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Prezion, Exempting
Felgup Lines: 56
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fade and Crops, 177
Inde Doller, Paying

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Trane Do We Now
by the Rothschild
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Holyland, Survey of the, 274.


Idol, Discovery of, in Mexico, 495; Illinois State Sunday-

School Association, Statistics of, 134; India, Increase of

the Christian Community in, 516; Ireland, Number of

Church People and Denoininations in, 112, 337; India,

Christian Missionary Work in, 394; 'India, Gossner

Mission in, 97.


Jamaica. Religious Denominations of, 273; Japan, The

Evangelical Alliance of, 515; Japan, Y M. C. A. at, 516;
Japan, The only Religious Weekly in, 515; Jerusalem,
Jewish Population of, 495; Jesuits, Number of, in the
United States, 515; Jesuits, Order of, Statistics Concern-
ing, 152, 193; Jews, Census of the, 394; Japan, Statistics
of the Protestant Church of, 475.

Electrical Appliances, Spanish Tariff and Imports on, 156
English News on American Paper, 216
English Corporations in the United States, 378
England, The Commercial Distress of, 436
European Manufacturers, Contracts with, 9-1
Expositions, The Influence of, 474

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Absenteeism, Clerical, 413

Adam's Epitaph, 355

African Church, A South Carolina, 355

Baltimore, The Bishop of, 204

Bells Drive Away Demons of Storms, 193

Bible, The, and Modern Thought, 13

Bible, John Ruskin on the, 133

Boys, Our, on Sunday, 13

Cathedrals of Europe, Some, 192

Chaplain's Prayers, The, 13

Christianity, Muscular, 294

Church of the Poor, The, 193

Church Decoration, 456

Churches, The Congress of, 151

Egyptian Monotheism, 111

France, The Decline of, 495

Golden Rule, The, 393

Hymns, A Study of Some Old, 152

Milburn, Rev. W. H., The Prayers of, 13

Missionaries, from Missionaries' Standpoint, 475

Mormonism, 32

Muscular Christianity, 294

New Craze, The, 235

Poor, The Church of the, 193

Poor, The Pulpit and tbe, 212

Positivist Parody of Christianity, 294

Prayer, The Planting and Exhuming of a, 273

Preacher Drunk, A, 272

Propaganda, The Work of, 314

Pulpit, The, and the Pew, 132

Pulpit, The, and the Poor, 212

Pulpit, The, and Public Opinion, 314

Pulpit, The, Not all, 414

Railroads, Experimental Observance of Sunday by, 475

Religion in Summer, 337

Religious Flunkeyism, 375

Ruskin, John, on the Bible, 133

Savonarola, A New, 294

Society of Jesus, The, 438

South Carolina African Church, A, 355

“Sowing Wild Oats,” 475

Suicide, Theism and, 515

Sunderland, Rev. Dr., and President Cleveland's Wed-

ding, 193

Sunday, Our Boys on, 13

Sunday, The Value of, 475

Sunday, Observance in the United States, 175

Sunday, The Preservation of, 494

Theology, Do we Want a New, 515

Theosophy, 133, 235

Theism and Suicide, 515

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Abyssinian Economic Productions, 417
Agricultura. Prospects, 94
American Paper, English News on, 216
American Investments and British Investors, 473

Bauk, The Earliest, 216
Balık Note, The Oldest, 115
Banks, Increase in the Surplus of, 76

Taxation and Manufacture, 473

Taxing Commercial Travelers, 75

Taxation, Exempting Factories fron, 54
Telegraph Lines? Should the Government (wu the, 258
Trade Dollars, Value of, 35
Trade and Crops, 177
Trade Dollar, Paying 100 cents for thc, 357
Vacation, A, on Sunday, 396
Victoria, Australia, The Revenue of, 157,
Wages in Germany, 197
War, Increase in the Cost of, 91
Water Power, Reduction of Gold and Silver Ores iuto

Metal hy, 6
Wheat Crop, The World's, 216, 458
Where Do We Now Stand: 114
Why the Rothschilds Would Not Make a Loan, 396
Wisconsin Lumber, 197
Wool Growers, First National Convention of, :33


236 ; Missouri Pacific R. R., Gross Earnings of, 94; Mo-

lasses, Largest Shipment of, 396; Mutton, Shipment

of, 296.


