Special Regulations

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919 - United States

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Page 60 - Any of the district courts of the United States within the jurisdiction of which such inquiry is carried on may, in case of contumacy or refusal to obey a subpoena...
Page 72 - States for such injury or death receives, as a result of a suit brought by him or on his behalf, or as a result of a settlement made by him or on his behalf...
Page 63 - ... shall not exceed the amount specified in the court order, decree, or written agreement to be paid to her. For an illegitimate child, to whose support the father has been judicially ordered or decreed to contribute, it shall not exceed the amount fixed in the order or decree.
Page 60 - That the director, subject to the general direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall administer, execute, and enforce the provisions of this act, and for that purpose have full power and authority to make rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the provisions of this act, necessary or appropriate to carry out its purposes, and shall decide all questions arising under the act, except as otherwise provided in sections five and four hundred and five.
Page 71 - States to pay damages therefor, the commission may require the beneficiary to assign to the United States any right of action he may have to enforce such liability of such other person or any right which he may have...
Page 60 - An Act to authorize the President to increase temporarily the Military establishment of the United States", approved May 18, 1917, or any.
Page 61 - SEC. 23. That when by the terms of this amendatory act, any payment is to be made to a minor, other than a person in the military or naval forces of the United States, or to a person mentally incompetent, such payment shall be made to the person who is constituted guardian or curator by the laws of the State or residence of claimant, or is otherwise legally vested with responsibility or care of the claimant.

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