Schedule of Land-grant and Bond-aided Railroads of the United States and Instructions Concerning Settlement of Accounts Over Such Roads with a Compendium of United States Laws Showing the Conditions of the Grants Or Subsidies: This Appendix Supersedes Circular No. 16, Q.M.G.O., 1912

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1917 - Railroads - 1 pages

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Page 422 - This Agreement witnesseth, that the said , for and on behalf of the United States of America, and the said , for himself, his heirs, executors, and administrators, have mutually agreed, and by these presents do mutually covenant and agree, to and with each other, in manner following, viz.
Page 266 - ... employee, in the opinion of the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, be sooner able to resume work, the same pay as if he continued to be employed, such payment to be made under such regulations as the Secretary of Commerce and Labor may prescribe: Provided, That no compensation shall be paid under this Act where the injury is due to the negligence or misconduct of the employee injured, nor unless said injury shall continue for more than fifteen days.
Page 26 - Claims for loss, damage, or delay must be made in writing to the carrier at the point of delivery or at the point of origin within four months after delivery of the property, or, in case of failure to make delivery, then within four months after a reasonable time for delivery has elapsed. Unless claims are so made the carrier shall not be liable.
Page 60 - Tb. claim must be filed with the Secretary of Labor wIthin 90 days after death or a satisfactory explanation of the delay submitted.
Page 266 - August first, nineteen hundred and eight, any person employed by the United States as an artisan or laborer in any of its manufacturing establishments, arsenals, or navy yards, or in the construction of river and harbor or fortification work, or in hazardous employment on construction work in the reclamation of arid lands or the management and control of the same, or in hazardous employment under the Isthmian Canal Commission...
Page 564 - Trial. Deserted at Ft Snelling Minn Jan 20/16. Surrendered at Vancouver Bks Wash Feb 5/16. Restored to duty without trial SO 64 West Dept Mch 6/16. Due US at date of desertion: Clo $10.50, PE Ft Missoula Mont $5; due sol for deps $10. (In case soldier deserts after six months from enlistment, statement of money value of clothing drawn at date of desertion not required.) Last pd to Dec 31/15 by Capt Hood. (h) Removal of Charge of Desertion. Deserted Jan 12/16. Surrendered to military control Feb 10/16.
Page 532 - Artillery horses for light and horse batteries. The artillery horse for light and horse batteries must be sound, well bred, of a superior class and have quality; of a kind disposition, well broken to harness and gentle under the saddle, with easy mouth and gaits, and free and prompt action at the walk, trot and gallop; free from vicious habits; without material blemish or defect.
Page 266 - That if any artisan or laborer so employed shall die during the said year by reason of such injury received in the course of such employment, leaving a widow, or a child or children under sixteen years of age, or a dependent parent, such widow and child or children and dependent parent shall be entitled to receive, in such portions and under such regulations as the Secretary of Commerce...
Page 26 - Form 169, letter of transmutai of memoranda hills of lading, etc., with which it is forwarded, upon delivery of the property shipped the original bill of lading is surrendered by the consignee to tho hist carrier. A second copy of the memorandum marked "Property received copy...
Page 532 - The artillery horse is required for quick draft purposes, and should move the carriage, ordinarily, by weight thrown into the collar rather than by muscular exertion. The animal must be sound, without blemish or defect, well bred, of a kind disposition, and free from vicious habits; a square trotter; well broken to harness, and gentle under the saddle; with easy mouth and gait, and with free, prompt action at the walk, trot, and gallop...

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