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cases, 62–65.


Memorials complaining of Non-compliance Agriculture and Fisheries, or the Secre- with Standing Orders-continued. tary for Scotland's Office, or Irish Office

May be withdrawn on depositing reand Department of Agriculture and quisition to that effect in the Private Technical Instruction, Ireland, or with Bill Office, 206. Board of Conservators of River, 26a.

Orders relating to the deposit thereof

in Private Bill Office, 230-232. Markets and Market Places :

Bills for erecting, improving, repairing, Minutes of Committees : maintaining, or regulating, included in

To be brought up and laid on the the 1st Class of Bills, 1.

Table with the report of the Bill, 152. Printed copies of Bills relating to, to be deposited at Board of Agriculture Joney Bills (London County Council). See and Fisheries on or before 18th Decem- London County Council. ber, 33; Bills brought from Lords two days after first reading, 60; Bills as

Money, Deposit of. See Deposit. amended in Committee three clear days before consideration, 84.

Mortgage : Mechanical Power :

No railway company to raise by loan

or mortgage more than one-third of their Definition, Part 11., Heading.

capital, and none to be so raised until

50 per cent. of capital has been paid up, Meetings of Proprietors :

153. Bills to be submitted to, in certain

Municipal Authorities : Requirements as to consents of, or In cases proposing to alter boundaries, approval of certain Bills by, 63-66.

map to be deposited, showing alteration, A proprietor dissenting at, may be

with town clerk or clerk of district, and heard by the Examiners, 75; or by the

the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, committee on Bill, 131.


Copies of Bills promoted by, to be Members :

deposited at Home Office on or before

18th December, 33; Bills brought from Printed copies of Bills to be delivered

the Lords, not later than two days after at the Private Bill Office for the use of,

first reading, 60; Bills as amended 32.

in committee three clear days before Copies of estimates, declarations, &c., consideration, 81. to be deposited in the Vote Office for

May be heard against Bills injuriousiy the use of, 35a, 36.

affecting town or district, 134; and To receive notice of the week in which

Lighting and Water Bills, 134a. their attendance will be required for

Estimate of proposed application of serving on committees, 119.

money borrowed by, to be recited in To receive sufficient notice of appoint- Bill, 172. ment on committee, with a blank form

Committee to report specially on Bills of declaration in certain cases, 111.

promoted by, having powers of local To be reported to the House if they

government or rating, 173a. do not return the declaration in due time filled up and signed, 112.

May be discharged from serving on a committee, and other members substi

N. tuted, 113.

Orders relating to their appointment, Name Bills : attendance, &c., committees on

Not to be printed, 203. opposed Bills, 115-123.

Three clear days between second Printed copies of Bills as amended in reading and the sitting of the comcommittee to be delivered at the Vote

mittee, 211. Office three clear days before consideration for the use of, 214.

One clear day's notice of the meeting

of the committee to be given by the See also Committees. Declaration of clerk to the Committee of Selection to Members. Local Interest.

the Private Bill Office, 236.

To be charged one-half only of the Memorials complaining of Non-compliance usual fees, p. 123. with Standing Orders:

Parties to be entitled to appear and to Narrowing of Roads, &c. See Public Carriage be heard before the Examiners on, 74, 75. Roads.



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Naturalization Bills:

Occupiers. See Owners, &c. Three clear days between the second reading and the sitting of the committee October and November : thereupon, 211.

Notices to be published in, 9. One clear day's notice of the meeting of the committee, to be given by the clerk Opposed Private Bills. . See Committees. to the Committee of Selection to the Petitions against Bills. Private Bills. ChairPrivate Bill Office, 236.

man of Committee of Ways and Means. To be charged one-half only of the usual fees, p. 123.

Orders of the Day:

Discharged when standing orders Navigations. See Canals, &c. Docks, llar- applicable to Bill brought in on motion are bours, &c.

not complied with, 200a.

Order of proceedings in House on PriNewspapers :

vate Business, 225. Publication of notices therein, directed,

On Provisional Order Bills, 225a. 9. See also Gazette.

Owners, Lessees, and Occupiers.

