Affirmative Action and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance: Hearing of the Committee on Labor and Human Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred Fourth Congress, First Session, on Examining Affirmative Action in Employment, Focusing on Executive Order 11246, which Prohibits Employers with Federal Contracts from Discriminating ... June 15, 1995, Volume 4

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Page 33 - ... herein meaning one or a group of jobs having similar content, wage rates and opportunities). "Underutilization...
Page 5 - Goals may not be rigid and inflexible quotas which must be met, but must be targets reasonably attainable by means of applying every good faith effort to make all aspects of the entire affirmative action program work.
Page 82 - US Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, "Money Income of Households, Families, and Persons in the United States: 1992," Series P-60, No. 184, Table 31. 12 US Dept. of Commerce, supra note 4, at 407. ^Curan and Carson, American Bar Foundation, "The Lawyer Statistical Report
Page 17 - The unhappy persistence of both the practice and the lingering effects of racial discrimination against minority groups in this country is an unfortunate reality, and government is not disqualified from acting in response to it.
Page 84 - As we engage in this debate, it is important to be clear about what affirmative action is ~ and what it is not. In employment, examples of affirmative action programs are recruitment and outreach efforts to include qualified women in the talent pool when hiring decisions are made; training programs to give all employees a fair chance at promotions; and in some cases the use of flexible goals and timetables (not quotas) as benchmarks by which to measure progress toward eliminating severe underrepresentation...
Page 83 - Minority women also earn fewer college degrees than white women. In 1992, white women made up 42.3...
Page 32 - ... paid to the highest paid within each department or other similar organizational unit including departmental or unit supervision. If there are separate work units or lines of progression within a department a separate list must be provided for each such work unit, or line, including unit supervisors. For lines of progression there must be indicated the order of jobs in the line through which an employee could move to the top of the line.
Page 82 - ... Benefits Research Institute, Sources of Health and Characteristics of the Uninsured, Analysis of the March 1993 Current Population Survey, Issue Brief No. 145, at 61 (Jan. 1994) (women are heavily concentrated in jobs paying under $20,000 where 82 percent of the uninsured workers are also located). 7. 9 to 5, "Profile of Working Women," at 1 (1992-93 edition) (data compiled from United States Bureau of Labor and Census Bureau statistics).
Page 64 - ... tensions on campus, which are often the result of preferential policies for minority students. At a time when racial attitudes among the general population have improved, many campuses have become balkanized by racial and ethnic conflicts. The effect of affirmative action on racism and discrimination is of serious concern. The effort to combat racism through racial preferences contradicts itself and inevitably leads to more racism. "The Scar of Race," a 1993 book by professors Paul M. Sniderman...

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