Annual Reports of the Secretary of War, Volume 1, Part 12

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Page 143 - The board shall also take testimony upon, and have a hearing for and against any proposed change of the law relating to any railroad, or of the general railroad law, if requested to do so by the...
Page 143 - ... the sum of fifty dollars for every day it shall so neglect or refuse. If any officer or agent of any such corporation shall willfully neglect or refuse to make any proper entry in such...
Page 128 - In case the merchandise does not arrive at its destination in good condition and at the stated time, the owner or consignee has the right to insist on the liability of the company which may have failed to carry out these conditions. In the same way it may be insisted on when the parcels, clearly and distinctly marked so that no doubt can arise, are delivered to a person different from the one who was to receive them.
Page 126 - ART. 117. When the company, suspicious of the correctness of the declaration of the contents of a parcel, decides to examine the same, it shall proceed to do so before witnesses and in the presence of the sender or of the consignee. If the latter, invited by the company, are not present at the time, they shall be cited for that purpose by a notary public, who shall be requested to do so by an express mandate from the competent authority.
Page 142 - Every stock corporation shall keep at its office, correct books of account of all its business and transactions, and a book to be known as the stock-book, containing the names, alphabetically arranged, of all persons who are stockholders of the corporation, showing their places of residence, the number of shares of stock held by them respectively, the time when they respectively became the owners thereof, and the amount paid thereon.
Page 143 - Such latter book shall be presumptive evidence of the facts therein so stated in favor of the plaintiff, in any action or proceeding against such corporation or any of its officers, directors or stockholders.
Page 143 - ... allow them to be inspected and extracts taken therefrom as provided in this section, the corporation and such officer or agent shall each forfeit and pay to the party injured a penalty of fifty dollars for every such neglect or refusal, and all damages resulting to him therefrom.
Page 128 - ART. 151. If only part of the merchandise is delivered by the company within the time provided for by these regulations, the other part shall be the basis for claim for loss and damages; but the latter shall cover both when the consignee shall prove the impossibility of using one without the other. Exceptions are made in cases of accident and of...
Page 143 - The commissioners or either of them in the performance of their official duties may enter and remain during business hours in the cars, offices and depots, and upon the railroads of any railroad...
Page 120 - Departments for officers of inspection and telegraph. 2. A depository, in the manner determined by the company, where lost articles belonging to travelers shall be securely taken care of 3. A medicine chest, bandages, and other articles required in case of accidents.

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