A School History of Germany: From the Earliest Period to the Establishment of the German Empire in 1871

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D. Appleton & Company, 1874 - Germany - 608 pages

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Page 463 - FIRST BOOK OF BOTANY. Designed to Cultivate the Observing Powers of Children. With 300 Engravings, New and Cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo.
Page 464 - German word, several hundred synonymes, together with a Classification and Alphabetical List of the Irregular Verbs, and a Dictionary of German Abbreviations. The foreign words, likewise, which have not been completely...
Page 464 - The aim of the distinguished author of this work has been to embody nil the valuable results of the most recent investigations in a German Lexicon, which might become not only a reliable guide for the practical acquisition of the language, but one which would not forsake the student in the higher walks of his pursuits, to which its treasures would invite him.
Page 210 - Pope nor the councils alone; both of them having evidently often erred, and contradicted themselves, and since it is neither safe nor advisable to do anything against the conscience. Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise. God help me! Amen!
Page 463 - Astronomy, accompanied with numerous Illustrations, a Colored representation of the Solar, Stellar, and Nebular Spectra, and Celestial Charts of the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.
Page 167 - ... Whitsuntide, 1419. They called themselves God's people, named the hill on which they assembled Mount Tabor, and pledged themselves to exterminate the Moabites and Amalekites; for by this name they designated the adherents of the Pope. Ziska was chosen their leader, and thenceforth assumed the title of " John Ziska of the chalice, Commander in the hope of God of the Taborites.
Page 463 - Natural Philosophy. Revised Edition. Embracing the most recent Discoveries in the various Branches of Physics, and exhibiting the Application of Scientific Principles in Every-day Life. Adapted to use with or without Apparatus, and accompanied with Practical Exercises and numerous Illustrations, izmo.
Page 463 - REVISED, in view of recent discoveries in Physics, and the general acceptance of new theories respecting Heat, Light, and Electricity, the Correlation and Conservation of Forces, etc. The present Edition is in all respects an accurate exponent of the present state of science. Huxley and Youmans's Physiology.. The Elements of Physiology and Hygiene. A Text-Book for Educational Institutions.
Page 464 - Flugel. (The attention which has been paid in Germany to the preparation of English dictionaries for the German student has been such as to render these works very complete. The student. therefore, will scarcely find anything deficient in this Second Part.) An Abridgment of the Above.
Page 464 - Dictionary of German abbreviations. The foreign words, likewise, which have not been completely Germanized, and which often differ in pronunciation and inflection from such as are purely native, have been designated by particular marks. The vocabulary of foreign words, which now act so important a part, not only in scientific works, but in the best classics, reviews, journals, newspapers, and even in conversation, has been copiously supplied from the most complete and correct sources. It is believed...

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