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On motion, a committee from the State Board and Citizens' Committee was requested to wait upon the county society, and request that the above proposition be so modified as to place the supervision of building in the hands of the State Board, and that the amount to be paid by the County Board be transferred to the Treasurer of the State Board.

The committee reported that the County Board would agree to so amend the proposition, as that the buildings should be constructed under the supervision of a joint committee of two members from each Board, and the expense of building to be jointly assumed.

The proposition, as amended, was agreed to, and the Citizens' Committee submitted the following guarantee :


COLUMBUS, O., February 26, 1877. To the State Board of Agriculture :

We guarantee that the County Board of Agriculture will pay one-balf of the expense of erecting the eighty stalls heretoforo destroyed, provided the expense does not excoed $1,500.


After thorough consideration of the propositions submitted, the following resolution was adopted :

Resolved, That the proposition submitted by the citizens of Columbus for the location of the Ohio State Fair, be ao epted, and the Fair located at the city of Columbus for the years 1879 and 1880.

The President appointed J. M. Pugh and Chas. Smith as the committee on the part of the State, to act with a similar committee on the part of the County Board, in the construction of stalls.

The Secretary presented a communication from M. B. Bateham, relative to the sale of fertilizers in Ohio, and it was

Ordered, That the communication be referred to the Chairman of the Committoo on Agriculture in the House of Representatives, and recommending that he report a bill to cover the objects of the communication, the communication to include the resolation on the sabject adoped in the last annual agricultural convention.

The President announced that the re-interment of the late Secretary would take place at 3 o'clock P.M., and that the Board would at the proper hour proceed to the cemetery in a body.

Ordered, That the bill of J. J. Seely, for lumber, be referred to N. S. Vincent for approval.

On motion, proceeded to revise the premium list.
Adjourned until 84 o'clock Thursday morning.


THURSDAY, EI A.M., February 27. Members all present.

Revision of premium list continued during the day, when an adjournment was had until Friday morning.


FRIDAY, 8} A.M., February 28.
Revision of premium list continued.
The following, offered by Mr. Wing, was adopted :
Resolred, That Mr. II. T. Chiltenden be and is hereby appointed, in accordance with
the terms of his proposition, to collect the citizens' subscriptions for the Ohio State
Fair, and to pay the same to the order of the Treasurer of the Ohio State Board of

Ordered, That an entrance fee of five per cent. of first premiums be charged on all entries of live stock, except sweepstakes and speed classes, which shall be ten per cent. of the full amount offered.

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Mr. Murphy moved that the sum of $4,000 be appropriated for premiums in the speed classes, and that the amount be distributed as to best subserve the interests of the Fair-Mr. D. L. Pope, the member in charge of the horse department, to arrange the programme.

The yeas and 'nays were demanded on the question. Those voting in the affirmative were-Messrs. Murphy, Wing, Pope, Smith, Cowden, Wales, Weltz, Pugh, and President Carlisle. Yeas, 9; nays, none.

The motion was agreed to; Mr. Baker being excused from voting,
On motion of Mr. Cowden, it was

Ordered, That the President and Secretary be instructed to invite President Hayes, and sach other distinguished public men as they may deem proper, to attend the ensuing Ohio State Fair, on Wednesday, during its progress.

The Executive Committee was authorized and empowered to make any further corrections in the premium list that they may deem necesbary.

Ordered, That under the requirements of the law providing that county agricultural societies shall furnish to this department, annually, a written report of the condition of agriculture in the county, that a silver metal, suitably engraved, be awarded to the enciety furoishing the most complete report for the year 1019.

Agreed, That the building on the fair-grounds known as "press headquarters," sball be used for the same purpose during the years 1879 and 1880, and to be in charge of tho Ohio State Journal Company.

On motion, the Treasurer was instructed to visit Mansfield, in the interest of the State Board's account against the "Richland National Bank."

Agreed, That superintendents in the various departments at the ensuing fair be al lowed $3.50 per day for their services, and that the member to each department be as follows: Horses

2 Sheep....

1 Poultry ...

1 Third department

2 Fifth department

1 Cattle

1 Swine

2 Second department..

2 Fourth department..

3 Sixth department

6 On motion, Treasurer Wing and J. M. Pugh were appointed a committee to ascertain, in ad lition to present resources, the amount of money it will be necessary to obtain to relieve the Board from its liabilities.

Agreed, That James W. Fleming be continued as Acting Secretary, and that the sam of twenty-five dollars per month be allowed for the services of a messenger.

Adjourned to meet at the call of the President.


Wednesday, March 19, 1879. Meeting of Executive Committee in pursuance to the call of the President.

Present-President Carlisle, L. B. Wing, D. L. Pope, Leo Weltz.

The President stated the business of the meeting to be the consideration of conflicting dates for holding the Ohio and Tri-State Fairs, and such other matters as might be properly brought before the committee.

