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For every Order for the commitment or discharge of any person
For taking any person into custody for a Breach of Privilege or Contempt
For taking any person into custody for any other cause
For every day on which any persons shall be in custody
For Riding Charges, per mile

£ 1 5 2 1


FEES to be paid on the Taxation of Costs on PRIVATE Bills.

£ 5. d. For every application or reference to “ The Taxing Officer of the House of Commons," for the Taxation of a Bill of Costs

1 For every 1001. of any Bill which shall be allowed by the Taxing Officer - 1 On the deposit of every Memorial complaining of a Report of the Taxing Officer

1 For every Certificate which shall be signed by The Speaker

1 For Copies of any Documents in the office of the Taxing Officer, per folio of 72 words

1 That the same Fees be paid in case The Speaker shall refer to the Taxing Officer any Bill of Costs, under the authority of an Act of the sixth year of his late Majesty King George the Fourth, “ To establish a Taxation of Costs on Private Bills in the House of Commons."

That every Bill for the particular interest or benefit of any person or persons, whether the same be brought in upon Petition, or Motion, or Report from a Committee, or brought from the Lords, hath been and ought to be deemed a Private Bill within the meaning of the Table of Fees.

FEES to be taken by the SHORT HAND WRITER.

£ s. d. For every day he shall attend

2 2 For the transcript of his notes, per folio of 72 words

9 The preceding fees shall be charged, paid, and received at such times, in such manner, and under such regulations as The Speaker shall from time to time direct.

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Mercurii, 27° die Julii, 1864.
Ordered, That the said Table of Fees be a Standing Order of this House.

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[For Index to Public Business, see p. 18.]

Note.—The figures, 158a, 127, 238, &c., refer to the Number of each Standing Order relating to Private

Business, App. (A.), p. 121, to the Appendix (A.), with the page at which the same will be found.

A ffidavits-continued.

How such affidavit shall be sworn, 141. Abandonment of Undertaking :

May be admitted in proof of consents,

142. Notice to owners, &c., in case of

In proof of notices, and allegations in relinquishment of works, 16.

the preambles of Bills for inclosing lands, Bill empowering a company to abandon 176. their undertaking or any part thereof to be submitted to a meeting of proprietors, Agents : 64, 65.

Declaration by the agent to be annexed Board of Trade report upon a Bill to the petition and Bill deposited in the authorising, to be presented to the House

Private Bill Office, on or before the 17th and committee on the Bill to report December and particulars required to be specially, 1586.

stated in the agent's declaration, 32.

Copies of the estimate, &c. to be Acts :

delivered at the Private Bill Office, for Bills continuing or amending, where the use of any agent who may apply for no further work is proposed to be made, the same, 35, 36. included in the 1st Class of Bills, 1.

Declaration and estimate, signed by The intention to apply for an extension the party or agent soliciting the Bill, of time granted by, or to amend or repeal, may be deposited in certain cases, and no to be stated in the notices, 3.

deposit of money required, 59. In case of relinquishment of works, or Copy of the Bill to be laid, under part thereof sanctioned by any former act, certain circumstances, by the agent before notice to be served upon owners, &c. 16. the Chairman of Ways and Means and In case of alteration or repeal of

the Counsel to Mr. Speaker, 80, 82, 84. statutory provisions, notice to be served

Clause or amendment proposed at a upon owners, &c., 17.

certain stage of any Bill to be sub

mitted by the agent to the Chairman of Additional Provisions. See Petitions for Ways and Means, &c., 85. additional Provision.

Copy of Lords' amendments and of

proposed amendments thereto, to be laid Adjournment of Committees :

by the agent before the Chairman of Causes of adjournment of committee Ways and Means, &c., 86. on opposed Bill to be specially reported Copies of Bills signed by the agent, to to the House, 126.

be laid by him before each member of The committee clerk to give notice of the committee, 137. adjournment in the Private Bill Office,

Printed copy


Inclosure or 238.

Drainage Bill to be laid in certain cases

by the agent before the committee, 177, Advertisements. See Notices by Advertise- 178. ment.

Name and place of residence of parlia

mentary agent, in town or in country, to Affidavit :

be entered in register at Private Bill Proof by, may be admitted by the Office, 227. Examiner, 76.

Filled-up Bill, signed by the agent, to May be admitted by committees on be deposited in the Private Bill Office two Bills in proof of compliance with the clear days before the meeting of the comstanding orders, 141.

mittee, 237,



Order as to the notice to be given by the agent of the day appointed for the consideration of a Bill, 239.

Associations :

May petition and be heard against Bill, 133a.

Agreements :

To be annexed to the Bill as a schedule thereto, 174.


Agriculture and Fisheries. See Board of.

