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Page 60 - Act approved March 16, 1906 (7 USC 369), entitled "An Act to provide for an increased annual appropriation for agricultural experiment stations and regulating the expenditure thereof", and Acts supplementary thereto, the sums apportioned to the several States to be paid quarterly in advance, $720,000.
Page 60 - AN ACT To establish agricultural experiment stations In connection with the colleges established In the several States under the provisions of an act approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the acts supplementary thereto...
Page 67 - June 30, 1902; that we have found the same well kept and classified as above, and that the receipts for the year from the Treasurer of the United States are shown to have been...
Page 89 - College who shall be adjudged by the Faculty of the Theological .Seminary of the Reformed Church in America, at New Brunswick, to have presented an article original with himself and the best submitted — the most conclusive and inspiriting to strengthen faith in and love for foreign missions.
Page 17 - A competitive examination, under the direction of the education department, shall be held at the county court-house in each county of the state, upon the first Saturday in June, in each year, by the city superintendents and the school commissioners of the county. 2. None but pupils of at least sixteen years of age and of six months...
Page 1 - An act appropriating scrip for the public lands granted to the state of New Jersey, by the act of Congress, approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two," enacted (so far as It need now be quoted): "Sec.
Page 60 - Jersey does hereby designate the "trustees of Rutgers College, in New Jersey," maintaining said Rutgers Scientific School, said State agricultural college, as the parties to whom any and all moneys appropriated by Congress under said acts, or acts supplementary thereto, shall be paid for the purposes mentioned in said acts of Congress.
Page 17 - Act of 1890 By a law passed March 31, 1890, and amended by an act of March 31, 1905, and further amended by an act of March 20, 1917, a number of scholarships for each year, equal to the number of assemblymen, are offered to students in all parts of the state. The candidates for these scholarships are selected by a competitive examination held under the direction of the city and county superintendents of education in each county of the state on the first Thursday in June and the Friday and Saturday...
Page 18 - Fundamental operations ; factoring ; highest common factor; least common multiple; fractions; equations of the first degree in one or more unknown quantities ; problems which lead to equations of the first degree ; powers and roots ; fractional and negative exponents ; reduction of radicals, including the extraction of the square root of numbers.
Page 21 - Tennyson's Gareth and Lynette. Launcelot and Elaine, and The Passing of Arthur B.

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