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Irene Ashby Macfadyen, Lunderston, Plumstead. Natal: Women's Suffrage League; president, Mrs. Oona Anketill, 160 Bellevue road, Durban.

Sweden-Landsforeningen för Kvinnans Politiska Röstratt; president, Dr. Lydia Wahlström, 22 Johannesgatan, Stockholm.

Switzerland-Verband für Frauenstimmrecht; president, M. M. de Morsler, Dep

uty, Geneva.

The United States-National-American Woman Suffrage Association; president, Rev. Anna H. Shaw, Moylan, Penn.

Affiliated committees are:

Austria-Frau E. von Furth, VIII Reichsratsgasse, Vienna.
Bohemia-Miss M. Stepankova, 23 Vsehrdova, Prague III.


This organization was formerly called the Equality League of Self-Supporting Women. Its headquarters are at No. 46 East 29th street, New York City. The officers are: Founder and president, Harriot Stanton Blatch; vice-president, Elizabeth Ellsworth Cook; secretary, L. L. Dock; treasurer, Marcia Townsend; auditor, Kate H. Cleghorn; executive board, Eunice Dana Brannan, Nora Blatch de Forest, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Clara Grymes, Florence Kelley, Caroline Lexow, Mary Murphy, Alice J. G. Perkins, Bertha Rembaugh and Sarah Splint.


On December 14, 1910. Andrew Carnegie transferred to a board of trustees $10,000,000 in 5 per cent first mortgage bonds, valued at $11,500,000, the revenue of which will be used to hasten the abolition of international war and establish a lasting world peace. The method by which the annual income of half a million dollars shall be expended is left by Mr. Carnegie entirely in the hands of the trustees. The foundation is to be perpetual. and, when the establishment of universal peace is attained, the donor provides that the revenue shall be devoted to the banishment of the "next most degrading evil or evils," the suppression of which would "most advance the progress, elevation and happiness of man.'

The trustees of the fund are Elihu Root, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Dr. Henry S. Pritchett, Joseph H. Choate, Albert K. Smiley, Charles W. Eliot, James Brown Scott, John W. Foster, Andrew J. Montague, William M. Howard, Trustees of Thomas Burke, James L. Slayden, Andrew D. White, Robert S. the Fund. Brookings, Samuel Mather, J. G. Schmidlapp, Arthur William Foster, R. A. Franks, Charlemagne Tower, Oscar Straus, Austen G. Fox, John L. Cadwalader, John Sharp Williams, C. L. Taylor, George W. Perkins, Robert S. Woodward and Cleveland H. Dodge. Senator Root was chosen president of the board and James Brown Scott, Solicitor of the State Department, secretary.


To keep this record complete and continuous deaths are included which occurred after December 24, 1909.


AGASSIZ, Alexander, scientist, 75,


sea. March 28. ALEXANDER, Edward P., brigadier general, C. S. A., military critic, 74. Savannah, Ga., April 28. AMES, James B., dean of the Harvard Law School, writer on legal subjects, 63. Cambridge, Mass., January 8. ANDERSON, A. L., brigadier general, U. S. A., 75, Santa Barbara, Cal., June 9.

ANDREWS, Wesley R., Pennsylvania editor and politician, 72, Washington, D. C.. February 5.

ATKINSON. Louis E., ex-Representative
from Pennsylvania, 69, Mifflin, Penn.,
February 5.

ATWATER, John M., ex-Representative
in Congress from North Carolina, 77,
Durham, N. C., July 5.
BALLANCE. John G., brigadier general,
U. S. A. (retired), -, Miami, Fla.,
February 11.

BARKER, George Frederick, physicist
and inventor of scientific apparatus,
78. Philadelphia, Penn., May 25.
BARTLETT. Edward T., associate judge,
New York Court of Appeals, 68, Al-
bany, N. Y., May 8.

BENEDICT, Frank Lee, magazine editor and author, 76, Philadelphia, Penn., December 17.

