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to the United States, 60, Washington, D. C., Jan. 17.

NELIDOFF, Alexander

Sept. 17.

Ivanovitch de, Russian diplomatist, Ambassador to France, president of the second Hague Peace Conference, 74, Paris, France, NEWNES, Sir George, English editor and publisher, 59, London, Eng., June 9. NIGHTINGALE, Miss Florence, philanthropist, Crimean war nurse, founder of the modern military hospital systems, 90, London, Eng., Aug. 14. ORCHARDSON, Sir William I., English painter. 74, London, Eng. April 13. PRIOR, Melton, English war correspondent and artist,, London, England, November 2,

RAABE, Wilhelm, German novelist, 79,
Brunswick, Germany, Nov. 15.
RASSAM, Harmuzd, Assyriologist,


Brighton, Eng., Sept. 16. REICH, Emil, historian and geographer, 56, London, England, December 11. ROD, Edouard, French novelist, 52,

Grasse, France, Jan. 29. ROLLS, the Hon. Charles S., English aviator. 33. Bournemouth, Eng., July 12. SAMBOURNE. Linley, English cartoonist. 65, London, Eng., Aug. 3.

January 5-Secretary Knox addressed a circular to the Powers suggesting that the international prize court of The Hague be invested with the powers of a court of arbitral justice.

January 5-President Taft removed Gifford Pinchet, the Forester of the Department of Agriculture, for insubordination.

January 19-President Taft approved a Joint resolution of Congress providing for an investigation of the Glavis-Pinchot charges against Secretary Ballinger.



January 20 to 28-Great floods in Paris caused losses, estimated $200,000,000. February 19-The Senate of South Carolina ratified the income tax amendment to the federal Constitution, completing the state's approval of the amendment.


February 25-The Chinese Government announced that it had deposed the Dalai Lama of Thibet because of treasonable insubordination.

March 1-José Domingo de Obaldia, President of Panama, died at Panama.

March 1-The House of Representatives of Illinois ratified the income tax amendment, completing the state's approval of the amendment.

March 4-The House of Representatives of Oklahoma ratified the income tax amendment to the federal Constitution. completing the state's approval of the amendment.

SATOLLI, the Very Rev. Francisco di Paoli, Roman Catholic Cardinal, Arch bishop, former Apostolic Delegate to the United States, 78, Rome, Italy, Jan. S. SCHIAPARELLI, Giovanni J., Italian astronomer, 75, Milan, Italy, July 4. SMITH, Goldwin, Canadian publicist and author, 87, Toronto, Canada., June 7. SONE, Viscount Arasuke, Japanese statesman and Privy Counsel, former Resident General in Corea, 61, Tokio, Japan, Sept.


Earl of, English statesman and Cabinet officer, 75, London, Eng., Aug. 13. TOLSTOY, Count Leo, Russian novelist and reformer, 82, Astapova, Russia, Nov. 20.

and reformer, 82, Astapova, Russia, Nov. 20.

March 19-The House of Representatives adopted an amendment to the rules requiring the Committee on Rules to be elected by the House instead of being appointed by the Speaker and excluding the Speaker from membership of the committee, thus overthrowing the system of one-man rule in the House of Representatives popularly designated as "CannonIsm."

VANDAL, Louis Jules Albert, French his

torical writer and academician. 57. Paris, France, Aug. 30.

VEZIN, Hermann, actor, 81, London, Eng., June 12.

WIGGINS, L. Stone, Canadian weather prophet, 71, Ottawa, Canada, Aug. 14. WILLIAMS, Juan, vice-admiral of the Chilian navy, Santiago de Chill, June 25.

March 23-Oxford University defeated Cambridge in the 67th annual four-mile boat race on the Thames, winning in 20 minutes 14 seconds.

March 28-The Prince of Monaco granted his subjects universal suffrage and a parliamentary form of government.

March 29-The New York State Senate found State Senator Jotham P. Allds guilty of bribery by a vote of 40 to 9. Allds resigned before action could be taken to expel him.

March 31-President Taft signed the last of a series of proclamations announcing that all the other nations of the world, with their colonies and dependencles, were entitled to export goods to the United States under the provisions of the minimum schedule of the Payne Tariff law.

April 4-Benn Conger, New York State Senator, resigned rather than face an investigation as a bribe giver in the Allds case.

April 4-The Maryland Senate ratified the income tax amendment to the federal Constitution, completing the state's approval of the amendment.

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the Republicans and Independent Democrats.

April 15-The United States Steel Corporation announced the institution of a voluntary "employers' liability" relief system for the benefit of its employes.

April 25-Count Zeppelin's dirigible airship, Zeppelin II, was destroyed, breaking loose from its moorings at Lemburg-Ander-Lahn, Germany.

