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TABLE XI. -- Statistics of schools of theology for 1884-'85, 8c.-Continued.

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23 Theological department of Lombard University Galesburg, ni.
24 Theological department of McKendres College Lebanon, Il
25 Wartburg Seminary

Mendota, III
28 Baptist Union Theological Seminary.

Morgan Park, ILI
27 Union Biblical Institute

Naperville, Ill
28 Augustana Theological Seminary.

Rock Island, I
20 Concordia Seminary

Springfield, Dl.
30 Theological department of Shurtleff College.. ... Upper Alton, IL
81 Wheaton Theological Seminary

Wheaton, III

School of Theology of DePauw University Greencastle, Ind.
33 Berean department of Union Christian College Merom, Ind
34 St. Meinrad's Ecclesiastical Seminary*

St. Meinrad, Ind
35 Norwegian Augustana Seminary

Beloit, Iowa
36 Theological department of Griswold Colleget Davenport, Iowa.
87 German Presbyterian Theological School of the Dubuque, Iowa.

38 German College

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
39 Bible department of Oskaloosa College.

Oskaloosa, Iowa
40 | Danville Theological Seminary a...

Danville, Ky.
41 College of the Bible

Lexington, Ky...
42 Preston Park Theological Seminary*

Louisville, Ky
13 Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ..........

Louisville, Ky
44 Theological department of State University Louisville, Ky
45 Gilbert Haven School of Theology (Now Orleans New Orleans, Ls.

40 Theological department of Leland University,... New Orleans, La
az Theological department of Straight Uuiversity* New Orleans, La..
48 Bauger Theological Seminary

Bangor, Mo... Baten College Theological School

Lewiston, Mo......


1881 Universalist Rev. N. White, PH. D

Meth. Episcopal. Rev. William F. Swablen, A. M., PH.D..
1875 1853 Evan. Lutheran Rev. S. Fritschel, D. D
1864 1867 Baptist

Rev. George W. Northrup, D.D., LL. D
Evan. Associat'n Bishop J.J. Esber
1865 1863 Evan. Lutheran. Rev. Invey N. Hasselquist, D.D.
1879 1874

Lutheran ...... Prof. A Cremer
1835 1827 Baptist ......... Rev. A. A. Kendrick, D.D........
1880 1881 Weg. Methodist. Lemuel N. Stratton..
1837 1837 Meth. Episcopal. Rev. S. L. Bowman, A. M., B.T.D., dean.
1879 Christian

Rev. Elisha Mudge.
1860 Roman Catholic. Rt. Rev. Fintan Mundwiler, 0. S. B.,

1874 Lutheran Rev. David Lyones, senior professor
1859 1860 Prot. Episcopal. Rt. Rev. William Stevens Perry, D.D.,

LL. D. 1871 1856 Presbyterian Rev. Ambrose C. Smith, president

board of directors.
1873 1873 Ger. M. Epis Rev. William Balcke, A.M
1857 1872 Christian

R H. Johnson, A.M............
1854 1853 Presbyterian R. A. Johnstone, secretary.
1865 1865 Christian

Robert Graham, AM
1870 Roman Catholio. Very Rev. George McCloskey
1876 1859 Baptist

Rev. James P. Boyce, D.D., LLD
1865 1879 Baptist

Rev. William J. Simmons, D.D...
1873 1868 Meth. Episcopal Almon F. Hoyt, acting president

Rev. II. R. Traver, A.M
1869 1870 Congregational Rev. Walter S. Alexander, D.D
1814 1816 Congregational Rev. Lovi 1. Paino, D.D.........

1870. Free Baptist.... Rev. O. B. Cheney, D. D........


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50 Centenary Biblical Institute.

Baltimore, Md. (cor. Fol. 1867 | 1872 | Meth. Episcopal Rev. W. Maslin Frysinger, D.D..

ton street and Edmon

son avenue). 61 Theological Seminary of St. Sulpice and St. Mary's Baltimore, MD

1860 1791 Roman Catholic. Very Rev. A. Magnien, s. 8., D.D.