BEARD, W. D., Chief Justice of the Su-
preme Court of Tennessee, 73, Nashville,
Tenn., Dec. 7.

BEVERIDGE, John L., ex-Governor of
Illinois, ex-Representative in Congress
from Illinois, 86, Hollywood, Cal.,
May 3.

BIDDLE, Craig, Philadelphia jurist, 87,
Philadelphia, Penn., July 26.

BIDDLE, James, brigadier general, U.
S. A. (retired), 78, Berkeley Springs,
W. Va., June 9.
BLACKWELL, Dr. Emily, physician and
hospital founder and worker, 84, York,
Me.. September 8.
BLODGETT, Rufus, ex-United States
Senator from New Jersey, 76, Long
Branch, N. J., October 3.

BOWERS, Lloyd W., Solicitor General of
the United States, 51, Boston, Mass.,
September 9.

BOWNE. the Rev. Dr. Borden P.. teacher and philosophical and theological writer. 63. Brookline, Mass.. April 1. BRADLEY, Luther P., brigadier general, U. S. A. (retired), 87, Tacoma, Wash.. March 13.

BRADY, the Rt. Rev. John,

Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop of Boston, 67, Boston, Mass., January 6. BRAYTON, Charles R., brevet brigadier general, U. S. V., Rhode Island polltician, 70, Providence, R. I., September 23. BREWER, David J., Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, 72, Washington, D. C., March 28.

BREWER, William H., geographer and explorer, 82, New Haven, Conn., November 2.

BROWARD, Napoleon B., ex-Governor' of Florida, 53, Jacksonville, Fla., October 1.

BRYANT, David E., United States District Judge for the eastern district of Texas, 60, St. Louis, Mo., February 5. BURGESS, Neil, actor, 58, New York City, February 19.

BYRNES, Thomas, New York police superintendent, 68, New York City, May 7.

CANDLER, Allen D., ex-Governor of Georgia, ex-Representative in Congress from Georgia, 66, Atlanta, Ga., October 26.

CALL, Wilkinson, ex-United States Senator from Florida, 76, Washington, D. C., August 24.

CARR, Eugene A., major general U. S.
A. (retired), 80, Washington, D. C.,
Dec. 2.

CARLISLE, John G., ex-Speaker of the
House of Representatives, ex-United
States Senator from Kentucky, ex-Sec-
retary of the Treasury, 75, New York
City, July 31.

Henry Guy, author and playwright, 64, Hot Springs, Ark., December 10.

CHANUTE, Octave, engineer and pioneer in air navigation, 78, Chicago, Ill., November 23.

CLAY, Alexander S., United States Senator from Georgia, 57, Atlanta, Ga., November 13.

CLEMENS, Samuel L. ("Mark Twain"), author and humorist, 74, Redding, Conn., April 21.

CLEMENT, Clay, actor and dramatist, 46. Kansas City, Mo., February 21. CLARKE, Creston, actor, 44, Asheville, N. C., March 21. CONVERSE, John H., locomotive builder and philanthropist, 69, Rosemont, Pa., May 3.

COMSTOCK, Cyrus B., brigadier general, U. S. A. (retired), 79, New York City,

May 28.

[blocks in formation]

in Congress from Virginia, 67, Lynet burg, Va., June 29. DAVIS, Mrs. Rebecca Harding, author. 80, Mt. Kisco, N. Y., September 29 DAY, the Rev. Dr. Charles Orrin, the logian, ex-president Andover Theologi cal Seminary, 58, Andover, Mass. April 5. DAYTON, Charles W., Justice of the Spreme Court of New York, ex-Postm.aster of New York City, 64, New York City, Dec. 7.

DEXTER, Henry, founder and presiden
American News Company, philaci
thropist, 97, New York City, July 11
DICKINS, Francis W., rear admiral,
S. N. (retired), 65, New York City
September 15.

DILL, James B., ex-judge of the New
Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals
corporation lawyer, 56, Orange, N. J.
Dec. 2.

