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Number of miles shore-line run

71 Number of lines sounded by small boats.

103 Number of casts of lead froin small boats

3, 322 Number of square miles of topography

81 Assistant J. R. Mayer and J. Paul Mayer were directed to commence work at Point au Trembles and continue to the south and west until their work met that of Assistant Molitor.

Assistant Albert Molitor, aided by Assistant F. M. Towar, was directed to begin surveying at the head of the Detroit River and work to the north and west, until he closes with the work of Assistant Mayer.

The above named parties completed the duty assigned them on the 17th of October, when they were conveyed to this city and the employés paid off and discharged.

The field-work of these parties in Lake St. Clair was as follows:


Number of secondary triangulation and sounding stations built
Number of buoys placed and located
Number of theodolite pointings...
Number of theodolite readings.
Number of miles of soundings run.
Number of lines sounded..
Number of casts of the lead
Number of square miles of hydrography
Number of miles of shore-line run.
Number of miles run with stadia..
Number of square miles of topography
Number of base lines measured..
Number of meridian lines determined


37 1, 318 1, 492


223 8, 640

34 281 581 38 2 1


22, 393

Number of secondary triangulation and sounding stations built 131 Number of buoys placed and located

86 Number of lines of soundings run

421 Number of miles of soundings run

142 Number of casts of the lead . Number of theodolite pointings.

1, 314 Number of theodolite readings

1,985 Number of sextant angles.

33 Number of vertical angles.

26 Number of miles measured with chain.

54 Number of miles shore-line run

21 Number of miles measured by stadia .

15 Number of compass readings

194 Number of square miles of hydrography

23 Number of square miles of topography

19 Number of observations on Polaris.

4 Number of camps established..

2 First Lieutenant E. H. Ruffner, Corps of Engineers, and Assistant O. B. Wheeler and G. Y. Wisner, were in charge of astronomical parties organized for the purpose of continuing the astronomical observations in Lake Superior, and at the same time to read the angles of the primary triangulation. When these parties were organized, it was supposed that three 20-inch theodolites which had been ordered for the survey from the manufactory of Messrs. Oertheig & Sons, of Berlin, Prussia, any which the makers had promised to have finished by the first of April, would arrive in time for use during the season.

Three years had been consumed since the correspondence in regard to them commenced. Careful drawings had been prepared, and the promise of the manufacturers that they should be ready was relied upon, though no definite information as to the progress of their construction could be obtained. This state of affairs continued until the 23d of May, 1868, when I recommended that the parties should be assigned to the duty of determining the latitude and difference of longitude of the chain of the lower lakes between Ogdensburg and Detroit.

My recommendation having been approved by the department, they were engaged on that duty during the season.

The points occupied were as follows: Ogdensburg, New York; Watertown, New York; Oswego, New York; Rochester, New York; Buffalo, New York; Dunkirk, New York; Erie, Pennsylvania; Ashtabula, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Sandusky, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Monroe, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan.

The computations rendered necessary by so extended a series of observations could not be completed in season for this report. The results will be given as soon as they can be obtained.

The computations are not in progress at this time, as the parties are now engaged in the field.


Specialinstructions from the Engineer Department were received during the season calling for minute local surveys of the dredged channel at St. Clair Flats, the dredged channel in Lake George, St. Mary's River, and I was also directed to turn over a party to General Cram for the purpose of making a survey, under his immediate orders, of the channel at the Neebish Rapids, St. Mary's River.

A request was also received from General T. J. Cram, engineer in charge of harbor works, for a local survey at Rains Island, St. Mary's River.

The dredged channel at St. Clair Flats being within the district assigned to Lieutenant Colonel Farquhar, under date of September 8, the survey of that point was included in the work of the party on the steamer Ada, and a map of this locality was forwarded to the Engineer Department on October 23, 1868.

The survey of the channel in Lake George was assigned to the party under Assistant O. N. Chaffee, and the work was done after the completion of his duties near White-fish Point.

A map showing the condition of the work, and also the changes that have taken place, was furnished General Cram on January 23, 1869.

The survey of the Neebish Rapids was made by Lieutenants B. D. Greene and L. M. Haupt, they having been directed to report with the party under their charge to General Cram for that purpose.

As this survey was made under the immediate orders of General Cram, it is my province only to report the fact that the party was temporarily trasferred for the purpose of making it.

The survey at Rains Island was made by Assistant O. N. Chaffee after completing his work on Lake George.

A copy of the map was furnished General Cram when completed.


Assistant D. Farrand Henry was in charge of the parties engaged in determining the outflow of the several rivers forming the connecting links in the great chain of the north and northwest lakes.

The parties were as follows: Assistant David Wallace, on the St. Clair River; Assistant Lewis Foote, on the Niagara River; Assistant A. R. Flint, on the St. Lawrence River.

Assistant Henry has applied the magnetic telegraph for transmitting signals between the ends of his base line when using floats for determining the velocity of the current, and also for the purpose of recording the revolutions of the current meter when the meter was used.

His use of this agent possesses the merit of great simplicity; is believed to be entirely new, and to produce results unattained by the methods previously used.

Assistant Henry's report, herewith attached, marked Appendix A, explains in full the methods he employs, and the results as far as attained.

He is continuing his observations during the present season.


The usual office duties have been carried on during the entire year.

Assistant J. U. Mueller has been engaged making a reduction of the middle portion of Lake Superior, from Grand Island Harbor to Ontonagon, and extending across the lake so as to include Isle Royale and the north shore. The map is being drawn on a scale of


in the best manner, and is intended to be the second of a series of three sheets on the same scale, which together will cover the entire lake.

