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Page Plate 1-South America (map).

1 2—Sketch Map of Alaska

5:3 ::— Map of the St. Elias Region, after La Pérouse

60 +- Map of the eastern Shore of Yakutat Bay, after Dixon... 62 5-Map of the St. Elias Region, after Malaspina

6+ (6—Map of Bay de Monti, after Malaspina ..

60 7-Map of Disenchantment Bay, after Malaspina.

68 8—Sketch Map of St. Elias Region, by Mirk B. KERR

73 !—The Hubbard (ilacier..

100 10—Wall of Ice on eastern Side of Atrevida Glacier..

102 11- View on Atrevida Glacier.

104 12-Entrance of an Ice Tunnel.

106 13–Deltas in il abandoned Lake Beil.

108 1- River on Lucia Glacier

110 1.5—Entrance to a glacial Tunnel

112 16- View of Malaspina (ilacier from Blossom Island.

11+ 17-Moraines on Marvine (lacier..

116 18—l'iew of the Ilitchcock Range from near Dome Pass 118 19- View of Mount St. Elias from Dome Pass

116 20-View of Mount St. Elias from Seward Glacier

190 21—(arte Générale des Découvertes de l'Amiral de Fonte (1702).


R!SELL: Figure 1-Diagram illustrating the Formation of leeberys. 101 2- View of : glacial Lakelet..

119 :3—Section of a glacial Lakelet

120 +- Diagram illustrating the formation of marginal (revasses...

128 5—(revasses near Pinnacle Pass.

130 (Snow ('rests on Ridges and Peaks.

14: 7-Faulted Pebble from Pinnacle Pass

171 S-Faulteit Pebble from Pinnacle Pass






To the Public.

In addition to announcements of meetings and various circulars sent to members from time to time, the Society issues a single serial publication entitled THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE. During the first two years of the existence of the Society this serial was issued in quarterly numbers. With the beginning of the third year of the Society and the third volume of the Magazine the form of publication was changed, and the serial now appears at irregular intervals in parts or brochures (desiynated by pages and designed either for separate preservation or for gathering into volumes) which consist either of single memoirs or of magazine brochures made up of articles, notes, abstracts, and other geographic matter, together with the Proceedings and other administrative records of the Society

The Magazine is maileıl free to members of the Society and to exchanges. The first two volumes, as well as the separate brochures of the third and the complete volume, are sold at the prices given below by the Secretary, Mr. F. H. Sewell, U. S. Geological Survey, Washington, D. C.


Members Volume I, 1889: A numbers, 33+ payes, 16 plates and 26 figures

$1 10 $2 00 Volume II, 1890: 5 numbers, 33++ pages, 10 plates and 11 figures

1 10 2 00 Volume III, 1891: ('omprising :

South America ; Annual Address by the Presi

dent, Gardiner G. Hubbard : pp. 1-330, pl. 1,
March 28, 1891..

SO 1.5 $0 2.5
Geography of the Land; Annual Report by

Vice-President Herbert G. Ogden: Pp. 3140,
April 30, 1891..

(ieography of the Jir; Annual Report by l’ice-

President A. W. Greely: pp. 41-52, May 1,


25 An Expedition to Mount St. Elias, by I. C. Russell : pp. 53–201 (with 8 figures), pls. 2–20, May 29, 1891


1 50 Magazine brochure, pp. 205–261, i-xxxv, pl. 21, February 19, 1892


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1 00

3 00


In the interests of exact bibliography, the Society takes cognizance of all publications issued either wholly or partly under its auspices. Each author of a memoir published in Tue NATIONAL (IEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE receives 25 copies, and is authorized to order any number of additional copies at a slight advance on the cost of press-work and paper; and these separate brochures are identical with those of the regular edition issued by the Society. Contributors to the magazine brochures are authorized to oriler any number of copies of their contributions at a slight advance on cost of press-work and paper, provided these separates bear the original pagination and a printed reference to the serial and volume from which they are extracted; but such separates are bibliographically distinct from the brochures issued by the Society. The Magazine is not copyrighted, and articles may be reprinted freely; and a record of reprints, so far as known, is kept.

The following separates and reprints from volume III have been issued :

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(Abstract of Minutes.)

March 6, 1891.

49th mieeting. Meeting held in the Assembly Hall of the Cosmos Club. VicePresident Hayden in the chair. Attendance, 50.

Captain E. C. Hore, master mariner, delivered an address on “A narrative of ten years' work and travel in the African lake region.” Abstract entitled " The Heart of Africa" printed in this rolume, pp. 238-243.

March 20,

March 13, 1891.

Special meeting. Meeting held in the Lecture Room of the National Museum. Vice-President Ogden in the chair. Attendance, 850.

Captain E. C.. Hore repeated his former lecture with additions. Abstract printed in this rolume, pp. 243-247. 1891.

50th meeting. Meeting held in the Assembly Hall of the Cosmos Club. Mr. G. K. Gilbert in the chair. Attendance, 35.

Vice-President Greely read a paper on “ The cartography and observations of Bering's first voyage.” The paper was discussed by Messrs Dall, Blodgett, Littlehales, and Vice-President Hayden. Printed in this rolume, pp. 205–230, pl. 21.

Mr. J. Stanley-Brown presented a paper on “ Auriferous sands from Yakutat bay." Printed in this rolume, pp. 196-198.

Mr. I. C. Russell read a paper on “The geology of the Mount St. Elias region, Alaska." The paper was discussed by Messrs Gilbert (who had resigned the chair to Vice-President Hayden), Dall, Johnson, and Russell. Incorporateil in the memoir forming PP: 53-204, pls. 2-20, of this rolume.

Jauch :31, 1891.

Serial wroting. Meeting hell in the Law Lecture Room of Columbian University. l'ice-President Ogilen in the chair. Attendance, 300.

Mr. Servins Stepniak delivered an actress on "The Russian peasantry.”

pil3, 1891.

51x1 meeting.

Meeting held in the Assembly Hall of the cosmos (lub. VicePresident Hayilen in the chair. Attendance, 13.5.

I paper on “ The Mackenzie river and ('olinson," ly licePresident (reely, was read by title in the absence of the author.

Ensign J. A. Hoogewerff, U.S. X., presenteil an account of the " Magnetic work of the United States Naval Observatory." The paper was (liscussed by Messrs Baker, Abbe, Ogilen, Hayden, and Hoogewerfl.

Mr. F. H. Bigelow presented a paper on “ Auroral streamers."

Mr. Cleveland Abbe maile some remarks on " Theories of magnetic phenomena."

April 11, 18.01.

Special meeting. Meeting held in the Lecture Hall of the National Museum. President Hubbard in the chair. Attendance, 750.

Major J. W. Powell delivered an adress on - The Grand cañon of Colorado river."

April 17, 1891.

5.2 meting. Meeting held in Lincoln Hall. President Hubbard in the chair. Attendance, 1,000.

Mr. Geo. W. Melville, Engineer-in-Chief, U. S. N., briefly explained the purposes of arctic exploration.

Civil Engineer R. E. Peary, U. S. N., addressed the Society on the subject of his proposed northern Greenland expedition of 1891–92. The lecturer exhibited and explained a number of lantern-slide views illustrating arctic scenery and modes of traveling

On the conclusion of the address a United States flag, provided for the purpose by Miss Ulrica Dahlgren, was presented by the President on behalf of the Society to Lieut. Peary, who responded feelingly.

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