DOLLIVER, Jonathan P., United States Senator from Iowa, ex-Representative from Iowa, 52, Fort Dodge, Ia, O tober 15.

DONOHUE, Charles, ex-Justice of the
New York Supreme Court, 87, New
York City, April 16.

DRAPER, William F., brigadier general
U. S. V., ex-Representative in Congress
from Massachusetts, ex-United States
Ambassador to Italy, 67, Washington
D. C., January 28.
DUMONT, James A., ex-supervising 1-
spector general of steam vessels, $7
DUNNE, the Rt. Rev. Edward J., Roms:
Rochester, N. Y., June 14.
Catholic bishop of Dallas, Tex.,
Green Bay, Wis., August 5.
DYER, Nehemiah M.,

rear admiral,
S. N. (retired), 71, Melrose, Mass.,
January 27.

ECKERT, Thomas T., brevet brigadie general, U. S. V., general superintes ent of military telegraph in Civil War. ex-president of the Western Union Telegraph Company, 85, New York City, October 19.

EDDY, Mrs. Mary Baker Glover, founder of the Christian Science Church, Chestnut Hill, Mass., Dec. 3. EDWARDS, Julien, composer, 55, Yonkers, N. Y., September 4. ENTWISTLE, James, rear admiral, S. N. (retired), 71, Paterson, N. J March 23. EVERETT, William, ex-Representative in Congress from Massachusetts clergyman and author, 70, Quincy Mass., February 16. FIGUERAS, José M., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Porto Rico, San Juan, P. R., Dec. 2. FINN, Daniel E., New York City magis trate and politician, 64, New Yor City, March 23.

FOOTE, Wallace T., jr., ex-Represents tive in Congress from New York, New York City, December 17. FOSS, the Rev. Dr. Cyrus D., Methodis Episcopal bishop. 75, Philadelphia Penn., January 29. FOSTER, Mrs. Judith Ellen H., lecturer and reformer, 70, Washington, D. C. August 11.

FOULKROD, William W., Representa tive in Congress from Pennsylvania 63. Philadelphia, Penn., November 13 FOX, James D., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri, 63, St. Louis Mo., October 6.

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FRENCH, Samuel G., major general, C.
S. A., 91, Florala, Ala., April 20.
FULLER, Melville W., Chief Justice of
the United States Supreme Court, 77,
Sorrento, Me., July 4.
GANS, Joe, prize fighter, 34, Baltimore,
Md., August 10.
GARDINER, Mills, ex-Representative in
Congress from Ohio, 80, Washington
Court House, Ohio, February 20.
GENTH, Frederick A., chemist and min-
eralogist, 55, Lansdowne, Penn., Sep-
tember 2.

GILLIS, James H., Rear Admiral, U. S.
N. (retired), 79, Melbourne Beach, Fla.,
Dec. 6.

GILIBERT, Charles, opera singer, 44,
New York City, October 11.
GOBIN, J. P. S., brigadier general, U. S.
V., ex-Lieutenant Governor of Penn-
sylvania, major general Pennsylvania
National Guard, 73, Lebanon, Penn.,
May 1.

GOODYEAR, Ellsworth D. S., brigadier general, U. S. V., 84, North Haven, Conn., September 3.

GRANT, Hugh G., ex-Mayor of New York, 52, New York City, November 3. GRIGGS, James M., Representative in Congress from Georgia, 48, Dawson, Ga., January 5.

HAMMOND, the Rev. Edward Payson, evangelist and religious writer, 78, Hartford, Conn., August 14. HANSON, John F., Georgia railroad man, 70, Atlanta, Ga., December 15. HARRIS, A. B., ex-Governor of Louisiana, Chicago, Ill., April 13. HARRIS, Joseph S., ex-President of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad, 74, Philadelphia, Penn., June 2. HASBROUCK, Henry C., Brigadier General, U. S. A. (retired), 71, Newburg, N. Y., Dec. 17.