Applications to be made to, where lands Non-compliance with Standing Orders. See or houses are to be taken or used or an Examiners.

improvement charge is to be imposed, on

or before the 15th December, 11. Notices by Advertisement :

Lists of those who have assented, disTo state objects of Bill, and powers to sented, or are neuter, to be made, 12. be sought thereby, 3.

Notice to, in cases of Bills for tramways, To contain further particulars in case 13. of all Bills of the 2nd Class, and

Notice to, in cases of railways, tramcertain Bills of the 1st Class, 4.

ways, or canals crossed, or affected by To specify limits in cases of Bills re- proposed tramways, 13a. lating to burial grounds or gas works, 5.

Notice to, when it is proposed to To specify particulars in cases of Tram- abstract water from any stream, 14. way Bills, 6.

Notice to, in the case of Bills relating In cases of cuts, canals, reservoirs, to burial grounds, sewage farms, or gas aqueducts, and navigations, 7.

works, &c., 15. In cases of Bills relating to Letters Notice to, in case of relinquishment of Patent, 8, 8a.

works, 16. When and where notices to be pub

Notice to, in cases of alteration or repeal lished, 9.

of provisions, 17. Posting of notices in case of certain

Notice to, in the case of alteration or Bills, 10.

repeal of provisions relating to nuisance, In case of Bills charging payments on

17a. poor or other rates in Ireland, 67.

Ilow applications are to be made, and

notices served, 10. Notices in and to the Private Bill Office. See

Evidence of service of notices to, 20. Private Bill Office.

No notice or application to, to be made

on Sunday, Christmas-day, Good Friday, or Notices, Service of. See Service of Notices.

Easter Monday, or before Eight in the

Forenoon, or after Eight in the Afternoon, Notices to Frontagers. See Tramways.


Book of reference to contain names of, Notices to Owners, Lessees, and Occupiers. See

46. Owners, &c.

May be heard against Tramway Bills, November :

135. No notice under Standing Order 9 to

See also Canals, &c. Drainage Bills.
be published after 27th November, 9.

Inclosure Bills.
Deposits to be made on or before 30th
November, 24-30, 39.

Owners of Rivers, &c. :

May be heard against Bills in cases where it is alleged their water supply may

be injuriously affected, 134d. 0. Occupier : Definition, Part II., Heading.


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Petitions against Bills-continued.

Referees to decide as to locus standi of Parishes:

petitioners, 89. Notices to contain the names of, in

Not to be considered by committee on cases affecting lands or houses situate in,

Bill unless the grounds of objection be 4.

distinctly specified, 127. Plans, sections, and books of reference

To be presented by being deposited in

the Private Bill Office on or before 12th to be deposited with clerks of authorities of, on or before 30th November, 29.

February, 128; and in the case of Pro

visional Order, &c. Bills, not later than Bills to alter boundaries of, to be deposit

seven clear days after Examiner's notice, ed at Board of Agriculture and Fisheries,

210. 33, 60, 84.

Referees may admit petitioners to be

heard against Bill on the ground of compeParliamentary Agents. See Igents.

tition, 129. Parliamentary Panel of Commissioners under

In what cases shareholders may be the Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland)

heard, 130, 131; also railway companies, Act:

bodies representing trades, &c., To be selected and proposed by Com

133a; municipal authorities and in

habitants of towns, &c., 134, 134a; mittee of Selection, 253.

County Councils, 134b, 134c; owners

of rivers, &c., 1340 ; conservators of Patents. See Letters Patent.

forest, commons, &c., 134e; and owners,

&c., where tramways are proposed to be Paving, Lighting, Watching, Cleansing, or Im- constructed, 135. proving Towns :

Petitioners not precluded from opBills for, included in the 1st Class of posing preamble of Bill in this House by Bills, 1.

discussion of clauses in House of Lords,

143. Petitioners. See Petitions against Bills, &c.

To stand referred to the committee on

the Bill, 210. Petitions for Bills :

Petitions relating to Private Bills :
To be deposited in the Private Bill
Office, with agent's declaration and

To be presented by being deposited in printed copy of Bill on or before 17th

the Private Bill Office, and to be endorsed December, 32.

with name of Bill and statement whether

in favour of or against the Bill, or otherExamination of, to commence on 18th

wise, 205. January, 69.

