) v Bruce (B Hope) without jury

473 Same (Same) v Jemmett (RS Taylor Son and Co) 281 Knight, trustee, &c (Preston and Co) v Eels (T Durant)

474 Ffolliott (R Biale) v Bond (HW Davie) 62 Almeida and Co (R Chandler) v Barrett and Co (Coode, Ka

475 Harris (A Proudfoot) v Quick (

WH Hudson) 3 Laker and ors (Rooke and Sons) v Smith ( GBB Norman)

476 Bowles (W M Miller) v Cox (Harris and P) 364 Clack (U D Ilderton) v Wood (Lewin and Co)

477 Heatley (Last and Sons) v Hall (W Norris)


478 Pelsall Coal and Iron Co Limd (Burton, YH and B) v Bloomer |(Andrew Wood

and G) 479 Studholme (F R Coote) v Godden (Wilkinson and H) 480 Lafargue and Co (W. Tatham and Son) v Pinder (Collyer Bristow and Co) 481 Watson (J. W. Hickin) ~ Watson, Kipling, and Co. Imd. (J. J. & J. O. Allen) 482 Harrison (A, Harrison) y Law (Purkiss, & P.)

Bankrupts. 483 Brown (W. Maynard) v Kerfoot (R. J. Jackson) 484 Lee (Lee & G.) v Graham (Helder, R. & G.)

FRIDAY, Oct 28, 1881. 485 Smith (C. Thorp) v Walker and Wife (F L Soames) 486 Thomas (J. C. Button and Co) v Harper (C. W. T. Yie

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. 487 Gould (G. F. Emmett) v Downes (Wills and W)

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. 488 Winckworth and Wife (J. H. N. Briggs) v Reed (J. H. B. Wakeling) 489 Williams (Pawle &F) v Mercier (Lewis and L) SJ

To Surrender in London. 490 Corry (Parkers) v Holder (H. R. B. Bruxner)

Senac, Louisa, Phillimore terrace, Kensington. Pet Oct 25. Pepys. Nov 16 at 12
Upton, Lewis, Leadenhall st, Jeweller. Pet Oct 25. Pepys. Nov 16 at 12
Williams, Robert Thomas, Jewin crescent, Brace Manufacturer. Pet Oot 25. Pepys.
Nov 9 at 1

To Surrender in the Country.

Brombilla, Leone, and Henry Bradley, Lower Sydenham, Kent, Builders. Pet Sept 20.

Bristow. Greenwich, Nov 11 at 1
Elsworth, Benjamin, Low Wortley, York, Cab Proprietor. Pet Oct 25. Marshall, Leeds,

Nov 9 at 11
It is stated that the health of Sir James Hannen, the President of Kaye, John, Honley, Almondbury, York, Saddler. Pet Oct 25. Jones. Huddersfield,

Nov 16 at 11 the Probate and Divorce Court, is improving, and it is expected that he

Scott, Thomas, Eccleshill, York, Woolstapler. Pet Oct 24. Lee. Bradford, Nov 8 at 12 will be able to resume his judicial duties much sooner than was

Thompson, William, Horsforth, York, Butcher. Pet Oct 26. Marshall. Leeds, Nov 9 expected.

at 11 Mr. Justice Lindley and Mr. Ford North, Q.C., were on Tuesday sworn

TUESDAY, Nov. 1, 1891. in before the Lord Chancellor at his country residence, Blackmoor, Peters.

Under the Bankruptoy Act, 1869. field, Hants, the former as a Lord Justice of Appeal and the latter as a judge

To Surrender in London, of the High Court of Justice.