The Secretary read a communication from the Secretary of the TriState Fair, in which it was held that, owing to the Michigan State Fair being held the third week of September and the Northern Ohio the first week, thus forming a circuit of Cleveland, Toledo and Detroit, and considering the fact that the Tri-State Fair depended considerably on Michigan exhibiters for support, they could not now change the time for holding their fair, without its being to their serious disadvantage.

A committee was appointed to wait upon the officials of the Toledo Railroad to ascertain the result to visitors and exhibiters in case the two fairs were held the same days.

The officials of the Toledo Railroad informed the committee that it would be impossible to furnish sufficient accommodations for both fairs, but that in case the State Board did not see proper to change the time of holding its fair, that the influence and support of the Toledo Railroad should be given to the Ohio State Fair.

After further consideration, it was, on motion of Mr. Wing, Agreed, That, in order to avoid conflicting with the Tri-State Fair and the CincinDati Exposition, the time for holding the Ohio State Fair for the present year be changed from the second week in September to the last week in August, 23th to 29th, inclusive.

Mr. Chittenden, from the citizens' committee, made a report of prog. ress in the matter of collecting citizens' subscriptions to the Ohio State Fair.

The following, offered by Mr. Wing, was adopted : Resolved, That Mr. H. T. Chittenden, who has consented to collect the citizens' subscription to the guaranteed fund to the Ohio State Fair, be requested to require immediate payment of all unpaid subscriptions.

That when these are paid, the members of the Board will furnish, upon their personal security, an amount suficient to pay its indebtodness for 1878, and will enter upon active preparations for the fair of 1879.

Adjourned to meet at the call of the President.


Wednesday evening, May 7, 1879. Members all present except Mr. Cowden.

Messrs. Wales and Wing were appointed a committee to arrange with awarding committees relative to the judging of different breeds of cattle.

Agreed, That a premium be offered for display of meadow or pasture grass seeds, correctly named and labeled, to include at least twenty varieties, including clovers, but not sedges; also for display of grasses properly named and labeled, embracing at least fifteen species or varieties of meadow or pastore grasses, but no sedges or cloverg.

Adjourned to meet Thursday morning at eight o'clock.

THURSDAY, May 8, 8 o'clock A.M. Members all present.

The President announced the receipt of a communication from the New York Veterinary College, tendering the Board the control of one scholarship in the college. The matter was taken under advisement and the members requested to report some suitable person upon whom the scholarship should be conferred.

Ordered, That the Executive Committee invite sealed proposals for the usual refresh. ment and other privileges on the fair grounds, said proposals to be either for the whole or a part of each particular class of business.

On motion, President Carlisle and Treasurer Wing were appointed a committee to wait upon the railroad officials relative to subscriptions to Ohio State Fair.

Ordered, That rams over two years old shall be judged by their get, of which there shall be at least two of each sex.

Agreed, That the sum of thirty dollars be appropriated for premiums on shepherd dogs.

Mr. Smith and the Secretary were instructed to invite proposals for the furnishing of power to run the machinery in power hall.

The Board, having under advisement the payment of premiums awarded at the last fair,

Agreed, To borrow, upon their individual responsibility, a sufficient amount of money to pay said premiums.

A note was drawn up, signed by each member of the Board, and placed in the hands of the Treasurer, and he instructed to negotiate the neces

sary loan.

The Secretary was instructed to advise parties holding claims against the Board for premiums awarded to present the same for settlement.

Recess until 2 o'clock P. M.

TWO O'CLOCK P. M. Board reassembled, when Mr. Pope offered the following, which was adopted:

WHEREAS, The widow and daughter of our late Secretary, Jobn H. Klippart, believe this Board of Agriculture to be indebted to the estate of the said John H. Klippart, there being an unsettled account between said estate and State Board of Agricultare; and,

WHEREAS, As yet having failed to arrive at a satisfactory settlement of said accounts, and this Board being desirous of amicably and satisfactorily adjusting said account; therefore,

Resolred, That this Board, in conjunction with the widow and daughter of the late John H. Klippart, invite and call to their aid Ion. H. S. Babbitt and such other competent persons as the widow and daughter of said late Secretary Klippart may select, who, together with Treasurer L. B. Wivg and Hon. J. M. Pogb, shall examine the accounts, books, and papers of the State Board of Agriculture and Secretary Klippart, and report, with a view to final settlement, a statement of the condition of said account.

The following preamble and resolution was adopted : WHEREAS, The late John H. Klippart, during the period of his service as Secretary of the State Board of Agriculture, expended all of his available means in the purchase and collection of a large, rare, and valuable library of books on natural science, agriculture, and kindred subjects, which, in the settlement of his estate, we learn is now offered for sale; therefore,

Resolved, That, in the opinion of this Board, said library ought to be purchased as the property of the State, and deposited in the rooms of the State Board of Agriculture, the Ohio University, or in such other position as will be most convenient of access to all persons interested in the promotion of agriculture and kindred sciences, and the building up of that great and growing interest in Ohio.

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