April 25-Elections for a new French Chamber of Deputies resulted in a victory for the parties of the Left, the so-called "Republican bloc."

May 4-An earthquake destroyed the Costa Rican city of Cartago. The dead numbered over a thousand.

May 6-Edward VII. King of Great Britain and Ireland, died and was succeeded by George V.

May 9-President Taft approved an act passed by Congress providing for the removal of the wreck of the battleship Maine from the harbor of Havana, Cuba.

May 18-The tail of Halley's comet passed through or near the earth's atmospheric envelope. No disturbing phenomena were observed.

May 21-By the will of Isaac C. Wyman, of Salem, Mass., Princeton University received a bequest from his estate estimated at $10,000,000.

May 26-The French submarine Pluviose, with a crew of twenty-seven men, was sunk in the harbor of Calais by a collision with a Channel steamer.

May 31-The union of the South African British colonies-Cape Colony, Orange River Colony, Natal and the Transvaalwas effected, Viscount Gladstone being inducted into office as Governor General of the Union.

June 10-Charles R. Heike, secretary of the American Sugar Refining Company of New Jersey, was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud the United States government of customs duties.

June 18-Ex-President Roosevelt landed in New York City, after an absence of more than a year in Africa and Europe.

June 18-President Taft approved an act of Congress providing for the admission of the territories of Arizona and New Mexico to statehood.

June 26-President Porfirio Diaz and Vice-President Rama Corral of Mexico were re-elected for six-year terms by an overwhelming popular majority.

June 28-The Zeppelin dirigible airship Deutschland was wrecked in a storm and destroyed in the Teutoburgian forest, Germany.

July 4-Melville W. Fuller, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, died at Sorrento, Me.

July 12-The lower branch of the General Assembly of Georgia ratified the income tax amendment to the federal constitution, completing the state's approval of the amendment.

July 21-An explosion at gun practice at Fort Monroe, Virginia, killed eight men and fatally injured two others.

July 30 to August 10-Diplomatic relations between the Spanish governinent and the Vatican became strained, and the Marquis de Ojeda, the Spanish Ambassador to the Vatican, was recalled. Differ


as to decrees of the government compelling religious orders to register and authorizing dissident sects to display the

emblems of public worship creating much disturbance in Spain, and threatening a Carlist uprising.

August 1-Dr. Hawley H. Crippen, accused of murdering his wife in London, was arrested on the Canadian Pacific steamship Montrose at Father Point, Quebec, in company with Ethel C. Leneve, who fled with him.

August 8 to 14-Floods in Japan, especially in Tokio, caused great property losses, 1,112 persons being returned dead or missing.

August 9--William J. Gaynor, Mayor of New York, was shot on board the steamer Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse at Hoboken, N. J., the assailant being a discharged city employe, James J. Gallagher.


August 9-An attempted revolt against the government of Honduras proved failure, an expedition under General Bonilla abandoning Honduras and taking refuge in Guatemala.

August 10-Robert Lorraine flew across the Irish Sea from Blackpool, England, to Llandudno, Wales, a distance of about

fifty miles.

August 13-Fire destroyed part of the buildings of the Belgium Exposition at Brussels, many valuable exhibits being consumed. The loss was estimated at about $10,000,000.

August 20 to 27-Forest fires in Eastern Washington, Idaho and Western Montana caused great destruction and loss of life.

August 22-The forces of General Juan J. Estrada entered Managua, Nicaragua, and General Estrada was proclaimed provisional President of Nicaragua, President Madriz fled from the capital on August 21 and took refuge in Honduras.

August 28-The principality of Montenegro was elevated to the rank of a kingdom, Prince Nicholas assuming the title of king.

August 29-The former kingdom of Corea was formally annexed by Japan. The treaty of annexation was signed on August 22.

August 30-Juan J. Estrada, provisional President of Nicaragua, was installed in the presidency at Managua and appointed a cabinet.

September 5-At a meeting of the British Association at Sheffield, England, Drs. Russell and Hutchinson announced the discovery of the micro-organism which destroys the bacteria essential to the fertility of the soil.

September 5-Mme. Sklodowska Curie announced to the Academy of Sciences in Paris that she had succeeded in obtaining pure radium. September 6-John B. Moisant completed his aeroplane trip with a passenger from Paris to London. He flew from Paris to Deal, England, on August 16-17, but was delayed more than two weeks in completing the voyage by a series of mishaps. September 6-Vice-President Elias F. Albano, Acting President of Chili, died at Santiago de Chili.

September 7-The Newfoundland fisheries dispute between the United States and Great Britain was decided by the Hague Arbitration Court, Great Britain winning on two of the points and the United States on five of the points submitted.