HAWKINS, Hamilton S., brigadier gen-
eral, U. S. A. (retired). 75, Glens
Springs, N. Y., March 27.
HIBBARD, George A., ex-Mayor of Bos-
ton, 46, Boston, Mass., May 29,
HICHBORN, Philip, rear admiral, U. S.
N. (retired), naval constructor,
Washington, D. C., May 1.
HILL, David B., political leader,
Governor of New York,
States Senator from New York,
Albany, N. Y., October 20.
HOMER, Winslow, painter, 74, Scarboro,
Me., September 30.


ex-United 67,

HOWE. Mrs. Julia Ward, author and philanthropist, 91, Middletown, R. 1., October 17.

HOYT, Henry M., counsellor for the Department of State, ex-Solicitor General of the United States, 53, Washington, D. C., November 20.

HUYLER, John S., candy manufacturer and philanthropist, 64, Rye, N. Y., October 1.

JAMES, Louis, actor, 67, Helena, Mont., March 5.

JAMES, William, philosopher, 68, Chocorua, N. H., August 26. JOURDAN, James, major general, U. S.

V., Brooklyn politician and business man, 79, Brooklyn, N. Y.. November 1. JOHNSTON, George D., brigadier general, C. S. A., ex-United States Civil Service Commissioner, 78, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Dec. 8.

JOHNSTONE, Ralph, aviator, holder of

world's record for high flight, 30, Denver, Col., November 17. JONES, Alford M. ("Long Jones"), Illinois politician, 73, Milwaukee, Wis., July 10. KASSON, John A., ex-Representative in Congress from Iowa, ex-United States Minister to Austria-Hungary and to Germany, diplomat and author, 88, Washington, D. C., May 18.

KELLY, Myra (Mrs. Allan MacNaughtan). short-story writer, Forgway, England, March 31.

KENDALL, Ezra F., comedian, 48, Martinsville, Ind., January 23. KEYES, Elisha W., Wisconsin politician, 82, Madison, Wis., Nov. 30. KING, Adam E., ex-United States Consul General at Paris, Maryland politiclan, 67. Baltimore, Md., November 19. LA FARGE, John, painter and glass and mural decorator, 75, Providence, R. I., November 14.


LANDON, Melville De Lancey ("Eli
Perkins"), humorist and lecturer, 71,
Yonkers, N. Y., December 16.
lover and philanthropist, 87, Portage,
N. Y., Dec. 1.
LOOKER, Thomas H., commodore, U. S.
N. (retired), ex-Paymaster General in
the Navy, 80, Washington, D. C..
July 25.
LINNEY, Romulus Z., ex-Representative
in Congress from North Carolina, 68,
Taylorsville, N. C., April 16.
LOVERING, William C., Representative
in Congress from Massachusetts, 75,
Washington, D. C., February 4.
LOWRY, Robert, brigadier general, C.
S. A., ex-Governor of Mississippi, 78,
Jackson, Miss., January 19.
MCCALLA, Bowman H., rear admiral,
U. S. N. (retired), 65, Santa Barbara,
Cal., May 6.

MCENERY, Samuel D., United States
Senator from Louisiana, ex-Governor
of Louisiana, ex-Justice of the Supreme
Court of Louisiana, 83, New Orleans,
La., June 28.

MCGRAW, John H., ex-Governor of Washington, 60, Seattle, Wash., June

23. McVICKAR, the Rt. Rev. William N., Protestant Episcopal bishop of Rhode Island, 67. Beverly, Mass., June 28. MARSHALL, James W., ex-Postmaster General, ex-First Assistant Postmaster General, 87, Washington, D. C., February 5. MAXWELL, J. Rogers, financier and yachtsman, 64, Brooklyn, December 11. MERRITT, Wesley, Major General, U. S. A. (retired), 74, Natural Bridge, Va., Dec. 3.

MEYER. Cord, New York business man and politician, 56, Great Neck, L. I.. October 11.

MICKEY, John H., ex-Governor of Nebraska, 60, Osceola, Neb., June 2. MILLS. D. O., pioneer, banker and philanthropist, 84, Millbrae, Cal., January 3.

