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All streets of the town are paved; it has good public schools; is the home of Pikeville College, a denominational school; and has five active churches and an excellent citizenship:

Submitted by Pike County Chamber of Commerce.



House of Representatives, Washington, D. C.: Kentucky State Bar Association in annual convention at Paducah to-day adopted the following resolution:

Be it resolved, First, the congestion of business in its two district courts of the United States in Kentucky requires relief; second, it is the sense of this association that the addition of a third district as proposed by pending legislation is not necessary or feasible or desirable, and this association is therefore opposed to said legislation; third, this association advocates legislation which will provide the desired relief by the appointment of a third judge with such duties as may be specifically prescribed by statute or by assignment of the senior judges of the court; fourth, copies of this resolution shall be transmitted to the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives and to the Senators and Representatives from Kentucky. List of those in attendance is being mailed.

J. VERSER CONNER, Secretary.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 3, 1930. Mrs. KATHERINE LANGLEY, M. C.,

Washington, D. C. DEAR MRS. LANGLEY: I have been asked to express my opinion as to what effect your proposed new district would have in relieving the docket in the western district of Kentucky, and I have written Congressman Thatcher at length about the situation in this district.

I told him that in my judgment the new district will afford me no relief on the civil side of the docket, but would relieve me of about one-fourth of my criminal docket at Louisville. I further suggested that I was afraid the creation of this district might close the door to future relief for the western district. I suggested to him that the proper way to solve the Kentucky situation is to create another judge instead of another district, such judge to have jurisdiction coextensive with both districts.

I do not want to be in the attitude of opposing the creation of additional Federal judicial machinery for Kentucky, but in justice to my own district I feel that another judge instead of another district is the solution, and I have requested Congressman Thatcher to lay my letter before the committee. With best wishes, I am, Sincerely yours,

Chas. I. DAWSON.


Lexington, Ky., April 5, 1930. Fayette County Farmers Union at the regular meeting on this date adopted a resolution commending and affirming the protest of Lexington Bar Association and Lexington Board of Commerce against the creation of a third Federal judicial district in Kentucky.

The Fayette County Farmers Union is absolutely opposed to the creating of any more offices or officeholders in any district, and they feel sure that this attempt to create another district is just a scheme to pay off political debts with offices and put more costs on long-suffering and hard-working farmers.

Judges Charles I. Dawson, of Louisville, and A. M. J. Cochran, of Maysville, have well and ably handled all the business coming before them, exact justice has been dealt to each person tried, and no great hardships have been put upon any prisoner of his family for the places or holding court have been well distributed.

Therefore the Fayette County Farmers Union, “Devoted to the interest of Kentucky farmers,' urges our Representatives and our two Senators in Congress use and throw the weight of their opposition to this bill and forever kill off schemes. Yours truly,

W. E. GAREY, President. "7830 287

WILL D. OLDHAM, Secretary.

Telegram from the Kenton County Bar Association.
Resolution of the Hazard Bar Association.
Resolution of the Hazard Rotary Club.

Resolution of members of Manchester, Clay County, Bar Association, and citizens of Clay County.

Resolution of members of the Clinton County Bar Association and citizens of Clinton County.

Resolution of the First Baptist Church of Mount Vernon.
Resolution of the Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club.
Resolution of the Rockcastle County Bar Association.
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Resolution of members of the McCreary County Bar Association.

Resolution of members of the Russell County Bar Association and citizens of Russell County.

Resolution of members of the Wayne County Bar Association.
Resolution of citizens of Middlesborough.
Resolution of the members of the Bar of Middlesborough.
Resolution of the Corbin Rotary Club.
Resolution of the Ministerial Association of Pineville.
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Petition of business and professional men of Whitley County.
Petition of city officials of Williamsburg.
Petition of county officials of Whitley County.
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Petition of the Bell fiscal court.
Petition of the doctors of Pineville.
Letter from the Woman's Club of Pineville.
Letter from Middlesborough Chamber of Commerce.
Letter from mayor and commissioners of Middlesborough.
Letter from the Bell County Board of Education.
Letter from Blue Bell Overall Co. of Middlesborough.
Letter from Walter B. Smith, county attorney, Pineville.

Letter from H. A. McCamy, president Citizens Bank & Trust Co. of Middlesborough.

Letter from the Bell National Bank, of Pineville.


Letter from Hon. A. M. J. Cochran, judge of the United States district court, eastern district of Kentucky.

Letter from Rollin Hurt, Columbia, Ky.
Letter from Coleman S. Moffett, Winchester.
Letter from Robert R. Friend, Irvine.
Letter from Victor L. Kelley, Bardstown.
Letter from members of Boyle County Bar.
Letter from members of Shelby County bar.
Letter from attorneys at law of Stanford.
Telegram from William S. Lawwill, Danville.
Resolution of the Boyd County Bar Association.
Letter from Morris & Jones, attorneys, Frankfort.
Letter from Charles T. Corn, Harrodsburg.
Letter from Sam Hurst, circuit judge, Beattyville.
Letter from Hugh Riddell, Irvine.
Letter from A. T. W. Manning, Lexington.
Letter from Jos. E. Robinson, Lancaster.
Resolution of the Fayette County Farmers Union.

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