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From time to time for more than twenty years laws have been placed on our statute books with the intent of suppressing dogs in the interest of sheep husbandry; but they have accomplished little in the line of their intention. A licensed, collared dog, but unrestrained and roving at will, is a deadly enemy to our flocks, whether in fold. or pasture, and is no less so to the human family, if infected with rabies. That danger can be abated in but one way; which is, to confine the animal on the premises of its owner, or, when moving abroad, to compel the owner to keep it constantly under his control and surveillance; and, if it escapes therefrom and is running at large, to make it a subject for seizure and confinement by legalized officers. We recommend such an enactment, believing that it would serve to protect our people and animals from a dread disease, as well as flocks from their destructive attacks.



Cattle Commissioners.

Bostox, Jan. 8, 1891.


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