MOODY, William V., poet and playwright, 41, Colorado Springs, Col., October 17.

MUNGER, the Rev. Dr. Theodore T., religious writer, 79, New Haven, Conn., January 11.

NILES, William H., geologist and teacher, 72, Boston, Mass., September 13.

OAKES, James, brigadier general, U. S. V., 85, Washington, D. C., November 27. OVERSTREET, Jesse, ex-Representative in Congress from Indiana, 50, Indianapolis, Ind., May 27.

OATES, William C., ex-Governor of Ala- | SILLIMAN, Horace B., philanthropist,
bama, Representative in Congress from 84, Cohoes, N. Y., May 4.
Alabama, colonel, C. S. A., and briga- SEWARD, George F., insurance prest-
dier general, U. S. V., 75, Montgomery,
dent, ex-United States Minister to
Ala., September 9.
Korea and to China, 70, New York
City, November 28.
SIMMONS, J. Edward, financler and
banker, 58, Lake Mohonk, N. Y., Au-
gust 5.
SMITH, Charles Sprague, sociologist.
founder of the People's Institute, New
York City, 56, Montclair, N. J., March
SPAETH, the Rev. Dr. Adolph, Lutheran
theologian, 69, Philadelphia, Penn,
June 27.
SPELLMEYER, the Rev. Dr. Henry.
Methodist Episcopal bishop, 62, At-
lantic City, March 12.
STANLEY, W. E., ex-Governor of Kan-
sas, 62, Wichita, Kan., October 13.
STEVENS, John Austin, patriotic organ-
izer and writer, 83, Newport, R. I..
June 16.

PAINE, Robert Treat, philanthropist,
president of the American Peace So-
ciety, 74, Waltham, Mass., August 11.
PATTERSON, Edward, ex-Justice of the
Supreme Court of New York, 79, New
York, January 28,
PATTERSON, Robert W., editor of the
Chicago Tribune, 59, Philadelphia,
Penn., April 1.


PEAK, John L.. ex-Minister of the
United States to Switzerland, 71, Kan-
sas City, Mo., September 24.
PERKINS, James B., Representative in
Congress from New York, 62, Wash-
ington, D. C., March 11.
PLATT, Thomas C., ex-United

Senator from New York, ex-Repre-
sentative in Congress from New York,
77, New York City, March 6.
PORTER, William Sidney ("O. Henry"),
short story writer, 43, New York City,
June 5.

[blocks in formation]

ROELKER, Charles R., rear admiral, U.
S. N. (retired), 69, Washington, D. C.,
September 29.

ROLFE, William J., scholar and Shake-
spearean editor, 83, Tisbury, Mass.,
July 7.

ROSSER, Thomas L., major general, C.
S. A.. brigadier general, U. S. V., 73,
Charlottsville, Va., March 29.
ROSSITER, Edward Van Wyck, New
York railroad man, 66, New York
City, December 11.
RUCKER, Daniel H., brigadier general,
U. S. A. (retired), former quarter-
master general of the army, 98, Wash-
ington, D. C., January 6.
RUGG, the Rev. Dr. Henry W., Masonic
writer and official, 78, Providence, R.
I., July 21.

SAVAGE, Mrs. Richard Henry, lecturer
and writer, 67, New York City, July 7.
SCHOEFFEL, Agnes Booth, actress, 63,
Brookline, Mass., January 2.
SCHAEFER, Jacob, billiardist, 54, Den-

ver, Col., March 8. SCOTT, Harvey W., journalist, editor of "The Portland Oregonian," 72, Baltimore, Md., August 7. SHEPHERD, James E., ex-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, 62, Baltimore, Md., February 7.

SULLIVAN, Daniels ("Daniel Sully"). actor, 54, Woodstock, N. Y.. June 25 SUMNER, William G., Yale University

professor, writer and lecturer on po litical economy, 70, Englewood, N. J. April 12.

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SWOPE, John A., ex-Representative in
Congress from Pennsylvania, 87, Wash-
ington, D. C., Dec. 6.