National Debts, 197; National Debt, Reduction of, 258;

Natural Gas, Ise of, for Fuel, 296; Natural Gas Wells,

236, 275 ; Natural Gas, Discovery of, at Port Huron,

Mich., 517.


Ocean Steamers, Rate War Between, 336; Omaba Freight

Bureau, 136.


Panama Canal Company, Machinery for, 197; Patent

Medicines, Production of, 517; Petroleum, Discovery of,

in Egypt, 91; Petroleum, Exports of, 275; “Plymouth

Rok," The, Out of Commissiori, 311 7; Pork Industry

in the l'.S., 117; Postal Telegraph, Mr. Mackay's Scheme

of, 517; Potteries, Capital Invested in, 197.


Railway Cars, Demand for, 336; Raisin Crop of Califor-

nia, 115; Randall's Tariff Bill, 258; Reil Rebellion,

Damages by, 517; Revolutionary War, Cost of, 378;

Rolling Mills, Annual Capacity of the, 199; Rutland's

Marble Quarries, Statistics of the, 198.


Salmon Canning, 216 : Ship-Building, Status of, 199;


Manufacture in Pennsylvania, 157; Silk Worm Eggs,

Distribution of, 210 ; Silk Manufactory, New, 517; Silver

Coinage in the United States, 198, 199, Silver Shipments

from San Francisco,318; Sing Sing Prison, Earnings of,

296 ; Snow-Sheds, The Canadian Pacific, 517; Spanish

Floating Debt, 91; Spanish Forests, Devastation of, 137 ;

Specie, Exports of, 91; Spelter, Consumption of, 137;

Steel, Imports of, 296 ; Strikes in New York City, Cost
of, 197; Sugar Crop of Cuba, 296; Sugars, Increasing
the Duties on, 417.

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Fire Losses, 318; Flour, Increase in Production of, 318;

French Loan, Deposits for, 115; Frozen Meat, Increase

of Business in, 357; Fruit 'I'roducts of California, 2:6;

Fruit Trees, Number of, in California, 318.


German Empire, War Fund of the, 177; Gernian Imports

and Exports, Value of, 296; (ilass Bottle Manufacturers'

Association of U.S., Annual Meeting of, 318; (iluss-

Casting, Method of, 295; Glue Factories, Number of in

U.S., 177; Golil and Silver Coinage, Total of, 296 : Gold

and Silver, Production of, 216, 275; Gold Coins (light)

to be Stainped, 378; Gold Discoveries, 206; Gold Fields

of South Africa, The, 198; Gray, Wm., Jr., Defalcation

of, 517; Great Britain, Tonnage Built in, 115.


Hops, Import Duty on Foreign, 118; Hudson, Proposed

Bridge Across the, at Poughkeepsie, 474.


Ice Crop, The, 117; Immigrants, Number Arriving for

June, 318; Ímports of ihe U. 9, Valvie of, 236, 318;

Indian Supplies, Contracts for, 177; International In-

vestment Agency, 198; India: Expenses of the Viceroy,

517;, Iron Ore, Shipment of, 417; Iron, Production of,

in U. 8., 115, 157; Iron and Steel, Imports of, 199;

Italian Emigration, Statistics of, 158.


Juto Raising in the South, 197,


Isanded Property of England, The, 318; Liquor, Con-

sumption of, in Great Britain, 157.