Bills, Private. See Private Bills. Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Births and Deaths Registration Acts : Ireland, Dublin :

Bills relating to, to be deposited at the Deposit of plans, &c., in the case of

General Register Office, Somerset House, works situate on banks of rivers, 26a.

on or before 18th December, 33; Bills

from Lords not later than two days after Alteration of Municipal Boundaries :

first reading, 60; Bills as amended in Maps to be deposited with

with town committee three clear days before conclerk, &c., and the Board of Agriculture sideration, 84. and Fisheries, 24.

Blank Form of Proxy : Alteration of Statutory Provision :

To be enclosed in circular convening Notice of Bill for, to be served upon special meeting to consider Bills, 62, 64. owners, &c., 17.

Board of Agriculture and Fisheries : Alteration of Works :

Deposits of maps with, 24; of plans Notice to be given and deposits made, and sections with, on or before 30th while Bill is in Parliament, 61.

November, 30; of Bills with, on or before

18th December, 33; Bills from the Lords Alternative Lines :

not later than two days after first reading, No alternative line or work to be, in

60; Bills as amended in committee three any case, permitted, 40.

clear days before consideration, 84. Amalgamation of Railway Companies. See

Board of Conservators : Railways.

Deposit of plans and sections with, in

the case of a work situate on the banks, Amendments. See Private Bills.

foreshore, or bed of any river subject to,

26a. Appearances : The day when parties required to enter,

Board of Education : to be appointed by each committee on a Deposit of Bills with, 33, 60, 84. group of Bills, and two clear days' notice thereof to be given to the Private Bill Board of Trade : Office, 125.

Deposit of plans, &c., at, before 30th

November :-Tramway Maps, 25a. ElecApplications to Owners, Lessees, and Occupiers.

trical Energy Supply Maps, 25b. Plans, See Owners, &c.

&c., in cases of Bills affecting Tidal

Lands, 26. Plans, &c., in cases of RailAqueducts. See Canals, &c.

way, Tramway, and Canal Bills, 27. Arches :

Printed copies of Bills to be deposited

on or before 18th December, 33; Bills The height and span of, to be marked

from the Lords not later than two days in figures on the section, 51.

after first reading, 60; Bills as amended

in committee three clear days before Archways :

consideration, 84. Bills relating to, included in the 2nd Class of Bills, 1.

Deposit of estimate in case of works

to be executed by local authority, 36a. Assents, Dissents, and Neuters :

Report from, to be laid before the List of, to be made in the case of Bills

committee in cases of Bills seeking whereby any lands or houses are proposed powers to levy tolls, &c., in excess of to be taken, 12.

those already authorised, 1450. List of, to be delivered in to the com

Committees on Bills to notice in their mittee on any inclosure or drainage Bill, report the recommendation of any public 177, 178.

department referred to them, 150.


Buildings :

Buildings, yards, court-yards, &c., to be shown on the plans on a scale of not less than a quarter of an inch to every 100 feet, 40.

Board of Trade-continued.

Report from officer of the Railway Department to be required in certain cases where level of any road is altered or crossed by a railway, 154, 155.

Committees on railway Bills to report specially concerning reports of public departments, 157.

Report from, in cases of Bills relating to the supply of electricity to persons other than the promoters, 157a.

Report from, in cases of abandonment of Railway, &c., Bills, 1586.

Proof, in certain cases, to be given to the satisfaction of the, that capital has been paid up, 163.

Declaration as to payment of interest to be deposited, 167.

Burial Grounds or Cemeteries :

Bills for making and maintaining, included in the 1st Class of Bills, 1.

Notices to specify limits of, 5.

Notice to be served on or before 15th December upon the owner and occupier of every dwelling-house within 300 yards, 15.

Deposit of plans, &c., in case of power being sought to take or disturb any churchyard, burial ground, or cemetery, 30.

Printed copy of Bill relating to any churchyard, burial ground, &c., to be deposited at the Home Office on or before the 18th December, 33; Bills from the Lords not later than two days after first reading, 60; Bills as amended in committee three clear days before consideration, 84.

Limits of burial ground or cemetery to be defined by clause, 187.


Book of Reference :

Time and place of deposit of, to be stated in the notices, 4.

To be deposited, with plans, with the clerk of the peace, &c., 24.

In all cases in the Private Bill Office, 25, 39.

In the case of Railway, Tramway, and Canal Bills, with the Board of Trade, 27.

In the case of a vork in London, with the London County Council, 28.

In certain cases with clerks of local authorities, 29.

In case of burial ground, common or commonable land, &c., with Home Office and Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, 30.

To be deposited with copy of gazette notice, 31.

Contents thereof, 46.

Deposit thereof in case of alteration in works while Bill is in Parliament, 61.

To be signed by chairman, &c., if produced before committee, 146.

To be verified as Mr. Speaker shall direct, 249.