TAYLER, Robert W., United States Dis-
trict Judge for the Northern District
of Ohio, ex-Representative in Congress
from Ohio, 58, Cleveland, Ohio, No-
vember 26.
TAYLOR, Horace A., ex-Assistant Sec-!
retary of the Treasury and ex-United
States Commissioner of Railroads, 73
Washington, D. C., August 5.
TERRELL, Edward H., ex-United States
Minister to Belgium, 62, San Antonio,
Tex., July 1.

THOMPSON, Albert C., United States
District Judge for the Southern Dis-
trict of Ohio, ex-Representative in
Congress from Ohio, 67, Cincinnati ||
Ohio, January 26.

TIRRELL, Charles I., Representative in
Congress from Massachusetts,
Natick, Mass., July 31.
TRASK. Spencer, banker and philan-
thropist, 65, Croton, N. Y.. December
31, 1909.
TREAT, Charles H., ex-Treasurer of the
United States, 68, New York City.
May 31.

TREE, Lambert, ex-United States Min-
ister to Belgium and to Russia, 7.
New York City, October 9.
TREMAIN, Henry E., brigadier general.
U. S. V., New York, lawyer and jour-
nalist, 70. New York City, Dec. 9.
TRUAX, Charles H., ex-Justice of the

Supreme Court of New York, 63, New
York City, January 14.
TURLEY, Thomas B., ex-United States
Senator from Tennessee, 65, Memphis,
Tenn.. July 1.
TWOMBLY. Hamilton McK., railroad
manager, 60, Morristown, N. J., Janu-
ary 11.

VAN CLEAVE. James Wallace, expresident National Association of Manufacturers. antagonist of union labor, 61, St. Louis, Mo., May 15. VEEDER, William D., ex-Representativ in Congress from New York, ex-Surrogate of Kings County, 76, Brooklyn,

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N. Y., Dec. 2.

VENABLE, Richard M., Maryland lawyer, 71, Baltimore, Md., July 10. WACHTER, Frank C., ex-Representative in Congress from Maryland, 48, Baltimore, Md., July 1. WALKER, Edwin, Chicago railroad and corporation lawyer, 78, Wequetonsing, Mich., September 3.

WALSH, Thomas F., miner and capitalist, 58, Washington, D. C., April 8. WARD, John Q. A., sculptor, 79, New York City, May 2.

WARD, Leslie D., life insurance director, 65, London, England, July 13. WARNER, Adoniram J., brigadier general, U. S. V., ex-Representative in Congress from Ohio, free silver coinage advocate, 76, Marietta, Ohio, August 13 WERTS, George T., ex-Governor of New Jersey, 63, Jersey City, N. J., January 17. WEBSTER, Sidney, international lawyer, 82 Newport, R. I., May 30. WEIR, Levi C., president of the Adams Express Company, 68, New York City, March 28. WETMORE, Moses C., Missouri, tobacco manufacturer and political manager, 65, St. Louis, Nov. 26. WEYMOUTH, George W., ex-Representative in Congress from Massachusetts, 60, Bingham, Me., September 7. WHITNEY, James L., librarian, head of the Boston library, 74, Cambridge, Mass., September 25. WHITNEY, Myron W., singer, 74, Sandwich, Mass., September 19. WILSON, Richard T., New York banker, 79, New York City, November 26. WILLIAMS, George H., ex-Chief Justice of the Territory of Oregon, ex-United States Senator from Oregon, ex-Attorney General of the United States, 87, Portland, Ore., April 4. WILLIAMS, Rt. Rev. Channing Moore, Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Japan, 82, Richmond, Va., Dec. 2. WILSON, Francis H.. ex-Representative in Congress from New York, exPostmaster of Brooklyn, 66, Brooklyn, N. Y., September 25. WILSON, Thomas, ex-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Minnesota, exRepresentative in Congress from Minnesota, 82, St. Paul, Minn., April 3. WOLVERTON, Simon P., ex-Representative in Congress from Pennsylvania, 73, Sunbury, Penn., October 25.

