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SCHEDULE referred to in the foregoing Notice, describing the Property therein

alluded to.


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FEES to be paid by the PROMOTERS of a PRIVATE BILL.

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On the deposit of the Petition, Bill, Plan, or any other Document in the

Private Bill Office
For every day on which the Examiners shall inquire into the compliance

with the Standing Orders

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For PROCEEDINGS in the HOUSE. On the presentation of the Bill

5 On the First Reading of the Bill

15 On the Second Reading of the Bill

15 On the Report from the Committee on the Bill

15 On the Third Readiny of the Bill

15 Bills from the Lords, commonly called Estate Bills, Divorce Bills, Naturalization Bills, and Name Bills, to be charged only one half of the preceding Fees.

The preceding Fees on the Presentation, First, Second, and Third Readings, and
Report, to be increased according to the money to be raised or expended under the
authority cf any Bill for the execution of a work, in conformity with the following
Scale :

If the sum be 100,0001. and under 500,0001., twice the amount of such Fees.
If the sum be 500,0001. and under 1,000,0001., three times the amount of such Fees.
If the sum be 1,000,0001. and above, four times the amount of such Fees.


£ s.


For every day on which the Committee or the Referee shall sit,

If the Promoters of the Bill appear by Counsel
If they appear without Counsel

10 5

FEES to be paid by the OPPONENTS of a PRIVATE BILL.

£ $. d. On the deposit of every Memorial complaining that the Standing Orders have not been complied with

1 On the presentation or deposit of every Petition against a Private Bill


For PROCEEDINGS before the EXAMINERS, or before any COMMITTEE,
or the REFEREE.

£ s. d. For every day on which the Examiners shall inquire into any Memorial

complaining of a non-compliance with the Standing Orders For every day on which the Petitioners appear before any Committee or the Referees



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On every Motion, Order, or Proceeding in the House upon a Private Bill,

Petition, or matter not otherwise charged For Copies of all Papers and Documents, at the rate of 72 words in every folio

If five folios or under

If above five folios, per folio
For the Copy of a Plan made by the parties
For the inspection of a Plan, or of any Document -
For every Plan or Document certified by The Speaker pursuant to any

Act of Parliament
For every day on which any parties shall be heard by Counsel at the Bar,

from each side
For every day on which a Committee of the whole House shall sit on a

Private Bill or matter
For serving any Summons or Order on a Private Bill or matter

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For every Order for the commitment or discharge of any person
For taking any person into custody for a Breach of Privilege or Contempt
For taking any person into custody for any other cause
For every day on which any persons shall be in custody
For Riding Charges, per mile

£ s.

FEES to be paid on the TAXATION of Costs on PRIVATE BILLS.

£ $. d. For every application or reference to “ The Taxing Officer of the House of Commons," for the Taxation of a Bill of Costs

1 For every 1001. of any Bill which shall be allowed by the Taxing Officer - 1 On the deposit of every Memorial complaining of a Report of the Taxing Officer

1 For every Certificate which shall be signed by The Speaker

1 For Copies of any Documents in the office of the Taxing Officer, per folio of 72 words

1 That the same Fees be paid in case The Speaker shall refer to the Taxing Officer any Bill of Costs, under the authority of an Act of the sixth year of his late Majesty King George the Fourth, “To establish a Taxation of Costs on Private Bills in the House of Commons."

That every Bill for the particular interest or benefit of any person or persons, whether the same be brought in upon Petition, or Motion, or Report from a Committee, or brought from the Lords, hath been and ought to be deemed a Private Bill within the meaning of the Table of Fees.

FEES to be taken by the SHORT HAND WRITER.

£ $. d. For every day he shall attend

2 For the transcript of his notes, per folio of 72 words

9 The preceding fees shall be charged, paid, and received at such times, in such manner, and under such regulations as The Speaker shall from time to time direct.

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Mercurii, 27° die Julii, 1864.
Ordered, That the said Table of Fees be a Standing Order of this House.

( .

ca Ilbart

Clerk of the House of Commons.

Ι Ν D Ε Χ.


[For Index to Public Business, see p. 18.]

Note.-The figures, 158a, 127, 238, &c., refer to the Number of each Standing Order relating to Private

Business, App. (A.), p. 121, to the Appendix (A.), with the page at which the same will be found.


How such affidavit shall be sworn, 141.

May be admitted in proof of consents, Abandonment of Undertaking :

142. Notice to owners, &c., in case of

In proof of notices, and allegations in relinquishment of works, 16.

the preambles of Bills for inclosing lands, Bill empowering a company to abandon 176. their undertaking or any part thereof to be submitted to a meeting of proprietors, Agents : 64, 65.

Declaration by the agent to be annexed Board of Trade report upon a Bill to the petition and Bill deposited in the authorising, to be presented to the House

Private Bill Office, on or before the 17th and committee on the Bill to report December and particulars required to be specially, 1586.

stated in the agent's declaration, 32.

Copies of the estimate, &c. to be Acts:

delivered at the Private Bill Office, for Bills continuing or amending, where the use of any agent who may apply for no further work is proposed to be made, the same, 35, 36. included in the 1st Class of Bills, 1.

Declaration and estimate, signed by The intention to apply for an extension the party or agent soliciting the Bill, of time granted by, or to amend or repeal, may be deposited in certain cases, and no to be stated in the notices, 3.

deposit of money required, 59. In case of relinquishment of works, or Copy of the Bill to be laid, under part thereof sanctioned by any former act, certain circumstances, by the agent before notice to be served upon owners, &c. 16. the Chairman of Ways and Means and In case of alteration or repeal of

the Counsel to Mr. Speaker, 80, 82, 84. statutory provisions, notice to be served Clause or amendment proposed at a upon owners, &c., 17.

certain stage of any Bill to be sub

mitted by the agent to the Chairman of Additional Provisions. See Petitions for Ways and Means, &c., 85. additional Provision.

Copy of Lords' amendments and of

proposed amendments thereto, to be laid Adjournment of Committees :

by the agent before the Chairman of Causes of adjournment of committee Ways and Means, &c., 86. on opposed Bill to be specially reported Copies of Bills signed by the agent, to to the House, 126.

be laid by him before each member of The committee clerk to give notice of the committee, 137. adjournment in the Private Bill Office,

Printed copy of any Inclosure or 238.

Drainage Bill to be laid in certain cases

by the agent before the committee, 177, Advertisements. See Notices by Advertise- 178. ment.

Name and place of residence of parlia

mentary agent, in town or in country, to Affidavit:

be entered in register at Private Bill Proof by, may be admitted by the Office, 227. Examiner, 76.

Filled-up Bill, signed by the agent, to May be admitted by committees on be deposited in the Private Bill Oflice two Bills in proof of compliance with the clear days before the meeting of the comstanding orders, 141.

mittee, 237.


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