52 Mt. St. Mary's Ecclesiastical Seminary, Emmittsburg, Ma 1828 1808 Roman Catholic. Rev. Edward P. Allen, A. M.

53 Scholasticate of the Congregation of the Most Ilchester, Md.

1868 | Roman Catholic. Rev. George Ruland, C.Ss. B..

6 0
Holy Redeemer, Mt. St. Clement.
54 Westminster Theological Seminary.
Westminster, Md. 1884 1882 Methodist Prot. Rev. Thomas H. Lewis, D.D..

55 Andover Theological Seminary..

Andover, Mass
1807 1808 Cougregational Rev. Egbert C. Smyth, D.D.


56 Boston University School of Theology

Boston, Mass
1869 1847 Meth. Episcopal William F. Warren, S.T. D., LL.D.

12 0
57 | Divinity School of Harvard University.

Cambridge, Mass
1650 1819 Non-sect. C. W. Eliot, LL. D., president; Rev. C. 8


C. Everett, D.D., dean.
58 Episcopal Theological School......

Cambridge, Mass.

1867 1867 Prot. Episcopal. Rev. George Zabriskie Gray, D.D., dean 59 Tufts College Divinity School

College Hill, Mass

1852 1869 Universalist Rev. E. L. Capen, D. D 60 Newton Theological Institution

Newton Centre, Mass. 1826

1825 | Baptist
Rev. Alvah Lovey, D.D., LL D

61 New Church Theological School

Waltham, Mass.
0 1866 New Church Rev. John Worcester

62 School of Theology (Adrian College)

Adrian, Mich
1859 1878 Methodist Prot. Rev. G. B. McElroy, D.D., PHD., dean. 4

63 Theological department of Hillsdale College. Hillsdale, Mich
1855 1873 Free Baptist. Rev. Ransom Dunn, D. D

64 Theological department of Hope Collegec. ... Holland, Mich

1867 | Reformed C. A.. Rev. Charles Scott, D.D., president of

Hope College. 65 St. John's University (ecclesiastical course) d. Collegeville, Minn e1857 1857 | Roman Catholic. Rt. Rev. Alexias Edelbrock, 0.6. B.... 66 Seabury Divinity School*,

Faribault, Minn

1860 1860 Prot. Episcopal Rt. Rev. Henry B. Whipple, D.D...... 67 Augsburg Seminary ...

Minneapolis, Minn. 1874 1869 Lutheran Prof. Georg Sverdrup.. 68 Red Wing Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Sem. | Red Wing, Minn.

1879 1879 Lutheran
A. Weenaas.

69 Jackson College

Jackson, Miss.
0 1877 | Baptist

Rev. C. Ayer.
70 St. Vincent's College and Theological Seroinary.- Cape Girardeau, Mo 1843 1844 | Roman Catholic. Rev. P. McHale, c. M.

71 Jeremiab Vardeman School of Theology in William Liberty, Mo

1849 1868 Baptist ......

Rev. W. R. Rothwell, A. M., D.D.
Jewell College.
72 Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Normandy, Mo.
1850 1850 Ger. Ev. Synod.. Rev. Louis Haeberle

73 Concordia College (Seminary)

St. Louis, MO

1853 1839 Ev. Lutheran Rev. C. F. W. Walther, D.D. 74 Theological department of Central Wesleyan Col. Warrenton, Mo.

1864 1864 | Meth. Episcopal Rev. H. A. Koch, D.D......

German Congregational Theological Seminary. Crete, Nebr..
1882 1878 Congregational. Rev. William Süess, chairman

76 Theological Institute

Santee Agency,

Congregational Alfred L. Riggs, principal.......
77 German Theological School of Newark, N.J... Bloomfield, NJ

1871 1869 | Presbyterian ... Rev. Charles E. Knox, D.D........

78 Drew Theological Seminary*

Madison, NJ
1867 1867 Meth. Episcopal Rev. Henry A. Buttz, D.D.

79 Theological Seminary of the Reformed (Dutch) | New Brunswick, N.J. 0 1785 Roformed Dutch Rov. Samuel M. Woodbridge, D. D.,

Church in America.