NOTABLE DEATHS ABROAD. AGNEW, Sir William, publisher of London "Punch," 85, London, Eng., Oct. 31. ALBANO, Elias Fernandes, Vice-President of Chill and Acting President. Santiago, Chill, Sept. 6. ALEXIS. Nord, ex-President of Hayti, 92, Kingston, Jamaica, May 1. AZAD EL-MULK, Regent of Persia, 72, Teheran, Persia, Sept. 22. BAHADUR, Sald Mohammed Rakhim, Khan of Khiva, 65, Khiva, Aug. 29. BARBOUX, Henri, French Academician,

74. Paris, France, April 25. BJORNSON, Björnstjerne, Norwegian poet, novelist, dramatist and publicist, 78, Paris, France, April 20. BOCK, Gustav, Cuban cigar manufacturer, 73, Havana, Cuba, Feb. 15. BORJA, Cæsar, Ecuadoran Minister of

Finance and Public Credit, ex-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, 58, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Feb. 1. CHARTRES, Duke of, French Orleanist leader and soldier in the United States, 70, Paris, France, Dec. 5. CHAVEZ, George, aviator, mortally injured in alighting from flight across the Alps from Brieg, Switzerland, Domo d'Ossola, Italy, 23, Domo d'Ossola, Italy, Sept. 27. CHULALONGKORN I, King of Siam, 57, Bangkok, Siam, Oct. 23. COLONNE, Edouard, French, musical and conductor, 71, Paris, France, March 28.



DE BEYLIE, Leon Marie Eugene, French
archæologist, 61, Saigon, Cochin China,
July 17.
DELAGRANGE, Leon, French aviator,
Bordeaux, France, Jan. 4.

DELISLE, Leopold Victor, French historian and academician, 84, Paris, France, July 22.


DE VOGUE, Viscount Marie-Eugene-Melchoir, French author and academician, 61, Paris, France, March 24. DUNANT, Henri, Swiss humanitarian, founder of the International Red Cross Society,, Heiden, Switzerland, Oct. EDWARD VII, King of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of India, 68, London, Eng., May 7. ERBSLOEH, Oscar, German aeronaut and inventor, Leichlingen, Germany, July 13. FAHLBERG, Charles, chemist and Codiscoverer with Dr. ira Remsen, of Saccharin, Bad Nassau, Germany, Aug. 16. FURNIVALL, Frederick J., philologist.

editor, 85, London, Eng., July 2. FREMIET, Emmanuel, French sculptor, 85, Paris, France, Sept. 11. GALLE, Johann Gottfried, German astronomer, 98, Potsdam, Germany, July


GIFFEN, Sir Robert, English financial writer and statistician, 73, London, Eng., April 12. HUGGINS, Sir William, English astronomer, 86, London, Eng., May 12. HUNT, William Holman, English paint

er and founder of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, 83, London, Eng., Sept. 7. HUTIN, Maurice, ex-President of the

French Panama Canal Company, Paris, France, March 16.

KNAUS, Ludwig, German painter, 81, Berlin, Germany, Dec. 7.

KOCH, Robert, German physician and bacteriologist, 66, Baden-Baden, Germany, May 27.

LEYDEN, Ernst von, German physician and scientist, 78, Berlin, Oct. 5. MACLAGAN, Most Rev. William D., for

mer Archbishop of York, England, 84, London, Eng., Sept. 14. MARISCAL, Ignacio, Secretary of Foreign Relations for Mexico, Mexican statesman, 83, Mexico City, April 16. MATZEN, Henning, Danish member of The Hague Permanent Court of Arbitration, Copenhagen, Denmark, July 18. MANTEGAZZA, Paul, Italian anthropologist, 79, Spezzia, Italy, Aug. 28. MONTT, Pedro, President of Chili, Chilian statesman, 64, Bremen, Germany, Aug. 16. NABUCO, Joaquin, Ambasador of Brazil

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