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paper and type are good. We notice preferentes used for proferentem, a mistake of the proof-reader, whether author or printer.

The Principles and Practice of Medical Jurisprudence. By Alfred Swawi Taylor, M.D., F.R.S., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence in Grey's Hospital. Second Edition. Vols. I. and II. Philadelphia: Henry C. Lea. 1873.

A Manual of Medical Jurisprudence. By Alfred Swaine Taylor, M.D., F.R.S., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Chemistry in Grey's Hospital. Seventh American edition. Revised from the Author's latest Notes, and edited, with additional Notes and References, by John J. Reese, M.D., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology in the University of Pennsylvania, Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Honorary Member of the New York Medico-Legal Society. With Illustrations on Wood. Philadelphia: Henry C. Lea. 1873.

These two works, the latter in effect a compendium of the former, although it had reached seven editions in England before the larger work was published, are simultaneously issued by Henry C. Lea, of Philadelphia. The latter is an American edition, printed in Philadelphia; the former, although bearing the imprint of the same publisher, is evidently the English publication.

This is a medical, not strictly a legal treatise. The practising lawyer needs a work on " medical jurisprudence" just as he needs a chemical dictionary or a work on engineering, because he must know something of every thing; but we take it that what our author calls a'' medical jurist'' is really a physician who, knowing that some time or other he may be called as a witness in some legal investigation, has especially prepared himself in those branches of medical science which are likely to be of assistance in that investigation, and is in no sense a lawyer. In other words, he means by a medical jurist a medical witness, called as an expert. But it seems to us that the word '' jurist" is so obviously misapplied that it were better to stop at the established compound " medical jurisprudence."

This work is purely medical in the subjects it treats of, although they are those which the law is frequently applied to, and it is therefore professedly a text-book for doctors, and we shall not attempt to criticise its contents. It has been for some time a standard authority on the subjects of which it treats, and has been now enlarged and revised, with additions, from recent investigations.

Reports of Cases heard and determined by the Lord Chancellor and the Court of
Appeal in Chancery. By J. P. De Gkx, F. Fishek, and H. Cadman
Jones, Barristers at Law. Edised, with Notes and References to American
Law and subsequent English Decisions, by J. C. Perkins. Vol. I. 1S59,
1860. Boston: Little, Brown, & Co. 1873.
Same, Vol. II. 1860, 1861. Same, Vol. III. 1860, 1861.

It would, of course, be superfluous for us to review at any length the English reports of De Gex, Fisher, and Jones, with which the profession are already so familiar. Neither do we think we can say any thing concerning the republication of this series that will not apply equally to each of the Chancery Reports, republished in this country by Messrs. Little, Brown, & Co., under the editorship of Mr. Perkins. To the reports of Clark and Finnelly we have lately referred. The typography and presswork are carefully and conscientiously done, and the series, being well and uniformly bound, presents an attractive appearance. The " notes and references to American law and subsequent English decisions," which, as far as we are able to judge, and a priori from Mr. Perkins's reputation, are accurate and trustworthy, render this more desirable to the American lawyer than the English publication.

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Chicago Legal News. Chicago.
Legal Gazette. Philadelphia.
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The New York Medical Journal. New York, N. Y.
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The Pittsburgh Legal Journal. Pittsburgh, Pa.

Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Superior Court at Indianapolis.

The Albany Law Journal. Albany, N. Y.

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The American Law Register. Philadelphia.

The American Law Times and Reports. New York.

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The Cincinnati Superior Court Reporter. Cincinnati, Ohio.

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The Western Jurist. Deg Moines, Iowa.


Alabama Reports. Vol. 47. (Jones.) 8vo, sheep, $6.50. Montgomery.
American Reports. Vol. 9. (Thompson.) 8vo, sheep, $6.00. John D. Parsons, Jr.,

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Curtis's Law of Patents. Fourth edition, revised and enlarged. By George T. Curtis. 8vo, sheep, $7.50. Little, Brown, & Co., Boston.

De Gex, Fisher, and Jones's Reports. Edited, with Notes and References to American Law and subsequent English Decisions, by Hon. J. C. Perkins. Vol. 4. 8vo, sheep, $5.00. Little, Brown, & Co., Boston.

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Story's Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence. Eleventh edition. Carefully revised, with extensive Additions. By F. V. Balch, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo, sheep, $15.00. Little, Brown, & Co., Boston.

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Mitchell, London.

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sheep, $8.00. Diossy & Co., New York. Washburn's Easements and Servitudes. Third edition. By Emory Washburn,

LL.D. 8vo, sheep, $7.50. Little, Brown, & Co., Boston.



Chief Justice Chase. — The Supreme Court came in on the twentythird of October, and the Attorney General presented, with appropriate remarks, the resolutions of the bar on the death of the late Chief Justice. Mr. Justice Clifford responded with an extended eulogy, in which he reviewed at some length the character and services of his late associate, and his claims to the affection and respect of his countrymen.

The Chief Justiceship. The Hon. George H. Williams. — On the third of December, the Hon. George H. Williams, the Attorney General, was nominated as Chief Justice. Mr. Williams has, within a few years, been called to fill in rapid succession some of the most exalted places under our government: as a senator, as a member of the Joint High Commission, and, lastly, as the official head of the American bar, he has had ample opportunity for the display of great talents, and in all these positions he has acquitted himself in such a manner as neither to invite distinguished praise nor, except in the Pacific Railroad case, to provoke much adverse criticism. If the public have seen in him as yet little to justify his selection for the high promotion with which the President has honored him, they have seen nothing to indicate that in his hands the dignity of his great office will be lowered or its powers used unworthily. Indeed, while it would be idle to deny that the nomination was a disappointment to all who had hoped that the seat of Marshall might be filled by a fitting successor, yet that disappointment was tempered by a sense of relief that the country had at least escaped the mortification of seeing in that honored place a man destitute alike of judicial temper aud judicial experience, whose only claim to it was derived from active and unscrupulous service as a political partisan. ,

Of Mr. Williams's judicial experience there is little to say. He was born in 1823, and was admitted to the bar in New York. Three years afterwards, in 1847, he was elected judge of the first judicial district of Iowa, and in 1853 he was appointed Chief Justice of Oregon Territory, — an office which he held till 1857, when he declined a reappointment, as he then left the bench to begin his political career. Such a training does not of necessity give that familiarity with questions of the class upon which the Supreme Court is called to pass, which we have been taught to consider desirable ; but it is calculated at least to free the mind from narrowing local influences.

We cannot conclude without expressing our regret that the President, in making this the most important appointment of his administration, has not improved the opportunity to make such a choice from the eminent lawyers of the country as the people had a right to expect, notwithstanding past expert

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