LL.D., dean. 80 Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church. Princeton, N. J.

1822 1812 | Presbyterian Rev. Wm. Henry Green, D.D., LL. D., 9 1 7

senior professor.
81 | Diocesan Seminary of the Immaculate Conception. South Orange, N.J.

0 1856 Roman Catholic. Very Rev. William P. Salt, A. M., di- 4 1

82 St. Bonarenture's Seminary*

Allegany, N. Y.

1875 1859 | Roman Catholic. Very Rev. Fr. Theop. Pospisilik, o. 8. F. * From Report of the Commissioner of Education for 6 Partially ondowed.

d For 1883-'84. 1883-'84.

c This department, which was suspended in 1877, WAS & As St. John's Seminary; became St. John's University a This report is for the year ending April 16, 1884, at reopened in December, 1884, and was made the in 1883.

which time the seminary was in a state of partial Western Seminary of the Reformed Church in f In connection with normal school. suspension.

America in June, 1885.

g Assisted by college professors.


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TABLE XI.-Statistics of schools of theology for 1884–85, 8:C.--Continued.

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83 Auburn Theological Seminary.

Auburn, N.Y.
1820 1821 | Presbyterian Rev. Samuel M. Hopkins, D.D., senior 6

Canton Theological School

Canton, NY

1858 Universalist. Rov. Isaac Morgan Atwood, D. D...... 3 Hamilton Theological Seminary

Hamilton, N.Y.
1819 1820 Baptist
Rev. Ebenezer Dodge, D. D., LL. D..

86 Hartwick Seminary, theological department... Hartwick Seminary, N. Y. 1816 1815 | Lutheran Rev. James Pitcher, A. M., principal... 3
87 General Theological Seminary of the Protestant New York, N. Y.

1822 1820 Prot. Episcopal. Rev. Eugene Aug. Hoffman, D. D., dean.
Episcopal Church.
88 Union Theological Seminary*

New York, N.Y.(1200 Park 1839 1836 Presbyterian Rov. R. D. Hitchcock, D. D., LL. D. 7

ave.). 89 Rochester Theological Seminary.

Rochester, N.Y.
1850 1851 Baptist
Rev. A. II. Strong, D. D.

90 Christian Biblical Institute*..

Standfordville, N. Y 1870 1870 Christian Rev.J. B. Weston, A. M., D.D...
91 Seminary of Our Lady of Angels
Suspension Bridge, N.Y.. 1883 1856 Roman Catholic. Very Rev. P. V. Kavanagh, C.M.

92 St. Joseph's Provincial Seminary.

Troy, N. Y
1864 Roman Catholic. Very Rov. H. Gabriels, D.D.....

7 93 Theological department of Biddlo University. Charlotte, NC........ 1877 1868 Presbyterian Rev. William A. Holliday, D.D. 94 Theological department of Concordia College.... Conover, N.C.

1881 1876 Lutheran Rev. Polycarp Cyprian Henkel, D.D
95 Theological department of St. Augustine's Normal Raleigh, NC

1867 1868 Prot. Episcopal. Rev. Robert B. Sutton, D.D., principal..
#* School
96 Theological department of Shaw University, Raleigh, NC

1874 1865 Baptist

Rev. H. M. Tupper, A. M 97 Theological department of Zion Wesley Collego.. Salisbury, N.C

Af. Meth. Epis. Rev. Joseph C. Price, A.M

Zion. 98 Theological department of Trinity College Trinity, N. C

1852 1852 Meth. Epis. So Rev. Marquis L. Wood, D.D.
30 Theological department of German Wallace Col. Berea, Ohio........ 1864 1864 Meth. Episcopal Rev. William Nast, D.D....

100 St. Charles Borromeo Theological Seminary Carthagena, Obio

1864 Roman Catholic. Rev. Theopistus Wittmer, C. PP. 8., dialo

rector, 101 Lano Theological Seminary.

Cincinnati, Ohio 1829 1832 Prosbyterian Rev. John Do Witt, D.D., chairman of 6

facnlty. 102 St. Mary's Theological Seminary

Cleveland, Ohio...

