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January, 1819.

3. Went to Church twice.

4. Met with the Worcester Fire Club this Evening at Sike's Worcester Coffee house. This was the annual meeting—A very handsome Supper, and a general Attendance of the Members; the number of whom is now about 24. This Institution was formed in 1793. I was among its first members.

6. Nahum Bragg--my late Coachman came to see me - he is married and lives in Concord. Is desirous of living with me again. Grand children rode out.

7. Parker out all night.

9. Sent Parker to Shrewsbury to change with the person I received it from, a Counterfeit Bill. Grand children rode out.

10. Went to Church twice.

11. Attended with the Rev. Dr. Bancroft and Edw. D). Bangs, Esq. as a Committee to examine the Social Library of this town.

12. Bought the first load of Wood this season.

15. A little Fracas with my black boy Andrew. Grand children rode out. Sub Council of the Am. Antių". Society met at my house.

16. Have had a Cold for about 10 days past. No sledding yet this season-Ground entirely bare. Springs

very low.

17. Went to Church twice.

18. Our Girls in the kitchen are gone to another dance to spend the night-ball and party as they call it. Moses Thomas-dined.

19. Sent Pork to Goulding's to Bacon.

20. Bad travelling---no snow-frost mostly out of the Ground-Mail belated 3 hours, from Boston.

24. Went to Church twice. Miss Eliza Bancroft dined with me, and, as usual, Wm. Andrews.

25. Lewis a journeyman Printer had a Concert-a number attended. My Grand daughters attended as did most of the people in the Street. Singing only—and only by Lewis.

27. Moses Thomas called. 28. Young people's Assembly night at Hathaway's Hall.'

| This was the hall in the old Heywood Tavern, or Central Hotel, then kept by Samuel Hathaway.

In 1718 Daniel Heywood, the son of Deacon John Heywood of Concord, Mass., came to Worcester, and at once took an active part in the government of the new settlement He was one of the first deacons of the church; captain of the first military company formed in the town, in 1722; town treasurer in the same year; selectman for twenty years between 1724 and 1753; and major of a company which marched to the defence of the western frontier, 8 August, 1748.

Several years after his removal to Worcester, probably in 1722, he built the second tavern in the town, on the site of the present Bay State House. After his death, 12 April, 1773, it was occupied successively by his son and grandson, until the death of the latter in 1809. The property was soon afterwards bought by Reuben Wheeler, who built a large addition for a hall, on the north side of the tavern, making the whole length of the building seventy-five feet, and its width sixty feet. The hall occupied the two upper stories, and until the erection of Brinley Hall in 1837, was the largest in Worcester. The dining room was beneath, and the office, or bar-room, was in the southwest corner of the building.

It was afterwards kept by (yrus Stockwell, as "Stockwell's Tavern; " in 1827, by Lewis Lilley, as the "Sun Tavern; in the following year by Samuel Banister as the “ Rising Sun Tavern;" and later as the “C'entral Hotel."

Although the largest and best-equipped tavern in the town, it does not seem to have played the important part in the political events of the eighteenth century which the others didd; but after the advent of the stage-coach and the increase in

29. Had a very restless Night-troubled with Cramp in my feet.

30. Bought a Ticket for my daughter at her request in the 6th Class of Union Canal Lottery, No. 3161-7 dollars.


31. Went to Church twice. No sledding as yet. Ground continues bare. My cold, which I caught the beginning of this month, has been going off for the week past—and now appears to have left me.

Jan? 25, 1819.
Let the Maccarty place to Thomas Gray, for 100 dollars
Rent, to begin April 1st 1819--and end March 31st 1820.
[Rent not paid-Lost]

Let the House in Thomas Street to Elijah Ward—60 dols. per annum to be paid semi annually. Rent begins April 1. [Got nothing).

Let the House near the Tan yard to Coburn-80 dols. per annum—to be paid quarterly–Rent begins April 1. [Got nothing]

Let the 3-story house to Earle & Allen-Earle—Sept. 1. Allen removed.

Let the Goulding House to Darby.

Let the House back of the Court house to Williams. Part to Wheeler.


travel, its patronage grew, and for many years it was the principal stage house in Worcester. Among its associations is the fact that from 1830 to 1846 it was the headquarters of Ginery Twichell, the famous stage owner, «Iriver and express rider; in the bar-room, too, every Tuesday night, assembled the postriders from all paris of the county, ready to distribute the J/assachusetts Spy, after its publication on the following morning.