Manufacturing Industries of the South, 318; Master Car
Builders' Association, The, 136; Merchandise, Imports
of into the U. 8., 197; Mexican Debt, Terins for Settle-
inint of,?75: Vexico, American Colony in, 334: Mining
Coinpanies Organized in London, 2101 ; Nining Inter-

priscs, Capital Inyested in, 437; Mint Crop, Value of,

EDUCATION- Continued.
Papers, 196; Colored Students at Yale, 196; Colored
People, Progress of the, 213; Colored Youth of the South,
Industrial Education of, 476; Colored Teachers, Mis-
treatment of, in the South, 397; Colored Girl, White
Girls Refuse to Graduate with a, 213; Congress, Colleges
have most Graduates in, 196.

1727 Lies the Hes

Datenstes Statistic

Ed Bates, Crimin

ditates, Progres
Satistics, Some

in the Battle. 76
zran Railways
Win, Caterin

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Alcohol, Tax on, 34

Agricultural Statistics, 113

Barbadoes, Population of, 218

Blind, The World's 516

Breweries, Number of, in the World, and their Prod-

ucts, 376

British India, Population of, 134

Capitalists, Who are the, 34

California, Some Productions of, 51

Census, Striking Figures from the Tenth, 477

Chicago's Foreign Population, 256

City Without Homes, A, 114

Coke, 34

Color Blindness, 34

Death, Statistics of, 176

Debt, The Goverument, 53

Dry Seasons, 376

Educational Facts and Figures, 53

European Telephone Statistics, 217

English and American Railroads, 256

Farm Products and Manufactured Articles. Relative

Prices of, 98

Flour, Decline in Price of, 416

Foreign Population of Chicago, 256

France, Trades and Professions in, 338

France, Vital Statistics vf, 477

French Fisheries, 131

German Army, The, in 1886, 194

German Universities, Dates of Founding of, 477

Homes, A City Without, 114

Horse Can Drag on Different Roads, What a, 19-1

Horses of the World, 237

Hours of Labor, 176

Human Family, The, 298

Immigration, Cheap Labor and, 134

Immigration Movement, The, 237

Immigrants, Sex and Nationality of, 497

Industries, Number of Persons in the Leading, 316

Insane Asylums of Pennsylvania, 34

Insurance of Teetotalers Oniy, 34

Jews, Russian Conscription of, 114

Labor, Hours of, 176

Law, Medicine and Divinity, Number of Men in, 298

Leading Industries, Statistics Respecting, 316

Males and Females, Number of, 98

Manufactured Articles and Farm Products, Relative

Prices of, 98

Marriage Statistics, 158

Meat Exports, South American, 177

Meat, The World's Consumption of, 516

Merchandise and Specie Movements, 176

Military Statistics, Foreign, 197

Monarchs, Untimely End of, 237

Moral, A, in Statistics, 115

Mortuary Statistics, 114

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Journalists and Actors, 378

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Japan, Collection from, 298; Jewish Artists, 238; “Judge'

Cartoon Prize, Winner of, 218.


Lafayette, Monument Commemorative of Services Ren-

dered the United States by, 418.

Strike, The, 7

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Bathing Cars on Canada Pacific R. R., 317; Bridge Mov:
ing on the Pennsylvania R. R., 417;

Broadway Railroad
Scandal, Cost of Investigating the,



Cantilever Brides, Success of the, 498; Car-building,

Activity in, 417;' Car-coupling Tests, Decision of Rail-

way Commission in Regard to, 298.

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ART, MUSIC AND DRAMA--Continued. tion of, 238; Russian Art Gallery at Rome, Projected, 359.

S. St. Leonard Paintings, Sale of, 477 ; Scottish National Por

trait Gallery, New Portraits Added to, 318 ; South, Coming Articles on the, by William Hamilton Gibson, 198 ; Spain, International Exhibition at Madrid, 519.

I. Indians, Musical Aptitude of the, 218; Italian Artists, Whereabouts of, 136.

J. Jews, In Music, The, 439; Joachim, Joseph, Decorated,

136'; Jones, J. Powell, The Blacksmith Poet, 319.