September 7-The Democratic memers of the Pinchot-Ballinger investigation committee, in co-operation with

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states of the Union met in conference at Frankfort, Ky., to discuss the issues confronting the various states.

December 5-The third session of the Sixty-first Congress opened.

Islands, which in 1903 had a population of 7,635,426.

December 10-A mutinous naval battalion on Cobra Island, in the Bay of Rio de Janeiro, joined by the scoutship December 7-The majority of the Rio Grande, surrendered to the Brajoint committee charged with the in- zilian Government after a severe artilvestigation of the Pinchot-Ballinger lery engagement, in which two hundred controversy submitted a report exon- of the rebels were killed and wounded. erating Richard A. Ballinger from all December 14-Andrew Carnegie transblame in connection with the Glavis ferred to a board of trustees $10,000,000 charges and the charges of Gifford in 5 per cent first mortgage bonds, the Pinchot and his associates in the Bu-income of which is to be used to hasten reau of Forestry. the abolition of international war and establish a lasting world's peace.

December 9-M. Legagneaux, a French aviator, broke the world's record for high flight at Pau, France, going up 10,499 feet.

December 19-An explosion in the power house at the Grand Central Railroad Station, New York City, killed ten persons and injured over a hundred. December 19-Parliamentary elections in England closed with a coalition majority of the government party of 126, two more than the combined advantage over the Unionists in the preceding Par

December 10--The Director of the Census announces that the population of continental United States is 91,972,266; of the United States, inclusive of Alaska (64,356), Hawaii (191,909) and Porto Rico (1,118,012), 93,402,151, to which must be added the Philippine | liament.




Mileage--Arizona & California Ry. Co., 106.84; Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry Co., 7,458.47; Beaumont Wharf & Terminal Co., 2.75; Eastern Ry. Co. of New Mexico, 227.29; Grand Canyon Ry Co., 66.89; Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Ry. Co., 1,518.18; Pecos & Northern Texas Ry. Co., 151.82; Pecos River R. R. Co., 54.27; Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix Ry. Co., 257.40; Southern Kansas Ry. Co. of Texas, 125.07; Texas & Gulf Ry. Co., 740.18; total, 10,043.16.

Operating Revenues-$104,993,194 67.

Operating Expenses-$69,761,819 67.
Rate of Dividend-Six per cent.

Officers Edward P. Ripley, president; J. W. Kendrick, G. T. Nicholson, W. B. Jansen, W. E. Hodges and W. B. Storey, jr., vice-presidents; directors, Howel Jones, Edward P. Ripley, Byron L. Smith, Charles Steele, H. Rieman Duval, Thomas P. Fowler, Charles S. Gleed, Walker D. Hines, Edward J. Berwind, Henry C. Frick, Andrew C. Jobes, John G. McCullough, Benjamin P. Cheney, Paul Morton and T. De Witt Cuyler.


Mileage-Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Co., 3.992.42; Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling Ry. Co., 194 88: Cleveland Terminal & Valley R. R. Co., 92.72; Ohio & Little Kanawha R. R. Co., 74.20; Ravenswood, Spencer & Glenville Ry. Co., 32.40; Sharpsville R. R. Co., 17.75; Staten Island Ry. Co., 12.65; Staten Island Rapid Transit Co., 10.87; Valley R. R. Co., of Virginia, 62.12: total. 4,490.07.

Operating Revenues-$88,901,252 37.
Operating Expenses-$61,333,800 79.

Last Rate of Dividend-Six per cent.

Officers President, Daniel Willard; first vice-president, George F. Randolph; directors, Oscar G. Murray, chairman; Edward R. Bacon, Joseph R. Foard, John P. Green, R. Brent Keyser, L. F. Loree, R. S. Lovett, Samuel Rea, Norman B. Ream, James Speyer, James Stillman and Joseph Wood.


Mileage-Boston & Maine R. R., 2,242.80; Maine Central R. R. Co., 931.40; St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain R. R. Co., 125.50; Somerset Ry. Co., 93.91; Sullivan County R. R., 26; Vermont Valley R. R., 24; Washington County Ry. Co., 138.78; York Harbor & Beach R. R. Co., 11.51; total, 3,593.90.

Operating Revenues-$43,357.178.

Operating Expenses-$31,336,324.
Rate of Dividend-Six per cent.

Officers President, Lucius Tuttle; directors, C. S. Mellen, F. C. Dumaine, J. E. Staples, E. S. Marshall, S. W. Junkins and Joseph W. Symonds.


Mileage- Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. Co.. 9.020.82; Colorado & Southern Ry. Co., 1,249.76; Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Ry. Co., 74.30; Fort Worth & Denver City Ry. Co., 454.14; Quincy, Omaha & Kansas City R. R. Co.,

262; Trinity & Brazos Valley Ry. Co., 455.21; Wichita Valley Ry. Co., 174.40; total, 11,690.63.

