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Hampden Harvest Club, .
Franklin Harvest Club,
Young Men's Harvest Club,
Agricultural Library Association,
Farmers' and Gardeners' Club,
Boston Market Gardeners' Association,
Cranberry Growers' Association,
Bristol Co. Fruit Growers' Association,
Young People's Agricultural Club,

Connecticut Valley,
Connecticut Valley,
Boston and vicinity,
Cape Cod District,

The Members Alternately.
W. H. Wilkinson, Holyoke.
C. B. Bennett, Ludlow.
N. B. Gardner, Swansea Centre.
John Barker, Hanson.
W. W. Rawson, Arlington.
J. J. Russell, Plymouth.
Wm. P. Hood, Somerset.
Lee W. Rice, Wilbraham.
H. W. Robinson, Brockton.
N. P. Brown, Westborough.

J. N. Bagg, West Springfield.
C. B. Lyman, Southampton.
E. N. Fisher, Ludlow.
A. E. Arnold, Swansea Centre.
F. S. Thomas, M.D., Hanson.
G. H. Cutter, Arlington.
I. T. Jones, Sandwich.
W. P. Eddy, Dighton.
Walter M. Bliss, Wilbraham.
Ira Copeland, Brockton.
S. W. Rice, Westborough.

* Incorporated under general law.


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C. A. Ballou, Worcester.

H. A. Jones, Worcester.
J. W. Shaw, Brockton.

Wm. F. Bond, Brockton.
W. S. Keene, Stoneham.

G. W. Cromack, Stonebam.
W. B. Atherton, Newton Lower Falls. R. S. Mackintosh, Jr., Boston.

A. A. Fillebrown, Ayer.
Preston Pratt, South Weymouth. J. E. Gardner, South Weymouth.
Samuel Camp, M.D., Great Barrington. F. D. Rowe, Great Barrington.
William E. Bright, Waltham.

F. H. Gordon, Waltham.
William Provin, Westfield.

S. W. Craig, Springfield.
M. W. True, Woburn.




N. B. Douglas of Sherborn, Overseer,

P. M. Harwood of Barre. Lecturer,

George C. Howard of Cochesett. Steward,

E. A. Emerson of Haverhill. Assistant Steward,

G. N. Brown of Dalton. Chaplain,

Rev. C, S. Walker of Amherst. Treasurer,

F. A. Harrington of Worcester. Secretary,

George R. Chase of Medfield, Gate Keeper,

Lyman M. Rice of Grafton. Ceres,

Mrs. Carrie B. Sage of West Springfield. Pomona,

Mrs. Harriet M. Judd of South Hadley. Flora,

Mrs. Minnie M. Chase of Medfield. Lady Assistant Steward,

Mrs. F. L. Chamberlain of Holden.

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C. A. Vennen of Pepperell, .
S. E. Stowe of Grafton,
H. A. Barton, Jr., of Dalton,

One year.
Two years.
Three years.


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S. B. Cook,
A. A. Metcalf,
George R. Chase,
A. C. Stoddard,
D. A. llorton, .
S. V. Crane,
John H Smith,
Mrs. F. A Harrington,
George C Howard,
I. C. Day,
George A. Hastings,
Warren C. Jewett, .
Mrs. Alice M Davis,
N. T. Smith,
James Hildreth, 2d,

John W. Gifford, · B. W. Hero,

J. L. Smith,



North Brookfield.



. South Groveland.

West Berlin.


. Shrewsbury.
. West Springfield.

South Westport.


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District Granges.
Berkshire County,

Peter Parsons, Hinsdale.
Worcester West Distrit,

E. A. Albee, North Dana.
Worcester Central County, Geo. L. Davis, Shrewsbury.
Borough District,

Samuel Wheeler, Berlin.
Middlesex and Norfolk Union, . Geo. R. Chase, Medfield.
Connecticut Valley District, C. A. Judd, South Hadley Falls.
Middlesex and Worcester Union, F. M. Boutwell, Groton.
Worcester Southwest District, A. C. Stoddard, North Brookfield.
Franklin and Worcester Union, A. N. Harrington, North Orange.
Lancaster District,

