Ohio Circuit Court Reports: New Series. Cases Adjudged in the Circuit Courts of Ohio

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Page 398 - ... the jurors ought to be told in all cases that every man is to be presumed to be sane, and to possess a sufficient degree of reason to be responsible for his crimes, until the contrary be proved to their satisfaction...
Page 491 - ... (2) An implied warranty that the buyer shall have and enjoy quiet possession of the goods as against any lawful claims existing at the time of the sale...
Page 393 - Since this utterance is made under the immediate and uncontrolled domination of the senses, and during the brief period when considerations of self-interest could not have been brought fully to bear by reasoned reflection, the utterance may be taken as particularly trustworthy (or, at least, as lacking the usual grounds of untrustworthiness), and thus as expressing the real tenor of the speaker's belief as to the facts just observed by him; and may therefore be received as testimony to those facts.
Page 514 - No common carrier subject to the provisions of this Act shall, after January first, nineteen hundred and seven, directly or indirectly, issue or give any interstate free ticket, free pass, or free transportation for passengers, except to its employees and their families...
Page 124 - The right of possession or property may be thus reserved notwithstanding the delivery of the goods to the buyer or to a carrier or other bailee...
Page 341 - ... which are to be separately paid for, and the seller makes defective deliveries in respect of one or more instalments...
Page 342 - Demand or tender of delivery may be treated as ineffectual unless made at a reasonable hour. What is a reasonable hour is a question of fact. (5) Unless otherwise agreed, the expenses of and incidental to putting the goods into a deliverable state must be borne by the seller.
Page 181 - ... or expenditure, is in the treasury, to the credit of the fund from which it is to be drawn, and not appropriated for any other purpose, which certificate shall be filed and immediately recorded.
Page 342 - Where by a contract to sell or a sale the seller is bound to send the goods to the buyer, but no time for sending them is fixed, the seller is bound to send them within a reasonable time.
Page 593 - EF, his heirs and assigns, forever, (description), and all the estate, title and interest of the said grantors either in law or in equity of in and to the said premises, together with all the privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging, and all the rents, issues and profits thereof; to have and to hold the same to the only proper use of the said grantee, his heirs and assigns, forever.

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