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Page 6 - I ask the Congress to take this action by the first of October. Inaction on your part by that date will leave me with an inescapable responsibility to the people of this country to see to it that the war effort is no longer imperiled by threat of economic chaos. In the event that the Congress should fail to act, and act adequately, I shall accept the responsibility, and I will act.
Page 7 - ... (a) Individual promotions or ^classifications. (b) Individual merit increases 'within established rate ranges. (c) Operation of an established plan of wage increases based upon length of service.
Page 14 - The future French Government will be established, not by any individual in Metropolitan France or overseas but by the French people themselves after they have been set free by the victory of the United Nations.
Page 14 - The present temporary arrangement has accomplished two military objectives. The first was to save American and British lives on the one hand, and French lives on the other hand. The second was the vital factor of time. The temporary arrangement has made it possible to avoid a "mopping up" period in Algiers and Morocco which might have taken a month or two to consummate.
Page 14 - I have requested the liberation of all persons in Northern Africa who had been imprisoned because they opposed the efforts of the Nazis to dominate the world, and I have asked for the abrogation of all laws and decrees inspired by Nazi governments or Nazi ideologists.
Page 4 - American Army is being assisted by the British Navy and air forces and it will, in the immediate future, be reinforced by a considerable number of divisions of the British Army. This combined allied force, under American Command, in conjunction with the British campaign in Egypt is designed to prevent an occupation by the Axis armies of any part of Northern or Western Africa, and to deny to the aggressor nations a starting point from which to launch an attack against the Atlantic Coast of the Americas....
Page 3 - That the charges preferred against petitioners on which they are being tried by military commission appointed by the order of the President of July 2, 1942, allege an offense or offenses which the President is authorized to order tried before a military commission. (2) That the military commission was lawfully constituted. (3) That petitioners are held in lawful custody for trial before the military commission, and have not shown cause for being discharged by writ of habeas corpus.
Page 3 - I now declare it to be the intention of this Government that the successful close of the war shall include provision for the surrender to the United Nations of war criminals. "With a view to establishing responsibility of the guilty individuals through the collection and assessment of all available evidence, this Government is prepared to cooperate with the British and other Governments in establishing a United Nations Commission for the Investigation...
Page 14 - During the last two weeks we have had a great deal of good news and it would seem that the turning point of this war has at last been reached.
Page 7 - Incident to the application of the terms of an established wage agreement or to established wage rate schedules covering the work assignments of employees and are made as a result of: (a) Individual promotions or reclasslflcatlons.

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