J. Janauschek, Return of, to the Stage, 398; Jefferson Joseph, Wealth of, 299; Jim, the Penman, Success of, 78.

L. Leipsic, A New Circus at, 359; "Little Tycoon Com

pany," Salary of Manager of, 519; Long Branch, Contemplated Theater at, 259; Lotta's Cottage at Lake Hopatacong, 319; Lotta's Fortune, 198, 499.

M. Mikado, Remarkable Success of the, 117; Murray, Alma, as an Actress, 398.

Paris Theaters, Annual Receipts of the, 318.

U. Union League Club, Art Committee of, 78,

V. Vinci, Leonardo da, Autographic Sketches and Mann

scripts of, 359; “Voice on the Cliff, A," Value of, 318.


Revolving Stage, A New Patent, 138; Royal General The

atrical Fund, Annual Statement of the, 199.

W, Walker, Frederick, Value of Drawings by, 179; Wall Papers, New Process of Ornamenting, 359; Watis, Mr., R. A., Art Life, Work of, 78; Webster, The New Statue of, at' Concord, N. H., 218; Western Art Movement, The, 338; Whistler to Visit America, 519; « Wonderful Anecdotes of Animals," by Hans Dreitmann, 318.

K. Keyboard, A New, 97.

L. "Light of Asia," by Dudley Buck, 519; Liszt, Franz, Description of, 117; Lorelia, New Opera of, by Mohr, 199,

M. Maitre Ambros, New Opera of, by Widor, 199; Metropoli

tan Opera House Company of New York, Increase of Stock of the, 78; Mikado, Gross Receipts at the Fifth Avenue, 178; Mikado, Success of the, in Berlin, 218; Mozart, Monument to, at Vienna, 97.

P. Patti, Madame, Contemplated Marriage of, 158; Patti, Madame, Success of, at Lisbon, 97.

R. Reis, Hubert, Composer, Death of, 499; Rubenstein's

Piano Recitals, 199; Russell, Miss Ella, Debut of, in London, 199.

Sullivan, Sir Arthur, A New Libretto by, 499; Suppe,
Franz von, New Comic Opera by, 199.

Truhn, Hieronymus, Musical Critic, Deatlı of, 199.

Washington, Summer Season of Opera in, 259.

Stage, The, Lecture on the State of, 97.

Terry, Ellen, Illness of, 319; Theater Fires, Number of

Liyes Lost in, 319.


A. Alpine Choir and Tyrolese Company, The, 418 ; American Opera, Success of the First Season of the, 78; American Opera Company, Capital of Branch Organization of the, 319.

B. Bayreuth, Annual Performance of Wagner's Music at, 359 :

Bayreuth, Receipts of Wagner's Representations at, 199; Bilman, a New Coinic Opera, by Franz von Suppe, 499; Berlioz, the Composer, Unveiling of the Statue of, 499; Biblical Subjects, Names of Operas Based Upon, 238,

DE OMNIBUS REBUS. Ancestry, Unique Endowment in Living, 480 Blythe, Thomas H., The Estate of, 480 Estate, A Peculiar, 480

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Hat, Time it Takes a Man to Buy a, 480
Hydrophobia, A Cure for, in 1806, -180
Inman, John H., Facts About, 179
Ireland, The Police of, 480
Niagara, Utilizing the Power of, 179
Ottendorfer Festival, The, at Zwittau, Austria, 479

D. Douste Sisters, The, Pianists, 478.

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NATURE. Earthquakes, Recent, Various Theories and Opinions

Respecting, -150

Dixie, Henry E., (Adonis) Banquet to, 78

Europe, Musical Characteristics of the People of, 259.

Florian, The New Opera of, by Miss Ida Walter, 359.

Germany, New Operas Presented in, 78.

Harp O'Carolan, Tbe, 97; Hatton, J. L., English Com-

poser, Death of, 499.

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