Mr. Mueller has also made considerable progress on Sheet No. 1 of the above series, being a chart of the eastern portion of Lake Superior, from the falls of St. Mary's River westward to Grand Island Harbor. Work on this last named chart is for the present suspended, until the primary triangulation in this portion of the lake (which has been delayed owing to the non-arrival of instruments) can be completed.

Assistant Edward Molitor has completed an engraving on stone of a preliminary chart of the east end of Lake Superior, from Sault Ste. Marie to Grand Island. This chart, like the one of the middle portion of the lake, issued last year, is only intended to meet the wants of commerce until the finished and more perfect charts of the same region can be drawn and engraved.

The demand for them both has been ample testimony to the wisdom of the policy of giving the results of the survey to the public as soon as practicable after they are obtained.

Mr. Molitor has also been engaged in the final reduction and projection of a map, on a scale of 12oooo, of Isle Royale, and a portion of the north shore of Lake Superior.

Assistant 0. N. Chaffee was employed during the winter, reducing for the engraver the detailed charts of the survey of Huron Bay and Huron Islands. The reduction was made on a scale of and the chart when published will enable vessels to seek shelter in this fine harbor, of which at present the lake pilots have little or no knowledge.

Lieutenant L. M. Haupt was engaged making a general map of the entire chain of lakes, on a scale of 12000002

and had made good progress up to the 1st of February, 1869, when he was relieved from duty on the lake survey and ordered to Texas, and, in consequence, further work on the map had to be suspend.



The meteorological observations at the twelve lake survey stations have been continued throughout the year, and the reductions and computations incident thereto have been made in the office under the immediate supervision of Assistant D. Farrand Henry. In order to reduce the volume of this report, only the means, &c., are herewith presented. The reduced detailed observations are retained in this office, and can be referred to or produced at any time.


The distribution of the lake survey charts has been continued both at this office and at Buffalo throughout the year. A table is given showing the number of each kind disposed of during the year, and also a tabular statement of the number for the different years, since the distribution commenced. A glance at these tables will show the growing demand for the information furnished by the survey.


Just previous to starting to the field at the commencement of the present season's operations, and while the steamer Search was waiting the arrival of the long-expected instruments from Europe, which were then known to be in the country, I received an order from the Engineer Department to have an examination made of the channel into Maumee Bay. As the party was organized, no preparations were required but to get up steam. The steamer left at once, (May 26,) Lieutenant Jas. F. Gregory in charge. The duty occupied ten days' time, the party returning to this city on the 5th of June. One of the assistants was left in the office to plot the work, which was done, and the map forwarded to the bureau, and a copy of the same to Major McFarland, on the 17th of June, 1869.


In addition to the maps of the channel in Lake George, the Neebish Rapids, Rain's Island, and the dredged channel at the St. Clair Flats, already mentioned as having been prepared and furnished, copies of the following manuscript maps were furnished from this office by special orders from the Engineer Department, or on application of the parties to whom furnished, viz:

Map of the harbor of Cleveland, Ohio; map of the harbor of Grand River, Ohio; map of the harbor of Ashtabula, Ohio; map of the harbor of Conneaut, Ohio; map of the harbor of Black River, Ohio; map of the harbor of Sandusky, Ohio, furnished Major McFarland, Corps of Engineers. Map of portion of Lake Superior off the portage, furnished J. i. Forster, Esq., State engineer.

Return of charts issued at Detroit and Buffalo from July 1, 1868, to June 30, 1869.

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Lake Erie
West end of Lake Erie,
Kelly's and Bass Islands.
Straits of Mackinac :
East Neebish Rapids
Head of Green Bay.
Saginaw River
St. Clair Flats
Buffalo Harbor.
Tawas Harbor.
Beaver Group
Eagle Harbor.
Agate Harbor
River Ste. Marie, No. 1
River Ste. Marie, No. 2.
Maumee Bay
Eagle River
Ontonagon Harbor
Saginaw Bay
Thunder Bay.
Marquette Barbor
Presque Isle and Middle Island
Lake Huron
South end of Lake Huron
Grand Island..
West end of Lake Superior
Grand and Little Traverse Bays.
North end of Green Bay .
Copper Harbor
L'Anse and Keweenaw Bay
Portage Lake
Lake Superior, No. 1
Lake Superior, No. 2
North end of Lake Michigan

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1 1 3 3 1 3 4 3 1 1 2 2 1 1


25 33
23 26
23 31
16 20
13 22
22 33
23 31
21 28
19 28
17 31
15 20
13 20
15 23
16 24
22 27
13 19
14 19
17 5
22 30
15 20
24 30
27 39
23 28
16 23
24 28
43 40
42 38
22 26
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32 37
45 44

187 185 168 173 123 145 178 183 167 166 166 126 120 129 130 174 120 127 154 179 127 179 209 180 144 164 274 277 169 171 178 109 153 200


9 9 10







Total in each month.

279 1,054 793 329 168

72 36

75 106 1,011 765 946 5, 634

Table showing the annual issue prior to July 1, 1869.

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As the season approached for resuming field operations, I found my. self greatly embarrassed by the large diminution that had occurred in the available force of the survey.

Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Farquhar was, in the month of November, relieved from my command and assigned to the charge of constructions of harbors on the east side of Lake Michigan.

Second Lieutenant Louis M. Haupt was relieved in January, and ordered to Texas.

First Lieutenant B. D. Greene, and Second Lieutenant Joseph E. Griffith, were both relieved in April.

Second Lieutenant Wm. E. Rogers was assigned to the charge of the recruiting depot in this city, and thus rendered unavailable for the field.

Assistants 0. N. Chaffee, Henry Gillman, and Albert Molitor, all tendered their resignations before going into the field.

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