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Report of Dr. Samuel E. Soltz, Annexed to

Foregoing Affidavit.


Sea Transport Service of the navy) when he had allowed a friend of his to assume quarters in his apartment, during the period of time that his ship had docked, and that he would be out of work. He stated that he moved in October of 1952, and then he was told to leave in December of 1952, because he felt that his wife was paying too much attention to the man, and that she was unduly attracted to him, and that she often spent time in his bedroom, behind closed doors. He admits he became suspicious of her actions, and often had upbraided her for her unnecessary display. She resented this very much, and they were involved in arguments which finally led to his slapping her face (beating her). On the day of this unusual brawl, his friend had left for several days to go to Washington, and he and his wife had made up, and were able to get along quite well; however, the friend then returned, and the arguments again continued. He stated that his wife felt he was quite suspicious, and wrong in his attempts at accusation, and then she decided to leave him. It was at this time that he sought some marriage counsel advice at the Brooklyn Bureau of Social Services, and he was interviewed by Dr. Deutsch, who definitely felt at this time that the marital situation had created a good deal of concern and worry, and that because of his own personality makeup he was unable to solve the problem himself and had sought some aid. He stated that in the meantime his wife has had a third child, which he claims is his own. He felt at that time that his wife was quite immature, and that it would be useless to effect any sort of reconciliation, in view of the fact that she was over



Report of Dr. Samuel E. Soltz, Annexed to

Foregoing Affidavit.


whelmed by an individual whom she felt was so much stronger than himself. He agreed to practically everything in order to ease the situation, and to make it less difficult for his children, and although he feels that she is unsuitable, he finds that he will not be able to take care of the children without having another wife of his own. He has allowed the separation to take the usual course, and he is able to occupy his mind with a good deal of activity and work, and felt somewhat delighted when he was asked to join the Police Academy. He admits that he has had previous brawls with his wife, as well as with her family, and that these gradually faded, with some solvency.

Patient stated he was born in Paris, France, of U. S. citizens, and that he has had high school education, and that he made a good standing, and that he has had several courses in electronics, as well as radar, all with good grades. He admits that he was not an unusual individual, but that he took his work very seriously, and that he has had many friends, as well as school chums. He has been free from serious illnesses, infections, except for pneumonia at the age of twelve years, without any complications; and no other injuries except for fracture of the left forearm at the age of eleven years, without any complications. He has always been a healthy, strong individual physically.

This patient is somewhat tense, anxious, and slightly tremulous. His appearance is good. Speech is somewhat slurred. He was definitely cooperative. General attitude was good. There is

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Report of Dr. Samuel E. Soltz, Annexed to

Foregoing Affidavit.

no history of any previous nervous breakdown. Patient was always a serious, rather rigid and meticulous individual, living with definite principles and philosophies. He claims great attachment to his mother, and he has adhered to his religion without much rigidity, as he had married an individual of a different faith. He has

been an active and alert individual during the

childhood and adolescent period, and has made 131 many friends, some of whom have been life-long.

He has had the usual temperamental phases, with arguments and brawls, with individuals of his own age, but never reaching a point of destructiveness. His general adherence to rigid formulas all stems from the association with his mother. However, he feels that he is not imbued with hypercritical attitudes, and that he makes all sorts of allowances for the faults and discrepancies of others, as well as for himself. There have been some emotional instabilities since the marital rift. He did not express any feelings of depres

sion, nor was he over-exhilarated because of his 132

difficulties in the marital problem. He feels the necessity as a father to still protect his wife and his children, and he sought aid for the same. He is certainly not a strongly aggressive individual, and does become quite involved whenever he falters. He feels that situations were provoked in their marital problem, partly to be blamed on himself, and partly on his wife. He has never been strict with his wife to account for her daily actions, or her finances, and for any type of disorganization which occurred about the home. He was not over-scrupulous, nor was he petty, and


Report of Dr. Samuel E. Soltz, Annexed to

Foregoing Affidavit.


he did not tend to over-dominate his wife. He has felt a strong immaturity in his spouse, and he has gradually helped her to gain some assertion, and also felt that they should have respect for each other on a definite intellectual basis. At times he shows some inferior reactions, and he discussed his problem with others in order to gain some advice. There are no feelings of depersonalization. He is self-willed, possesses a fairly well integrated type of personality. He denies day-dreaming, hallucinations, feelings of unreality, or sensual depersonalization. His entire sex life has been on a normal plane. At the present time, he feels somewhat shy, and somewhat indifferent to any comment made concerning the marital situation. He shows definite repression of thoughts, and admits to some suspicions. He has likewise felt that his pride was hurt. He felt that it was impossible to live again with an immature and regressed type of individual, his wife. He shows a definite warmth towards his children and to members of his family, as well as to his friends. There are no paranoidal delusional symptom trends. There are mild obsessive reactions, along with some apprehension, no definite compulsive trends, no hypochondriacal tendencies. Sensorium is clear. Stream of thought is good. Educational facilities are fair. He is oriented to time, place, and person. Judgment and insight is maintained. General physical examination revealed a fairly well nourished and developed white male adult, height 5' 11", weight 162 lbs., who presents a variety of skin lesions over the body. Naso

135 136

Report of Dr. Samuel E. Soltz, Annexed to

Foregoing Affidavit.

pharynx is essentially negative. Dentition is fair.
Thyroid gland is full and palpable, especially on
the right side. Uvula is in midline. No gross
adenopathy has been felt.
SYSTEMS: Are negative. B. P. 134/82. P. 96.
SKELETAL SYSTEM: There is a thoracic kypho-
scoliosis and lumbar lordosis. There are no
areas of tenderness. Movements of all joints are
within normal limits.



IMPRESSION: It is my opinion at this time that
this patient is a fairly well integrated and ad-
justed individual, and presents a few minor
symptoms and trends in direct association with
a recent marital difficulty. He has been under

considerable stress and strain since that time, and 138 he has had great difficulties in his attempts at

solving his problems, which eventuated in a complete separation. He has felt that it has not interfered with his present job, and he has likewise felt that he has put in every effort in order to maintain his standard and position in the Police Academy. Of course, the situation itself has been rejected by the Civil Service Commission and has stirred up a certain degree of nervous manifestations, without the creation of inner conflicts. He is a sensual individual, with strong leanings, aspirations, ambitions, and desires. He

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