Brown, Rayner, Tuilerie st, Hackney rd, Wholesale Boot Manufacturer. Pet Oct 27. The City Press reports a case in the Lord Mayor's Court, before Mr. Pepys. Nov 11 at 12.30 Woodthorpe Brandon, assistant judge, in wbich a defendant objected to the Cortesi, Joseph, Whitechapel rd, Restaurant Keeper. Pet Oct 29. Hazlitt. Nov 11 at 1

Currie, Cecilia Cadogan, Barclay rd, Walham Green. Pet Oct 27. Pepys. Nov 11 at 12.30 oase being proceeded with, on the ground that plaintiff's solicitor in the

Cuthbert, Richard, Langham st. Pet Oct 27. Pepys. Nov 11 at 1 action for which the costs were incurred was not upon the rolls of the

Middleton, Peter, Old Bond st, Tailor. Pet Oct 21. Hazlitt. Nov 16 at 1 court. The costs could not therefore be recovered. His lordship: Where Pook, William James, Walbrook, Solicitor. Pet Oct 28. Hazlitt. Nov 16 at 12.30 do you find that laid down? Defendant : In your lordship's own

Smith, William Gregory, Walton pl, Knightsbridge, of no occupation, Pet Oct 27.

Pepys, Nov 10 at 12.30 work.

To Surrender in the Country. Several of the best-known firms of Birmingham solicitors have, says the

e Appleton, Cornelius Lyde, Shepton Mallett, Somerset, Ironmonger. Pet Oct 29. Foster. Globe, just been made the victims of an ingenious swindle. A map having | Wells, Nov 17 at 12 every appearance of being a gentleman has called upon them, and asked Ashman, Elijah Thomas, Twerton, Somerset, Beerhouse Keeper. Pet Oct 29. Robert. for assistance in filing a liquidation petition, representing that he lived son. Bath, Nov 12 at 11.30 some distance off. His custom was to enter into the minutest details as

| Bedford, John, Ramsgate, Kent, Restaurant Keeper. Pet Oct 28. Furley. Canterbury,

Nov 18 at 2 to his affairs, and subsequently induce his victims to lend him several Brangwin, George Thomas, and John Arthur Brangwin, Bray, Berks, Grocers. Pet Oct pounds, on the plea that he had been suddenly called upon to go home to 29. Darvill. Windsor, Nov 19 at 12 meet his auctioneer, and that he bad run rather short of money. The

Jarvis, William, Margate, Kent. Pet Oct 28. Furley. Canterbury, Nov 18 at 12

Lowe, Peter Walker, Salford, Lancuster, Painter. Pet Oct 27. Hulton. Salford, Nov swindler, having obtained a considerable sum in this way, has decamped,

16 at 2 and is now supposed to be pursuing similar practices in other Morgans, Evan, Cilcennin, Cardigan, Farmer. Pet Oct 21. Jenkins. Aberystwith,

Nov 18 at 12 towns.

Price, Richard, Oldham, Lancaster, Joiner, Pet Oct 27. Tweedale, Oldham, Nov 16 Mr. Justice Chitty, on taking his seat on Wednesday, stated, for the

at 3 guidance of the bar and the public, that all actions with witnesses pending

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. for trial and where briefs had been delivered to him bad been transferred

TUESDAY, Nov. 1, 1881. for trial only to Mr. Justice Kay. As to non-witness actions, he proposed to adopt the same course where he had read the briefs ; but he should be

Bedingfield, Charles Henry, Leicester, Tobacconist. Oct 27. happy to listen to any application made to him by the parties. In reference

Rumble, Walter, Snodland, Kont, Manufacturer of School Sationery. Oct 28 to any motions which had stood over from before until after the long vacation, and in which he had been engaged as counsel and bad read the

Liquidations by Arrangement. briefs. the actions ought also be transferred. Where he had not read the

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. briefs, he thought those actions ought also to be transferred if either party

FRIDAY, Oct. 28, 1881. desired it. Where he had been engaged as counsel in a motion and the action was now set down for trial, he should be happy to accede to any

Abrahams, William Benjamin, Burdett rd, Bow, Ironmonger. Nov 8 at 3 at offices of

Finch, Borough High st similar application for transfer. Actions where judgment had been already | Armstrong, Edward, Wheatley hill, Durham, Colliery Engineer. Nov 11 at 11 at offices delivered would remain in his court. As to the conduct of business, his

dnat of buginegg. big of Brignal, Sadler st, Durham lordship stated that he proposed to continue Friday as his motion day,

Attwood, Edwin, Guildford, Surrey, Blacksmith. Nov 14 at 2 at Borough Halls, North

st, Guildford. White and that he intended to devote next week to non-witness actions. He Bali, James, Manchester, Drysalter. Nov 9 at 3 at ofices of Southam, Cross st, Man. should adopt the rule of the Master of the Rolls as to sitting at ten, chester and rising so far as possible at three.

