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from this discussion, I move that the Chair, in conference with the Secretary of the State Board, appoint a committee from this meeting, to consist of five members, to present this question to the committee on taxation at the coming session of the Legislature, and invite as many farmers to appear before the committee as possible.

The motion was put, and unanimously carried.

The CHAIRMAN. I appoint, with the approval of the Secretary, as the committee, Hon. E. B. Lynde of West Brookfield, N. W. Shaw of North Raynham, J. P. Eaton of Auburn, J. H. Dyer of Marlborough and Chas. G. Parker of Holden.

Secretary SESSIONS. The hour is nearing when we ought to adjourn. I want to recognize the assistance rendered by those gentlemen from outside the State, and the bountiful results that have come from the lectures and discussions during these meetings. The men who have so kindly come here at my request have exceeded my expectations, and my hearty thanks are due to them and due also to the members of the Board who have attended the meetings so closely and have stayed through the last afternoon session.

At my request, several questions have been placed in the question-box, with the understanding that they were to be answered if there was a lull in the discussion. None of you, I think, have seen a lull.

Mr. WOOD of Newton. As the discussion has continued beyond the usual time on the last afternoon, and seems to have arrived at a point where a definite statement of the views of the meeting can be formulated by the committee appointed by the chairman, I move that we now adjourn.

This motion was carried, and the meeting adjourned sine die.


The Board met at the office of the secretary, in Boston, on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 1891, at 12 o'clock, it being the Tuesday preceding the first Wednesday in February. In absence of the Governor, Hon. J. S. GRINNELL was elected president pro tem.

Present: Messrs. Appleton, J. D. Avery, J. G. Avery, Bancroft, Bird, Bowker, Bradley, Clemence, Cruickshanks, Currier, Edson, Grinnell, IIartshorn, Harwood, Hayden, Hersey, Hickox, Holbrook, Horton, Howe, Loring, Newhall, Peterson, Pratt, Rawson, Rowley, Shaler, Shaw, Sheldon, Stockwell, Geo. S. Taylor, Hiram Taylor, Varnum, Ware and Wood.

A committee of three, to examine and report upon the credentials of newly elected members, was appointed by the Chair: Messrs. Bird, J. G. Avery and Bancroft.

On motion, a committee of three was appointed, to prepare resolutions on the death of Hon. Velorous Taft of West Upton: Messrs. Hartshorn, Hersey and Holbrook.

Voted, That a committee on legislation be appointed, whose duty shall be to recommend to the Board what legislation shall be asked of the Legislature, and to act for the Board in securing such legislation : Messrs. Wood, Hartshorn, Appleton and the secretary.

The committee on credentials of newly elected members reported the following:

Amesbury and Salisbury Society, F. W. SARGENT of Amesbury.
Attleborough, ISAAC ALGER of Attleborough.
Berkshire, Chas. A. Mills of South Williamstown.
Blackstone Valley, Henry A. Cook of Whitinsville.
Eastern Hampden, Dr. WM. IIOLBROOK of Palmer.
Hampden, C. F. FOWLER of Westfield.

Hampshire, Franklin & IIampden, E. C. CLAPP of Northampton.

Hingham, EDMUND HERSEY of Hingham.
Hoosac Valley, A. J. BUCKLIN of Adams.
Housatonic, J. H. ROWLEY of Egremont Plain.
Marshfield, L. S. RICHARDS of Marshfield Hills.
Massachusetts, E. F. Bowditch of Framingham.
Massachusetts Horticultural, E. W. Wood of West Newton.
Middlesex, W. W. Rawson of Arlington.
Nantucket, Geo. H. GARDNER of Nantucket.
Weymouth, Q. L. REED of South Weymouth.
Worcester East, W. A. KILBOURN of South Lancaster.

The report of the committee on credentials was accepted.

Adjourned to 2 P.M.

Board called to order by Mr. GRINNELL, at 2 P.M.

Reports of delegates being in order, the members made report of the societies to which they were assigned, which reports, thirty-five in number, were discussed and laid on the table.

At 4 30 o'clock the Board adjourned to 9.30 o'clock Wednesday.

SECOND DAY. The Board met at 9.30 A.M., Mr. GRINNELL in the chair.

Present : His Excellency Governor Russell, Messrs. Alger, Appleton, J. D. Avery, J. G. Avery, Bancroft, Bird, Bowditch, Boyker, Bradley, Bucklin, Clapp, Clemence, Cook, Cruickshanks, Edson, Fowler, Gardner, Goodell, Grinnell, Hartshorn, Harwood, Hayden, Hersey, Hickox, Fiolbrook, Horton, Howe, Kilbourn, Mills, Newhall, Peterson, Pratt, Rawson, Reed, Rowley, Sargent, Shaler, Shaw, Sheldon, G. S. Taylor, H. Taylor, Varnum, Ware and Wood.

A committee of three, on assignment of delegates, was appointed : Messrs. Ware, Wood and Mills.

A committee of three, on place for holding the public winter meeting, was appointed: Messrs. Cruickshanks, Newhall and Ilersey.

A committee of three, on changes of time for holding fairs, was appointed : Messrs. Bowditch, J. G. Avery and Ilolbrook.

A committee of three, to nominate members of the executive committee, was appointed: Messrs. Bird, Pratt and Clapp.

A committee of three, to nominate members of examining committee of the Agricultural College, was appointed : Messrs. Horton, H. Taylor and Hayden.

A committee of three, on essays for the next annual meeting, was appointed : Messrs. Bowker, Shaw and Clem


Voted, That the committee on legislation consider the propriety of asking the Legislature to amend section 2 of chapter 114 of the Public Statutes so as to change the time for filing the annual reports of the president and treasurer of the several societies as to the financial condition of the societies, from December 10 to January 10; and so as to require societies to make such financial returns as the Board may require, and if they shall think such amendment advisable, to have the necessary order introduced into the Legislature before the expiration of the time for introduction of new business.

The report of the examining committee of the Agricultural College was read by the chairman, Geo. S. Taylor, and was by vote of the Board accepted and adopted as the report of the Board of Agriculture to the Legislature.

The reports of the delegates to the several societies were read a second time by their titles, and accepted, and the secretary was directed to cdit and transmit the several reports to the societies, with instructions to print the same in their local papers or in their next annual transactions.

The Governor of the Commonwealth, who is a member of the Board, came in at 12.30 o'clock, but declined to take the chair as president of the Board, preferring to sit with the Board as a member thereof.

Geo. L. Clemence read an essay on “ Care and Management of Milch Cows,” which was accepted, and will be found printed in this volume.

At 12.30 the meeting adjourned to 2 P.M.

The Board was called to order at 2 P.M., Mr. GRINNELL in the chair.

The committee on place for holding the public winter meeting reported, by their chairman, that the meeting should be held at Horticultural Hall, Boston.

The report was accepted, and the Board voted to hold the next public winter meeting in Boston.

A committee of arrangements for the public winter meeting, to act with the secretary, was appointed: Messrs. Wood, Bowditch, Ware, Rawson, Appleton and Bowker.

Wm. H. Bowker read an essay on “ The Massachusetts Board of Agriculture and the Agricultural Societies : can they broaden and improve their Work?” which was accepted, and will be found printed in this volume.

On motion of Mr. Appleton, Voted, That a special committee of five be appointed by the Chair, to whom shall be referred all essays read at this annual meeting and printed in the annual report, and who shall report at the next annual meeting any portion of these essays that the said committee deem advisable for this Board to take special action upon : Messrs. Appleton, Wood, Hersey, Shaler and Bowker.

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