Deportation of Alien Criminals, Gunmen, Narcotic Dealers, Defectives, Etc: Hearings Before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization, House of Representatives, Sixty-ninth Congress, First Session, March 25, 26, April 13, 1926. Statements with Appendices and Supplmental Statements on H.R. 344, H.R. 3774 (proposed Deportation Act of 1926.) Hearing No. 69.1.11

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Page 96 - ... any alien who was convicted, or who admits the commission, prior to entry, of a felony or other crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude * * * * shall, upon the warrant of the Secretary of Labor, be taken into custody and deported.
Page 155 - Treasury, to defray the expense of regulating immigration under this act, and for the care of immigrants arriving in the United States, for the relief of such as are in distress, and for the general purposes and expenses of carrying this act into effect.
Page 88 - That any alien who, at any time after entering the United States, is found to have been at the time of entry, or to have become thereafter, a member of any one of the classes of aliens enumerated...
Page 96 - ... because of conviction in this country of a crime involving moral turpitude, committed within five years after the entry of the alien to the United States...
Page 91 - ... bringing an alien to, or providing a means for an alien to come to, the United States, to prevent the landing of such alien in the United States at any time or place other than as designated by the immigration officers.
Page 202 - Act, it shall be the duty of the clerk of the court to notify the Secretary of the Treasury within...
Page 31 - To secure a larger combined influence for the Churches of Christ in all matters affecting the moral and social condition of the people, so as to promote the application of the law of Christ in every relation of human life.
Page 201 - ... persons who have been deported under any of the provisions of this act, and who may again seek admission within one year from the date of such deportation, unless prior to their re-embarkation at a foreign port or their attempt to be admitted irom foreign contiguous territory the secretary of labor shall have consented to their reapplying for admission...
Page 192 - They will bring with them the principles of the governments they leave, imbibed in their early youth ; or, if able to throw them off, it will be in exchange for an unbounded licentiousness, passing, as is usual, from one extreme to another. It would be a miracle were they to stop precisely at the point of temperate liberty.
Page 84 - The application must state facts showing prima facie that the alien comes within one or more of the classes subject to deportation after entry, and, except in cases in which the burden of proof is upon the alien (Chinese) involved, should be accompanied by some substantial supporting evidence.

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