Annual Report of the Board of Education

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1st-72nd include the annual report of the Secretary of the Board.

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Page 331 - A little learning is a dangerous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain. And drinking largely sobers us again.
Page 383 - CAN rules or tutors educate The semigod whom we await? He must be musical, Tremulous, impressional, Alive to gentle influence Of landscape and of sky, And tender to the spirit-touch Of man's or maiden's eye: But, to his native centre fast, Shall into Future fuse the Past, And the world's flowing fates in his own mould recast.
Page 148 - All moneys raised by taxation in the towns and cities for the support of public schools, and all moneys which may be appropriated by the State for the support of common schools, shall be applied to, and expended in, no other schools than those which are conducted according to law, under the order and superintendence of the authorities of the town or city in which the money is to be expended ; and such moneys shall never be appropriated to any religious sect for the maintenance, exclusively, of its...
Page 125 - This agreement, made and entered into this day of' in the year one thousand nine hundred and , by and between The City of New...
Page 235 - I consider the law of 1789 .... authorizing towns to divide themselves into districts the most unfortunate law on the subject of common schools ever enacted in the state.
Page 344 - ... per week for the actual time of service of each teacher, approved by the school committee of said town after special examination as to exceptional ability, employed in the public schools of said town, which sum shall be added to the salary of such teacher...
Page 81 - ... respective population as determined by the last preceding United States census, excluding Indians on reservations. But cities that have special school laws receive their due share separate and apart from the remainder of the counties in which they are situated. The New Jersey state school tax, equal to $5 for each child in the state between the ages of five and eighteen, is raised by the several counties according to their amounts of taxable property respectively, as shown by the tax rolls of...
Page 177 - ... years, shall annually cause such child to attend some public day school in the city or town in which he resides, and such attendance shall continue for at least thirty weeks of the school year, if the schools are kept open for that length of time, with an allowance of two weeks' time for absences not excused by the superintendent of schools or the school committee.
Page 534 - Shakespeare's As You Like it; Defoe's History of the Plague in London; Irving's Tales of a Traveller; Hawthorne's Twice Told Tales; Longfellow's Evangeline; George Eliot's Silas Marner.
Page 274 - ... superintendent or principal may excuse cases of necessary absence among its enrolled pupils: And provided further. That the provisions of this section shall not apply to a child whose mental or physical condition is such as to render its instruction as above described inexpedient or impracticable. Every person having under his c.ontrol a child between eight and fourteen years of age shall cause such child to attend school or receive...

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