Calls on Shares (Railways) :

Clause to be inserted in Railway Bills prohibiting interest to be paid on calls, 167.

Bridges :

Bills for making and maintaining, included in the 2nd Class of Bills, 1.

Dimensions of, to be marked on plans, 26, 26A.

In the case of railways, to be marked on the section, 51, 53.

Regulations as to fences on bridges, 145, 154.

Canals, Cuts, Reservoirs, Aqueducts, Narigations, &c. :

Bills for making, maintaining, varying, extending, or enlarging, included in the 2nd Class of Bills, 1.

Notices by advertisement to contain certain particulars, 7.

Requirements as to notices when it is proposed to abstract water from any stream, 14.

Copy of plans, &c., to be deposited at the Board of Trade on or before 30th November, 27.

Printed copy of every Canal Bill to be deposited at the Board of Trade, on or before the 18th December, 33; Bills from the Lords not later than two days after first reading, 60; Bills as amended in committee three clear days before consideration, 84.

Form of estimate in the case of, 37.

Particulars to be described in plans and sections, 41, 43, 47, 51, 52.

rinted copy of Bill to be laid before the General Committee on Railway and Canal Bills at their first meeting, 102.

Brooks i

Plans to describe brooks, to be diverted into canals, &c., 41.

Canals, &c.- continued.

Chairman of Committee of Ways and MeansBills seeking powers to levy tolls in

continued. excess of those already authorised, to be the Counsel to Mr. Speaker on the day reported on by Board of Trade, and previous to the consideration of the same committee to report specially, 145A.

by the House, 86. No railway companies to acquire, With the Deputy Chairman and seven unless committee reports that such re- other members of the House to be Referees striction should not be enforced, 156.

on Private Bills, 87. Bills read a second time and committed

To make rules of practice and procedure to stand referred to the General Com

of the Referees, 88. mittee, 208.

To be ex-officio Chairman of ComUnopposed Bills, when treated as mittees on unopposed Bills, 109. opposed, to be again referred to the

On his report that any unopposed Bill General Committee, 209.

ought to be treated as opposed it is to

be again referred to the Committee of Capital. See Mortgage.

Selection, or General Committee on Rail

way and Canal Bills, who are so to treat Cemeteries. See Burial Grounds, &c.

it, 209.

On or before consideration of report Central Authority :

of Bill, to report whether the Bill contains Deposit of statement relating to work

the provisions required by the standing ing class houses on or before 21st De

orders, 215. cember, 38.

With Chairman of Committees of House

of Lords to determine practice and proChairman, Deputy. See Deputy Chairman.

cedure under the Private Legislation

Procedure (Scotland) Act, 251. Chairman of Committee of Ways and Means :

Reports on draft provisional orders to

the Secretary for Scotland, signed by him, To confer with the Chairman of Com

to be laid before the House, 252. mittees of the House of Lords, or with his Counsel, in order to determine in

Chairman of Committee : which House the respective Bills should be first considered, 79.

Course of proceeding when chairman

absent, 120. With the assistance of the Counsel to Mr. Speaker, to examine all Bills,

To have casting vote when voices are whether opposed or unopposed, and

equal, 124. copies of such Bills to be laid by the To sign plan and book of reference agent before them not later than the day

with his name at length, and every after the Examiner shall have indorsed

alteration with his initials, 146. the petition, 80.

To sign Bill and amendments, 147. To report on Bills relating to govern- To report on allegations of Bill, and ment contracts, 81.

whether consents have been given where Copies of Bill as proposed to be sub- required, 148. mitted to the committee on any Bill, to

To report the Bill to the House, and to be laid before him and the Counsel to

report specially any alteration of the Mr. Speaker two days before the meeting

preamble, 149. of the committee, 82.

To report special circumstances relative Chairman of Committees on Railway and Canal to any Bill, or opinion that an unopposed Bills : should be treated as an opposed Bill, 83.

To be appointed by the General ComCopy of Bill as amended in committee mittee, 101, 120. to be laid before him and the Counsel to Mr. Speaker three days before the con

Chairman of General Committee on Railway sideration thereof, 84.

and Canal Bills : Clauses or amendments offered on con

To be appointed by the Committee of sideration of any Bill ordered to lie upon

Selection, the Table, or verbal amendments on third reading to be submitted to him

Chairman (Private Legislation Procedure and the Counsel to Mr. Speaker, and the

(Scotland) Act): Chairman to report whether the same

Defined, 250. should be entertained without being re

To determine procedure in case of draft ferred to Standing Orders Committee,

provisional orders, 251. 85, 216.

And report thereon, 252. Copy of amendments made in the Lords to a Bill, and of proposed amend- Charges on Public Revenue. See Public ments thereto, to be laid before him and Revenue.


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