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School or College.-The agricultural department of the University College, Reading, receives an annual grant from the County Council, while use is made of the Dauntsey Agricultural School, West Lavington, and of the Agricultural Institute, Ridgmont, Bedfordshire.

Agriculture.—The staff instructor gives instruction in three secondary schools for one hour a week at each school. Courses of three to six lectures were also given at six centres to an average attendance of about ten. Milk-testing experiments were also conducted at three centres.

Field Experiments.—Experiments were carried out at seven centres through the University College, Reading, on the manuring of swedes and the determination of the influence on the yield and quality of swedes of wide and narrow setting out of the plants.

Experimental Farm. The work on the experimental farm attached to the University College, Reading, is conducted for the benefit of this county, together with other counties working in connection with the College.

Poultry Keeping.-
Bee Keeping:-

Farm Hygiene.


Manual Processes.

Horticulture.-Instruction is provided in this subject by means of lectures and demonstrations in private gardens and allotments. Courses of six lectures were given at 19 centres to an average attendance of about 32. Reports were received from every centre expressing appreciation of the services rendered and the hope that the lectures may be continued at a later date.

School and other Gardens.—There were three gardens attached to Day Schools, all of which were worked on the individual plot system. The total number of pupils who received instruction was 53. There were also six Evening School gardens at which 96 pupils received instruction.

Fruit-growing Stations.

Training of Elementary School Teachers.

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School or other Gardens.—There were nine gardens attached to Elementary Day Schools, six of which were worked on the collective plot system and three on the individual plot system. The total number of pupils who received instruction was 135. In addition there were three Evening School gardens, at which 71 pupils received instruction. Apart from the above there are experimental gardens attached to the Cambridge and County School for boys, and there is a staff instructor in horticulture at the school. The gardens consist of one acre of vegetable garden, and three-quarters of an acre of experimental fruit garden. In addition, there is a space devoted to the growth of some of the

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Experimental Farm.-There is an experimental farm attached to the Agricultural and Horticultural College, Holmes Chapel.

Dairying.---A permanent fixed dairy school is maintained by the county at Worleston. Three courses are held during the year, each of 15 weeks' duration. Generally about 16 to 18 pupils from the county attend each course. Some of these, however, do not remain during the full course, but all persons holding county council scholarships must do so. The school has been kept well filled, and at times--especially in the spring terms—there have been more applicants than could be taken.

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Training of Elementary School Teachers.-Evening classes and Saturday classes were held at six centres at which instruction was given in Nature Study. During the year 190 teachers attended these classes. The lecturer also visited Elementary Schools and gave model lessons in Nature Study. His whole time is employed in this work. At one centre, also, an advanced class was held for those who had attended the ordinary class in the preceding year and done well in the examination. In connection with these classes four excursions or botanical rambles were arranged.

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Agriculture.-Instruction is given in this subject to the students at Truro by means of lectures, laboratory work in agricultural chemistry and botany, practical work in the garden and visits to farms. 84 evening lectures and 190 day lectures were given at this centre. The average attendance at the evening lectures was 24 and at the day lectures seven.

Courses of lectures were also given by the above staff instructor at five centres in the county. The lectures numbered from 30 to 32 at each centre, and comprised instruction in agriculture from the chemical and botanical side, and also in the management of farm stock, their feeding, housing, &c. The average attendance at these courses was 16.

Field Experiments.—These were conducted on four different farms and were as follows :- Manurial and variety experiments on mangolds, swedes, cabbages, and potatoes ; rotation experi. ments and experiments to determine the residual manurial value of linseed cake, decorticated cotton cake, and maize on pastures and in rotation ; experiments on “ finger-and-toe," on green manuring, and denitrification ; feeding experiments with cattle

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