1840 Roman Catholio. Rov. N. A. Moos........ 103 Correan Lutheran Seminary............. Columbus, Ohio...... 1830 1880 Ev. Lutheran... Rev. M. Loy.. 104 Ualon Biblical Beminary.wers

Dayton, Ohio....... 1871 1871 | U. 1. in Christ. Rev. George A. Fankhousor, D.D

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105 Theological Smars Plant Episco- Gambier, Obio

1824 1825 | Prot. Episcopal. Rt. Rev. Gregory T. Bodlell, D. 1)., pres. pal Church is Dicciona

ident er officio. 100 Departmont of Theology (Obilu Cullege). Oberlin, Ohio

1834 1835 Congregational Rev. James 11. Fairchild, D. D

61 1 107 Wittenberg Seminary

Springfield, Ohio.

1845 1815 Ev. Lutheran Rev. S. A. Ort, D. D...... 108 Heidelberg Theological Seminar

Tillin. Ohio

1836 1831 Reformed Rev.J. !. Good!, D. D.

0 109 Theological department of i'rlan: l'niversity* Urbana, Obio

1830 1850 New Church. Rev. Fraak Sewall, A. M

3 110 Theological Sninary of Wilmfocusersity Wilbericrra, Ohio

1663 1833 Af. Meth. Epis.. Rev. Sanuel T. Mitchell, A. M. 111 United Presbyterian Tocoon Szivary of Xebia, Ohio

1877 1794 United Presb Rev.Janics llarper, D.D.

112 Theological Seminary of the Reforried Presby. Allegheny City, Pa.

0 1656 Ref. Presb D. B. Willson, professor

terian Church.
113 Theological Seminary of the tuitec Presbyterian Allegheny City, Pa. 1868 1825 United Presb. Rer. David R. Kerr, D. D., LLD

4 4-10
114 Western Theological Seminary of the Presbyte. Allegheny City, Pa

1844 1827 | Presbyterian William Bakewell, president board 7
rian Church.

trustees. 115 Theological courso in St. Vincent's College.. Beaits, l'a

Roman Catholic | Rt. Rev. Boniface Wimmer: O S. B .... 8 116 Moravian Theological Seminary

Bethlehem, Pa 1893 1807 | Muravian ...... Rev. Edmund de Schwewii... 5. T. D..

117 | Theological dopartment of Ursinus Collego* Freeland, Pa. (P. O., Col. 180) 1670 Ref. Corman... Rev. J. II. A. Bomberger, D.D.

118 Theological Seminary of the General Synod of the Gettysburg, Pa

1828 1826 Lutheran Rev. M. Valentina, D. D

3 3
Evangelical Lutberan Church in the United

119 Theological Serninary of the Reformed Church in Lancaster, Pa

1831 1825 Reformed.. Rev. Emanuel V. Gorbart, D.D.

the United States.
120 Theological department of Lincoln University* Lincoln University, Pa 1871 1871 Presbyterian Rev. Isaac N. Rep.all, D. D

121 Meadvillo Theological Scbool

Meadville, Pa. 1816 1811 Unitarian Rev. Abiel Abbot Liverinoro, A.M..

3 122 Philadelphia Theological Seminary of St. Charles Overbrook, Pa

1838 1832 Roman Catholic. Very Kev. William Kieran, s. 7. D., 1 Borromeo.

rector. 123 | Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal Philadelphia, Pa.


1862 Prot. Episcopal. Rev. Daniel R. Goodwin, D. D., LL.D., 5 Church in Philadelpbia.*.

dean. 124 Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Luth. Philadelphia, Pa. (212 and 0

1864 Ev. Lutheran.. Rev. C. W. Schaefior, D. D., chairman... 6 eran Church at Philadelphia.

214 Franklin st.). 125 Missionary Institute

Selinsgrove, Pa.

1853 1856 Ev. Lutheran.. Rev. Peter Born, D. D., superintendent 126 The Crozer Theological Seminary

Upland, Pa 1838 189 Baptist

llenry G. Weston 127 Ecclesiastical department of Villarova Monag. Villanova, Pa.