May be withdrawn by depositing a reSeven clear days' notice of examina

quisition to that effect in the Private Bill tion to be given by the Examiner in the

Office, 206.
Private Bill Office, and if the promoters
fail to appear, the Examiner to strike the
petition off the General List, 70.

Petitions for additional Provision :
To be certified or indorsed by one of

Consent of proprietors in cases of, 66. the Examiners, whether the standing With proposed clauses annexed, to be orders have or have not been complied referred to the Examiners, 72. with, 71.

Examiner to give two clear days' notice To be signed by the parties suitors for of examination, and to report whether the Bill, 193.

standing orders have or have not been List of, to be kept in the Private Bill complied with, 73. Office, to be called the “General List of

Not to be received unless copy of proPetitions,” 229.

posed clauses be annexed, 198.

As to memorials being deposited and Petitions for re-insertion in General List :

entertained in respect of non-compliance To be presented by deposit in the with the standing orders, 232. Private Bill Oflice, 200.

Committee on Standing Orders to Petitions against Provisional Order Confirmareport whether any such Petition ought or

tion Bills : ought not to be re-inserted, 96.

To stand referred to the committee on

Bill, 210. Petitions against Bills :

Copy of standing orders regulating Petitions for and against Provisional Orders. time and mode of presenting, to accompany See Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) applications and service of notices, 19. Act.


Petitions for Dispensing with Sessional or Plans-continued.
Standing Orders :

To set forth certain particulars in the The Select Committee on Standing case of railways, in connection with exOrders to report whether they ought or tensions, curves, tunnelling, &c., 42. ought not to be dispensed with, 95.

To specify the intended diverting, To be presented to the House by de- widening, or narrowing of any road, positing the same in the Private Bill Office, navigable river, canal, railway, &c., 43. and to stand referred to the Standing

To show course of existing line in the Orders Committee, 200.

case of railway junctions, 44.

To indicate proposed course of lines in Petitions, General List of. See General List. the case of street tramways, 45.

To define improvement and limit of Petitions, Withdrawal of. See Withdrawal.

improvement area, 45a.

To be deposited in Private Bill Office Piers. See Docks, Harbours, &c.

and with clerks of the peace and clerks

of local authorities, in the case of alteraPilotage :

tion of works after introduction of Bill,

61. Bills relating to, included in the 1st Class of Bills, 1.

Produced in evidence before committee

to be signed at length by chairman, and Plans :

every alteration with his initials, 146. Notices to state time and place of deposit Receipt of, to be acknowledged by one of, 4.

of the clerks in the Private Bill Office,

228. To be deposited with clerks of peace or sheriff clerks on or before 30th Novem

Certified by Mr. Speaker, in pursuance ber, 24.

of any Act of Parliament, to be verified

as he shall direct, 249.
To be deposited in the Private Bill
Office on or before 30th November, 25.
In case of tidal lands, to be deposited

Police : at the Harbour Department, Board of

Bills relative to, included in the 1st Trade, on or before 30th November, 26.

Class of Bills, 1.
Where works are on banks, &c., of any

Committee to consider clauses and river, to be deposited at the offices of the

report specially on Bills promoted by Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, the local authorities giving powers relating Secretary for Scotland, Irish offices, West

to, 173a. minster, and Dublin, and at the office of the Conservators of the River, 26a.

Police and Sanitary Regulations : In the cases of Railway, Tramway, and Canal Bills to be deposited at the Board of Deposit of Bills relative thereto at Home Trade, on or before 30th November, 27.

Office on or before 18th December, 33;

Bills brought from the Lords not later In the case of lands or houses situate

than two days after first reading, 60; in London, with the London County

Bills as amended in committee three Council on or before 30th November, 28.

clear days before consideration, 84. Copies of so much thereof as relates to each area, to be deposited with town clerks and clerks of local authorities on

Poor and Poor Rate : or before 30th November, &c, 29.

Bills relative to, included in the 1st In the case of burial grounds and Class of Bills, 1. commonable lands, with the Home Office and Board of Agriculture and Fisheries on or before 30th November, 30.