W. A. Kilbourn, South Lancaster.
Springfield District,

F. A. Forward, Granby.
old Colony District,

„Joseph Gibbs, Somerset.
Essex County,

I. C. Day, South Groveland.
Subordinate Granges.
Groton, No. 7,

G. L. Smith, East Pepperell.
Barre, No. 9,

C. N. Winship, Barre.
Amherst, No. 16,

C. E. Wakefield, Amherst.
Hinsdale, No. 19,

Thos. F. Barker, Hinsdale.
Lanesborough, No. 21,

S. L. Miner, Lanesborough.
Worcester, No. 22,

W.C. Jewett, Worcester.
Dalton, No. 23,

W. B. Barton, Dalton.
• Resolute" of Hatfield, No. 25, Thaddeus Graves, Hatfield.
Richmond, No. 32,

M. W. Coleman, West Pittsfield.
Sterling, No. 53, .

G.M. Stuart, Sterling.
Auburn, No. 60,.

Luther N. Stone, Auburn. “Union” of Belchertown, No.64, W. H. Bridgman, Belchertown. Hardwick, No. 67,

J. H. Hillman, Hardwick.
Phillipston, No. 70,

Wilson Smith, Phillipston. “Prescott” of Pepperell, No. 73, H. C. Grey, Pepperell.

Daniel Needham, Groton.
F. A. Pitcher, Barre.
Thomas W. Smith, Amherst.
Mrs. F. F. Watkins, Hinsdale.
P. P. Gardner, Lanesborough.
J. E. Goodell, West Boylston.
Mrs. E. D. Aldrich, Dalton.
S. L. Cutler, Hatfield.
Mrs. M. W. Coleman, West Pittsfield.
Mrs. J. S. Burpee, Sterling.
Mrs. J. J. Allen, West Millbury.
H. C. West, Belchertown.
Mrs. Chas. Clark, Hardwick.
J. W. Moore, Phillipston.
A. N. Blood, Pepperell.

Mrs. E. P. Woolley, Groton.
Mrs. H. N. Patterson, Barre.
Emily R. Cook, Amherst.
John S. Cole, Hinsdale.
Chas. H. Deming, Lanesborough.
Miss Ellen M. Flagg, Worcester.
M. Agnes Young, Dalton.
A. H. Graves, Hatfield.
Elizabeth P. Nichols, Richmond.
M. L. Coolidge, West Sterling.
Grace A. Rice, Auburn.
J. W. Jackson, Belchertown.
Susie B. Manly, Hardwick.
Miss M. B. Hager, Phillipston.
Emma J. Dennen, Pepperell.

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Mrs. S. N. Hubbard, Holden.
Edson C. Bemis, Spencer.

Subordinate Granges – Con.
Holden, No. 78, .
Spencer, No. 79,-
“Manhan ” of Southampton, No.

North Orange, No. 86,
Lee, No. 88,
Charlton, No. 92,
Grafton, No. 93,
Petersham, No. 95,
Shrewsbury, No. 101,
Stow, No. 103,
“Garfield” of North Dana, No.

Marlborough, No. 105,
West Boylston, No. 106,
Millbury, No. 107,
Hudson, No. 108,
Sutton, No. 109,-
Sherborn, No. 110,
Boylston, No. 111,
“East Medway” of Millis, No.

Framingham, No. 113,
Medfield, No. 114,
Holliston, No. 115,
Westborough, No 116,
Dover, No. 117,
Southborough, No. 118,
Northborough, No. 119,
Lancaster, No. 120,
Sudbury, No. 121,
Templeton, No. 122,
Oxford, No. 123,
Ashland, No. 124,

C. T. Mead, Holden.

Chas. Phillips, Holden.
H. H. Kingsbury, Spencer.

J. W. Bigelow, Spencer.
J. S. Frary, Southampton.

H. O. Strong, Southampton.
A. N. Harrington, North Orange. M. D. Herrick, North Orange.
C. G. Hinckley, Lee.

Mrs. C. H. Shaylor, Lee.
A. M. Dodge, Charlton.

H. M. Dodge, Charlton.
Perley Goddard, Grafton.

Mrs. E. M. W. Fiske, Grafton.
D. F. Bigelow, Petersham.

Mrs. Martha A. Webb, Nichewaug.
H. W. Loring, Shrewsbury.

Lottie M. Howe, Shrewsbury.
F. H. Stevens, West Acton.