0 1812 Roman Catholic. Rov. Thomas C. Middleton, D. D., o. tery and College.

B. A., prefect of studies. 128 Benedict Institute.

Columbia, SC

1870 Baptist

Rev. C. E. Becker, A. N. 129 Theological departmont of Allo: Universite Columbia, S. C.

1881 Af Meth. Epis.. Rov. James C. Waters, D.D.
130 Theological Seminary of the General Assembly of Columbia, S.C.

1832 d1829 Presbyterian Rev. C. R. Hemphill, senior professor.
tho Presbyterian Church in the United States.
131 Associate Reformed Theological Seminary Due West, S.C

1844 18410 Asso. Ref. Synod Rev. James Boyce, D.D
132 Theological Seminary of tlio South (Newberry Newberry, S.

Es. Lutheran ... Rev. G. W. Holland, A. M., VII. D
133 Baker Theological Institute (Claflin University)*. Orangeburg, S.C.

Meth. Episcopal. Rev. L. M. Dunton, A. M., president of

university. 131 Theological Schocl of Cumberland University. Lebanon, Tenn ....

1842 1853 Cumb. Presb. Rev. Natban Green, LL. D, chancellor.. 3 3 135 Theological course in Fisk University.

Nashville, Tenn 1860 | Congregational. Rev. E. M. Cravath, M. A......

1 * Fro! Pirport of tho Commissioner of Education for b Partially endowed.

d Reopened in 1862, after having been closed several 1982-'81.

c From the catalogue for 1883–'84.

years. a Filoua are lay bro:hers.


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TABLE XI. - Statistics of schools of theology for 1834–85, &C.-Continued.

136 Theological department of Central Tennessee Nashville, Tenn

1866 1866 Meth. Episcopal Rev.John Braden, D. D .....
137 Theclogical department of Roger Williams Uni | Nashville, Tenn

1863 1865 Baptist.

Rev. D. W. Phillips, D. D ......
138 Theological department of Vanderbilt University. Nashville, Tenn

1872 1875 Meth. Epis. So. Landon C. Garland, A. M., LL. D., chan.

139 Theological department, University of the South. Sewanee, Tenn

1856 1876 Prot. Episcopal. Rev. Tolfair Hodgson, D. D., vice-chan.

140 Theological department of Baylor University*. Independence, Tex 1845 1866 Baptist

Rev. William Carey Crane, D.D., LL. D..
141 Theological department of Bishop College. Marshall, Tex

1885 1881 | Baptist

Rev. S. W. Culver, A. M 142 Union Theological Seminary,

Hampden Sidney College, 1867 1824 Presbyterian Rev. B. M. Smith, D. D., LL. D., librarian.

Va. 143 Richmond Institute..

Richmond, Va

1876 1867 Baptist Rev. Charles H. Corey, A. M., D. D ....
144 Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary of Theological Seminary, Va. 1854 1823 Prot. Episcopal. Rev.Joseph Packard, D.D., dean..

145 Mission House.

Franklin, Wis

1868 1862 Reformed. Rev. H. A. Muehlmeier, D.D 146 Luther Seminary

Madison, Wis.

1876 Ev. Lutheran Rev. F. A. Schmidt
147 Lutheran Theological Seminary of the Synod of Milwaukee, Wis.

1867 1878 Ev. Lutheran Rev. Ad. Hoenecke.
148 Nashotah Honset.

Nashotah, Wis

1847 1845 Prot. Episcopal. Rev. Arel D. Cole, D.D. 149 Seminary of St. Francis of Sales

St. Francis, Wis

0 1856 Roman Catholic. Very Rev. A. Zeininger.. 160 Theological department of Howard University Washington, DC 1867 1870 Non-sectarian .. Rev. William W. Patton, D.D., LL D. 151 Wayland Seminary.

Washington, D.C

1865 Baptist

Rev.G.M.P. King, A.M 152 Theological department of Indian University Muskogee, Ind. T.

Baptist. A. C. Bacone, A.M.... * From Report of the Commissioner of Education for 1883-*81.

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