In 1833 the tavern was bought by Isaac Davis and Nathan Heard, who solid it in 1854 to the "Bay State House Corporation."

'At this time Calvin Darby had a shop for the carding of wool, at the corner of School and Union streets. In 1823 he disposed of his business to Ichabod Washburn and Benjamin (oddard, and was afterwards engaged in the manufacture of various articles. He died 29 October, 1841.

Let the small house next to the above to Kettle 40 dollars per annum. to be paid quarterly.

Let the Newbury Street house in Boston to Mrs. BealsRent 400 dols.

Let the South house in Central Court, Boston to Mr. Thompson 500 dols. per annum. Rent quarterly. Lost a year's Rent.

Let the house adjoining the above to Mr. Rent 500 dols. per annum, Rent Quarterly.

Let Octo". 1 The Levi house to Williams.

Let the small tenement at Sudbury Causeway to James Lovel for 12 dollars and 50 Cents per annum. Rent begins first of Sept". 1819.

Let half the house, lately occupied by Allen and Earle to Kettle.

Paxton place let April 1, to Samuel Shepard.

February, 1819.

2. Sub council of the Am. Antiquarian Society—met as usual at my house.

4. Went to Sterling with Caroline-left her there-dined & went to my brother's--returned home at half-past 6, in the Even

5. Spent this day with M". Webb of Walpole, Massachusetts-in conferring with him about purchasing his place in Walpole for Books—and in Conversation respecting the Western States with which he is much acquainted. He dined with me.


Went to Church twice. Rev. Mr. Nash dined with


1 Central Court ran easterly from Newbury (Washington) street, and turning at a right angle entered Avon Place, now Avon street, It would now cut the store of the Jordan, Marsh Co. in halves.

8. MF. Benja. Weld jun" of Boston, and Wm. Andrews dined with me—M'. Weld and Mr. Andrews supped and lodged with me. Parker out all Night fiddling.

9. Nath'. Anthony Painel_Son of Judge Nath'. Paine died-aged 28.

11. Nath!. A. Paine buried I attended his funeral. Theophs. Wheeler, Esqr visit this Evens.

12. Parker out this Evening with his Fiddle. Some young people visited us this Evening. No Sledding as yet this season:

Nathaniel Anthony Paine, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Chandler Paine. (Born, Worcester, 19 November, 1791.

Died, Worcester, 9 February, 1819.

Cash received.

5. Johnston, Portland

7. Thos. Robinson-Norwich,11.00
8. Goddard, of Shrewsbury,

151.25 9. Of Mr. Manning,

2.00 16. Of Mr. Wm. Andrews, 5.00

19. Of N. Maccarty, Tan

yard (dividend), 31.88 26. Of N. Maccarty, for

Leather account, 50.00
Of do. for Pew rent, &
Tax, 2 years,



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Cash paid away. Jan. 1. Family, sundries, .50,

19. Family,

0.15 black Wax,

$0.80 20. } gal. Brandy 9; , gal
2. do. oysters,

Molasses 2/3,

1.88 do. Oyl,


Crackers, 7. Post office quarterly acc, 7.20 21. Butcher,

3.10 8. Family (Brooms)

23. do.

1.28 Paid Dr. Fiske, which I

Family sundries,

0.50 borrowed,

25. Butcher,

9. Deposited in Wor. Bank,136.00 26. paid Miss Eliza Bancroft
Paid E, D. Bangs, 10.00

for Mrs. Frazer,

25.00 Paid Jacob, for Veal,

paid do, her account poultry, &c.,


against me in full, 9.00 11. Meat,

paid for Wood,

2.00 11. Paid Tristriam Stiles,

27. Paid Parsons on a Note, 20.00 Check on the Bank, 82.12

27. Eggs,

0.70 Do, in oyl,

28. Butcher,

0.80 12. Caroline,


30. Postage, .29, Sundries,
13. Sundries, family,


0.62 14. Reef, 1.25,


Paid Haskill's Bill for 16. Oyl, 1.00, black wax, .20,

Clapboards, to Nathan
postage, .20,

Heard, Jun.,

17.60 18. Butcher, Corbett,


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