A. J. Smith, Stow.
E. A. Albee, North Dana.

M. T. Knapp, North Dana.
C. S. Howe, Marlborough.

J. H. Dyer, Marlborough.
J. F. Knight, West Boylston. Mrs. A. D. Lord, West Boylston.
J. W. Pierce, West Millbury. Mrs. J. C. Hayward, Millbury.
F. P. Glazier, Hudson.

Mrs. Susie J. Hale, Hudson.
C. C. Hall, Millbury.

Miss Leila S. Taylor, Sutton.
F. T. Daniels, Sherborn.

G. L. Whitney, South Framingham.
G. A. Hastings, Boylston Centre. Calvin Hastings, Boylston Centre.
E. F. Richardson, Millis.

E. F. Lovell, Millis.
Geo. Fay, Framingham.

Harry Walkup, Framingham.
William F. Weiker, Medfield. J. M. Alexander, Medfield.
J. B. Parkin, Holliston.

Mrs. J. C. Champney, Holliston.
B. W. Hero, Westborough.

Mrs. Mary E. Graham, Westborough.
Herbert Hale, Dover.

S. Eudora Shumway, Dover.
E. F. Collins, Southborough. Mrs. D. B. Harvie, Southborough.
W. F. Hayes, Northborough. Mrs. C. J. Mack, Northborough.
F. A. Hanaford, South Lancaster. Calvin Maynard, Lancaster.
Chas. E. Haynes, Jr., Sudbury.

Miss Hattie Goodnow, Sudbury.
L. W. Bryant, Templeton.

Lucien Gove, East Templeton. Herbert Lovell, Oxford.

C. Putnam, Oxford. C. E. Adams, South Framingham. | Mrs. C. E. Adams, Ashland.

Miss Florence Hannum, Southampton.
Mrs. Flora J. Butterworth, Athol.
E. F. Ingersoll, Lee.
Albert R. Jones, Charlton.
Miss Emma J. Knight, North Grafton.
Mrs. R. J. Stone, Petersham.
J. A. Gleason, Shrewsbury.
Mrs. U. M. Lewis, Stow.
Mrs. M. T. Knapp, North Dana.
Abbie A. Brigham, Marlborough.
Miss Mary Johnson, West Boylston.
I. E. Howe, Millbury.
Mrs. F. Emma Wood, Hudson.
Mrs. Sarah M. Mills, Sutton.
Miss Maud Hayward, Sherborn.
Daisy E. Flagg, Boylston Centre.
Geneive F. Howe, Millis.
Mrs. Emma Rooke, Fayville.
Mrs. E. C. Woodward, Medfield.
Miss M. E. Cutler, Holliston.
Miss Jennie Graham, Westborough.
Margaret McGill, Dover.
Mary C. Collins, Southborough.
Mrs. G. B. Wood, Northborough.
Mrs. Annie M. L. Clark, Lancaster.
Emily F. Willis, Sudbury.
Mrs. Mary A. Gove, East Templeton.
Miss A. S. Brady, Oxford.
Henry Burnham, Ashland.


Upton, No. 125,
Hubbardston, No. 126,
Amesbury, No. 127,
North Andover, No. 128,
Lincoln, No. 129,
Gardner, No. 130,
Boxborough, No. 131,
North Brookfield, No. 132,
West Dedham, No. 133,
Berlin, No. 134, .
Norfolk, No. 135,
Ipswich, No. 136,
East Blackstone, No. 137,
Northampton, No. 138,
East Sandwich, No. 139, .
West Boxford, No. 140,
Montague, No. 141,
Bolton, No. 142,
Mendon, No. 143,
Franklin, No. 144,
Douglas, No. 145,
West Newbury, No. 146,
West Springfield, No. 147, .
Swansea, No. 148,
Harvard, No. 149,
Concord, No. 150,
Agawam, No. 151,
East Longmeadow, No. 152,
Wilbraham, No. 153, .
Haverhill, No. 154,
Methuen, No. 155,
W. Bridgewater, No. 156,
Granby, No. 157,
“Nemasket” of Middleborough,

of Williams-
town, No. 159,
South Hadley, No. 160,
“Laurel" of West Newbury, No.

No. 158, “Green River


W. F. Wheeler, Woodville.

Chas. S. Temple, Upton. 0. E. E. Tyler, Hubbardston. Darius Parsons, Hubbardston. F. W. Sargent, Amesbury.

Lizzie I. Huntington, Amesbury.
G. L. Averill, North Andover. Geo. B. Chadwick, North Andover.
I. C. Foster, Lincoln.

