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New England Transcendentalist, would not, we are bound, repeat that phrase after reading them.

With some of the learned author's theories we agree, yet it is not what he says, but the way in which he says it, that is most striking. He is like a voice from a past generation, though he does not, like many old men, moan over the “ good old times;" he is too filled with the evil of the present days to think of the blessings of the past. For intense concentrated bitterness and hate, we should find it hard, indeed, to match these gloomy lectures. The National Currency Act, with Amendments, and the Laws relating to Taxation

of National Banks and Schedule of Stamp Duties, 1864–1869. Edited by G. C. WILLIAMS. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1869. pp. 70.

The value of this compilation lies in the very convenient and elaborate index with which it concludes. Representative Government: its Evils and their Reform. A Lecture delivered,

Feb. 27, 1869, at the Invitation and under the Auspices of the Trustees of the Cooper Union, by SIMON STERNE. Published by Request, for Private Circulation. 1869.

WHETHER the formation of representative bodies on the plan of giving to each political or other party a number of the members proportionate to the size of that party in the community would be such a panacea for all our national sins and sorrows as some believe, we will not say; but that it would be, if practicable, a long step in the direction of right government, few who have thought on the subject will be disposed to deny. The great question is not whether it should be done, but how to do it. Mr. Hare deserves great credit for what he has accomplished in the matter; but we are bound to say, after careful study of his system, that it is in some of its details far from theoretically perfect, and that it would be very complicated in practice; besides, he has enveloped it in a cloud of rather feeble talk, which makes it appear much less deserving of respect than it really is. Mr. Sterne's plan is simpler: he proposes that each candidate who receives a certain number of votes should go to the legislature, and have a vote there proportionate to the number of votes he has received. It would work a revolution in the character of our legislative assemblies; but in some of the Continental diets the members cast votes of different weight, and through proxies the system has long been used with success at corporation meetings. The plan is attractive, and deserves careful thought. Whether it should be found finally feasible or not, it is matter of gratulation to find the number every day increasing of those who are studying the problems of government and writing of them in a disinterested and philosophic spirit. The principal need on this subject is of a treatise which, taking for granted that personal representation is desirable, shall show, not in a general way, but down to the minutest details, how it could be carried into effect. Address of Hon. Samuel F. Miller, of the Supreme Court of the United States,

to the Graduates of the Law Department of Iowa University. June, 1869. Keokuk, Iowa.

This excellent discourse, to be commended alike for the presence of unusual sense and the absence of customary nonsense, is worthy the vigorous intellect of the writer.

The Quarterly Journal of Psychological Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence.

Edited by WILLIAM A. HAMMOND, M.D. July, 1869. New York: D. Appleton & Company.

In the Chronicle of this journal is a section set apart for Medical Jurisprudence; in this number it is mostly devoted to questions connected with insanity. There is, besides, a short article from the Lancet on the Diagnosis of Hanging, another on a “Medico-Legal Case of Injury to the Nervous System,” and a third from the Law Times on a case of Mistaken Identity. The first article in the number, on the Rochester Knockings, will be found interesting, even by the non-professional reader.

The Law Magazine and Law Review: or Quarterly Journal of Jurisprudence.

For August, 1869.

The articles in this number are: I. Representations of Intention and Honorary Engagements. II. The Scotch Bar two centuries ago. III. The Claim to the Earldom of Wiltes. IV. Sketch of Lord Cottenham as a Judge. V. The Historical Manuscripts Commission. VI. Todd's Parliamentary Government in England. VII. The Codes of New York. VIII. Law of Bastardy in Scotland. There are also Notices of New Books, &c. The first-named article is the one which possesses the most interest for readers in this country. It is an elaborate discussion of a very important class of cases.

The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.

The number for July 29, 1869, contains a good article on Medical Evidence, by Alexander Young, Esq., of the Suffolk Bar.

The Western Jurist for June, 1869, contains an article on the Law Department of Michigan University, and several recent decisions of value with notes.

The American Law Register, for June, July, and August, 1869, besides the usual collection of decisions, contains a brief notice of our Patent System, and articles on the Law of Contribution, and on Eloquence in England and America. Bench and Bar. July, 1869. Chicago.

We have received the second number of this new legal periodical; we are not quite sure whether it is published monthly or quarterly, though we think the former. It is furnished gratis to all the members of the profession who apply for it. The number before us contains articles on the Liability of Telegraph Companies, on the Legal Status of the Southern States, and on S. S. Prentiss. There is, beside, a Digest of American Decisions and Book Reviews and a Summary. The American Law Times. For June, July, and August, 1869. The Internal Revenue Record and Customs Journal. The Bankrupt Register. New York. The Legal Intelligencer. Philadelphia.

The Legal Gazette. Philadelphia.

This is a new law paper, published weekly, in form and appearance like the
“Legal Intelligencer.”
The Pittsburgh Legal Journal.
The Chicago Legal News.
The Daily Law Transcript. Baltimore.
The New York Daily Transcript.
The Canada Law Journal. Toronto.
The Lower Canada Jurist. Collection de Decisions du Bas-Canada. June.

The Law Times. London.
The Solicitor's Journal and Reporter. London.



Alabama Reports. Vol. 41. 8vo. sheep, $6. Montgomery.
Austin's (John) Lectures on Jurisprudence ; or, the Philosophy of Positive Law.

New edition, revised and edited by Robert Campbell. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, 32s.

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United States within the Second Circuit. Vol. 1. 8vo, sheep, $10. Baker,

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New York. Statutes at Large of the United States. Vol. 15. 8vo, sheep, $4.50. Little, Brown,

& Co., Boston. Statutes at Large of the United States of America passed at the First Session of the

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croft, 1869.

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