Operating Revenue-$87,869,517.
Operating Expenses-$63,010,965.

Rate of Dividend-Eight per cent.

Officers President, Darius Miller; vice-presidents, H. E. Byram, C. G. Burnham, Thomas S. Howland and W. W. Baldwin; directors, George B. Harris, chairman: George F. Baker, George C. Clark, William P. Clough, James N. Hill, Norman B. Ream, John F. Talmage. Samuel Thorne, Darius Miller, Howard Elliott and James J. Hill.


Mileage Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. Co., 7,511.56; Montana R. R. Co., 155.30; Tacoma Eastern R. R. Co., 91.91; total, 7,758.77.

Operating Revenue-$64.846,894.

Operating Expenses-$47,20,370.

Rate of Divindend-Seven per cent on both common and preferred stocks. Officers President, A. J. Earling; vice presidents, E. W. McKenna, J. H. Hiland and E. S. Keeley; secretary, E. W. Adams; treasurer, F. G. Ranney.


Mileage Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Co., 1,903; Virginia Air Line Ry. Co., 30; total, 1,933.

Operating Revennes--$31,237,169.
Operating Expenses-$18,936,699.
Rate of Dividend-Five per cent.

Officers-President, Frank Trumbull; directors, Decatur Axtell, James H. Dooley, Edwin Hawley, Henry E. Huntington, Frederic W. Scott, Theodore P. Shonts, George W. Stevens, Frank Trumbull and Frank A. Vanderlip.


Mileage Chicago & Northwestern Ry. Co., 7,635.49; Macoupin County Ry. Co., 23.90; Pierre & Fort Pierre Bridge Ry. Co., 1.82; Wyoming & Northwestern Ry. Co., 147.89; total, 7,809.10.

Operating Revenues-$74.175,684.

Operating Expenses-$52,153,619.

Rate of Dividend-Eight per cent on preferred stock; 7 per cent on common


Officers President, Marvin Hughitt; directors, Marvin Hughitt. Frank Work, James Stillman, Oliver Ames, Zenas Crane, William A. Gardner, W. K. Vanderbilt, F. W. Vanderbilt, Byron L. Smith, Cyrus H. McCormick, Chauncey Keep. Chauncey M. Depew, James C. Fargo, Henry C. Frick, David P. Kimball, John V. Farwell and Homer A. Miller.


Mileage--Bath & Hammondsport R. R. Co., 10.00; Chicago & Erie R. R. Co.. 209.56; Erie R. R. Co., 1,901.60; New Jersey & New York R, R. Co., 47.76; New York, Susquehanna & Western R. R. Co., 151.44; Wilkes-Barre & Eastern R. R. Co., 92.36; total, 2,472.72.

Operating Revenue-$54,866,189.
Operating Expenses-$37,725,575.
Rate of Dividend-None.

Officers President-F. D. Underwood; directors, George F. Baker, Elbert H.
Gary, James J. Goodwin, William Pierson Hamilton, Leonor F. Loree, Robert S.
Lovett, John G. McCullough, Ogden Mills, Charles A. Peabody, George W. Per-
kins, Norman B. Ream, G. A. Richardson, Charles Steele and Francis Lynde


Mileage Farmers' Grain & Shipping Co., 66 12; Great Northern Ry. Co., 6.901.88; Minneapolis Western Ry. Co., 2.03; total, 7,030.03.

Operating Revenue-$64.465,369,

Operating Expenses-$39,278,096.
Rate of Dividend-Seven per cent.

Officers President, Louis W. Hill; directors, Henry W. Cannon, William B.
Dean, Samuel Thorne, James J. Hill. Frederick Weyerhæuser, Edward T. Nichols,
Robert L. Farrington and Edward Sawyer.


Mileage Central of Georgia Ry. Co., 1,915.85: Illinois Central R. R. Co., 4,550.54; Indianapolis Southern R. R Co., 179.26; Louisville & Wadley R. R. Co., 10.00; Omaha Bridge & Terminal Ry. Co., 9.84: St Louis, Belleville & Southern Ry. Co., 13.00; Wadley Southern Ry. Co., 90.00; Wrightsville & Tennille R. R. Co., 105.17; Yazoo & Mississippi Valley R. R. Co., 1,370.66; total. 8,244.32.

Operating Revenue-$57.884.721.
Operating Expenses-$43,320,730.
Rate of Dividend-Six per cent.

Cornellus Vanderbilt.

Officers President, Charles H. Markham: directors. Henry W. De Forest, Robert S. Lovett, John Jacob Astor, J. Ogden Armour, Charles A. Peabody, John G. Shedd, Alexander G. Hackstaf, Walther Luttgen, John W. Auchincloss and Robert Walton Goelet.

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