George Ropes, Lincoln.
A. F. Johnson, West Gardner. Geo. W. Goddard, West Gardner.
Arthur Whitcomb, West Acton. Albert Littlefield, West Acton.
John P. Ranger, North Brookfield. Geo. P. Buck, North Brook tield.
Chas. H. Ellis, West Dedham. W. W. Baker, West Dedham.
W. A. Cartwright, Berlin.

Mrs. L. B. Wheeler, Berlin.
G. B. Sims, Norfolk.

N. H. Fales, Wrentham.
W. F. Kinsman, Ipswich.

Mrs. Alden Story, Ipswich.
Adrian Scott, Blackstone.

Mrs. Adelaide Stearns, Blackstone.
C. E. Parsons, Northampton. G. T. Fletcher, Northampton.
J. F. Carleton, East Sandwich. J. E. Holway, Spring Hill.
W. M. Cole, West Boxford.

Mrs. Ella J. Andrew, West Boxford.
F. A. Rist, Montague.

W. H. Nims, Montague.
Walter Cole, Bolton.

Mrs. H. C. Babcock, Bolton.
A. W. Gaskill, Mendon.

L. E. Taft, Mendon.
E. P. Chapman, Franklin.

Mrs. R. H. Davidson, Franklin.
Stilman Russell, East Douglas. Mrs. Mary A. Richardson, Douglas.
L. W. Bradley, West Newbury. Mrs. H. Ľ. Bailey, West Newbury.
N. T. Smith, West Springfield. Mrs. E. A. Waters, Holyoke.
J. N. Hicks, Swansea Centre. Abbie A. Williams, Swansea Village.
J. B. Harlow, Harvard.

Mrs. Hattie M. Stone, Still River.
E. L. Tuttle, Concord.

Mrs. E. F. Lawrence, Concord.
W. H. Porter, Agawam.

F. H. King, Agawam.
J. M. Burt, East Longmeadow. Mrs. F. C. Davis, East Longmeadow.
C. P. Bolles, Wilbraham.

Mrs. W. L. Phelps, Wilbraham.
R. A. Corliss, Haverhill.

Susie A. Eastman, Haverhill.
A. P. Russell, Lawrence.

Vira L. Gove, Methuen.
C. G. Manly, Brockton.

G. C. Howard, Cochesett.
Geo. P. Eastman, Granby.

Mrs. S. B. Dickinson, Granby.
A. H. Eaton, Middleborough. Elbridge Cushman, Lakeville.
S. J. Kellogg, S. Williamstown. G. B. Waterman, South Williamstown.
Eugene Lyman, South Hadley. A. L. Wright, South Hadley Falls.
S. O. Ordway, West Newbury. Annie L. Rogers, Newburyport.

L. Jenny Chapman, West Upton.
Eva S. Mason, Hubbardston.
Lucie A. Brierley, Amesbury.
E. A. Fuller, North Andover.
Helen Weston, Lincoln.
C. B. Boyce, Gardner.
Miss N. S. Loring, West Acton.
H. L. Rand, North Brookfield.
H. Elizabeth Fisher, West Dedham.
Carrie P. Jones, Berlin.
Miss Mabel Drayton, Norfolk.
Mrs. Linda H. Underhill, Ipswich.
Miss Eva Welch, Blackstone.
Mrs. Levi H. Bartlett, Northampton.
Mrs. Rosa S. Armstrong, E. Sandwich.
Ruth M. Webster, West Boxford.
F. A. Dean, Montague.
Mrs. Mary Mentzer, Bolton.
A. E. Southwick, Mendon.
S. C. Brown, Medway.
T. M. Potter, East Douglas.
Mrs. R. C. Gowen, West Newbury.
E. T. Sikes, West Springfield.
Wm. G. Luther, Hortonville.
W. E. Blanchard, Ayer.
G. B. Clark, Concord.
Miss Carrie S. Leonard, Agawam.
E. M. Burt, East Longmeadow.
Mrs. F. C. Learned, Wilbraham.
Chas. W. Emerson, Ayer's Village.
Bessie M. Swan, Methuen.
Chas. R. Packard, West Bridgewater.
Maud I. Davis, Granby.
John G. Paine, Middleborough.
Miss Jennie M. Stevens, Williamstown.
Levi B. Allen, South Hadley.

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C. E. Rowell, West Newbury.

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