Barlow, James, Chester, Provision Dealer. Nov 9 at 2 at offices of Cartwright, White.

friars, Chester
Beard, Samuel, Drakes Broughton, Worcester, Market Gardener, Nov 11 at 3 at offices

of Allen and Beauchamp, Sansome pl, Worcester
Bensusan, David Levy, Finsbury pavement, Contractor for Fire Brigade Requirements.

Nov 9 at 3 at offices of Wells, Paternoster row

Bentley, Alfred, Bingley, York, Grocer. Nov 9 at 11 at offices of Lancaster and Co, SALES OF ENSUING WEEK,

Manor row, Bradford

Boucher, George Henry, Cheltenham, Carpenter. Nov 7 at 12 at Northfield House, Nov. 8.-Medørs. CHINNOCK, GALSWORTHY, & CHINNOCK, at the Mart, at 2 p.m,

Cheltenham. Potter, Cheltenham Shares (see advertisement, Oct. 22, p. 3).

Bowes, James William, Stockton-on-Tees, Greengrocer. Nov 7 at 11 at offices of Nov. 8.- Mr. WILLIAM HOUGHTON, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Building Fowler, Bridge rd, Stockton-on-Tees Estate (see advertisement, Oct. 29, p. 957).

Boyes, William, Birmingham, Coach Spring Manufacturer. Nov 10 at 3 at offices of

Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham
Bramhall, John, Sheffield, Schoolmaster. Nov 10 at 12 at offices of Auty and Sons,

Queen st, Sheffield
Britton, Isaac, Sheffield, Merchant's Clerk. Nov 10 at 2 at offices of Ehrenfeldt, High st

Sheffield. Binney

Brown, William, Manchester, Soap Manufacturer. Nov 9 at 11 at offices of Parker and

Stocks, Norfolk st, Manchester

Oallow, Edward, jun, Lewisham, Kent, Grocer. Nov 4 at 4 at 262, High Holborn. BIRTHS.

Staniland, King st, Cheapside ROBIN..-Nov. 1, at 17, Alexandra-road, South Hampstead, N.W., the wife of

Camden, Alfred, Long lane, Bermondsey, Undertaker. Nov 16 at 3 at offices of Fowler

and Co, Borough High st, Southwark Julian Robins, barrister-at-law, of a son.

Chadwick, Henry Frank, Manchester, Auctioneer. Nov 10 at 3 at offices of Farrington, SMYTH.- Oct. 27, at Alexandra Park, Oldham, the wife of T. H. Smyth, solicitor,

Princess st, Manchester of a .

Childs, George, Potters Bar, Hay Dealer. Nov 16 at 11 at officos of Russel, Coleman et TERRELL.-Oct. 31, at Thames Bank, Staines, the wife of Gilbert Terrell, solicitor, Clark, George, Stafford, Greengrocer. Nov 15 at 12 at offices of Twynam, Crabbery st,

Stafford of & son. MARRIAGE.

Clough, William, South Shields, Draper. Nov 8 at 2 at offices of Aitchison, Colling.

wood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne MUNSTER-MACDERMOTT.-Oct. 26, at Adoration Chapel, Merrion-square South, | Cockcroft, Thomas, Todmorden, York, Cotton Manufacturer. Nov 10 at 3.30 at Queen

John Philip Munster, barrister-at-law, Middle Temple, to Mary Frances, Hotel, Todmorden. Eastwood, Todmorden daughter of the late Robert Macdermott, M.D., of Dublin.'

Colley, Thomas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Beerhouse Keeper, Nov 10 at 2 at offices of

Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Cooke, Alfred, Evesham, Worcester, Cabinet Maker. Nov 10 at 11 at Cross Keys Inn,

Evesham, Tree and Son, Worcester WRIGHT.-Nov. 1, at The Cedars, Ealing, Edward Wright, LL.D., barrister-at

Cracknell, Henry, Queen st, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Nov 9 at 12 at Miners' law, of Flora Vila, Donnybrook, Dublin, aged 71.

Inn, Queen st, Dudley. Tree and Son, Worcester

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