Poor Rate (Ireland):
Gazette notice to be deposited with,

Examiner to report compliance or non31.

compliance with certain orders in the Duplicates in the case of applications

case of Railway Bills containing provisions

charging payments on, 67. for provisional orders or certificates to be deposited in Private Bill Office on or before 30th November, 39.

Ports. See Docks, Harbours, &c. To describe the lands intended to be taken or used, or upon which an improve- Post: ment charge is to be imposed, and other particulars, 40.

Service of applications and notices by, To describe brooks and streams pro

12, 19-21. posed to be diverted in the case of canals, &c., 41.

Post Office, General. See General Post Office.


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Postponement of Consideration of Bills in Com- Private Bill O ljice-continued.
mittee :

Plans, &c., in the case of provisional The committee clerk to give notice of, orders or certificates to be deposited on in the Private Bill Office, 125.

or before 30th November, 39. See also Adjournment of Committees. Plans, &c., to be deposited in cases Committee Clerk.

where work is altered while Bill is in

Parliament, 61.
Preamble of Bill :

Statement of number of votes and
Petitioner who has discussed clauses of

resolution where meeting of proprietors Bill in the Lords not precluded from

required, to be deposited, 62-65. opposing in this House, 143.

Resolution and statement approving When any alteration has been made

Bill containing provisions charging paytherein, such alteration, with the ground

ments on local rates in Ireland to be of making it, to be specially reported,

deposited, 67. 149.

Seven clear days' notice to be given in the, of day appointed for Examination of

Petition, 70.
Preference in Payment of Interest or Divi-
dends :

Two clear days' notice to be given to
In Railway Bills granting, provision to

the, of day appointed for examination of be made that the same shall not prejudice

petitions for additional provision, Bills former grants, 160.

brought from Lords, Bills introduced in

lieu of others, and Bills for confirming No company to be authorised to alter

provisional orders or certificates, 73. the terms of any preference except under special circumstances, 161.

Two clear days' notice of day appointed by the committee for consideration or

postponement of Bills to be given by Presentation of Bills. See Private Bills.

the committee clerk to the, 126.

Petition against Bill to be deposited on Principal Sheriff Clerk (Scotland). See Sheriff

or before 12th February, except in certain Clerks.

cases, 128.

Plans and books of reference produced Private Bill Office :

in evidence before committee and signed Notices of intended application for by chairman to be deposited in the, 146. Private Bill to specify time when copies

All Bills to be deposited in the, on the of the Bill will be deposited in the Private day previous to the day fixed for their Bill Office, 3.

being laid on the Table of the House, and No deposit to be valid if made on a such Bills together with list to be laid Sunday, Christmas-day, Good Friday or on the Table by one of the clerks, 195. Easter Monday, or before eight o'clock in Petitions in favour of, or against, or the forenoon, or after eight o'clock in the

otherwise relating to, Bills to be deposited, afternoon, 23.

205. Plans, sections, and books of reference,

Petition may be withdrawn on deposit and, in the case of railways, ordnance

of requisition to that effect, 206. map, to be deposited on or before 30th

Orders regulating the practice in the
November, 25.

Private Bill Office, 227-249.
Copy of Gazette notices to be deposited,

Private Bill Registers :
Petition for Bill, with agent's declara-

To be kept in the Private Bill Office,
tion, and printed copy of Bill, to be
deposited on or before 17th December,

and to be open to public inspection, 227. 32, 193.

Private Bills :
Estimates, declarations, and lists of
owners, lessees, and occupiers to be

Division of Bills into two classes, 1. deposited on or before 31st December, 35.

Particulars to be specified in the Copy of deed or agreement of partner

notices, 3. ship in the case of Bills for incorporating A printed copy of every Bill to be joint stock companies to be deposited deposited in the Private Bill Office on or on or before 31st December, 35a.

before the 17th December, 32. Printed copies of estimate and declara- Deposit of printed copy of every Bill at tion to be delivered on or before 31st De- the Treasury and other public offices on cember, 36.

or before 18th December, 33. Statement of particulars in the case of Printed copy of Bill relating to works Bills for taking houses occupied by the in London, to be deposited with the working classes to be deposited on

London County Council on or before before 21st December, 38.

18th December, 34. K


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